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#dad tony stark

Kissing challenge

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader

Summary: you challenged peter to kiss you as he is too shy, and he won because of dad Tony.

Words: 600

Warning: Fluff, language, kissing (obviously), Dad tony; he is not a warning tho😂

a/n: I love thid pair so I’m writing again with this. I’m saying again horney Peter can do anything.


“I’m sure peter, you’ll lose” you gazed at him and looked at you seriously.

You’re dating Peter for six months. But he is too shy to do anything with you. You guys kissed but it was barely for 10 to 20 seconds only. You wanted to do something interesting so you challenge Peter to kiss you for 15 minutes.

“And how do you know that?” Peter holded you by your weist and pulled you closer and you gasped by his sudden movement.

“Peter” you muttered almost touching his lips. He was looking straight into your eyes. You never saw this look in his eyes.

He cupped you cheeks with his hands and then leaned in to kiss you. His soft lips smashed on yours and you felt butterflies in your stomach. He sucked your bottom lips and you moaned into his mouth. He slipped his tongue into your mouth and your tongues met each other.

You kissed Peter before many times but this time it felt different even better. His soft lips were moving with yours with the perfect sync. Your one hand reached for his hair and you stroked them. He bit your lips softly and you pulled his hair. He groaned without detaching from your lips.

Suddenly you heard a knock on the door. “Sweetie? I know you’re with Peter. Should I come or are you busy?” You was in shock as you heard you dad. The door isn’t locked, you regretted to yourself, you should lock the door before doing this kissing challenge.

You gave Peter a worried look but he ignored and continued kissing you. You grabbed Peter’s shoulders tightly, wanting him to pull away but in the other hand you didn’t want to lose that challenge. Afterall you challenged him.

As he got no response from you,Tony opened the door,“WHAT THE… ” he put his hand on his eyes as he saw two of yoh kissing. “I asked you before coming”.

You couldn’t believe , Peter didn’t care about your DAD is here. You just wanted to kill yourself in that secuation and it was your fault.

Tony peeked through his fingers, “FUCK! you should stop NOW ” ,you pulled Peter away.“ SHAMELESS !” Tony yelled and you looked at Peter furiously.

“Sorry dad! We were, we just..”

“No need to explain. I have eyes!!”

You bowed your head in shame but Peter was chuckling.

“It’s okay. I know it’s normal. But next time locked the door while doing this.” You understood you have to attend another lecture for this. He turned to Peter,“And you kiddo, I never knew you are so good in this. You’re learning boy.” Peter giggled and you hit him.

“Thanks,mr. Stark.”

“I can’t belive my dad giving my bf this type of compliment ” you nodded you head in disappointment.

“Okay i should leave now you two continue.”

As Tony left the room Peter looked at you and grinned.

“So, who’s the winner now, huh?”

“Okay fine, you win” you rolled your eyes.

“You remember the rules right? Now you have to do what I want.” Peter was looking at you like the same look as before.

“Wh-what do you want?” You became nervous as he slowly slowly walked forward to you

“I want.. i want…” you slowly started walking backwards and fall on the bed. He leaned over you and you squeezed your eyes.

“I want you to make a hot chocolate for me now!! ” he whispered in your ears and you pushed you.

“Naughty spider” you giggled and went downstairs.

Natasha entered into the kitchen. She seemed to be confused seeing you there, “ What are you doing here?”

“I’m making hot chocolate,

What should i suppose to do now?” You giggled but he looked at you seriously.

“Nahh.. nothing.. but tony told us not to disturb you as you and peter are having sex.” She stated casually.




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[Stark family video]

[Pepper is filming at the dinner table, Tony’s drinking water]

Pepper, trying to hold in her laughter: Morgan, can you tell your daddy what you told me on the way home from school today?

Five-year-old Morgan: The boys in my class wanna marry me.

Tony, after almost choking on his water: do what?

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Originally posted by heychastain

A/N: I was so inspired by a super adorable fic written by @just-the-hiddles​ for this one, thank you Liz for letting me use this trope! Thank you anon for this request, hope you like it ;)) Not my gif!

Fall Prompts Masterlist

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Domestic fluff, humor, Parent Tony should be a warning.

Word count: 1120ish

“You sure you want to do this?” you questioned, fixing your hair and make-up, watching Tony through the mirror, who was pacing about the bedroom, looking lost and anxious.

“Are you doubting my skills as a father?” raising an eyebrow, he smirked, recovering his previous expression.

Morgan was fast asleep in her room, it was her naptime for another hour. She’d been almost too ecstatic when you told her your plans of leaving her alone with her Dad. She loved him more than you, and she had no problems announcing that to everyone who did or didn’t ask.

“No, I’m just worried she’s going to break the house and you’re gonna let her.”

Finishing up, you turned and walked over to him, linking your arms behind his neck, while his went around your hips.

“Call me if you need me okay?”

“I won’t. We’ll be fine, go have fun for once.” Tony reassured, pulling you in for a kiss. A quick squeeze of his bum and a wink later, you made it out of the house.

“Don’t blow shit up.”

Keep reading

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This is Part 2 of Peter sick and lost in Ohio which you can find: here

Also if you guys happen to want a part 3 of the drive back to New York with Peter, Tony and Happy let me know and I could probably make something up !

It started to get dark outside at this Ohio Mobil when Zena finally pulled up. Sure, it only took her 25 minutes but the sun was almost all the way down now and Peter was feeling marginally worse then he did before.

“Hi, are you Peter Parker?” Zena asks when she gets out of the car. Peter nods. “I’m Zena, I’m sorry I took so long, I was asked to pick up some necessities for you first. Are you ready to get to the hotel?”

Peter coughs then nods his head, getting up from the side walk, using the side of the building to help him stand.

The car ride to the hotel wasn’t too long, but it felt like forever as they made the venture into Cleveland.

Zena pulls into a hotel that’s way too fancy for Peter to be at, way too classy for him and his jeans, sweater and book bag. They check in and Zena helps Peter bring up some of the necessities, having orders to make sure he makes it into his room safely.

The room of large, because of course Tony would get him the best room on the top floor. Peter entered to the living room, but there was still a kitchen and dinning room and two bedrooms and a balcony.

Zena drops the bags at the couch before exiting, leaving the key card on the coffee table. There’s chicken noodle soup, crackers and ginger ale also sitting on the coffee table and Peter is very thankful for Tony and all his resources especially because the soup still has steam coming off of it.

Sitting down on the couch Peter see’s he finally has service and sends off a text into the group chat that was created (not by him, and he’ll continue to stress that) with May and Tony and Pepper and Happy and Rhodey in it.

