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could someone Venmo or Zelle me $$$ I was scammed and need to pay a college payment

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Most of the ones in my city are pussy ass punks anyway. Even the ones that come into my DMs are too scared to do anything.

Of course that’s probably selection bias, I probably notice closer scaredy-cats more often because they are close, on the right day someone actually near me could go from that first message to having my cock down their throat in as little as two hours if they were committed. That’s with everything lining up perfectly though.

I think the soonest turn around time from initial contact to bring in my hands has been 2 days, Egeo holds that title, and she came down from the Midwest. Doubt anyone remembers her at this point, most of her pics went down with the porn ban, if not all.

I expect everyone to be a flake, just playing pretend, so distance doesn’t really matter. The realer I am, the easier it is, the scareder you are.

So keep sending your frightened little anons, maybe you’ll get brave eventually.

And maybe I’ll do something about it.

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Pyjama cozy bear moment…

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I dont know about yall but im in good company tonight 🥰


Words just arent enough to describe how much i love my stuffies 👉🏻👈🏻

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haven’t posted a selfie in a while :-/

sorry for the milky face btw, my camera sucks 😢❤


dm me ❤

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Spit in her mouth

Cook her chocolate cakes with strawberrys on top


Belle soumise parle moi de tes désires

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Yo if I don’t get a cute redhead to fall in love with me by the end of the year I’m calling it quits & running away to live in the woods.

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Eat - Dance - Sleep - Repeat

Thats exactly what im doing 🙃


Yes yes i know my bed is a mess shhh 🤫

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Ight just finished my movie and my colouring so ima go dancing now (like thats surprising 🙄)


Also i found another pink marker so im super happy now 👉🏻👈🏻

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Originally posted by littlefreya


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Originally posted by demivampirew

August brings the other two men down into the basement. Which is made up as some sort of sex dungeon. Red velvet clad walls that are sound proof. Various sex swings hang from the ceiling and a large table covered in many sex toys.

But the reason August has brought them down here is blindfolded and tied to the large king-size bed in the middle of the room.

You perk up when you hear the three men surround the bed. August pushes some hair out of your face and you lean into his touch.

August announces, “She’s been a very good girl, so she deserves a very good reward. Now, there are three of us and she has three holes. I’m assuming you boys know what to do.”

The other two nod their heads and they begin to undress themselves. August looks over your body as it waits for the fun to start and sees just how wet your wanton hole is. He runs his fingers over it and you gasp softly.

“You two can fuck her pussy all you want, but don’t you dare cum in it! You can cum all you want in her other holes, but that cunt is mine to breed!”

Thank you @hell1129-blog for sending me this! I hope everyone enjoys 💙💙

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