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#daichi x reader
yvvji · a day ago
— different ways the hq boys ask to go home.
a/n: these are just my hcs about how the boys would say "let's leave" without actually saying it. suggestive (?) no smut.
Tumblr media
❥ the “discreet”
thumb brushing against their nose, a scratch to their inner wrist, a tug of their ear lobe. these are actions you see every day so no one would pick up on it. except for you of course. the first time they used this little motion, you just brushed it off, until they came up to you and whispered in your ear, "i know you saw that, let's go."
iwaizumi, tsukishima, kyotani, sakusa, kenma.
Tumblr media
❥ the “obvious”
lip bite. wink. thumb over shoulder. they mean well, they really do, but they think they're being discreet about it. instead, they are so glaringly obvious about their intentions with you, and now everyone else who saw that knows what's about to go down.
bokuto, nishinoya, hinata, terushima, koganegawa.
Tumblr media
❥ the “handsy”
a hand on your thigh, a pinch to your ass, arms sneaking around your waist. they can't help but want to have their hands on you, its habitual at this point. but they get even more touchy when they want you. it’s the lingering touches and the soft smile that adorns their features that has butterflies in your stomach and your feet moving you towards the door.
kuroo, daichi, hanamaki, tendou, tanaka.
Tumblr media
❥ the “wink”
pretty self-explanatory. they can't help it, you're dressed up all pretty for their work get-together so you should have expected them to send a flirty wink your way shortly into the function. sometimes it catches you off guard because you just got there and they already wanna leave. your furrowed brows and curious gaze has them chuckling before pulling you out the door.
osamu, matsukawa, kita, suna, konoha.
Tumblr media
❥ the “wanna get outta here?”
aren’t afraid to tell you straight up. doesn't matter if they've been at the party for thirty minutes or three hours, when their hands sneak around your waist and drop their heads to whisper in your ear, you're going home. it’s such a simple question that people use all the time, but coming from them? it has your cheeks flushing before nodding up at them and heading out the door.
oikawa, atsumu, ushijima, kageyama, akaashi.
Tumblr media
YVVJI © 2021
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harjiee · 23 hours ago
Haikyuu characters and the insecurities I think they’d love
Info: Once again another HC, except this time instead of My Hero it’s Haikyuu! I know fun!!!
Characters: Um....alot of Haikyuu characters :3
Warnings: Insecurities. I guess I could count angst?? The “Hair insecurity” is more targeted towards females but everything else is gender neutral. Rushed and sloppy so please don’t make fun =] Possibly spelling errors. 
Lemme know if I missed anything friends! 
Skin Insecurities
These are the boys that are lowkey obsessed with facial things. Like acne, vitiligo, eczema, etc. Now when I say obsessed I mean like if you start talking down to yourself about your skin or something, they're the type to turn you away from the wretched mirror and kiss your face senseless (if you're comfortable with it of course). 
Sugawara, Akaashi, Aran, Oikawa, Yachi, Diachi, Kageyama, Ennoshita, Semi, Yamaguchi, Asahi, Hinata
Body Insecurities
You, body insecurities? No. Never. Not in their line of sight. Like….wtf??? You’re perfect? They’re the type of people where if they catch you lingering at your stomach or chest or anywhere for way too long they’ll dramatically gasp before treating you like a ROYAL. You think you're too chubby? Well too bad! They’re taking you out on an all day shopping trip. You think you're too flat and or skinny? Oh well! Go put on their favorite outfit and get ready for probably the best day of your life!
Sugawara, Oikawa, Bokuto, Kiyoko, Yaku, Tendou, both the Tanaka’s, Nishinoya, Lev, Aone, Iwaizumi, Suna, Osamu
Hair Insecurities
Body hair to be exact, especially if you're a female. You know, there’s always a standard that “pretty people are hairless” (I don’t believe that now let’s not get this twisted) but….whenever you shave or wax it always comes back within like a month. Of course you’ve tried asking several people who work with waxing why this happens and they give you the same response every time. “Just keep your regular waxing schedule but make sure to be safe with it.” So at some point you had just given up and thought that you should focus more on your mental health than society….and yet one negative comment about your body hair just brings you down tenfold. 
These boys are the type of boys where they remind you that body hair is completely normal and that a lot of people have it. They’ll probably search up some Pinterest models and get you aware of the fact that a lot of them don’t have hairless legs and they still look perfect. 
Tsukishima, Tendou, Asahi, Kenma, Kurro, Kiyoko, Ushijima, Semi, Ukai Jr., Goshiki, Mad Dog, Daichi, Aone, both Miya twins
Hope you enjoyed!
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ykwrites · 2 days ago
Accidental confession-Karasuno boys x reader smau
Pairings: Sugawara x reader, Daichi x reader and Tsukishima x reader.
Warnings: None.
Rating: SFW
Requests: Open.
𝕃𝕖𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕗𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨 𝕚𝕗 𝕦 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕥!
𝓢𝓾𝓰𝓪𝔀𝓪𝓻𝓪 𝓚𝓸𝓼𝓱𝓲
Tumblr media
𝓓𝓪𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓲 𝓢𝓪𝔀𝓪𝓶𝓾𝓻𝓪
Tumblr media
𝓣𝓼𝓾𝓴𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓶𝓪 𝓚𝓮𝓲
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bokubear · 20 hours ago
their quirks | hq boys
Tumblr media
feat. tendou satori, ushijima wakatoshi, yamaguchi tadashi, tsukishima kei, suna rintarou, oikawa torū, daichi sawamura
warnings; none
Tumblr media
tendou ^ he likes making paper cranes. he has since he was young. once he learned how, he takes every piece of paper on a stack and can make a hundred paper cranes. one night you walked into your shared bedroom and stopped dead. thousands of cranes littered the floor, and in the middle of the hoard sat tendou, smiling enthusiastically despite the dilemma.
suna ^ when you do silly things you don’t mean and he takes a billion pictures just to use them as blackmail. his phone is practically taking pictures of you every millisecond. you ask him why not specific moments and he says: ‘if you take a lot at a time, you get a lot more action shots.’ this jerk-face.
ushijima ^ he spends HOURS in the meat section. no he isn’t a food enthusiast, he just likes to see the meats available. he says to you: ‘in case we should try something new, good meat is healthy.’ of course the nutrition freak is always there, especially the grocery store.
daichi ^ makes sure the door is locked. he’s seen to many of those memes about it. a massive peeve when he’s out with you to wonder if he locked the door or not. rushed and late? you have to wait, daichi needs to check the door. not only does it secure his protection, your protection is most important as well.
oikawa ^ he winks at you. you glance at him sparingly? he will wink when you catch his gaze. it’s a habit he’s picked up from flirting with you. he likes it when you had first begun dating and he would wink in your direction and you’d become flustered. now he pouts because you’ve become completely unaffected.
yamaguchi ^ he doodles. notebooks? doodles. an old paper? doodles. when it’s your notebook or textbook he likes to write little notes on pages you might visit often. cute hearts and things. instead of encouraging notes he likes little doodles. if you return the favor he will be bouncing around with happiness all day.
tsukishima ^ homework. you may ask, or you may not but that’s out of the question. he will help you. not really ‘help’ but in his own way. which means when he sees your pencil not moving for a bit, or how you bite your lip and narrow your eyes, he slips beside you and corrects you. every single time. i swear it’s a routine for the salt-shaker.
Tumblr media
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited ©
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therescrackinmytea · a day ago
Tumblr media
Currently thinking of the scent of your faves cologne when he freshly applies it. He’s just finished getting ready to go and meet his friends - showered, dressed and then he reaches for his favourite perfume, the final touch. A few spritzes over his pulse points and he’s about to leave, the mist just settling into his skin when you enter the room. It overwhelms your nose in the best way. There’s something so addictive and embarrassingly attractive about the scent that permeates the air - heady and masculine and clouding all your rational thoughts. He smells so good and he looks even better and you want to keep him here, with you. So when you compliment him on it, a smirk crawls over his face because there's longing written all over your face.
Tumblr media
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sunarent · an hour ago
Tumblr media
when he throws his wedding ring
Tumblr media
characters: asahi. atsumu. daichi. kita. ushijima.
genre: angst
part one
Tumblr media
ASAHI never felt so afraid before. the moment he realized just what he had done he goes pale, eyes wide as he stares at you. of course he doesn’t miss the silent tears that leave your eyes, of course he doesn’t miss the way your shoulders shake, of course he doesn’t miss the sobs that you try to hold in so desperately. and yet he is the one to break down first, he is the one who lets the first tears fall, he is the one to be pulled into your embrace - but shouldn’t he be the one comforting you?
ATSUMU finds himself rushing to you and pulling you in for a tight hug, just after the first shock had settled. he doesn’t care if you want distance right now, he doesn’t care that he broke his very own promises. despite your struggles he refuses to let you go, afraid of what might happen. what would he do if you were to run away, if you left him here, if you never came back? above everything; even if he did just the very thing he swore he would never do, even if he broke every promise he ever made - atsumu knew he needed you, more than anything else. he couldn’t bare to see you leaving - but he couldn’t really blame you, could he?
DAICHI knows that he was supposed to be better than this. hell, he knows that he was better than this. he takes a few steps towards you before stopping, seeing you tending your shoulders and taking a few steps back in return. he calmly apologizes after taking a deep breath. daichi doesn’t rush out the door and neither do you - after all the both of you know that there’s no escaping from this, you need to talk about this. with a clenched jaw he follows you into the living room, right after he picked his ring up again. he couldn’t stare at anything else than the band on his palm as he sits down beside you, the silence unbearable.
KITA stares at you for a short moment, before gulping. he knows that what he did was wrong, he knows that it was unforgivable - and he doesn’t even know why he did it. So he only mumbles an apology, telling you that he knew that you‘d wanna be alone now before making his way to the couch, leaving you to sleep in your shared bedroom. kita doesn’t find any sleep that night, only tossing and turning and mentally scolding himself, even cursing at himself. and truthfully - if he were you, he wouldn’t forgive himself.
