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Please, Mama Bear

Erik ‘Dadmonger’ Stevens

Another #supersizedfic mini. Something random that I thought up. Enjoy!


Originally posted by akageesus

A familiar sound spilled through the house from upstairs, bass giving a barely there vibration. The front door closed with the quick motion of your foot with a soft slam. Carrying two armfuls of grocery to the kitchen, which you knew Erik would get onto you about doing alone, you wondered what the sneaky trio upstairs was up to.

Deciding to leave the groceries for a moment, you ascended then hardwood stairs. Straightening the most recent family portrait frame you passed it, chuckling at Erik and Jadaka’s large, signature smiles. Getting to the hallway you heard the music soften and Amari talking to Erik. He mumbled a confused, ‘That ain’t how it goes?

“No, Baba. It’s like this. 1, 2, 3, & 4… Yeah, like that. Just speed it up and you got it.” She instructed before Jadaka gave his approval. They gave encouraging praises as the did a test run. You posted in the door of Amari’s room, seeing them all doing that viral renegade dance. Erik kept up with the speed, pleasing them enough to start the music up again. Being around the kids at the outreach center helped him catch on quick.

The beat dropped and they moved in sync, each of them adding their own flare of course. Erik actually was adorable with his mature version of the woah. His dreads danced along with him. Free and falling past his shoulders. You had to fight back a giggle as they finished, watching as he let a dramatic sigh of relief.

Jadaka picked up the phone, tapping the screen a few times before he turned it around. “Wanna watch it, baba?” The eight year old offered the phone to his sister. She pressed play and held it out for all three of them to watch. Erik smiled as he watched it, dimples deep as craters.

He did soft motions of the dance with the video. Both you Amari found the funny, making your presence known. Erik beamed a smile, holding out a hand for you to take. Walking into the room, you took his hand and stood by Jadaka before pressed a kiss to your son’s forehead. Which he liked but tried to pretend he was too old for. “Y’all putting your old man onto tik tok?”

Amari and Jadaka both giggled, nodding as they confirmed what you’d known. Erik raised an eyebrow, getting the phone to give you a closer look. He pressed play as he held it up for you. “Could a old man do this right here? If anything I look like an other brother.”

You blurt out a laugh at his response, nudging him playfully as you take the phone. He grins as you finish the video. Erik did look really good for his age, but joking with him about it was always fun. “Do you want to make one with us too, mama?” Amari looked to you with a smile.

Making a sound of uncertainty, you handed her back the phone. “I don’t know about all that. I’m not really a dancer.” Erik looked at you in disbelief. He knew all too well that you could dance your ass off without trying. Your moves were a not-so-guilty pleasure of his. Hence the private dance sessions he likes to sneak in when the kids are either deep in sleep or away at after school activities.

“Pleasee, Mama bear.. one won’t hurt” Erik pleaded, pressing a kiss to both your hands. He pouted that plump bottom lip of his. Then your babies joined in with him and his pleas. Just as ruthless and persuasive as their father. You smiled, giving a playful eye roll and sigh of defeat.

“Fine. Fine. Since y’all got me in the dancing mood… who’s gonna teach me it?”

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One-shot. Erik discovers his teenager is dating and older man.


“Uniqua,” Erik yelled from the kitchen.

He was peeling boiled potatoes, getting them ready to mash as mac and cheese baked in the oven over pan-seared steaks next to potatoes. The greens were already boiling with a hambone. The fried chicken was done. The tea was made and the sweet potatoe pie was on the counter for dessert. He listened for the footsteps of his little helper, but they didn’t come.

Erik sighed. Uniqua knew he was cooking for Christmas. It had been their tradition since her mother ran away. Eight years later, they still liked to cook and spend time together as a family, just the two of them on special holidays. She’d already missed her favorite parts, putting the cheese in the macaroni and sweetening the tea. She was about to miss the potato salad.

Dropping the hot potato back into the bowl in the sink, Erik walked to the bottom of the stairs. “Uniqua,” he called up the staircase. Her room was over the kitchen, he knew that she could hear. He was starting to get irritated. Even if she didn’t want to come down, she could at least answer.

Thudding up the stairs, he gently knocked on her door, the ‘KEEP OUT’ road sign swaying from the movement. He didn’t hear her moving inside and her music wasn’t on, so why couldn’t she hear him? Was she asleep? Was she feeling okay? Concerned, he opened the door and his heart sank.

There in the John Brown nude was his only child dancing in front of her iphone’s camera. Erik was frozen. In the second before he lunged at the camera, he saw what looked like a grown man on her screen. He had full facial hair and was definitely out of high school. Late twenties at least.

“DAD!” Uniqua shrieked snatching her blanket from the bed to wrap her naked body in as she dropped down to the floor. Her air pod fell from her ear onto her pink rug.

The call ended and Erik was left with his daughter’s unlocked phone. Until now, he never felt a need to go through it. He opened her gallery and was mortified. She had nudes that she’d undoubtedly been sending. There were some saved images of a man too. They were all the same man, he could tell. The dick pics were all of the same dick.

Uniqua looked terrified. Her face was ghastly and rightfully so. He wanted to whoop her ass until the white meat showed. She KNEW better than to do something like this.


He held the dick pick in her face before grabbing it back to flip through the images again. He found a face in a mirror’s reflection. It was that nigga she was facetiming.


Uniqua’s eyes were huge as if she may have a heart attack.


“H-he’s m-my boyfriend,” she whispered with uncertainty, clutching the blanket around herself.

“YOUR WHAT?!” Erik’s eyes got huge. She had to be out of her rabbit ass mind. His head was beginning to hurt.

“Oh hell nah,” he mumbled pulling up her text messages. She’d been texting a number saved as 'Daddy😜’ but it wasn’t him. Hell nah it wasn’t him. He wanted to vomit as he scrolled through their conversation. This was a grown ass man talking to his sixteen year old daughter. She was sending him images and videos of her body like she was grown.

“OH! So you think you grown now,” he nodded, fuming inside.

“N-no,” she whispered.


He dialed the number and waited on the man to pick up, but he didn’t. Erik heard his voicemail, but his name wasn’t recorded.

“What’s his name? Where he live? What you know about this nigga? I wanna know everything you fucking know. Matter fact, I’m reading all these texts and you can get dressed and sit ya ass right there because you ain’t leaving the fuckin house until you 18. KEEP FUCKIN UP. YOU SIXTEEN! YOU CAN’T EVEN KEEP YOUR FUCKIN ROOM CLEAN!”

She sat closed in on herself, afraid to move as she cried, silently hiccuping. Erik was furious. She KNEW better.

“Get the fuck outta my sight,” his lip twitched. He watched as she stood with her blanket and snatched her clothes from the floor, scrambling from the room. Standing, he watched to make sure she went into the hall bathroom.

“What the fuck,” he groaned holding his head. Uniqua had never given him problems of this nature. This was illegal and her so-called boyfriend was a pedophile.

