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#daichi sawamura
zenaiide · 2 days ago
daichi hates coming home late. it tires him out and makes him lose precious hours of sleep. but most of all, he hates it because he has to come home to you dosing off uncomfortably on the living room couch because you wanted to stay up to welcome him home. he hates it because him losing sleep means you lose sleep.
but the whole ordeal warms his heart more than you know. it makes him feel almost giddy, thinking about how he has someone waiting for him at home (he'd never leave you for work if it was up to him), how that someone would stay up late (or at least try to) just for him so he wouldn't have to return to an empty, quiet house. it's the only thing that makes him power through the day when he's close to giving up.
but most of all, coming home late means daichi gets to hold you close to him as he carries you into the bedroom and tucks you into the covers. he gets to feel you snuggle into his chest when he kisses your forehead, even in your sleep, as if your body knows it's him, as if you trust him even when you're most vulnerable (you do, you really do). he gets to feel your arms reach for him as he gets into bed himself, hearing you sigh in contentment when he brings you snug close to him.
and so daichi hates coming home late. but he thinks that as long as he has you to come home to, a little overtime won't hurt.
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hhawks · a day ago
it's 2am rn and my clit is rock hard thinking about this daichi fanart so please let me indulge in the thought of gym owner daichi who you watch at the sandbags the first time one thursday evening. you're so entranced by the way his body moves, sinew rippling down his chest. you can see his nipples through his shirt (though you pretend not to, flushing every time your eyes subconsciously drift down), thick arms held close to his face as he delivers blow after blow to the criminal sandbag. you don't realise how obviously you're staring until he glances at you through the mirror and smiles; you're caught. and your cheeks burn, eyes widening before you go back to focusing on your own weights but god if that mystery man stays in your head the whole time. you even wish he'd spot for you instead of the random guy who stands kindly above you.
weeks pass and you meet him every time in the emptiness of the gym. people don't usually come this late, you think, and especially not on weekdays. that's half the reason you stick to this timing, and the other half is at the sandbags again, sweat slick hair sticking to his forehead.
he's enchanting. he makes his rounds, spars with other gym members until closing, before disappearing into the showers and coming back out ruffling his hair in a towel. he glances at you right as you leave every time, the same charming smile that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster, whatever conversation you were having fizzling to wet ash on your tongue. and finally one thursday evening your trusty spotter isn't there to do his job and he's the only one around to watch you. "need help?" he asks you and holy fuck his voice is butter smooth and timbre low in your bones. you nod, shaky smile on your lips.
"just need a spotter," you mumble. "do you mind?"
"not at all," he smiles back. "needed a break anyway."
he introduces himself. daichi, he says, and you repeat it slowly, like it's warming up on the flat of your tongue. he watches you closely, correcting your posture once the barbell is safely back on the rack. he asks before he touches you, fingers light on the soft flesh on your back, your thighs. your breath hitches in your throat every time you feel the calloused skin on his fingertips on you, kerosene trails alight as he shows you your weak spots.
and he notices. notices the way you flush, eyes wide and mirthful and so full of concern. "you okay?" he whispers to you, even though you're the only two in the gym. hush between the two of you, soft and delicate in your palms. he knows, he knows what you want. he dips his head, leaning close to your ear as he whispers, "do you want me to?" and you swear you've never nodded so fast in your life.
he's so sweet, so soft as he leads you to the bathroom, throwing a glance over his shoulder to make sure you two are really the only ones in the gym. so sweet in the way he talks you through taking your clothes off, hitching you up on the bench and kneeling between your thighs.
"don't," your voice warbles. "i haven't showered, you don't—"
"you smell so fuckin' good," he mumbles, pressing his nose against the divot of your hipbones. you shudder, a weak yelp escaping your lips. "let me? let me, please," he presses his tongue right above you, through layers of fabric. his fingertips dig into the elastic of your gym shorts, so eager to pull, pull, pull, to reveal skin.
he's so sweet in the way he laps up your slick, shameless in his grunts as he grips your thighs so pull you closer. you're no better, helpless whines and desperate ministrations against his face as he tongue-fucks you. "daichi, daichi," you pant, fingers lacing in his hair.
"yeah?" he looks up at you from your thighs and you near pass out from the sight of him, eyes glazed and pupils dilated, like he's lovesick with your pussy, dribble and slick coating his chin. you whimper, pulling him up.
"wanna feel more," you whisper, pawing at his shoulders. "want— you, inside."
and he's breathless to answer— all he can do is nod shakily, pulling his own shorts down clumsily and stepping out of them before picking you up with ease. you'd almost forgotten in your lustful haze, the rivulets of muscle that trailed up and down his arms, torso, legs. you're featherlight to him, cradling you in his arms, his thick cockhead bumping against your slit. "holy shit," he breathes, focused on pushing past your tight ring of muscle.
he's so sweet, so cruelly sweet in the way he bounces you on his dick, fucking you up and down, your legs hung over his elbows. you're melting, burning, melding into him, completely unable to form a coherent thought. all that you can do is bury your face into the crook where his neck meets his shoulder and whine, whine about how big, holy fuck you're so fucking big. it presses into you, intrudes your insides, and with each sloppy, slippery movement he fills you to the brim. with every grunt and every muted whine of your name you swallow his cock deeper, pressing up against the spongy spot you know all too well.
