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#daddy kink

When he sends you a message that says “Well done princess” and you just *chefs kiss* stand in the middle of your room and try not to melt into the floor

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He puts his arm around your neck and pulls you closer to him.

Oh God…

“Is it okay if I do this?” Izuku asks in a low voice.

You shut your eyes tight, feeling your cheeks grow redder and redder by the second, “Y-yes, it’s okay.”

“Are you sure?”

You nod.

“O-Okay, if you feel uncomfortable any time, let me know. I will stop right away.”

You let out a slight gasp as you feel Izuku’s hand slide up your body, gently grabbing your breast. Neither of you have ever done this before so you were extra nervous, but he seemed as cool as can be. Izuku massages through your shirt for a bit, turning your head with his other hand to give you a couple kisses.

“You… can take my shirt off,” you whisper, “to touch me more directly.”

You open your eyes to see him already staring back at you, he removes his arm from your neck and happily removes your shirt. “The bra too?” Izuku tugs one strap lightly, “I want to do more than just touch. If that’s okay with you, of course.”

He would always be a nervous wreck when we would talk before. Where is he getting all this confidence from? Why I am the nervous wreck right now?!

“Y-Yeah…” you managed to choke out. You hope he can’t see your hands tremble as you unclip your bra and slowly let it fall on your lap. It’s hard to tell his reaction since you looked away the whole time doing this, a couple seconds of silence pass by before you turn back to look at him. His cheeks are now red, and a bump starts to form in his pants.

“You look so sexy! I mean- you’re beautiful- just wow! I want to touch you everywhere,” Izuku lays you down on the bed and hovers over you, “I want to hear you call out my name.” He kisses you again, then your neck, and leaves more kisses as he goes down to your breasts. You shut your eyes again, waiting in anticipation, another gasp escapes your mouth as you feel his tongue make contact with your nipple.

“I’ve always wanted to do this with you,” he says before gently sucking.

You tangle his hair in your hands, “Me too, I’ve like you for so long. I-I didn’t know we would get to this point.” As he continues to suck, you feel Izuku pinch your other nipple.

“Ah!” Your first moan, you cover your mouth.

“Don’t do that, I said I wanted to hear you,” His pushes himself up, meeting your face, and grabs your hand, “look at me.”

Your eyes open, he’s staring into them again. As he pushes your hand away from your mouth, he smirks and says, “If I must, I will give you so much pleasure that you have no choice but to say my name. And all you can think of is me.”

You couldn’t blush any darker, surely your cheeks were as red a Kirishima’s hair at that point.

“M-Midoriya” you whisper, grabbing onto his shoulders, “I only want to think of you.”

He goes close to your ear and whispers, “good,” before nibbling on it. “Does that mean I can take these off now?” Izuku tugs at the hem of your joggers, “I want to taste more of your sexy body.”

“Y-Yes” Where the hell is all this coming from!? He’s never been this hot before!

He smiles slightly, slipping off your pants along with your underwear. You made sure to wear matching lace undergarments in case something did happen between you tonight, but you won’t admit it. It didn’t matter anyways since he took them off so quickly. Izuku lets out a little growl as he rubs his hands on your thighs, his eyes scanning your entire body. You shut your eyes once again, waiting for him. The bed moves a bit, and you feel Izuku’s hands spreading your legs, his breath can be felt on your slit. He was right there.

“Everything about you is so wonderful. The sight and your smell alone drive me wild. I can’t wait until the room is filled with your moans my beautiful Puppy.” He kissed your thighs and gently bit on them; you’re not making a sound but Izuku’s analytical brain was processing every single thing you did. The way your breath changed, the way your body squirmed, and the way your face looked any time he touched you, he was in love with all of it. Finally, he slides his tongue up your slit, you almost squish his head between your thighs, but he kept his hands firmly gripped on them, making sure you stay open for him.

I feel like I’m already melting before him and he hasn’t even done much to me.

Izuku’s tongue slides up your slit with a bit more force, exploring everything he can and taking note of each time you twitch or tense up. He slides one hand up your side to tease your nipple while his other hand gently teases your opening. You whimper, moving your hips around.

“What’s wrong Puppy?” he asks, quickly going right back to exploring. He started gently sucking on your clit. The sensation made you cry out and tug his hair, Izuku groaned in response.

“Put your fingers inside…please.”

Without any hesitation, Midoriya slides two fingers in with ease, you cry out louder.

I’m going to cum already! I can’t take this anymore.