As Erik read through all of the messages, his heart beat faster. He felt fear, actual fear. He saw that the conversation went back to February. How had he missed it? How had she hidden him that long? Was he a bad parent for not noticing? He felt like a horrible parent, like somehow he’d failed. What else had he missed? What if he hadn’t walked in. He’d have never known and his only daughter could’ve gone missing. His pride and joy, she could’ve been trafficked or dead somewhere. He exited from the messages and his foot tapped the floor anxiously. He could hear his daughter out in the hall as the bathroom door creaked.


She shuffled down the hall and back into the room with her head down in shame, not knowing what else to say or do as her father stared, his expression stern.

“Dad, I’m sorry,” she whined, fresh tears in her eyes. It looked like she genuinely meant it.

“Did you meet up with him,” Erik asked.

“No!” She leaned forward with strong conviction. “I was going to but I didn’t. ”

“So you didn’t have sex with him.”

“I swear I did not!” Her hand raised in a solemn vow as her tears continued. She sniffled. Erik wasn’t sure whether to believe her, but she’d NEVER done anything like this before.

Erik frowned, trying to read her. This only made her cry more.

“I-I d-don’t.. want you.. to be m-mad.. at me,” she sniffled, her eyes now red. “I d-don’t want.. want y-you to,” she sniffed, “to be disappointed!”

“Tell me EVERYTHING you know about this guy,” Erik stressed again.

His daughter began to break down, coming clean about everything that had been hidden. Erik thought his head would spin. He sat and listened as she spoke, saving his comments. He wanted her to continue with the honesty even if he hated what was coming out.


Erik waited outside of the apartment building where his daughter had directed him. She was currently on lockdown at the house with no phone, laptop, or mp3. The wifi password had been changed and he made it very clear that if she left the house, he would definitely beat her ass and then she’d never see her phone, mp3, laptop, or room door again. He wasn’t one to bluff and she knew that.

Erik’s eyes followed the tall, skinny brown skinned male from the building to the lot. Before he could get to his car, Erik hopped out of his black truck approaching the man.

“Aye nigga..” Erik swung as soon as the man turned around, hitting him square in the nose before gripping his collar to hit him again in the same spot.

The man grabbed at his face, gingerly touching his bloody nose. It was definitely broken.

“FUUH-SHIT!!” The man howled in pained surprise. He didn’t know who Erik was.

Erik held up his daughter’s school picture. She had a blown out ponytail and sat smiling angelically, blue and pink braces on display, with an electric blue and white hoodie which said 'Billie Eilish’, large silver hoops, glittery lipgloss, and her hands crossed over each other. It was obvious that she was young.

“She’s sixteen,” Erik emphasized. “She’s my CHILD and she’s SIXTEEN. LOOK AT THE PICTURE.”

He pushed it in the guy’s face, looking out the corner of his eye at the couple of onlookers, an older black couple.

“He’s a grown ass man talking to my teenage daughter,” Erik explained showing them the picture. Their judgmental gazes turned to the man who held his hands up as if innocent.

“Whoa! Wait now.. Nah, she told me she was 19!” His head shook as he tried to defend himself.


Before the man could lie again, Erik pulled up the screenshot he took on his daughter’s phone.

Daddy😜: I’m 31 is that okay with you?

Uniqua: that’s fine I look 19 anyway 😜👌

Daddy😜: You’re very mature for a teen 😚

The man looked at the message as if it were brand new and he’d never seen it before.

“OH HELL NO,” a loud voice came from the left. A young man early 20s drinking a Red Bull with his phone in his other hand. “HE’S A KIDDIE DIDDLER?!?!”

Erik held up the picture of his daughter as the guy came nearer, squinting at the photo.

Without warning, Red Bull lunged ahead jumping on the man in question as Erik stood shocked.

Red Bull beat the breaks off the nigga, spitting on him before stumbling back.

“All yours cuz,” he mumbled.

Erik didn’t hesitate. He couldn’t forgive any man who would prey on his one and only child. A man who would do it once would do it again, only next time it would be someone else’s child.

He kicked the man in the ribs six times before he came to himself. Stepping back, he glanced at the couple. The woman waved him on.

“Beat his ass!”

“I’m a grandfather. You do what you gotta do for your family,” her husband shrugged watching on. The neighborhood was out today.

Erik circled the man on the ground. He started to pull his gun and in his mind.. he saw himself pulling the trigger. However, he took a step back. He was a father who needed to be there for his daughter. Especially now more than ever. She was more important. She was his first priority.

Still, Erik needed to make a point.

Snatching his gun from the concealed holster on his waist, he racked it fast and put it to the man’s head as he laid busted up on the concrete. No one made a move to stop him, walking around him instead.

“If you so much as breathe in my child or ANY child’s direction.. I’ll kill you AND your entire family. Do you FUCKIN hear me.”

Erik leaned down further as the man groaned in agony.


“YES, YES, I hear you,” the man winced as Erik stood, staring down at him before stepping over him and heading back to his car.

He nodded to the couple and Red Bull before pulling off.

“Alright,” Red Bull nodded back. The couple waved as Erik drove away.


“I’m sorry,” Uniqua whined when Erik walked in the door. She was sitting in the living room, watching Christmas movies and waiting. When he entered, she stood walking toward him slowly, the way she always did when something was heavy on her mind. She walked up until she collided with him, tucking her head into his chest and he sighed. He couldn’t stay mad at his own child. She was only a kid afterall.

He swallowed her up in an embrace and walked her back to the kitchen. There was a pan of cornbread sitting on the counter.

“Ah, you made cornbread,” he smiled.

She beamed, her eyes still red. He could tell she’d been crying the entire time. His heart broke, but at the same time he knew he had to be tough for her own safety.

“You understand why I got so angry, don’t you? I just want you to be safe. Grown men, especially men that age don’t need to be messing with little girls your age. They only to that because they’re predators and grown women don’t put up with that shit. Promise me you’ll never talk to anyone like that without telling me.”

“I promise!” She looked like she might cry again.

“Aight,” he said letting it go. “Come here.” He raised his arms beckoning her to collect her hug.

She came quickly, hugging her father tightly as he sighed.

“Stick to boys your own age, just let me meet em first,” he said putting a heavy hand atop her head.

“I promise… No one over 19,” she said.

“Sixteen,” Erik corrected.

“Oh! That’s what I meant,” she nodded quickly getting the message. “Sixteen.”

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Oooh since it’s October!! I was wondering if i could request a fic or HC about either Erik x Reader talking their child(ren) going trick-o-treating or Trevante x Reader taking their child(ren) trick or treating. Or Erik x Reader (Trevante x Reader) going to a Halloween party and maybe there’s a best dressed contest (or not)?

