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#daddy kink
howdoyousleep3 · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit (E) Pairing: Daddy Steve & Baby Bucky Word Count: 3.1K Tags: Developing Relationship, First-Time, Subspace, Dirty Talk, Safe Sex, Anal Sex, Crying, Daddy Kink, Kink Discovery, Kink Exploration, Size Kink, Age Difference, Dirty Thoughts, Porn With Feels A/N: Y'all...when I tell you I was an emotional wreck while writing this...🥺 You know I had to go with the OG and you know I had to take it way back, way way back, to the beginning. Why not share the first time the word Daddy was shared between them? This is meant to follow this story, all fitting into their series, which can be found on my masterlist. I hope you love. 💜
Tumblr media
Bucky knows he’s crying.
He knows he’s one hitch in his breath away from sobbing and there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it.
“Sugar? You alright? Yeah? Gimme words, Buck. Need words, baby…”
Bucky knew it in that bar a mere three weeks ago and he knows it yet again in the present—
This is a moment he is going to remember for the rest of his life.
And just like in that bar, just the same as three weeks prior, he knows something else to be true—
He is in love with Steve Rogers.
Bucky feels the noise leave his throat before he hears it, that grate against the front of his throat, long and drawn out, shaky. Words are what Steve wants though, and Bucky has this unexplainable urge that is growing more and more familiar to be good for Steve. A hand on his hip, a pull of the skin there, damn near pulls the words out of his mouth as well.
“M’good,” is what he slurs, sheets beneath his bare skin so soft he nearly aches in overstimulation, the pleasant ache from Steve’s fingers mere moments before grounding. But it’s nothing compared to the gentle way Steve treats him, touches him, guides him. Nothing will ever compare to Steve.
“M’so good, Steve,” he murmurs after a steady sigh, tries again to sound more convincing and aware than his first attempt made him sound. He does sound quite out of it, feels it, feels like the inexperienced lover he is here underneath Steve. He would feel dreadfully embarrassed if it weren’t for the single fact that Steve seems to enjoy the state Bucky is in, the way his head swims and the way his limbs feel like they’re made of stone.
“Fuckin’ hell,” he purrs into Bucky’s cheek, pursing his lips there before scattering more of the same wet kisses down his neck. Steve feels heavenly on top of him, isn’t afraid to let Bucky feel the presence of him, his size and his weight and his muscle. Bucky feels the spit that’s collected in the corner of his mouth, an effect of spreading his legs to accommodate for Steve to settle between them. Bucky doesn’t dare get started on the line of Steve’s bare cock heavy on his hip.
“You always go this sweet, Buck? When you get under somebody?” Steve asks, whispers, and Bucky whimpers, immediately shaking his head.
“No,” he states as firmly as he can. He wants, needs, Steve to know that nobody has ever made him feel this way. He reaches seemingly blindly for Steve’s cheeks, for his face, tilting his own head up to meet Steve’s lips messily. “Nobody...nobody has ever made me feel this.”
So much for playing it cool.
He’s been running from this shocking feeling of falling head over heels, sprinting from it, while also simultaneously making his best attempts at dragging their last few dates out in hopes of savoring their possible last moments together. Bucky has been so afraid of guarding his heart, of protecting himself from surely getting hurt from the perfection that is eligible bachelor Steve Rogers, that he hadn’t realized the worst had indeed occurred. He is in love.
He’s been hesitant to share this moment with Steve, has been worried of the repercussions of it, but it has genuinely become unavoidable. Bucky desperately wants to have sex with Steve. He has been patient with Bucky, adoringly so, hasn’t pressured him or pushed him into doing anything Bucky didn’t feel comfortable doing. It’s been a magical three weeks of smiling at his phone, of getting hot and heavy outside of his apartment door before saying goodnight, of surprise deliveries and planned evenings out.
Bucky hasn’t stopped thinking about this moment for the entirety of the three weeks he’s spent knowing Steve.
“I...fuck, I’d love for you to come up, but—” Bucky had managed to gasp out between kisses in the passengers seat of Steve’s car after their first date, head swimming from the feeling of Steve’s hands on his neck, his face, of that beard rubbing against his skin.
“No buts, Buck,” Steve had whispered between neck kisses so tender they had Bucky’s eyes rolling back into his skull. “Nothin’ to worry about, no need to rush. C’mere— gimme a proper goodnight kiss…”
Bucky aches for this man. And after tonight’s date, one so charged from the moment Steve picked him up from his apartment, Bucky wants nothing more than for Steve to finally, finally, be inside of him.
“You sure do know how to make a man feel special, sugar,” Steve purrs into his mouth, chaste kisses following his words, big hand sweeping and squeezing down Bucky’s side. He’s barely holding it together. He can’t cry, can’t keep crying— how embarrassing. From the first finger Steve gave him to open him up, Bucky’s been holding back the waves of emotions inside of himself. By the third finger, there was nothing containing said emotions anymore.
“I sure hope I make you feel as special as you make me feel,” Steve whispers, hand moving to cup the back of his neck, squeezing there, pulling Bucky from his head with another weak noise. Steve’s eyes are so emotive, so clear and steady, and Bucky has never wanted to get lost in someone so much. “You ready, honey?”
Bucky’s whine is out of his mouth before he can stop it, same with the spread of his legs around Steve’s waist. He’s hungry, is greedy and syrupy, hands slow to slip around Steve’s hips, to run up his back. Bucky can’t remember what he was waiting for, why he was so hesitant to share this moment with Steve in the first place. He nods his head, reaches up with a hand to run his fingers along Steve’s bearded chin, his bottom lip, watching them dance along the older man’s features as if he’s not the one controlling them.
“M’ready, Steve. Please…”
“You’re sure?” Steve asks again, pursing his lips against the pads of Bucky’s fingertips gently. “We can wait, we can...fuck, there are so many other ways I can make you feel good, Buck. Been thinking about’chu for weeks, you know this. Can—”
Bucky is quick to cut him off, fingers moving to run back through the hair at Steve’s nape, head shake harsh.
“No, Steve— want you to fuck me,” he starts quietly, mindlessly, saying the words he’s wanted to say for three weeks now. Steve’s reaction to them is delicious, has Bucky’s dick throbbing underneath Steve’s stomach, has the corners of his mouth curling up. Steve lets out a noise similar to the one he let out when he stripped Bucky of that last piece of clothing, when he first put his mouth between Bucky’s legs, when he slipped his first fingertip inside of Bucky.
It’s a noise that Bucky feels deep in his chest, one he wants to have ringing in his ears for days on end. It’s a noise that has Bucky wanting to keep talking in order to pull more of them out of Steve.
“Been…been thinking about you fucking me for weeks, have...have touched myself thinking about how good you’d feel inside of me…”
“Fuck, sugar. You…” Steve mumbles, nipping at Bucky’s bottom lip before pulling back. “You thought about me?”
Bucky’s noise isn’t pitiful this time— it’s ragged. His mouth drops open, his heart rate kicking up once more as he watches Steve lean back and reach for his discarded pants on the floor. Just like Steve’s noises, Bucky knows he’ll never grow used to Steve’s body, if he’s lucky enough to have that chance. Steve is powerful, body a full representation of that, of the hard work he puts into his physical health. Looking at Steve’s broad form, the way tightly-packed muscle is spread throughout it, Bucky’s hindbrain tells him that Steve is a provider, could protect Bucky and keep him safe, and that is every bit appealing as it is arousing.
“I thought about you,” Bucky repeats dumbly, legs still spread as he watches Steve rip open a condom wrapper with his teeth. “I thought about...a-about how good I know you could make me feel, about how I just knew you’d fuck me better than I’ve ever been fucked before.”
