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catholic-prepper · 21 hours ago
My ancestors evolved for thousands of years to give me the “eat dairy enzymes” and I’ll be damned if I don’t use them.
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builtbybeans · a month ago
Idk who needs to hear this, but anyone who sells animals or their parts has a vested interest in lying to you when you ask if the process is cruel 🙃
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dr-mando-on-call · a month ago
This is a calf hutch, not a veal crate.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
98% of the times I see posts about “veal crates,” the pictures are of calf hutches. These calves are almost always dairy heifers. They’re future milking cows. They’re not going to be used for veal. Veal crates have been phased out in the US, and most veal calves now live in group pens.
Calf hutches are used to keep the calves safe and warm and to prevent diseases like Cryptosporidiosis, which spread easily amongst individuals.
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thatveganwhiterose · 6 months ago
“What about the farm workers who pick your crops?”
Genuine question for anyone who asks this seriously or otherwise. (Because let’s face it, most people do not ask this seriously.)
Do you think animals just commit suicide for you to eat meat?
Do you think cows milk themselves, or hook themselves up to milking machines?
Do you think chicks just sort themselves by their sex, and the hens just walk to the coops and lay eggs?
Please tell me how animal products get to your plates.
I’m serious. Answer me these questions seriously.
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animalsoutloud · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
We all cherish our mothers. Animals are the same way. But dairy rips mothers and their young apart so that the mother’s milk can be pumped for humans instead.
If we can imagine ourselves as kids being torn away from our mothers, never to see them again - that is the reality that baby cows experience every day. That is the reality of dairy.
Every time we consume dairy, we are taking away from a baby cow who his/her mother’s milk was meant for. Instead we put nuzzles on them to prevent them from drinking it, separate them from their mothers, and place them in isolated pens.
Plant based milks such as those made from almond, soy, and oat milks are just some of the many varieties of milk and other dairy products where baby cows do not have to be ripped away from their mothers.
A kinder, more equal world is possible. Make a positive difference and give plant based foods a delicious try.
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skeletonmob · 7 months ago
Somebody’s may have already posted this, but since I’ve donated, here it is again! The short order is that Liz is trying to buy land to transform it into a farm/community center, primarily for Black Minnesotans. Please donate or help spread the word!
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acti-veg · a month ago
Twenty livestock companies are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than either Germany, Britain or France – and are receiving billions of dollars in financial backing to do so.
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dairymoos · 6 months ago
Most people don’t realize that conventional dairy already has been focused on sustainability, we just don’t advertise
- We sequester carbon with the crops growing for the cows
- We use organic fertilizer from the cows instead on relying on synthetic fertilizers
- We recycle all our water to grow crops for the cows
- Cows up-cycle food byproducts into usable nutrition that would otherwise go to a landfill
Cows are a valuable part of the earths ecology and ecosystems. Many dairy farms today are installing methane digesters- that take cow manure, capture the emissions, and make renewable power. Installing these systems make dairies carbon negative meaning they are taking out more emissions than they are creating.
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severelynerdysheep · 10 days ago
“If intelligence and capability are not criteria for the possession of rights, why would animals — who have the capacity to feel fear and pain — be excluded from our moral consideration?”
Jack Norris
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pjmruby · a year ago
Tumblr media
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copperbadge · 13 days ago
I don’t know why Quartz felt a burning need to write this piece, but if you live in NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, or San Jose, you can go and read up on the Dairy Near You! 
I have to admit I would not have said dairy as the largest agricultural industry in Arizona. 
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y0rkminster · 9 months ago
I love watching factory “farmers” cry over lab grown dairy and meat because they know it’s gonna be the end of them. Their little op-eds are amazing. Just self-satirizing.
I’m just like “Aww are you not going to get to exploit *billions* of sentient beings, ravage the environment, destroy our health, ruin family farms, and exploit undocumented immigrants/economically disadvantaged people anymore?”
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oh-no-vegan-memes · 4 months ago
Non Vegan: You eat soy you know that has estrogen right?
Me: You drink cows milk which you know has mammalian estrogen that actually effects your body where as the estrogen in soy is phytoestrogen which doesn’t effect your body as you aren’t a plant.
Non Vegan:
Tumblr media
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vintage-sweden · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Unknown woman, Sweden.
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