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#daisuke ochida

i was tagged by @lunamxdness thank you, my dear! and here we go, but i must tell you that was really embarrassing story and it’s pretty hard to say..:

  1.  kagerou (and the studs, and his solo career; daisuke has a magical ability to shapeshift and he’s always incredible, in his music is everything, like he shared his deepest, most secret thoughts there, he is my first and will be my last, yes he IS)
  2. BUCK-TICK (love them badly, Atsushi’s voice&lyrics are amazing, tracks are sensual and erotic at the same time, and they have a lots of good ideas, divergent thinking is theirs motto, and they definitely not focus on just one style)
  3. ISSAY (every project, der zibet, phi, hamlet machine, issay meets dolly, kafka, this man is a pure genius, i could listening him for hours… and i do that)
  4. David Bowie (i’m not sure why the hell he is in fourth place, david is my soulmate, i love and admire literally everything about him, he is a wonderful human being; yes, he IS)

…and that’s the truth, my beloved followers. I love – like really, really love, with all my hearts and thoughts – these four bands/or musicans? only. I like a lot of different music, I calls „my precious” a lot of different musicans, but first of all are always daisuke, Atsushi, ISSAY and David. I suppose theirs music affects my  brain, helping me to make sense of its real emotional and gets the social power, and i need that every single day. I still remember when I first heard them. I don’t know it’s dopamine or something, some kind of drug maybe, but what I know that’s my brain is happy when I’m listening theirs music. And even if I hear songs I loved to listen to over 100 times, I always found something I haven’t heard before… Some kind of magic. New lessons. My own freedom. 

…And now you see. And you can judge. I don’t care, you know? :)

tag: @lunamxdness @kyo-no-kodou @mecambiedenombre @severemagazinementality and @yami-ni-warau if you don’t do that before. 

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RIP my dear friend.
Six years by now and I still find myself thinking of you every now and then. Thank you for being my inspiration, for the influence you had on me, for teaching me and for being a friend. I always admired your strength. I still do.
If something like heaven exists, we’ll meet each other again someday.

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Daisuke, 30 VII 1978 — 15 VII 2010

★ Le:cheri [drummer 199? - 1997]
★ Fatima [drummer 1998 - 1999]
★ 蜉蝣 [vocalist 1999 - 2007]
★ the studs [vocalist 2007 - hiatus]
★ 大佑と黒の隠者達 [vocalist 2010 - ]

Amazing voice. Astounding energy. Incredible lyrics. Born 3o VII 1978 in Tokio, both writer and a composer, says that if you want to gain insight into his soul, lyrics are the best source. Based on his own experiences his lyrics are emotional, intense and painfully truthful. Emphasized by a unique, strong and captivating voice which turns into a cry as often as it does into a whisper; his words come alive because of him. Mirroring him. His motto? “Live your every minute as if it were your last, not scared but filled with the most joyous moments.” Though he is fragile due to his heart problems, Daisuke has chosen not to allow this to hinder this aspirations. Like the name “kagerou” was supposed to represent a short-lived insect, whose life is concentrated on proctreation. Fortunately for his many fans, Daisuke instead focuses his energy on creating new songs and lyrics, so he is a “father” to many wonderful “children” and his emotions are born in us, his fans. Becaue Daisuke always wanted to live. He wanted to live intensely, the fastest as he could and doing his utmost. His motto was “live your every day as if it was your last”. He died on 15.07.2010. In our memory - he will stay alive forever.

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It has been years since the last time I saw his pictures or gifs of him, now I’ve found my way through tumblr’s tags. There is this nostalgy and also this annoying sadness, looking at his pictures. I don’t know how to explain this, but his songs really kept me together on my hardest times during my teens. Be it from Kagerou, The studs or his solo project, his work had a way to touch you deeply, it is what I always felt.

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