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#daily witchcraft

In typical me fashion, I planned about fifteen cook witchy things to do today, on to of the handful of mundane crap I have to do. knowing full well I’ve been down to about -15 spoons. Shocker I got almost nothing done. Or so I thought. My day went as so…

Kids dressed And ready.

Breakfast and lunches made.

Kids taken to school and medicine picked up.



played a bit if eso (because eso is life)

Retired to read my pagan book… Ended up falling asleep.

Laundry… So much laundry.

Cleaned my kitchen, that was a right mess.

Cooked healing soup with my kids. Enchanted each ingredient, and let my kid make a wish in the bay leaf.

FOLDED all that damn laundry.

Then laid down for some much needed tv time.

So when I list it all like this, even if I didn’t do all the things I wanted to get done today, I did the things that mattered.

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I swear I’m going to do it this time!

Ok even if no one reads this, it’s mostly for myself. Just putting it into the universe that I am going to really get back into the swing of my practice. Which I know I’ve said before… And then after a bit fell out of. I have about a billion excuses why. Kids, health, time, energy, etc.


it seems every year spring brings about this renewal in myself. I start feeling connected to the wild again. Let’s be honest, here where I live winters are brutal and long. So very long. I tend to stagnate just like all works around me. But then we get this false spring where it warms up and you get a peek of life under all that snow and wind. I know it won’t last and the snow will come back with a fury. But it gives me hope.

So, in an act of accountability I’m putting my plan out there. Each Sunday, or probably Monday, (because Sunday is my lazy day) I’m going to set up three parts in my planner.

1. Weekly focus. In my weekly blank space will be my weekly focus. What I want to manifest and work on. Along with any things I want to try or do.


2. Daily witchy plan. Just a quick idea or fun thing to connect to spirit that day. Which I’ll fill out every week, or add more if I find something new to try.

(today is going to be a light day since I can still hardly move from helping someone move)


3. Lastly will be an end of the week wrap up. I’ll add in any experiences, info to add into my book of shadows or grimoire, and journaling.

Hopefully having all this smack in my face everyday when I’m looking at all my mundane nonsensery it should be impossible to forget about. Right?


Originally posted by but-the-truth-lies

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Connecting With The Element of Fire

Today’s insight Oracle card is about connecting with fire. Fire is an integral part to everything we do as humans or witches. To connect with this today, I will take some time this evening to do something creative with the gift of fire. Creativity is a representation of fire after all. I’ll bind off the scarf I’ve been meaning to finish or put the seams or attach the pockets in a shirt I’m making.

Deck used: Everyday Witch Oracle.

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I started the book Shadow Magick Compendium by Raven Digitalis today and completed the first exercise of identifying behaviors of the shadow, hopefully I’ll have finished this one a week from now (at least my first read through before starting my highlighting) I’ll post my thoughts and some of my notes on the book when I’m done as always but, I wanted to ask if anyone has read this one before and what are your thoughts on it ?

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Witch tip🍃🌳

So, as someone who lives in a city and doesn’t get too many chances to go out and be in nature, I thought of something while walking my dog. As we passed a tree, I said hi to them. Just a “hey”, a “hi”, or “how are you doing?” “It’s a nice weather today, isn’t it?” It’s something small but it made me feel closer to nature^^

Maybe I should mention that I was whispering 90% of the greetings because I was afraid someone would hear me, but it still worked^.^

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Good morning Sun. Thank you for your life giving warmth.

Good morning Moon. Thank you for looking over us.

Good morning Stars. Thank you for creating us.

Good morning Pluto. Thank you for giving me the strength to move forward.

I’m going to try to get up a little earlier than I usual. I want to take my time to wake up, thank my deity, our celestial bodies and try to start a daily practice. If you have a daily witch routine or small things you do to keep your practice going, let me know!

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Got a Frigg devotional candle done today! It’s scented with honeysuckle, pine, and vanilla and contains dried potpourri and salvia, as well as a Berkanan rune.


This is the smallest size they will come in and will probably cost about $3. The wax got a little bit messy on this one - I was a little excited.

Progress is still being made! If anyone has any specific types of candles (like for any specific gods or goddesses, or for a specific purpose, or just a scent combination youd like to see) feel free to let me know and I’ll do what I can!

Much love as always,


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If you practice tarot, oracle cards, runes, or any other object-medium divination, develop a practice of a “daily drawing” and pull a card, rune, or what have you at the start of your day, then carry it with you throughout the day to meditate on.

daily witch tip o67. 》

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If you see a flower, herb, or other object you feel an attraction to while out in nature but you don’t know what it is, take a picture and use Google Reverse Image Search, Bixby Vision (android only), or a similar object identification app to get the item’s name. Bonus: If you can safely determine it is non-toxic, take some home to put in your grimmoire and meditate on to see what drew you to it.

daily witch tip o66. 》

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Some daily witchy things to do when you don’t have much privacy or time to yourself. 

