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a one shot, in which steve x reader are together - openly. during their the last battle with thanos, steve becomes dumb, selfless steve again. angst! and fluff toward the end. requests are open! and so is my tag list!!

This was bad. You knew this was bad. It was you and Steve. It always did just come down to the two of you, the exhaustible hold he had over your heart would have you following him anywhere. Worse than New York - worse than Sokovia, it was worse than anything anybody had experienced. The emotion surrounding the fight was mammoth, Steve ultimately feeling as if this was his fault. He went into that damned fight wanting to make up for everything everybody else had lost in the past five years. He did. He fulfilled his wish twice over.

The gauntlet sat, alone. You knew what Steve was going to do before it happened, and all you could do is stand and stare at the love of your life make the most reckless decision he had ever made. Late nights at three AM when the blonde poured his heart out to you emphasised the guilt he felt. Guilt over something he could never have predicted, nor have prevented. But that’s the type of man Steve was. The reason you fell in love with him. The selflessness that filled him always made your heart soar with pride - ever since you first met him.

The memory brought a smile to your your face, but in spite of the situation it soon fell, tears silently falling down your cheeks.

Watching Steve stride toward the discarded gauntlet made bile rise up in your throat. He felt like he had to do this, that he had to change the way this played out for people. Ultimately, he had already sacrificed himself once - he could do it again. You knew he would. “Steve!” You call, pushing yourself toward the blonde. “Don’t.” Your voice was inaudible, the tears beginning to fall from your eyes. All you could do was stand and watch him. Watch the love of your life do this - again. Losing him was a reality you didn’t want to live with. 
“I have to, baby.” His response was short, assertive. His mind had been made up a long time before then, you knew. You swallowed, sending him a watery smile.

Steve’s eyes expressed everything he wanted to say, but couldn’t. He felt as if this was his destiny, his purpose in life. You knew he was destined for so much more but your throat ran dry and you’d struggle to push them out.

It was as if time just stopped. A ceasefire of some kind. Everybody had seen what that man was about to do. A stupid, but selfless move. You closed your eyes, you couldn’t watch. You couldn’t watch him sacrifice himself.

The clearing of a throat snapped you out of your daze, hastily scrubbing away the tears from your cheeks. “He wants to see you,” Bucky said, offering you a smile. All you could do was nod. You didn’t trust your voice.

“I thought I lost you,” You whispered, your voice not recognisable to your own ears. A hand wrapped around yours, squeezing onto your flesh. You heard that chuckle you’d been missing. You then knew he was going to be okay. “It wasn’t meant to go this far. I swear, baby.” 
All you could do was laugh, pressing your lips against the blonde hair that sat atop of his head. “Never again. Don’t do that to me again,” You whimpered, and Steve just nodded, pulling you into his side. A smile pulled onto your features, he wasn’t going anywhere.


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