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#daishinji tetsuo
kanacaecilius · 23 hours ago
It’s so cool how so many toku cast in recent years are very much Rider and/or Sentai fan. Or that their fathers are and they were influenced somehow lol
Some bits might be spoilery so keeping it under a cut
- Okada Ryutaro (Fuwa Isamu) mentioned how his father was a big fan of Showa riders
- Sakuragi Nachi (Amatsu Gai) said he’s so thrilled when he found out Thouser’s suit actor is Eitoku, who also played his favorite Rider, Meteor.
- Sunagawa Shuya (Horobi) has mentioned in interviews how he’s been a fan of Rider for a long time and he was excited that Horobi’s fighting style is similar to his favorite, Kabuto.
- Oka Hiroaki (Daishinji Tetsuo) is a big Rider fan that he’d sometimes slip into his Rider-ota mode in interviews, talking about CSM belts and stuff lol
- Hamao Noritaka (George Karizaki) was called Kuuga boy by his very-much-a-Rider-fan father because he’s born 2 months before Kuuga aired. Very fitting that they got an actual fan to play a Rider fan professor lol
- Suzuki Fuku is a child actor and is very well known to be a Rider fan. He’d often talk about it on TV shows and in his YT channels. Eventually, he get to play the godfather of Kamen Rider and Sentai, Ishinomori Shotaro, on Super Hero Senki.
- Matsuda Satsumi (and her twin sister Risae) is a big toku fan that they’d have some tokusatsu drinking session with her seniors from her seiyuu agency, who are also big toku fans. She eventually get to be a part of the cast of Zenkaiger, as Rikki Goldtweaker.
On a different note
- There are apparently more female fans of tokusatsu in recent years. Part of the boom is most likely because of the casting choices, not just with the actors but with the seiyuu as well. 
- They’ve had pretty big names especially the past few years, like Suwabe in Ex-Aid, Koyama Rikiya-san in Zi-O, Hayami Show-san and Yamadera Koichi-san in Zero One, and Ohtsuka Akio-san in Saber. The idea was probably influenced by Den-O?
- Sentai too, with Minase Inori, Sugita Tomokazu, and Nakamura Yuichi in Kiramager, and the likes of Asanuma and Kaji on Zenkaiger.
- Pretty sure there are more in the earlier titles too, like Kaji’s wifey Taketatsu Ayana as Goche in LupaPato, which also had Kugimiya Rie; Horie Yui and Fukuyama Jun in ToQger...and probably a lot more others in other titles
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hazardlevei · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
i am    thinking about him    😳
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tokumusume · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a baby, your excellency😭😭😭
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asknarashikari · 2 days ago
Beside the angst i give you i have funny minific
Minific : Akiko teach Mei the Slipper of Doom technique and the Hikari Secret Laughing Pressure Point, she said its used for the boys being idiots lmao-
When they got in Northern Base, Ren awfully being a gremlin himself, having a lot of trouble that Mei use the hikari secret laughing pressure point to him
And oh boy, the boys very afraid of this lady now lmao
Press f in the comments for these boys
“Wow, you guys look awfully glum today,” said Tetsuo, seeing the three quiet swordsmen slumped together, just staring blankly into space. Usually, those three were sparring against each other or being lovey-dovey, but today they seemed to lack the energy to even cuddle properly.
“Ah... the little lady’s out with some other ladies,” Ryo replied with a scratch of his head. “Women who were also Rider companions. They seem to have sort of shindig every now and again.”
“It’s not a little shindig, Ogami-san. It’s an initiation,” Touma intoned gravely. “When she returns, she will no longer be our sweet, innocent Mei... She will have powers beyond our imagination.”
The two elder swordsmen gave each other bewildered looks. “What the hell are you talking about?” the bladesmith questioned.
“Ah... they haven’t heard about it yet...” Rintaro sighed. “They haven’t been made aware of the horrors of the technique...”
“...You make it sound like Mei’s gonna be taught witchcraft or something,” Ryo said. “Aren’t you being a little... dramatic?”
“Ogami-san, if only you knew... the power the technique holds,” Kento replied seriously. “They say it’s been able to control the pink bastard. And if that is true... If Mei uses it on us...” he shuddered.