USHIJIMA had always cherished you and your marriage, ever since you two slipped the rings on each other’s fingers, never failing to make you feel loved and secure - so he never thought he would find himself in this position, the very same band that you gave him years ago thrown carelessly on the floor as you looked at him in disbelief. you take a deep breath as you rush past him, claiming that you need some fresh air, yet ushijima‘s gaze is still glued to the floor - his wedding ring mockingly reflecting the sunlight. and having him ignore your sniffles as you rush out without a jacket or any proper shoes almost hurt more - maybe he really didn’t care anymore.
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
Tumblr media
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quirrrky · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞'𝐬 𝐦𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐡 ♡ fall in love like you're an angel falling from the sky, limitless and unstoppable. the kind of love that makes you feel vulnerable; a love so bad, it feels so good. ━ this is to celebrate my blog's upcoming 3rd birthday! it's scorpio season everyone, time of yet again all-consuming love full of depth, passion and devotion
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨 𝐬𝐚𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐨 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞 ♡ must revolve around any of these themes: how they make you fall so hard, their secret thoughts, pining, admiring from afar, how they sweep you off your feet, how they seduce you, how they break your heart, how they win you over like a devil tempting your soul
♡ open to all kinds of genres and tropes including NSFW contents, but strictly no cheating, NTR, non/dub-con, abuse, adult-minor, illegal drugs
♡ minimum of 500 words; please place proper tags and trigger warnings
♡ I will reblog your work with this tag: [♡] heaven collab
♡ runs from October 23 to November 21, 2021; kindly tag me in your work so I can be notified
♡ send me an ASK with your character/s from haikyuu and/or demon slayer; please include if it contains NSFW scenes, so I can place it in my MDNI masterlist instead
Tumblr media
𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧' 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐡𝐢𝐦 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧' 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐞
♡ haikyuu
kuroo tetsurou - @quirrrky oikawa tooru - @quirrrky
♡ demon slayer
rengoku kyojuro - @quirrrky
Tumblr media
this is part of my main blog's 3rd birthday celebration♡ more events to come on november 3! ✧ DAYDREAM MUSEUM ✧
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frogtanii · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
℗ poker face
starring - miya atsumu | miya osamu | kozume kenma | kuroo tetsurō | bokuto kotarou | akaashi keiji | sugawara koushi | sawamura daichi | oikawa toorū | iwaizumi hajime | sakusa kiyoomi
summary - as an up and coming youtuber, you thought it would be beneficial to join a content house with your old childhood friend meiko, but as time went by, you realized things were not as they seemed. with only 6 months left on your contract, will your housemates finally open their eyes and see how horribly they’ve been treating you or will you leave with a heavy mind and an even heavier heart?
genre - youtuber!au, college!au, ANGST, ANGST ANGST, literally cannot warn u enough it is so much angst, tiny bit of crack, eventual fluff, eventual choose-your-man endings, enemies to lovers type beat, reverse harem
warnings - TW ATTEMPTED SEXUAL A*SAULT AND ATTEMPTED MURDER, hi yes ANGST, manipulation (not by you to the boys or the boys to you), ur faves are rlly mean at first, swearing, drinking, just everyone sucks but you & atsumu lol, minimal fluff, not soft at first (it takes a minute)
taglist - CLOSED!
status - on hiatus!
profiles 01 || profiles 02
i. lol who asked
ii. not the tyra slander
iii. a crack in the facade
iv. movie night :/
v. evidence. please.
vi. too attached
vii. not helpful
viii. vacation!!!!!
ix. shattered
x. ick
xi. come quick
xii. tell me everything
xiii. talking it out
xiv. k fuck you meiko
xv. cigarettes and tears (tw sexual assault‼️)
xvi. whenever you’re ready
xvii. charmed
xviii. but... why?
xix. try, for him
xx. alone time :)
→ missing screenshots from xx ;-;
xxi. actual murder
xxii. a boy worth fighting for
xxiii. exiled
xxiv. stfu, jesus
xxv. insecurities :(
xxvi. a gift, truly
xxvii. did a number on you,,
xxviii. the yn project
xxix. you are loved :)
xxx. literally shut up iwaizumi
xxxi. walk for me, serve
xxxii. god speed your love to me
xxxiii. ‘bunched panties’
xxxiv. take care of yourself, iwaizumi-san
xxxv. so... this is it
xxxvi. brand new manager-chan
xxxvii. investigation: start!
xxxviii. whatever it takes
xxxix. she’ll be okay
xl. get in losers, we’re going shopping
xli. disruption
xlii. be better
xliii. what you deserve
xliv. ok, go off queen
xlv. intermission
xlvi. can we talk?
xlvii. lemme see the drip
xlviii. frozen
xlix. the least he could do
l. let me be here for you
li. the doctor and the asshole
lii. change for the better
liii. that’s a lil sus
liv. limo karaoke
lv. one way or another
lvi. stress pets
lvii. deflection
lviii. it’s over
lix. not like this
lx. i’ll be just fine
miya atsumu - me and my husband
kozume kenma - home
bonus content! below the cut :)
what everyone does (like their content lol)
official room aesthetics!! (also by me ahaha)
much better floor plans lmfao (by @/vixisti)
kenma dripped down (by @/anythingremotelynice)
finished bokuto!!! (by @/tadaimari)
wind nonnie’s love letter to yn <3
memorableminds meme dumps one & two
rated e’s fanart baddie fit & swimsuit
hehe funny meme submission (by @/anarchybaby)
meme dump!! (by @/justanother2dsimp)
tsumu’s dinner fit (by @/peachiikichu)
tsumu lookin FINE (by @/anythingremotelynice)
masc poker face fits by @/halethemenace one
the boys’ dinner fits (by @/moooonyyy)
kuroo’s beach fit (by @/aozorasannn)
hehe meme dump!!! (by @/sakusasonlywife)
omi’s dinner fit (by @/tsukkiholicc)
bo && yn (by @/a-mi-nion)
kenma’s beach fit (by @/chocolatiernerd)
tsumu cleaning mc’s wounds (by @/kiwibirbs-library)
sakusa cleaning mc’s wounds (by @/anythingremotelynice)
sakusa & mc drabble (by chai anon ((SO GOOD)))
cherry wine cover (by @/toshis-switch)
akaashi drawing!! (by @/a-mi-nion)
mostly atsumu memes!! (by @/attentionwhoreuwu)
atsumu n yn meeting drabble (by strawberry mochi)
sakusa limo ride drabble (by chai anon ((STUNNING))
oiks n yn drabble (by chai anon ((EMOTIONAL ;-;))
fight for me animatic (by @/lausterdomyamong) ((INCREDIBLE OMFG I LOVE YOU))
sims house stuff!! (by @/liferuinedby5idiotsand1genius)
suga hiding (by @/a-mi-nion)
pov: ur meiko (by @/lausterdomyamong)
tsumu n samu angst drabble (by noah anon (beauty))
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haikyuu-boys-headcanons · 9 months ago
hehe, i’m back at it again with one of these long ass posts but this idea’s literally been in my head all day long so here you go !! obvious nsfw warning :)
tw: this whole post is just nsfw and embarrassing to read so read at your own risk >:)
𝙳𝙰𝙸𝙲𝙷𝙸 » during a super intense and loud session, his voice cracked as he asked you “does that feel goOD- good baby?” to this day, he still prays that you couldn’t hear him over the sound of your own moans
𝚂𝚄𝙶𝙰𝚆𝙰𝚁𝙰 » you were riding him and he went to slap your ass, but something went wrong either because you were riding too quickly or he was shaking too much, boy ended up slapping himself in the balls. you’ve never heard that boy scream that loud in your life
𝙰𝚂𝙰𝙷𝙸 » literally pulled out in the middle of sex to get up and rush to the corner of his room to flip around his childhood teddy bears. your just laying there with your tiddies and coochie out waiting for asahi to shield the eyes of mr. wiggles
𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙺𝙰 » you two were having pretty intense shower sex until tanaka did the number one thing your not supposed to do during shower sex; this muthafucker slipped while holding you. long story short, y’all were okay but just ended up having nasty shower floor sex??
𝙽𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙾𝚈𝙰 » this tiny ass 5′2 man was unconsciously humping your leg while you were both asleep?? his presumably pleasurable wet dream had turned into a sudden nightmare when you literally had to KICK him off you to stop the humping. bad nishinoya, bad!
𝙺𝙰𝙶𝙴𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰 » came WAYYY too early inside you, but he was too embarrassed to say anything so he just... kept going. sadly, no one had warned kageyama of the intense effects of overstimulation. he was shaking and whimpering so badly behind you to the point where you had to ask him to pull out and bring him a glass of water to calm down
𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙰𝚃𝙰 » the first time you squirted on him, he just blatantly asked you these exact few words that left you feeling mortified: “did you just piss on me?” nuh uh hinata, this water fountain ain’t yours to drown in anymore >:( 
𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙺𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » kei was hitting it from the back pretty hard this time, so hard that you were suddenly... on an angle? suddenly, now you two were much closer to the floor than before. the bed ended up collapsing, yes literally collapsing due to kei’s powerful thrusts. worst part is, nobody got to finish since kei dragged you to ikea to grumpily buy a new bedframe. but hey, he bought you ikea meatballs; that shit hits so different
𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙶𝚄𝙲𝙷𝙸 » one super duper intense night, he passed out the SECOND he came. no matter how much you flicked the temple of his forehead, yamaguchi was dead asleep. you had to literally slap him awake to get him to clean up, you ain’t risking a ranky stanky UTI puthy in the morning
𝙾𝙸𝙺𝙰𝚆𝙰 » kept calling himself a sex machine during the act. i don’t know if it was due to the 6 tequila shots he had beforehand or just his inner ego revealing, whatever it was it was about to make your pussy close
𝙸𝚆𝙰𝚉𝚄𝙼𝙸 » this one time, he kept going in at a weird angle which caused you to repeatedly queef for 7 minutes straight. every time you told him to pull out and go in properly, he laughed and kept going in at that one weird angle!! was your embarrassment a turn on for him?? maybe!! but were you mortified? absolutely!!
