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Fun Fact
There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
emava04 · 50 minutes ago
The fact that i will never get into a real sword fight or have reason for keeping a secret dagger strapped to my thigh is seriously so sad.
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dreamingdullahan · 7 hours ago
What anxiety actually is vs. what it feels/looks like:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thatjeanjacket · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
lighting practice!!
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cleobellum · 8 hours ago
I think Castaspella and Countess Cleo would have an enemies to lovers arc
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justrroses · 9 hours ago
Currently reading Lover Unveiled by J.R Ward and I fucking love the banter between Sahvage and Mae.
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blog-sliverofjade · 9 hours ago
Butch: Do you wanna talk about it?
Vishous, laying face down on the carpet: Why would you automatically assume something is wrong?
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sailormakoto · 11 hours ago
mihoyo should give me more of the lore so i can begin writing this one very specific reader insert fic that will have kaeya, tartaglia and diluc routes
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sandythereadingcafe · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
#ebook #deal  $1.99
LOVER MINE (Black Dagger Brotherhood) by JR Ward
  John Matthew and Xhex
Return to the seductive—and dangerous—world of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood as the fever rises in the war between the vampires and slayers… John Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans, his vampire nature unknown to himself and to those around him. After he was taken in by the Brotherhood, no one could guess what his true history was—or his true identity. Indeed, the fallen Brother Darius has returned, but with a different face and a very different destiny. As a vicious personal vendetta takes John into the heart of the war, he will need to call up on both who he is now and who he once was in order to face off against evil incarnate...and rescue his one true love.
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rapunzelswiftie · 12 hours ago
Hi! Do you have any favourite Taylor lyrics?
But of course!! Thanks so much for asking!
I absolutely adore “oh, I can’t stop you putting roots in my dreamland” from ivy
Also the entire bridge of august is just amazing. Probably my favorite bridge ever of hers
I could probably keep going but these are my top favorites. I am just obsessed with these two songs in particular at the moment lol
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baronmaymystery · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
A 17th century khanjar dagger from India, in the days of the Mughal Empire.
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deloreli · 16 hours ago
I do not own the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but write this and my other fictions for my own personal pleasure. If you are offended by sex, pregnancy, graphic depictions of birth or vampires and the English language, I suggest that you leave. 
Little did everyone know that Autumn's disastrous needing period would have such a chain reaction on the entire household. Not only did it send Layla into her needing, but Elehna as well. Rhevenge was powerless to resist her body's needs. For hours they fed and fucked, until he was drained dry and weakened to the point where he couldn't move. All of their passion resulted in a pregnancy, however, and eventually everyone knew. Elehna was overjoyed, she knew she was strong enough to handle it. Rhevenge wasn't so thrilled. This baby would be a mix of full vampire and part symphath, not to mention the dangers of pregnancy.
Elehna's pregnancy progressed beautifully. There was the typical morning sickness. But that eased up after the first few months. Rhevenge was beside himself with worry over every little thing, as was typical with bonded males. But finally Elehna had enough, putting the symphath king into his place. 
Elehna stretched under the covers on her luxurious bed. She brought her hands down feeling the soft curves of her body, loving the rise if her belly. She didn't hear the shower, so Rhev must be in a meeting with king Wrath or perhaps getting her something to eat. Now that would be nice, some strawberries and ice cream. She had been craving that every evening since the morning sickness ended.
After a luxurious meal of exactly what she craved, and some more lovemaking, Elehna and Rhev had to get up and going for the night. Rhev would be counselling the king as one of his advisors, then had a meeting up north to keep an eye on the symphath colony. Elehna had some work to do at safe place that evening. And at 12 months pregnant (and 6 more to go), it seemed like her job was mountainous. She could get through it, she always did. And then after that, Rhev would rub her sore feet and shoulders. Now that was a pleasing thought. 
This late in the pregnancy, it wouldn't be unheard of for a female to be on bedrest by now, however, aside from the usual aches and pains, Elehna felt fantastic. 
She was in her car, on the way to Safe Place to visit with a female with young, ensuring that they were both doing well. After all, who better to talk to a scared and pregnant female than another so ripe with life. She couldn't wait to go visit her father afterwards. He was overjoyed with the news of a grandchild.
Those thoughts were cut off as another vehicle slammed into Elehna's passenger door. She was whipped back and forth in which succession, the airbag went off in her face, and she could hear a car horn blaring as rough hands pulled her from the wreckage of her car. Then all went black. 