That’s a couple headcanons in itself 😂 I’ll do the one with the reader and Erik having kids first and if you send in another ask about the Halloween costumes I’ll do that one too 💕😊


Originally posted by lovingpostit

Erik and His Kids:

  • Halloween was one of your favorite times of the year and your excitement for the holiday transferred to your kids, Nairobi and Leon.
  • Imagine their excitement when you told them that they were gonna do family themed costumes
  • Your daughter always dressed up as someone empowering or funny, this year she dressed as Wednesday Addams.
  • Your son always dressed like some sort of hero, real or made up but this year he was overjoyed to be Pugsley Addams
  • You decided to dress up as pretty much anything and everything every year and of course, this year you were Morticia Addams
  • Erik rarely dressed up for Halloween but when he did? He looks GOODT. He’s dressed as Gomez Addams and lord have mercy he looks fantastic in a suit.
  • You and Erik taught your kids the most important rule of Halloween besides stay with mommy and daddy: Rich neighborhoods have the full size bars.
  • You were very thankful that you and Erik lives in a wealthy neighborhood because you genuinely did not feel driving around.
  • Your kids purposely choosing Erik to be the designated Candy holder because he was the strongest.
  • Being tugged from one house to the next by the excited kids.
  • Erik trying to cop a feel at any chance he could get.
  • “Come onnnn, you look too damn good, Mrs. Addams.”
  • Your kids giggling every time you mush Erik’s face away from yours when he tries to get close.
  • “Ma’s gonna put you out again, watch.” Your ten year daughter speaks up and her little brother laughs in agreement.
  • Erik mocking the kids before flicking them on the back of the neck and shooting them away to next house.
  • You finally decide to go home around ten.
  • When you enter the home you take the bags of candy and rush them upstairs to get cleaned up and changed.
  • While they change so do you and Erik.
  • “You know, E. You should control yourself, that’s were too many kids out there for you to be trying to feel up on my cheeks.”
  • He would smack his lips saying “Mannn, them lil niggas was gon’ learn some time soon anyway.”
  • Him having to dodge a pillow while laughing
  • When you, Erik and the kids are back downstairs you limit them to either one full size bar of candy or three bite size pieces.
  • Leon chooses the bite sizes, Nairobi chooses the full size.
  • You check their candy for any rips, holes, or weird smells.
  • The four of you ending the night by munching on candy and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas (One of my favorite holiday movies 💛)
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I love Dad!Erik and daughter story about ballet and African dance class.

Aw thanks! It was just a thought I had while I was leaving rehearsal and saw a little Black girl with cornrows prancing down the stairs after her class ended.

I don’t often work with dadmonger cause I’m not really on team redeemed!Erik. But after my fic Néo, I’ve made an exception.

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For my Dadmonger lovers, I’ve decided to do a face claim for our babies. And of course if you pictured them different, you can always stick with the way you envisioned them. I couldn’t find exactly what I thought they’d look like, but I thought this was close enough for the way I pictured them.

Amari Stevens: Jadaka Stevens:

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Papa Killmonger 6

This is a request AND Papa killmonger all blended into one big old happy post!

⚠️In this AU the events of BP happened BUT before Erik finishes up at MIT. He stayed in Wakanda for a little while and they became one big happy dysfunctional ass family!

You don’t HAVE to read the previous parts buuutttt… why not! Search #destiniwrites or #papakillmonger to find each one.

@elaindeereads I hope you aren’t too mad at me 😹 Your request fit perfectly into what I wanted for this story so I combined them!


“You speak Xhosa? Ok, you got 10 seconds to explain before you join ya goofy ass ex on this floor!” Erik says angrily.

“Listen Erik, basically I’m,” April stops abruptly, “nigga where is NaShuri? Don’t tell me you left her in the car by herself!”

“Ok, I won’t tell you then,” Erik shrugs.

“Boy come on! Poor baby all alone out there!”

April is relieved when they reach the car, and her little friend is snacking on graham crackers.

“See,” Erik says, “I know how to take care of my baby! I told you I’m father of the year around here!”

“Why is she dressed in an all black jumpsuit and accessories like she’s a damn baby ninja!”

“She’s apart of the team too! Gotta dress accordingly. Be glad I didn’t get her the fake baby gun and holster to match!” Erik says proudly.

April ignores him and opens the car door.

“Hey, baby girl! You miss me?”

NaShuri makes loud screeches of excitement as she makes grabby hands at April. April scoops her up and twirls her around in the air while making helicopter noises. The sight warms Erik’s heart—a feeling he’s definitely not used to.

Erik silently reprimands himself. “Man up! Being all soft and shit!”

“Ehhh,” NaShuri happily coos.

“What’s that? You want ice cream you say? Well, Daddy’s gonna take us to a restaurant where we can get some lunch and ice cream! Right, Daddy?”

Erik’s first instinct was to make a crude remark in relation to April referring to him as “daddy”, but he quickly thought better of it.

“Sure! Anything for my princesses!”

April is dumbfounded as Erik helps her and NaShuri into the car.

“Did he call me his princess?” April thinks to herself.

Erik quickly entered the car as he adjusted the slight bulge in his pants from April’s little innocent slip up moments earlier.

“Y’all two ready?”

“We sure are!”

“Well let’s go!”

Nearly an hour later the Black three musketeers are seated at a popular restaurant awaiting their orders. There is an awkward silence—aside from NaShuri babbling as she nibbles on April’s finger.

“Well April, while we’re just sitting here… I think you’ve got some explaining to do,” Erik says as he stares into her eyes.

April sighs as she begins her explanation.

“Well basically we’re not as different as you think.”

“How so?”

“My birth name is Kamoria, Princess of Azania. It’s a small country by—“

“By Wakanda,” Erik cuts her off. “You’re African royalty too?”

“Yep. Atleast, I was,” April sighs with a defeated look in her eyes. Seeing her like this hurts Erik to his core.

“What do you mean ‘was’? What happened?”

“Basically, my evil ass Aunt took advantage of my mother’s “untimely demise” and used it to take the throne. My father died in an accident, and my aunt—my Dad’s sister— had always hated my mom and wanted to take over the kingdom. In order to do that she had to get rid of my mom and I. She killed my mother and framed me for it! I was sentenced to death but my maid since birth and her husband helped me escape to America. I’ve only been here a few years now, but I’ve adapted quite well. I fooled you didn’t I?” April questions with a laugh.

Erik stared at April with wide eyes for what seemed like an eternity. The only thing that broke his trance was the food arriving at the table. They both thanked the waiter as April started to feed NaShuri.

“Erik? You ok,” April inquired.

“Yea. Yea, yea. Uhm, I just can’t believe what happened to you. You’re such a great woman and that hateful bitch did this to you!? We ain’t havin this,” Erik yells standing up and pulling out a strange bracelet.

“Erik, please calm down! It’s ok really. I like my new life,” April pleads.

“Fuck that, you a queen and you WILL sit on that throne! I’ll be right back!”

Erik stormed out of the restaurant, and made a call to a very important relative. As a holographic image pops up, a cheerful man greets Erik.

“Hello cousin! How have you been?”

“Wassup T? Listen, what do you know about Azania?”

“I know they had an issue a few years back when their princess killed her mother to take over, allegedly. But there are some theories that it was a conspiracy on behalf of the late King’s younger sister. I was inclined to believe the latter until the princess disappeared without a trace.”

“Well I found the princess and she’s innocent,” Erik exclaimed.

“You did what? How do you get yourself into these outlandish situations,” T’Challa asked with a confused expression on his face.

“I’ll explain later! Just have Shuri dig up all she can on their current Queen!”

“Fine cousin. Shall I prepare your room in the palace?”

“Yea, do that. And get that room that’s connected to mine ready too. I’m bringing a guest.”