“M-Midoriya,” you moaned out, pushing his head deeper between your legs, “don’t stop!”

Is this really his first time? He’s way too good at this. Ugh, I feel like I’m going to burst!

Izuku curls his fingers inside, rubbing that perfect spot every time his fingers slide in, along with his gentle sucking of your clit, the knot in your stomach emerges quickly. The rhythm that he has set was enough to make you cum in just a few minutes, at least that’s the prediction Izuku came up with. And He was right.

“Ah! That feels so good,” you pull his hair harder; he can feel how close you are to you releasing and starts to finger a bit rougher, “oh God! That’s perfect daddy, please don’t stop!”

It was that moment you would have came but instead Izuku stopped dead in his tracks and looked up at you, “W-What did you say?” A little bit of frustration and confusion fill your mind,

“I- uh- I didn’t, I-I’m sorry about t-that. I didn’t mean to s-”

“Say it again”


“C-Call me that again…”


He lifted his head up, eyes staring deeply into yours, “Can you cry that out when I’m inside you?” He says while pushing himself up, hovering over you once again.

Fuck! I’ll do anything, just make me cum already!

Your flustered face somehow turns redder, “Yes daddy, I will.”

“S-Shit… I really like that,” Izuku bites his lips. You grab his shoulders and pull him to you, kissing him with immense passion, your tongues perfectly intertwined with each other. You break the kiss and give him a pout, “Don’t stop this time!”

He chuckles and nods, “I won’t. I want to make you squirt for me Puppy.”

“Then just fuck me already! I need you daddy,” you opened your legs wider for him, “I’m ready for you.”

Izuku’s heart beats faster once he’s aligned with your entrance. He didn’t think you guys would get this far either. In fact, he was still shocked from when you confessed that you liked him back over a year ago, when you two first started dating. He grabs the base of his member and rubs it on your slit, coating in your juices before finally sliding inside. Midoriya let out a low growl when all seven inches were engulfed. There was no pain thankfully, the full feeling was overwhelming, but it drove you crazy at the same time. You wanted to tell Midoriya to start moving but it looked like he was trying his hardest not to cum then and there.

“Are you okay?” You cup his face.

“Y-Yeah, I just- need a moment. I didn’t know if was going to feel this good inside you.”

“You going to cum already?” you teased, sliding your hands up and down abs, tracing each outline with your index finger. Midoriya was always determined and your teasing managed to give him enough control to start moving.

“No, I’ll cum after I make you squirt Puppy.” He starts moving a little faster, pulling his member out most of the way and slamming it right back into you. Though it was his first time, he was already favoring missionary since he could see all of you. Your face in ecstasy and hearing you moan because of him drove him wild. Izuku had been changing the angle he enters slightly every couple strokes to see which one you’d react to best, he watches your face intently. You shut your eyes and let out a loud moan when his angle is just right and hits that sweet spot deep inside. That’s it! He moves even faster, hitting that spot non-stop.

There is no way this is his first time; he is doing everything perfectly!

“Oh! D-Daddy, that’s good right there!”

You wrap your arms around his neck, your breathing heavy, mind going blank. It wasn’t embarrassing to call his name anymore, and each time you did resulted in Midoriya slamming himself into you harder.

“Just like that Puppy, keep calling out for me.”

You couldn’t even talk anymore. Moans were all that escaped your mouth. Izuku’s pace is rapid, he kisses at your neck and bites hard, leaving a mark. You whimper,

“I- feel— cumming,” I can’t talk, my mind is going crazy over this man. I feel like I’m going to pee!

He breathes heavily in your ear, making your entire body tingle. Everything this man did was so perfect and here you were, a moaning mess.

“You’re squeezing me so tightly Puppy, you’re close aren’t you?”

Your eyebrows scrunch up as you shut your eyes tight and try call his name out again. That hot feeling in the pit of your stomach grows more and more by the second and the urge to pee gets stronger. Midoriya’s member twitches hard inside you, he’s close as well.

“Cum with me Puppy,” you were so lost in ecstasy that you didn’t notice him trembling as he got closer to his release.

“Please cum inside me!”

“I will baby,” his voice is hoarse. It’s like you flipped a switch in him, his thrusts are extremely rapid and hard. It only took a few more pumps until you to reach your climax.

“I’m going to cum daddy!” Your nails dig into his back as your whole-body tenses, letting out a loud moan. A warm liquid squirts out of you from below and you feel something warm seeping inside as well. Midoriya moans into your ear, his member releasing his seed deep inside you. As both of you were trying to catch your breath, he slowly slid out of you, his cum leaking out a bit.