Steve makes a hungry noise, one that alone confirms Bucky’s assumptions— Steve is indeed going to show him something he’s never experienced before. Bucky is slow to blink as he watches Steve work the condom over his cock, eyelids heavy as he watches Steve fill that rubber out. Bucky wishes it weren’t there, wishes he could have Steve bare. His cheeks burn hot at his own thought.
“You think about me like this? Us like this? What’chu think about, baby?” Steve husks out, voice raking up Bucky’s spine, and his emotions are building up in such a way again it has him having to work for his answers.
“Thought about how big you are, how I’m gonna feel you for days—” Steve purrs again, reaching for the bottle of lube and smearing a bit onto the tip of his cock before moving to settle between Bucky’s thighs once more. “— and how much I wanted to feel achy for days.”
“Yeah? S’that all?” Steve whispers as he reaches for Bucky’s thigh, bringing first one and then the other up to his shoulder, lips brushing against Bucky’s with eager tenderness. His breath hitches when he feels Steve’s hand guide the tip of his cock towards his prepped hole, when Steve settles in even further to Bucky’s body, as chest to chest his thighs caught between them will allow. Bucky works for his next few breaths, deep and shaky ones as his mind somersaults a few times at the sensation of Steve moving him, pushing him, placing him right where he wants him.
“Thought about...about how safe you’d make me feel. How you wouldn’t mind that I don’t have much experience…“
The moment Steve’s cock catches his rim, Steve’s hand is on the nape of his neck, holding him in place. Bucky feels vulnerable, feels raw and open, like he’s showing Steve the inside of his chest, his heart. Steve nods his head when he hears Bucky’s words, noses nudging, breaths mingling. Bucky’s gasp is much heftier than he wishes it to be when the tip of Steve’s cock slips past his rim, when Steve is finally and barely inside of Bucky.
“Thought about how good you’d take care’a me,” Bucky breathes, eyelids slow to open, words slightly slurred together as he reaches for Steve’s face once more. “Thought about you making me come, what it would feel like to make you come.”
Words seemingly don’t come easy for Steve in this moment, and instead Bucky drinks down his throaty groan as he pours it into Bucky’s open mouth, Bucky hungry for it. Another slide then, that blissful push that has Bucky head falling back into Steve’s grip, has his thighs clenching around Steve’s thick waist. It leaves his throat entirely accessible and Steve takes full advantage of it, lips coming together to suck right underneath Bucky’s ear.
“That’s it, baby,” Steve whispers gruffly, fingers squeezing at Bucky’s nape. “Lemme in, lemme in this pretty body.”
Something happens to Bucky then. He knows this moment was going to be one of great importance, one where there would be no turning back, but it feels different inside. His insides resort to the feeling he got at the beginning of this night, one where they felt like they were trying up and float away with Bucky in tow. His head swims with no clarity to be found, Steve’s lips on his cheek, his mouth, making it more and more difficult to seek the light at the end of this tunnel.
Bucky isn’t sure what this feeling is but he likes it.
When the tops of Steve’s thighs meet the bottom of Bucky’s, when Steve is so balls-deep inside of him he swears Steve’s cock is in his throat, he sobs. There’s no other name for the noise he lets out, no other way to describe it other than anguished, a noise he’s never made before. Steve sucks it down nonetheless, welcomes it with a shaky groan of his own, one accompanied with a tight grind of his hips like he can’t get enough of Bucky already.
It’s mindless, the way he babbles wordlessly, the way he can’t seem to close his mouth as he opens his eyes to find Steve’s kind, deep ocean ones there waiting. And Steve encourages it, nods his head as he pulls his hips back, seemingly wants to keep watching Bucky lose his mind.
He was right— this moment is life-altering. He has the fleeting thought that this feeling is just the result of good dick, but it is but a fleeting thought; this is much more than good dick. This is an experience. There was before sex with Steve Rogers and there is now going to be after sex with Steve Rogers. Bucky feels safe, feels cared for, feels cherished. Steve’s hips roll smoothly, sensually, move with deadly accuracy and so goddamn deeply that Bucky’s teeth ache.
And the whole time Steve doesn’t pull his eyes away from Bucky’s own. His words barely register to Bucky, every other filtering in through the haze of Bucky’s brain.
“So fuckin’…sweeter than sugar. Meant for this…Never seen somebody.…so good…”
It’s so much. It’s everything.
It has the word slipping to the tip of Bucky’s tongue before he can stifle it in full—
Bucky is yanked from the pleasant spot within his head in an instant, eyes wide as he finds Steve looking back down at him, hips not faltering or pausing at Bucky’s apparent misstep. If anything they turn sloppier. Where Bucky thinks he’ll be met with a look of distaste, he instead watches on as Steve nods his head eagerly.
“Yeah, Buck— Yeah,” is what he pants, knees digging into the mattress, hand on the back of Bucky’s neck coming around to brush back the hair stuck to Bucky’s forehead with sweat. Bucky is quick to shake his head in response, gasping.
“No, no didn’t mean…no…”
Steve nods his head once more, slow and encouraging and persistent, much like his hips, his lips pursing against Bucky’s open mouth.
“If you wanna say it you should say it, sugar.”
“Steve,” Bucky whines, hands scrambling wildly at the older man’s back. “It wasn’t…I didn’t mean it, I—”
“You’re feelin’ so much and it makes sense you’d want to say it, want to call me—”
“It was…was an accident. S’not…not somethin’ I wanted to say,” Bucky tries weakly, eyes fighting to roll back into his head at the rhythmic slip of Steve’s fat cock in and out of his achy hole. He does want to say it. He’s wanted to say it for weeks now, the entire time Bucky has known Steve, feeling as if Steve encompases the word wholly and entirely. And with Steve holding him this way, fucking him this way, telling Bucky outright that what he’s secretly wanted for so long is okay?
How is he supposed to hold it in?
Steve kisses him once, twice, three times more, all while maintaining eye contact, all while cradling Bucky’s face in one large palm. Bucky’s bottom lip trembles. Steve nods his head again.
“C’mon, baby. Tell me who’s makin’ you feel all those things, who you’re lettin’ love on your pretty body like this…”
Bucky’s breath hitches, fingers digging into Steve’s back. The word reappears on his tongue. Steve nods his head with an added edge of eagerness, fucking into Bucky with such newfound vigor, Bucky’s body bouncing with every harsh thrust.
“That’s it, Buck. Say it, want you to say it,” Steve whispers into Bucky’s mouth, voice so low and deep he feels almost like he’s hearing it within. “Who’s fuckin’ this sweet little hole, feedin’ this greedy thing like it’s never been fed?”
Bucky’s sob is louder than the word itself—
But neither are as loud as Steve’s groan.
“Oh, Buck. There it is, there it is, sugar.”
Steve’s voice is laced with relief that Bucky feels within himself. He takes Bucky’s thighs, leans back and wraps them deliciously around his waist before leaning back down, before caging Bucky in with both arms.
“Say it again,” Steve demands then, hands in Bucky’s hair, hips snapping against the underside of Bucky’s ass. His lips reach for tears Bucky was unaware he was shedding, pursing them tenderly where they track down his cheek. Bucky doesn’t hesitate this time.
“Daddy,” he whines, a long and drawn out moan following it. It feels good to say it out loud, like it fits perfectly within this moment and with them. Steve doesn’t even have to tell him to say it again. Bucky mewls.
“Daddy so...fuck, y’feel so good, Daddy. Oh my god…”
“Never seen anyone prettier than you, Buck. Than this. Fuck, baby. Your body was meant for Daddy wasn’t it?”
Bucky’s moan rattles his teeth.
“Meant for Daddy,” he babbles, gasping. “Meant for Daddy, been waiting for Daddy. Gonna...fuck, Daddy’s might make me come.”
