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#dakara ongaku wo yameta
verwelktesgedicht · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Well, how will the future turn out? I wasn’t taught how to keep on walking.”
dakara ongaku wo yameta - yorushika
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dlandofdreams · 2 years ago
I finished English lyrics for Daikirai na Hazu Datta and Dakara Boku wa Ongaku wo Yameta! :D
Well, actually, I’ve finished them months ago but I really do want to get these covers out soon! I still suck at singing but they’re still just for fun~ I really tried to keep the meaning in both of these but my Japanese has gotten worse over time and in the end it’s not really for anyone but a challenge for myself. I did the best I could though! I’ve gotten really inspired recently so I hope to get to those soon!
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suiyoubis · 2 years ago
yorushika — dakara boku wa ongaku wo yameta (that's why i gave up on music)
from「dakara boku wa ongaku wo yameta」out 2019.4.10
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m3gp0idremade · 2 years ago
✨ : i don’t relate to any character the most but i really relate to kageyama ritsu from mob psycho 100 😳 *whips and nae naes* also kinda to serizawa katsuya but not as much lol
🍼 : i don’t really have a favourite memory but any one that involves hanging out with my friends and/or family. 
🎶 : the entirety of bury me at makeout creek. the entirety of dakara boku wa ongaku wo yameta
💘 : UHH 1. call me by nicknames + pet names 2. prove i can trust you! be open 3. say you wanna hold my hand and BOOM i’m your boyfriend!
🍒 : mostly i just stay up at night thinkin about how cool they are and how awesome their eyes are and how much i wanna introduce myself to them/talk to them more. i’m not really open about that stuff with anyone but i think about them a lot. usually really specific things about them, personality wise or in their appearance
⛅ : wake up. go to the bathroom. put on clothes. have breakfast. skin care? what’s that? also my face itches
thank you! 
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layla-san · 9 months ago
the absolute mood whiplash of recs from nijisanji boys’s memeshikute cover to sukoya’s cover of dakara boku wa ongaku wo yameta
thanks youtube
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andromedako · 2 years ago
listen to invadert’s cover of dakara boku wa ongaku wo yameta
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verwelktesgedicht · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I thought about it but I still don’t understand. Why is even just living so painful?
dakara boku ha ongaku wo yameta - yorushika
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dlandofdreams · 8 months ago
I wrote translyrics for Dakara Boku wa Ongaku wo Yameta by Yorushika! I fell in love with this song last year and was immensely inspired by it. I decided to write English lyrics for it just for fun and have thought about posting an English cover but I’ve never found the time to actually record it haha. Since it’s been a year since I’ve finished these lyrics, I’ve decided to at least post these now in case anyone wants to use them! 
They’re free to use, please credit me and the translation I used if you do. I might fix up some parts at a later date as I’ve realized some lines are a bit awkward if you’re not used it but I absolutely love this song and would like to share it with others. 
だから僕は音楽を辞めた (fan English lyrics) 
That’s Why I Gave Up on Music
Song by ヨルシカ
Translation by EJ/bluepenguin
I still can’t wrap my head around it
Under that blue sky I had waited
Meeting you wasn’t easy, I let my mind start to wander in the breeze
Hey, where do you think that I should go?
No one told me I should already know
Without any words to say, I returned your gaze before I walked away
Looking back I still don’t understand
Why youth is so boring and bland
I tried to stop playing piano, but my fingers still tap the keys on my desk
Hey, what should I build my life towards now?
Since I guess music is not allowed
Not for someone like me
Even if I try to reach for that single string tethering me
My heart can never let it go
No matter what I did it remained here so
I can’t forget
Even if I know I’m wrong, I don’t understand or care about it all
About love or life or truth or pain or the world, or all the people
Who all claim to know what’s what, acting on just what keeps them sane
For these thoughts now, you’re who I blame
I’ve probably thought it through a million times
But I still don’t understand why I
Am not ready to grow older
Thinking “what will I leave behind?” makes my chest colder
“What do you want to be in the future?”
I probably should’ve learned it sooner
That I’d be nothing at all
How do I explain why I hate those who dare to wear a smiling face?