“I’m back~!” rang out a sing-song voice from the door, and all three boys yelped and practically stood to attention. Mei happily skipped up to her lovers and greeted them all with kisses, seemingly unaware of how stiff they all were. “I hope you didn’t miss me too much while I was out with the others today! I had a lot of fun, and they taught me so much!”
Touma, Rintaro and Kento forced themselves to smile. “We’re glad you did, love. We can’t wait to see what you’ve learnt...” Rintaro trailed off.
“Oh, don’t worry! I can show you guys soon enough!” Mei said brightly, and the trio’s smiles froze on their faces. “Now, where’s that little gremlin? I need him to be my guinea pig...”
“Guinea... pig...” Tetsuo said slowly, casting a sideways glance towards the three who seemed rather relieved that she hadn’t targeted one of them instead. 
“Did someone call for a gremlin?” Everyone yelped as Ren jumped down from somewhere, presumably the rafters, munching on a chocolate eclair. 
“Hey! Isn’t that my eclair?!” Rintaro exclaimed, pointing at the half-finished pastry.
“Hey, if it’s not labelled, it’s fair game,” Ren stated, showing the wrapper lacking of any markings. “You snooze, you lose.” He said, sticking his tongue out at Rintaro.
“Why you-” Rintaro said, but before he could move towards the thief, Mei had made her move.
“Alright, time to use my new skill.... take this, you little gremlin!” And she pressed her thumb onto the side of Ren’s neck.
“What was tha- hahahahahahahaha!” Ren started laughing uncontrollably, dropping the eclair to clutch at his stomach as he fell onto his knees. “I- hahaha- I can’t sto- hahahahahaha!”
Ryo and Tetsuo stared at the laughing ninja in shock, but Touma, Rintaro and Kento let out a yelp and backed away with fear in their eyes. Mei, on the other hand, was beside herself with joy. “Yay! It’s working!” she cheered, clapping her hands.
“Waihahahahaha- I can’t- hahahaha- I can’t breathe anymore- hahahaha-” The Swordsman of Wind unceremoniously passed out, curled in a fetal position, having apparently laughed himself into unconsciousness. 
Mei’s smile grew wider. “I can’t wait to teach this to the others!” she said. “I’ll go find Sophia-sama right now!” And with that, the editor bounced off to find the Northern Base’s mentor, leaving five terrified swordsmen in her wake.
“This technique...” Tetsuo said breathlessly, “How terrifying that such a woman knows it...”
Rintaro shook his head. “All the women companion of the Riders apparently know this technique. And now Mei knows it as well...” 
“And she’s probably gonna teach it to Sophia-sama...” Kento whispered. “And maybe even Reika-san... and Haruka-san...”
Ryo’s face went pale at the mention of his darling wife being taught such a thing. “Oh, fuck,” he swore. “If she learns that... I’m screwed...”
“We’re all screwed, Ogami-san,” Touma said mournfully, as their eyes went to the poor ninja gremlin passed out on the floor, his stolen eclair now smushed against his still-smiling face.
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planetchii · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I like biting more than I can choose.
No real background because I ran out of ideas.
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prompt #2: daishinji/touma, 3!
3. "Is it working?"
I got to make up a Wonder Ride Book for this and I'm so pleased with it.
Tetsuo sits hunched, frowning, a Wonder Ride Book in pieces on the table in front of him and a set of precision tools laid out on velvet at his elbow. Only half of the Book actually looks mechanical or electronic in any way that Touma understands. Some of the components he's set aside glitter and pulse like tiny stars. One of them is hovering slightly off the table.
Touma shifts his notebook on his lap, clicks open his pen, and starts to write.
Daishinji Tetsuo sits bent over hunched, frowning, a Wonder Ride Book in pieces on the table--
"You're watching me and I don't know why." Tetsuo picks up one of the tiny Book components with a pair of tweezers and holds it up to the light for a moment before beginning to polish it with a soft cloth. "What are you doing?"
"I'm, uh. Describing you?"
Tetsuo looks at him out of the corner of one eye. "Why?"
"It's a writing exercise. You know, like how artists do movement studies. Sometimes what I need to get my brain going is to just sit down and write out exactly what I'm looking at and see what direction it gets my thoughts going in."
"Mm. That seems reasonable. Why me, though?"
Touma holds up his notebook, flipping back through several pages of cramped writing. "It's not just you, I've also done Kento and Sophia today."
