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We’re going to figure out where you should be focusing your energy, if you’re putting it in the wrong/right place and maybe anything that you should stop (altogether) focusing that energy on.

Please take a moment to focus on the piles. The little cards are from a game called Sushi Go and just happened to fit the 1, 2, 3 order, heh. I’ll probably clarify on the side and let you know what I see.

Take a breath, focus, choose on intuition - number, pile, image, color.

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‘Train your Mind Change your Brain’ is a book on neuroscience on the extraordinary potential we have to transform ourselves. Years ago I read this amazing book that went through many case studies of various experiments and testing disproving the myth of once we “loose” a part of our brain that it is rendered incapacitated. Scientists have found that quite the opposite happens, that through training, the brain will rehardwire itself for the functions that are needed. An easy example of this: If someone were to be, or go blind, the portion of the brain thought only to control site will now reconfigure itself to give extra boost to other senses such as hearing and touch. The book dives much deeper into this remarkable capability our brains have to adapt.

This message the Guardian of the Night Tarot from @crowtarotmjcullinane is telling us just this: Be the King of your thoughts and you can control your world! Understanding that situations like negative thought patterns only lead to poor mental health. By taking control and mastering your mental thought patterns you can achieve a better state for yourself… easier said than done sometimes right?

Start small. Change doesn’t typically happen overnight. Nor are you going to change your brain with a “quick growth hack.” Starting small and paying attention to your thoughts: what is the tone of your inner voice? How do you speak to yourself? How do you view the world or others around you? It’s rather trite but looking for the positives in things and making a conscious effort to do so daily will one day become something natural for you to do 💕

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My Big Fat Hot Take on Daily Draws

Hi hi hi idk why I always start my posts by saying hello but it feels wrong or rude if I don’t so that’s why I do.

This is a post on daily tarot draws.  And my opinion on them and I want y’all to know it’s really just an opinion based on my experiences as a beginner tarot reader and I really could rant about this because I have strong opinions towards daily draws, but I’m gonna try and keep it organized like my other posts

Theory Behind Daily Draws
Across the posts and websites and youtube channels and videos and instagram posts or videos I looked at and still look at (because the learning never stops yo) one of the most common pieces of advice given to beginner tarot readers is to draw a card once a day every day.  There’s a couple reasons why this is a suggestion which I’m going to cover below.

This helps you gain familiarity with your new deck and the cards themselves in the most pure sense of the word familiarity.  Based on probability, you should be able to shuffle your deck each day and draw a new card for a solid amount of days in a row.  You’ll be able to feel the way the deck feels and you’ll be able to see what the artwork looks like on a good variety of the cards in your deck.

Drawing a daily card can also be used to pin down an intention for your day.  It might be something to meditate on or a mindset to take on as you move forwards temporally.  This meditation on the daily draw could offer another dimension of spirituality to your tarot practice.

Instead of meditating on the daily draw, tumblr user hillbilly oracle suggested using the daily draw as a prediction for one sure fire thing that will happen in the day.  This is used to associate more concrete meanings behind the cards that your particular deck spits out at you each day.

Discussion: Benefits, Negatives, Opinions, the Whole Enchilada
Based on the overview of the theory of daily draws, you can probably draw a few conclusions for yourself, but I’m also writing this to give a big picture of where I stand with this particular technique.  

The upside is that it’s exposure to the cards and it gets you into a habit of using your cards for like at least five minutes everyday.  It can also serve as an expansion of other practices like meditation or intention setting or just general divination.  And tarot cards are literally like for divination so if this is your starting technique or if doing daily draws is your gateway into tarot or your learning method, not only are you learning, but you’re also actually doing the thing and I’m so proud of you :)

Ok that being said, I did this for a solid month.  Every day I drew a card and started by using it as like a “What’s the vibe today?” kind of drawing.  Somewhere along the lines of meditation or intention setting, but farther away from pure divination or prediction, if we want to categorize.  My general impression was that it was good to get time with my deck everyday, but I didn’t really connect with what they were trying to tell me.  This is when I reached out to hillybilly oracle and readjusted to try to predict.  Again I didn’t really vibe with it.

HERE’S WHY THOUGH: I didn’t vibe with it because it felt very shallow and surface level.  It also felt like it was taking too long to learn.  I was touching the deck and it was there and I was there and it was like here’s today and I was like k cool but is that it?  Like every day I felt like it was the same card and I decided I kinda hated the monotony.  At this point I had a couple of 5, 7, 11 card full on readings under my belt and the intuition and ease I experienced in my multi-card spreads was absent in my daily draws.  I didn’t feel like I was learning and it felt like a waste of time, but I thought I would be an absolute shit reader if I didn’t do daily draws because almost every resource advocated for them.

