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#daddys property

i can’t put it into words how much i want an older man to forcefully take my virginity.

i’d let him use my tight,virgin pussy like a hole, slamming into me until i’m a sobbing,dripping mess.

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Good evening everyone I am currently in a terrible finance situation and so I am selling ✨pictures✨ in efforts to make some money to help pay overdue bills and rent. Even if you can’t buy the $15 set (it includes 8 pictures and 2 videos) please at least share this around so others can enjoy and help.

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Dirty Thought of the Day: I want to be locked in chastity with and anal plug in my ass, and forced to worship my masters cock all day. Only if I’m a good girl does the belt come off and I might be allowed to cum that night

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To be honest I’ve probably wrote this before and I probably sound like a broken record…. butt to bad

This is my beautiful sub and my best friend. She is the only person I can actually be myself with. Just the thought of her makes me smile. The thought of loosing her makes me sick. Like every relationship we have our ups and down but I wouldn’t want to have them with anyone else. She make me feel so wanted and loved. She is literally my best friend and the women I’ve been searching for my whole life. I don’t even wanna picture this thing I call a life without her.. It isn’t everyday that you find a women that loves you for you and not what you can do for her . She would probably tell you different but she is so strong and so beautiful. The fact that I can just sit and talk to her for hours really makes everything worth while. I have always said I don’t need anyone and put on this tough guy act but honestly I do need her and I will fight till my last breath to be able to call her mine. I always tell her that I wish she could see herself threw my eyes and maybe she would understand the love I have for her… the beauty I see inside and outside. I can stare into her eyes for hours and like always she asked me what I’m looking at or says what but what she doesn’t realize is I’m not just seeing her I’m seeing our life I’m seeing a family and a happy home. I see a women a strong beautiful women that has always made me so happy. I love you babe I do and I’ll spend the rest of my life fight for that love because it’s worth it you are worth it. People always say that oh she stand by my side but in this case it isn’t true we stand together. The bond her and I have had never been even close to matched by anyone else. The night we met we talked like we have known each other for year. The first kiss let me tell you was so soft and passionate. She is so soft and I could hold her for hour just rubbing my as she would call the my man hand up and down her body. Baby you aren’t just my gf you are my best friend and I know I am not the best bf but I do love you and I would tell the whole world if I could weather they want to hear it or not idc. We are soul mates I know it baby 

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SC: birdeebabe

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If my mom ever, during my teenage years, would have gotten a handsome boyfriend. I’d be down to be his dirty little secret…

Yes I got daddy issues, what about it?

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