T’Challa’s eyes lit up like Christmas trees.

“And who might this guest be? The princess you spoke of? Are you dating a lost princess from a neighboring country, who MAY be a murderous traitor? Hmm, now that I think of it, that is not too far fetched. How do the Americans say it? Birds of a feather flock together!”

Erik was beyond done with this conversation.

“Nigga just do what I asked! Goodbye!”

“Okay okay. Goodbye cousin.”

Luckily it was almost time for a week long break at school. Erik was determined to take April to Wakanda and help her take back her birthright. Now he only needed to convince her.

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On mobile so can y'all help me tag everyone 😊

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Quick Baby fluff.


“You’re excited for bath time? Yes? You’re trying to kick mommy,” Charlie smiled. N'Jada was wiggly and excitable, on her back with arms reaching out and legs kicking as Charlie unsnapped the onesie gifted by Hennessy. “Over the arms and the head,” Charlie spoke. The onesie was rolled off of the baby’s arms and over her curly head. She had a head full of thick curls just like her mama.

“Cold Jada? Are we cold? We chillay,” Charlie cooed wrapping N'Jada warmly in a fluffy white microfiber towel before holding her to her chest. N'Jada’s hand immediately drew to her mouth and she began sucking her thumb.

“Mommy need to get your pacifier. Thumbsucking is a hard habit to break once you start and I am not about to let you run down the path to braces if I can prevent it now.”

Charlie put the binky in N'Jada’s mouth, but it was rejected and spit out repeatedly. N'Jada was starting to get annoyed so Charlie let it go to avoid a meltdown.

“You win this round, little girl, but don’t get used to it.”

N'Jada was more focused on her thumb than on Charlie’s conversation. “Fine, ignore me. We’ll see,” Charlie mumbled cuddling N'Jada with closer with a kiss to the baby’s forehead. Charlie prepped the bath basin with warm water, testing the temperature on her skin before sitting N'Jada in the water. With one hand holding her head, Charlie used the other hand to bathe her suddenly calm child.

“Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams. Let it wash away my sanity cuz I wanna feel the thunder I wanna scream. Let the rain fall down, I’m coming clean,” Charlie sang as N'Jada yawned from her head to her toes. Drying N'Jada, Charlie laid her out and gave her a proper massage with the gentle baby lotion recommended by Angel. N'Jada closed her eyes, falling right to sleep. Of course, that thumb went directly back to her mouth.

Erik entered Charlie’s bathroom and over her shoulder at the sleeping infant before stroking his thumb gently over the babe’s head in silent adoration. That was when he noticed N'Jada’s thumb stuck in her gummy mouth.

“..Hell nah… Charlie,” he whispered gesturing for her to step aside to speak away from the baby. “What’s that about?”

“What’s what about?”


“Babies do that. You ought to be used to it. She sucks her toes too, flexible little thing. If I could do that, I wouldn’t need you to d-”

“My baby not finna be a thumbsucker I hate that shit. No. We breaking that habit. What if her teeth grow in crooked? Her whole gums can be messed up.”

“I thought the same thing. She don’t like the paci. I guess we can try teething rings and if that doesn’t work we wait a year to see if she grows out of it.”

Erik stared at N'Jada peacefully asleep before lifting her carefully. “I’m taking my baby,” he said folding her gently into the black baby wrap on his chest. Charlie raised her hands in surrender. Everyone wanted to take her baby, she was used to it. Might as well let the daddy have a turn. N'Jada’s small head laid sweetly against Erik’s chest and he cuddled his chin into her hair, bouncing ever so lightly. Charlie watched his back as he left the room, completely wrapped up in N'Jada and whispering quietly in her ear.

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favorite dadmonger fics you recommend? :)

Buckle your seatbelts, it’s a lot

- Baby time? series, meet the parents, Try again,  home sweet home series (sequel to the very best man series-do read that too), fumbles series (is included as you read along), check out her headcanons and blurbs for dadmonger - @killmoncoochie

- all of @livingmybestfakelife’s dadmonger stories

- too much- @wakanda-4evr

- piece by piece- @iwannalearnhowtoship

- having a baby girl with erik, erik doing his daughter’s hair, three years- @oshaia

-what we used to be- @dacreskars

- all of Oops,  @another-imaginesblog‘s dadmonger stories - (her story east atlanta love letters has dadmonger in it-that chapter is on wattpad under yewrites)

- laid up series- @pastelastronomy24

- you sure?, house hunting, football jersey- @marvelpotterlove

- charley horse, néo - @sonofnjobu

- lemon, dadmonger headcanons- @thebrokenmistakes

- papa killmonger - @destinio1

- first day blues, daddy’s little princess, father’s day, letters series, five stages of grief- @princesskillmonger

- dadmonger series- @siriuslycollins

- @amethyst1993 has a dadmonger fic/hc

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Papa Killmonger 5

Erik x OC

Tumblr has erased this a few times so let’s see if this works.

“Are you ok sir?”

Erik shifted his focus from April’s message back up to her boss.

“Oh yeah, I’m good. Whoever fuckin with April won’t be though! We out Shu!”

Erik and his little hitta broke out into a sprint for the car. Always the vigilant protective father, he made sure to strap baby NaShuri into the back seat securely.

“Safety first little lady! Right?” NaShuri gurgles in response and claps her tiny hands.

As Erik starts the car he gets another message from April.

“Her location? Why the hell would she be way out there? Clearly somebody got my girl!”

“Whaaa?” NaShuri quizzically looked up at her father as if she was questioning his choice of words.

“Friend! Like friend that’s a girl! Man, why am I explaining myself to you? I’m the parent and you the child!”


“Hush little girl! I gotta make a call.”

Erik dials a number that he hasn’t used in quite some time.

“E! What’s up nigga? I thought yo ass was living yo best life in Wakansas!”

“It’s Wakanda you dumb ass nigga! Anyway, I need a huge favor bro!”

The man on the other end of the line answered eagerly. “Who I gotta track down for you bro? I already know you bout to fuck some shit up!”

“I’m glad you know! Track the phone number I just sent you and pull the traffic cam footage along the route it traveled over the last 24 hours.”

“On it! Give me like two minutes and I’ll send you all I find,” Erik’s associate said as he began tapping away at his keyboard.

“Cool,” Erik says before hanging up. “Whoever got April is fuckin dead! Right when I was starting to get attached to her, niggas wanna play games and shit! That’s cool though, right Shu?”

Erik looks into the back seat and sees his babygirl completely ignoring his outburst. She’s completely enamored with her toy that she got from April the day before.

“Don’t worry Shu, we gone get her back soon.”

An hour and a few phone calls later Erik is on his way to save his friend… that happens to be a girl.

Back at the unknown location

“Well well well! A Navy Seal? Did you know your little boyfriend was a Seal, sweetie?”

“Jerome please shut the fuck up! Yes, I knew he was a soldier, but clearly you don’t realize that he is crazy as cat shit! He gone fuck you up for real! I can’t WAIT until he get here,” April says very matter of factly.

“Girl clearly there’s a reason he ain’t in the service no more. That nigga done probably forgot all his little techniques by now,” Jerome says as he stares into April’s eyes.