Steve growls, throwing his back into his thrusts in a way that has his stomach rubbing against the tip of Bucky’s angry dick.
“No no, sugar— m’gonna. Daddy’s gonna make you come.”
Bucky nods his head in blind agreement, suddenly too far gone to pull words together to respond.
“Daddy lives to make you come, gonna make you feel this good all the fuckin’ time, Buck. Any time you’ll let him, any time you want him— Daddy’s gonna make sure you feel so fuckin’ good.”
Bucky scrambles for Steve then, brain going foggy again, clarity becoming difficult to maintain as he chases his climax, as Steve feeds it to him so intensely and eagerly. A loose hand on the front of his throat, big enough to span it in full, keeps him tethered yet shoves him there.
“Tell me who I am when you come, sugar. Tell me who I am to you.”
Bucky’s never heard Steve sound so desperate, so aggressive. It makes his toes curl it’s so yummy. And when he feels himself crest over that last edge of anticipation, that last bit before his orgasm that makes his spine draw tight, makes his breath catch in his chest, he squeals the only word in his head, the only word that matters now—
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gothicccupcake · a day ago
Almost lady dimitrescu(this wig is so cute, so perfect for the cosplay 😊)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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inthesewalls · 10 hours ago
Horny but not in the mood to watch a porno, the struggle 🥺
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lokifantasies · 17 hours ago
Coming Soon!
Tumblr media
Twenty-two-year-old Evangeline "Eve" Genesis Michaels is the only daughter of Michelle and David Michaels. Growing up, her overly religious parents kept tight reins on their daughter. The only time Eve tried to rebel was when she was a junior in high school, and she was caught almost immediately. According to her parents, "God had told them where she was, and if she tried to go against their rules again, he would tell them again."
Michelle and David used fear to get their daughter to act how they wanted her to, and for her entire life, it worked. When Father Henry is removed from his position at the family's church, the new priest, Father Laufeyson, immediately catches Eve's eye, and the innocent young woman decides that she doesn't want to remain so innocent.
If you would like to be put on a taglist for the new series, let me know in the comments! <3
First chapter will be posted tonight!
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soft-babyj · 2 days ago
I can't decide if I'm mommy or baby so I'm baby but I'm also charge
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Read my pinned post before interacting.
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3abydolll · a day ago
Tumblr media
。・:*:・゚★。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★。・:*:・゚☆
Daddy Keanu Reeves
Daddy Tom Hiddleston
Daddy Luke Evans
Daddy Chris Evans
Daddy Oscar Isaac
Daddy Pedro Pascal
。・:*:・゚★。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★。・:*:・゚☆
Daddy Kylo Ren
Daddy Negan
Tumblr media
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Loki/Tony - “Please don’t let me be alone” with a side of daddy kink! Because we know that both of those boys have daddy issues.
There are some mornings, Tony finds, on the days when he actually manages to catch more than a few stilted hours of sleep, where he does not want to leave the warmth of his own sheets. When old aches and pains of wounds long since healed-- but never truly better-- creak and groan a little louder. When he just wants to bury his face against a pillow and let the day pass.
Today is one of those days.
With a huff and a scrunched nose, Tony rolls away from the sunlight beginning to pour through his window, ignoring FRIDAY's soft good morning, boss in favor of pressing his face into the cool relief of his bedmate's side. It earns him a faint jerk, and then a laugh. Fingers find his hair, carding through, and Tony hums.
"Good morning, little mortal."
Tony snorts, slinging his arm around Loki's hips.
"Tha's nice," Tony grumbles. "Real sweet way to wake up. Getting mildly insulted at-- Fri, baby, time?"
"Nine in the morning, boss."
"Right," Tony huffs. "At nine in the morning."
"If you're going to complain, I'll take my leave," Loki says, but even with his eyes still stubbornly shut, Tony can hear his grin; he tightens his hold.
"Can't," Tony says.
"No?" Loki asks, shifting a bit, the sheets sliding down, and Tony's tempted to peek, to take just a quick little look at all of that pale skin-- but then Loki is pulling, just shy of sharp, at his hair, so Tony just grunts and sinks in at his side. "And why is that?"
"Stuck here," Tony says, squeezing for emphasis. "Hostage. Can't leave."
Loki laughs. It's a good sound. Soothes some of the aches and pains. Tony smothers his grin against Loki's ribcage.
"You believe you can keep me here?"
Tony hums, rubbing his nose against Loki's skin. "Please?"
There is a moment, a quiet one, and Tony would be worried if it weren't for the way Loki keeps petting through his hair. If it weren't for the way long fingers ghost along his arm, to his wrist, to his hand. If it weren't for the way those fingers tangle with his own to bring Tony's hand up so that Loki can press a kiss to his palm.
"It is morning, Anthony."
Mundane little observation that it is, Tony knows what he means.
They haven't spent a morning together. Not even a day, really. Long, endless nights, when the shadows are a bit darker and the world seems a bit more lonely; that's when they usually seek one another out.
It isn't out of a sense of guilt, not really. At least, it isn't for Tony. Loki has jumped through the necessary hoops, danced the necessary dance, played the game little mortals liked to play in order to feel just a tiny bit less vulnerable. If anything, when Thor touched down with a couple hundred refugees, his bag-of-cats brother, and Bruce six months ago, bringing Loki with him had been a smart move. Out of all of the Asgardians, Loki was perhaps the most adaptable; he quickly became an important delegate between Thor and the UN.
Once, of course, the headache of dealing with a returning would-be world conqueror was handled.
Tony doesn't pay the PR team big bucks for nothing.
"Morning, shmorning," Tony says, finally peering up at him, too tired to hide with the sun already beginning to warm his back. "I want you to stay. I don't want to be alone. So stay."
Loki stares at him. Kisses his palm again. Nips at the heel of it.
"You presume to order me?" Loki asks, eyes alight, and Tony has spent quite a few nights thinking about how pretty they are, so he's not too flustered at being caught by them so early in the day.
Tony rolls his eyes and bats his lashes. "Pretty please?"
Letting out a low, contemplative sound, Loki pulls at his hair again. Tips Tony's head back.
Tony lets him. Bares his throat easy. Lets his eyes go half mast and heavy.
"But how would you keep a God like me entertained?"
Tony smiles, lazy and pleased and delighted, and something warm wakes, low in his belly. "I'm sure I can think of something."
That's how he ends up face down on the mattress, bare to the man behind him, muffling another groan against his pillow. His thighs are trembling and there's a sheen of sweat on his skin. His head feels like static; drunk on a refrain of pleasure and pressure.
He feels achingly full. Loki is a big guy, in more than one sense of the word, and even though he always takes his time getting there, Tony doesn't think he'll ever quite get used to the feeling of taking the entire length of Loki's cock. Pressed flush to Tony's back, peppering fleeting bites and kisses against his shoulder, Loki keeps himself deep, so that Tony can feel every inch of him as he ruts in lazy little rolls of his hips.
There's a hand running up his side. Ghosting down one of his arms. Tangling their fingers together to anchor them both. Tony squeezes at that hand, whines, and rocks back.
"What a perfect little thing, you are," Loki breathes against his neck, his other hand splayed over his lower belly, keeping Tony from moving how he likes. "You always take me so well."
Tony grunts. He can't focus. He feels so, fantastically full.
But he wants Loki to fucking move.
Luckily, they've slept together enough times that Tony knows just want buttons to push. As long as he can make his mouth work, anyway.
It had been funny, the first time. An accident, really. Just more of Tony's mouth running faster than his own commonsense. Funnier still, since Loki looks about half his age despite being millennia or two older--
It had certainly gotten the job done, though.
