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As a fan of His Dark Materials who isn’t particularly interested in the whole daemon thing, one little exercise I like to do with the plethora of Daemon AUs is assume that all other aspects of the HDM mythos are also active, they’re just not explicitly stated.

So, for example, in a RWBY Daemon AU I like to think that the Brothers are just two angels who tried what the Authority did but on a smaller scale, the Grimm are this world’s version of Spectres made from the GoD’s attempts to open another world for him to be the sole ruler of, Aura is sort of like calcified Dust and unlocking your Aura makes your daemon settle, and Ruby’s destined to shank both of the gods with a knockoff Subtle Knife.

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I realized I never actually formalized my JNPR daemon assignments so:

Jaune has a female golden retriever.

  • sorry Jaune but you literally are a golden retriever, don’t blame me because I’m right.
  • He doesn’t have a complex AT ALL about his sweet, soft gundog daemon.
  • Jaune? Volume One Jaune Arc who’s clearly had toxic masculinity juice forced down his throat his whole life? Insecure over a dog daemon that isn’t even, like, a hound or anything, “just” a soft-mouthed retriever?

Pyrrha has a blood-bay thoroughbred mare.

  • You could read the same-gender daemon as a sign of Pyrrha’s not-quite-latent bisexuality or you could decide that Pyrrha’s bisexuality has nothing to do with it. I mean, look at Jaune. The point is…a stallion feels wrong. Pyrrha’s daemon is female.
  • She’s lovely! Long-legged and elegant and strikingly gorgeous, perfect for a warrior like Pyrrha; and functional, as well, because it gives Pyrrha the ability to fight as cavalry, which is a massive advantage in a battle.
  • She’s also a thoroughbred.
  • Translation: She is a boundless river of anxiety.
  • Also, the Achilles allusion has a thoroughbred, ie, the breed notorious for their extremely vulnerable ankle bones.
  • [weak finger guns]

Ren: Originally my thought was to give him a domestic cat, something capable of stealth, easy to overlook, fiercer than it appears. However, that didn’t quite feel right.

  • Ren, I think, has an owl.
  • An owl just WORKS with his Semblance–silent flight, stealth, night vision. The ability to pass undetected while being aware of threats.
  • I’m feeling either an Eastern grass owl (which looks essentially like a barn owl, but with darker, mottled feathers on its back) or a Eurasian long-eared owl.
  • The latter tends to look goofier, which would be a valuable reminder that Ren is still just a kid and is capable of relaxing and having fun when he forgets to stop himself. Long-eared owls are ALSO strikingly handsome and dignified in the right light, so I’m inclined toward the long-eared owl.
  • Please appreciate my dedication here because I LOVE barn owls and want to see them EVERYWHERE.

Nora is a goat.

  • I mean she also has a billy goat daemon but, as with Jaune, I said what I said.
  • On the surface this is pretty obvious; goats are inherent troublemakers, they’re loud, they headbutt things, and they eat pretty much anything that will stand still long enough, so of course our little hellion has a goat daemon.
  • Goats are also wildly intelligent.
  • Goats are WILDLY intelligent. They’re intensely social animals and suffer in isolation; they are damn near impossible to intimidate; they’re determined, creative problem-solvers.
  • They WILL very much eat anything that stands still long enough though. This is still Nora we’re talking about.
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