𝙼𝙰𝚃𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙽 » i’m sorry to have to be the one to announce this, but this man had the worst case of full blown bush you’ve ever seen. like, he didn’t even try to manscape or anything at all. you ended up begging him to trim just a tiny bit because you weren’t gonna risk choking on a pube whilst your going down on him
𝙷𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙺𝙸 » rubbed your left labia thinking it was your clit. and he kept doing that. the whole. fucking. time. even when you subtly moved his fingers towards your clit, he just kept going back to the left lip.
𝙺𝚄𝙽𝙸𝙼𝙸 » had the most dry and dull dirty talk you’ve ever heard. like, it’s not even dirty talk at this point; it’s just clean talk. there’s no passion when he talks! he uses the same tone he would use for anyone else at any other moment. to paint the picture, imagine riding kunimi and he’s just there with a furrowed expression like “yup, that feels really good”
𝙺𝚈𝙾𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙸 » tried to pull one of those unexpected anal scenes that he saw from a porno, without telling you beforehand. life lesson here; if you party at shit's house, don't be surprised if shit's at the party
𝙺𝚄𝚁𝙾𝙾 » you two were looking to get a little more kinky in terms of BDSM, so kuroo watched like 30 tutorials on youtube on how to safely tie you up so you won’t fall or anything. this bitch ended up tying rope knots that were practically impossible to undo, which resulted in you hanging from the ceiling for approximately 2 hours pussy-ass naked while kuroo tried to cut you down with a kitchen knife
𝙺𝙴𝙽𝙼𝙰 » wanted to spice things up with some dirty talk, like the real nasty talk they use in pornos but not the normal pornos; the shitty company ones with horrific acting. he really ended up announcing that he was going to “fuck your fucking fanny off, you twat”
𝙻𝙴𝚅 » got super excited while he was opening the lube since he hadn’t gotten to fuck you in a WHILE, which resulted the lube leaked everywhere and a giant 6′5 man slipping and hitting his head on the bed frame. worst part is; he had to go to the ER with a hard on that refused to go away
𝙱𝙾𝙺𝚄𝚃𝙾 » speaking of boners that wouldn’t go away, let’s not forget that one time bokuto took two viagras when you texted him to come over for a special occasion. he horribly misinterpreted the ‘special occasion’ text, because he showed up to your house with a huge buldge in his pants as your parents stand before him holding anniversary cards, completely horrified
𝙰𝙺𝙰𝙰𝚂𝙷𝙸 » wanted to make valentines day sex as romantic as he could, so he did the classic lighting candles and giving roses. everything was beautiful, until he accidently knocked one of the bigger candles over during missionary. this not only caused a huge ass fire in your bedroom, but he came right as the fire began to spread. boy was debating on whether his orgasm was to die for or not
𝙺𝙾𝙽𝙾𝙷𝙰 » had a nose bleed when he was going down on you and you both were immediately horrified, you thinking it was your period and him thinking he just ate coochie blood. yet as you went to go clean up, you realized his face had much more blood on it than your coochie did. to this day, he still blames it on your period 
𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙹𝙸𝙼𝙰 » threw you onto the bed and your head went through the wall. he didn’t even bother to ask you if you were okay, he just sighed and went “well, now i have to make a call to the construction guy. excuse me” and he left you and your concussed ass head sit there once again, pussy ass naked
𝚃𝙴𝙽𝙳𝙾𝚄 » during a blowjob, he held your head down right as he was coming causing the cum to shoot up your throat and somehow pour out of your nose. by the time he pulled out, he could barely breath from laughing at you. sure, the classic ‘milk shooting out of nose’ thing was funny at first until you got a sinus infection and had to breath out of your mouth for the next three days
𝚂𝙴𝙼𝙸 » always insists having sex in the most inconvenient places?? like he would pull you to side while grocery shopping and start grinding up against you as you pick which brand of cheese would be better??
𝙶𝙾𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙺𝙸 » he kept getting frustrated that his bangs were clouding his field of vision, so he irritably grabbed a hair tie and frantically tied up the sides of his bangs while he was fucking you. you immediately burst out laughing since he looked exactly like boo from monsters inc. 
𝚃𝙴𝚁𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » got so drunk that he ended up fucking the couch. like he was just there on top of you, and his dick was just sliding between the folds of the leather couch. you decided to let him finish like that
𝚂𝙰𝙺𝚄𝚂𝙰 » had a really bad reaction to one of the products he used while shaving and ended up getting super irritated down there so he kept having to pull out in-between thrusts to itch his crotch. to make things worse, you joking suggested that he looked like he had syphilis and he got so disgusted at the idea of that thought that he literally had to pull out and take a breather 
𝙾𝚂𝙰𝙼𝚄 » drizzled ‘warm’ chocolate down your chest and was about to seductively lick it off until you screamed in pain and horror as the chocolate was literally burning your skin off. osamu panicked, obviously not knowing what to do if chocolate was burning his partners skin off so he just... frantically licked it off. you still had to go to the ER afterwards to get treated for mild burns
𝙰𝚂𝚃𝚄𝙼𝚄 » didn’t know what a hymen was until the first time he tried to have sex with you. no matter how much he tried to shove his schlong in, it really just wasn’t working + “yer puss is broken”
𝚂𝚄𝙽𝙰 » pinched your nipples so fucking hard to the point where you started crying. he thoughts these were tears of pleasure until you literally had to kick him off you. but hey, he gave you ice for your sore nipples and mcdonalds! what more could a girl possibly want :)
uh the end lol
also, this idea was inspired by the first haikyuu headcanon i ever read, “awkward sex moments” by @bbytetsu <3
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iwajos · 28 days ago
haikyuu doms when you try to choke them <3
Tumblr media
cw : choking, slightly bratty reader, thigh riding, dumbification, condescending men lmao, light spanking
note : horny hours, wishing these men were real to put me in my place <//3 a little something to post while i work on my gojo fic
now playing : won't bite by doja cat ft. smino
1:25 ───〇─── 3:15
⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻
Tumblr media
you're on top of him, head thrown back and riding him at a steady pace, face contorted in pleasure as his tip hits your cervix. he is part lying on his back, leaning against the headboard as he perches himself on his elbows , mesmerized by how your breasts bounce every time you move. you take this chance to try something you've been thinking of recently, you lean forward and place both your hands on his throat, lightly choking him as you increase your pace. he is startled at first but then he smirks at you, clearly amused. he takes your free thumb into his mouth and sucks on it with a wink, right before grabbing your hips and slamming you on his dick. thrusts up into you like an animal and smiles when he sees your eyes roll back as you cling to him for support, "its cute that you tried baby"
↳ oikawa asfff, daichi!!, kuroo, osamu, matsukawa, akaashi, sugawara, sakusa, meian
he is sitting on a couch, hands folded behind his head and a condescending smirk on his face as he watches you desperately ride his thigh. you have placed both your hands on his chest for support, rolling your hips as you chase your high. he looks at your slick pooling on his thigh and groans, "poor baby can't even make herself cum?" you look up to meet his mocking gaze, so frustrated and angry, it takes over you as you shift one of your hands from his chest up to his neck; choking him as you roll your hips faster. he quirks one eyebrow and chuckles "oh you wanna play this game huh?". he brings his hand to choke you even harder, pulling you in for a messy kiss. he spanks your ass with his other hand and then pinches your clit, laughing at the squeal you let out
↳ tsukishima!!, kageyama!, ushijima, terushima, iwaizumi, bokuto, kita, atsumu, tanaka
Tumblr media
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bokutoism · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
featuring — bokuto koutarou, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurou, matsukawa issei, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, sawamura daichi, suna rintarou + female reader
warnings: mentions of spit (for matsukawa), overstimulation (for bokuto). additional notes: i’m going through writer’s block and literally forgot my own writing style lmao. i hope these were good and on par with the rest of my writing <3
Tumblr media
❥ atsumu calls you pretty—because you are, you're so fucking pretty, all spread out and ready for him—in a voice that's both low and honeyed while he towers over you with a wide grin on his face. it's the way you look up at him with doe-eyes and parted lips, mused hair and laboured breaths, that gets him so fired up and ready to go; he often jokes and tells you not to look at him like that because he'll have a hard time holding himself back otherwise. but there's no way you'd ever heed his warnings though—not when he's constantly purring out sweet nothings in your ear and against your skin—and quite frankly, atsumu can't be happier because there's really no better way to fuck you… hard and fast.
❥ bokuto makes sure he kisses you before he fucks you simply because he thinks it's really cute when you moan and whine against him the moment his cock meets your folds—he honestly likes being connected to you as much as possible. the idea of swallowing the sounds you make is just so hot to him, that he'll often let his lips linger; sometimes bokuto will tug at your lower lip just so he can elicit more noises from you and you can feel the way his mouth quirks upwards once you give him what he wants. he's also very big on verbal reactions, so anything you (try to) say to him once he's pounding away will drive him insane—if you start babbling about how big his cock is and how you can't take it anymore, the words lost against his lips, he's gone.
❥ daichi massages your thighs with firm fingers, occasionally digging his calloused fingertips into your soft skin with enough pressure to leave behind faint crescent-shaped indents. he's a tease in that he very much enjoys scraping his blunt nails along the warm flesh of your inner thighs, dragging them dangerously close to your awaiting sex until they're just barely ghosting over your slit, only to draw them away a second later. perhaps it's a little cruel of him, but daichi likes watching you squirm in his lap, desperate to feel his fingers—anything, really—inside of you. he's also a firm believer in asking for what you want so unless you tell him otherwise, he'll keep toying with you.
