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daidz-art · 4 months ago
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sunflowerrboyy · 5 months ago
the only thing that has been running on loop in my mind for the past day now is @/daidz-art‘s relativity!Dipper bc AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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fordsywhoresy · 6 months ago
evil ford sketch
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i'm so sorry for my handwriting-
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urbanqhoul · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Me and @daidz-art au bOISSS Also the smoker thingy from the most recent episode cuz its aesthetic af OuO
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mandaloriandragontrainer · 6 months ago
You’ll See
Drabble inspired by @daidz-art’s Evil!Ford AU (I’ve also seen it called the One of Us AU? Or maybe that’s a different yet similar AU? Anyway, you get the gist.) I imagine Ford would still be interested in taking Dipper as an apprentice. Emphasis on taking.
Stanford didn’t expect him to cry.
The boy didn’t understand, that much was clear. And Stanford didn’t expect him to. After all, he was young and foolhardy and stupid, like he had been as a young man those 30 years ago. When right and wrong seemed as clearly divided as the shoreline viewed from his childhood window. But he was older now. Wiser. He understood things the boy could not. That morality was more like the wet sand where the waves pounded against the beach, always moving and changing, unsure if it were land or sea. Yes, Mason was only a child. He couldn’t be expected to comprehend the nuances of their new reality.
Still, Stanford was startled when he cried.
“Pl-please, Grunkle Ford…” Mason pleaded, tears streaming down his flushed cheeks. “I—I know this isn’t you! Bill—he’s making you do this!”
Stanford tightened his grip around the boy’s arm and pulled him along. He truly had wanted to take his nephew on as an apprentice. Dipper—Mason—he was a spitting image did himself at that age. Intelligent, ambitious, insatiably curious.
Held back by those that were supposed to support him.
He needed someone to invest in his talents. That didn’t change now that Stanford had aligned with Bill. In fact, he now had more to offer Mason. Not just knowledge. But power.
He would understand one day. He would understand why his uncle had to tie his wrists together with unbreakable blue chains when he resisted.
This was for his own good. This was for everyone’s good.
“I assure you, my boy, I am very much myself. And with time, you’ll thank me for what I’m giving you. Something I could have only dreamed of at your age.”
“I—I don’t want anything you—anything BILL has to give me! Let go of me!” Mason wrenched back against him, voice wavering with sobs. “Please, I have to get to Mabel!”
Stanford frowned. “No. You’re coming with me, and that’s final.”
“NO!” Mason bawled hysterically, shoving against Stanford’s chest. “I WON’T GO! YOU’RE—YOU’RE A TRAITOR!!!” The pain in the boy’s cries nearly touched Stanford. He WAS just a child, after all. He was frightened. He wanted his twin. Stanford understood that. But he has to rise above those…. mortal desires, just as his uncle had.
He was about to become something so much more.
“MASON.” Stanford said fiercely, taking hold of the boy’s arms and giving him one quick shake. The protests fell to silence, Mason’s bleary eyes staring back at him, wide and terrified.
“I know you don’t understand yet. But soon… soon you’ll see.”
In spite of himself, Stanford felt a grin spread across his face.
“I will MAKE you see.”
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nelson-and-murdock · a month ago
The Power of Trust, Chapter Eight: Study Buddies
AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32091055/chapters/87718066
(A/N: Thank you all for the feedback! And thank you to @eregyrn-falls-art for this wonderful art of Anna! Credit also goes to @daidz-art who helped me with her design because I cannot draw people.)
Tumblr media
Stan and Fiddleford insisted upon cleaning up after breakfast, so Anna and Ford went to his lab as he had mentioned that he would like her help with something he had been working on. Well, the one on the ground floor. Ford had several labs in the house, including an underground one. But his main one was just beyond her room/The Thinking Parlor.
There was a desk and chair, an ugly shag carpet rug, a couch, and various books, file cabinets, samples and all kinds of gizmos and gadgets.
”So…what exactly do you need help with?” Anna asked, gazing at a drawing of something called a “Manotaur.” She would guess that he’d just spelled Minotaur wrong, but the tattoos and facial hair on the creature would say otherwise.