- light an incense to refresh the energies for the day
- practice visualization. you can do this before you roll out of bed in the morning (unless you’re likely to fall back asleep), before bed, in the shower
- meditate. like visualization, try to do this when you can, if you get the slightest fifteen minutes to yourself. If you can’t, don’t stress it. Set yourself up for a smaller goal of 3 times a week. Remember, the goal is meditation, not trying to meditate.
- touch or talk to your crystals and flowers. tell them good morning, ask them how they’re doing. communicate with them.
- reality checks, if you lucid

Try to keep your daily witchins to a short list. We want to incorporate our craft into our already busy schedules, not add more to-do lists.

How do you incorporate your craft into your daily lives?

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Okay so I’m a huge Metallica fan, and one of my favorite songs is Fuel. So lately I’ve started reciting “Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire” as I stir my morning coffee. 

This way it gives my coffee a little boost, as well as being a mini spell for bringing good fortune my way. 

Feel free to use, or do something similar with one of your favorite songs! I’d love to see what you guys do!

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- EGGSHELLS are a great replacement for SALT especially for outside just let them dry out before crushing them

- sage in clean areas to get all the negative energy out (clean dirty clothes)

- quartz can replace any crystal you need

- if you have NO CRYSTALS go outside and find a rock that attracts you it’ll have the same power

- ashes from smoking or dried herbs can be saved and used to draw sigils when you put some water to make it thick but not watery like paint (if that makes sense to you)

- use coffee filters when you need to bury something

- acorns are good luck and bring prosperity so if you find one (or some) keep it on you

- lemons cleanse and protect so cut up some and put them in tea or water. or dry them out and hang them by the door

- on windy days go out (walking or stand outside) picture the wind taking away your negativity 

- sage room when you make your bed in the morning to ward bad energies so you can have a good night sleep

- when stirring your coffee or tea stir clockwise for positivity and counter clockwise to ban negative energy

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Sometimes witchcraft is doing big, complicated rituals for big, complicated purposes, with lots of witchy Things™‚ and focusing lots of e-n-e-r-g-y. 

And other times witchcraft is just enchanting a silly prank you played on your professor in order to make the whole class laugh because it’s fucking cold outside and you’re sad and maybe they’re sad too, so let’s be less sad together. 

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Zodiac: Virgo

Solar System: Moon

Seasons: Spring, summer

Celebration: Yule

Element: Earth

Direction: North

Color: Black

Deities: Artemis, Artio, Brigid, Diana

Intentions: awaken potential, adaptability, astral realm, change, communication with spirits, connections, courage, crossroads (black), cunning, cycles, danger (grizzly), death, defense, dream work, endurance, energy, healing, introspection, knowledge of self, maternal protection, nurture inner self, the otherworld/underworld, pleasure, power, rebirth, revenge, self work, the senses (hearing, smelling), shamanic work, sleep, spirits, spiritual growth, subconscious, strength, transformation, travel, wealth, wisdom.

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🧜🏽‍♀️ daily-inclusive methods

i know so many people make these posts and they will look way better than mine (until i work on my grimoire), but i still wanted to post a few that i do daily!

🌊 if you have a local pagan/wiccan shop try buying an essential oil perfume! they’re usually around $8-$12 and have purposes like attracting love, protection, etc. and are great for daily use! (please dilute, most of the perfume oils i have do state that you should dilute before using them on your body).

🌊 do a daily spell for positivity! or create a sigil that you can use daily for something you’re struggling with.

🌊 stop and appreciate nature whenever it is safe/possible. take pictures, collect flowers, leaves, etc. (not in massive amounts that could harm the plant of course, and also be careful some plants cause skin interactions such as poison ivy or hogweed etc.)

🌊 plant something or get a plant! if you’re busy a cacti is great, or perennial flowers. or an aloe plant! they’re fairly easy to take care of, generally cheap, and great for skincare or witchy use!

🌊 buy epsom salt or essential oil infused body wash or lotions (or you can even make your own!). research which oils are okay for body use or if they need to be diluted etc.

🌊 witchy tea! gather herbs and make your own tea! you can include ingredients for whatever you are struggling with that day (i do this once a week or as needed but i do drink tea daily, like green tea or hibiscus tea it doesn’t have to be super fancy all the time).

🌊 crystals! i keep selenite at my desk for work and if anyone asks you can say it’s for pretty decoration (if your job is religious or judgmental). also it’s super fun to have a little crystal in your bra or pants, it’s like your own little witchy secret! (that was super cheesy but that’s how i think of it)

🌊 most of all remember you are loved, important, and the universe has good plans for you. pagans/wiccans experience hate or confusion from other people sometimes, and it is important not to feel ashamed or like you are doing something wrong. the people who are important to you will come around (they may not join the religion but if they care about you they will accept it and be respectful while still keeping their personal beliefs).

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