"All right." The little piece, now polished, goes back down on the table, and in its place Tetsuo picks up the floating one and holds it to his ear, as if he's listening to it. "Well, go ahead, then, as long as you stay out of my light."
Touma nods, beaming, and settles back into his chair to write again.
The floating component somehow continues to float even though Tetsuo's holding it. It's not clear what's being done with it, either; once he's finished listening to it, Tetsuo starts to probe it with what appears to be a dental technician's metal toothpick. After a moment Touma's surprised to realize that he can hear something too, a faint suggestion of flute music. He leans forward to listen more closely, trying to catch what the tune is, and Tetsuo says, not looking up, "If you have a question then ask me, I don't mind explaining things."
"No, I...I heard music."
A sharp look. "You can hear it?"
"Yeah, although it sounds really far away. What book is that? I don't think I've ever seen you use it before."
"It's called Hamelin no Flautist." Tetsuo holds up the cover plate briefly in explanation. "I don't generally use it, I don't like it. But it deserves proper maintenance even if it's not in use." He pauses, and then sets the little floating thing down, very gently, and covers it with another polishing cloth. The faint music is immediately dampened. "You shouldn't listen to it, though."
Touma frowns, disappointed, the melody still echoing in his head even though he can't actually hear it anymore. "It was pretty, though, it went sort of...sort of, hm-hm-hmmm--"
Tetsuo's out of his chair in seconds, clapping a hand over Touma's mouth, other hand gripping Touma's shoulder as Touma's pen and notebook fall to the floor. "Don't hum that tune. Don't try to remember it at all. Think of any other music."
"Lllike what?" Touma says into his palm.
"Anything. Seriously. The theme song for a television show you like, Beethoven's Ode to Joy, anything."
Staring, Touma nods slowly, very aware of the hand still on his mouth, and starts humming the last song he can remember hearing on the radio.
After a moment Tetsuo relaxes visibly and lowers his hand. "Good. Thank you. Don't do that again."
Touma nods again. "Is it dangerous?"
Tetsuo's other hand is still tight on his shoulder; he glances at it but doesn't say anything. "Isn't it dangerous for you too, then? Should you really hold it up to your ear like that?"
"Of course it's dangerous for me, but I've been studying the Books and how they behave for three decades now. I know how to manage them. You can hear it because you're...attuned, but you haven't had practice in resisting them."
"Well, then, thank you."
"Worrying about me."
Tetsuo freezes, turning slightly pink, and then convulsively releases Touma's shoulder. The spot he's been holding aches a bit; he has a strong grip. He straightens up and backs away from Touma, nearly tripping over his own chair. "Obviously I'm going to worry about you, you're doing important work."
Touma grins up at him. "Obvious or not, I appreciate it."
Awkward shuffling, and then Tetsuo sits down again, still pink in the face, and turns back to his work. "What about your writing exercise, is it working?" he says as he reaches for another piece of Hamelin no Flautist. "Are you feeling...exercised, I suppose?"
"I mean, I'm definitely having ideas." Touma reaches for his notebook and pen on the floor. "Not the ones I was expecting to have, but honestly, that's ok."
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asknarashikari · 16 days ago
Cracky minific idea: for some reason, Touma somehow is fused with Rekka and becomes a sentient sword like Yuri. Cue Tetsuo trying to “examine” him and his lovers going into “no touching our boyfriend” mode
Oh shit, run, Touma, run!
“Uh, guys...” Touma said hesitantly. “I don’t like the way Daishinji-san is looking at me...”
Honestly, it was disturbing how intensely and intently the other Rider was looking at him. If he hadn’t known the guy, and if he weren’t in the predicament he was in, he would’ve thought that the swordsmith was interested in him that way. 
But, alas, Daishinji-san was Daishinji-san, and he... was currently a sword. Rekka- his own sword- to be precise. Not that it made the situation any better, since he’d known Daishinji-san to have a fascination with his link to the first Seiken forged by man.
“Oh, don’t worry about me, Touma,” Daishinji-san said as he advanced towards Touma with slowly-widening, manic smile on his face. “I just want to study you... very closely...”
Touma squeaked as he tried to float away from the other Rider. “Kyaaa! Have mercy on me, Daishinji-san!” he begged. “I’m not ready to die yet!”
