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#daddys brat

I’m just too dumb to think straight! I’m whining and whimpering for you not to keep going, that your cocks too big for me and I can take it but you shouldn’t listen to me! I’m so stupid and cockdrunk! Drugged off your cum! You should just shove yourself further in me and watch me scream out in pain!! Ruin my stupid whore hole daddy!

Insta: @chokedpup

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#17 - (sorry, I’m going out of order) What is the best mistake I have made? - To quote the artist Bob Ross, We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.” As someone that suffers from bipolarism, my best mistake was waking up today. Every today that we have affords us the opportunity to fight our demons one more day, to win, to conquer, to overcome. Every today has the opportunity to be the best day of our lives if we’d just get our sorry asses out of the way and let it happen. So today is my best mistake so far.

#22 - What makes me nervous? - People. People make me nervous. If I love you, I still get nervous around you but I hide it, or I at least think I do.

Society today, we often say, is declining. That may be true, but it has happened before. Will we repeat history or write a whole new story? I think that we are repeaters. People make me nervous because I don’t understand what they are thinking, why are you tailgating me? Why do you want to give up my gun rights? Why do you think the government will support you? Why do you need to cut down those trees to build another building that will be empty in ten years? Yes, I’m nervous.

Thank you for playing along and asking.

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#9 - What am I over/underestimated for? - Overestimate, this will sound bad, but people tend to overestimate my need to be around people. I very much like my privacy, but if I like you I will open my book to you. Underestimate, I am very talented in many areas, if I can touch it I can make it. People tend to be surprised when they truly see. I am very often underestimated on my age, I don’t necessarily look my age….or act it.

#15 - I answered this earlier, but I will add alcohol to the mix. I love the process in which whiskey and/or moonshine is made but simply can’t stand the taste. I’ve never been one to acquire a taste for something. I either like it or I don’t, I rarely work at it.

#19 - The most toxic person - Gesh, these are designed to make me look bad if I’m honest. I am so here goes. My mom. My mom is a hypochondriac, always has been. She manipulated my dad, my brothers and I our whole lives to cater to her “illnesses”. I have not seen her in almost a year, and have no plans to change that in the near future.

#20 - The last two books I read.

The Lewis and Clark Journals. What a wonderful account of their expedition in their own words. It is sometimes a difficult read, trying to figure out what they are describing, but it’s exciting.

Lewis and Clark Through Indian Eyes. We think of how heroic Lewis and Clark were for their journey, but fail to realize what it did to the indigenous peoples. This book opens your eyes to that.

I apologize, I looked really conceited and bad in these answers. If I am nothing, I am honest no matter how the light is cast.

Thank you for playing along and asking.

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#15 - Something that I tried to like - Coffee! I absolutely love the smell of coffee brewing but can’t for the life of me understand how you people can like that crap.😃

Sexually? Threesomes. Don’t get me wrong, with the right people they can be fun, but my gosh its sensory overload. I have tried and tried it, but when it comes down to it, there is nothing quite like one on one intimacy.

Thank you for participating and asking.

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#1 - A sad movie that I can’t watch again - I would have to say The Notebook. It is such a beautiful story, one that needed to be told about alzheimer, but I just break down through it. It hits so close to home for me.

#3 - My perfect day - I answered this on another Ask but we can have so many different perfect days. A perfect day for me would be to spend time talking, laughing, listening to music with someone that I love.

Thank you for asking and playing along.

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#2 - Two things learned from past relationships - Some people will not be willing to invest the same amount of time you invest in them.


As a caregiver, you are often treated as a toy, you are loved and played with until they tire of you and then set you on the shelf. You provide support and when that commodity is no longer required, you are discarded.

#3 - My perfect day - I actually have a lot of perfect days in my book. I spend much time among the trees and wild things. I get virtually unlimited time with those that I love and care about. To truly answer this, I have long wanted to hop on my motorcycle and ride with no end to chase.

#4 - What did I learn too late? - I have only been in the Dd/lg lifestyle for mildly over a year, I wish that I could have understood it earlier on.

#24 - What is the most and least manly things I have done? - I do a lot of manly things, but the best is this: I was whitewater rafting down the Youghiogheny River with friends when one of the four rafts got emptied in the rapids except for one person. All the other rafters made it safely to other rafts. That one person left in the raft was panicking and screaming. Her husband just watched from another raft as she headed for The Pistons so I jumped in after her. I couldn’t reach her, but I could talk to her and keep her calm. I followed behind her raft on my back talking her through the rapids.

The least manly? I cried during Toy Story 3.

Thank you so much for playing along and asking.

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the small prince taps on his knights shoulder. The poor thing is blushing and sweating a bit. The knight pulls him into the empty hallway. “What’s wrong prince? hm?” the knight rubs his knee against the poor things crotch. “ privates are..” his majesty whines a bit, moving his head away. His knight chuckles a bit and shoves him into a broom closet, taking out his cock and rubbing over the poor boys slit as he whispers to his whore. “Imagine this. The prince, stuffed in a closet, whining for some random knights cock in his ass? hm? who know the prince just wanted to be filled.”

Insta: @chokedpup

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