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daichi audibly, swallowed, clearing his throat before he nodded towards the backseat. “do you want…?” he questioned softly, leaving the rest of the sentence unsaid as suga licked his own lips, daichi’s eyes snapping down to stare at the swollen skin as suga nodded softly.

sawamura daichi x sugawara koushi

warnings: e for explicit, 18+, car sex, pet names

word count: 3226

notes: this was originally posted to my ao3 account.  i had “somewhere in my car” playing lowkey as inspo, and i see daichi’s car as an old 1965 mustang but like…none of it really matters I guess. also uploaded as a reader x daichi which can be found here


Originally posted by johzenjipartyteam

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okay so they did not mean to get quarantined together. suga is staying with daichi for a little bit until his apartment’s plumbing is fixed. well. it doesnt get fixed in time. so they stay together and theyre kinda a little bit very in love with each other? but. they havent said anything. theyre just. pining. and they go get food together and they end up getting a couple of plants too and it becomes a Thing. every time they get groceries they adopt another plant child. because suga loves plants and daichi loves suga so he keeps bringing home plants for suga until it’s a thing. so they’re like sickeningly sweet? like they are literally the most domestic people ever. they fall asleep cuddling on the couch. they sit next to each other while they do work. theyre the kings of casual affection that they’ll panic about “what does it MEAN does it mean anything am i overthinking” when they go to bed. they have so many plants. they name all the plants together. they read together and recommend books to each other and come up behind each other to for hugs. they cook together. they bake together. they bake a lot. one day when they’re really tired daichi kisses suga’s forehead and they both kinda panic but that becomes a Thing. forehead kisses and cheek kisses are now a Thing. both of them are secretly panicking about this. they snuggle all the time. suga falls asleep in daichi’s bed once bc they stayed up late watching a movie and they start sleeping together. theyre both panicking over this but like. loving every second of it. and eventually they just kiss absentmindedly and then both of them freeze bc it was not on purpose n then theyre both blushy messes n suga’s probably trying to hide his face n they don’t talk about it n they just. pretend it never happened. until one day theyre laying in bed n theyre really tired n suga accidentally says “love you” n they both freeze n then daichi confesses and they kiss n they come out of quarantine practically married the end

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By amairylle


Suga, long-suffering physics TA, is having the worst night of his grad school career to date, when a handsome stranger shows up on the sidewalk below his window and starts serenading him. After melting into the windowsill in happiness, Suga figures out that the man is serenading his neighbor. And he’s devastatingly handsome.

Daichi still hasn’t given up on his ex-girlfriend taking him back, even though he probably should by this point. He goes to make a great romantic gesture and gets the wrong apartment, finds himself face-to-face with a literal angel, and ends up too flustered to even give out his name.

Written for a piece of art by Priintaniere (linked in chapter) and the tumblr prompt: “Okay buddy you’ve been serenading the wrong window for about five minutes now, time to let you know my neighbor is out of town.”

Fandom: Haikyuu!! | Chapters: 7/? | Words: 20,889 | Published: Apr 21, 2017 | Updated: Oct 24, 2018 | Status: Incomplete

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does anyone know what happened to @/agaassi?? their account has been deleted, and when i click on their tags that i follow all the posts are gone. they wrote the haikyuu “daddy diares” series, with that one bokuto smau where the reader got pregnant and they called the baby like “little bean” or something like that. they’re pretty prominent here on haikyuu tumblr? she had like 3k or so. idk. she just had really good content and i used to send her asks and stuff. a very nice person.

i’m gonna use a bunch of haikyuu tags so that hopefully some people see this. please like / reblog or dm me if you know what happened to her.

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Looking for more blogs to follow

Hey guys, so I haven’t been on tumblr for a couple years, but with the recent realization that tumblr legit acts as a coping mechanism for me and works well, I’m gonna try and spend lots more time here, there is the possibility of me working on and writing new fanfics, as I’ve already started reading more too! 

But right now I want to revamp my dash as it’s a little void of haikyuu!! content! so if you’re a mainly haikyuu!! blog that posts mangacaps, gifs, art, and general shipping content please like or reblog this and I’ll check you out! 

I am looking for shipping (m/m) or (w/w) content, not reader x character content, it’s not my cup of tea. so if you post any of the following please reblog! 