he's so sweet, cooing praises in your ear, hushing your cries. you don't realise how pretty his name is until you're crying it out over and over as you cum all over him, gushing around his cock and his abs and dripping down to his balls. you're brainless, letting him rut into you until he cums, thick and heavy and endless loads of warm inside your pussy. you pant, arms looped around his neck, his sweat and yours mixing together, dripping down your cheek, pooling at your mouth. you lick it, lick a stripe up his damp neck, so entranced in one another you become one in this dingy gym bathroom.
daichi hesitates letting you go. only does it so you both can shower and he can fuck you with your tits pressed against the wall and his chest against your back, filling you over and over with his hot cum until he remembers that he's supposed to be working.
(he closes early. brings you home for dinner and for a proper fuck in his king sized bed.)
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inkfinch · a day ago
Tumblr media
[ warm and winter blue ]
They're just...catching up. It's been a while you see.
(the rest of the crows have been trying to catch their attention for the last five minutes)
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korosenseisgarden · 2 days ago
Haikyuu Headcanons
Tumblr media
- nishinoya was a leash kid
- tsukishima wears headphones without any music playing so he’ll be left alone
- kenma actively plays nintendogs
- tsukki has a dino obsession
- nishinoya unironically barks at ppl
- asahi loves plants and has a garden
- kenma eats lemons
- tsukki turns the wifi off sometimes so he can play the dinosaur game on chrome
- hinata used the words tinkle and potty unironically up until he started high school
- kagayema had a bowl cut for a majority of his childhood
- daichi made the bus driver literally turn the bus around one time when they going to a competition bc no one was listening
- tadashi hates having happy birthday being sung to him
- suga always makes and packs snacks to give to the team after practices or games
- hinata has an irrational fear of the hands free blow dryers in public bathrooms
- noya and hinata still have to buy clothes from the kids section
- hinata and tanaka both know how to do hair
- takeda paints rocks as a hobby
- noya frequently sits on asahi’s shoulders during walks or while watching parades
- kenma had his birthday party at chuck e. cheese’s for ten consecutive years as a child
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giggly-squiggily · a day ago
Okay I’m feeling Haikyuu here.
“You’re making us look bad!”
And it’s 100% either TsukkiHina or DaiSuga.
Tumblr media
rjkahfedknfaerjaerj Thank you friend! *sends lots of hugs in return* I appreciate it! Both the kind words and this sentence starter! I've gotcha covered!
“You’re making us look bad, Suga!” Daichi jokingly told his boyfriend, the rest of the team in a fit of giggles at the older setter. Karasuno was currently in a battle of endurance. No one knew exactly who came up with the idea- probably Tanaka.
The game was simple. Each member of the team would hoist themselves up on the pull up bars and see how long they could hang on. The catch was the others were allowed to do whatever they wanted (within reason) to try and knock the hanging person down.
In most cases, they used tickling.
Poor Suga only lasted around two seconds.
“Oh please! You try it then Captain!” Suga told him, cheeks aflame as he covered his ribs protectively. “If you think you can last longer than me, that is!”
“Oh ho ho! Come on, Captain! See if you can do it!” Tanaka grinned, Noya and the others nodded with excitement. It hadn’t taken much for the consensus that Daichi would go to form.
“Alright, alright. Here I go. Time to show you all how strong your captain really is!” Daichi took a breath before hoisting himself up. For a second, he really thought he had it.
And then the tickling started.
Daichi bit the inside of his cheek as ten fingers dug into his ribs, going for the soft spot just below the bones. “Come on, Captain! Don’t let go now!” Tanaka teased, gremlin like giggles escaping his lips as he tickled. Noya decided to help out, grabbing Daichi’s legs and squeezing his knees relentlessly. “Hang in there, Daichi!”
The older boy squeezed his eyes shut, fighting back the laughs as he struggled to stay put. His cheeks were red with effort, his smile threatening to split his face. “I-Ihi won’t give uhup!” “Step aside, amateurs. Let me show you how it’s done.” Uh no. No, no, no! Daichi could only tense when Suga grabbed his foot, tossing off the shoe with ease. “Suga…”
“Come on, Captain.” He teased, digging into the socked sole and dragging out the dorkiest laughs from the other. “Don’t make us look bad, now.”
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txbix-chxn · 11 hours ago
Kuroo: So oxygen went on a date with potassium, it went...OK.
Terushima: I thought oxygen was dating magnesium, OMG.
Kuroo: Actually, oxygen first asked nitrogen out, but nitrogen was all like NO.
Terushima: I thought oxygen had that double bond with the hydrogen twins.
Kuroo: Looks like someone’s a HO.
Terushima: NaBrO.
Daichi: I’m so done with you two.
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haikyuu-wonderland · 2 days ago
Haikyuu!! captain Christmas headcannons
anime # Haikyuu!!
genre # crack/fluff
pairing # Daichi x Kuroo x Oikawa x Bokuto (NON-ROMANTIC)
age range # given age in anime/manga
warnings # mentions of swearing, dark humour and ugly Christmas sweaters.