“Boy you dumb as the fuck! How in the hell did I end up fooling with you?”

“Because you couldn’t resist all of this sexy ass charisma! Girl come here and get some of what you been missing.” Jerome licks his lips and growls as he moves his lips towards April’s.

“Oh hell nah! Get them crusty ass lips away from me! Heeellpppp!” April begins to scream as Jerome closes in.

Just as her lips were about to meet their untimely demise, the power shuts off. It was surprisingly dark and eerily quiet.

“Nigga you still ain’t paying ya damn bills? Out here playing world class criminal and you owe the light company!”

At this point Jerome is flustered and shaky.

“Bitch, shut yo ass up before I mak–”

Before Jerome could even finish his statement, the door flew open, followed by a bright flash and a loud bang.

“Gone ahead and finish that sentence so I can break ya damn jaw nigga!”

“Erik!” April screams excitedly as she recognizes her rescuer’s distinct voice.

“Wassup Princess? He ain’t hurt you, did he?” Erik asked mean mugging Jerome.

“Oh, I’m good boo! Just get me out of here please,” April says while batting her long eyelashes at Erik.

“Hold the hell up,” Jerome interrupts, “y’all not gone sit here making googly eyes in front of me like this! You gotta fight me for her bro!”

“Nigga Killmonger ain’t what you want! Let me go now and he might not kill you!” April yells at Jerome.

“She damn straight,” Erik says, “now go ahead and move so I can get her out of here.”

“Not today man. See, last time you snatched me up without warning just like the bitch nigga you are!” Jerome yells while tearing up.

Erik begins to stalk towards him while pulling a 9-inch blade from his belt.

“I’m a what? I don’t think I heard you correctly,” Erik practically growls at a now trembling Jerome.

“Listen man, I see the way she be lookin at you! And you be lookin right back at her. And she just loves your little girl. She supposed to have my babies, not yours!”

“Since when? I didn’t sign off on this,” April loudly interjects with a roll of her neck.

At this point Erik is about three feet from Jerome who is now full-blown crying. As Erik reaches Jerome’s bitch ass, he grips the terrified man’s neck with one hand and very precisely slides the knife across his victim’s abdomen. Erik drops Jerome to the floor. Jerome attempts to hold in his guts while screaming as loud as he could.

“Damn! You ain’t the one to play with I see!” April says as she embraces Erik.

“Sure ain’t! But you knew that already,” Erik laughs. “Speaking of things you already knew,” Erik says as his eyes darken and his grip on April tightens, “How the hell did you know my fieldname was Killmonger?”

April suddenly stumbles over her words looking for a suitable answer. As she stammers, Erik continues his questioning.

“Hell, I never even told you I was a Seal. You know I’m really starting to like you and my baby girl is attached to you already. Please don’t feed me no bullshit when I ask you this question for the last time.” Erik snarls his lip as he invades April’s personal space.

“How the fuck did you know my name?”

April looks into his eyes and smiles, “Ndiyazi konke ngawe inkosana yam.”

Translation: I know all about you my prince


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Papa Killmonger 5 Preview

“The man on the other end of the line answered eagerly. “Who I gotta track down for you bro! I already know you bout to fuck some shit up!”

“I’m glad you know! Track the phone number I just sent you and pull the traffic cam footage along the route it traveled over the last 24 hours,” Erik says.

The full chapter is going up tonight babies!! 😘😘😘 I get out of class at 9 so it’ll be sometime after that!

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Your baby girl just learned how to say no.

Erik comes in a good mood, and Y'all are joking around a bit, when he off handedly says that every thing in the house is his.

Your little girl who had been playing with her big plastic keys looks at at him and says “No!” Of course this prompts childishmonger because as soon as she says that he responds with “Oh yeah,” and gets up to go into her room and lay on her bed.

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Imagine comin back from a play date with your little girl and telling Erik about it.

- “E you should have seen them it was too cute, both of em babbling like they can talk, you knows he’s only a month old-”

“He? Hold up, she too young to be playing with boys. ”

“Erik. He’s younger than her. ”

“I don’t give a rats ass, give her here we gon’ have a talk.”

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Baby Fever (Erik × Reader)

Short little one-shot for you. I don’t wanna give too much away with warnings, hope you enjoy. 💕

“What you over here doing,” you ask leaning over Erik’s shoulder. He’s on the couch ignoring his videogame, Fortnite, and you’re cleaning the apartment or at least you were.. He’d been scrolling through your phone for going on 20 minutes. You wonder what on there could be so interesting.

“Nothing,” he clicks the screen off causing your suspicion to rise and your brow to lift. “It’s nothing,” he repeats turning his attention to you, “When you say the baby shower was?”

“It’s at 2, are you staying?” You look at the clock under the TV, 10:58 a.m. You’d picked up your bff Isha’s cake yesterday. It was pink and grey with a cute little elephant.


You knew she’d love it, but you still had to set up your apartment with the decorations before she came over. You wanted to surprise her.

“Nah, I’m a hang with Chris at his place.. but Monet texted you and said she’s 10 minutes away. That was like 15 minutes ago.” Monet was another bff. Your friend group consisted of five women including you and two men, a gay couple Ricky and DeWayne. That’s who would be at the baby shower today along with Isha’s sister Trish. Trish had a thing for Erik and it was very obvious. You’d put up with her because she was Isha’s sister, but you’d almost smacked her one time when you were tipsy and Erik made it a point to avoid her altogether. He respected your friends and they loved him, but you understood why he wouldn’t stay. Trish was tactless and he did not have the patience.

The knock at the door makes you look up and Erik drops your phone beside him on the couch. You jog to open the door and move aside as Monet escorts a large food platter to your kitchen island. The small, cocoa brown, grinning child with her goes running straight to Erik, leaping into his outstretched arms as you hug Monet.

“Sup little man,” Erik greets lifting the squeeling boy high into the air.

“Uncle Ewik, are you staying,” the boy touches his beard as Erik lets him down. “Nah man, but you’re gonna have a fun time here.” He turns you you, “Ain’t uh, DeWayne supposed to be bringing their kid?” You nod, “Yeah DeWayne and Ricky are bringing Daniel.” You refocus your attention to the small pouting boy and reach out for his hand, “Daniel is coming, don’t you wanna see Daniel?” He clings to Erik and Monet snorts causing you to throw her a quick glare. “I wanna go with Ewik,” the boy chirps. Erik picks the boy up again and pouts adorably at Monet, who laughs.

“Hey if you can tolerate him, take him,” she throws up her hands and Erik whisks the boy from the apartment with him, leaving the two of you to organize.



Everything came together well. The decor was nice. The cake matched. Monet brought the food and you’d both made another trip to her car to bring it all up. Little cookies and candies, Popeye’s chicken, red beans and rice, biscuits, a fruit platter, and a cheese and veggie platter. The men brought wine for the party and Sparkling Cider for Isha, since she was still pregnant. There was even a small table overflowing with gifts. You’d bought her an infant car seat per Erik’s suggestion. As it turned out, she hadn’t had one. You’d wanted to buy a bunch of diapers, but Erik had told you to wait until the baby was born so you could see how big she was.