Peter eats the soup while sorting through them items Zena bought him- two pairs of pjs, some clothing, boxers, toothbrush and paste, hair brush, deodorant and socks.

Once Peter finishes most of the soup he got changed and finally got to go sleep he went into the first bedroom he saw crashing onto the bed and passing out almost immediately.

He wakes up multiple times during the night. Still alone in Ohio, and sick. God, he hates being sick. After he wakes up for the third time to go throw up what little contents are in his stomach, Peter finally gives in and uses the ice bucket as a throw up bucket, saving himself from rushing to the bathroom.

When Tony finally arrived, the sun was barely starting to rise again. Peter was still asleep, which Tony was happy to see. Tony stayed quiet as he entered Peters room, seeing the boy under all the blankets, having them brought up to his neck, shivering from being cold but covered in sweat. He saw the ice bucket beside the bed was half filled, and went and cleaned that out before putting it beside his bed again.

Tony soaked a hand towel in cool water, ringing it out, trying to keep it cool for Peter, not bad too bad that it would shock him awake. Once Tony felt that it was alright he made his way back to Peter, taking some of the blankets off of the kid, sitting beside him to clean the sweat off his face.

Peter didn’t stir very much much, only sighing in his sleep.

“You’re lucky kid,” Tony whispered with a smile. “Last time Pepper told me she was sick I told her to wear a mask and gloves. You call me lost and sick and I come running, well, not running, but I had Happy drive fast, to make sure you’re not alone for long. I don’t know what you did to me, but I’m not even grossed out by this.”

Tony hums with a smile, playing with Peter’s hair. Moving it out of Peter’s face, trying to bring his kid comfort. Peter’s eyes barely open and he inhales, focusing onto Tony with a small smile.

“You’re here.” Peter’s voice was sleep ridden and rough from coughing and congestion. Yet he still managed to sound happy.

“Hey Underoos, I found you, lost in Ohio. Ohio, Pete, not where I ever expected to get a call from you.” Tony laughed keeping his voice soft.

“Mmm-yeah. Thought I was goin’ to Jersey. But you’re here.”

Peter stretched his body with a whine, not getting up from the bed, making his back crack, but also making him cough. Tony pulled him up into a sitting position, worried that he might throw up and choke lying down. Once Peter finally started to breath somewhat normally again did Tony decide to talk again.

“Yeah, well you’re a little off from Jersey. Or the east coast in general. We took the car, didn’t want you to go on a plane sick, so we’re going to stay here until you’re feeling better, okay? Unexpected vacation in Cleveland. Who even takes vacation in Cleveland, other than you accidentally? I brought you some super-kid sick suppressant drugs.”

Tony didn’t know if what he was doing was right. Wasn’t sure if he was taking care of Peter properly. He felt lost looking at Peter, who’s face is flushed and eyes barely focused. Tony felt like he was failing Peter and he hated the crushing feeling of not being able to protect him from this flu.

“You’re the bestest, like ever. The bestest. You’re a Misser Dad, that’s you’re brand now.” He yawns. “Change the- the company name to um, Misser Dad Industries. Yeah.”

Tony laughed, his heart tightening. Oh how he wishes they were in the tower for that to be saved forever. Sure, FRIDAY could probably save the audio from his phone, but Tony wanted to save Peter’s face here. Keep everything as it is.

“Well Mister Dad of Mister Dad Industries, says it’s time for this super kid to take his super kid drugs. Maybe you’ll be aware of what you’re saying later.”

Peter snorts, mumbling words under his breath as he starts sitting up again, preparing himself for his drugs. he crinkles his face, before nodding twice.

“You’re precious, kid.” Tony smiled giving Peter his water and pills.

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Peter’s Emergency Contact

Summary: Peter meets the Avengers. It doesn’t go well.

A/N: I’m a terrible person tell me to finish my wips. Also I’m sorry about May :(

P.s. it’s been a long time since I picked this fic up so there are some continuum issues, please forgive me.

Part1/ Part2/ Part3/ Part 4

Part 4

Putting it mildly, Peter was fucking bored. It was summer, but both Ned and MJ were on vacation with their families. And on top of that, it was way too hot to go out and do anything, including patrol. He was, however, on stand by if Karen came through with anything that required Spider-Man’s assistance.

A few floors down, the ex-Rogue Avengers were doing god knows what. They had been pardoned a month earlier and moved back into the tower. Peter had yet to meet them, though Tony seemed okay with them. But Peter didn’t really trust them.

Well, okay. He more-so didn’t trust Steve. Even though the others fought against Tony too, it was Steve that scared Tony. Peter noticed minute things that Tony would do whenever the Captain was mentioned. He’d fidget, or grab his left wrist, or rub his chest, or bite the inside of his cheek. Mostly stuff that would fly past most people.

But Peter wasn’t ‘most people’. Officially, Peter was Tony’s child. After a car accident killed May about eight months prior, Tony legally adopted Peter. Since then, Peter has learned all of Tony’s tells. Wanting to get to the bottom of these anxious ticks, Peter hacked his way around FRIDAY’s systems to figure out what had happened.

Peter wasn’t one to give into rage, but that day he spent a majority of his time in the gym or swinging through the city because he was basically vibrating from the emotion.

But they lived in the same tower, and maybe Peter was desperate for something to do, so he decided to head down to the common room where FRIDAY had informed him that a few of the Avengers were hanging out.

The elevator dinged and Peter walked out to the sight of… Christmas decorations?

“What the…” He breathed, looking around the room.

“You’re not Stark,” Natasha said, suddenly appearing in front of Peter.

Peter had to literally fight down his fanboy excitement to greet the literal Black Widow!

“Uh, no. I mean, technically I am but-”

“You’re Peter, right?” Was that a smirk? Peter couldn’t tell.

“Uh, y-yeah. How-?”

“I have my ways of finding things out,” Okay, now that was a smile, “I haven’t told anyone though. So you’ll have to introduce yourself to them.” She said as she tossed her head to the side, motioning to the others on the floor.

“Oh, right.”

Peter followed Natasha farther into the room, gaining the attention of the rest of the crew including Wanda Maximoff, Vision (who Peter had actually met before), Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, and Bruce (who Peter had also met before as he and Thor showed up about two months after May’s death).

“Uh, who’s the child, Nat?” Clint asked, sitting on the kitchen island.

Natasha looked at Peter, who began picking at the hem of his shirt. A nervous tick of his own.

“Uh, hi, Mister Barton. I’m Peter. Uh, Peter Parker. Or, Peter Parker-Stark now I guess? I’m-”

“Wait, excuse me, Parker-Stark? Since when the hell did Stark have a child?” Sam cut in.