Elehna woke in a well appointed room on a large and comfortable bed. However, the walls were rock and there seemed to be no discernable exit. She assessed herself for any lasting injury, thankfully finding nothing more than some fading bruises, she tried not to panic. Finally she became restless enough to explore her surroundings. The space was indeed well appointed. A settee and stocked bookshelf, the bed with night side table and lamp, and finally behind an outcrop of rock, no doubt for privacy, a washlet with a large tub. 
"I see you waken," a sibilant voice hissed. Elehna startled and spun finding a tall, snake-faced male before her. Well, that answered her question of who. "You wish to know why you are here, yes? We sought to control the king by holding his shellan. Now we see you are with child. This is even better. Once birthed, we shall raise the child to succeed our king and return us to our rightful place in the world,"
Elehna was nonplussed. "Really? I mean, of all the supervillain bullshit!" she exclaimed. "First off, you took the shellan of a bonded male, you are in way too much shit to deal with right there. You have at least six months before I am due and you are at least smart enough to not try anything lest you risk your bargaining chips. That means Rhevenge has time to find me and he will tear this symphath colony apart to find us."
The symphath before her silently took her barrage of words, serenely holding its hands in its sleeves. "We shall see," was all he hissed as he left the room. The panel he moved through was solid rock and once closed there was no seam. 
There was no way to tell time or date. Her food schedule was erratic enough to keep her guessing, but never leave her and the baby hungry. In fact, she found a trove of healthy snacks and beverages, and even vitamins in the room.
It had been a while. She wasn't sure how long, except that the baby had grown quite large within her. Movement was slowing and the head was engaged in her pelvis. Elehna figured it would be within a week or so that she would give birth. 
Jolting awake Elehna felt a rain of fine dust from the ceiling. She also felt the tug of Rhev's blood, faint though it was, in her veins. Her heart quickened. 
There were several more booms that rained fine dust upon her. Each getting closer. She waited away from the portal, just in case. Rubbing her sore back anxiously while the time crawled by. Finally it slid away to reveal the silhouette of a massive form. "Elehna?" He whispered. She flew into his arms, a cry escaping her throat. 
There were urgent voices and running footsteps. They bolted through the tunnels and finally out into the air and starlight. Away in his car, as fast as he could go. Quickly and quietly he spoke into a receiver. "I have her. We are away and enroute to alpha point." He turned to her urgently looking her over while trying to stay on the road. "Are you hurt? Did they hurt you?"
"No." She whispered. His relief was palpable.
They rode in silence for a while. Until Elehna's adrenaline wore down and she began to shake. Fear, hunger, relief. Emotions cascaded through her in such succession that Rhevenge had trouble keeping the car straight. His fangs lengthened and tingled as he sensed her. "Oh, tahlly. I'll get you what you need." He clicked on the receiver again. "Change of plan boys, we're heading to point beta and will rendezvous later."
A short while later Elehna recognized the roads leading up to the great camp in the adirondacks. They were greeted by Phury but quickly found their way to a smaller private cabin. 
They entered the cabin and he closed and locked them in together. It was only seconds before she was in his arms. He breathed the scent of her and she him. Words of love and affirmation were shared, but it was physical touch they both required. Rhevennge's bonding scent flooded the small space as they shed their clothing. His body immediately hardening to the point of pain for his need to be in her. 
Both were out of breath when they finally made it to the bed. Rhev's first priority, over anything, including his pounding need, was to feed his pregnant shellan. However, her pregnancy was, a hindrance to say the least. Elehna's once trim stomach was largely rounded out, resting upon her creamy thighs. The orb of her turned him on further, though it prevented her from getting close enough to strike at his neck as they both so desperately wanted. Instead he presented his wrist, which she took to greedily. Great pulls accompanied by satisfied mewling noises as Elehna drank. Rhevenge allowed his head to fall back on his spine, contented with stroking his shellan's hair and side as she fed. 
All too soon she was done. A little dizzy, he was surprised when Elehna straddled his hips. In a lithe move for someone so pregnant, she stood his massive erection up and slid into it. They both shuddered at the connection, her tight walls opening for him. Rhevenge stretched her deliciously. Her belly wouldn't allow her to throw her arms around his shoulders as she would like, however. Rhevenge growled with pleasure leaning back onto his arms as they both began to move. Their orgasms came swiftly, both gasping and neither sure whether it was Elehna's clenching walls or Rhev's kicking organ that started the cascade of pleasure. 
Elehna woke just after 2pm, she needed to relieve herself and stretch her aching back. She noted as she waddled to the bathroom that the baby had dropped significantly. As she washed her hands, a vicious cramp seized her, running from her back around and racing over her womb. Elehna braced against the countertop while the other hand caressed her side. The pain kept building and she was too shocked to make noise. Then it drained away like someone pulled a stopper inside of her only to realize that her water had broken. 