”Mm? Oh! Yes, hold on a moment.” Ford replied, having gotten distracted by his notes on the Scampfire from the day before. “I was planning to write more about the Harpies. I know that it’s hard to think about, but do you think you can help me with the descriptions?”
”Yeah, I can do that. But what’s there to describe? They’re literally just bird women.” Anna shrugged. At least they looked like natural bird women and not stitched together in a creepy experiment. That would be disturbing.
”There’s their flight patterns for example. Oh! And their diet, mating rituals, feather and hair colors…” Ford listed off in excitement. “I already have some information written down about them, I just need to fill in the blanks.”  “I remember that their feathers-plumage? were brown. So was their hair.” Anna added as Ford wrote her words down. “I’m not sure if there would be any other colors, but it’s possible? I think.”
As for diet, Anna guessed that it was the same as hawks. Although mating was still a mystery until they found any male Harpies. But they were able to get a new entry for Ford’s journal.  “So how did the experiments go on the Scampfire?” Anna asked curiously as Ford finished the drawing of a Harpy.
”Mm? Oh, it went okay. It didn’t quite like all of the poking around, unfortunately.”
Anna frowned at this. “I wouldn’t like to be poked around, either. Are you sure there wasn’t a more humane way?”
Ford was flabbergasted. Had anyone asked him that before? Stanley? Fiddleford? Why didn’t they say anything. But his methods were fine. They were giving him results.
Weren’t they?
”Well…it’s not that it *can’t* feel the poking. It’s just that there wasn’t any other safe way. I think. Let’s get back to work. Can you get my Greek mythology books?”
Still, a seed of doubt was planted in his mind and he couldn’t help but think about his methods: that gnome he caged for a few weeks, the Eye-Bats he’d kept in the jar all together. Why had he done that? Was it really necessary?
Was there another way?
********** Anna found Ford’s Greek mythology books fairly quickly, most of whom had information on harpies. “Wow, you must have books on every type of mythology out there.” She mused. “And then some.”
Ford visibly puffed his chest with pride. “Some of those books I’ve had since I was a child. Do you enjoy mythology?”
”I love it! I spent a lot of time in libraries growing up and then when I was on the road. It’s great to read all of the different stories and see all of the creatures. It’s a lot of fun.”
Ford smiled fondly, but there was melancholy in his eyes. ”I wish you had grown up in Glass Shard Beach. I…believe that we would have been friends.” He mused to Anna. When he saw her curious stare, Ford added “I did have a few friends in high school, yes. Especially my brother. But I was considered a freak by most and even if I didn’t have extra fingers and toes, I was still considered unusual by my hometown for my fascination with anomalies and weirdness.”
Anna looked at Ford with understanding. “Honestly, I would have been friends with you if I was in Glass Shard Beach or you went to Fresno. Maybe we would have tried to find Nightcrawlers.”
That made Ford’s eyes light up. “You know about the Nightcrawers?!”
”A little…” Anna whispered with a blush. “My mother told me about them when I was little.”
“Tell me everything.”
Ford excitedly took notes as Anna regaled the paranormal scientist with the story of the Fresno Nightcrawlers. Despite the bad situation she’d been through, Ford found himself feeling glad to have her around. He knew that she’d have to go after she was healed, but it would be nice to show her the weirdness of Gravity Falls and to bond with Anna in the meantime.
Maybe once her leg was more healed, they could take a walk in the woods…maybe she’d like the Plaidypus or the Beard Cubs.
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a-vampire-ferbooch · 5 months ago
Here's the original one I showed my sister that I made that was inspired by your animation
I wanted to give you credit cause it was your idea to use Fiddleford and Ford with that audio
It's absolutely hilarious 😂😂😂
I keep hearing "what are you doing in my house... What are you doing in my house...."
"I want waffle fries" OuO
Love it! XD
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limpingalongman · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
quick sketch of the last minute deals au by @daidz-art ! Love this evil, angsty boy.
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fiddiot · 2 months ago
Get To Know Me Tag
Rules: answer the questions & tag people you want to get to know better. Tagged by @athgalla-arts
1. Favorite Colour: I've never been able to decide, all colours are beautiful to me :)
2. Currently Reading: Fiddauthor fanfics
3. Last Song: Renegades - X ambassadors
4. Last series: Bob's burgers 🍔
5.  Sweet, Spicy or Savory: all three, just depends on the mood ;)
6. Cravings: coffee and biscuits
7. Tea or coffee: Coffee (especially iced coffee)
8. Currently working on: some drawings and fanfics :)
Thank you for the tag! I’ll tag @daidz-art @dokka-mokka and @rowan-of-the-ravenwood if you’d like to do it!
