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styrke · 20 days ago
i know some people are probably gonna disagree with me, but i say honesty above all else.. if you don’t like the honesty you’re getting from someone because they’re being rude or offensive about it, then you can say your goodbyes. on the other hand if you do like the honesty you’re getting because it’s respectful and decent, then you can decide to keep them around. either way honesty will always provide you with the real, raw person.. not a show, a manipulated image, or a puzzle of mind games.
search for honesty in your life. so many people get swept up in praise and attention that they fail to recognise if what they’re receiving is actually honest and genuine or if it’s simply a manipulation tactic of telling you what you wanna hear. ‘cause honesty doesn’t always look like someone telling you how awesome they think you are or how you deserve the world and more. it’s not always someone saying your flat is nice and your laugh is contagious.
honesty is also telling you that you have something in your teeth, that what you said was insensitive, that they don’t agree with you on everything.. or that they simply don’t reciprocate your feelings. yes, some honesty is uncomfortable and can be a hard pill to swallow, but is necessary to be told and to acknowledge in order to learn and grow.
again, if someone is tearing you down because of their HonestyTM, then no, that’s not okay.. but if someone is honouring you and your worth by providing you with honesty in a respectful manner? yeah, that’s that good shit. search for that and value that. those are the people who respect you enough to at the very least be real with you. what you then do with that is up to you.
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sensibilities · 2 months ago
jestem zupełnym przeciwieństwem tego, kim chciałabym być.
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wordsnstuff · 8 months ago
It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by that time I was too famous.
Robert Benchley | Ko-Fi | Patreon
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positivelypositive · 6 months ago
to anyone who needs to hear this right now...
... it's okay. you are doing alright.
not everything may be going as per your expectations but hey! that's life, isn't it? be really proud of yourself for carrying on bravely in the face of adversity. you are awesome ✨
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sanewschannel · 14 days ago
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Do you feel depressed or suicidal?
You don't need to worry now.
True worship can solve all your problems.
For a happier, healthier and peaceful life, must read the life changing spiritual book "Gyan Ganga" by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.
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ladybluebottle · 2 months ago
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Take each day as it comes.💙
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