❥ iwaizumi can't resist cupping the plump globes of your ass, groaning deep and low once his palms meet your delicate skin. with his head thrown back, he lets the tips of his fingers grip and squeeze at whatever his hands can get ahold of, lazily massaging your flesh, before he finally treats himself to a few slaps; they aren't always hard hits, just a little something to have you flinching and squirming. iwaizumi loves it when you start wiggling your hips for him because it's your way of telling him that you can't take his teasing anymore, that he needs to get to work—a satisfying last pat bounces off your skin before he grabs your hips and buries himself between your folds.
❥ kuroo is a huge tease and likes to deliver several pats to your sex; he's addicted to the sloppy sound of his fingers meeting your folds and enjoys coating them with the beginnings of your liquid arousal. he gets pretty smug about it too but in a lighthearted way, humming lowly at how wet and ready you are for him, how you're already making a mess even though he's barely started. depending on his mood, kuroo may continue patting your pussy until your hips are desperately bucking up towards him; once he's had his fun though, he'll bring his fingers to your face—look at how dirty they've gotten, he'll say—before he tells you to suck them clean.
❥ matsukawa likes it messy and enjoys spitting on your sex, lazy eyes staring intently at the way his saliva slowly glides over your folds and onto the bedsheets. it gets a little embarrassing at times because he'll just watch as you helplessly clench around nothing, mewling for him, his thumbs gently spreading you further apart so that he can spit again and again. once he's satisfied with the mess he's made, matsukawa will pull away and sit on his haunches and admire his work. he'll tease you for a bit, chuckling lowly as his cock nudges at your glistening skin, and commends your patience before he finally enters you.
❥ sakusa likes watching as your body jolts when he pinches your puffy clit. he'll often lull you into a false sense of security with the meaningless patterns he traces all over your sex, his fingers slowly swirling over and between your folds and around your throbbing bud, before he catches you offguard with a quick tweak. although sakusa finds your reactions amusing, he'll usually end up feeling bad after if he sees you pouting at him. he's got a huge soft spot for you and won't stop himself from leaning in to give you a lingering kiss, murmuring a sincere 'sorry, you're just too cute. i couldn't help myself' against your lips.
❥ suna kisses your pussy—several times. he's the happiest when his head is buried between your thighs and he'll justify his deliberately slow and sensual kisses as his way of showing appreciation. everything he does is to get a reaction from you; the way his nose brushes against your clit when he dips in for a kiss, the way he purposely slurps at your wet sex, the way his teeth lightly tug at your folds when he pulls away for air. suna gets a huge rush from knowing that it's his mouth turning you into a whimpering mess, that it's his kisses that have you desperately bucking your hips up for more. once he feels you tugged at his hair though, that's when he'll get to work; he'll give you one last lingering peck, humming before his tongue slips past your folds.
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nkogneatho · a month ago
► 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐁𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐮𝐭𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐝𝐨.
↳ m.list ↳ taglist ↳ collab
Tumblr media
Tugs on the hem of your t-shirt when they are jealous.
Sakusa, IWAIZUMI, Kageyama, Kenma, Kunimi, Konoha, Goshiki, Tsukishima
Brings you everything to your bed so you don't need to bother to get up.
Sugawara, Akaashi, Komori, Osamu, Kita, Kindaichi, Makki, Fukunaga, Leon, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi
Hums you your favorite song while cuddling you to sleep.
KUROO, Daichi, Ushijima, Asahi, Aran, Washio, Matsukawa, Meian, Aone.
Asks to join in anything you're doing. Makeup? Yes. Arson? Yes.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @unabashednightmarepizza @loveliestmolly @half-baked-biscuit @smoothy-ve @your-girl-mj @sebbyzoldyck @cursedmoonchild @tetsunormous @nachotrash @acethecard @koifish69 @tamewkii @theaesthete @psycho-nightrose @httptamaki @tequchiha @kuroo-tetsunii @hanmasin
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anxiousbabybirdb · 5 months ago
The following men would carry you to the kitchen at midnight because you wanted cereal and couldn’t walk after how hard they’d fucked you:
Tumblr media
Aone—cradles you gently in his arms and carries you to the kitchen, delicately sits you in a chair before he gets everything for you and brings it to the table. He never means to fuck your that hard, he’s just big in more ways than one.
Atsumu—he gives you a piggy back ride and keeps looking over his shoulder, smirking at you and how fucked out and cute you look. He sits you on the kitchen counter and you both giggle and eat a whole box of cereal from one giant mixing bowl.
Bokuto—he tosses you over his shoulder, still careful not to hurt you further, and drops you on top of the kitchen table and makes you sit there. He grabs everything, scoops you back up in his arms, then makes his way to the couch where he sits down, sits you between his legs, and rests his chin on your shoulder while you eat.
Daichi—he knows you can’t walk after the many rounds, so when you say you’re hungry, he’s sweeping you up in his arms and carrying you to the kitchen before you even ask. He sits you on a bar stool at the counter, grabs everything you want, and stands next to you, leaning his body on the counter while you eat. He watches you lovingly and when you ask what he’s doing, he says, “Wondering if this is night I finally managed to fuck a baby into you.” You choke on your cereal but it’s fine, he pats your back and then feeds you himself, a kiss between every bite.
Iwaizumi—he carries you like a koala on his chest, arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist. He deposits you on the kitchen counter before grabbing everything you want, and a bottle of water you didn’t ask for but is handed to you expectantly, and he stands between your legs and massages your sore thighs while you eat your cereal. He carries you back to bed gently and cuddles you has you cockwarm him all night sore body be damned.
Mattsun—teases you the whole time but ultimately picks you up and carries you to the kitchen like a princess, cuddles to his chest with his arms behind your back and under your knees. He sits you at the table and leaves to grab everything with a bow. He sits next to you and insists on feeding you because you’re ‘Daddy’s cute princess that can’t walk after being fucked so good’. A hefty smack to his arm gets him to stop teasing and he’ll just watch you eat all lovingly. Or you can let him feed you, honestly, he doesn’t mind.
Osamu—he carries you down like a princess, bridal style and immensely careful, knowing just how broken your body felt from his taking advantage of his first night off in weeks. He deposits you on the counter next to the stove and stands between your legs, trying to convince you to let him cook you something good, something healthy and nourishing and better than a bowl of sugary cereal. However, he relents and kisses the pout from your face when you assure him you just want cereal. He hops up on the counter next to you eating a bowl of fruit while you eat your cereal, stopping you to feed you little bites of fruit and steal kisses between bites of your cereal.
Suna—you’re hungry at midnight, the man is so game for that. He’s another one to give you a piggy back ride, careful but playful as he takes you to the kitchen. He sits you down in the living room on the couch and covers you with a blanket, knowing you’re probably cold from being naked aside from his shirt. He gets you what you want, adding a banana to the tray so you have something more filling, and brings a tray of cereal, fruit and water to you. He sits on the other end of the couch, your legs in his lap while you eat, his large hands massaging your calves and feet for you while you eat. The second you’re done, he’s pulling you in his lap and cuddling you though, wanting you close (and spitting in your mouth, it’s better than the cereal).
Tanaka—he happily carries you into the kitchen, koala style. He sits you on the counter, grabs everything, and hops up on the counter next to you. He feeds you bites of dry cereal from his hand and you do the same, pouring milk in one another’s mouth after each handful of cereal. It’s all laughs and smiles with him.
Ushijima—he carries you bridal style and carries you around the kitchen, stopping at the pantry for you to grab the cereal and at the cabinet to grab bowls and spoons, before he seats himself at the kitchen table and rests you comfortably on his lap. He presses kisses to your neck the whole time you eat and whispers sweet nothings in your ear.
Tumblr media
A/N: This was brought to you by cocoa pebbles at midnight 💙 And thank you to my evil twin Ryder for coming up with Tanaka’s, you’re a genius.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @introloves @goldenshoyo @chaoticryder @managertae @undxrworld @zhongh-li
Tumblr media
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cellotonin · 2 months ago
baby fever ➳ d. sawamura (18+!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wc: 2.6k
tags/warnings: smut, 18+ (minors pls dni !!), fem!reader, unprotected sex, breeding, overstimulation, oral (f. receiving), slight cum play (??)
a/n: ok but would anyone believe me if i said i was supposed to finish this in march for @kingtamakimurder​​’s birthday,,,,,,, 🧍🏾‍♀️🧍🏾‍♀️ pls ignore this being nearly 5 months late WKJSKJSXDCFV ILY SHAN 😭 BUT ANYWHOO,,,, listen all i’m saying is,,, daichi w/ baby fever 😳 u know it’s gonna be a long night LMAO 🥴 let’s consider this my practice for this year’s kinktober i hope y’all enjoy <33 and ty @phasmwrites​ and @cyancherub​ for beta reading this for me i owe u my life <3
Tumblr media
Daichi’s hands are at your stomach again.
It’s become a new part of his greeting since last week. For every good morning, his palms rest just above your pelvis like a protective barrier. For every see you later, his hands linger on your navel for just a few extra seconds as if they don’t want to let go. For every welcome back or I’m home, his fingers gently press into the soft flesh of your stomach. And for every goodnight, his arms wrap around your torso again like it’s the only way he can sleep.
Your initial reaction is the same. Your breath catches in your throat, body stiff with anticipation as you wait for his next move. But his hands don’t travel further up towards your chest, nor do they slide further down past your hips. All that move are his fingers, tracing the faintest patterns along your skin as he rests his chin atop your shoulder. It’s as if his hands have grown a mind of their own, leaving him completely unaware of what they’re up to.
And it’s only when you squirm, asking if there’s something he needs, that Daichi suddenly seems to realize he’s doing. “Nothing, baby, just saying hi,” is the only response you ever get from him, pressing a kiss to your temple before he pulls his hands away. And once again, he leaves you on your own to wonder what that could have been about.