Tumblr media
# Christmas with the captains
# Kuroo had invited the three other captains over for Christmas movies at his house, knowing his parents were out for the weekend
# Daichi had first said no because his own team had planned a Christmas party same night
# but after he heard that it was Nishinoya, Tanaka and Hinata who were planning it, taking the train to Tokyo didn't bother him too much
# Oikawa was the first to arrive, having brought along his humongous jar of home baked Christmas cookies
# he hadn't baked it of course, his mom had
# Bokuto had caught a cold a few days before and even though Daichi had told him not come over, he did anyways, of coure
# it's Bokuto, what did you expect?
# boktuo bought Christmas sweaters.
# for. every. single. one.
# Daichi gets the fluffy one with the reindeer and button, so if you press that it plays jingle bells
# Kuroo got the big red one with a grumpy cat that says "meow Christmas"
# Bokuto had most defiantly chosen that for obvious reasons
# Oikawa had brought his own and simply refused to wear the one Bokuto had gotten for him
# Oikawas own sweater that said "pretty boy Christmas"
# the one Bokuto had gotten for him was a bunch of Christmas ordainments with glitter
# Bokuto had said it was to "finally give Oikawa some balls"
# Oikawa was very offended and had refused to even look at the sweater from that moment on
# emo Bokuto : unlocked
# Bokuto was wearing his own Christmas sweater with a giant penguin on
# throughout the night, Bokuto had managed to pass the cold on to Kuroo
# after having eaten takeout and watched the grinch like 500 times
# it was cookie time
# Daichi was in charge for the cookies because-
# Kuroo can only cook soup. and maybe rice. but that's it.
# Oikawa can MAX bake a milk bread on 10th try
# and Bokuto can make his way all the way to the convince store, buy ramen and pour hot water in
# so Daichi found a cookie recipe Sugawara send him last year
# he ordered around with the others and did his best to save the cookies if they fucked it up
# he had to use a strainer to get out the eggshells after Oikawa smashed it
# it went alright though
# Bokuto barely did anything, he was busy finding the perfect playlist
# he was mostly singing along
# Daichi only sang under his breath
# but Kuroo and Bokuto really just sang their soul out
# but when Oikawa got his fingers on the music, I'm sorry, but Beyoncés playing
# "Oikawa, please shut up-"
# Bokuto was so sad about it
# "It's not even a Christmas music :<"
# nonetheless
# it was fun
# very.
# after baking and decorating the cookies (Oikawa having over bedazzled his, if you have teeth intact after eating, you're lucky)
# the clock was like 2am when Oikawa was shaking everyone like crazy
# Bokuto has never been up so fast in his whole life
# to be honest, Daichi and Kuroo was tired as fuck
# but.
# they got up anyways, to look out for Bokuto and Oikawa
# Oikawa and Bokuto was already running around and throwing snow at each other
# "I'm gonna freeze my dick off."
# "I don't swear, but so is mine."
# Kuroo and Daichi was honestly just standing still for some time, tightly wrapped up in their sweater, jacket, hats, socks, scarfs, gloves, and multiple shirts underneath
# as they were still mumbling, slowly slipping out of their dazed sleep, Oikawa and Bokuto were sneaking up on them from behind
# they absolute fucking jumped them, dumping giant snowballs on both of them
# "Oh it's on-"
# it's now officially Kuroo and Daichi against Oikawa and Bokuto
# not even 3 minutes passed before it was everybody against everybody
# Kuroo accidentally hit a passing stranger in the face with a snowball
# Kuroo got scared and started running, Bokuto and Oikawa just followed
# Daichi had to apologise
# poor stranger to be honest
# you know those kids who'd either pour water to make ice or put stones in their snowballs?
# yeah.
# that kid's Bokuto
# Oikawa started sobbing
# after Daichi (once again) solved that they decided to built an igloo
# "n- no, no Kuroo that's not how- make them square! SQUARE."
# ket's all have a moment of silence for Daichi
# he decided to test it and crawled in.
# it didn't hold
# the whole roof and top of the walls fell down over him
# after having poked his head out, all three of his fellow captains were staring
# a solid 5 seconds passed before Daichi started smiling
# it ended up in laughter before Bokuto laid down on the pile of snow
# Kuroo and Oikawa pretty quickly followed, laying down beside the two
# they laid there for a solid hour looking at the snow and cracking a few jokes
# until Oikawa noticed Daichi's lips were turning a blue-ish purple
# "Daichi look, your lips are gonna match my teams colors!"
# they went back inside pretty quickly
# watched Home Alone before heading back to bed
# the next morning, Daichi was off before any of the others woke up
# Bokuto laughed silently with Kuroo as the took some "charming" pictures of Oikawa
# they also had a fun time rewatching their stories
I hope you all liked this <3
I really found this fun :) if you have any requests, feel free to ask <33
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karasunocaptain · 2 days ago
Daichi: I prevented a murder today.
Bokuto: Really? How’d you do that?
Daichi: self control.