“So where’s Erik,” Trish asks you, biting a sugar cookie, her eyes darting about. Eyes fly rapidly between her face and yours as she takes a sip from her wine glass. “I feel like you’re hiding him from me,” she snickers, “Like you’re afraid I’ll take him or something.” You maintain eye contact with her as you contemplate flinging yourself at her with a polite smile on your face. You take a gentle sip of your white wine. You won’t ruin Isha’s day. “Y/N, you and Erik are such a beautiful couple and you’re both so happy together. I’m glad to know you both,” Ricky interrupts and DeWayne follows up, “Yes, and may I add this setup is divine. You done good.” Isha raises her cider, “Let’s toast to that!”

Isha sends Trish to pick up more wine and the rest of the baby shower is pure fun with trivia, games, and a lot of catching up with each other’s lives. Daniel isn’t left out, he goes home with a few new toys which pleases Ricky and DeWayne. You and Erik had bought him a watergun (Then decided to buy two of your own to have your own Battle Royale outside).

The shower ended at 4 but it wasn’t until 4:30 that the apartment was cleared leaving you and Monet to take down the decorations and straighten up. Erik came back with Monet’s son Chad around 5 and then they left too.

“So how’d it go,” Erik asked heating up a plate you’d fixed him. You recounted all of the high points earning a smug “What I tell you” when you mention how well his gift ideas went over. He rolls his eyes when you mention Trish. “Everyone said to tell you hi though,” you relay. He settles back into his spot on the couch with his plate and after hesitating, you decide to do what you’ve been wanting to do since he left earlier. You grab your phone and walk to the couch, slowly dropping down beside him. “Wassup,” he asks reading your body language without having to look up.

You lean closer to him and hold up your screen.


“Erik.. What’s this about,” you wait and his eyes go to the screen. “What,” he says and you give him a pointed look. “This is what you spent half an hour looking through before? You wanna be a daddy?” He adjusts himself away from you with his plate on his lap. “I’m already a daddy. I’m your daddy. I’d like to be a father.” Your eyes spring wide, “Since when?!” It comes out louder than you expect but he can hear in your voice that you’re just surprised, after all, he’d never mentioned this before. He shrugs and you lean backward away from him, taking him in. “So what…,” you stare at him, “…You want a baby?”

He puts his plate down and swallows his mouthful before facing you again, “I wanna heir..” “An heir,” you repeat moreso to yourself and he nods slowly, assessing your reaction. “I want a son,” he pauses and puts his hand on your knee once he sees you’re not turned off, “and you’re gonna be his mother.” Your eyebrows raise. You hadn’t considered having a kid although your friends had kids. You were an only child and so was Erik.

“Talk to me. Tell me what you thinking,” he prods moving closer and your mouth hangs open before you can speak, “I– I didn’t think you wanted kids…” He rubs your knee up to your thigh, “You don’t want kids.. why,” he murmurs.

You stammer over your words as they tumble out, “I– I don’t wanna go through childbirth, the recovery process, the changes in your body, or the smells of a new baby…”

He nods and kisses your neck sucking on the spot that he knows makes you absolutely crazy. You drop your phone on the floor. “I’ll be here witchu..,” kiss, “The whole time..,” suck, “You won’t lift a finger,” your thighs squeeze together tightly and he undoes your jeans slipping his hand into your panties and a finger inside of you. You moan and rock your hips against his hand while he continues in your ear, “Just carry my baby and I’ll take care of the rest.. that simple.”

You didn’t want a baby, but the way he was talking, he was shaking your resolve and the fact that he’d slipped in another finger didn’t hurt his cause. You started thinking. He was actually really good with kids, Chad sure loved him– you moan feeling yourself build around Erik’s fingers as he stimulates your g-spot and then he backs off to your frustration.

“I’d be a good father,” he says sucking his fingers. “I know,” you breathe. He returns his fingers and brings you to close to the edge again and you buck your hips refusing to let him back out, but he does slip away causing you to whine.

“Hol'up damn,” he says and he picks you up, carting you to the bedroom to drop you on the bed with a hard bounce. There, he strips and pushes your legs up over your head. “Erik stop!” You yell from under your legs, but he doesn’t drop them. “You must not wanna cum,” he threatens and it shuts you up. “That’s what I thought,” he whispers. He pushes into you and thrusts roughly causing you to yelp. Repeatedly his hips crash into you, thunderously, and you cry out his name, carving it into the covers with your nails until your voice dies in your throat.

“You’d be a good mother,” he moans as he’s pounding mercilessly into you and you gasp, completely overwhelmed and overheated. “Huh? I can’t hear you,” he barks and your whimpering returns. “It’s an honor to be my baby moms ain’t it,” his tone demands an answer as he separates your legs and reaches between them to choke you. His other hand reaches to rub your clit. “Yes–yes sir,” you gasp breathlessly, a uncotrollable moan breaking through. You’d say yes to anything. You’re seconds from an intense explosion, but he stops everything all together, causing another tantrum of whines. You’re at the point where you can tip over regardless and he can feel it by the way you’re contracting around his dick. “If you cum on my dick I’m a nut in you,” he threatens towering over you, hands on either side of your head.

You’re immediately confronted with the memory of him telling you you didn’t need to go on birth control when you’d brought it up a few months ago. You’d never known a man so content to wear condoms and now… He wasn’t wearing one which made his threat valid with real consequences. You find your voice enough to call him out. “You fuckin planned this,” you accuse breathlessly. His sly smirk is confirmation and he leans down close to kiss you. “I need you to want it though,” he whispers. He draws back and lack of proximity is enough to drive you absolutely crazy. “Ok, yes,” you rush and he stalls, “Yes what?” You try to inch your body closer to his to scratch that deep itch but he holds you down halting that. “Use your words.”

You exhale a gust of air, “I’ll have your baby,” you murmur. “Nah, I don’t believe that’s what you want,” he says sitting back up and you all but yank him back down to your chest. He lets you.. and his eyes return to yours. “Nut in me, bitch,” you command and he slams into you hard. Against your control, you cum hard, quivering, and he releases shortly after, collapsing on top of you.. his weight, comforting.


You couldn’t talk or move right away so when you could, you’d fussed Erik out for nutting in you telling him just how fucked up he had you. You found your phone by the couch and called Isha and she’d told you to put that asshole Erik on the phone. By her tone, you knew she’d cuss him out good! You were ready, but when you handed him the phone, you saw Erik’s smirk beaming and he put her on speaker long enough for you to hear, “Got her ass! Welcome to the crew bro.” You snatched the phone back, “Bitch, you were in on this!?” The line got quiet, “Uh… OW, contraction! I gotta..” Click. She hung up.

With the phone in your hand you gave Erik a really long, dirty glare. “I’m getting Plan B,” you stated as a fact that he should know.. and in turn, he let you know real quick that you weren’t doing a gotdamn thing but nutting for the next few hours as he picked you up and carried you right back to the bed, closing the bedroom door behind him.

And.. that’s exactly what you did.



8 months later….