Another contraction arrived on the heels of the first. This time she must have made noise because Rhevenge was at her side immediately. "What's wrong? Is it the baby?" Somehow his hands found the ache in her back and began to rub as Elehna leaned against the counter. 
Gasping she spoke quickly, "Labor. Too fast." It was too fast. There was barely a minute between contractions. Dimly she realized that it was possibly precipitous labor. 
She was in the midst of another contraction before too long. He could see the muscles surrounding her womb pulling inward. He stepped to her side and Elehna immediately flung out a hand to clutch at his own. It ended a few moments later. "Precipitous labor. Going to be fast." She looked over her shoulder at her Hellren his petrified look would have been hilarious any other time, "Need towels, scissors, large bowl…" she moaned deep and low as another contraction took her. Rhev didn't leave her side until it was over and she was stable on her feet. He kissed her sweat dampened temple and ran. 
Rhevenge returned two contractions later. Elehna grabbed him when he was within range, pressing her head to his chest and clutching his arms. They kind of swayed as Elehna moaned and breathed through the onslaught of contractions. Rhevenge held her and trembled, wondering how they would get through this. 
Elehna, while terrified, felt an odd calm. This was happening. She was the only one who could get the baby out and manage the situation medically. She was beginning to feel pressure. It was nearly time to push. 
Somehow, she directed Rehv to the toilet. On numb legs he sat heavily spreading his knees wide for Elehna to stand between them. She was eye level with him now. Grabbing his shoulders, her own knees hinged slightly from the force of the contraction. She groaned low in her throat until the surge was over. 
This was happening, Elehna thought, her panicked voice pinging around her own head. She had to breathe, needed to breathe. She couldn't do this. Can't. Can't. Too much. Too fast. She had to breathe. 
Rhevenge could sense Elehna crumbling from within. Her breathing was ragged and her mental grid was awash in fear and doubt. He may not have been able to do more than provide a hand to hold physically, but he could support her mentally. Using his symphath abilities, Rhev speared into Elehna's mind. Instead of exposing further weakness, he forged pathways of strength and calm that released endorphins. While doing this he caught his shellan's attention. "Breathe with me tahlly. That's right," While more typical of the bonded male to be calmed by the mere suggestion from his female, Rhevenge was able to help Elehna through a few more contractions. 
As another pain bled away, Elehna gave a hiccoughing sob. Following Rhev's lead, the steadied her breathing, there were only seconds until the next one. It began in her lower back and wrapped her womb, culminating at the top. This time, however, was a little different. A deep pressure, a weight. Elehna was helpless to the sensation. It required one thing of her and that was to push. 
Her whole body was forced to bear down. The baby inside of her, a weight slipping further into her pelvis. Elehna sucked in a breath and followed her body's instructions. There was no fighting it. She growled low in her throat feeling her baby's head slip the ring of her cervix and begin to spread wide her birth canal. She never doubted that Rhevenge's offspring would be large, he was the size of a Brother, his mother was a fallen Chosen. But to experience a fast labor, without time to adjust…
Once more her thoughts calmed. Elehna stared into Rhev's glowing amethyst eyes and took a deep breath. She helped many other mothers-to-be do this. She was a capable nurse. She could bear this baby into the world safely. 
Pushing again Elehna could feel her inner musculature being forced wide, bulging, as the head made its way through. She pushed again. Her fingers digging into the hard muscle of Rhevenge's shoulders. She pushed again feeling more movement down. Ending that contraction on a shout, Elehna sucked back a sob as some progress was lost. Even though she knew it was better to allow her body to stretch and accommodate. 
The next few pushes rewarded her with more. The beautiful V at the juncture of her thighs began to distort, the baby's huge head ballooning the flesh outward as it was forced out of the way. Such weight. Elehna grabbed one of Rhev's hands, she forced it against her blossoming flesh, however, she couldn't stop to explain. Somehow he knew. Her opening began to sting. The baby was nearly there. 
Elehna bore down again. The pressure of her baby forcing her wider than Rhevenge ever had. She rise to her toes while her knees hinged further to try and make more room. Elehna's fingers dug into her hellren's shoulders as she clenched. "Elehna, I can feel it. You're doing great. Keep going." Rhev murmured to her as he felt his offspring bulge just beneath her flesh while she pushed. When Elehna stopped it would retreat. 
Tears streamed as Elehna kept pushing. Her womanhood, ill prepared for the burden it was given. Far too quickly and not nearly fast enough the baby's head wound up wedged just behind the final barrier. There was a moment of calm silence, only her rough breathing to break it. This was the last moment where they would be only two. 