“You are so damn beautiful,” he sits in between your legs as you tremble before him. He smiles, “I told you I would make you squirt first.”

Chuckling, you say, “Congrats, you didn’t cum in the first five minutes.”

Izuku hovers over you again and whispers in your ear, “If you keep acting like that, I might have to punish you Puppy.” He slides back inside you, “But for now, let’s sleep like this.”

“With you inside me!?”

“Y-Yeah, is that okay?”


He lays comfortably on you and you wrap your arms around him, “You’re so warm inside, it feels good. I might have to make you cum again. There’s so many different positions I want to try. Did you like the way I sucked your clit, you reacted great when I did that! Did you like it when I-”

There he goes, trying to analyze everything, “Shush, I liked everything.”

“Good,” he closes his eyes, “there’s a lot more I have planned though.”

He’s so cute now.

A couple of minutes pass by before you both fell asleep. You wondered what else he had in store for you both, your mind wandered. He said would punish you if you kept teasing him, so maybe next time you’ll just be a total brat.

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Pairing: Dark!Jax Teller x Reader ; Juice x Reader

Summary: You did a big mistake.

Word Count: 2,340

Warnings: Smut, daddy kink, swearing

Note: So I wrote it this long ago and I left it unfinished. Now I read it again so I can finish it properly but then I decided to publish it unfinished. It’s finished but not finished 😅 Maybe I turn this into a series? I don’t know! The only thing I know is I want to publish this fanfic. So that’s all. 😅 This is my third fic. I hope you’ll like it. Please give me feedbacks about my writing, grammar or whatever you want :) thank you! xx


Originally posted by xrockrebelqueenx

You loved Jax. You loved him more than yourself. But he changed. He was not the same Jax you know. He wasn’t the same as before. He wasn’t acting kind, loving or nice to you. After the death of Opie, he become a merciless person. When is mourn over, he is gonna start to be old Jax, you thought. How wrong you were. 

You gave him all the love and caring you could give. You want to be near him, to help him but he always pushed you away. He broke your heart more than once. It was really painful to you to see him like that. See the man you love turning into a horrible person. 

You hoped for months to him to get back to normal but as the days pass, he got worse. You couldn’t stand it anymore, even though you love him, you had to get away from him. Maybe he doesn’t love you anymore but he doesn’t want to one who breaking up, so you decided to take the responsibility. 

After you told what you think about your relationship, he got angry. You’ve never seen him like that. You two were in the room at the garage. He was yelling at you, you just sat on the couch and clenched your hands together. Try so hard not to cry but you failed. You have always been an emotional person and there is no person knew you better than him. He knew that the thing you hated most was the someone’s to yelled at you. But still he yelled at you like you were his enemy. 

After that day, he basically withheld you. He doesn’t like you to leave his side. Everywhere he go, you go with him. Never leaving you alone. If he didn’t want you around but he always leave someone to company to you, he always told you to not to leave the house, you weren’t listening him anymore, already knowing what he is going to say. If you really need to leave the house he wants you to go out with Chibs or Juice or who has free time.

You were sick of this. You don’t understand the relationship you two have, in fact you don’t want to understand anymore. You were like his little puppy, when he told you to sit, you sit. When he told you to come, you come. He haven’t even touched you for months.

If he doesn’t love you, if he doesn’t want to have sex with you why he wasn’t breaking up with you? You couldn’t take it anymore. You want to hug him tightly and never let him go, you want him to love you like he used to do. You are sure you two will not be the same as before.


You finally had the chance to be alone after a long time. All crew has gone for two days and Gemma was no where to be seen. You were planning to leave the town for a while now and you got the perfect opportunity. If you can’t get away now, you will never get away. Because it looks like he wouldn’t let you go ever. Because of the psychological distress you have been through it’s gonna be really hard for you to get through these problems in your mind. You need to get away and start a new life. 

You put a few pieces of clothing in your bag, you don’t need anything more than that. You took your back pack and looked at the house, the house you and Jax share beautiful memories in it, you looked at it one last time. 


You were lying on your bed in the motel. Your eyes were at the Tv, just following frames. Your mind was at home, your real home. Jax would be home by now. You have been gone for two days. You were thinking if he would be mad that you are gone or he just doesn’t care anymore. Maybe he relieved because you are gone, you said to yourself.

You shaked your head thinking how stupid you were. Of course he probably will looking for you everywhere. It wasn’t supposted to be like that. You weren’t supposed to be scared of your boyfriend. 