“Let him finish,” Wanda berated the man, who seemed to currently be baking cookies, “Go on,” She said to the other teenager in the room, smiling kindly.

“Right, so uh, Tony hired me as his personal intern like two years ago, and we got pretty close. My aunt died last December and since she was my last family, Tony took me in and adopted me.” Immediately after mentioning his aunt’s death, almost everyone in the room looked at him with pity.

“I’m sorry kid,” That was Clint again, “Life sucks sometimes.”

“I’m adjusting,” Peter replied, but he quickly changed the subject, “Why are you decorating for Christmas? It’s almost a hundred degrees outside, not to mention it’s July.”

“Ah, that was my idea!” Sam called from the kitchen where he was currently pulling cookies out of the oven, “Since we’re on house arrest until further notice, I thought we could entertain ourselves with Christmas in July. It’s something we used to do when I was younger.”

“Oh, that sounds fun!”

“You’re welcome to join, kid.” Bruce called from his spot on the couch.

“Really? Thanks guys!” Peter jumped onto a seat at the island.

“Have a cookie, man.” Sam said, holding out a plate of santa shaped sugar cookies.

“Aw sweet!” The boy grabbed one and took a bite, “Thanks!”

About fifteen minutes passed by when Peter’s senses upped a few notches.

“Any cookies left, Sam?”

Peter nearly choked on his current cookie and jumped up to see Steve Rogers walking out of the elevator.

“Yep, a few plates full. There’s sugar, gingerbread, and chocolate chip.”

A few seconds passed before the super soldier noticed Peter.

“Um, hello. I’m Steve, you are?” He offered a hand for Peter to shake.

Peter tried to respond, but the room suddenly began spinning. He gripped onto the counter to steady himself.

“Son?” Steve asked.

“Don’ call me tha’,” Peter tried to glare, but he wasn’t even sure he was controlling his face properly.

Out of nowhere his legs gave out, and black began overtaking his vision.

A chorus of exclamations rang out as everyone ran over to tend to the boy. Fortunately and unfortunately, Steve was the closest and was the one to grab Peter before he hit the ground.

“No! Let me go!” He struggled against Steve’s arms to no avail.

“Calm down, son, I’m just-”

“What happened?” Bruce asked, feeling for Peter’s pulse.

“He just collapsed.” Sam answered.

Then Peter began seizing.

“Fuck, Sam, start a timer to time the seizure. Steve, pick him up and bring him to the medbay with me. Natasha, call Tony.”

“Why are we calling Tony?” Steve asked, following Bruce into the elevator.

It was silent for a moment where Bruce and Nat exchanged glances before Bruce answered, “He’s Tony’s kid.”

“Since when-”

“Later Steve. One thing at a time.”


“This better be important. Like, life or death because you pulled me out of a meeting and Pepper-”

“Shut up, Stark. Something is wrong with Peter.”

Tony was quiet for a moment before growling back, “Explain, Romanoff. Now.”

“I don’t know, Tony. He came down and introduced himself and was hanging out with us when he just collapsed and started seizing. We’re taking him to the medbay now-”

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I’m in DC. I’ll have to come back with the suit but it’ll still take me an hour.”

“What do you want me to-”

Do not let him out of your sight, Nat. I don’t want him waking up alone and you and Bruce are the only two I trust enough to watch him. Keep me updated, I’ll let you know when I’m there.”

“Got it.”


“He’s showing symptoms of anaphylactic shock,” Bruce said to the other two occupants after injecting Peter with an anticonvulsant, “ FRIDAY, is Peter allergic to anything? Override code six one three three nine seven five.”

Peter is allergic to peppermint, and as well has severe reactions when in close vicinity to insect repellents.”

“Was there peppermint in Sam’s cookies?”

One moment, Doctor Banner.” A few seconds passed before the AI came back with an answer, “Mister Wilson has supplied that the sugar cookies had peppermint extract in them.”

“Peter had several of those,” Nat said quietly.

“Okay, okay at least I can work with that. Steve,” Bruce called to the soldier while pulling out an epinephrine pen, “I think it’d be better if you waited with everyone else. Thank you for helping.”

Steve wanted to argue, but he looked at Nat who seemed to agree with Bruce.

“Okay. Let me know if you need anything else.” He offered before walking out the door.

As soon as the door shut behind him Nat spoke, “If Peter hadn’t accidentally poisoned himself I’m pretty sure he would have punched Steve.”

Bruce finished injecting the medicine and pulled the pen away from Peter’s thigh, “He still might.”

Natasha helped Bruce fix an IV drip in Peter’s arm in silence.

“You don’t have to stay, I can watch him until Tony gets here.” Bruce offered.

“He won’t be here for another forty five minutes. Plus, I’m supposed to keep watch. Stark’s orders.”

Bruce nodded in understanding, “His vitals are starting to return to normal. I’ll go update the others.”

“I’ll call Tony.”


Peter felt like he’d been hit by a train.

Had he?

Honestly he couldn’t remember what had happened. He opened his eyes to see Tony next to his bed (why was he in the medbay?) talking to someone on the other side of his bed. Soon his ears stopped ringing and he heard another hushed voice. Probably whoever Tony was talking to. Why did Tony look upset?

Peter turned his head to see Steve standing there.



Without really having his wits about him yet, Peter jumped up and shoved the man back, pulling and knocking over his IV stand in the process.

“Woah, Pete! Calm down-”

“What? You didn’t get to kill him in Siberia so you thought you’d come and finish the job while I’m out?” Peter practically snarled.

Steve’s eyes blew wide, shock and shame overtaking his features, “Son, I-”

“And stop calling me that!” Peter shoved again, sending the captain into the wall, leaving a sizable crack.

“Peter!” Tony yelled, grabbing at the kid’s arm, “Calm down, bud. He’s not here to hurt me, or you for that matter. Can you please sit back down before you give me another damn heart attack?”

Peter obliged but his eyes never left Steve, who looked to be in too much of shock to really say anything.

“Cap, let the team know he’s awake, will ya?” It really wasn’t a suggestion or a question, more like a thinly veiled disguise to get him out of the room before Peter decided he hadn’t had enough.

Nodding, Steve hightailed it out of the room, but not before looking back at Peter and offering a quick apology.

It was quiet for a few moments, in which time Tony set the IV stand back up and made sure Peter’s IV was still in place. Finally the older man spoke, “Pete, buddy, what was all that about? How do you know what happened in Siberia?”

Peter’s demeanor fell slightly as he came back to himself, “Wasn’t hard to guess.”

“Mhmm. Wanna try again? Maybe with the truth this time?” Tony said as he sat back down next to his kid.

Peter crossed his arms and looked down at the floor.