The contraction shattered that moment and Elehna's body clenched. Every muscle went into forcing her baby out. She couldn't even scream as her lips were forced open and out the baby's head attempting its exit. The pressure eased momentarily as she gasped a breath and pushed again. White hot agony overtook her senses as their baby began to crown. "I can see its head. A lot of dark hair," Rhev said in awe as he cradled her burning flesh. 
It was not supposed to be this way. The baby was supposed to slowly open her like a flower. They were supposed to be with Jane and Manny. It was supposed to be quiet and relaxed. The baby forced Elehna wider,  further. The oblong oval of skull visible between her legs bulging outwards opening her wider to an enormous O before stopping and retreating again. 
Shaking, Elehna panted a few more breaths before the next surge. The tightness returned and she bore down, tucking her chin to her chest and squeezing. This time the baby's head stayed, a gigantic, hot weight forcing her womanhood to open wide. 
Pushing once more, she felt as the forehead, eyes, ears, bridge of the nose, lips, and finally the chin slid free. It was far too fast and yet agonizingly slow. "The head. The head's out." Rhevenge said in absolute adoration. He had never witnessed anything like it. So much death and ugliness over his many years, but never anything like this. His shellan, a warrior in her own right, battling her own body in an effort to bring forth their offspring. 
Elehna could almost see the finish line. Shoulders and the baby should slide free. She moaned through another surge, feeling the baby turn in her canal. Then another contraction. She pushed, throwing what remaining strength she had into it. Her flesh bulged out once more, the baby's shoulders so very wide, however, she kept going until one slipped free, then the other. In a rush of fluids the baby shit into Rhevenge's hands. The infant immediately protesting the change in location. 
Rhev lifted the baby, still attached to its mother, up to Elehna. With quick instructions she had a bowl placed beneath her just in time for the afterbirth to slip free. 
Thanking the scribe virgin, Rhev placed Elehna onto the closed lid of the toilet on a towel. He cranked the water and steam almost immediately boiled up. So gently he used a soft cloth to wipe away the mess before carrying his exhausted shellan and their infant to the bed, noting that the clock read 3:45pm. 
"What is it?" He asked as the baby nursed. They peeked between his legs. 
"A boy," she sighed. 
Night had finally fallen. The small family slept a little before rising to greet the chosen and Phury then begin the trip back home. There was an outcry of joy from the assembled females. Rhevennge's chest swelled with pride as Elehna was surrounded by the excited gaggle. He stood with Phury as the ladies tittered and fawned. 
"It was just the two of you?" Phury asked, incredulous. 
"It happened so fast, she said that is a rare thing, and all I could do was catch him." Rhev sighed. "Are you ready to become a father? When is Cormia's time?" 
They both looked over at Phury's very pregnant shellan in the group of chosen. She was holding the baby, absolutely glowing with motherly warmth. "About two months, but you wouldn't know to look." Phury wasn't wrong. Cormia's belly was as big as Elehna's had been the evening before. 
"I'm sure it will be fine. You're both strong and loving. You will make a brilliant father too." Rhevenge said as they clasped palms. 
Elehna looked up at her Hellren as the car eased out of the trees and back onto the highway towards Caldwell. They were a family. Moreso now with the little man in her arms. 
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storebought-stims · a day ago
Tumblr media
Loki moodboard!
all photos from from pinterest
please don’t repost :) reblogs are appreciated
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thequeenhyacinth · a day ago
Inspirational fictional female characters -Prt.8
Karolina Dean:
Tumblr media
Initially, Karolina publicly appeared as a kind, smiley and optimistic figure, which her mother Leslie Dean frequently used in order to welcome new adepts into the Church of Gibborim. Deep down, however, Karolina was struggling with her mother's strict expectations. She was interested in what other people like Destiny Gonzalez felt when going against their family's expectations and was eager to break away from her role of the perfect daughter to explore her sense of identity and pursue her own desires, especially regarding her homosexuality and her feelings towards Nico Minoru. Despite Karolina sometimes disagreeing with her mother, she had a hard time accepting that Leslie was a criminal and was utterly shocked when this was confirmed. When she discovered her powers, Dean was firstly afraid of them, due to not knowing their origin and fearing that it could be related to PRIDE's illegal activities. She feared that her friends would consider her a freak if she revealed it to them, but ultimately decided to trust Chase Stein and tell him about it. As he reacted positively, Dean did not hesitate to publicly use her powers against Darius Davis, with her friends once again expressing amazement. Later, Minoru reassured Dean about her abilities, telling her that it did not change the person she was. Dean thus had the desire to learn more about her powers.
