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cinematic-literature · 5 months ago
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Tick, Tick... Boom! (2021) by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Book title
A Choice of Catastrophes (1979) by Isaac Asimov
The Surrealist Revolution in France (1969) by Herbert S. Gershman
Lope De Vega: Five Plays (1961) by Lope Felix De Vega Carpio
Son of a Wanted Man (1984) by Louis L'Amour
Yesterday Is Dead (1976) by Dallas Barnes
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wwxsslut · 4 months ago
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full version of the most insane thing j2 have done <3
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demonkillers · 4 months ago
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oh my fucking god yall [x]
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lovelikewarcreations · 3 months ago
If you click on the source link you will be able to find 240 GIFS of actress JULIE GONZALO as Pamela Rebecca Barnes (Ewing) in Dallas Season Three, Episodes One to Five. These gifs were made by made, I don’t have any set rules on them just don’t claim them as your own.  If you found these useful please like or reblog.
TW:  Kissing, drinking wine/alcohol, eating, semi nudity, slight nsfw.
Use source link to find all gifs, and also please view on a computer because the phone app doesn’t show the gifs in the correct manner.
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hadleebanks · 2 months ago
I love how the Ewings are the main characters of the show, Dallas, yet I find myself rooting for Cliff Barnes. Like yes king, expose them corrupt oil men.
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scrappy-appy · 8 months ago
Just got a potential interview with a stable that does lessons 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. They claim they do 400 lessons a week (???), which doesn’t surprise me as they seem to have 14 lesson instructors already (MANY of those are part time due to school etc). The owner says that the instructors basically get as many lessons as they want. They have 3 whole lighted barns on 35 acres, two arenas (indoor lighted and outdoor lighted), and each barn has a hot/cold wash stall. It sounds like an insanely busy large scale English/Western place but I may go interview anyways. Unsure if I’d be able to push full time for that but it would be a great start.
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laterzgators · a year ago
Guys I literally nothing in mind so please send in requests I’ll do it. Marvel, Star Wars, Cobra Kai, 80s, LIKE ANYTHING JUST PLEAASEEEE
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esperwatchesfilms · a year ago
Babysitter Wanted (2008)
ESE: 85/100
50 +5 for Jesus Freak getting stuck with a druggie roommate -10 for nasty-ass apartment +5 for the copy-paste of demon face from artwork onto random dude’s face in lecture hall +5 for Bruce Thomas +5 for the cowboy outfit on the kid +5 for Matt Dallas +10 for Bill Moseley -10 because that kid is gross as fuck when he eats +5 for a cop actually agreeing to check things out in a movie for once +10 because that kid is totally a demon +10 for escaping the demon’s parents -5 for not listening to Angie about the kid -5 for “We need to pray.” +5 for the demon finding a new mom to take care of him
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i-see-everthing · 2 years ago
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Vicki Ree Principal
(Victoria Principal)
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breakfeastatclaudias · 2 years ago
im sorry but watching old movies has made me a sucker for the pet name doll like if a guy ever calls me that its over and we're getting married
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prettytragcdies · 2 years ago
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hockeybabestars · 2 years ago
Can I have one with Jamie Benn and classic? Thank you! I love these!
jamie benn, classic
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player + a word to describe your dream wedding
(requests now closed for this one! don’t worry if you didn’t get to submit! i think these are going to be a staple on my blog! stay tuned!)
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faceclaimsbby · a year ago
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Movies 4, Twilight 4
Leah Gibson, Andrea Powell, Angela Sarafyan,
Janelle Froehlich, Bryce Dallas Howard, Lisa Howard,
Marlane Barnes, Valorie Curry, Kirsten Prout
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retropopcult · 2 years ago
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Victoria Principal and Patrick Duffy on Dallas, 1978.
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loreweaver-universe · 2 years ago
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breeleroux · 2 years ago
Supergirl has all of the Dallas TNT characters on the show now, Pamela Barnes Ewing and next week we will see Harris Ryland! I miss that show.
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psyched2b · 3 years ago
✏️38, 41, 59 with Bucky?
Tumblr media
38. If you die, I’m going to kill you.41. You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.59. “Did you just hiss at me?” - “Are you judging me?”
After being gone on a mission for two weeks, you were excited to be home and to be welcomed into the arms of your amazing husband, Bucky. Well, that and the fact that your bed was calling your name. Whoever said sleeping on the ground was good for you, lied.
“Babe, I’m home!” you call out as you shut the door behind you, effectively leaving the cold winter weather behind you. You stomp your snow-covered boots on the mat before balancing on one leg to haphazardly untie the laces.
Bucky’s velvet voice calls from deep in the house, “In the bedroom!”
You smile and think to yourself that it’s good to be home and quicken your job at untying your boots.
Once done, you drop your duffel bag from your shoulder to the floor,  hang your coat and scarf on the wall and toe out of your boots before making your way deeper into the home.
On your way to your room, you notice the light on in the living room.
You furrow your brows, confused because Bucky was obsessed with turning lights off when not in the room. Something about saving the world one light at a time.
Turn the corner into the room, you reach for the switch, only to stop short when you see the worlds biggest cat on your couch.
Your eyes widen in surprise as you scramble back against the wall, watching the sleeping beast with apprehension.
That thing could eat you!
You turn your head to look down the hall and pray Bucky would peak out to see what was taking you so long while keeping an eye on the cat.
No such luck.