“I hacked FRIDAY,” He mumbled.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that?” Tony asked.

Peter sighed audibly before repeating himself, louder this time, “I hacked FRIDAY.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because you were beat up and withdrawn after we got back from Germany. Which, okay, fine. We weren’t in a place for you to tell me what happened. But then the pardon for them was beginning to go through and every time Steve was even mentioned, you had these reactions like you were nervous or something. And I wanted to know why. I already had a pretty good idea. Then I saw the footage and I just… I don’t want him near you..”

“Peter, buddy. Look at me, please,” Tony gently held the boy’s chin and turned his head so that he looked at Tony, “Thank you for looking out for me. But that’s not your responsibility,”

“Yes it is! I can’t-” His throat catches and a lump forms, tears making their way to the surface, “I’ve lost everyone because I couldn’t protect them. I can’t lose you too.”

Tony pulls Peter in for a hug, and cards his fingers through the kid’s curls, “It’s okay to cry, honey. But I’m not going anywhere. Remember that. The universe will have to personally fight me before I let anything get between us. Understood?” Peter nodded slightly, but clung to his father’s shirt as he cried.

Eventually Peter fell asleep in Tony’s arms.

“I love you, kid. I’m not going anywhere.” Tony whispered, placing a kiss on top of the curls on his kid’s head.

And yes. Peter did end up punching Captain America. We don’t bring that up.


IronDad tag list: @tranquility-or-chaos @a-black-pegasus @do-you-downey @ididntdothatnope @marvelbased @yourwhatisstuckwhere @terriblygoodrockandroll @love-every-fandom @starkaroos2034 @prism-opals @howisavebrainspace @multifandom-slytherin @insaneskyler @starlightfound

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Idk I just really like the idea of Tony being this really overprotective father of Morgan (not overbearing, but yknow: teaches her self defense when she’s like 11, does background checks on her friends’ families to make sure they’re not axe murderers or HYDRA operatives, and all that good stuff) so when Morgan gets her first friend that is a boy when she’s in high school, he goes absolutely ballistic.


“Dad, we’re just friends. Promise.”


“Tony, honey, please don’t become a full fledged life360 helicopter parent because she met a boy—“

It just brings me great joy. I wish I knew why.

And side note: in my fics Morgan is biromantic asexual so :D

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Originally posted by tonyspepper


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Originally posted by sgwbeag

Reader x Dad!Tony Stark

Reader x Avengers

Warnings: idk, sad?? Then fluff

Alright well this probably sucks, but here goes: it’s Y/N’s sweet 16 and almost no one remembers, that’s about it as far as the plot goes.

F/B = favorite band, F/F = favorite fandom, F/C = favorite color, Y/B/D = your birth date

Y/N was on cloud 9. She hadn’t known it was possible to feel this great so early in the morning, but it was. It was her birthday, her second favorite day of the year, (Christmas came first) and she couldn’t be more excited.

She had already received several presents this morning, courtesy of Peter, who had delivered presents from several of her friends in his neighborhood while he was patrolling.

Thus far she had received the most adorable stuffed bear she had ever seen from Ned, (and of course the bear was dressed in a little Star Wars t-shirt, because, Ned) MJ had gotten her a book she’d been wanting, and texted her to remind her she was even closer to dying (MJ had a weird view on birthdays), and Peter himself had gotten her a collection of t-shirts: one from F/B, one from F/F, and—Peter has found this one rather amusing—a Spider-Man t-shirt. He made her promise to flaunt it in front of her father, too, saying maybe if she did that he’d get jealous and buy her an Iron Man t-shirt, so it was a win-win all around.

Y/N couldn’t wait to find out what her father had planned for her. Being the daughter of Tony Stark meant that birthdays would be filled with way too many presents and the biggest party of the year. Part of her—ok, most of her—wished that her birthdays could be a bit more simple, but she loved watching how happy her father was when he got to spoil her, and she loved that every year on her birthday he made sure to spend the entire day with her, no matter what.

Y/N quickly got dressed in one of her favorite outfits, jean shorts and a F/F t-shirt (her other favorite was a F/C dress, but she didn’t feel like getting too dressed up today, she wanted to be comfortable), and practically skipped over to the elevator. She knew the first event on the birthday schedule would be pancakes, compliments of her father, which was very special. Tony Stark never, ever cooked, except that one day a year when he rolled up his sleeves and made birthday breakfast pancakes. They were always oddly shaped, with weird lumps in them, but Y/N loved the tradition anyway.

Y/N was confused when she arrived in the kitchen and saw it completely vacant. Wasn’t her dad awake yet? He always got up a little earlier on her birthday to make sure they had plenty of time together, so where was he?

Barely had the thought crossed her mind when she heard her father’s voice in the living room

“…are you sure? Alright, I’ll call you back later then.”

Y/N rushed to the living room just as Tony Stark got off the phone.

“Hey babygirl,” he greeted and kissed her forehead “you’re up early. What are your plans for today.”

Y/N felt her heart drop like a stone. He…he didn’t remember?

She struggled to keep her voice steady as she replied.

“Not-not much, you?” Maybe he was just messing with her, just joking as usual. He wouldn’t forget.

“I have a meeting in Paris with some execs at Stark Industries, really boring stuff but Pep says I have to go. I’ll be back tomorrow night though.”

Y/N fought hard against the tears that had begun to gather behind her eyes. He really had forgotten, and he would be gone all day.

She probably should remind him, that would fix everything, he’d drop absolutely everything and apologize a million times and the day would go back to normal. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

She didn’t know why, but she felt too embarrassed to bring the subject up. She hated being the center of attention, and she hated making her father feel bad, and reminding him that he had forgotten his daughter’s sixteenth birthday would make both of those things happen. Besides, she didn’t want him to drop all of his important business just for her. It was just a stupid day.

Before she could stop it, a tear slipped down her cheek and dripped off her chin. Her father hadn’t seen it, however, because he had turned and stepped into the elevator. He had his important meeting to get to after all.

With one last smile and wave, Tony Stark disappeared.

A few more tears slid down Y/N’s face, but she quickly wiped them away when she heard approaching footsteps.

“Morning kiddo,” Bruce greeted with a grin. “Where’s your dad?”

“He—um…he went out,” she muttered. “He’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Alright,” Bruce nodded and walked into the kitchen, and Y/N felt her heart sink even further. Bruce had forgotten too.

She didn’t want to mope, not on her birthday, but she was also pretty bad at cheering herself up. She’d just need some help.

She saw her first opportunity when Steve walked sleepily into the living room. Steve was both the best cuddler and the best tickler on the team, the perfect way to cheer her up. But if she wanted to be tickled she’d have to annoy him a bit, that always got him to tickle her.