  • Haikyuu!!
  • Iwaoi 
  • Kuroken 
  • Bokuaka 
  • Daisuga 
  •  Hunter x Hunter
  • Hisoka x Illumi 
  • Killua…. just anything Killua 
  • Anime recommendations 
  • Naruto

Mutuals please reblog!

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Crack in the glass

Tw: mentions of social anxiety, panic.

Synopsis; daisuga fic in which suga has social anxiety (based off my own experience and struggle with it, it varies by person!) Ongoing story!

Had the sky always been so distant? So hazy and gray?

Perhaps not, but suga couldn’t find it in himself to care. His mind swirled, hands clamming up and sweating.

Was he not good enough? What would the people nearby think? Was his hair off? Was he dressed odd? Did he stick out too much?

His hands shook, clenching his teeth against tears. He was stronger than this…

Or was he?

No! No that can’t be right. He will be fine, everyone had bad days. bad hair days, bad outfit choices, messups, slip ups…

Gosh he needed to stop overthinking.

“suga! Your going to be late!” Daichi’ familiar voice called through his home, shaking his ill train of thought.

He groaned and got off his bed, shaking his anxieties off, they could remain as back burners.

“coming dai-chan!”

And so the day began


“suga! Suga!”

A hand was shaking his shoulder, he was dimly aware of the warmth and broad hand clamped down.

And yet, all he could think about was how he couldn’t possibly be of worth, he wasn’t even a starter for petes sake!

No, he must not have meant much. He must have seemed silly and naive-


Daichi’ firm voice rang again in his ear, still gently shaking his shoulder, a hand wiping tears.

When had he started to cry?

He wasn’t sure, he he slowly became aware of his shaking, hiccuping out quiet sobs, a tightness in his chest gripping his breath.

God, he couldn’t breath-

“suga what’s wrong?!”

Daichi’ voice rang again.

He looked over at his long time friend, gripping his own chest as he struggled to put into words this knawing feeling in him-

“dai- out… Please-” suga choked down another quiet sob, trying to ignore the stares. The thoughts.

The likely judgement.

He was being held, warm and familiar, a breath escaping him with the freedom that his exit brought.

But what if someone-

“shh, I’ve got you.” Daichi cooed softly,

He was worried.

Dammit suga! Your being a burden-

No! No daichi wouldn’t ever think of him like that.

“just- they were staring.” That was all he had to say. They were staring, meaning they were thinking about him, judging-

Daichi rubbed a soothing circle on his back, pressing a kiss to his temple. “It’s okay now, we’re alone, I’ve got you. Just breathe.”

Suga loosed a breath, taking a few deep breaths in. He sagged against daichi before tears of frustration welled up.

“daichi i did it again! I just wanted to make it through a week! Just one!”

He sagged against his boyfriends chest, seeking comfort in his warmth, tears flowing out of frustration.

“it’s okay suga, one step at a time. You can’t do this all at once you know.”

Daichi continued to whisper sweet things in his ear, soothing him.

Maybe he would be alright with daichi around.


Fridays, suga decided, had to be his favorite.

They marked the end of the week, and daichi often showed up with breakfast for them both. Often just a convenience store pastry, but it’s the thought that counts.

“thank you, dai.”

Daichi only hummed, mouth full of Strawberry danish and a grin on his face.

Sun painted his chocolate locks golden. Suga could get used to this domesticity.

They were walking, and for the first time that week he wasn’t on the brink of tears when he stepped on campus.

No, maybe this was going to be a good end to his weak

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Random fantasy-royalty AU I thought of with close to no plot and little bits and pieces I just came up with:

- Kageyama, rather unexpectedly, is a Prince

- Tsukishima is the second prince

- Hinata is training to be a knight but lives with his family in the town

- Kageyama sneaks out of the palace and meets Hinata in town, accidentally and they get off to a famously bad start

- At this point of time, Kageyama is a prideful, self-centred prince who honestly only sneaked out of the palace because he was sick and tired of Tsukki and no longer wanted to see him

- Anyway, they bicker and argue and it somehow leads to a sword fight between the two

- Kageyama wins

- Just like in the original, there’s the whole “what have you been doing for the past three years?” Scene, as well as this scene where Hinata is losing but does this super quick attack where he quickly escapes Kageyama’s hold and picks up his sword after Kageyama had disarmed him and managed to attack him, then there’s also the thing where Hinata vows to defeat Kageyama one day