“B-Bucky!” you stage whisper, watching the monster from the corner of your eye. “BUCKY!” You were afraid to turn your back to it in case it was to attack.
All your training for the CIA had not prepared you for this.
The cat cracks one eye open and gave you a “really?” look as if you just walked in on its house. It then gives the widest mouthed yawn that you have ever seen, putting it’s uber sharp teeth on display.
Who the fuck makes cats that big?
“Babe?” Bucky’s confused voice carries down the hall followed by the light sound of his footsteps padding across the wood floors. “What’s the hold-up? I got your favorite- Oh, right. I knew I forgot to tell you something.”
You look over your shoulder and give your boyfriend a look of disbelief. “What do you mean? Why is there a fucking monster in my house?!”
Bucky gives you a small laugh, nervously running a hand through his dark hair. “Yeah, about that.”
“Joe. JOE! You better not be dead! I’ll kill you myself if you left me alone to dead with the fall-”
Bucky slammed the butt of his gun into the forehead of the annoying jack-ass to knock him out.
He smirked down at his work before pressing a finger to his com. “Okay, Steve. The Russo’s are all tied up and ready for transport.” He kicks a foot out to hit one of the douche brothers in the leg. The man let out a groan on impact. “And they are alive.”
“Thanks for the clarification, Jerk,” Steve grounds out between clenched teeth, coming up behind his friend to look the brother over himself. Finding that Bucky was indeed telling the truth, Steve looked over his shoulder to the ex-assassin. “Any other bodies in the house?”
Bucky shrugged. “None that I found so far. The only room I haven’t checked is the living room.”
Steve rolled his eyes. “Best get on that then, Sergeant.”
Bucky didn’t bother to hold back his snort as he stomped out of the room. “Because our Stark tech wouldn’t have been able to pick up on any other bodies?” he asked himself incredulously.
That’s when he met Duchess, a Maine Coon cat.
She was sitting in an armchair, preening over her own reflection in the mirror that hung next to her.
“Bucky, no.”
Bucky narrows his steel grey eyes at Steve. “Bucky, yes.”
Steve ran a tired hand over his face. “What would Y/N say?”
Bucky was already crouched down in front of the cat, holding his hand out for the Duchess to sniff. When she didn’t hiss or claw at him, he took that as a sign he was acceptable. “She would say that this beautiful kitty would be taken to a shelter where they would mistreat her. Besides, she roughly the size of a dog. And we’ve been talking about getting one of those. So, I’d say Y/N would be onboard.”
“Hmm.” Steve didn’t sound convinced. “Whatever. Your balls on the line, not mind.” He turned to leave but paused. “Just, don’t forget to tell her. It would be terrifying to come home to that,” he nods towards the 15-pound cat, “and not have any prior warning.”
Bucky grinned, picking up the kitty gently. “I know, I know.”
“She followed me home?” Bucky tries, giving you a feigned look of innocence.
You breathe in slowly through your nose before closing your eyes. Slowly, you say, “I’m sure. And you just happened to forget there’s a 20-pound cat in my house that you should have told me about?”
“She’s actually 15 and a half pounds.”
You glare at him through one eye but the fool just grins, knowing you can’t say no when he does that.
“It’s official. You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.”
Just as you say this, something heavy brushes up against your legs and your gaze shoots down to see that cat rubbing up against you. Bright green eyes look up at you and the cat meows, standing up on two legs.
“Aw, she wants you to pick her up!” Bucky coos over your shoulder, smiling widely down at the cat.
“Mhm,” you hum, unimpressed with the man next to you. But you weren’t going to take that out on the poor cat.
Leaning down, you wrap your hands under its shoulders and haul it up into your arms. You felt awkward, unsure if you should hold it like a baby or what. But the cat took control and moved to situate herself so she was reclining over your shoulders like a living breathing scarf.
“Wow, you already know what you like, don’t ya?” you joke, but don’t move to correct anything.
Looking over to see Bucky’s reaction, you expect him to be smiling, but instead, are greeted with a pout.
“What?” you ask, moving your head to the side to make sure the cat wasn’t about to take off your face for doing the wrong thing.
The cat already had its eyes closed and was purring away like a motorboat.
“Duchess hasn’t done that to me!”
You look back to your boyfriend, quirking an eyebrow. “Duchess?”
He ignores you, lifting his hand to pet the cat. Once he was within touching distance, a green calico eye opens before Duchess lets out a loud hiss.
You feel tense at the unexpected noise and Bucky quickly pulls his hand back, holding it to his chest with a look of disbelief.
“Did you just hiss at me??”
You feel a cat tongue on your hair as the Duchess starts to groom you. She pauses a moment just to give Bucky a look that says, “And you’re one to judge me?” before going back to grooming you.
Looking to Bucky with wide eyes, you say with disbelief. “Welp, I guess I just got myself a cat.”
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grandmastv · 3 years ago
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Ken Kercheval in Dallas pilot episode (1978).
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tvshowscouples · 3 years ago
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Reblog if you are Team John Ross&Pamela
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thoughtsthatstray · 3 years ago
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Dallas villain Ken Kercheval has passed away at the age 83. He was best known as Cliff Barnes, the arch enemy to fellow oilman J.R. Ewing and the Ewing clan. Even though he was the brother of Pam, he often riled up J.R. and Bobby.
He was the perfect villain opposit of J.R. (Larry Hagman). 
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