“Oi, don’t touch our Touma!” Kento growled, lunging after the crazed bladesmith. He tackled Daishinji-san to the floor, trying to pin him down, but Daishinji-san was struggling mightily against his younger teammate. 
“Geroff me Kento! I need to get my hands on him... I’m not going to hurt him! Just examine his new body!” Daishinji-san stated, licking his lips as though in hunger, or... Again, if it weren’t for who said it the implications would have been very different.
“Excuse me?! What did you just say about our Touma?!” Rintaro cried out in outrage. He too threw himself on top of the other swordsman, helping Kento to restrain the resistant Rider with a battle cry. The three Riders tussled on the floor, with the duo ganging up on their senior in defense of their lover.
Touma had cowered behind a very human Yuri and Mei, the latter in a defensive pose like she was about to punch anyone- or more likely, just Daishinji-san- who would come close to them. “Don’t worry Touma, I’ll protect you too!”
(Inwardly, Touma knew Mei wouldn’t really stand a chance, but it was the thought that counted.)
“Yuri, I’m sorry for ever making fun of your fear of Daishinji-san!” cried the author-turned-Seiken.
Yuri simply chuckled and patted Rekka!Touma. “Now you know how it feels to be me around him.” 
Meanwhile Ren and Ryo had watched all of this with tears in their eyes as they laughed and laughed at the Looney Tunes-esque antics of their friends. “It’s not funny you guys! What if Daishinji-san does weird shit to me and I get stuck as a sword forever!?” Touma retorted. “I don’t wanna be a sword! I can’t get cuddles if I’m a sword!”
“Yeah, what he said!” Kento, ever fond of cuddles, exclaimed. 
“That’s what you’re worried about?!” Ryo boomed, doubling over in chuckles. “Not getting cuddles?” 
“He’s probably worried about not getting other stuff too,” Ren remarked crudely, with a waggle of his brows.
“T-That’s besides the point! Also, what the fuck?!” Touma shouted, heating up in outrage. So much so, that he literally went up in flames. “A-Ack! I’m on fire! I’m on fire!”
“What do you expect, you’re the Sword of Flames-” 
“Shut up, Daishinji-san!”
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gentokuboobwindow · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Image 1 ID: a lined painting of Ren. They are jumping over a wall, wearing a cropped hooded neon green tank top over a black bodysuit with short loose sleeves that exposes the sides of their torso end ends at their mid-thigh. They have fishnet sleeves and tights under the bodysuit. Over it they are wearing a black skirt with neon green stripes and suspenders and a thick black belt with a silver clamp buckle. They have fingerless black leather gloves and knee-high black platform boots with neon green tongues. End ID]
[Image 2 ID: a lined painting of Daishinji. They are sitting casually on a stool, wearing black overalls with blue straps over their bare chest. An oversized holographic fabric coat is draped over their shoulders. They have pink leggings with a light blue vertical zig-zag pattern down the sides, and are wearing dark blue boots that have brown belts with brass buckles around the ankle. End ID]
wow,, youre non binery? tha s so cool. happy they/them thursday
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sunshinebikkis · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
same daishinji. same.
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asknarashikari · 8 days ago
Part 2 of the Kento kun destruction: Touma, Rintaro, and Kento go back to the base with a bloody tied up Tsukasa and explain everything to Mei and the swordsmen, who proceeds to have no mercy on Tsukasa for making the baby cry. Also Ise joins them and shocks him holding his newly repaired Kento kun, but not before papa tells his son he’ll stop complaining about the plushie if he gets more cuddles from his baby (bonus points if Touma and Rintaro tease Kento about tolerating the plushie)
Maybe Tsukasa will finally learn... this time...
“Where did those three go off to...?” Mei wondered aloud as she paced the length of the main hall, worrying with her rings. “Running off without telling anyone what was going on... What got into Kento, anyway...”
“Ah, I’m sure they’re just fine, little lady,” Ryo reassured, as he watched over Ise who was peacefully napping. A patched-up Kento-kun was tightly clutched in the little dragon’s arms, the ripped seam stitched back together with a thread that didn’t quite match the rest of the plushie.
“It’s not normal for them to just run off like that though,” Tetsuo pointed out. “Not to mention, the last time Kento did something like this was the whole thing with Calibur, and we all know how that went.”
“Don’t remind me,” Mei muttered, her brows furrowing.