"Daddy," Tony breathes, arching, clenching around him, groaning when Loki hisses and tightens his impossible hold upon him. "Daddy, please--"
"Wicked thing," Loki accuses, low, in his ear, punctuating it with a sharp, sudden thrust that knocks the breath out of Tony's lungs. "That mouth of yours gets you into no end of trouble, doesn't it?"
He pulls out a little further. Drives in a little harder. Tony pants, head dropping to rest against the pillow, burning up from the inside out-- the only thing keeping him from unraveling is the weight of Loki behind him.
"Wanted--" Tony gasps, pleasure rippling along his nerves as Loki drags him closer for a thrust, as he starts to set a rhythm, as he takes and takes and takes-- "Wanted you to get the show on the road."
"Impatient," Loki says, but he's grinning again. "Say it again."
Tony moans. "Fuck. Loki--"
Vicious and relentless, Loki drives in hard, biting at the meat of his shoulder, holding him just how he wants him. It's good. It's so fucking good.
"Yes-- ah, yes, daddy, please--"
"Spoiled," Loki chides, but he's moving with greater fervor, and Tony is all to happy to give him what he wants if it means feeling like this. "Do I not always give you exactly what you need?"
He's still moving. Still driving in, over and over, never quite giving Tony time to feel empty. Never withdrawing far enough to leave Tony empty. He feels smothered, overwhelmed, consumed.
"Yes, daddy, always--" Tony says, blissed and breathless, letting himself be jarred forward with each thrust, sparks scattering across his vision, moan catching in his chest as he finds himself already so very close to the edge. "Yes, please, just--"
They do not have the space for words, after that. Not when they are so very focused-- so very lost-- on the heat that burns so brightly between them. As their bodies move, their breaths grow short, their fingers seek and find and tangle.
Loki finishes before Tony, but it is an easy matter of brining Tony along right after. Once they're both spent-- for now, always for now-- and they're slumped together, still tangled, on the bed, Tony gives a little laugh.
"That's nice," Tony mutters. "Real sweet way to wake up."
"Getting fucked at nine in the morning?" Loki asks, smile pressed to Tony's sweaty temple.
"Yeah," Tony hums, giving a little stretch from beneath him, not even a little bit interested in moving. "Thanks for staying."
"Is the invitation rescinded now that you've gotten what you want?"
Twisting his head around, Tony frowns up at Loki's arched brow. "You're only gonna go once?"
Barking out a laugh, Loki sinks the fingers of one hand into Tony's hair, keeping his head at that terribly uncomfortable angle, but when Loki licks into his mouth to kiss him so good that his toes curl, Tony really can't find it in himself to kick up a fuss about a little crick in his neck.
"As I said," Loki breathes, once he's done kissing Tony stupid, nudging at Tony's nose with his own. "What a spoiled little mortal, you are."
"That's god-speak for your gonna fuck me again, right?"
Loki just kisses him again; Tony laughs against his lips. It's one of those mornings, and he has no plans of getting out of his bed. Not for a while.
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paranoidbrat · 4 months ago
mmmmm, this rough fuck makes me wet. when you are looking through my page sir, please know I want you to use me just like this tonight. let me be your cumdump.
Tumblr media
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pennylanewrites · a month ago
Tumblr media
love me harder // toji fushiguro
Tumblr media
pairing: toji fushiguro x fem!reader
genre: smut minors dni!
word count: 2k-ish
cw + tags: smoking, drinking, implied age gap (around 20 years), semi-public (hot tub), fingering, overstimulation, daddy kink, squirting, brief oral (fem.receiving), softish dom!toji / sub!reader
a/n: hi! this is my piece for @boston-bakedbeans ’s las vegas collab! go check the rest of the masterlist! <33
Tumblr media
smiling at rich men and laughing sweetly at their crude jokes as you guided them to their table. that was your job at the casino.
a short black dress and fishnet tights. that was your job’s uniform, and though uncomfortable, it gave you enough tips to live comfortably.
that saturday night was like every other. you were expecting the same group of businessmen, the ones who always requested you to be their waitress at the poker table in the middle of the giant lounge.
“gentlemen, good to see you again.” you greeted, standing at the head of the table. you smiled to all of them, each one more excited to see you than the one before them. but you were sure the one most happy that you were there was him. toji fushiguro.
you had no idea what he did for a living, he certainly didn’t look like a ceo, businessman, lawyer or whatever the rest of them were. but you weren’t asking, because he tipped big for you to stay next to him for the rest of your shift. you were happy, he was happy, the casino was delighted with the amount of drinks his table ordered every saturday.
and the fact he was incredibly hot was just a bonus.
“there’s my lucky charm. how are you, doll?” he smiled at you, his arm wrapping around your waist to kiss your cheek softly.
“i’m good, sir. how are you?”
“right now? better than ever.” he eyed you up and down, then gave you a wink before turning to his guests.
“what will you gentlemen have tonight? we actually just got the best aged whiskey around las vegas, and i happen to have saved you a bottle or two.” you grinned at the men, knowing you had the tips in your pocket already as they ordered.
you went back with the bottles and glasses, filling each glass and leaving it in front of the men, then placing the bottles on the tray next to the table.
“and these are on me,” you opened a crimson red velveteen case filled with cuban cigars, doing a round of the table for everyone to take one.
“sir?” you offered the last one to toji, who gladly accepted, placing the brown cigar between his pink lips. “would you like me to light it for you?” you said in a low voice, looking up at him through your eyelids.
“go ahead.” you took a lighter out of your boot, stepping awfully close to toji to light the cigar.
“aren’t you the best?” he winked cheekily before the dealer started sharing the cards around the green felt tabletop.
“___, boss says you need to get to the tables.” another waitress came behind you to whisper in your ear. you looked between her and toji, waiting for him to talk.
“doll’s booked for the night.” he wrapped an arm around your waist, snaking down to grope your ass. your colleague left angrily, probably jealous at the amount of tips you would get. everyone knew the men on your table were the richest in the area, and you were just that lucky that their boss favorited you.
the rest of the night went by fast, money going around the table like crazy, even though it always ended back to toji, some of it stuffed in the bra that poked out of your low-cut dress. you filled their glasses every time you noticed it was close to being finished; everyone in the business knows drunk people pay more -and lose more. it’s the law of the casino. you play, you lose your money, you play again.
but toji was getting tired of playing without getting anything in return. money, cuban cigars and aged scotch didn’t interest him anymore. it was you he was interested in. toji had the feeling your sweet ways and teasing flirty looks were more than your job.
you wanted him as much as he wanted you.
“book me a room for the night, will you, doll? i’ve had a bit too much to drive.”
you chuckled and gave him a nod, excusing yourself from the table. you doubted toji didn’t have a personal driver and a limousine, but it worked great for you, so you booked one of the best suites for the ravenette.
“where did everyone go?” you returned to an empty table, the businessmen slowly leaving, other alone and other with a girl by their side.
“there’s no reason for us to stay since your shift is over.” he grinned, patting his lap for you to sit. you did so, hesitantly, after checking your phone. it was indeed 6 in the morning, so you were free to go.
normally, you would drive home, shower and sleep, but you had a feeling you wouldn’t be leaving the casino for a little while longer.
“really? am i that good of a waitress?” you grinned, turning to look at the man. he truly was incredibly handsome; messy black hair that fell over his thin eyebrows, charming and bright green eyes, a sharp scar on the right edge of his mouth that gave him an air of mystery.
“doll, you are more than that. you’re irresistible, you know.”
“you’re exaggerating.” you smiled, heat rushing to your cheeks as you stared down at your dress that rode up your thigh.
“i’m not, truly. you look amazing tonight,” he leaned closer until his lips brushed your ear, “i wanted to devour you.” he chuckled darkly against your neck, a surprised gasp escaping your lips as toji wrapped his arms around your waist.