It must be a habit, that’s really the only conclusion you can come to. With no other possible explanation, you decide to leave it at that. Just a habit, nothing else to it.
But you can only brush it off for so long.
His new “habits” rapidly begin to increase in both number and frequency, each one less subtle than the last. He's suddenly much more attentive to your needs, asking if you’re sore, if you’re having any peculiar cravings, if you need to rest your feet. Each time he asks, his hands return to your lower belly like a magnet.
“You know, you’re really great with kids,” he starts to comment on almost a daily basis. Every time you run into a younger child, helping them find their parents or shake a ball down from a tree, Daichi never fails to remind you of your apparent skill.
Somehow, you don’t connect the dots until you start to catch him wandering towards the baby section in every store, until you often notice him running his fingers along the delicate fabric of the tiniest baby blue onesies, until you find him watching the children play with the toys, flashing a smile every time one of them notices his presence, until you develop your own habit of scanning your cart for any pacifiers or bottles or diapers that he might have “accidentally” dropped in when he wasn’t thinking.
You know exactly what he wants.
And yet, even as Daichi wordlessly approaches you in your shared bedroom, even as he nudges your legs apart and settles himself between your thighs, even as he presses his cheek against your stomach like he’s listening for something, you still find yourself asking him again. “What is it, Daichi? Do you need anything?”
He offers no verbal response. Instead, his hands begin to wander, disappearing under the fabric of your loose tank top as they travel upwards, only pausing once they’ve reached your breasts. Your breath jumps when his thumbs and forefingers ghost over your buds, which grow stiffer by the second as he gives them the faintest squeeze.
“Daichi…” you try again, squirming as both your face and your core grow warm. And for the second time, you're ignored.
His hands retreat from your chest after a few moments, and you find your thighs subconsciously parting further as he makes his way back towards your pelvis. Each kiss he places over your belly makes your skin burn with excitement, and you’re so focused on that particular sensation that you don’t even notice his left hand dip between your legs. A sharp gasp falls from your lips when his fingers glide across your clothed slit, just barely missing that one spot you thought they might land.
But just before he can discard the article of clothing that blocks his path, you reach down to tap his forehead. “Come on, Daichi… you gotta tell me what you want,” you whine, curling your lips into a pout.
This time, he answers. He lets out a soft hum, pausing his actions long enough to glance up at you. His eyes narrow as he smirks ever-so-slightly, a look that he knows will have you dripping in moments, and gives your hips the lightest squeeze. “Do I? I figured you already knew.”
“I - I don’t think I do.” You’re lying straight through your teeth. Of course, you already know. Everyone and their mothers have probably figured it out by now. But as eager as you are to start the process, you can’t help but drag it out. It’s always a little more fun when you do.
Daichi tuts quietly, digging his fingers further into your hips as you let out another gasp. “I know you’re lying to me, (Y/N). Sounds like you want me to spell it out for you, right?” 
“Maybe…” You swallow, waiting with bated breath for what he’ll do next.
“Fine then, I’ll humor you this time, baby.” He pushes himself up to one knee, making his way back up your body until his lips are hovering just over your ear. Two fingers slip under your panties and into your dripping cunt, pulling out a soft moan from your chest. “I want a baby right now, (Y/N). I wanna fill up this pretty cunt of yours until I know we’ve got one.”
Every hushed word sends an exhilarating shiver down your spine in time with the slow thrust of his fingers. You whine, rolling your hips against his hand as you seek more friction. “Daichi… please, don’t tease…”
“I’ve wanted this for so long, baby. I’ve always wanted a little version of us running around and calling us Mommy and Daddy,” he continues, pushing his thumb against your clit as he slowly picks up the pace. “Think you can do that, darling? Be good for me and let’s make that happen, yeah?”
His fingers curl upwards as he asks, hitting that extra sweet spot with ease and sending a fierce jolt of pleasure through your core. “Oh fuck - please, Daichi,” you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut.
He pushes his fingers even deeper in, pressing a trail of kisses along your collarbone as your breathing staggers. “Please what?” he asks, only pausing briefly to nudge your thighs further apart.
“Please, I… I want…” You’re already out of breath, quiet moans and whimpers cutting you off as steady waves of pleasure disrupt your thoughts.
“Talk to me, baby. What do you want?”
Some nerve he has, expecting you to speak as if you’re not currently on the brink of falling apart around just two of his fingers. But you know better by now. You know how he gets such a kick out of watching you struggle to use your words, because you know he won’t budge until you do. You know how he can sit there, relishing in your hushed cries and holding your orgasm just a hair’s width out of reach until he hears what he wants.
And as much as you’d like to drag out the fun even more, you’re not sure how much longer you’ll last while hovering so dangerously close to the edge. So with a shaky breath, you will yourself to form just one coherent sentence.
“I want your cum inside me, Daichi… please.”
His response is so subtle it nearly dips under the radar. But you catch the way his breath almost halts in his throat, the way his other hand twitches around your hip, the way his eyes glaze over with a particular lust you’ve never seen in him before. A second passes, then he lets out a soft chuckle. He slowly retracts his fingers from your core, wordlessly pressing a kiss under your chin when you begin to whine.
You’re not left empty for long. Your panties are tossed out of the way, and his two fingers are almost instantly replaced by the head of his cock, giving your cunt the perfect stretch it’s been yearning for. You cry out, your arms immediately flinging themselves around his neck as he continues to push himself further and further in. And you haven’t even fully registered just how close he had brought you with his fingers alone until he’s completely sheathed inside you, hardly a millimeter shy of hitting your cervix, and the pleasure is so much all at once that you start to spasm around him right away.
Daichi remains silent all the while, watching without a sound as your thighs quiver and struggle to stay open. He reaches out, gently swiping his thumb across your cheek as you shudder under his touch. For a moment, you almost begin to think that he’ll give you some time to recover from your sudden orgasm.
His lips curl into a sly grin as he gradually pulls out to the tip, and that’s when you quickly realize that your time is up. Before you even get a chance to steady your breaths, his hips are snapping into yours, knocking the wind right back out of your lungs. “Fuck-!” you rasp, tightening your hold on his shoulders as a desperate attempt to stabilize yourself. 
“So fucking tight,” you barely hear him mutter as he pounds further into you. “So perfect… gonna be so pretty when it’s dripping with my cum.”
Daichi’s praise goes straight to your cunt, making your walls twitch and flutter in response as you let out a whimper. He quickly catches on, as he always does, and doesn’t stop there. “That’s what you want, huh?” he continues between grunts and deep thrusts, “You want me to fuck a baby right into you, want me to breed you until you’re all nice and swollen with my child, don’t you?”
You’re not sure if he expects you to respond coherently at this point, but you still make a feeble attempt despite the onslaught of pleasure disrupting your thoughts. “Yes… yes, I - god - I want it…!” 
Daichi’s satisfaction with your answer is immediately evident. With a low groan, he grabs ahold of your legs right under your knees, pushing them up until they almost meet your chest. The new position gives him the perfect angle to slam the head of his cock into the most sensitive part of your cunt, and the sudden explosion of pleasure is nearly too much for you to handle.
“Gonna cum again for me, baby?” You can tell Daichi is nearing his own tipping point with the way his breathing becomes heavier, his cock twitching inside you like a ticking time bomb. This time, you can’t bring yourself to talk, nodding vigorously as an alternative and hoping it’ll suffice.
Much to your relief, he doesn’t bother to tease you any further. Instead, he tightens his hold on your thighs and picks up speed. “Cum, (Y/N)… cum for me right now… fuck - come on, baby.” 
And that’s the final push you need. Just one more thrust is enough to make you start gushing around his length, a loud cry escaping your lips as your fingers dig red welts into his shoulders. “Fuck, that’s it, good girl…” he continues to mutter, and it’s not long before loads of his cum are spilling into you, filling up every inch of your cunt.
The aftershocks of your second orgasm leave you dizzy, head spinning so fast that you can barely catch your breath. Through half-lidded eyes, you watch as Daichi slowly pulls himself out of you, leaving a delicate trail of kisses down the middle of your torso until his head is back between your thighs. His hands return to your lower abdomen once more, gently pressing into the skin as if he would already notice a difference. Despite your semi-delirious state, you can’t help but chuckle quietly at his behavior. “What is it now?” you ask, corners of your lips twitching upwards in amusement.
Your question is returned with another of his own. “Think you can keep all that in without letting anything slip out?”
“Daichi, what do you—” That’s the last thing you’re able to say before you’re interrupted by a sudden wave of searing heat, forcing a loud gasp out of you as your whole body flinches.
You can tell that he’s pleased at the reaction he got out of you, so he does it again. His tongue sneaks back out, dragging along your slit in a slow, upward motion, causing you to shudder the same way you had just moments ago. “Dai - Daichi, wait…” you whine, still struggling to recover from your previous orgasm.
He doesn’t listen, of course, and instead decides to swirl his tongue around your clit, attacking the bundle of nerves from all directions. Every skillful flick of the pink muscle rattles every nerve in your body, leaving you helpless to his ministrations. Your hands are indecisive, unable to choose between gripping at the sheets next to you or tugging at Daichi’s hair. Your legs can no longer hold their place on their own accord, making their best attempt to meet in the middle. But Daichi has no intentions of letting you close yourself off, catching your thighs just before they reach him and pushing them back out as far as your flexibility will allow. Now, your poor clit is even more exposed than ever, and he takes full advantage of it by closing his lips around your bud, sucking at it with little mercy.
“Too… s’too much… I can’t…” you quietly whimper, too overwhelmed with pleasure to do much else. Your cunt quivers as a familiar tension begins to build up at your center, and you doubt you’ll be able to hold out much longer.
Daichi has that mischievous grin on his face again, and you quickly realize that he already knows. He knows you can’t keep everything in with the way he’s devouring you, he knows you only have so much strength after making you cum twice, he knows you’ll have to let go soon enough, his cum inevitably seeping out of you. That’s the whole plan, to make you leak so much that he has an excuse to fill you up all over again.