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sukunababy · 4 months ago
Hi Mars i know you don't typically write for Haikyu but I wanted to ask you if you could do a nsfw visual with just your favourite characters. If you don't want to it doesn't matter thank you anyway
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! NSFT Visual
Part 2 / Part 3
Tumblr media
DAICHI SAWAMURA: link link link link link link
ASAHI AZUMANE: link link link link
SHŌYŌ HINATA: link link
TOBIO KAGEYAMA: link link link link link
KEISHIN UKAI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
TETSURŌ KUROO: link link link link link link link link
KENMA KOZUME: link link link link link
ALISA HAIBA kinda hot so I add her in too: link link link
Tumblr media
TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link link link link link link link
HAJIME IWAIZUMI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
KŌTARŌ BOKUTO: link link link link link link
KEIJI AKAASHI: link link link link
Tumblr media
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link link link link
EITA SEMI: link link
Tumblr media
RINTARŌ SUNA: link link link link
ATSUMU MIYA: link link link
OSAMU MIYA: link link link
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cranity · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Captains running into each other before another training camp
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zenaiide · 4 hours ago
daichi thinks he won't ever be able to get enough of you. he's staring at you as the two of you stand in the shower, a stupid smile on his face as you run your fingers through his hair, lathering up the shampoo, making sure the suds don't get into his eyes. you smile back up at him when you notice his gaze, and daichi thinks he won't ever be able to get enough.
"i love you," he blurts, unable to help himself, his eyes on you the entire time as you move him under the showerhead, twisting behind him to turn the water on. you stop, the concentration on your face dropping to give way to mirth. the soft smile on your face widens till it's the only thing he can see and he swears he feels butterflies in his stomach even after all this time. you pull back after turning the knob to warm, shielding his eyes from the water and shampoo that runs down.
"i love you too," you say, placing a kiss on his collarbone as you begin washing him off. and daichi thinks it isn't the water that's making him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. it's never the water.
he was right. he won't ever be able to get enough of this.
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tameshrimp · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧˚ · .Haikyuu!! Captains!* ˚ ✦
Thank you to everyone who has liked/reblogged any of my content! I created this edit in dedication to the accounts that I see most in my notifications. Thank you for supporting my blog!
@manjiroarchiviste @okkotsu-yuutas @samu-sorbet @miya-twins
@yujikuna @symbolofpeacee @lanoireparade @lianshua @love-oikawa 
@fadingsoulss @haikyuus @paintbrushyy
& for anyone I missed, thank you as well!
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magicmooshka · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Special thanks to my big brother who got me to watch Haikyu!! this summer after I kept insisting I wanted nothing to do with volleyball (slide 6 is aimed at my slightly younger self haha)
I hope you all succeed in getting your friends and family to watch Haikyu!! It truly is a delightful show that has something special for everyone.
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anxiousbabybirdb · 7 months ago
The following men would carry you to the kitchen at midnight because you wanted cereal and couldn’t walk after how hard they’d fucked you:
Tumblr media
Aone—cradles you gently in his arms and carries you to the kitchen, delicately sits you in a chair before he gets everything for you and brings it to the table. He never means to fuck your that hard, he’s just big in more ways than one.
Atsumu—he gives you a piggy back ride and keeps looking over his shoulder, smirking at you and how fucked out and cute you look. He sits you on the kitchen counter and you both giggle and eat a whole box of cereal from one giant mixing bowl.
Bokuto—he tosses you over his shoulder, still careful not to hurt you further, and drops you on top of the kitchen table and makes you sit there. He grabs everything, scoops you back up in his arms, then makes his way to the couch where he sits down, sits you between his legs, and rests his chin on your shoulder while you eat.
Daichi—he knows you can’t walk after the many rounds, so when you say you’re hungry, he’s sweeping you up in his arms and carrying you to the kitchen before you even ask. He sits you on a bar stool at the counter, grabs everything you want, and stands next to you, leaning his body on the counter while you eat. He watches you lovingly and when you ask what he’s doing, he says, “Wondering if this is night I finally managed to fuck a baby into you.” You choke on your cereal but it’s fine, he pats your back and then feeds you himself, a kiss between every bite.
Iwaizumi—he carries you like a koala on his chest, arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist. He deposits you on the kitchen counter before grabbing everything you want, and a bottle of water you didn’t ask for but is handed to you expectantly, and he stands between your legs and massages your sore thighs while you eat your cereal. He carries you back to bed gently and cuddles you has you cockwarm him all night sore body be damned.
Mattsun—teases you the whole time but ultimately picks you up and carries you to the kitchen like a princess, cuddles to his chest with his arms behind your back and under your knees. He sits you at the table and leaves to grab everything with a bow. He sits next to you and insists on feeding you because you’re ‘Daddy’s cute princess that can’t walk after being fucked so good’. A hefty smack to his arm gets him to stop teasing and he’ll just watch you eat all lovingly. Or you can let him feed you, honestly, he doesn’t mind.
Osamu—he carries you down like a princess, bridal style and immensely careful, knowing just how broken your body felt from his taking advantage of his first night off in weeks. He deposits you on the counter next to the stove and stands between your legs, trying to convince you to let him cook you something good, something healthy and nourishing and better than a bowl of sugary cereal. However, he relents and kisses the pout from your face when you assure him you just want cereal. He hops up on the counter next to you eating a bowl of fruit while you eat your cereal, stopping you to feed you little bites of fruit and steal kisses between bites of your cereal.