“why don’t i show you to your room, sir?” you said with a polite smile, showing the way outside of the lounge, and to the elevator.
you could see him stare at you intently through the mirror, and you gladly returned the stare. butterflies fluttering in your stomach, you turned to the side, leaning against his arm, your hand barely grazing against his chest.
“sir?” you whispered, making him turn to look at you as well. he leaned in, his eyes never leaving your parted lips, as you finally spoke again.
“we’re here.” your lips brushed against each other before you pulled away to show him out of the elevator and into his suite.
“you’re a tease, you know that?”
“so i’ve been told.” you smile to yourself as you unlock the door, then hand him the key.
the room is beautiful; tall windows on one side of the room, watching down on the entire city of las vegas. a king-sized bed in the middle of the room, and a couch in front of the golden-engraved fireplace.
“wow.” you breathed out.
“this is the kind of life you deserve, doll.” toji sneaked up behind you, one of his arms on your stomach, the other around your throat to turn your head to him. “just sitting pretty in a room like this and letting others do the hard work.”
“that would be nice to dream about.”
“i can make your dreams reality, ___.” you could feel his grin pressed against your cheek as he turned you to face a mirror. your dress had risen up, and toji’s hand was dangerously closing up on the inside of your thigh. your breath hitched in your throat when he started living open-mouthed kisses on your exposed neck.
“call me toji,” he grinned, then moved closer to your ear, “or would you prefer calling me daddy?” your thighs clenched together, trapping his hand between them. it didn’t go unnoticed by him, as he cupped your cunt with his palm, his fingers pressing between your folds.
“toji, i-”
“we can talk in the hot tub, love.” he guided you out the glass doors, to the 36th floor balcony. you watched as he unbuttoned his dress shirt, admiring his abs, the tattoos on his pecks and his left forearm, the veins all over his strong arms. “you don’t have to be shy with me, doll.” he licked his bottom lip, pulling you closer by your wrist, his other hand flying to the zipper on the back of your dress.
you stepped out of your dress, pulling your tights down with it, left only in a black bra and a matching thong. you accepted his hand and stepped in the warm water, him guiding you to sit down next to him.
“have you seen the sunrise from up here?”
“i haven’t.”
“me neither.” he wrapped an arm around your shoulders, his hand ghosting over your breast, making your heart flutter. “i’d love to see it while my fingers were stuffed inside you, though.” he whispered before kissing the spot under your ear. you turned to him, only to find his lips against yours.
you melted into the passionate kiss, the aftertaste of expensive whiskey getting to your tastebuds and leaving a bittersweet aftertaste. toji cupped your face with his large hands, bringing you closer and closer until you were on top of him. you ruffled his hair with your hands, before resting them on his nape, tilting your head and patting your lips to taste more of him with your tongue.
“god, you’re sexy.” he mumbled, starting to kiss down your neck, pulling the strap of your bra down to bite your bare shoulder. “bet you’re fucking tight too.”
“only one way to find out.” you whisper with a breathy laugh. it was your turn now to kiss his neck, running your hands down his abs as he slipped your thong to the side.
toji wrapped his arms around your waist, grinding you down on his clothed cock, your needy whimpers filling his ears. with one quick movement, he flipped you around so your back was pressed against his chest, and ran two fingers down your folds. you whined at the sensation, trying to fight the need to buck your hips up against his hand.
“already wet, baby? bet you were horny all night, weren’t you?” you remembered the hand he had on your upper thigh as he played poker, the whispers in your ear and kisses on your neck. he was right. he was riling you up all night long.
“mmm, yeah...” you mumble, hypersensitive of every part of him on you; his hand on your tit, massaging it softly, his bulge pressing against your ass as he had you on his lap, the fingers of his right hand rubbing circles around your fluttering hole, taunting you.
“yeah? was my pretty girl needy? you could have just said the word, baby, and i’d be at my knees.” his words, his low voice, his grunt when he squeezed a finger inside your cunt, all of them made your eyes roll to the back of your head.
“that’s...f-fuck, nghh-right there!” you gasped when another long finger entered you, curling at your entrance to fit and hit the perfect spongy spot. you wiggled your hips, trying to cause some friction inside your cunt.
“gotta say the magic word, baby.” he teased with one harsh thrust inside you, then stopping again.
“please, want to feel your fingers daddy.” you turned with teary eyes to look at him, leaning in to kiss him when he let out a satisfied groan.
he complied, wrapping his hand around your neck, not putting any pressure, just giving you the sense of excitement deep in your stomach. he started moving his fingers, slowly pumping them into your cunt, the water around you splashing in small waves with the movement of his wrist.
toji pressed a thumb against your clit, rubbing it with the pad of his finger in the same speed he fucked his fingers into you, sending you over the edge in a matter of seconds.
it was embarrassing, really, how you came so quickly with just his fingers, but who were you to complain when he was giving you shock after shock of pleasure until you couldn’t take it?
you squirmed, trying to shut your legs together, but he brought his other hand down, pushing one of your thighs down against the floor of the hot tub, leaving you open and vulnerable for him.
“did you cum already, pretty baby? did daddy make you feel good?” he cooed in your ear as he rubbed circles on your clit, not letting you come down from your orgasm.
“so good, daddy-mmm-so sensitive.” you whined, holding onto his wrist, though you did nothing to stop him as he spread you open and pumped his fingers inside you again.
this time, toji was working a third finger in, the slick around your hole making it easy for him to glide his fingers in, then out completely for you to let out a needy whine, only to slap your clit with them teasingly.
“no teasing, daddy, please.” you led his hand back to your cunt, making him chuckle at your eagerness.
“aren’t you sweet?” he mumbled and begun his unforgiving pumps inside you. your walls clenching down made it practically impossible for three fingers to fit and move freely, but toji was determined to make you squirt in the hot tub of the 36th floor, as the orange sun rose behind the buildings.
it was getting too much for you, after two more orgasms, but despite your begging and whimpering, toji wouldn’t stop. and you didn’t really mind it, did you?
“f-fuck, toji, wait-” you whimpered, trying to push his hand away from your cunt. this upcoming orgasm felt different, a bit weirder than all the other times, “-feels, fuck, weird!”
and that’s how the ravenette knew. with a smirk, he pulled out of you and flipped you around, making you sit on the edge of the hot tub as he sat on his knees across from your core.
“let yourself go, sweet thing, okay?” he spread one of your legs over his broad shoulder, and you gripped the sides of the hot tub to keep your balance.
toji left a trail of kisses from your ankle to the inside of your thigh, before his lips came in contact with your clit, kissing the area softly. as soft and sweet his kisses and kitten licks were, that much rough were his fingers drilling into your cunt. the knot tied low in your stomach would come undone any moment now, and toji couldn’t wait.
he stared up at you from between your legs, his cock twitching in his boxers at the sight of you; bra riding up to show your boobs bouncing with every one of his moves, your face illuminated by the golden hues of the sunrise, lips parted and letting out the most obscene, almost pornographic moans.
“f-fuck, daddy, i’m cu-cummi—” you stilled, lips still parted with an exaggerated moan as you stared down at him with wide eyes.
toji was lapping up your juices like crazy, the little streaks of transparent liquid getting all over his chest, jaw and cheeks. when you were done, thighs still shaking and out of breath, the man pulled you down to sit between his legs, cradling you with a grin.
“first time, huh?” he whispered, referring to the squirting.
“y-yeah...” you mumbled sheepishly, too fucked out to think of what to say, or how to respond.
“you looked amazing while you came. tasted fucking awesome too.”
“s-stop, you’re making me-” you hid your face in your hands, embarrassed, but toji pulled your arms away.