But that realization comes too late. You’re already coming undone with a broken sob as your third orgasm hits you harder than the last two combined, your eyes squeezing shut as you desperately cling to his hair for some form of stability. The walls of your cunt finally give out, and you can practically feel Daichi’s cum spilling out of you, soiling the poor sheets that had just been washed not too long ago.
“Ah, what a mess,” you hear him sigh in feigned disappointment, sending a shiver right down to your stomach. You know he’s not disappointed at all, quite possibly the farthest thing from it. “How are we supposed to have a child if you can barely keep it in for more than five minutes, hmm?”
Your face heats in embarrassment as you avert your gaze. “Oh, come on, you know that’s not fair,” you huff with indignance, puffing air into your cheeks.
Now it’s Daichi’s turn to laugh at your response as he presses a kiss against your pelvis. “Maybe not,” he concedes, pushing himself back up until his hips are leveled with yours again. “But regardless, what’s lost was lost, so it looks like I’ve got no choice but to start over.”
You suck in a breath, mentally preparing yourself for another round, maybe even more. With Daichi, his stamina just might last him the whole night. And unless his baby fever has been satiated, you know he won’t be either.
“Oh, and this time, let’s make sure not a drop goes to waste, yeah?”
Tumblr media
reblogs + comments are greatly appreciated !! <3
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iwasbunny · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 674 words.
# warnings. twt porn links, afab reader, choking, degradation, praise, daddy kink.
# contains. daichi, suna, atsumu, sakusa.
# note. my baby ( @storms-playhouse ) gave me the idea so credits to him.
Tumblr media
loves to fuck you on your back, it just gives him the best view possible.
he gets to watch your cute little cunt perfectly wrap around his cock, practically pulling him in and milking him dry with every single thrust.
the way your tits bounce while he fucks into you is just addictive to him.
not to mention the whines and whimpers being pulls out of you when you feel his fat cock buried all to way to the hilt in your tight heat.
his hands get to wander from wrapping around your throat to gripping your hips while he fucks you impossibly harder.
“Fuck yeah, doll. You look so pretty like this.. all exposed for me. Bet you like that, don’t you? Mhm, you love it when I fuck you like the needy little slut you are.”
Tumblr media
hits it from the back, we all know it.
suna’s obsessed with watching your ass bounce each time he pulls you onto his cock.
he also gets off to seeing your ass all bruised from his harsh slaps, the way you squeal after each spank has him growling into your ear.
part of him is a little sadistic, which is why he loves to have his hands roughly gripping your hair or jaw while he pulls you into a messy kiss.
sometimes he’ll have his fingers deep in your throat and he loves to hear you gag while he forces it in deeper, just to see those pretty tears.
“S’too much? Too much for you already? Tch, you begged for this cock, angel. Now, shut up and fuckin’ take it like a good girl—my good girl.”
Tumblr media
he likes to fuck you with your face shoved into the mattress.
isn’t afraid to manhandle and be rough with you, especially because he knows you love it, you get off to him being needy for you.
hearing your moans and cries for him all muffled while he keeps you pressed down underneath him is exhilarating.
you just get so fucked out in this position, the angle that his cock is hitting you makes you see stars and leaves you a panting mess.
definitely coos at you when he knows you can’t talk back, too stupid too even try.
“Awh, what’s wrong, princess? Ya sensitive already, mm. I bet’cha enjoyed cumming all over my cock, didn’t even bother askin’ for my permission.. tsk, guess my needy girl needs to learn a lesson.”
Tumblr media
usually likes it when you’re on top
as much as he likes having the control he doesn’t mind letting you take over either.
the desperation in your movements while you grind against his cock has him biting his lip to hold back his groans.
he loves that he gets to see all your adorably dazed expression, your face contorting into one of pleasure while you fuck his cock brings him even closer to the edge.
the position allows him to be close to you; needing pulling you into a kiss and sucking on your nipples, it’s heaven for him.
“That’s my good girl, takin’ this cock so well.. you were made to be my little slut, hm. Let me see that pretty face.. I want you to look at me while you cream all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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lostinwildflowers · a month ago
Sugawara is insecure about the mole on his cheek, and the hidden ones that curl down his neck and back.
Bokuto is insecure about his hair and his stretch marks, being muscular and having unique hair can take it's toll.
Akaashi is insecure about his smile and his hands, he doesn't like the way one of his teeth is a little crooked, and he doesn't like how rough and beat up his hands are.
Daichi is insecure about his body hair, it's dark and thick and sometimes he feels like it's too much.
Atsumu is insecure about his hair and his body, his hair is damaged and doesn't compare to Osamu's, so he tries to keep his body fit to catch up.
Kageyama is insecure about his feelings and emotions, he finds it hard to talk to others to express himself.
Osamu is insecure about his body for the opposite, he doesn't like the way his tummy bulges after he eats and it makes him worry constantly.
Hinata is insecure about his dreams and ambitions, it's not easy to aim so high when being small.
These characters are definitely insecure about something. So remember the next time you are doubting yourself about anything, we love them even though we probably overlook their imperfections. We imagine that they would love us for ours, so keep your chin up. You got this.
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primofate · a month ago
Haikyuu! Headcanon: His different types of kisses
Note: MUAH. I’m posting this first because I’m too heartbroken with the draft that I lost. So, at least please enjoy this one first, my Haikyuu peeps :D
Warnings: not proofread, fluffy
Characters: Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi, Nishinoya, Tanaka, Kageyama, Hinata, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Kenma, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kyotani, Bokuto, Ushijima
First Kiss: Soft and careful. Like he’s scared to break you, or scared that he might ruin things. Or just scared he’s a bad kisser. He isn’t, just so you know.
Months after: Still soft, but less careful and more sure of himself. He finally believes that you adore his kisses. 
Years after: Does not hesitate to kiss you anymore. He does it whenever he feels like it without thinking too much. It’s sweet, just like he is.  
First Kiss: A mix of sweet and unsure. On the verge of ending too soon.
Months after: 100% soft and sweet like cotton candy. The type that comforts you. A fan of nuzzle kisses.
Years after: Will have his face pressed into the crook of your neck 24/7 if he could. But he can’t so he’ll steal kisses anytime the two of you are at arms length of each other.
First Kiss: Jittery. Just full of nerves. 
Months after: Rarely initiates. You know he wants to kiss you when he stares at your lips for too long or just gets antsy around you.
Years after: Will still get shy in front of others. Mostly forehead kisses in public. The intimate ones are saved for home and alone time.
First Kiss: Jittery. But in an excited kind of way. Will break into a smile right after it.
Months after: Loud smooches. He just loves showing off and people hearing it.
Years after: Cups your face with both his hands and still does a loud smooch. But now he does it anywhere and anytime and deadass doesn’t care if people look or comment about it.
First Kiss: Painful. Yeah. Like your faces or teeth just bump into each other.
Months after: Suddenly he’s a good kisser. The tilt his head a bit to the side passionate kind that makes you want to wrap your hands round him. 
Years after: Passionate x10 The wrap his arms around your waist and pull you close kisser. This one is a grip-his-shirt type of good.
First Kiss: Simple. Done with a blush on his face. A quick peck that happens when he walks you home.
Months after: Still simple. But now it’s more frequent. When you say hello or say goodbye. When you say thank you. When you say any compliment.
Years after: Looks simple, but when no ones looking he’ll kiss you on the lips and it doesn’t feel simple. He’s learned how to put desire into it, not just on his lips but by the way his hands grip your waist.
First Kiss: Close-eyed and hopeful. Even if it was just a brief brush it sends him into Lala land. 
Months after: Looks at you with puppy eyes when he wants one. Pull you by the hand and casually land one on your lips type.
Years after: Sudden. Unexpected kisses. Everyone could be talking and discussing something and he’ll kiss you. It’ll just last a second but it was totally unpredictable and he does it A LOT.
First Kiss: Like nothing even happened. Just his hand on your chin, tilting your face up and then...softness. Then it was back to your usual conversation.
Months after: Back hugs and neck kisses. Only in private. Never in public.
Years after: Still not a PDA person. But will show some signs of it. Forehead kisses in public are rare but it happens. And when it happens you can bet your ass someone from his team is going to tease him about it. 
First Kiss: Tilt your chin to meet his eyes and leans down with certainty, firm kiss. It’s like he’s done this before.
Months after: Still likes to hold your chin when kissing you. But now he’s the one demanding for it rather than giving it. You know what it means when he beckons you with his finger and his lips are slightly jutted out.
Years after: Kisses everywhere, mostly the neck. Yes even in public. I think he does it to show off sometimes but most of the time he just wants to.
First Kiss: Did not know that it has happened until 10 seconds later. Will blush and will not mention it again.
Months after: Nonchalant. You think he doesn’t care about them but every time he tries to kiss you he’s dying a little inside from nervousness.
Years after: Relaxed, but usually only in private. The pull you to his lap and kiss your lips kind. After that, cuddles. 
First Kiss: Curious. Like he’s really wondering how your lips would taste like. It’s a full kiss, but gentle in its own ways because he’s trying to savour it.
Months after: Playful. Whenever he wants it, he does it and it’s never just a peck or a quick one. He means his kisses all the time. 
Years after: Likes to surprise you with back hugs, followed by peppery kisses on your jawline and ending right on your lips. It feels just like the first time, but better.
First Kiss: An in between of confident and unsure. Like he WANTS to do it but is just not sure if he should. Kiss ends up soft, barely there but right after it finishes he says he wants to try again.
Months after: The unsure part is gone. Now it’s just confident and full of love. He treats your lips like some type of treasure. He only really indulges in it when he thinks its the right moment. 
Years after: His kisses are like home. It’s frequent but not overly so, there’s still meaning behind all of it and it’s something automatic. 
First Kiss: It’s rough but not in a forceful way. Like a overwhelmed with nerves and overdoing it type of way. 
