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#daily luz
kirin943 · a day ago
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posting a picture of luz every day until season 2b: day 106
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valeriekalila13404734 · 4 months ago
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hairam1108 · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
There are people who add, others who subtract, some make the best of you, others stare, some would give their lives for you, others would take it away, for some you are a star that shines, for the intention is to turn you off , There are those that absorb all your energy, on the other hand, there are others that transmit their positivity to you, there are those with values, others their value plus others their great are themselves, there are those who love you and others who only love each other. There are good people, good people and people. Whoever you are with, remember that the people who love you want to see you happy, cheerful, optimistic, beautiful, successful, the people who love you do not lie, do not use, do not tear, do not run over, do not sink. Remember, that for some you will be light and for others darkness, so it depends on you who you want to be with .. *
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kirin943 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
posting a picture of luz every day until season 2b: day 105
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mysteriousowlspy · 4 months ago
Would you hit your sibling for a billion dollars?
Luz: Hunter hit me! If I hit you back quick enough we'll have two billion dollars!
Hunter: Luz, you're a genius!
Emira: [Crying as she holds Edric by the arms]
Amity: [Summoning an abomination] STOP. MOVING. ALREADY. LET IT BE QUICK!
Edric: [Screaming]
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idkareallyreallygoodname · 2 months ago
Emira: And now for a gay update with Luz and Amity.
Edric: Getting gayer.
Emira: Thank you, Edric.
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dailydianakko · 6 months ago
Broke: Luz calling Eda mom because she replaced Camila
Woke: Luz calling Eda mom because she married Camila
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littleechoart · 3 months ago
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Amity caring for her sick and delirious girlfriend is one of the cutest and most wholesome things ever💕💖 So I drew it :3
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kirin943 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
posting a picture of luz every day until season 2b: day 107
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kprapture · 7 months ago
Belos: Give your report on the Owl House. We mustn’t let them foil my plans!
Owl Mask: Well, the human recreated her self insert “Asura Fanfic?” with the Blight child. Though they both got flustered and couldn’t finish.
The Owl Lady was trying to make counterfeit snails with the demon pet but they just ended up drawing mock drawings of you.
And Lilith was drinking large amounts of spiked Apple Blood and telling gossip about the coven.
Belos: ......
Owl Mask: I’m pretty sure they’re a bunch of idiots, sir.
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