“Hey Stevie,” she greeted with a grin, stepping up onto the couch and using it as a stepping stool to jump onto his back. He grunted at the impact, and turned his head to glare at her.

“Y/N, go annoy someone else, I’m not in the mood,” he snapped, and she pushed back the hurt at learning that yet another teammate had forgotten her birthday.

“Ignore Captain Mcgrumpypants, he got back from a mission at four a.m,” Clint announced as he walked into the room. Had no one remembered her birthday?

“Stevie I’m bored,” Y/N whined, jumping off his back and poking him in the chest.

He moved away from her, scowling. “Then go find someone else to bug.”

“But you’re the most fun to bug!” She insisted, poking him again.

He shoved her hand away. “Y/N, I swear, touch me one more time and I-“

Y/N grinned, mistaking his grumpy tone for the usual joking threat. She was so close to getting tickled. She poked him yet again, hard in the center of his chest.

Steve shoved her back harshly, and it was then she realized that he hadn’t been kidding around, he really was angry with her.

“Y/N, I mean it! Grow the heck up and leave me ALONE!” He was standing in front of her now, using his height as an advantage to tower over her. She had never felt quite this small before.

“Steve I just-“

“I’ve had ENOUGH of your childish antics, you’re too old to be running around and acting like a two-year old, now stop it!”

Y/N couldn’t hold back the whimper that bubbled up in her throat as tears streamed down her face.

Upon seeing her reaction, the anger almost immediately faded from Steve’s eyes, but it was too late.

“Y/N-“ he began, but she had already disappeared up the stairs.

“Oh nice going Steve,” Clint scoffed.

Y/N threw herself down on her bed and began to cry into her pillow, hugging it tightly. She hadn’t meant to upset Steve, she just wanted to have a little fun.

She didn’t understand. Why didn’t anyone remember her birthday? Why had Steve gotten so mad at her? What had she done wrong to make today go so horribly?

One thing was for sure. This was the worst birthday ever.

“JARVIS, what time is it?” Tony Stark asked as he went over his notes for the upcoming meeting.

“It is 3:27, Saturday, Y/B/D, sir,” the AI responded.

Tony froze. Had he heard that right?

“You…you said it was Y/B/D?”

“Yes, Mr. Stark.”

Tony moaned. It was Y/N’s birthday! How had he not known?!

“Clint spilled coffee all over your calendar three weeks ago, that’s how,” Tony muttered to himself. He hadn’t looked at the date in forever, and he’d forgotten to set a reminder on his phone.

Tony groaned. That was such a lame excuse. He shouldn’t always need a reminder or a calendar to remember his kid’s birthday. He should’ve kept track!

“JARVIS, cancel my meeting and turn this bird around,” he demanded, doing calculations in his head. He had left at 9 a.m, meaning he should get home a little before 10. He would still be there for a little bit of his little girl’s birthday.

“JARVIS, call all of Y/N’s friends and-“

“Mr. Stark, I believe Y/N would be much happier if she was just able to spend time with you,” his AI responded.

Tony stopped. Maybe JARVIS was onto something.

“Hey, where’s the birthday girl?” Everyone in the living room froze when they heard Bucky’s question.

“The what?” Steve asked, but he already knew.

“Oh don’t tell me you guys forgot,” Bucky groaned. “It’s Y/N’s birthday! So where is she?”

All eyes slowly turned to Steve, and the guilt already torturing him doubled. Why has he been such a jerk to her?

“Upstairs in her room,” Steve muttered.

“Alright, I’ll go get-“

“No,” Steve interrupted. “I have to get her.”

Y/N had finally stopped the flood of tears when she heard a gentle knock on the door.

“Y/N?” Steve. Of course.

“Go away!” Her voice came out quiet and muffled because of the pillow still pressed against her face.

“I’m coming in,” he announced, and Y/N was surprised when the door opened. She lifted her head from the pillow.

“JARVIS!” She whined. “You were supposed to keep him out!”

“I’m sorry miss, but it seemed like it would be better if you listened to what Captain Rogers has to say.”

“Traitor,” she mumbled, dropping her head back onto her pillow.

“Hey,” Steve said gently, sitting down next to Y/N. She ignored him.

He sighed. He wasn’t that good with awkward silence.

Slowly, he began to sing happy birthday.

“Stop it,” she interrupted, her voice thick. He sighed

“Y/N I’m sorry.”

“Who told you it was my birthday?”

“Bucky. I’m sorry I forgot.”

Y/N sniffled. “It’s fine. You’re not the only one.”

Steve froze, realizing he hadn’t seen Tony all day. “Your dad too?”

“Yeah,” Steve could tell she had started to cry again. He pulled her gently away from her pillow and into his lap, and she cried softly against his chest.

“I’m sorry I annoyed you,” she whispered.

“Don’t apologize. I should never have yelled at you.”

“It’s ok.”

“Captain Rogers, you’re wanted downstairs,” JARVIS announced.

“I’ll be right back,” Steve promised, kissing her forehead.

Steve was surprised when he reached the bottom of the stairs and was greeted by none other than Tony Stark.

“How is she?” Tony asked.

“Sad. But she’ll get over it, especially if you get up there,” Steve assured.

“Great,” Tony started up the stairs, but Steve stopped him.

“Please, no huge parties. I don’t think she would want that right now.”

Tony merely grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it all worked out. Go to the living room and you’ll see,” and with that Tony disappeared up the stairs.

“JARVIS, please don’t let anyone else in,” Y/N muttered. She didn’t feel much like being happy anymore. The only thing that could make her feel better was-

“Babygirl open the door.”

Y/N froze. No way. He was back?!

“JARVIS let him in!”

“But miss you-“


Instead of a response, the door clicked and Tony entered.

“Hey kiddo,” he said quietly.

“Dad,” she didn’t even care anymore that he forgot her birthday, she was just glad to see him.

“Commere babygirl,” Tony hugged her tightly, and she smiled. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. Everyone else forgot too.”

“But I shouldn’t have. C’mon, let’s go downstairs,” Tony stood, pulling Y/N along.

“Dad, there’s not a big party down there is there?”

Tony laughed softly. “Just come down.”

Y/N grinned when she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“You like it?” Tony asked.

“Are you kidding? This is great!” Y/N ran over to the huge table in the back of the living room, filled with about a dozen different kinds of ice cream and way too much candy. She turned and saw a pile of presents in the corner, and next to it a stack of dvds.

“Tonight we’re gonna open presents, eat ice cream, and binge watch every Star Wars movie,” Tony promised with a grin.

“Every one?” Steve whispered, and Nat elbowed him.