Suna—you’re hungry at midnight, the man is so game for that. He’s another one to give you a piggy back ride, careful but playful as he takes you to the kitchen. He sits you down in the living room on the couch and covers you with a blanket, knowing you’re probably cold from being naked aside from his shirt. He gets you what you want, adding a banana to the tray so you have something more filling, and brings a tray of cereal, fruit and water to you. He sits on the other end of the couch, your legs in his lap while you eat, his large hands massaging your calves and feet for you while you eat. The second you’re done, he’s pulling you in his lap and cuddling you though, wanting you close (and spitting in your mouth, it’s better than the cereal).
Tanaka—he happily carries you into the kitchen, koala style. He sits you on the counter, grabs everything, and hops up on the counter next to you. He feeds you bites of dry cereal from his hand and you do the same, pouring milk in one another’s mouth after each handful of cereal. It’s all laughs and smiles with him.
Ushijima—he carries you bridal style and carries you around the kitchen, stopping at the pantry for you to grab the cereal and at the cabinet to grab bowls and spoons, before he seats himself at the kitchen table and rests you comfortably on his lap. He presses kisses to your neck the whole time you eat and whispers sweet nothings in your ear.
Tumblr media
A/N: This was brought to you by cocoa pebbles at midnight 💙 And thank you to my evil twin Ryder for coming up with Tanaka’s, you’re a genius.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @introloves @goldenshoyo @chaoticryder @managertae @undxrworld @zhongh-li
Tumblr media
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cellotonin · 3 months ago
baby fever ➳ d. sawamura (18+!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wc: 2.6k
tags/warnings: smut, 18+ (minors pls dni !!), fem!reader, unprotected sex, breeding, overstimulation, oral (f. receiving), slight cum play (??)
a/n: ok but would anyone believe me if i said i was supposed to finish this in march for @kingtamakimurder​​’s birthday,,,,,,, 🧍🏾‍♀️🧍🏾‍♀️ pls ignore this being nearly 5 months late WKJSKJSXDCFV ILY SHAN 😭 BUT ANYWHOO,,,, listen all i’m saying is,,, daichi w/ baby fever 😳 u know it’s gonna be a long night LMAO 🥴 let’s consider this my practice for this year’s kinktober i hope y’all enjoy <33 and ty @phasmwrites​ and @cyancherub​ for beta reading this for me i owe u my life <3
Tumblr media
Daichi’s hands are at your stomach again.
It’s become a new part of his greeting since last week. For every good morning, his palms rest just above your pelvis like a protective barrier. For every see you later, his hands linger on your navel for just a few extra seconds as if they don’t want to let go. For every welcome back or I’m home, his fingers gently press into the soft flesh of your stomach. And for every goodnight, his arms wrap around your torso again like it’s the only way he can sleep.
Your initial reaction is the same. Your breath catches in your throat, body stiff with anticipation as you wait for his next move. But his hands don’t travel further up towards your chest, nor do they slide further down past your hips. All that move are his fingers, tracing the faintest patterns along your skin as he rests his chin atop your shoulder. It’s as if his hands have grown a mind of their own, leaving him completely unaware of what they’re up to.
And it’s only when you squirm, asking if there’s something he needs, that Daichi suddenly seems to realize he’s doing. “Nothing, baby, just saying hi,” is the only response you ever get from him, pressing a kiss to your temple before he pulls his hands away. And once again, he leaves you on your own to wonder what that could have been about.
It must be a habit, that’s really the only conclusion you can come to. With no other possible explanation, you decide to leave it at that. Just a habit, nothing else to it.
But you can only brush it off for so long.
His new “habits” rapidly begin to increase in both number and frequency, each one less subtle than the last. He's suddenly much more attentive to your needs, asking if you’re sore, if you’re having any peculiar cravings, if you need to rest your feet. Each time he asks, his hands return to your lower belly like a magnet.
“You know, you’re really great with kids,” he starts to comment on almost a daily basis. Every time you run into a younger child, helping them find their parents or shake a ball down from a tree, Daichi never fails to remind you of your apparent skill.
Somehow, you don’t connect the dots until you start to catch him wandering towards the baby section in every store, until you often notice him running his fingers along the delicate fabric of the tiniest baby blue onesies, until you find him watching the children play with the toys, flashing a smile every time one of them notices his presence, until you develop your own habit of scanning your cart for any pacifiers or bottles or diapers that he might have “accidentally” dropped in when he wasn’t thinking.
You know exactly what he wants.
And yet, even as Daichi wordlessly approaches you in your shared bedroom, even as he nudges your legs apart and settles himself between your thighs, even as he presses his cheek against your stomach like he’s listening for something, you still find yourself asking him again. “What is it, Daichi? Do you need anything?”
He offers no verbal response. Instead, his hands begin to wander, disappearing under the fabric of your loose tank top as they travel upwards, only pausing once they’ve reached your breasts. Your breath jumps when his thumbs and forefingers ghost over your buds, which grow stiffer by the second as he gives them the faintest squeeze.
“Daichi…” you try again, squirming as both your face and your core grow warm. And for the second time, you're ignored.