Months after: Has calmed down a little and doesn’t just mash his lips on yours. It’s actually gentle and he always turns your head towards his way with a hand on your cheek. 
Years after: The type that doesn’t really think about kissing you, but when he sees your lips and they’re especially glossy and ready for him, he’ll just dive in, even in front of people.
First Kiss: Giddy. It would happen suddenly. Like you’re just talking to each other and suddenly you’re stopped by his lips.
Months after: Is at the point of wondering if kissing you every second is too much. So he’s restrained, but when he DOES get to kiss you it’s like fireworks on his lips every single time. 
Years after: Showy. The twirl you around and kiss you type. Smooches everywhere. Both cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, lips. You betcha he doesn’t care who’s watching. 
First Kiss: Stiff feels like he did it because “It’s what couples do,” 
Months after: You realize he kisses you because he wants to. You know this because he actually does it in front of his teammates and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. 
Years after: Sometimes when he does an awesome spike he might look at you and you know he’s saying ‘I deserve a kiss for that,’ the thing is, he gives you that look for nearly everything he does now XD
Taglist:  @coldstonecrematorium​ @gultonluvv​ @fiona782​ @amigenshin​ @foxxtrot-116​ @spirlimpo​ @kuroosatoru​ @ushijimasassmuscle @kenmaslov3r​ @allinduetime @softlybeloved @midnightistyping
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nadiejuicy · 2 months ago
lily desire
Tumblr media
pairings: wolf! alpha! daichi x rabbit! omega! f! reader
genre: smut
word count: 3,3k
synopsis: in a society where hybrids are influenced to meet their similar partners, you and daichi instinctively react to each other. but rabbits and wolves are incompatible, right?
warnings: abo universe; omegaverse; hybrids; daichi x f! reader; feminine body; finger; unprotected sex; oral (f! receiving), squirt; heat; rut; reader described as small for being omega; reader with reddish body parts from the omega heat; knot; dub-con ending?
a/n: this was written for @daichidaichidaichi's in heat collab. i really really hope y'all can like it 🥺
Tumblr media
Working as a police officer was quite common for wolf hybrids, they were strong, resilient, had an accurate flair and good hearing, in addition to hunting instinct, so they used to adapt well and Daichi was excellent. So his instinct should focus on finding a good omega, to form his own pack, to have puppies, in the traditional way.
In a big family like the one he grew up with, with four siblings, Daichi was the first born. Dark fur that turned ebony black, yellowish eyes that grew darker, he was an alpha, unique and special. Despite the wolves' negative reputation, he was kind and protective.
“You are an alpha, you must find a good wolf, it will be easy for you” his parents said.
His keen sense of smell should focus on who would be his wife, his omega, his wolf.
But he realized there was something wrong when his inner wolf began to focus on a specific scent in the police station, it was omega, he knew, but definitely not a wolf hybrid, let alone any other canid.
Such was the surprise when he bumped into you, the administrative rabbit.
Daichi has always been responsible and controlled, but the moment he saw you and heavily inhaled your omega scent that had plagued him for days, he was so screwed. In the midst of the chaos of work, phones ringing, police officers talking back and forth, he felt like he was in a field of lilies. Its restless wolf, its long, furry tail, normally quiet, threatened to wobble no matter how hard he tried to control it.
You were small and sweet, your ears long and rounded, erect and alert, arms around you, clutching your briefcase greedily, eyes large, with pupils dilated to the point where he couldn't make out the color, your fluffy nose wiggled slightly towards him, responding to the scent. He awoke from his trance when he noticed your racing heartbeat and another scent invading his nostrils, mingling with your sweet, mellow scent.
You smelled like a lost and frightened rabbit.
"I'm sorry" your voice sounded low, your body bowed and you left his direction so fast that he didn't even have time to apologize, after all, he was the one who bumped into you.
"Uh, rabbits are really fast, aren't they?" one of his colleagues spoke.
Daichi just nodded, too stunned by the mixture of feelings that invaded his chest, watching your body disappear down the hallway.
He wondered why an omega like you was in a place like that.
And from that moment on he knew he didn't want you to feel that way anymore. Afraid. Afraid of him.
Of course, fear was part of your instincts.
Working in a police station wasn't what you wanted, but the pay was good, close to home and in the end you were just an intern. You figured you'd be safer, even if most cops were alphas and there weren't any other bunnies but you. But their relationship with hybrids of other species was pleasant.
Until you met him, police officer Sawamura Daichi. Alpha and wolf hybrid.
You've known wolf hybrids before, but he was different.
His hair and tail were black, his eyes were dark brown and he was so big and tall, you've never met a wolf hybrid like him. And his scent… It was strong and woody, making you feel dizzy. Your instincts screamed in alarm, adrenaline coursing through your body, exhaling the scent of fear.
Wolves are often seen as aggressive and dangerous animals. Even though you knew this wasn't true, unfortunately many used to look at wolf hybrids that way. And as much as many things have changed over the years, everyone was still encouraged to socialize and meet their similar partners.
However, even though Daichi tried to focus on anything else, he couldn't. He remembered your smell, your eyes and ears, how sweet you were. Honestly, every thought he had about you made him dizzy and agitated, he wanted more and he couldn't, he could smell you from floors away.
The meetings became more and more frequent, coincidentally, you had some files to pass on to him, but unlike the first time, you were calmer, the heartbeat rhythmic, the smell of lily growing sweeter and the first time he heard your voice… It wasn't right for him to feel that way about you, was it?
Any physical contact, even the slightest, made your ears and nose red at the tips, and he found it just adorable.
And you could see his ears down and its long black tail wagging frantically as you approached.
He was a good alpha for sure. Daichi was the most honest cop you'd ever met at the police station. And so, so handsome, you couldn't stop admiring him. Could you see yourself with him? Sure. It was ridiculous how your body reacted to his, but understandable since they were alpha and omega. But rabbits and wolves are incompatible, right? Well, at least that's what you two insisted on believing, even with all the flush and desire that ran through both of your bodies, silently pleading for each other.
Until january.
The month of january marked the beginning of a very important season for Daichi. It was a month of mating.
Alpha hybrids like Daichi usually took vacations during this period, so they wouldn't leave omegas dizzy, bewildered and excited by his scent, he didn't have a partner, and inhibitors didn't work on them, as they were stronger than the others. So he should take a vacation soon.
To Daichi's surprise, for the past few days the scent of lily had hit him long before he could make it to the police station. Perhaps his sense of smell was sharper due to rut.
“For the love of God, the station is impregnated with your scent, omega” your alpha female colleague said, and you noticed how strong your scent was this morning.
Unlike most other hybrids, rabbits were in heat more often, one to three times a month, but it took a partner to incite heat, otherwise it would be three to five a year. And you definitely shouldn't be in heat, not now.
Maybe I'm sick. You thought. The aroma tends to increase when the omegas are sick, so they can get alphas' attention and be cared for. Yeah, maybe that's it.
“Sorry” you said lamely. “I think I'm sick. I will try to camouflage”.
It was the first time you had been in a situation like this out of heat, it was not common, but it could still happen.
“Yeah, you look like a fever,” the alpha said, bringing her hand to your forehead, making you shiver at the touch, the smell affecting you.
"Excuse me" you request right away, running to the storeroom in search of a camouflage.
Your legs gave out as you entered the room, dropping to your knees in front of the shelves, your body trembling, your breathing quickened, your ears and extremities red and hot. And mostly, your pussy was starting to throb.
“No, no, no” you said, wrapping your arms around your body “It can't be”.
It shouldn't be like this, it wasn't time yet, you didn't have a partner.
Your panties were sticky, your womb ached, the smell of the police station alphas made you dizzy, and you tried at all costs not to rub your crotch. You started drool as the woody scent invaded your nostrils and finally understood why your heat started out of season.
It didn't take long for Daichi to understand why he was so affected, as soon as he arrived at the police station, he could smell your scent much stronger, his alpha colleagues bristling, controlling himself not to react to the pheromones that affected all those without partners, nauseous omegas with the scent of lily.
Daichi didn't notice his own mouth salivate, his eyes change from yellow to gray, his blood boiling and his cock hardening between his pants. God, he could smell your wet pussy.
He knew, it was his omega that was in heat.
He chased you, the locked storeroom door he didn't mind breaking in order to get in, finding you shaking and sweating, lying in a fetal position on the floor.
"Don't worry, bunny. I got you” was all you heard before you passed out.
You felt like you were in a forest.
Your sense of smell woke up before the rest of body. Your nose began chasing the scent of pillowcases that weren't yours, on a bed that wasn't yours. Startled, your eyes fluttered open trying to recognize the spot, entire body trembling with the scent of the one you recognized as your alpha.
"An omega in heat couldn't stay at the police station" Daichi's voice made you focus on him, sitting in a chair in the corner of the room "I don't know where you live either".
He smiled with his eyes closed, but you noticed how his nails made claws that marked the wood, scratching the chair. Those few minutes in a closed room with you were being excruciating for him, especially since your scent would make him slip into his rut early.
You squeaked and whimpered "It hurts" hands squeezing your pelvis.
"I can take you home before it gets worse."
Your breathing was deep and fast, you could feel heart so strong against your rib cage. Your pussy throbbed so much, clit so painful. Unconsciously you started to rub yourself against the mattress, your skirt riding up your hips, making your soaked panties brush against the quilt, leaving your scent on his bed.
Daichi could hear your pussy rubbing against the bed and worse than that, he could smell your scent, so strong and heady, longing for him. It was torture, his cock hurt so much in pants, nails were pulling wood chips off the chair, trying to keep sane for you.
"I-" your sweet voice came out as a moan "My body... Wants you, Daichi" you whimpered, biting your lip.
His scent permeated the entire bed, but it wasn't enough.
“It's your heat speaking for you,” he said, approaching the end of the bed.
Which he certainly shouldn't do.