“….And that’s how I knocked her up!” Erik finished his extremely graphic and inappropriate retelling of the tale at your baby shower, hosted by Ricky and DeWayne. Trish was not invited and Isha made sure that she knew it. You rolled your eyes dramatically while Erik rubbed your big belly. All of your friends were there laughing at your embarrassment while Chad and Daniel were in a back room playing. You were munching on pickles and watermelon, your pregnancy cravings.

The afternoon was perfect.

“So, what you gonna name him,” Rachel, your other friend asked and the room got silent in wait.

You looked at Erik and he looked at you. Then at once you both exclaimed,


Lol the end.

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This is the fourth and final part of my Dadmonger series. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with this and where I wanted it to go. I hope you like it, I could use some inspiration so hit me up with asks or anything, I’m even down with doing sleepover saturdays now that schools out. Tell me what you think. Thanks for sticking with me

A trial, years and years of therapy, ancestry, and teaching and it all came down to was a single day and a panel of elders judging her fathers deeds. She’d been summoned some week before as N’Jadaka’s last request. Her uncle, a title the hesitant and bashful king had used to introduce himself, had tracked and her down to present back to his cousin and now she was in Wakanda.

She’d been told the stories when she had arrived, servant girls were quick to exchange tales of America for stories of the Tyrant prince that ruled for two days and now was being integrated into their society. She’d engaged in teenage giggling and gossiping, ate the snacks that they had brought and waved from her door as they’d left. It had been a foreign but enjoyable interaction to learn more about what she had missed. She still wasn’t sure why she was there.

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Part three of my Erik fic. I rewrote this a couple times, it was harder than the others were but I like it all the same. Hit me up with some comments and fics, all yall are entirely too quiet. I’m an open book so ask anything. Thanks for reading!!

It wasn’t a shock anymore, to hear the thunderous sound of pounding on the door, the way it interrupts the obvious creaking and moaning coming through the paper thin walls as her cousins, deep in sleep, lay on her chest and legs. She’s grown again, all arms and legs, is what auntie says. The five little bodies pinning her to the mattress on the floor turn the tiny shared room,into a sweltering prison. Sweat beads on her forehead as she breathes in everyone’s warm air, Auntie’s place was more fun when she knew she could leave.

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This is kind of a continuation of ‘Spots’ I’m thinking of making this a build up to something who know, I got a couple ideas. I could always use more, throw this girl some ideas

Sunday mornings were methodical, start the day with breakfast, cartoons, and a work out. That was the best way of keeping busy and sane, to remember he had a kid in the house, his kid in the house. Take care of yourself, take care of your own, his old man taught him that. His dad didn’t have time to teach him to know what to do with a kid, but of late the easiest solution was keeping his with him always.

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Bonds (Erik Killmonger)

This is kind of a continuation of ‘Spots’ I’m thinking of making this a build up to something who know, I got a couple ideas. I could always use more, throw this girl some ideas 

Sunday mornings were methodical, start the day with breakfast, cartoons, and a work out. That was the best way of keeping busy and sane, to remember he had a kid in the house, his kid in the house. Take care of yourself, take care of your own, his old man taught him that. His dad didn’t have time to teach him to know what to do with a kid, but of late the easiest solution was keeping his with him always.

Proud family reruns are on and dirty cereal bowls put in the sink, he’s on to his third set of pushups when lil girl starts to wiggle, “You fixin’ to fall off?” he turns his head the best he can to catch a look of the little body perched on his back.

“ ‘m, bored.” She wiggles across the smooth expanse of his back until she’s no longer cross legged but now on her stomach, she leans down and presses a kiss to his cheek bone. “Can we go outside today?”

He can’t hide the slight flinch at having the little pursed lips pressed to his face, he chooses to turn back to the floor and double down on his pushups “I still got work, we jaguars, we can hang out at night an shit,” Less of a concern of people, more work he gets the more crazies he acquires. Just last month he’d used some rulers kid to get a faster crack in the peace of the country…was it Iraq, nah that was the mission before, Afghanistan? That doesn’t seem…

“If I sit super still, and I don’t play with your spots on your arms, even though they are very fun to tickle, can we please play?” She presses her face next to his as they go up and down, draped over him like a sloth.

He huffs and stops, arms fully extended, “You gonna sit still anyway, you gon’ keep those little fingers to yourself or Imma bite them clean off,” he snaps his teeth at the little chubby cheeks next to his own and watches as she slides off his back with a shriek and a thud on the carpet next to him. He waits for tears, moves to lean back against the couch to wait for it, all the kids he’s encountered were full of tears and screams. None come, he pokes at the little ball she’s tucked herself into with his foot, once, twice, before she flops out flat and bursts into giggles. Tricked into caring again “you good, sweet thang. Get up.”

Her dark brown eyes shine with excitement as her grin spreads wide “We gon’ play now?”

 He pretends to think while he runs his tongue over his teeth, tilting his head. His eyes flick over the hopeful little thing that’s spread out like starfish on the carpet. He sighs and moves up and onto the couch, “I’m gon’ sleep, you gonna tell me the rest of that story you were cookin’ up with yo barbies. Cool?” Her little cheers fill the tiny one room apartment, he stands up and flops onto the couch with tired and fluid grace. He can hear his baby girl looking for the right dolls before she’s pulling herself up onto the couch and settling on top of his stomach and giving a dramatic clearing of her throat, his half-hidden chuckle makes her bounce up and down with the rhythm of his laugh as she giggles.

“Daddy! Stop it!” she wiggles on his stomach before holding up her two barbies, “Kay, kay, so princess was fightin’ the invisible, super dumb, mean, bad guys who called her daddy mean names and she was winnin’,” This is punctuated by one barbie soaring through the air while his sweet thang threw punches at her invisible foe, he grabs her little fist and untucks her thumb before letting his eyes slide closed. “But then…that invisible mean guy started callin’ her names and her super hair lost its power and she wanted to maybe ask her daddy, who is king, if she could make it straight like Rapunzel”

Deadly Brown eyes snap open to meet their innocent counterparts staring back, “Whatchu just say?” The growl reverberates as he sits up and she slides off his stomach and onto his lap. His voice begins to grow as the room weighs heavy with fear “Who gave you some piece of shit idea like ruinin’ yo hair?! Hell, you ain’t doin nothing but caring for yourself until you’re old enough to know what shit like that says about you to this world!”

The muscle in his jaw ticks as he rolls his shoulders and moves her off him “I ain’t playin games lil girl, I don’t have time to fix shit like that, we gon fix this now. Put in your time” He ignores her sniffs and whimpers as he kicks the coffee table out of the way and settles down into a pushup position “Did I ask you for sass or did I tell you to put in your time,” slowly the little form gets into her own pushup position face to face with him. Her eyes cast down and the barbies long forgotten on the couch.

“Lemme hear ya say it” he snarls at her, keeping the pace for her “What are you?”

“I am royalty!” One right angle push up.

“Louder. Whatchu got?”

“I got a duty to my people!” four perfect push ups.

“Further. Who are your people.” He grins, watching her struggle to push herself back up.

“My black brothers and sisters!” Her brow furrows as she calls out her answer,

“How you gonna help them out?”

“By–” a sob slips passed as she hits the ground.