Nothing I do can satisfy me, my mind is made up to remain averse
I’m haunted by my own inferiority
Though I’m sure I can’t be wrong, I guess all humans still aren’t that unique
Without love or faith or grace or stability, they are just empty
They all shield themselves from the same pain when that love song starts to play
Why do I not care? You’re who I blame
Though I try I can’t understand it
Why life has to be underhanded
Why can’t you live off passions like music?
Why does it matter if the lyrics are useless?
It doesn’t matter
I am probably not wrong
I’m sure that I’m not wrong
I know I can’t be wrong…
I already know I’m wrong, now I understand that I don’t care at all
About love or life or truth or faith or grace, or all the people
Who don’t give it to you straight, saying lines to keep their own heart safe  
I just don’t care. You’re who I blame
Even I believed in somethin’,
Now that feeling’s in the trash bin
All those songs that I wrote for you;
I never really cared to gain fame or fortune  
It’s the truth, back then I knew that all I needed was you
And so therefore I…
And so therefore I don’t play music anymore
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suiyoubis · 2 years ago
yorushika — parade
from『dakara boku wa ongaku wo yameta』(that's why i gave up on music) out 2019.4.10
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m3gp0idremade · 2 years ago
...........that . thing suis does. in the sixth track of dakara boku wa ongaku wo yameta. the song “let’s dance.” at the 23 Second mark. Yeah
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verwelktesgedicht · 2 years ago
I thought about it but I still don't understand it. Why is just living so painful?
dakara boku ha ongaku wo yameta - yorushika
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verwelktesgedicht · 2 years ago
How will it be in the future? Nobody told me the way how to keep on going.
dakara boku ha onagku wo yameta - Yoroshika
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verwelktesgedicht · 2 years ago
Well, how will it be in the future? I wasn't told how to keep on walking.
Dakara Boku ha Ongaku wo Yameta - Yorushika
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verwelktesgedicht · a year ago
2019 - Music/Band Review
It’s already April and I realized I didn’t do my music of the year thing!!
Type of music I’ve listened to the most: No kirakira bands... It was either heavy stuff like kizu or calm stuff like Yorushika or amazarashi.
New discovery of the year: Yorushika
Band of the year: I think I listened the most to Arlequin, Kizu and Yorushika. There isn’t really a “band of the year” this year?
Song of the year: Dakara boku wa ongaku wo yameta by Yorushika kuroi ame by kizu mirai ni narenakatta ano yoru ni by amazarashi
Spent the most money on: Maybe this year it wasn’t even Royz but R-Shitei xDD
Band I went to the most lives & instores: R-Shitei and ACME
Band I went in saizen for the most: I was in Saizen for HELLO. ^^ In front of two of my ex-ALIVE-boys T_T Next to me stood a very nice Aki-fan ^__^ Also, Saizen for ACME!
Best vk-moment: Talked a lot to ACME members Made it to Royz’ 10th anniversary which I decided to go to when I went to their 5th anniversary. And when Mamo wished me and my friend lots of fun at their concert. In front of xD It was cute!
Saddest disbanding: They “just” stopped band activities, but it’s definitely R-Shitei. It wasn’t as SAD! but it was unexpected. I really didn’t expect this at all... I like their music... Vexent was sad too ._.
Saddest retirement / member leaving: Aoshi (ZigZag)... I liked him since otoiroha.. and I loved the connection between him and Mikoto. And now he is gone and lost into the real world. I hope he leads a nice life!
Band I wish I had spent more attention to: HELLO.
Best comeback (band): Did anyone actually come back??
Best comeback (member): LUCHe.’s Nozomi (Smileberry’s paru) didn’t actually come back as a bandman but he started youtube and I think that’s nice ^^ Also, Levi (ex-Vexent) came back...... in an idol group.....
All of the sudden became fan of: ??? I can’t come up with anyone...
Most fangirled over: Only @nuigurumi-daisuki knows.. xDDD
All in all: It was average? Not too good, not too bad.
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verwelktesgedicht · 2 years ago
How shall I explain why I don't really like it when people put on happy faces? It's an inferior complex that is like a ghost in my unsatisfied mind.
dakara boku ha ongaku wo yameta - yorushika
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