"No it's not" you cried harder, the heat bothering you "Touch me please."
He caressed your ears and you leaned into the touch, whimpering and licking his pulse, getting drunk on the taste of him, your saliva making him throb.
"I went into heat because of you, because my body wants you as Alpha, Daichi" you took off your clothes in a hurry, was suffocating.
It was too much, your scent intensifying through the room, your breasts exposed to him, the reddened nipples, so beautiful and bristly, just the panties and socks that went up to your thigh covering you. Your small hands sent shivers through his big body when you touched him, awkwardly trying to unbutton his shirt.
Daichi had been through the rut before and he certainly knew that the way your body called him, it wasn't just heat. His wolf had recognized you as his, hours ago.
"Do you understand it's mine from now on?" he growled, but you didn't flinch, nodding in acknowledgment.
"Please alpha" you pleaded, your little tongue licking his toned belly as you tried to unbuckle the belt, the taste of him on your tongue making your pussy drip and your clit throbbing "It hurts, it hurts so bad."
Daichi's pants fell off, the obvious bulk in his underwear, which you quickly lowered, making him gasp for release, throwing his head back. You admired him for a moment, you've never been with a wolf hybrid before, the balls big and heavy, the dick so much bigger than you were used to rabbits, red and thick, heavy, leaking a massive amount of pre-cum. Daichi grabbed your hair when he felt the little licks you gave his glans head, making his balls twitch. He stared at you, your eyes dilated and teary, your ears drooping to the side of face, your hips rocking back and forth, dammit, your scent was going to linger there for weeks.
“You are so beautiful, little bunny” he said and you cried as he pulled you away from his cock. With his big hands, he pulled you onto his lap, sitting down on the bed, your pussy bumping into his dick.
His tongue licked your bunny ears, making you gasp. He ran all over your neck, nipping lightly, tightening your body against his. His kisses and licks moved up your jaw to mouth, where he left little kisses until you opened it, swallowing your moans as your tongue slid into his. He pulled away, hearing your lamentations, eyes meeting yours, his pupils dilated into gray irises, wishing he had you as an omega.
"Get down on all fours for me, let me see you".
Your legs trembled, threatening to give in, but you did, getting off his lap and burying your face in the pillows, your ass in the air. You screamed when you felt Daichi's tongue touch your covered clit, wetness seeping through your panties, his nose sniffing at your entrance.
"Fuck, you're so delicious" he said before tearing your panties with his teeth, without difficulty, your pussy was so swollen and red "It's painful, isn't it?" he asked sliding the thumb through your slit, opening your lips, noticing how small she was but still so receptive, your juices falling and leaving everything glistening and messy, your holes opening and closing, crying to be stretched "I'll take care of you ”.
“Ahn-Alpha” you moaned, biting your lip hard, he was sucking you, sucking your arousal into his mouth and you were rubbing yourself more and more against his face.
You smelled so good, but he needed to bury, his cock hurt more and more. He smoothed your back, his hand gripping your plump, fuzzy tail, which made your body jump forward and ass wobble. So sensitive.
“I want you to feel good,” he said, sliding the tip of his cock into your tiny cunt. “Your pussy is so small, bunny. Let's go slowly, let me know if it hurts”.
You moaned, you couldn't think straight anymore, he was too much and you were dizzy, no pain was greater than what you were feeling in your womb.
"I want you inside me, alpha."
Daichi let out a moan of lamentation, fuck, you made his wolf so agitated, he wanted to fuck you, dominate you, mark you. It was hard to control, but he needed it. He started to push, stretching your pussy as much as possible to get his size, he wasn't even all in and you were already drooling, your sticky walls squeezing him.
“Just a little longer, omega,” he said, thrusting in at once, making them both moan.
"Daichi-Ah!" you whimpered babbling "Your cock- it's so big, filling me inside" it throbbed inside you, the long tail waving, initiating the movements, eliciting more and more of your moans "So deep-" .
“So tight, bunny. So soft” His voice came out as a growl, stunning you.
He picked up the pace and it didn't take long for you to cream his cock, oh would it be that easy to make you cum? And it really would be, your moans filling the room, your scent getting stronger, your walls so tight he couldn't move right, the heat at the bottom of belly and pussy tingling. Bunnies are fast, but he was taking you to another level, making your pussy squirt all over his dick when you came. Daichi bent over your body, panting and biting your big fuzzy ear, big sweaty body sliding in yours, whimpering like a puppy, suffering from your scent, cock kissing your womb and balls so heavy hitting your clit.
"I...I-" you gasped, biting the pillow, it was too much, his calloused hands entwined with yours, your pussy milking his cock, dripping more and more around him "I want more" you purred against his hand and he found it so adorable.
He smiled, of course you wanted more, you would beg for him all week. His cock throbbed thinking about how you two were going to fuck nonstop in that bedroom.
“I'll give you more, my little” he spoke into your ear, falling sideways with you, lifting one of your legs and sliding his skillful fingers across your aching clit.
It felt good, you squeezing around him, yours sticky hips, the obscene sounds of his cock hitting you, the creaking of the bed, the moans and whimpers. One of your hands held his, while the other squeezed his hips, trying miserably to pull him closer to you. He was buried to the balls and you still wanted more, it was insane.
"Mnfh- Alpha I'm cumming ha-!" you yelled, squeezing your eyes shut as you felt him widen you even more, the pain in your belly building to the point of exploding.
"Yes you are, bunny".
He increased the speed of his hips and his fingers, making you arch your back and your pussy squirt again, milking him hard, leaving you sensitive and red, sore from being too much and wanting even more. Only one thing would make you calm down, at least for a moment, and both you and Daichi knew what it was.
"Alpha" you called, voice sweet and low, trying to roll on his cock but without strength "Hnnf- your knot, I need", your cheeks caressing his, the tears in the corners of eyes, whimpering because only your alpha could make the pain go away.
Oh fuck. Could Daichi hear a request like that and deny it? All he wanted was to fucking knot in you and fill your womb, he could feel like you were ready to receive him, your uterus wanting to accommodate his glans with every hit.
"My knot?" he took a deep breath against your neck, the lily scent that made him feel so good, his cock throbbed more than you thought was possible. "Okay, little bunny, I'll fill you full and knot"
The thrusts increased, so deep and fast, you were coming so much, moaning so loud from overstimulation, your furry little tail swinging in his belly. Daichi placed one of his hands on the lower part of your stomach, squeezing, you two could feel the pressure his cock was making on your insides, so fucking good.
You guys fucked like animals, that's what heat did to you two.
"Fuck," his voice was deeper than usual, his wolf wanting to dominate you at all costs "I'm gonna cum, get it all okay?"
And that's how Daichi slowed his movements, his hands squeezing your thighs, destroying your socks completely, spilling his seed into you, invading your womb as you both moaned at how good it felt, the cock swelling inside you, the pressure preventing them from moving. You squeaked when you moved unintentionally, the knot was painful and would have to spend a time like that, until it returned to normal.
“I'm here… I'm not going anywhere” he said trying to calm you down.
Your body was throbbing, Daichi's hot, thick cum oozed out of you, an absurd amount, impossible to fully stay in your cunt, you two weren't completely compatible after all. He was rubbing your clit slowly so your pussy could dilate to take the knot, smelling your nape and leaving loving licks on your neck, you purred and moaned because it felt good.
He thought he could get through all the heat with you, but the first knot was enough for him to do the last thing he was supposed to do.
You jumped when felt his fangs go through the skin of your shoulder deep, the pain of the knot hitting you both hard, whines and yelps ripping from yours throats.
Daichi was marking you.
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moonlightmiya · 2 months ago
Haikyuu visual smut links
Tumblr media
Atsumu, Kunimi, Konoha, Kuroo, Daichi, Kyoutani
Includes; visual Twitter nsfw links, overstim in a few of them, spanking, I explain them before anyway
• AOT Version • AOT Version P.2 •
Tumblr media
A/N - I was contemplating over posting this
Tumblr media
Link; Atsumu loves to make you cum before you leave for work
Link; Loves seeing you in your little skirt so much that he just has to make you bounce on his cock
Link; Letting you top for once but soon loses his cool and pounds into your cunt at the pace he wants
Link; Him shoving his hand down you panties in the backseat of his car after watching you get /too/ comfortable with his brother
Link; Kunimi coming out the shower only to see you laying naked on your shared bed, waiting for him to fill you up
Link; Coming ‘roun to your house to do a pussy inspection to make sure you haven’t been touching yourself with your toys
Link; Spanking your cunt after he sees you getting to friendly with one of his friends
Link; Letting you jack him off and cum in your panties like a cum hungry whore
Link; Pushing your panties to the side, eagerly waiting to fill you up with his cum after you teased him all day
Link; Gently learning what makes you moan out loud
Link; Fucking you in different positions. He loves seeing you slowly loose your mind over him
Link; grinding on him all night just for him to snap and fuck you over the nearest surface
Link; Kuroo fucking you nice and hard in an empty room at a party just because he couldn’t take seeing you and Daishō talk with eachother
Link; Holding you down on the sofa after he’s been away from you for so long. He just wants to feel you cream around his fingers again
Link; Finally fucking you rough after making you beg for hours on end
Link; Fucking you nice and slow then making a mess all over again your pretty pussy after seeing you in slutty red fishnets
Link; Waking you up in the morning by softly lapping at your pussy after him being on nightshift
Link; Letting the other third years use you as their little toy
Link; Using you as his personal fucktoy after a long day at work
Link; Destroying your pussy with his fat cock and leaving you aching
Link; Kyoutani bending you over the bed and taking his anger out on you after his team loses a match
Link; He loves lapping at your cunt for hours on end until your pussy feels raw
Link; Laying you on his lap and finger fucking your count for hours
Link; Just loves the taste of your pussy so much he pushes you into the nearest public bathroom after dinner with your family too shove his face into your cunt
Tumblr media
Asks and Req open!
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