“Lighten up, Mei,” Yuri told her with a gentle smile. “Kento has Rintaro and Touma with him, right?” 
Mei nodded. “Yes, but-”
“So he’s definitely gonna be okay!” Ren stated certainly. “Besides, they’ll be back soon enough, so don’t worry about them!” 
Just as Ren finished speaking, the main door opened and in walked the three aforementioned swordsmen, carrying a familiar, bloody, beaten-up lump of magenta, bound by rope and gagged. They unceremoniously tossed him unto the floor, and everyone stared at the trio’s prisoner in shock.
Mei ignored the unconscious Kamen Rider on the floor in favor of fretting over her swordsmen. “Where have you guys been? I was so worried- Why do you have blood on your clothes?! You’re not hurt, are you?!”
“Sorry for worrying you Mei,” Touma apologized, not sounding very apologetic at all. “And no, we’re not hurt. None of this is ours.” He gestured at his senpai. “It’s all his.”
“What- Isn’t that Kadoya Tsukasa?!” asked Ryo. “What the heck happened to him?”
“We just had a little talk with him.” Kento said darkly, eyes stormy and fists still shaking with rage.
“Apparently... Pinky here was the one that destroyed Kento-kun and made Ise cry.” Rintaro explained, his expression more schooled, but still frosty cold.
Immediately, the mood in the room changed and everyone glared at Tsukasa in anger. “He did what?” Ryo asked dangerously, his grip tightening on Gekido. 
And, of course, this was when the magenta-loving Rider stirred, blinking back to consciousness. “What...?”
Not even a moment after he awoke, he found himself with a pair of blades at either side of his neck. “Do you have any last fucking words,” growled Ren, as Tetsuo joined him by pointing Suzune in gun mode at the back of his head. 
Tsukasa glared defiantly at the swordsmen. “You should ask... that hedgehog of yours why I did it to begin with...”
“We don’t care why you did it,” stated the eldest of the swordsmen, as he hefted his sword and pointed it at his neck, too. “You made our Ise cry.” 
“And we don’t take kindly to people who hurt one of our own,” stated Yuri coldly. 
Tsukasa audibly gulped as the swordsmen started closing in on him, but then there was a buzzing sound in the air, and they- and their swords- all reared back with alarmed faces. Before he could be relieved at their sudden distance from him, he shrieked as a bolt of lightning struck him, zapping him back into unconsciousness.
“What- Ise?!” Kento rushed to his son’s side, crouching down to his eye level. “Were you awake this whole time?”
Ise nodded at his father, and tilted his head innocently at him.“Did I do good, Papa? Is he hurty like Kento-kun is?”
Kento, and the rest of the dragon’s parents, blinked at the dragon in surprise. “Yes, I guess he is.” Kento replied. 
Ise nodded, apparently satisfied. “And Papa? Don’t hate Kento-kun anymore?” he asked sweetly, giving his Papa the puppy-dragon eyes.
Kento sighed, unable to say no to his baby. “Okay, Ise. I won’t hate Kento-kun anymore.” He playfully poked the plushie’s smiley face. “But Papa was only jealous because Ise cuddled Kento-kun more than Papa. If Ise promises to cuddle with Papa more, then Papa promises to not complain about Kento-kun anymore.”
Ise smiled toothily at his Papa. “Okay Papa, promise!” The father and son shook pinkies, before the little dragon jumped into his Papa’s arms, giving him the cuddles he was so apparently deprived of. The hedgehog plushie rolled about on the floor, momentarily forgotten by its owner.
“Wait, what? Seriously...?” Tetsuo said incredulously. “That’s why Kadoya went this far...?”
“Good fucking grief,” Mei groaned. “What are we going to do with you...”
“Oh, Kento...” Touma shook his head. “How many times do we have to go through this...”
“Well... at least he won’t hold a grudge against a plushie anymore?” Rintaro offered with a teasing smile.
“Shut up and lemme cuddle my baby in peace.”