You got up from bed, start to walking around the room, run your hands through your hair, maybe you should go back, if you tell him that you are sorry maybe the consequences wouldn’t be so bad. 

You feel like you couldn’t breathe anymore. Sat down in front of the bed, leaned your back against it. Sobbing badly, closing your face with your hands.How can you be so weak? 

Why did you wait for two days? You should have gone as far as you can but no you waited in this stupid motel room for two days. You were not that away from the town. He can find you very easily. Maybe you don’t really want to leave his side, after all you grew up with him. Every mistakes you had he was there for you too make it right. 

With him, you always dealt with your problems more easily. He was always there for you. Maybe you feel like shit right now because you know if you leave him, there is no one like him to take care of you or always help you to make everything right. With him everything feels like perfect. 

A knock on the door awakened you from your thoughts. You got up on your feet, look at the mirror, your eyes were already looking puffy as hell. Wipping the tears with your hands, opened the door, “Hello darling” Jax was right in front of you with his beautiful smile on his face. 


You feel so stupid. So stupid because for putting yourself in this situation. Everytime your tears falling down from your face, you were wiping hard with the back of your hand. 

“Don’t fucking cry” He said harshly. You two were in the meeting room, you always hated this room. The room always smelled of cigarettes and alcohol. 

“I’m trying” you said through your teeth. He hit the table with his fist, you started shrinking with fear before him. “Don’t you dare to talk back to me!” He yelled at you. You were having really hard time to not to cry more. 

He got up from his seat, walking around the room, your eyes following him, waiting for him to do what the fuck he is planning to do. You were really not sure what he is going to do. Maybe he was just going to swear at you, yell at you… or the worst maybe he was going to beat you. You shake your head at the thought, yeah maybe you don’t know him anymore but you were sure about he never gonna hurt you like that. 

He put both of his hands on the table, looking down to you, “What am I gonna do with you?” you bite your lip, playing with your fingers on your lap, not wanting to look at him directly in the eyes. 

“Juice!” You let your breath out, feeling your muscles starting to relaxing. He probably letting you go home with Juice you thought. So you were good for a few hours. 

Juice got into the room very quickly like he was other side of the door waiting for his name to be called. 

“Yeah, Jax?” He first looked then turn his head to Jax, “Sit down” you frowned, what was he planning to do? While Juice slowly satting down on his seat, Jax hold your wrist and pulled you to your feet, putting his hands around your throat, tightening his fingers a bit, you were so close your lips almost touched. He was looking at your eyes while speaking “Juice, do you remember when you asked me…” He was looking every inch of your face, studying every details “how I keep Y/N always by my side? How she is okay with this?” You swallow hard looking at him with pleading eyes “Everytime she disrespect me…” He turned you around and sharply laid you face down on the table. He was right behind you, putting your hands behind your back, take your wrists in his one big hand. “I punished her.” 

You couldn’t look at Juice but you can feel his tension, he was glancing away “Jax, what are you doing?” Juice asked with a shaking voice, Jax grabbed your hair, pulled you by your hair, his beard was rubbing against your cheek “Look at him baby.” 

“Juice, if you don’t look at Y/N, I won’t let her go and neither you.” After he said that, Juice look at you, you can see he was saying sorry with his eyes. While one of his hand holding your wrists the other one slowly taking off your pants.

This is not what he is doing right now, it can’t be. Your brain told this over and over, because you don’t want to believe that what it’s happening now was real. “Please please I’m so sorry please don’t do this Jax, please”  you were begging for him to let you go. 

“My poor baby, you did a really big mistake this time, you didn’t think I was just gonna yell at you and then we are gonna turn our old days, did you?”

He drop your pants down to your ankles, putting his hand on your ass, caressing nicely, “Now Juice, it’s one of the parts that how you make your slut behave.” he smacked your bottom really hard, you couldn’t keep your eyes open. “Count!”

With that, you started to count. You thought just the first one was hard but it gets more and more unendurable. You can swear your ass was looking bright red even though you can’t see. “Are you looking at him baby? If you are not I won’t stop.” You shake your head slowly “What was that? I can’t hear you?” 

“Yes daddy, I’m looking at him.” He smirked licking his lips, “You see Juice, you have to dominate your babygirl.” You were clearly not happy to be in this position but you’ll be lying if you say it didn’t arouse you and it had been a long time since you had sex. You want every inch of him, you hungry for every touch of his but you didn’t want this to be like that. Not in front of the Juice. 