His hands retreat from your chest after a few moments, and you find your thighs subconsciously parting further as he makes his way back towards your pelvis. Each kiss he places over your belly makes your skin burn with excitement, and you’re so focused on that particular sensation that you don’t even notice his left hand dip between your legs. A sharp gasp falls from your lips when his fingers glide across your clothed slit, just barely missing that one spot you thought they might land.
But just before he can discard the article of clothing that blocks his path, you reach down to tap his forehead. “Come on, Daichi… you gotta tell me what you want,” you whine, curling your lips into a pout.
This time, he answers. He lets out a soft hum, pausing his actions long enough to glance up at you. His eyes narrow as he smirks ever-so-slightly, a look that he knows will have you dripping in moments, and gives your hips the lightest squeeze. “Do I? I figured you already knew.”
“I - I don’t think I do.” You’re lying straight through your teeth. Of course, you already know. Everyone and their mothers have probably figured it out by now. But as eager as you are to start the process, you can’t help but drag it out. It’s always a little more fun when you do.
Daichi tuts quietly, digging his fingers further into your hips as you let out another gasp. “I know you’re lying to me, (Y/N). Sounds like you want me to spell it out for you, right?” 
“Maybe…” You swallow, waiting with bated breath for what he’ll do next.
“Fine then, I’ll humor you this time, baby.” He pushes himself up to one knee, making his way back up your body until his lips are hovering just over your ear. Two fingers slip under your panties and into your dripping cunt, pulling out a soft moan from your chest. “I want a baby right now, (Y/N). I wanna fill up this pretty cunt of yours until I know we’ve got one.”
Every hushed word sends an exhilarating shiver down your spine in time with the slow thrust of his fingers. You whine, rolling your hips against his hand as you seek more friction. “Daichi… please, don’t tease…”
“I’ve wanted this for so long, baby. I’ve always wanted a little version of us running around and calling us Mommy and Daddy,” he continues, pushing his thumb against your clit as he slowly picks up the pace. “Think you can do that, darling? Be good for me and let’s make that happen, yeah?”
His fingers curl upwards as he asks, hitting that extra sweet spot with ease and sending a fierce jolt of pleasure through your core. “Oh fuck - please, Daichi,” you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut.
He pushes his fingers even deeper in, pressing a trail of kisses along your collarbone as your breathing staggers. “Please what?” he asks, only pausing briefly to nudge your thighs further apart.
“Please, I… I want…” You’re already out of breath, quiet moans and whimpers cutting you off as steady waves of pleasure disrupt your thoughts.
“Talk to me, baby. What do you want?”
Some nerve he has, expecting you to speak as if you’re not currently on the brink of falling apart around just two of his fingers. But you know better by now. You know how he gets such a kick out of watching you struggle to use your words, because you know he won’t budge until you do. You know how he can sit there, relishing in your hushed cries and holding your orgasm just a hair’s width out of reach until he hears what he wants.
And as much as you’d like to drag out the fun even more, you’re not sure how much longer you’ll last while hovering so dangerously close to the edge. So with a shaky breath, you will yourself to form just one coherent sentence.
“I want your cum inside me, Daichi… please.”
His response is so subtle it nearly dips under the radar. But you catch the way his breath almost halts in his throat, the way his other hand twitches around your hip, the way his eyes glaze over with a particular lust you’ve never seen in him before. A second passes, then he lets out a soft chuckle. He slowly retracts his fingers from your core, wordlessly pressing a kiss under your chin when you begin to whine.
You’re not left empty for long. Your panties are tossed out of the way, and his two fingers are almost instantly replaced by the head of his cock, giving your cunt the perfect stretch it’s been yearning for. You cry out, your arms immediately flinging themselves around his neck as he continues to push himself further and further in. And you haven’t even fully registered just how close he had brought you with his fingers alone until he’s completely sheathed inside you, hardly a millimeter shy of hitting your cervix, and the pleasure is so much all at once that you start to spasm around him right away.
Daichi remains silent all the while, watching without a sound as your thighs quiver and struggle to stay open. He reaches out, gently swiping his thumb across your cheek as you shudder under his touch. For a moment, you almost begin to think that he’ll give you some time to recover from your sudden orgasm.
His lips curl into a sly grin as he gradually pulls out to the tip, and that’s when you quickly realize that your time is up. Before you even get a chance to steady your breaths, his hips are snapping into yours, knocking the wind right back out of your lungs. “Fuck-!” you rasp, tightening your hold on his shoulders as a desperate attempt to stabilize yourself. 
“So fucking tight,” you barely hear him mutter as he pounds further into you. “So perfect… gonna be so pretty when it’s dripping with my cum.”
Daichi’s praise goes straight to your cunt, making your walls twitch and flutter in response as you let out a whimper. He quickly catches on, as he always does, and doesn’t stop there. “That’s what you want, huh?” he continues between grunts and deep thrusts, “You want me to fuck a baby right into you, want me to breed you until you’re all nice and swollen with my child, don’t you?”
You’re not sure if he expects you to respond coherently at this point, but you still make a feeble attempt despite the onslaught of pleasure disrupting your thoughts. “Yes… yes, I - god - I want it…!” 
Daichi’s satisfaction with your answer is immediately evident. With a low groan, he grabs ahold of your legs right under your knees, pushing them up until they almost meet your chest. The new position gives him the perfect angle to slam the head of his cock into the most sensitive part of your cunt, and the sudden explosion of pleasure is nearly too much for you to handle.