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planetchii · 5 months ago
And here we see the rare “Yuuri”. This “Yuuri” seems to have found a new home in his migration. The “Yuuri” has seemingly found some interesting items in this new dwelling; what seems to be a comic book and a device that seems to make ringing and beeping sounds. Most likely a cellular device. Yes, the “Yuuri” seems to be rather comfortable and curious about his new environment. But not all is calm and safe. A new creature has moved in. A “Daishinji” has moved in and has made this place his new home as well. Normally from the northern areas, the “Daishinji” normally doesn’t like to enter altercations, and even catching a glimpse of their eyes are normally hard to get. But it seems like this “Daishinji” has taken a strong interest in the “Yuuri”. The “Daishinji” has taken to stalking his new pray, eager to study this new creature. The “Yuuri” is startled, and is looking for safety in what he thought was a new, safe environment. The “Daishinji” pounces over his obstacle in an attempt to tackle the “Yuuri”. And all the “Yuuri” can do, is run. Wildlife is fascinating.  
And on a completely unrelated note, I give you this:
Tumblr media
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asknarashikari · 14 days ago
Then minific of Tetsuo getting karma handed to him for his crimes against Yuri?
His crimes against Yuri- pffffft... Isn’t him having to eat Sophia’s onigiri karma enough
-Several days ago- 
“Wait, what? You want me to do what?”
“Look, I’d love to take him around the festival and all, but this is the first time we have a night to ourselves since... y’know.” Touma said with a meaningful look. “We aren’t planning to stay very long anyway, since we have... other plans...”
“Yeah, I bet you do,” Tetsuo replied with a knowing smirk. Touma blushed fiercely. “What I don’t understand is why I have to be the one accompanying him.”
“Well, it can’t be Ren, since he’s babysitting Ise for us. Ryo will be out with his family. And like hell I’m asking the Shindais to do it.” Touma explained. “Besides, you kinda owe it to the guy after what you did to him.”
“Wait... what do you mean by that?” the swordsmith questioned. 
“Daishinji-san... Yuri is a sword. He doesn’t have money,” he said. “Someone’s gonna have to pay for whatever he eats.”
Tetsuo felt his face going pale. “You mean...”
“Yup.” Touma clapped him on the shoulder. “You better prepare your wallet, Daishinji-san. Your life savings might take a hit...”
Tetsuo sighed as he gave the vendor a couple of bills in exchange for the gigantic cream puff Yuri wanted. He gave the box to the Yuri who bounced off to start devouring them, while he waited at the counter for his change.
The old lady manning the pastry stand smiled at him while she counted out his coins. “It’s so nice to see such a fine young man as yourself, paying for your date’s food,” she said with a completely pleasant smile on her face.
Tetsuo felt his eye twitch, but he didn’t bother to correct the lady. He’d already lost count of how many people mistook him for Yuri’s date, but it really couldn’t be helped when he paid for everything the guy was eating. 
And man, did the guy eat. It was like he was trying to make up for a thousand years of not eating at all in a single night. Touma was right- his wallet was taking quite the beating, and Tetsuo was sure he was going to be broke by the night’s end. 
He found Yuri in the crowd, thanks only to his superb hearing tuned to the Seiken he was part of. The Swordsman of Light had already demolished his cream puff and was in line at a place selling wagyu beef skewers. “Daishinji! This place seems quite interesting! We must purchase some of this as well!”
Tetsuo sighed, despite the smell of the roasting meat making him slightly hungry as well. He looked into his purse, which only had a few bills and a lot of loose change left, and then at the price list posted above. He wept inwardly, but managed to smile at Yuri. 
“Sure. Whatever you want.”
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carbonatedjem · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
That’s right the follow up to the Nora Pic was crossover all along! Tomorrow I’ll release a full version that combines both pics into one! For now just enjoy Kamen Rider Slash! Commissions are cuurrrently open 
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Daishinji/Ryo + 24 pls
24. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
Tetsuo hisses in disapproval as he runs his fingers along Gekido’s edge. “What did you hit with it, granite?”
Ryo shrugs. “No clue. Some kinda rock.” He pauses, and then, slowly, grins. “That’s what granite is, yeah? A rock?”
“Don’t, don’t pretend you’re dumb, it’s not going to make me less irritated with you. You know perfectly well what granite is. I hope it was attached to a Megiddo, at least, or did you go have some fun at the quarry just to get on my nerves?”
“’Course it was a Megiddo, you think I’m dumb or something?”
Tetsuo makes an irritated snorting noise and rolls his eyes.
“So can you fix it?”
“Of course I can.” He turns the sword over with shockingly little effort and begins to inspect the blade again from the other side. “You’re going to be out of the action for a week or two, but I can fix it.”