- But Kageyama does something and as a punishment, is sent on temporary banishment, essentially where he’s sent out on a diplomatic mission to accompany Sugawara and Daichi, Suga who is a diplomat and Daichi who is Suga’s bodyguard and also the person sent to keep him in line. This is for him to learn stuff from the two of them

- Tsukishima is also sent there as well, largely against his will

- Hinata was also brought along at Daichi’s request and assigned to chaperone Kageyama at all times

- That introduction goes as well as you can imagine (“you’re leaving me with a babysitter?!” “He’s… a bodyguard” “he can’t even defeat me!” “Fine he’s a babysitter, but you need it”)

- I’m going to go straight to the point and say that they eventually grow to get used to each other and they frequently wander around town of that other nation, there’s a ball scene and Hinata eventually gets Kageyama to be an essentially better person, yeah that roughly sums it up

- Then there’s Tsukki who meets Yamaguchi, a magician apprentice trying to figure out what type of magic he should specialise in

- Yams’s an apprentice under the official court mage (Shimada)

- To explain more of the “figure out which type of magic to specialise in”, every mage has a speciality and they find it relatively young. Most mages do and in here, magic is innate

- Yams’s magic appeared pretty late as compared to most other mages. His magic also flickered between what it could do and rather quickly and unreliably too. Most other mages’ magic worked best with a certain type of magic, like they just naturally better and more at ease with that type of magic and that ended up being their speciality. Yams didn’t have that

- But he wanted to help people with his magic (he tried. It didn’t exactly work very well and most instances of him “helping” ended up in more chaos)

- Shimada was called in to deal with a particularly disastrous result of Yams trying to help someone else with his magic which resulted in a large portion of this small town being overrun with mushrooms. Yams repeatedly apologised for causing so much trouble and sorta explained what happened, more apologising and Shimada well, reverses the damage.

- Yams sees it and starts to look up to him, wanting to do what he does. After a while, he decides to try writing in to Shimada asking if he could possibly teach him a bit of magic (I was originally going to write that Shimada offered to take him up as an apprentice but decided against it)

- Shimada remembers him and remembered how earnest he was and asks him to the palace and it sorta becomes an apprentice thing though Yams sometimes feels bad for “taking up the apprentice slot” since he’s only allowed to have one apprentice at one time but it works as more fuel to work even harder and prove himself “worthy”. He’s gained a better control over his magic under Shimada’s guidance though as usual, he’s incredibly hard working

- And as for how Tsukki meets Yams, well, Yams accidentally crashes into Tsukki and dumps wax and oil all over him (from candles) Tsukki acts incredibly Tsukki like with that face and Yams apologises a lot and lowkey pulls a Yachi with his overthinking and worrying that he’s going to be executed for dumping wax and oil on the prince of a kingdom they were settling diplomatic matters with

- Tsukki looks him up and down and asks “you’re a mage, aren’t you? Can’t you get rid of (gestures to his whole body)” cue yams freaking out and trying to tell him that he’d rather not be charged with accidental murder of a prince. And a somewhat explanation saying how bad he is with controlling his magic and how it can get out of hand. “I can tell, there are sparks on your hands” “ugh, screw me, just, stay here, or don’t, I’ll find you either way, take off your shirt, I will be back with some fresh clothes… or something. Just, stay here please. I am so so sorry!” And he runs off

- Tsukki ends up staying there. Yams rushes back and ends up herding Tsukki back to his room where he’s set up a warm bath and some fresh clothes and there’s more apologising. Then Yams runs off again once Tsukki’s in his room. I’m going somewhere with this, trust me

- Yams returns after a while with a slice of strawberry shortcake (side note, I love strawberry shortcakes too, …great, I just made myself hungry) as an apology and Yams says that Hinata told him that he likes strawberry shortcakes and they end up talking a bit and sort of end up forming a sort of friendship and they start talking a bit more almost daily after they bump into each other at the library

- Tsukki sees how hardworking and how dedicated Yams is and slowly starts falling. Yams gets to know more about Tsukki and also starts falling. It’s… a little complicated, mutual pining, denial, all that stuff

That’s honestly all I’ve got so far and this has been sitting in my drafts for a bit and I am now way too emotionally invested in this AU too and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be all that surprising if this pops up again too so yup

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