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#daily reminder
koushiberries · 4 hours ago
hello! here to remind you that you look beautiful! your outfit is so attractive - even if you’re still in your pj’s or are all dressed up! <3 here to say that you are very, very valid! and that you are very loved! i love you so much! <3
i’m proud of you! i hope you’re doing splendid!
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laniaxlotto · 4 hours ago
Friendly reminder from your local, hot girl, barb, and very nice aunty to reblog that piece of artwork or fic you like!
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idkbroitschaotichere · 7 hours ago
Good morning or afternoon to you all !
I hope you all have a good day !
Remember you are valid and you are loved !
Stay hydrated! Have a snack!
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lovemeleo · 8 hours ago
happy wednesday to all of you lovely people! hope you all have an amazing day ✨
here’s your daily reminder to drink your fucking water!!! 💙
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yourlocalcrekhead · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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kamotoshi · 17 hours ago
so here we are on day 2 of what I thought was gonna be a week long break bc I had an epiphany that I suddenly felt the desire to share! so if you wanna read maybe like settle in bc I kinda wrote a lot (but is that new? no)
my brain! she doesn’t understand how to like... take something she likes and just enjoy it. everything always has to be a project or a task to be finished or a goal to reach. I’ve never been like hey my name’s fran and I like writing fanfiction! it’s always been hey my name’s fran and I like writing fanfiction so I'm gonna force myself to constantly come up with fic ideas and push out content bc I must be a workhorse and I don’t understand that not everything has to be methodical and meticulously planned and perfect!
I literally took writing (something I enjoy) and turned it into work (something I very much do not enjoy) all bc of this restless brain of mine and my extremely present anxiety that almost requires that I do something to prevent a crisis like every second of the damn day. I'm v tired of agonizing over both what I am doing and what I'm not doing. it’s exhausting when you’re already waiting for the time when you can go back to bed again the instant you get up lol
so I’m just gonna change my perspective here! I'm gonna try to stop guilting myself for every wip that sits without any additional progress being made, and for each one I knock off the list bc I'm just not that into it anymore. I'm gonna try to stop telling myself I HAVE to make content in order to make y’all happy. I'm gonna try to silence the little negative voice that always pops into my head each time I read or see something great that says “damn what happened with you, huh?” I'm gonna stop trying to measure my success by how many followers I have or how much work I do bc this is literally FOR FUN and it’s something I do IN MY FREE TIME bc it’s meant to be ENJOYABLE. 
and! I'm gonna stop takin this blog so damn seriously! like shit! if I'm here, I'm here and I'm chattin/writin, and if I'm not, I'm not! who tf do I think I am like damn!!! we’re all just out here! doing our own things! goin for it! doin that! it’s all good! (like we really owe each other nothing in the grand scheme of it all if we're bein 100% honest here)
anyway I went thru a similar revelation with the whole notes crisis (in which notes became another success metric for me) but now I dont give a rat’s ass which is saying A LOT (bc I'm secretly an attention whore. maybe not as secretly as I think tho). I write my fics and I send em out into the cyberspace to be free bc as long as I enjoyed it then we’re good! and the whole reason I'm here in the first place is to share things in the hopes that maybe someone else likes it too! whatever happens happens! bc I sure as hell know I'll go back and gas myself up on somethin that only got like five notes!!
the productivity loop that I am stuck in (as well as many other members of society) is seriously powerful. and I know it’s gonna take a LOT of effort on my part to wrestle the controllers to my life away from bully! fran who’s stubborn and angry like the lil bull she is, but! I have hope bc I'm at least willing to try.
so, after I've just said I aint gotta explain shit to nobody, here I am explaining my shit to y’all *head in hands* BUT I'm writing this bc I felt like it, bc I'm ready to hold myself accountable, and just to put things into perspective for a sec. if you read this far I'll say “damn you must kinda like me huh 🥺” at the risk of sounding like the dude who says “in the shower? without me?”
with that being said, I'll be around when I'm around! come to my inbox whenever you want, I keep extra pillows and blankets and s'mores-building kits in there for whenever y’all wanna camp. I'm hoping my blog can continue to be a positive space for everyone to sit back and watch me clown myself unapologetically 😌 thank you for comin to my ted talk
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alhamdulillah10 · 23 hours ago
The gift of emaan is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the gift that will benefit you in both this life and the next. This gift starts with peace in your heart and ends in Jannah in shaa Allah. May Allah ﷻ give us all the gift of emaan, Ameen
The best ways I found to improve emaan (after tawheed) is to first and foremost pray all your Salah’s. Imagine if your life was a vehicle, Salah would be the fuel that keeps it running smoothly. Without Salah, even if you think your life is going good it’s realistically running on fumes.
Next make a lot of dua! Dua is the changer of destiny. It’s one of the best form of communication between you and Allah ﷻ. If you had a button that you could press and it could grant you any wish or instead positively impact your akhira and dunya aswell, wouldn’t you always be pressing it? Make dua.
Make the Quran your companion. Read it, learn the meanings of the verses you’re reciting. Learn the words of Allah ﷻ.
Surround yourself around people who benefit your deen. People who you can compete with in good deeds and who you can grow Islamically with together.
Learn a lot of knowledge! Islamic Knowledge changes everything. Once you learn the greatness of Allah ﷻ and who He is. And you learn Muhammed ﷺ and why he’s the most loved creation to Allah ﷻ. You’ll be more motivated to follow commandments of your Creator and example of His Messenger ﷺ.
The most severe types of punishment for disobedience are: the snatching away of Īmān and the sweetness of confidential conversation (with Allāh), forgetting the Qur’ān and neglecting seeking forgiveness. The least significant punishment is: what happens to the body in this worldly life.
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chezzalou · a day ago
Tumblr media
Daily reminder that you are beautiful, you are loved, you matter and you're worth it 💛
Stop hiding behind the filters and allow the world to see how beautiful you really are 💛
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darkroomgay · a day ago
gay people make better art
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hotrebels · a day ago
Lil daily reminder to yall♡
It’s okay to be a beginner at the things you are interested in. There is no reason to feel intimidated by people more advanced than you are, because they too were in your place at one point. Keep learning and growing and expanding in whatever it is that you love and let nothing and no one stop you. You don’t have to be at the same stage as someone else. You can just be at your stage and that one is okay too.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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koushiberries · a day ago
hi! i hope you’re doing wonderful! <3 please remember to drink some water, eat something yummy <3 remember how beautiful you are, how valid you are and that you are very loved! i love you so much and am amazed by you! <3
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lovemeleo · a day ago
happy tuesday all of you amazing humans! sending all the love and good vibes your way today ✨
here’s your daily reminder to drink your fucking water!!! 💙
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