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jordynhaiku · 2 days ago
The bedroom dance floor
Carpet under misplaced steps
One more glass we'll pour
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soul-searching1 · 5 months ago
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ulvafdillah · 2 months ago
Kadang kita perlu menjadi tuli untuk semua hal yang tidak perlu kita dengar. Menjadi buta untuk semua hal yang tidak mesti kita lihat. Dan menjadi mati rasa pada semua hal yang tidak seharusnya ada.
Terkadang memang harus begitu. Tidak menyanggah, hanya tersenyum rela. Senantiasa berlapang dada, juga menerima.
Karena sungguh kehidupan ini terlalu abstrak untuk ditebak segala teka-tekinya. Cabar cemburu, detak-detak ragu, sayup-sayup kabar, juga riuhnya debar adalah alasan-alasan yang tidak lagi perlu dijadikan beban dalam kepala.
Sebab manusia terlampau dinamis untuk kita meletakkan percaya secara utuh.
02:25 a.m || 27 November 2021
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belovedapollo · 4 months ago
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— Louise Glück, from the book Vita Nova
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theintrovertbella · 2 months ago
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I wish it were me not you...
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siriusblackwaswhite · 3 months ago
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"You cannot fix me. Let me have my bad days."
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glitteryteenpoems · 28 days ago
again again
i fell in love twice.
twice with you, but i shouldn’t
even care for you
anymore-flowers don’t bloom,
and my heart won’t stop beating.
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erikazodycxo · 19 days ago
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January 2022🤍
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lovelornnn · 4 months ago
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Nothing Left to Salvage - @lovelornnn
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a-moonlit-poet · 5 months ago
You are disgusted by my blood,
Yet you love to watch me bleed.
Your eyes hover on mine,
And I could feel your jealousy roaring.
You enclosed the gap.
Moving forward until an inch remain.
You attached your lips on mine
And that's when I realized...
You are the person,
I hate and love at the same time.
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someonebrandnew · 18 days ago
We’ve been growing up with movies that make you believe in soulmates.
Pining and admiring from a far seem to be a central plot point of them all.
I always believed that they were what I had in store.
But whenever someone kisses me, they always just seem to want more.
I would have appreciated my innocence for longer if I had known that love, if you can call it that, isn't all like the movies.
If I had known that once they get tired of just holding hands, you start to feel so lonely, even in somebody's arms.
Because only ever getting drunk kisses are almost lonelier that getting none at all.
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jordynhaiku · 10 days ago
Can you read my mind
And see all my shortcomings
Am I whole to you
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rosebrik · 14 days ago
To be without you
And write sweet words
To be with you
And make sweet love
I cannot live without my poetry
I cannot live without your touch
𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐤
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ulvafdillah · 23 days ago
Semoga nanti. Perempuan pemalu dan lelaki bijaksana tanpa tebar pesona, akan saling menemukan.
Keduanya bahagia dalam ikatan panjang pernikahan. Saling mengingatkan tentang perilaku pada linimasa yang tidak semestinya ditampilkan.
Saling menjaga dalam dunia nyata maupun maya.
Saling bahu-membahu dalam menggapai ridho-Nya.
Semoga nanti, perempuan pemalu dan lelaki bijaksana itu bertemu.
Saling mengingatkan agar senantiasa menjaga batasan dan rasa malu.
Karena keduanya paham, tentang cemburu ialah milik siapa saja.
Dan tentang dunia maya maupun nyata, di sanalah tersebar banyak fitnah.
Dan semoga nanti kita bertemu. Dalam banyak pemahaman bahwa menjaga diri adalah tentang menyeluruh. Tentang aku yang tahu batasanku. Juga tentang kamu yang paham batasanmu.
09:55 p.m || 05 Januari 2022
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belovedapollo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
— Louise Glück, from the book Vita Nova
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littlewavesonthemoon · a month ago
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Todays daily poem
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angelgirl111x · 2 months ago
☾ having your emotions hightened is like a flood... ☽
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glitteryteenpoems · 19 days ago
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she’s stopped inviting you to do stuff with us.
i guess i should be happy but
my heart skips a beat when
i see you and i like the feeling
of hopeless falling
a rush of loneliness and hope
at once, a knee-trembling,
hand-shaking, word-catching
she said she stopped because she doesn’t have the energy
to deal with the two of us but
i think that’s bullshit
we fill the air with energy
it is everything but exhausting
i see stars every second,
sky swimming with sparkling splatters
of silver studs
i like the feeling
of hopeless falling.
(photo via)
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thepoetshelf · 4 months ago
The truth is, you get emotionally attached to anyone has been nice to you..
Be nice to yourself.
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dopedreamlandbouquet · 7 months ago
"I've always liked quiet people: You never know if they're dancing in a daydream or if they're carrying the weight of the world."
- John Green
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