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#daddy's toy

expectation: get home and have energy to Do Anything

reality: bored in bed thinking about getting railed

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Come watch my little holes get fucked 💦

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Morning! I’m very horny and wet at work daddy! You want more content? Dm me, we can talk 💧

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I don’t have any DMs to answer anymore <\3

If you see this, DM me the first sexual thought that comes into your mind when you think of me.

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hELLO I am once again asking for attention :‹

What does a needy kitten have to do to find some people to talk to on here? 😔

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Posting again because tumblr took down the other one

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🖤💜 gothic girls can’t be broken 🖤💜

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“Tell me pretty lies, look me in the face. Tell me that you love me even if it’s fake.” -Blackbear

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