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Reasons why The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) should be in Spider-Man: Homesick

When I heard that for the third movie of Spider-Man a new hero will enter the MCU to help him, I immediately thought that it should be Frank Castle and here are my reasons:

It would help Peter learn to become independent from the Avengers.

It is a topic that many debate, the vast majority of viewers are irritated by how dependent Spider-Man has become on what The Avengers do or not do and also because of the help he receives from his friends (Happy, Ned, MJ ), I can very safely say that if Frank helps Peter with his current difficult situation, he will learn how to work alone as he did in the second season of The Punisher with Amy.


Frank Castle is a very easy character to add to the MCU.

Why am I saying this? Because Frank is a ghost (not literally), he is always hidden in the shadows and only performs on the streets. The Punisher, being a controversial character in his own history, makes no one talk about him, everyone saw him, everyone knows who he is, what he did and what he is capable of, however, not even the FBI dares to look for it.


Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal are friends.

They have made a movie together, they know each other and they clearly get along well, that is a great advantage when filming. They both helped each other when it came to playing their Marvel characters.


Frank Castle tends to protect teens in distress.

You could see the previous said in the second season of The Punisher, since from the first chapter he protects Amy.


Punisher would help the development of Peter Parker as an individual character.

By putting Frank Castle in Peter’s way, development and maturity as a character could be achieved by having to witness and experience the worst side of humanity, Frank would help him in his effort to survive and could even protect him.


The Punisher is the perfect ally against Kraven the Hunter.

As the vast majority will know, Kraven was confirmed as the main villain of Spider-Man 3: Homesick, and honestly the best ally Peter can ask for is Frank Castle, Kraven is a man specialized in hunting and weapons, Frank would be it is very helpful since he knows military techniques, how to treat gunshot wounds and how to deal with a man specialized in weapons.


Placing The Punisher would be the cue for dark plots.

What am I going with that? I say that since it is a serious crisis in Peter’s life with Frank Castle, a man who has gone through hell and has returned to take revenge, it can help when Spidey has to make difficult decisions, because if someone other than nobody knows about difficult decisions that is The Punisher.

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