“Gonna cum again for me, baby?” You can tell Daichi is nearing his own tipping point with the way his breathing becomes heavier, his cock twitching inside you like a ticking time bomb. This time, you can’t bring yourself to talk, nodding vigorously as an alternative and hoping it’ll suffice.
Much to your relief, he doesn’t bother to tease you any further. Instead, he tightens his hold on your thighs and picks up speed. “Cum, (Y/N)… cum for me right now… fuck - come on, baby.” 
And that’s the final push you need. Just one more thrust is enough to make you start gushing around his length, a loud cry escaping your lips as your fingers dig red welts into his shoulders. “Fuck, that’s it, good girl…” he continues to mutter, and it’s not long before loads of his cum are spilling into you, filling up every inch of your cunt.
The aftershocks of your second orgasm leave you dizzy, head spinning so fast that you can barely catch your breath. Through half-lidded eyes, you watch as Daichi slowly pulls himself out of you, leaving a delicate trail of kisses down the middle of your torso until his head is back between your thighs. His hands return to your lower abdomen once more, gently pressing into the skin as if he would already notice a difference. Despite your semi-delirious state, you can’t help but chuckle quietly at his behavior. “What is it now?” you ask, corners of your lips twitching upwards in amusement.
Your question is returned with another of his own. “Think you can keep all that in without letting anything slip out?”
“Daichi, what do you—” That’s the last thing you’re able to say before you’re interrupted by a sudden wave of searing heat, forcing a loud gasp out of you as your whole body flinches.
You can tell that he’s pleased at the reaction he got out of you, so he does it again. His tongue sneaks back out, dragging along your slit in a slow, upward motion, causing you to shudder the same way you had just moments ago. “Dai - Daichi, wait…” you whine, still struggling to recover from your previous orgasm.
He doesn’t listen, of course, and instead decides to swirl his tongue around your clit, attacking the bundle of nerves from all directions. Every skillful flick of the pink muscle rattles every nerve in your body, leaving you helpless to his ministrations. Your hands are indecisive, unable to choose between gripping at the sheets next to you or tugging at Daichi’s hair. Your legs can no longer hold their place on their own accord, making their best attempt to meet in the middle. But Daichi has no intentions of letting you close yourself off, catching your thighs just before they reach him and pushing them back out as far as your flexibility will allow. Now, your poor clit is even more exposed than ever, and he takes full advantage of it by closing his lips around your bud, sucking at it with little mercy.
“Too… s’too much… I can’t…” you quietly whimper, too overwhelmed with pleasure to do much else. Your cunt quivers as a familiar tension begins to build up at your center, and you doubt you’ll be able to hold out much longer.
Daichi has that mischievous grin on his face again, and you quickly realize that he already knows. He knows you can’t keep everything in with the way he’s devouring you, he knows you only have so much strength after making you cum twice, he knows you’ll have to let go soon enough, his cum inevitably seeping out of you. That’s the whole plan, to make you leak so much that he has an excuse to fill you up all over again.
But that realization comes too late. You’re already coming undone with a broken sob as your third orgasm hits you harder than the last two combined, your eyes squeezing shut as you desperately cling to his hair for some form of stability. The walls of your cunt finally give out, and you can practically feel Daichi’s cum spilling out of you, soiling the poor sheets that had just been washed not too long ago.
“Ah, what a mess,” you hear him sigh in feigned disappointment, sending a shiver right down to your stomach. You know he’s not disappointed at all, quite possibly the farthest thing from it. “How are we supposed to have a child if you can barely keep it in for more than five minutes, hmm?”
Your face heats in embarrassment as you avert your gaze. “Oh, come on, you know that’s not fair,” you huff with indignance, puffing air into your cheeks.
Now it’s Daichi’s turn to laugh at your response as he presses a kiss against your pelvis. “Maybe not,” he concedes, pushing himself back up until his hips are leveled with yours again. “But regardless, what’s lost was lost, so it looks like I’ve got no choice but to start over.”
You suck in a breath, mentally preparing yourself for another round, maybe even more. With Daichi, his stamina just might last him the whole night. And unless his baby fever has been satiated, you know he won’t be either.
“Oh, and this time, let’s make sure not a drop goes to waste, yeah?”
Tumblr media
reblogs + comments are greatly appreciated !! <3
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tendousfingers · 2 months ago
𝒌𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒔𝒖𝒏𝒐 + 𝒇𝒂𝒗𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒆 𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
× summary : i tell you what the karasuno boys favorite positions are based on my personal opinion and headcanons.
× contains : hinata , kageyama , tsukishima , yamaguchi , tanaka , nishinoya , daichi , sugawara , ennoshita , asahi , keishin ukai, takeda. ; fem! reader
× karasuno , seijoh [coming soon]
Tumblr media
× shoyo hinata ↴
hinata's favorite position is mating press. he likes to pick your legs up and fold them to your chest. he'd tuck his hands under your knees and use that grip as leverage to bounce his hips off of you, eager to go fast and please you. though, if you're a long time girlfriend of his, you'll start to notice that after going pro and beefing up, his thrusts have grown a lot heavier. they'll knock the wind out of you, pounding down into your g-spot just right. heavy, deep strokes that leave you winded and starry eyed everytime.