“Aye! Push up! I ain’t raising a nobody, I’m not here to coddle a slave girl, You. Get. Up!”

Sobs are interrupted only by gasps as the struggle continues to lift herself “You’ve done eight, I want two more, get up lil girl or are you waiting for someone to carry you?” A thunderous boom fills the room as his fist beats the floor “Not happening! Get up!”

She looks up, a quick flick of the eyes reuniting the deep russet brown to her creators. He can see it then, the fire sparks and the hunt begins. He might make a true panther of her yet “Get up lil girl.”

Her arms shake, she cries out after the first attempt and her knees fall, she tries again and again, and he loses count of how many failures she has. Failure is meaningless, success is what mattered, you either eat or you starve. He just needs to know which one his sweet thang will choose. Needs to know if he needs to cut ties now while the weakness sets in on her or if he can stick around a bit longer, make a change that doesn’t start with blood and end with death.

Eight perfect pushups and one dawning feeling of the struggle to survive “I’mma help them–I’mmm goin’ to put them in their place!”

“And where is their place, huh, your black brother and sisters, where do they belong?” He can’t hide the glee on his face, it grows with the restlessness that lays deep inside burning in his stomach and clenching a smoldering fist on his heart.

“At the top!” Ten perfect pushups, a panther, and his fully realized cub sit among tears and spit, and realization.

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CH. 2

7 months later

Chloe Isabel Stevens made her grand entrance into the world on a crisp fall evening. She was a tiny thing with a full head of soft black hair, and Erik had a hard time believing he made that. Bianca’s family was there, much to his disappointment and the meeting in the waiting room was anything but joyous; just like he suspected her family was nothing but rich snobs who looked down on lower-class black people. The mother was a petite woman with wavy hair down to her back and owned a publishing company and the father was the same. He was a skinny man who spoke condescendingly to Erik and was one of the best defense attorneys New York had seen. And don’t even get him started on the brother; Bianca’s younger brother acted just like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with his white girlfriend in tow.

In fact, the whole family looked just like the Banks family but their personalities were atrocious. Bianca’s brother Nicholas seemed perfectly at ease to go along with whatever his white girlfriend was saying, and Mr. Logan was judging Erik for every single thing he did: the way he dressed, talked, and his hometown Oakland. Mrs. Logan on the other hand seemed to tolerate Erik and encouraged her husband to ease up on him. 

“Really Clyde, stop messing with him, this is hardly the time or place,” she hissed at him smacking his arm. “I’m sorry about my husband Erik, just ignore him. What did your parents say when you told them you were going to be a father?” Mr. Logan was rubbing his arm and glaring at his wife. “My parents died when I was young but I’m sure they’d be happy,” Erik replied respectfully. So far only Bianca’s mother had shown him a little respect; she was a kind lady who briefly reminded Erik of his foster moms.

“Oh Erik, I’m so sorry, we had no idea. If you need anything at all, please let us know, and call me Shannon.” Mr. Logan and Nicholas looked at her as if she lost her mind, but she ignored them. “So Erik, what do you do for a living? You have a job?” For the last few months he had been working as a War Dog for the U.S. with Ulysses Klaue, racking up kills in Iraq, Africa, and on American soil, but he couldn’t tell them that so he stuck with the basic truth. “I’m in the military and just got back from a mission on Africa.”

Now Clyde had nothing to say; he was hoping for an answer along the lines of being unemployed or selling drugs. Now the man sat back in his chair in defeat and sipped his coffee. “Well it’s a good thing for now, but not something you want to do forever is it? Now that you’re about to become a father?” “No matter what I do, my kid will always be taken care of,” Erik promised in a cool voice. It was true, his daughter is going to be set for life as the next princess of his father’s native country of Wakanda with him as king.

He was having some minor setbacks but that was okay, it was only giving him time to make sure everything will go over smoothly. A nurse came in a little while later to announce the birth of the baby, a little over three pounds. Everyone followed the nurse to Bianca’s room and there she was. Bianca was sweaty with hair stuck to her forehead and tired looking but happy. In her arms was a bundle of blankets and Erik moved closer; inside the blankets was a small baby with a full head of black hair and fast asleep. Bianca held out her arms.

“You wanna hold her Erik?” Erik was unsure, he had never been around babies, or held one before and he was low key scared; she was so small and fragile looking. The nurse showed him where to put his hands and soon he had one hand holding her body and the other supporting her head. The baby girl was still sleeping but moving inside the blankets. “Can you open ya eyes for me ma?”

He wasn’t sure if she understood or if was a coincidence but she obeyed his order. Looking back at him was his own brown eyes copied into her small face, a stark contrast from Bianca’s light ones; after really looking at her she had a lot of his facial features: his eyes, nose, and ears. The only thing she got from her mother was her light skin tone which will probably darken over time. “Hi Princess, I’m you pops.” The newborn made a little noise at the acknowledgement and Erik smiled.

“Aye Bianca, what’s her name?” The never talked about names that much because they thought the baby wouldn’t be due for another three weeks and the baby was early. “I really liked the name Hermione.” Ah hell no was his new daughter gonna be named after some white girl from Harry Potter. He ain’t walking around with a daughter named Hermione Stevens.

“Nuh uh, try again,” he said rocking his daughter back and forth. “Whatchu mean try again? I pushed her out!” After an hour of passing the baby around family and fighting over names, the picked a winner: Chloe Isabel. Erik couldn’t believe he made something so beautiful and good. She was passed around three times to everyone, except Nicholas’ girlfriend; whenever she was about to get her hands on the baby Erik intercepted her.

Chloe seemed to know exactly who was holding her because she cooed at just about everyone in the room. She started making noises when someone that wasn’t Erik or Bianca held her; whenever someone in Bianca’s family held her, she would let out an ear-splitting screech but with Erik she would calm down immediately. He had a daddy’s girl on his hands, he could feel it, and it seemed like baby girl didn’t like anyone on her mom’s side of the family. The eventually had to leave to give Chloe and Bianca some rest; tomorrow both mother and baby would be able to leave.

“But I never got to hold her!” the white girl Kayla whined, and Nicholas hushed her as the left. “It’s okay babe, we’ll talk about it later.” No one noticed that Erik had stayed behind, staring at his daughter in the plastic crib next to her mother. “What do you want nigga?” He couldn’t believe how different his baby mama was from the rest of her family, she was so laid back, didn’t give a fuck about what people thought of her.

Her family it seemed like they survived on the approval of white people. “Thank you. For her.” “Umm. You’re welcome. You’re gonna be a great dad Erik.” They sat talking for a little while longer, making plans to move Bianca into Erik’s new apartment. As Bianca had predicted months earlier, her parents did kick her out but not until after the baby was born.

This was to protect their won brand as they were both prominent figures in New York. No one could know that the successful Logan family had a pregnant college aged daughter who cheated on her boyfriend. They agreed to start the process in a few weeks when Bianca was able to move around, and he still had to set up the baby furniture. Erik left as he saw Bianca falling asleep and gave Chloe one last kiss and turned out the light.

He still had no idea if he was ready for fatherhood or fit enough to be someone’s parent but he had to try

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