Y/N hugged Tony. “Thank you!”

He grinned. “You’re welcome baby girl.”

“But there’s one thing we have to do first,” she announced, wandering over to the couch.

“And what’s that?” Bucky questioned.

Y/N grinned and snatched up a pillow, swinging it hard at Bucky’s face, “pillow fight!”

Best. Birthday. Ever.

The End

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Previously on Fox:

Stane shoots at (Y/n) and she throws up her hands, creating an energy shield in front of her and her father.

“Come get me,” (Y/n) taunts, lifting up her father’s suit. “Pepper! You need to overload the reactor!”

“You’ll be killed!” Pepper calls from below.

“Do it!” (Y/n) yells.

The Iron Leviathan charges at (Y/n) and Tony’ and she sidesteps, the large iron shape falling through the roof and into the reactor, and (Y/n) turns her back on the blast, but gets blasted forward anyway, landing on her front about fifteen feet away.

3rd Person POV

(Y/n) staggers to her feet a few minutes later, her fingers brushing over a bruise already darkening over the right side of her face. She stumbles over to her father and taps the side of the face plate, which opens up. (Y/n) lifts up her father’s suit and jumps down off the building, setting her father on the ground.

Pepper, Rhodey, and Coulson run over and Pepper and Rhodey crouch over Tony, Coulson coming to study (Y/n).

“Romanoff’s going to kill you,” he says, looking at her bruised and bloody face.

“I know, I was supposed to be on vacation,” (Y/n) complains, though smiling, then turns when someone rests their hand on her shoulder.

“Thanks,” Pepper says. “What can I do to repay you?”

“It was no problem, but could you keep my powers a secret from Dad for now?” (Y/n) asks sheepishly.

“Of course,” Pepper says, smiling softly.

“Thanks,” (Y/n) says. “Well, I’m on my way home,” (Y/n) says.

(Y/n) nods to Pepper and begins walking off, Coulson jogging after her.

“Nice work,” Coulson says and (Y/n) hugs him.

“Thanks Phil,” (Y/n) smiles. “I’ll see you in at work in a little while.”

Phil smiles and (Y/n) shifts into a hawk and flies to San Diego, probably getting there around five in the morning.

(Y/n) pulls out a set of keys and opens the apartment door, a little blood still trickling down the side of her head.

Once she closes the door, (Y/n) notices the TV in the living room on and a figure slumped on the couch. (Y/n) walks over and sits down beside Natasha on the couch and the redhead’s eyes flash open.

“You’re here!” Natasha exclaims and goes to pull her into a hug, but catches the blood on the side of her face. “Your hurt! What happened?”

(Y/n) winces as Natasha gently brushes her fingers against the bruise under her eye. “Well, I stole some files about some dude who paid to have me and Dad killed, turned into a dragon, fought a giant iron suited dude, saved some SHIELD agents, saved Pepper, saved my dad, and got blasted from pushing a giant suit into an Ark Reactor.”

“Stupid,” Natasha mutters, pulling (Y/n) to her feet and to the bathroom and turns on the light. “You’re going to need that stitched up,” Natasha says, studying the side of (Y/n)’s bloody face. “I’m going to have to clean it up first though,” Natasha says softly and (Y/n) smiles softly and nods.

“I trust you,” (Y/n) says, and Natasha’s cheeks glow a soft red. “You still get embarrassed when I say something to you,” she teases.

“I don’t like you,” Natasha complains, going and grabbing a wash cloth and getting some warm water on it.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” (Y/n) murmurs. “I love you too, Sweetheart.”

Natasha gently cleans the blood off the side of (Y/n)’s face. (Y/n) tilts her head to the left a little to let Natasha have more access to the side of her head. The (H/C) haired woman closes her eyes as Natasha begins to stitch up the right side of (Y/n)’s head.

“Right, there you go,” Natasha murmurs once she finishes and (Y/n) opens her gentle (E/C) eyes, gazing up at Natasha fondly.

“Thanks Nat,” (Y/n) says, standing up and goes to give Natasha a hug then realizes that her clothes are covered in blood. “I’m not going to give you a hug until I take a shower and change,” (Y/n) says, and Natasha smiles.

“I’m holding you to that,” Natasha says. “I’ll bring you a change of clothes.”

“Thanks Nat,” (Y/n) says when Natasha walks back in with a clean shirt and sweatpants.

Natasha smiles fondly and leaves the bathroom and (Y/n) takes a quick shower and walks out of the bathroom to find Natasha asleep on the bed, her neck at an awkward angle. (Y/n) sighs softly and picks up Natasha and lies her under the covers before walking over to the other side of the bed and lies down; Natasha subconsciously snuggles up to (Y/n)’s warm body.

(Y/n) smiles, wraps her arms around Natasha, and the redhead snuggles impossibly closer. (Y/n) yawns tiredly and falls asleep.

The two women sleep in until 11:30 the next morning and Natasha wakes first, still in (Y/n)’s strong - but gentle - grasp. Natasha smiles and nudges (Y/n) softly and the woman’s eyes open, gazing at Natasha with sleep filled eyes.

“What is it?” (Y/n) asks yawning.  

“It’s 11:30, we need to get up,” Natasha murmurs, and (Y/n) groans.

“It feels weird not being at home,” (Y/n) says as Nat escapes from her arms.

“Same here,” Natasha says as (Y/n) sits up. “You wanna just go home? Might help Skye gets adjusted faster,” Natasha reasons.

“I would, do we got a Quinjet here?” (Y/n) asks as the two walk out of the bedroom. “Cause, if not, I’ve been making some modifications.”

“Of course you have,” Natasha says.

“You have your keys?” (Y/n) asks with a grin as they sit down at the table in the kitchen.

“On the hook by the door,” Natasha says. (Y/n) holds out her hand and telepathically lifts the keys from the hook and they float over and into her hand. “So strange,” the redhead murmurs fondly.

“Just press this button here and the Quinjet will arrive at the closest airport,” (Y/n) says motioning to a button on one of the keys.

“When did you do that?” Natasha asks, trying to hide how impressed she is, but failing miserably.

“You just failed terribly,” (Y/n) teases lightly.

“What? No, of course not. I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Natasha rambles and (Y/n)’s left eyebrow raises.

“Well, your rambling says otherwise,” Skye’s voice sounds from behind (Y/n).

“Ha,” (Y/n) laughs, smiling.

“Yeah well,” Natasha goes silent for a moment, scrambling for a petty insult, “your face is ugly.”

(Y/n)’s eyebrow raises and she lets out a snort of laughter. “Is that the best you can do, Romanoff?”

Skye sits down at the table. “When did you get back?” she asks (Y/n) curiously, ignoring the stitches and bruise on (Y/n)’s face.