The Real Real and Conclusion
Even though everyone said to do daily draws, they didn’t work for me.  That’s ok though because I had large spreads.  I also realized the dynamic through which my deck and I best collaborate.  Please try any method you come across to see if it works for you, and definitely take the liberty to adjust as you go!  Daily single card readings didn’t work for me at all 0/10, and three card daily readings also were like a 2/10 and I really do work better with larger spreads because it helps me understand the big picture and the connections and relationships at play.

I heavily suggest trying daily draws for a month because you really don’t know until you try but I’m writing this and I’m here to tell you that daily draws are not the only way to learn and they might not work and if they don’t work for you, it doesn’t invalidate any of the experience or potential you have a tarot reader.

Let me know what y’all think.  Lots of love to everybody and extra to anyone who needs it <3 

L :)

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Daily tarot for oct 22 2020

The 4 of pentacles is all about money: spending, saving, obsessing, controlling. My simple reading for this card is always just the word “greed,” though that is an over-simplification. Take a moment and consider the relationship that exists with money in present circumstances. The figure in the card is cut off from everyone and everthing because of their total dedication to the coins surrounding them. (Don’t be the figure in the card.)

The “lesson” so to speak is that one must reapect money and its power - and it cannot be the most important aspect in one’s life. For what purpose does one try and earn, save, work, and so on? Typically those answers boil down to family, friends, happiness, love, pride, and the self. The answer, whatever it may be, is more important than the power money has over one’s life - this card signals a reminder that that should always continue to be true.

If it is not, perhaps it is time to reevaluate.

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Four of swords, eight of wands, eight of pentacles

Right now your job life is dormant. It’s very stagnant. You may feel exhausted on this hunt for a job and that’s okay. The cards are advising you to reach out more. To tell people about a job your looking for. Someone might come into your life who will help you get a job. Someone is going to reach out this month or soon. The job won’t be the exciting adventure you want but you will be satisfied. My cards are advising you to focus on a skill or service you do. Do you do art? Or code. Make that’s into a side job. You have all the skills to. Expect the unexpected to happen soon and don’t allow yourself to stress out about it. Manifest what YOU want.

♡Feedback is Welcomed♡

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The moon, the tower and strength

Your feeling in the dark. You are. There is some suppressed trauma going on and you need to resolve it. The tall shadow is a warning for you from you. It cannot hurt you. The tall shadow is telling you to overcome your fears or whatever is holding you back. You have all the tools to do so. Your holding back for some reason. There are lots of emotions involved and something you buried deep down. You need to work through some fears you have about abandonment/loved ones dying. Work with yourself not against yourself. These nightmares may be coming from somewhere deep in your mind. Remember the shadows have no power over you, only you do. Work with your emotions not against them. Release any burdens you have. They are not serving you and are causing inner turmoil. Your mind is telling you it’s time to let go of emotional baggage. It’s time to grow.

♡Feedback is Welcomed♡

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Six of cups, six of sworss, eight of cups

In the beginning of 2021 you’ll be in a relationship or like a person. They will remind you of your past or be someone you used to love. You will be in the honeymoon stages with this person it will be very romantic and will help you in your romantic journey. Something will split you up. Maybe a move, job or just parting ways for both of your benefits. But this split will happen towards the end of 2021. It will be a new beginning for you and a lot of growth will come from this relationship. The split won’t affect you to much as it was something you both agreed to. The person you’ll enter a relationship will be friends with you or is someone else’s friend. They will dress nice and might have light brown or dark brown hair. You’ll find their lively nature attractive. Remember to be open minded. You two will eventually reunite.

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The sun, queen of pentacles, six of cups

I’m seeing that he’s already asked you out or he’s going to very soon. Something is stopping him though. A woman. Someone who mother’s him and is trying to protect him but he will still ask you out. I can see him asking you out in a few days to two weeks. Be calm and stable. Don’t pressure him. Hes going to do it but it’s going to happen at his own pace. He might be scared off by you a little. You can be intense. If you pressure him things will not go as planned. All good things take a little time. Overall he will ask you out in a few days to two weeks depending on the circumstances.

♡Feedback is Welcomed♡

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21. Have I achieved things in the past year that are in accordance to my life plans? Am I on the right track for success?

Yes I have made progress this year. Mostly focused on my mental health. But it has taken a lot of hard work and tenacity to get where I am. I used to be very overwhelmed by my emotions, but I’ve reached a good equilibrium that will benefit me in the future

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✨Daily Tarot Pull✨

Reversed Ten Of Wands


Burden, Overworked, Humility

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Daily tarot oct 21 2020

The Hermit is a sign that its time to take a step back from life and focus inwards for a bit and do some self-reflection. Don’t get lost in it, though. Consider carefully: what do you want?

This card usually shows up when one is at a crossroads. Consider the paths available carefully and make a choice with a specific goal in mind. Now is not the time for wandering aimlessly.

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