“you’ll let daddy see if you can do it again, won’t you?” he begun kissing your neck with fervor, biting and then soothing over your sweet spots.
all you could think about was the huge bulge against your thigh, how pretty the golden, orange and red colors of the sunrise were against the glass buildings and how lucky you were that sunday was your day off.
Tumblr media
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jarofstyles · 2 months ago
hi babies…i don’t think this goes along with lactation kink but harry saying something like “gonna fill this cunt up and get that tummy swollen with my baby, tits all full of milk for me.” 🥴🥴
Warnings: lactation kink, breeding kink, mommy and daddy kink (kinda) and dirty smut 😇
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Y/N loved when Harry got like this. Some people hated possessiveness, but she could never. Not when it came from him, not when it was this fucking hot.
His body hovering over her, the most determined look on his face as his cock drove into her cunt over and over again. The sloppy noises of her soaked hole being fucked into repeatedly, his length stretching her open deliciously. Her head was thrown back on the pillow as her nails dug into his biceps. Each creak of the bed did little to deter him from using his strength.
“Fuck me, just like that. That’s what I like, H.” She praised, eyes falling shut as his hand ran down her stomach. His large palm pressed over the skin, focusing on the bounce of her breasts with each thrust inside of her. The man was feral, mouth dropped as the slick cunt wrapped around him drove him closer to a primal state.
“Yes… know what you like, cause s’mine. You’re mine.” His low growl made her cunt clench around him. The tone he spoke when in this mood made her fucking lose it every time, breathing heavy as his intense stare made her feel even more vulnerable. “Gonna fill this pretty pussy up. Give ya every fuckin’ drop of my cum, and you’re gonna take it.”
There was no questioning his words, a weak whine leaving her throat as she felt him press down on her stomach further. “Mhm.. I’m gonna take it, ah… fuck, Harry. All of it. Everything you give me. Promise.” She was already sensitive because he had given her not one, but two orgasms already. One with his tongue and the other just minutes ago with his cock pounding her from behind. He seemed to be even more motivated like this though.
“Yeah… gonna get you all swollen with my baby. Fill up your perfect tummy with it, get y’pregnant.” He smirked down at her, feeling all over her stomach as his thrusts got heavier. The slap of skin was audible and honestly? Y/N was close, again. When he spoke like this, like he wanted to own her, it got her hot. Especially knowing how badly he wanted kids.
“Yeah? You’re gonna fill me with your baby, Harry?” She looked at her with hazy eyes. “Do it then. Knock me up. Give me… fuck, give me a baby. M’yours to fuck… you want to make me a pretty little mummy?” Her coos did nothing but urge him on, his demeanor switching as his thrusts quickened. Dropping down, he rested on his hands above her again as he watched her face fall back into that helpless pleasure.
“Be careful what y’fucking ask for. I’m gonna do it. Gonna have your tummy swollen with my baby… gonna watch you grow, hm? Get these perfect fucking tits filled with all that milk.. gonna have t’share with daddy.” He snarled into her ear, pulling her up into his body as he fucked into her cunt. He was a man on a mission now. Y/N had properly worked him up.
“O-Oh my god…” she sulked, clinging to him as her legs wrapped around his waist again . “You’re so fucking dirty, Harry… god, say it again.” She was almost embarrassed, knowing it was a little taboo.. but it was too hot.
“What? That you’re have to share that milk with me? Get your gorgeous tits to swell with it… gonna need me to help you when you get too full. Let me suck on your sore nipples… give it all to me while I use your cunt to make us cum.” He smirked against her ear as he pinched one of her nipples, letting her fall back into the bed. Her back arched up and a beautiful little wail left her puffy mouth, cunt clenching hard over his cock as the action sent her over the edge again.
“Fuck… just the thought of it makes you cum? You dirty little thing… gonna be such a good mummy… sharing that milk with daddy, growing a perfect baby f’us…” his voice was a sultry drawl, a little bit of rasp to the end of it as she clung to him. Her cunt was dripping and his cock was completely soaked with her arousal while he didn’t let up. He was close, and he was going to cum.
That didn’t mean he was going to stop, though.
“Fuck me, fuck me Harry I can’t…” she squirmed under him at the overwhelming amount of arousal and pleasure she felt. His dirty words always got to her, his cock always knowing the perfect angles. And adding this into it while they worked for their kid? He was giving her everything she wanted.
“Yes. You can. M’not stopping until I’m fuckin’ positive you’re pregnant. Understand me? Want to be sucking that sweet milk out of you soon. M’tired if waiting. So lay there and take it like the perfect, pretty little mummy you are.”
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noteguk · 3 months ago
[redacted] | jjk | m | drabble
[ ! ] this is a drabble for bad influence. You can read it as a stand-alone.
— summary; in which you are right about Jungkook’s sexual preferences, but at what cost. 
— contents and warnings; smut, pwp, badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, dom!jk x sub!reader, the infamous [redacted] kink that was a daddy kink all along, dirty talk, begging, rough sex, unprotected sex, creampie, praise kink, slight possessiveness?, lil bit of edging, size kink, manhandling, jk goes a lil crazy lmao, overstimulation, oc cums twice, dumbification but not really, one (1) spank 
— words; 2,8k 
— author’s note; if you’re not keen on daddy kink I get it!! This drabble is very skippable, so don’t worry about sitting this one out 🥰
Jungkook knew you were staring: it was impossible not to. He could see you in his peripheral vision, which endlessly annoyed him, considering he couldn’t even pay attention to the task at hand — trying to absolutely destroy one of his friends in Fortnite. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” he complained, twice as irritated now that he realized he had completely thrown his focus out of the window. “What the fuck are you thinking about? You’ve been staring at me for—“ 
“Don’t take what I’m about to say personally,” you interrupted him. The book you had been reading was thrown on your lap, the hem of your dress hiking up your thighs from the way you had mindlessly thrown yourself on his bed earlier. It made Jungkook think of those stupid romantic paintings he had to interpret back in high school. “But you look like someone who would have a daddy kink.”
Which might have been the quickest way to make Jungkook lose a game in history. He removed his headset, turning around on his chair to take a better look at you. If you were taken aback by his flabbergasted expression, you didn’t let it show. “What the fuck are you even talking about?” He asked. 
You shrugged, laying on your side. Romantic paintings be damned: Jungkook thought you looked dangerously inviting like that, and he was just starting to curse himself for accepting to play with his friends when you spoke up again. “Well… Do you?” 
“I don’t know, I never tried it.” He placed his headphones back, and turned around. His friend was laughing at him, accusing him of being a sore loser because of his silence. “Sounds weird.” 
“Let’s try it one of these days,” you said nonchalantly, picking your book back up. “If you don’t like it, we can just pretend it never happened.” 
“Fine,” Jungkook mumbled, waiting for his friend to start a new round. His fingers hovered over the keys for a second, before another thought popped in his head. “Do you have one?”
You decided to ignore that. “I’ll drop it, when you least expect it, it’ll be funny.” You chuckled. “Don’t worry too much about it.” 
And then the day went on as if that talk had never happened. 
One of these days took a little longer than Jungkook expected — enough for him to forget about that off-putting interaction in the first place, in fact. Which might as well have been your plan, considering how surprised he looked when you finally dropped it. 
“God, you feel so fucking good, princess,” Jungkook moaned, his head buried on the crook of your neck and hands beneath your knees, holding your legs up. His fingers were digging into your soft flesh, squeezing the way he did when he was dangerously close to tipping over. “Wanna fill you up so fucking bad.” 
“Please, yes,” you cried out, dizzy because of your growing pleasure. You could feel every ridge of his cock sliding in and out of you as he fucked you open, hitting that sweet spot that got you seeing stars. Jungkook had become an expert at finding the ways to make you cry out and, once he got it, he wouldn’t let it go. “Want that so bad.” 