“This morning around five,” (Y/n) answers.

“So what were you talking about? Modifications?” Skye says and (Y/n) grins.

“Jets,” (Y/n) says simply. “Nat and I were thinking about heading home early. You know, if that’s alright with you?”

“Fine by me, there’s nothing here for me,” Skye says and (Y/n) and Natasha’s gazes meet, silvery green on (E/C).

“You want to do the honors?” (Y/n) asks, sliding the keys over to Natasha.

“Always so dramatic,” Natasha mutters, though smiling, and pushing the button.

“What’s supposed to happen now?” Skye asks.

“Well, these things don’t happen automatically,” (Y/n) grumbles. “Now’s where we pack up everything here and leave.” (Y/n) stands up and walks back to the bedroom she shares with Natasha.

(Y/n) opens the closet door and snaps her fingers and everything in the closets folds itself and lands in a suitcase that (Y/n) had put on the bed.

(Y/n) grabs her guitar and carries the suitcase and the stringed instrument out into the living room.

“That was super fast,” Skye comments as she walks down the room she is staying in.

“You need a suitcase?” (Y/n) asks, turning and following the young brunette.

“Yeah actually,” Skye answers and (Y/n) waves her hand, a suitcase appearing on the bed. “That’s so cool,” Skye murmurs as she and (Y/n) begin folding all of her new clothes

“Thanks kid,” (Y/n) answers, smiling softly. “I guess I’m full of surprises.”

Natasha silently comes and leans against the doorframe, watching (Y/n) and Skye talk, a soft smile spreading across her face.

“So, what’s your house like?” Skye asks (Y/n).

“It’s pretty big, you’d probably have your own floor,” (Y/n) tells the brunette. “I’ve got a lab and a workshop, I could show you what it’s like when we get home. We should be there in within a couple of hours.”

“I don’t know how I can repay you and Natasha for taking me in,” Skye murmurs.

“You don’t have to, you’re a good kid,” (Y/n) says smiling. “We like having someone younger than us around. Makes me feel young.”

Skye stares at (Y/n) incredibly and says, “You’re only three years older than me.”

“Yeah, well, with all the crap I’ve lived through, I feel about a hundred,” (Y/n) answers.

“You don’t look it,” Skye grumbles.

“I’d hope not,” (Y/n) smiles. “Who’d want to look four times their age?” she asks.

“You’ve got a point there,” Skye says as she zips up the suitcase.

“Well, unless it’s the reverse,” (Y/n) points out. “Imagine being a hundred and looking twenty-five.”

“The miracle of a lifetime,” Natasha says from against the doorframe.  

“I should invent something that makes you younger, like a time machine,” (Y/n) grins and picks up Skye’s suitcase and carries it out to the living room.

“So, I guess I’ll make lunch, then we can go?”(Y/n) proposes and the other two nod. “Peanut Butter for you, Nat?” (Y/n) asks.

The redhead nods and Skye pipes up, “Can I have one too?”

“Sure thing,” (Y/n) says pulling out bread and peanut butter. She makes three sandwiches, and sets the plates onto the table.

After the three finish eating, they grab their stuff and head to the airport, (Y/n) carrying both suitcases and Natasha carrying (Y/n)’s guitar.

“Here,” Natasha pushes something into (Y/n)’s hands. It was her credit card and (Y/n) pulls out her wallet, sticking the credit card into it.

“Where do we go now?” Skye asks, dropping back to walk beside Natasha.

“Follow me,” (Y/n) says, speeding up her walk. “Keys please,” (Y/n) tells Natasha and the redhead throws them to her. (Y/n) presses the button again and the Quinjet starts, letting out a low roar as the engines begin to spin. “Come on,” (Y/n) says opening up the hatch.

Skye and Natasha walk into the Quinjet, Skye gazing around in amazement as Natasha and (Y/n) takes the guitar and suitcases into the storage area.

(Y/n) and Natasha walk up to the cockpit and take their respective places in the pilot and copilot’s seats. Skye sits down and buckles up, studying the red and (H/C) haired women in front of her.

Skye watches as Natasha flicks switches and (Y/n) presses buttons.

Skye doesn’t catch the words that come out of (Y/n)’s mouth into the headset but there is a moment of silence before (Y/n) places her hands on the stick and pulls the Quinjet into the sky.

(Y/n) unbuckles her seat-belt and stands up, moving steadily to the back of the Quinjet. She fusses over something and comes back with three mugs of coffee, one of which she hands to Skye, another to Natasha, and sits down with the last in her seat.

(Y/n) and Natasha exchange quiet words over their coffee for a few hours before the Quinjet lands in New York.

(Y/n) and Natasha grab the stuff from the the storage area of the Quinjet, smiling to Skye. “Come on then,” Natasha says.

“So rude Romanoff,” (Y/n) teases lightly as the three walk off the Quinjet.

Natasha and (Y/n) continue to teasingly argue back and forth all the way to the house, Skye watching with amusement evident in her brown gaze.

Skye follows (Y/n) and Natasha down a side street and up to a bricked building and (Y/n) pulls out a set of keys she had grabbed from the Quinjet, but before she unlocks the door, she notices something off. She tilts her head to to right a little, gazing to the side, then (Y/n) finds out what she had sensed when it tackles her.

The dog licks her face and (Y/n) laughs and Natasha and Skye stare down at her with concern. (Y/n) sits up, petting the dog’s head and scratching it behind the ears. The puppy jumps off (Y/n)’s lap and trots over to Natasha, gazing up at the redhead with bright eyes.


The puppy’s white fur is dusty and after nuzzling against Natasha’s hand, she returns to (Y/n), wagging her tail.

(Y/n) stands up, the Samoyed padding at (Y/n)’s feet. (Y/n) gazes down at the dusted pelted dog, a sad smile spreading across her face.

Natasha turns and unlocks the door, her and Skye walking inside, (Y/n) sitting on the stairs, the dog crawling into her lap.

“What are you doing here girl?” (Y/n) murmurs, scratching behind the Samoyed’s ears. “Do you have a home?” she asks, gazing down at the large puppy. As if the dog understood, she shakes her head.

“Come on, you two,” Natasha says, from the door, watching her girlfriend and the dog in her lap. Again, as if the dog understood, she jumps out of (Y/n)’s lap and sits in front of Natasha, her tail wagging happily.

“She says thanks,” (Y/n) says, looking up into Natasha’s silvery green gaze.

“How do you know that?” Natasha asks as she, (Y/n), and the puppy walk into the house.

“I guess I can just tell,” (Y/n) says. “Maybe I can read puppy minds.”