× tobio kageyama ↴
in my opinion, he's another missionary type. his balls are heavy and they slap down on you with every thrust, practically plowing you into the bed. differentiating from hinata, i think kageyama props himself up on his elbows or hands, sometimes hooking your legs over his arms and sometimes not. he'd also fold you up into a mating press if he got a little carried away. he tends to get lost in the feeling of your plush walls around him. i think he'd also enjoy reverse cowgirl, it just seems like him.
× kei tsukishima ↴
he likes it when you're on top. really gets a kick out of watching you struggle to take him in or if youre having a hard time keeping a steady pace. he'd definitely pick on you, but ultimately wrap his long arms around your waist and plant his feet down, before bucking up into you with quick, hard hitting thrusts. he also likes this position because he wouldn't have to do all the work. tsukki just doesn't do things he doesn't have to do, so when you offer to ride him instead he's all for it.
× tadashi yamaguchi ↴
our sweet baby yams.. im firm believer that he's all for the prone bone position. (you on your stomach, him on top) it's a perfect position for him to fuck into you at a rapid pace, hands planted into the mattress on either side of your head, (or on your head, considering tadashi can get carried away fairly easily, not that you mind) his hips roll and bounce off of your ass quickly as he fucks you like a jackrabbit. on the other hand, this position would be ideal for long, slow strokes into your core, yamaguchi differentiating between the two as he pleases.
× yuu nishinoya ↴
doesn't have a favorite. everything is just so lewd and sexual, he'll stare at you in awe no matter what position you're in. however, he does like to do 69 alot, and actually favors it more than anything because both of you get to please each other. his hips rock up as his hands are pulling yours down, smothering himself in your sopping pussy. he just cant get enough of it, of you.
× ryūnosuke tanaka ↴
im a firm believer that our boy tanaka is an ass man. and with that knowledge i can conclude that he enjoys doggy style the most. he loves watching the fat off your ass bounce off of his hips, gripping and rolling the fat of your hips in his palms as he pulls you back over and over again. he'll lay his hand firmly on the bottom of your spine, thumb grazing and pushing at your winking asshole.
× daichi sawamura ↴
MATING PRESS MATING PRESS HELLO. im a firm believer that daichi is one of those guys with an instatiable need to breed. he loves to pin your legs to the bed and just fuck, and fuck until you're so full with his cum that it's dribbling out of you and down the seam of your ass. he's big n strong too, so no matter what your size might be daichi can all too easily fold you up just how he likes you and empty his big heavy balls into you over and over again.
× koushi sugawara ↴
pretty boy likes to watch as you slide down on his cock, inch by inch. he enjoys the way your brow pinches as he reaches your most deepest parts. he'll have you lean back on your hands and bounce, while he reaches forward and rubs slow circles into your sensitive little clit. he'll either praise you or degrade you, there's no in-between. goes with soft coos of, "yeah? feels good doesn't it pretty girl?" or "look at you, fuckin' yourself on my cock like that, dirty slut." and either way it makes you clench and gush around him, to which he bucks up into you even faster.
× asahi azumane ↴
asahi is a little basic, to be honest. for the longest time his favorite was just missionary, and that's really all the two of you would do. he was just a bit too shy to try out anything else, finding all the various positions out there to be quite risque. but after convincing him to try some new things, nothing can quite compare to the look on your face when he's got you pressed up against a wall or any solid surface, hips holding you up off the ground with his hands gripping you beneath your ass firmly. he likes to bounce you up and down, in awe of how far his cock reaches in side of you and just how hard you squirt against him within the matter of a few thrusts.
× chikara ennoshita ↴
likes to fuck you when he's tucked real tight behind you, arm around your waist. he'll lazily push your panties to the side and slide in, groaning lowly in your ear because of how tight you feel around him. while you're walls are nice and snug, your thighs being pressed together is what makes it all the more suffocating around his cock. ennoshita starts out with slow thrusts, holding onto your hip as leverage. he also likes to slide his arm beneath yours and reach up to grip your shoulder, holding you in place as he humps you from behind.
others !
× keishin ukai ↴
reverse cowgirl, most definitely. not only does this feed into my headcanon of keishin being an ass man, but also can you fucking imagine doing this position with him? legs sprawled out haphazardly, a hand lazy guiding you up and down on his cock while the other holds a cigarette to his lips for him to take long draws from. he likes to smack your ass over and over until it's raw, and if you're into it, hell twist a cig out on your asscheek. when his hands are free, he likes to use his thumbs to spread you open nd watch your greedy pussy take him in as you do all the work.
× ittetsu takeda ↴
sweet boy, gets too excited that he can't even decide on just one to be his favorite. in all honestly, it probably doesn't matter to him no matter what, but i feel like takeda just likes to be dommed. likes it when you ride him, tits bouncing in his face as you pin him down and rock back and forth on his cock. he doesn't even have to be inside of you, instead you could be giving him a pussy job and he'd be just as satisfied. but most of all, he likes it when you bounce on his cock til he's cum two or three times, cheeks red with over exhaustion and eyes fucked out and wet with tears as you overstimulate him, all while he cries for more with jarred lips.
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