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Orange Flower Comb Joy Dahlia Hair Comb Daisy Head Piece Sage Green Patina Leaf Branch Hair Comb Rustic Wedding Bridal Bridesmaids Gift
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Maroon Dahlia Hair Comb, Dark Red Burgundy Flower Hair Comb Hair Accessory, Wedding Bridal Comb Bridesmaid Gift for Her
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Beautiful flowers.

1: Helleborus.


2: Peony.


3: Dahlia.


4: Tulipes.


5: Cherry Blossom.


6: Orchid.


7: Lily.


8: Stephanotis.


9: Baby’s breath.


10: Forget Me Not.

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So after a bit of work (and not so much artblock-) I was able to sketch out one of my newest Oc’s!. I’m pretty proud of how she came out and am pretty excited to have a chance to use her in rps. I WAS gonna co sided her an Undertale oc, Buuuut decided not to because nah.

Anywho, here’s some info about this pretty girl!

-20 yrs.
-Butterfly monster
- ~4'9’ (messed that up on the paper XP)
-very calm yet cheerful
-Tends to be a bit shy upon first meeting others
-Always does what she can to make everyone smile, whether friend or stranger
-It’s rare for her to become upset but when she does, her tufts of fur, even around the legs, tend to just..poof (especially when she pouts)
-If you want to touch said tufts, she will let you as long as you ask first (POLITELY)
-Same goes for her wings, but if she does let you touch them you MUST be gentle. (They are sensitive after all and can be damaged easily!)
-Is definitely a cuddler, so prepare for very fluffy hugs if you befriend her ^w^

-LOVES gardening
-Likes black tea with extra honey
-loves raspberry tarts (they’re her favorite food)
-Enjoys sunbathing
-Enjoys daytime flights (Being a butterfly it is sort of her exercise)

-Dislikes loud noises (She will hide if there is any, so crowds are a no)
-Doesn’t like sour foods
-Is afraid of the dark
-Doesn’t like it when others poke at her wings or any part of her body for that matter.
-NO GRABBY HANDS. It scares her and she will hide until you are gone plus will start crying.

So..yeah that’s about it! Can’t wait to put her in action!! ^w^

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Red dahlia. Testing my macro lens. 

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Finally learned how to spell Dahlia….finally

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Dahila’s talk with Freya “I’ve fed you, I’ve clothed you…"reminds me of Frollo and Quasimodo in "Out there” song

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This dahlia bitch better be an all out badass or im gonna be pissed at being lied to

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Why didn't she take me? Like the others?
Because you're her mother. Mother is God in the eyes of a child.
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<div> —  Galing sa aking magaling na Kaibigan </div><span>Pag gusto may Paraan, pag ayaw may Dahilan</span>
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