Thank you for the tag! :)
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rjalker · 2 months ago
Daidz-art for your free blocklist, sees people saying not to endanger animals for fun and thinks the appropriate response is to say that it’s funny so it’s not a problem
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daidz-art · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s him. Ya boi. 🌲🍄🌲
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moonlight-rebel · 2 years ago
Get to Know the Blogger
Tagged by the lovely @perhapsrampancy Thanks for the tag! (I’m glad tumblr actually decided it would tell me about too, cursed website loves to leave me in the dark)
RULES: Answer 17 questions and tag 17 people you’d like to get to know better.
1) Name: I don’t have a tumblr nickname (I don’t talk to many people on here), but you can call me Red (I was an angsty teen when I came up with the blog name and tbh I regret it).
2) Height: 5′9, and the shortest one in my family.
3) Wearing: college hoodie and yoga pants.
4) Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert, did I mention I don’t talk to many people?
5) Siblings: two younger sisters and an older brother.
6) Following: 209 wonderful people
7) Followers: 78 equally wonderful people.
8) Degrees: I am currently wasting time (and money) getting my AA.
9) Instruments: The recorder (nothing special there), guitar (kinda), and the flute.
10)  Favorite author: Does fanfic authors count?
11)  Favorite Star Wars: The prequels I guess.
12) Last Google Search: “How to take good screenshots in Skyrim”  and directly after that “How to take good screenshots in Fallout” (I am still clueless on how this is done)
13)  Recommend a video game: Elder Scrolls Online, I’ve been playing it a lot recently in between assignments and it’s honestly my current favorite game.
14) Recommend a music album: The album Six, it’s a musical that I’ve been obsessed with for a couple months now. It’s about King Henry VIII’s six wives.
15) Recommend a book: I don’t really read much anymore, sooo.
16) Recommend a recipe: I am incapable of cooking anything that doesn’t resemble (in both looks and taste) tar, so you probably wouldn’t want to take any of my recommendations on cooking.
17) Share a creative thought that you had today: I daydreamed an entire rewrite of the chess scene between the Inquisitor and Cullen. It was one of my Wardens, Arabella Amell, and Cullen catching up after being away from each other for 10 years and kinda revisiting how they left things. Arabella had just showed up to Skyhold, at Leliana’s request, to assist Inquisitor Jasper Lavellan with Corypheus and his Venatori. (spoiler alert it ends the same way as a romanced Cullen’s chess scene.)
Here's an old ass picture of me since of no recent ones.
Tumblr media
tagging @ivisite @sassybrynjolf @pumpkin-spine @mrscullensrutherford @daidz-art @vaultgirl2077 @obvidalous @vorchagirl (with no obligation oc)
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daidz-art · 2 months ago
Burn Book AU where everything is the same except Stanford's Journal is written like the Burn Book in Mean Girls.
Tumblr media
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daidz-art · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*shaking uncontrollably* I love Drifting Stars so much fuck
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daidz-art · 3 months ago
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It’s Autummmmnnnnnnn
I thought hm…Over The Falls Au
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daidz-art · 4 months ago
Good noit it’s 2 in the morning
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daidz-art · 8 days ago
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Remember when I was like “what if Stan and Ford got portaled together?” This is how I think it’d go
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daidz-art · 6 months ago
If that doesn’t work, maybe Stan confronting dark!Ford over his attempt to kidnap Dipper? 👀
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Been working on this since yesterday and stayed up till 4 and still didn’t finish until today. 😭 I CANT LIE I was so tempted to just NOT do this at all, but I’m so glad I did because it was a lot of fun to draw.
If you enjoyed this pls reblog! 🫀🦷thanks besties
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daidz-art · 5 months ago
Can I request Relativity Falls Dipcifica? Please?
This was fun and also got me thinking about Pacifica and Dipper’s relationship before he disappeared 😳
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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daidz-art · 2 months ago
There isn't a good reason for this.
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