He leaned back, a maniac look on his face as he looked down at where your bodies connected. Jungkook groaned at the way your wetness clung onto his length, the way your pussy wrapped tightly around him. “Yeah? Fuck, baby,” he hissed, snapping his eyes towards yours. You looked so pretty like that, laying there and letting him have his way with you. “Whose pussy’s this?” 
You whined. “Yours.” Your eyelids fluttered shut, filter long forgotten. Maybe that’s why that forsaken word dropped from your tongue so easily when you said, “It’s yours, daddy.” 
Some part of your fragmented, scrambled brain reminded you that you should probably make fun of the way Jungkook froze up at the name, his movements stilling as he stared at you like you had just grown a second head. Yet, you didn’t have time to build the words before he was burying himself to the hilt inside you, and placing his forehead against yours. 
“What did you just call me?” His voice was calm, deep, but you could tell from its sharpness that there was something else seething inside him. You didn’t know if you were scared or turned on — probably both. “Say it again, princess. Don’t be shy.” 
From the way he was looking at you, you were already starting to second guess yourself. But the need to use Jungkook’s preferences against him was stronger than any rational thought at that moment. “Daddy,” you whined — you were trying to remain composed, but with your orgasm so close and his cock digging deep inside you, you couldn’t do it. “Move, please. I’m so close.” 
No, he couldn’t do that just yet. The cogs inside Jungkook’s head were turning, dark irises glued to your face as he decided how to move on from there. His main problem now was that you were right: he didn’t know how, but you had psychoanalyzed him enough to know that he had a daddy kink, and it was just a matter of time before you decided to weaponize it against him, like you did with all the previous ones. 
Wait, claimed the scheming part of his brain: wasn’t the point of a daddy kink that he was in control? Technically, he should be the one taking advantage of that. Or he could at least try before you got the upper hand. 
“Kook,” you cried out his name, the heels of your feet digging to the base of his spine. Jungkook realized you wouldn’t put up a fight if he tried to do just that — some days you would be a brat and he might back out, but, now, you looked so needy and fucked-out that there was no way you wouldn’t fold. “Stop edging me, you know I—“ 
“That wasn’t what you called me before,” he interrupted you, and the seriousness in his tone made your stomach clench. Have you committed a terrible mistake? Probably yes. Would you do it again? Also yes. “What was it again, baby?” 
You giggled. “I knew you’d like i—“ 
Jungkook silenced you with a brusque thrust of his cock inside you, making you cry out, your lungs failing you for a second. “I asked you a question, angel. Behave now.” 
He did it once more, loving the way you shivered under him. You let out a gasp — which turned into a moan, and then a frail, yet perfectly understandable, “Daddy,” you said, “I called you daddy.” 
He dove back in and placed a small, tender kiss against your lips. “Good girl. See? It wasn’t that hard to answer,” he teased. “Ask properly now.” 
For a second you stared at him without saying a word and Jungkook just knew you were deciding whether to follow his lead or make his life a living hell. Sooner than he expected, though, you made up your mind, body relaxing against the pillows and an expression of submission all over your pretty face. Apparently it was his lucky day. “Please, daddy, fuck me. I wanna cum so bad.” 
Well, fuck. He definitely had a daddy kink. But Jungkook would deal with the implications of that another day — perhaps in one which you weren’t so obedient, because, right now, he’d take advantage of that. 
Jungkook pouted at your distress, taking one hand to cup your cheek. “Poor little thing, my princess wants to cum?” He asked, to which you nodded, looking like you weren’t all there. You were probably really close to orgasming, he realized, because even in your most submissive state, you still liked to talk back a little. He could really get used to that. “Gonna take daddy’s cock like a good girl?” 
You bit your lip, hands landing on his biceps, trying to ground yourself. “Yes,” you said. 
Jungkook tilted his head to the side, sitting back between your legs. His cock was still inside you, and the change of angle made your lips part in a silent gasp. “Yes what?” He pressed. 
This time, it came out instantly. “Yes, daddy.”
He huffed, hooking your legs over his forearms. Jungkook felt your pussy clenching around him, already so tight, and his facade almost cracked. “That’s better. Don’t make me remind you one more time,” he warned, tilting his upper body forward so your thighs were pressed against your torso. You felt his weight pushing down on you and a pathetic little whimper died on your throat. “Ask me again, baby.” 
If there’s one thing Jungkook liked when you got desperate was that you’d do anything to get some sort of relief — which probably explained why you got so mad when he edged you, considered it pushed you towards a constant state of desperation and euphoria, making you forget your esteemed social filters for a few minutes. You hated being kept on the limit of your orgasm, he knew that (and he very rarely did it), but there was something about the neediness in your voice combined with that cursed name that made him lose his mind when you begged, “Please, daddy, fuck me.” 
The second Jungkook started pounding into your pussy, you threw your head back, a loud moan falling from your lips (which made you extremely thankful for the fact that your roommate wasn’t home). You simply couldn’t filter out your noises, pleasure rising at a thunderous pace, taking you right back to where you were before it all went down. 
“I can’t— I can’t hold it,” you cried out, fighting to focus on his face, but being unable to do so. Jungkook had his gaze zeroed in on your pussy, watching as it swallowed his cock whole, opening up for him and clenching him so tightly. “I’m gonna cum, daddy, you’re so big.” 
“Just what my baby deserves, hm?” Jungkook asked, focus now slowly moving up your body, watching your tits bouncing with the force of his thrusts before finally stopping on your face. You looked so pretty under him, so fucked out and submissive, it made his chest swell up with pride. “Such a good girl. Such a perfect little pussy. Go ahead and make a mess for daddy.” 
You reached your limit right away, moaning out in bliss as you clenched around him, legs shaking and eyes rolling to the back of your head. Jungkook kept fucking you through your high, not caring for the whimpers of sensitivity that started to bubble up your throat. 
“Gonna take what daddy gives you, right?” He asked, and you simply nodded. You reached for his forearms, trying to ground yourself as his cock continued to bury itself deep inside you, teasing you further. “Words, princess.” 
“Yes, d-daddy, I can take it,” you hiccuped, fighting through your sensitivity. It was slowly starting to feel good again. “Don’t stop, please.” 
He smirked. “That’s my good girl.” 
You were so used to Jungkook that most times you forgot how big he was — his large, muscular frame looming over you quickly reminded you, however. With your green flag to keep going, he decided to change your position, removing his cock from your heat before picking you up and turning you around like you were weightless. His hands hooked around your hips and pulled your lower body upwards, your knees automatically finding support on the mattress as your back arched, ass perked up for him. 
“You just let me do whatever I want with you, don’t you?” He asked, positioning himself behind you. You whined (both at the feeling of his cock brushing against your entrance and as a poor attempt at answering his question), hands holding to the pillow in expectation. “I don’t even know how you can take me so deep, pussy’s so fucking tiny.”
A choked up moan fell from your lips when Jungkook pushed himself back inside you, pounding just as fast and hard as before. You could feel yourself getting close again, body locking up as your second orgasm approached at dangerous speed. “D-Daddy, too much,” you sobbed, pressing your face against the pillow. You were being so loud that there was no way in hell your neighbors weren’t listening to that. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna—“ 
The growl that Jungkook emitted when he felt you cumming around his cock for the second time was almost enough to make you lose it for a third time. “Fuck, that’s my good girl,” he praised, leaning forward so he could reach deeper inside you. Jungkook was losing his mind at the way your pussy tried to milk him dry, clenching around his cock desperately as you called out for him — a mixture of daddy and Kook and please that he wouldn’t forget so soon. “You were made for this, weren’t you? Made to take daddy’s cock, to cum all over it.” 
