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09APR20 - 012: Furret, requested by @belvault

First character of the #sixfanarts. I also added the bonus of a shiny Furret as well.

Edit: Not sure why it has some of the fur color outside of the line art. It didn’t look like that when I saved it. Hmm… something I’ll look into since it was the first time I used Photoshop CC and my tablet.

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04APR20 - 007: OOTD

My own personal OOTD. I wear a lot of monochrome lol. Tried a Chibi drawing since I hadn’t drawn Chibi in forever. Maybe soon I’ll stop avoiding figure drawing like I have for the last several years when I had a sudden loss in confidence in my capabilities. I’m getting better, just need to take it one day at time and remember to finish something that doesn’t have to be perfect.

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