“I can live with that.” Ryo shifts his weight against the wall. “Kinda makes me jealous, though, watching you touch my sword like that.”
“You can wait your turn. And if you’re going to stand there flirting with me while I’m working then you can make yourself useful and hand me that bottle of--what was that flinch?”
Ryo freezes and pulls his coat closed. “Nothing.”
“Don’t give me that ‘nothing’ bullshit, Ogami, sit down and take your goddamn coat off so I can see what’s going on.”
After a moment of tense staring, Ryo sits down and shrugs his coat off onto the back of the chair. Then, as Tetsuo continues to glare at him, he pulls his shirt off as well, revealing that most of the left side of his torso is a mass of dark bruises, with a long scrape at their epicenter.
Tetsuo’s eyes go wide. “The Megiddo did that, I’m guessing.”
Ryo shrugs and then winces. “Yeah, it threw me pretty hard.”
“And why didn’t you tell me about that part? Also, did you disinfect that scrape yet? It looks horrifying.”
“Didn’t tell you ‘cause I dinged my sword off a rock when it tossed me, that’s where that nick in the blade came from.”
Tetsuo snorts. He’s already rummaging in the drawers of his work table, sorting through what looks to Ryo like a series of complicated messes before he comes up with two jars and a roll of bandages. One of the jars is of regular drug store antiseptic ointment; the other is glass, has a handwritten label, and is half-full of slightly ominous green goo. “So either you thought I’d be upset with you for damaging your sword on something that wasn’t actually a Megiddo or you were too embarrassed to tell me you got knocked on your ass. It’d better be embarrassment, because I will be angry if it turns out that you think so little of me that you assume I’d prioritize the edge of your sword over your actual rib cage.”
“Uh.” Ryo eyes the jar of green goo. “What’s the green stuff?”
“Bruise ointment. Reduces swelling. Family recipe. You didn’t answer my question.”
“I--ow, cut that out.”
“Don’t be a baby, if we don’t clean this you could get an infection. So what is it? Were you embarrassed, or do you actually think I’d prioritize Gekido over you?” Tetsuo wipes the excess antiseptic ointment off his hand with a a nearby cleaning rag and opens the lid of the jar of green goo.
“I, uh. I mean, it was pretty embarrassing, but also you gotta admit, you do usually focus on the swords.”
“I focus on other swords first.” Tetsuo doesn’t look up. The green ointment is a bit greasy as he spreads it on Ryo’s skin, but feels surprisingly good. Slightly warming, even. “Other swords, for other swordsmen. When it’s you that’s different.” His ears, poking up through the hair that’s escaped from his ponytail, are bright pink. Which is fair enough, Ryo’s ears are feeling fairly warm too.
The cleaning rag, already half-covered with antiseptic, picks up a separate coating of green goo at the other end as Tetsuo cleans his hands, and the lid goes back on that jar.
“Hold this end here.”
Obediently, Ryo holds one end of the rolled bandage flat against his side as Tetsuo begins to wraps it around his chest and stomach, covering bruises and long scrape and various ointments and all. He gives it a few turns before leaning forward with a wince and pressing his lips to the side of Tetsuo’s neck.
Tetsuo goes very still. “I’m trying not to wrinkle this, you know. It’ll be uncomfortable if there are wrinkles.”
“What, I can’t be feeling affectionate?”
“You can feel affectionate after I’m done wrapping this.” Most of Tetsuo’s face is hidden by his hair, but Ryo can see his mouth twitch a bit. “Anyway, once this bandage is fastened I think your sword needs more attention.”
“That’s what I’m trying to--”
“Like I said earlier.” Tetsuo wraps the bandage around again. “You can wait your turn.”
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asknarashikari · a month ago
Cursed thought: Philip and Sento learn about Yuri the sentient sword
Oh, shit, run, Yuri, run! The Science Squad is gonna come after your ass
To be honest though I feel like Tetsuo will feel compelled to protect Yuri, if only because he trusts no one but himself to take care of the Seiken, including Saikou... which just happens to be Yuri’s sword form. And even if he did I doubt he’d let those two have first crack at examining him.
Also, Philip goes into a research hole about Yuri’s history and let’s just say that even the Sword of Light doesn’t want some things about himself to come to light.
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