“Y-Yes, daddy,” you moaned. 
“Is that all you can think about, princess?” He asked. Jungkook wasn’t expecting for you to nod so fast, nor to see that desperate expression on your pretty face. Fuck, you looked completely ruined, totally fucked-out. There was no way he could hold back another minute. “Gonna be a good girl and take daddy’s cum? Uh? Gonna let daddy fill your pussy up?” 
You nodded again, but that wasn’t what Jungkook wanted and you knew it. The feeling of his palm coming down against your ass was hard and sharp, so unexpected that you almost lost your balance, struggling to find your voice. “Yes, d-daddy, yes,” you whined. “I need it, please.”
Jungkook groaned, raising the speed of his thrusts as his moans and curses echoed all around you, dancing inside your overstimulated brain. “Fuck, take it, baby, take everything,” he breathed out, barely giving you time to agree before he was burying himself to the hilt inside you so he could fill you up. “Shit.” 
You could feel the way Jungkook’s cum shot inside you, stuffing your pussy as he continued to prolong his pleasure. After a few more shallow thrusts, he pulled his cock from your pussy and sat back on his legs, trying to regain his breath — and probably his sense of reality as well. 
“Shit, look at that,” Jungkook commented, watching as his cum dripped out of you. As per usual, he pushed it right back in, two fingers playing with your sensitive entrance before he pulled them away again. “What do we say?”
Beyond exhausted, you rolled your body around before you answered, back against the mattress and hands resting besides your head. “Thank you, daddy,” you said, obedient as ever. 
Jungkook dove forward, hovering over you and placing a kiss against your lips. “Good girl,” he praised. “Did so well for me, angel. I’m so proud of you.” 
The next kiss was a lot deeper, more cherishing. You melted against his body, sighing happily as his hands caressed your figure, trying to bring you back down from your previous state. In the name of peace, you allowed Jungkook to take his time with you, but you couldn’t disguise the wicked spark in your eye when he pulled back. 
“You’re so funny,” you said, a smirk already creeping up on your mouth. 
Because he knew you so well, he was certain of what was going to happen. “Don’t fucking say it,” Jungkook groaned. 
You giggled, a little delirious. “What? I told you so?” You asked. “Because I totally did.” 
Jungkook frowned. He didn’t like your manic expression one bit. “You have one too.”
“Duh.” You rolled your eyes, fighting back your victorious smile. Everything went according to plan. “I wouldn’t have brought it up if I didn’t, genius.” You booped his nose, which only deepened his frown. “But you know I’m gonna make your life hell because of it, right?” 
Currently, Jungkook was feeling like the dumbest man on the planet for thinking he would take control over such a valuable piece of information. In the bedroom, perhaps, but, outside, it was your card to play. “Don’t,” he warned, dry. 
But you couldn’t care less about his threats. “It’s my secret weapon.” You wiggled your brows. “I’ll drop it when you least expect it. It’ll be funny.”
check out the rest of the bad influence collection! 
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lokifantasies · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Story summary
Twenty-two-year-old Evangeline "Eve" Genesis Michaels is the only daughter of Michelle and David Michaels. Growing up, her overly religious parents kept tight reins on their daughter. The only time Eve tried to rebel was when she was a junior in high school, and she was caught almost immediately. According to her parents, "God had told them where she was, and if she tried to go against their rules again, he would tell them again."
Michelle and David used fear to get their daughter to act how they wanted her to, and for her entire life, it worked. When Father Henry is removed from his position at the family's church, the new priest, Father Laufeyson, immediately catches Eve's eye, and the innocent young woman decides that she doesn't want to remain so innocent.
18+ only
May contain: Sexual situations, BDSM, kinks, coarse language, and more.
Every like, reblog, and comment is greatly appreciated! You guys keep me going! <3
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Evangeline "Eve" Genesis never enjoyed going to church; however, due to being raised by religious parents, she became accustomed to the Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings in the large place of worship. The twenty-two-year-old redhead tried to rebel from her overly strict parents in high school, but she was never able to get away with the things she wanted to do. At the age of seventeen, she finally relented – realizing that life was much simpler if she just followed her parents' rules.
However, she was never happy – being forbidden to do as she pleased with her life.
Then a new priest came into the family's frequented church. The old priest, Father Henry, had been relocated due to a scandal that involved sexual activity with a married, male parishioner. The sex scandal was the most exciting thing to happen in the community church, and it was the only time that Eve was excited to go – wanting to hear all the juicy gossip.
The guests murmured amongst themselves as they waited for the 8:30 AM Sunday service to start, and Eve was mindlessly scrolling through her phone. Right on the dot, the music started playing softly, and all the voices quieted down. Turning her attention to the altar, Eve's jaw dropped at the sight of the new priest.
He was absolutely gorgeous. He had shoulder-length, jet black hair, bright blue eyes, pale skin with a chiseled jaw, and a smile whiter than she had ever seen.
"Good morning," he greeted the group of attendees. "I would like to introduce myself. I am Father Laufeyson, but you all may feel free to call me Loki."
He is so beautiful, Eve thought to herself – unconsciously rubbing her thighs together as she felt desire begin to fill in her core. There's no way he's the new Father.
"I am in fact here to stay," Loki smiled – looking towards Eve.
Eve eyes widened. Had he heard her thoughts somehow? The redhead didn't hear much of the service – rather, she listened to Loki's godly voice. He spoke with eloquence, his words were annunciated perfectly, and his voice was deep and smooth – causing Eve to close her eyes and try to move her thoughts elsewhere.
Once the service was over, the parishioners took their time in mingling with one another, and Father Laufeyson socialized with them. When he got closer to Eve and her parents, her nerves began to rise – the feeling in her stomach growing when she realized just how tall he was. His was strong – his body perfectly was perfectly sculpted. He looked like a god.
"Eve," Michelle squeezed her daughter's shoulder – breaking her from her thoughts.
"Introduce yourself to Father Laufeyson," she smiled at her daughter – his eyebrows raised as if she were saying do not embarrass me.
"Right," Eve chuckled and reached out her hand. "I'm-I'm E-Eve," she spoke quietly – stuttering over her words as she looked into Loki's blue eyes. His hand was soft, and it was much larger than hers – swallowing her tiny one and giving it a slight squeeze before letting go.
Loki smiled. "It's wonderful to meet you, Eve."
Eve swore that he winked at her slightly before turning back to speak to her parents. She was unable to stand still – walking around to try to distract herself, but every time she looked up towards Loki, his eyes were on her – causing the blush on her face to deepen. Finally, Eve found one of her friends, and she managed to pull her aside to start a conversation – trying her hardest to get the heavenly man off her mind.
What Eve didn't know, however, was that the new priest was having his own thoughts about the innocent redhead.
Loki noticed her the moment he set foot on the altar. Her doe-eyes, red hair, and plush pink lips, stood out in the crowd of eager attendees. There was something different about the redhead, however. She wasn't eager to be there. Her precious doe-eyes held something dark behind them. Loki knew the innocent façade was only that – a façade. The god could see sinful desires behind the redhead's eyes – sinful desires that he wanted to know about.
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soft-babyj · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wish I could post these not so censored, mainly cos they're banging pics I can't lie......
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also thanks for 360 followers I appreciate y'all, especially those who always interact with my stuff 🥰
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yoursadistdom · 4 months ago
if you wear a skirt infront of me just know im going to slip my hand between your pretty soft thighs and finger you and smirk at you while you struggle to stay still as your moans intensify
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leduedinotte · 5 months ago
Being a dom is a privilege. Your sub is trusting you on the deepest possible level- they are trusting you with their body, mind and soul. Look after them and treat them right. Be honoured that they are comfortable, and want to be vulnerable around you. Thank them for it.
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