“She’s a cute puppy,” Natasha admits, kneeling down and scratching behind the dog’s ears. The dog barks happily and nuzzles against Natasha’s hand. Natasha stands up, gazing thoughtfully at the puppy, which was still large, her back about at her knees. “I’ll show Skye to her room and you give her a bath?”

(Y/n) nods and walks off, the dog automatically follows (Y/n) up the stairs and into her bathroom. (Y/n) gestures to the bathtub and the puppy jumps into the tub.

The puppy actually stays pretty still while (Y/n) rinses the dirt and dust off her fur. Then once (Y/n) begins to rub soap into her fur, the puppy begins to wriggle around. “Calm down girl,” (Y/n) murmurs and the dog relaxes under her hands. (Y/n) rinses off the soap and the puppy continues to stay still as (Y/n) dries off the now snowy white fur with a towel.

The puppy’s fur is still a little damp when (Y/n) helps her out of the tub. The Samoyed puppy trots down the stairs in front of (Y/n) and trots around the house before settling at Natasha’s feet in the living room, the redhead having settled down on the couch.

“So,” (Y/n) settles down beside Natasha on the couch, “what do you think of her?”

“Skye or the puppy that tackled you outside?” Natasha smiles. “The puppy’s cute.”

At Natasha’s comment, the puppy lifts her head and rests her large head on Natasha’s knee. “She loves you,” (Y/n) smiles. “What do you want to call her?”

“I like Frost or Holly,” Natasha says, gazing into the white puppy’s green eyes.

“What do you think, girl?” (Y/n) asks. “Frost?” at the name, the puppy’s ears perk up and she barks.

“I guess she’s Frost now,” Natasha says, not wanting to admit that she was beginning to warm up to the idea of having a puppy.

“From what I can tell, she’s a Samoyed,” (Y/n) says, cuddling into Natasha. “They grow up to be pretty big.”

Natasha and (Y/n) sit in a comfortable silence for a while before (Y/n) finally speaks again. “It’s nice to be home,” (Y/n)’s voice cracks and Frost lets out a soft whimper.

Natasha simply wraps an arm around (Y/n)’s shoulders, Skye watching silently from the stairs before walking into the kitchen. Frost silently stands up and pads into the kitchen, watching as Skye pulls ingredients from the pantry and fridge and begins cooking dinner.

After a little bit, (Y/n) gently stands up and walks into the kitchen seeing Skye standing over the stove and frost lying on the floor a few feet away.

“What are you making?” (Y/n) asks, sitting down at the counter.

“Oh, I just made pancakes,” Skye says and (Y/n) smiles softly.

“How’d you know that’s all (Y/n) eats?” Natasha teases, sitting down beside (Y/n) at the counter.

“You know what Romanoff?” (Y/n) shoots back, barely holding back a laugh. Skye laughs softly before setting a plate of pancakes onto the dining room table.

(Y/n) stands up and grabs the syrup from the pantry and butter from the fridge, setting them on the table, before walking over to the cabinet and grabbing three plates and three forks out of the silverware drawer.

The three sit down at the table, Frost lying silently down at Natasha’s feet; the three talking all throughout dinner. After they finish, (Y/n) and Natasha clean up dinner then they go upstairs into Skye’s room, Frost following.

(Y/n) knocks lightly on the open door and Skye looks up from the book she was reading. “Hey, what’s up?” Skye asks, setting the book on the nightstand.

“We just wanted to know how you were settling in,” Natasha says.

“Good,” Skye says, smiling warmly. “It’s nice here, having people who care,” at Skye’s words, (Y/n)’s (E/C) gaze darkens a little.

“We’ll always be around if you need anything,” Natasha says, smiling at the young brunette and Skye smiles gratefully at the two women in front of her.

(Y/n) walks over and hugs Skye, “Night kid.”

“Good night (Y/n), Natasha,” Skye says.

Natasha smiles as (Y/n) and Frost walk out of the room, (Y/n) closing the door gently behind her. Natasha takes (Y/n)’s hand as they walk up the stairs to their room, Frost padding behind them.

The two women settle on their bed and Natasha gazes at Frost thoughtfully before padding the bed. Frost tilts her head before jumping onto the bed, resting her big fluffy head onto (Y/n)’s thigh.

“I think Frost loves me more than you do,” (Y/n) says, petting the Samoyed’s head.

“Never,” Natasha murmurs, resting her head on (Y/n)’s shoulder.

(Y/n) gazes down lovingly down at Natasha. The redhead turns to lie on her side, her head resting over (Y/n)’s heart, listening to the steady beating of her girlfriend’s heart.

“I love you so much Nat,” (Y/n) murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to Natasha’s forehead. Natasha murmurs something into (Y/n)’s chest but (Y/n) doesn’t hear. (Y/n) laughs softly and runs her fingers lightly through Natasha’s soft red hair. “I love your hair,” she adds, continuing to run her fingers through the redhead’s hair.

Natasha murmurs something else and her silvery green eyes meet (Y/n)’s (E/C) gaze, her green gaze full of love and affection. “I love you too,” she says softly, cuddling closer to (Y/n) and wrapping her arms around her waist.

(Y/n) smiles, resting an arm onto Natasha’s hip, Frost creeping forward to rest her head atop Natasha’s knee, (Y/n) and Natasha laughing at the large puppy’s action. Natasha lazily lifts an arm from (Y/n)’s waist and scratches behind Frost’s ears.

An hour or so later, Skye walks up the stairs to ask Natasha and (Y/n) a question but stops at the door when she sees the two asleep. Skye inwardly ‘awws’ at the scene: Natasha cuddled up to (Y/n), (Y/n) with her arms wrapped around Natasha’s waist, and Frost lying her head on Natasha’s knee. The white Samoyed puppy silently stands up and pads over to Skye wagging her tail, and follows Skye downstairs to her room.

The fluffy dog settles down on the floor beside Skye’s bed and after a moment, Skye pats her bed beside her and Frost jumps up and Skye snuggles into her fur. Skye falls asleep with her head resting just below the base of the Samoyed’s neck.

Word Count: 3315 words


^^ So, Samoyeds are big, fluffy dogs. Like humassive doggos ^^

^^ This aint me, BTW, I got this off the Google ^^

They so big and fluffy, I had to pick a Samoyed. Oh, I wasn’t sure what to call her, so I just went with Frost. Tell me if you have any other name that’s better.  It was between Snow, Holly, Frost, and Harley, and I wasn’t really sure which name.

I’m back in school now, so it will be a little bit until my next update.

Oh, I hope this made up for the cliffhanger at the end of the last chapter ♥️♥️

Love y'all!

See you soon!


          Kaitlynn 😍❤️

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