“Let me check how wet you are doll” he pull your panties aside, touching your cunt with his index and middle finger “Ow! baby! You. are. fucking. dripping.” licking his lips, getting out his fingers and showing to Juice “Look at this…” 

“Jax, man, please stop.” Juice said, trying hard not to look like he was turned on. Jax pull your hair once more, touching your lips with the fingers that just had been touching your cunt, trying to dispart your lips. You know exactly what he is wanting you to do, so you parted your lips slowly sucking his fingers. 

“You know Juice, everyone has their dirty secrets, hers was you.” You widened your eyes when you were about to speak he shuts your mouth. “One night, she told me that if you watch her while I fuck her, she would be so turned on.” You started to mumble something “What darling? I’m making your dreams come true.” 

Tears was falling down on your cheeks, you never feel so embressed but turned on at the same time. Jax was right, you wanted this but never thought it’ll happen. On the other hand Juice was not knowing what to say or do. You can see he is feeling really uncomfortable but your inner voice saying he was having fun about this whole thing. 

“Baby, show Juice what a good girl you are. Get on your knees.” You nod your head slowly getting on your knees “Juice, you can relax, act as you wish.” Jax said caressing your cheek, you were looking his eyes while he was looking yours. With his thumb he touched your bottom lip “Be a good girl and open your mouth doll” 

You opened your mouth still not breaking the line of sight with him. He unbuckled his belt, freeing his cock  putting your lips “Did you miss my cock babygirl?” You nod your head “Use your words” 

“Yes daddy I miss your cock so much.” He smiled showing his beautiful white teeth “You are not so sad anymore huh baby?” You blushed looking Juice at the corner of your eyes wondering if he’s hard, if he is enjoying a bit? If’s filling your head “Look at her Juice, she wants you to enjoy too! Come here.” Jax told with his fingers to Juice to come his side. 

Juice was shaking his head slowly, “Man, please… don’t do this..” Jax’s eyes were still on you, clenching his jaw “I said, come here.” his eyes never leaving yours. He got up from his seat, bringing his hands together in front of him, Jax looked at him with corner of his eyes, started to laugh, “Don’t feel embarrassed, come near so she can touch you.” 

You were about to shake your head as in no but Jax held you in place, he slide his cock against your tongue slowly. “Do as I say or I fuck your face until you are not breathing.” you just nod your head, you feel your eyes watering again, maybe it was better when Juice was just watching. You don’t want to touch him. You never wanted to touch him. 

Jax ran the back of his hand down your cheek, “Don’t cry baby, I’m sure as hell you’re gonna enjoy this a lot. Now, Suck. My. Cock.” Eveytime he talk like this with his beautiful voice, your knees always gets weak. Lucky you, you were on your knees his cock in your mouth, so you can show how turned on you are.


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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warning: Daddy Kink, Smut Talk

A/N: DAY 6 OF KINKTOBER!!! I know this doesn’t follow along the character lists accepted by the SS.HBC but iven it’s late anyways… I couldn’t think of this prompt being with anyone else so it’s a little thing just for me



135: “You keep acting like a little brat and I’ll take you over my knee right here, I don’t care how many people are watching.” With Sebastian and a daddy kink VIA: @hannahshattuck​ from THIS LIST


Being a brat was your forte as of recent. The sarcastic tone in your voice, the way you would roll your eyes at the jokes he made, the way you’d walk away from him with that extra little sway of your hips… Sebastian loved it though he’d refused to admit that to you. But today you had been a little extra of a spitfire.

Working on the same film as your partner had its upsides. You didn’t have to wait months to see those sparkling blue eyes of his or impatiently wait for what seemed like an eternity to feel his beard tickling your neck… or your thighs.  

But, it also had its lows. 

You never had much privacy for just the two of you, not with his best friends also being apart of the cast. He’d have maybe 5 minutes alone with you every now and then when you crept into his trailer under the excuse of needing to re-fit his shirt or hem his pants a tad. As soon as you both made sure the coast was clear it never failed for one someone to burst into the small area, scaring you both half to death each time. 

“I think this shirt is a bit tight. What do you think?” Sebastian whispered as he stood behind you, grasping your hand and placing it over his muscular chest. The smirk that arose to his lips could make you do anything that man wanted… but today you were needy, which only led to attitude. 

Keep reading

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Today’s my birthday 🎉💋 so here’s a little present for you buuut if you’d like to receive more maybe send me a little gift 🙈 (cash app link in bio)

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