Tumblr media
Adora or She-Ra is a brave, competitive, and noble warrior and is true to her own values. She's very strong as it's seen in an arm-wrestling match where she beats the well built and strong-arm wrestler, Sea Hawk. She is shown to be a leader in every group she joins. Realizing what the Horde has done to innocent Etherians, she makes a major life decision (to leave the Horde). Reluctantly, she is willing to lose her lifelong friend, Catra, in order to remain true to her values.
Molly Hernandez:
Tumblr media
Molly’s most notable feature regarding her personality was her constant optimism and ability to see the bright side in most situations, as this was remarked by many people like Karolina Dean. Despite the harsh challenges the Runaways had to overcome, including the reveal that their parents were criminals, Molly remained a smiling figure accompanying her older teammates with a petulant nature. However, her innocence could sometimes lead her to make mistakes, such as when she inadvertently revealed to Catherine Wilder that the Runaways knew about PRIDE's criminal activities or when she risked the secrecy of the Hostel and the Runaways' whereabouts by playing vigilante in Los Angeles. Still, Molly was praised by her friends for having resisted to the loss of her childhood innocence, as she had been forced to grow up faster than any of them.
Tandy Bowen:
Tumblr media
Tandy was a quiet but determined child who cared about her family. After the death of her father and his discrediting by Roxxon, Tandy and her mother lost many things to which they were entitled, which put them in a bad economic situation and forced Tandy to turn to stealing. She became outwardly bitter and antisocial, including toward her mother, and rarely felt any kind of happiness. She became dependent on drugs for the high that it gave her to replace what she felt she didn't have. After she first realized her powers, she used them for her own deeds, such as assisting her in stealing, but ultimately became a better person with a fixed moral compass after partnering with Tyrone and going on to save the city.
Diana Barry:
Tumblr media
Diana Barry is a friendly and sweet girl. Since she grew up in a good family, Diana is very polite and well versed in social etiquette. She is loyal and diplomatic, as can be seen when she keeps confronting her own friends and schoolmates whenever they're mean to Anne. Diana is more down to earth than Anne but has a great appreciation for her best friend's imagination, and never fail to compliment Anne on it. However, Mrs. Barry's dislike of Anne due to her origins caused Diana to not sit with her during the harvest picnic among other obstacles to their friendship.
Niko Minrou:
Tumblr media
Niko is probably the most creative member of the Runaways. She makes most of her own clothes and the outfits of many of the other members come out of her skilled hands. A lot of times she dresses in a goth style because she loves the intricacies of the outfits as much as anything else. Besides, sewing relaxes her. In other ways Niko has been forced to be creative in her powers; her spellcasting is self-limiting, and she has had to come up with a lot of very...interesting uses for the Staff in order to be even remotely useful. It's not the most forgiving of mentors.
Barbie in a Fairy Secret:
Tumblr media
Barbie is a teenage girl with light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a brave character as she doesn’t hesitate when setting off to rescue her boyfriend Ken after he is taken by princess Graciela. She puts on fake wings while in Gloss Angeles. She gets transformed into a real fairy with swirly rainbow wings, and she gets pink highlights in her hair. She wears pink, strappy shoes with wings on the heel, and a pink and blue dress.
Allie Pressman:
Tumblr media
Allie is a familiar teen drama kind of character (feisty, spunky, and frustrated are all words that come to mind) but she's unique because she's nice to everyone. She can't quite figure out whether to go with her sister's way of thinking about the mess that they're in, or follow Harry.
Sara Crewe:
Tumblr media
Sara is cheerful, intelligent, kind and helpful, cannot suffering to see someone in distress near her. She keep this attitude even when she fell on hard times. Adaptations sometimes made her submissive, but actually she can be sassy sometimes, like when Miss Minchin assure she actually like her( after Sara have her fortune back): "Really? I did not noticed". Her princess game helped Sara to keep her dignity all along, sometimes comparing herself to a fallen royal, kept in prison during French revolution. To her, being a princess was much more to just wear a crown and a nice dress; it's a philosophy of life. Sara's strong imagination was what helped her to cope with her life too, saying "everything is a story".
Princess Winter Hayle Blackburn:
Tumblr media
Winter is gentle, graceful, intelligent, and playful. Because she refused to use her glamour gift since the age of thirteen, Winter has become slightly insane. She has a whimsical voice and uses flighty gestures. She almost skips when she walks, and has a tendency to wander off. She is comfortable around people, with the exception for Lunar aristocracy, but has a habit of getting into their personal space and making them uncomfortable. In fact, Winter acts especially alert around them, sometimes even coldly so.
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