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#daddy ashton

Ashton likes holding you, likes that you’re shorter than him and you have less of a tendency to get feisty. Luke on the other hand was always trying to get a hand on something. 

So it makes for an odd morning when he lets you go because Luke was whining he wanted to be with you. 

“I’ve got work to do anyway.” Ashton murmurs, kissing your cheek. 

“I thought we were on vacation.” You remind him.

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Warnings: This is boyxboy (Lashton), so please do not read if you hate gay smut sorry!!! Also SMUT. I think that Luke looks like Angela from American Beauty, so this is inspired by her…not the whole movie! Enjoy! 

The title is from an unreleased Lana Del Rey song called “Because of You.”

It’s a lil short because it’s supposed to be…

»»————- ♡ ————-««

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Why don’t you make me

Sorry for the spam but after writing that Lashton threesome earlier, I haven’t stopped thinking about Dom!Ashton so I wrote this “blurb” based off my favorite bratty comment


Warnings: breeding kink, daddy kink and a bunch of other stuff I forgot lol

Why don’t you make me

You had gotten yourself into a lot of trouble and you knew it too. You and Ashton were at home, having a relatively quiet day until you had gotten into an argument about something so stupid you couldn’t even remember what it was. You were yelling and back talking at Ashton left and right, which only made his dominant side come out even more than it normally was. He walked towards you and held your jar tightly in his hand, “You better shut that dirty mouth of yours Sweetheart before it gets you in trouble.” For some reason him saying that ticked your bratty side, as you look up at him deadpanned, “Why don’t you make me?” That was all it took before he had you up and over his shoulder, and walking up the stairs towards your shared bedroom. Being the brat you were, you weren’t going to let him do it that easily resulting in you weakly hit his back and telling him to put you down. He walks into the room and throws you on the bed, knocking the breath out of your lungs. He reaches under the bed and pulls out a all too familiar black velvet box, this box was only seen when you were in deep trouble, and at this point you knew there was no going back. Ashton opens the boxes and sets it out of your sight, so you can’t see what he’s going to do to you. He reaches in a pulls out a black ball gag and shoves it in your mouth before you can protest. “Since you can’t seem to keep your mouth shut and stop back talking, I’ll just take away your privilege to talk at all.” You whine and look up at him. “What’s wrong Sweetheart? Cat got your tongue?” You groan and roll your eyes. Ashton knew exactly what he was doing, he knew you loved when he got dominant and did whatever he wanted. He also knew how wet and horny it got you when he would tease you and treat you like a toy. He then reached into the black box and pulled out your favorite set of black and red restraints and showed them to you before tying your hands to the headboard and each of your feet to a bedpost. Ashton looks down at you and rubs his hands up and down your thighs so slow, making you buck up against his hands. He smacks your thighs and rubs right over your clothed core. You trying pleading as best as you can with the gag in your mouth. “I can’t under what you’re saying when you mumble Pet.” You glare at Ashton for that comment resulting in him towering over you and staring down at you. “You’re gonna drop that bratty ass attitude right now or so help me god, you won’t walk straight for a week little girl.” You roll your eyes as if saying we’ll see about that. Ashton grabs and literally rips your shirts and legging off your body, tearing the in half and causing you to whimper underneath him. “Oh, you didn’t think I was serious? That’s funny. Since you can’t talk, if you need to safe word at all shake your head a couple times and I’ll stop. Other than that, sit back and take your punishment like the little slut that you are.”

Ashton takes off his all of his clothes and stands over you, stroking his rock hard cock. He looks down at your dripping pussy, and grins while running a finger through your slit. ”What go you so wet little girl? Is the fact that you know Daddy is going to fuck you until this is all you can think about for the next week?” He keeps teasing you and saying dirty things that he knows that will rile you up to no end. “Still on birth control?” You nod at Ashton. “Good I didn’t want to wear a condom.” Ashton gets down in between your legs and runs his cock up and down your pussy, making you whine and wiggle underneath him. He sees you wiggling and smirks before sliding his entire length into you in one motion, stretching you out in the best way possible. Ashton stills for a second before starting to fuck you at an extreme pace, making your guys’ bed hit the wall repeatedly. He leans down over you and looks down at you as he keeps fucking into you. He reaches around and takes off the gag, “Wanna hear those slutty moans.” The second he takes it off, you can’t help but moan out at the feeling of him filling you up. Ashton keeps going, not slowing his pace as he bites and teases your nipples. “‘M gonna fill you up so good, wanna fill you up with a baby.” You and Ash had never really talked about having kids, and even though you were on birth control, it turned you on even more and pulled you closer to the edge. “Ash I’m so close.” He kept going and didn’t respond, making you desperate for him to notice so you could cum. “Daddy can I cum? Please I need to cum so bad.” He looked down at you and smirked. “Go ahead and cum little girl.” You moan loudly and come undone all over Ashton’s cock, he follows quickly behind and stills his hips as he buries his cock in you and cums as deep as possible. After Ashton cums, he immediately starts asking if you’re okay and if anything was too much for you. You smile and tell him you’re just fine. “ I love you Ashton. And I’m sorry.” “ I love you too baby and there’s no need to be sorry, I’m at fault too.” You clean both you guys and the bed up before laying down and getting ready for bed. After a few minutes of silence you turn and look at Ash, “So, you have a breeding kink ?” He blushes and turns in the opposite direction, “We can discuss that another time.” “Whatever you say daddy.”

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Imagine #1 (Ashton)

Imagine you’re laying in bed with Ashton watching a movie when his hand starts rubbing your thigh. You don’t think anything of it until it slowly starts getting closer and closer to your covered pussy. You try to focus on the movie but your focus is cut short when his fingers lightly touch you where you’re now craving him. He slowly starts applying more pressure as his fingers move in small circles. As his hand slips into your shirts and underneath your panties you feel yourself getting more and more wet. Within minutes you’re a moaning mess and his fingers are inside of you bringing you closer and closer to cumming. That night the movie is forgotten and Ashton is edging you until you’re begging him to cum. That’s the night you both discover you each have a daddy kink.

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ok now all I can think about is dad!ash at his daughters graduation...u g h

Aaah! Yes!

He’d be trying so hard not to be sobbing, but he can’t help it. It was his baby girl graduating right before his eyes when it felt like yesterday that she was just born.

He watched her grow and become her own person, but he also helped her when she fell. He was, as she called him, “her guardian angel” because he was always there. If he was halfway across the world, he’d talk to her everyday so she wouldn’t forget his face.

Now that his daughter was graduating, he couldn’t help it and he cried. He cried because he was proud and he cried because he didn’t like that she was so grown up already. He missed holding her little hand and missed taking her to the park.

He would suck it up and you bet your ass he would make all the noise in the world when her name was read and she walked across that stage.

But he would throw her the best graduation party and tell her that he was so proud and that he loved her so much. He would hug her tight and sniffle a little and that would set them both off because they’re so connected.

Concept Night

(I’m gonna be finishing the concept night soon! I won’t be able to answer all of them until after the Plus Sized Blurb Night)

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whenever u & older man Ash fuck, ur telling him he’s so nasty for fucking u “daddy, ur so fucking nasty. an older man like u shouldn’t be fucking a little girl like me”

He would tug your hair HARD so your head is by his ear and start growling “but you love it, don’t you? A little girl like you loves getting turned into a little cock slut. You need a dirty old man like me to satisfy your hungry little pussy. You just fucking love it.” And he’s so big he literally feels like he’s breaking you in half OUCH I need

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