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#dad tony stark
tstark-irondada month ago
Can we pls talk about Tony鈥檚 character development?!
Tumblr media
Like he was always great but he went from this
Tumblr media
To this
Tumblr media
You can visibly see how everything he went through and fatherhood has softened him
Tumblr media
Like he could still kick ass but really just wants to hang w his kids. 馃ズ
Tumblr media
Literally the best 馃挍
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[after Peter goes missing]
Tony: I'm not good at best-case scenarios when I'm worried. Currently, my best-case scenario is that he died a painless death.
Bucky: Or you know. Him not being dead.
Tony: In a coma then.
Bucky: Or you know. Being well.
Tony: Being in a coma doesn't necessarily mean that he's unwell.
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itsagentromanoffa month ago
Tony: Thanks again for helping me look for Peter.
Bucky: No problem. I'll check the dumpster.
Tony: Ah, we're not looking for dead Pete.
Bucky: That-a-boy. You stay optimistic.
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sibmakesart10 months ago
Are you still taking prompts? What about post Endgame Tony with a iron-man-esque prosthetic arm interacting with Morgan? I just discovered your art but I looove your style :3
Tumblr media
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stony4evaa month ago
FICS RECS - this are ten fics I read lately and liked a lot so I made this list if you want to take a look:
multi chapter
鈥 Nobody Panic, Everything's Fine
Steve doesn't get jealous. He doesn't. Honestly.
It's just...well- Tony's been spending an awful lot of time with a new employee. Who's smarter than him. And funnier. And more interesting and generally a better match for Tony than he ever would be.
But he's not jealous. Honestly.
鈥 Hiding Things Is All Too Easy - Until It Isn't
Tony hasn't been the same since Bucky arrived at Stark Tower. That much is obvious. But Steve is overjoyed to have his best friend back and is somewhat oblivious to how Tony is withdrawing away from him. Because surely Tony is just overworked as usual. He must be quiet and jumpy because he is sleep deprived. And of course he has a few cuts and bruises on the visible parts of his skin - he fights and works for the Avengers as a living. It's part of the job description. Until it isn't.
Will Steve discover the physical and mental trauma that Tony is going through before it is too late?
*this is very, very angsty fic, read all the tags before you start, but it has happy ending
鈥 Another Try
Turns out Steve and Tony don't know how to break up so instead they end up having sex making Steve preagnant.
鈥 Parker Luck
Tony is happily married with Steve. Soon, young man enters their life - Peter Parker who turned out to be Tony's son. Also, Peter develops romantic relationship with new kid in school - Harley Keener.
*this is still WIP but really, really interesting and I hope it will be completed
鈥 You really got me (and you shook me all night long)
The one where... Tony (a science teacher) and Steve (an art teacher) are classroom neighbors, and the whole school ships it.
鈥 The First Time Ever
Steve hasn't told Tony just how inexperienced he really is.
鈥 You & Me
Thank you sex takes an unexpected turn...
鈥 From Whereabouts Unknown
Tony knew the risks getting married to a man bound for and to the military. Yet he did it anwyay. When Steve goes MIA, he's left to raise three kids by himself, while trying to handle his grief. Cue stage left: One James "Bucky" Barnes, a hot, sarcastic and sometimes surly war vet who's missing his arm, and asks Tony out on a date, despite seeing the tan line of a ring on his left hand.
And what happens when that MIA turned KIA winds up being wrong? And will one of them get shoved out in favour of someone else?
鈥 Equilateral
Steve is happy to have Bucky home so Tony welcomes him. Tony is attracted in Bucky and they start to have casual sex until Tony starts evolving feels and Bucky admitted Steve is head over heels for Tony.
鈥 Boyfriend
鈥淪teve, this is my neighbor, Tony,鈥 Bucky says. 鈥淭ony, this is my boyfriend, Steve.鈥
Boyfriend. Bucky has a boyfriend. When did Bucky get a boyfriend? It鈥檚 been less than a week since the last time Bucky fucked Tony into his mattress.
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Tony: ~At a press conference~ I would like to apologise to absolutely no one. Get fucked
The Rouges:...
Peter: ~loving life~ Woo, you go Mr Stark!
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