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#damian al ghul
the-rebellious-one · 2 days ago
Talia: Letting you go was the hardest decision I ever made.
Damian: What about Todd?
Talia: I thought that was a hard decision too but then he started visiting every two weeks and make dinner.
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anna-no-emma · a day ago
Dick, watching The Joker splash about in the harbour: Should we....
Tim: Do you really want to be the guy who saved The Joker?
Dick: Maybe we should just like throw him a lifeboi or something?
Jason: Absolutely not.
Dick: Okay, but Red Robin, maybe you shouldn’t be filming this? It feels like we shouldn’t put it on the internet? 
Tim: It’s just for Harley. 
Damian: Look, a shark!
Tim: Multiple sharks! Do we even get sharks in the harbour?
Damian: No we do not. isn’t it great?
Dick: I wish you both wouldn’t sound quite so thrilled. It’s a bit tasteless...Hood, are you eating popcorn? Where did you even get that?
Jason: want some?
Dick: No...okay, maybe a little.
Jason: Well tough, no popcorn for party poopers. 
Dick: I don’t want to save him but I also feel like I can’t leave. 
Jason, around a mouthful of popcorn: What a terrible moral dilemma...oh look a third shark!
Tim: Wait what’s that shadow?
Damian: It is the Batplane. I believe father is saving The Joker. 
Jason: Damn. 
Tim: Well that’s an anticlimax. 
Dick: Thank god, I don’t have to make a decision. 
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eddymimi · 2 days ago
I think they look cute...
Tumblr media
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mobz-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵'𝘴 𝘸𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘨 𝘣𝘪𝘳𝘥-𝘣𝘰𝘺”
|| back to school with a damirae sketch cause what else do i ever think about🙄
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lunathekahuna · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 5 of #DaminetteDec21: Kids
{Every Summer, Talia Ah Ghul would bring along Damian to spend time w/Marinette in Paris but They didn't really get along much. Marinette wasn't like any of the girls her age, She was Pushy and stubborn as well as Damian ,who was uninterested and more stubborn, to play with her.}
(**Inspire from -The Swan princess: This is My idea song**)
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aalghul · 2 days ago
Thinking about him (baby Dami playing dress-up with his mom’s fuchsia coats with white fur and her $10k sunglasses). He’s drowning in them and he can’t really see, but he feels powerful strutting around, trying to find Talia’s heels
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spicyfishnoodle · 14 hours ago
"I'm so tired of this man." - Damian Wayne
Tumblr media
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kingoffandoms · a day ago
I will legit cry if super sons are in young justice
Like imagine if they got separate episodes of them teaming up, it would just be awesome
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al-ghul-antics · 2 days ago
My like of Damirae is just
•you can have a little straight as a treat
•Goth bf and goth gf
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couldbeyouraphrodite · 8 hours ago
Brother Moments in Nightwing Annual 2021
pt. 2
(spoiler alert, duh.)
8. Feel free to hit me hard.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First of all, I love the tribute/shout out to Nightwing's current main team from Tom Taylor. The current Nightwing is written by Tom Taylor with art by Bruno Redondo and colors by Adriano Lucas.
Taylor is also the writer for this year's Nightwing Annual and it seems he slipped in a tribute to the rest of his main team in Oracle's dialogue when she made a report to Nightwing.
That aside, let's talk about the scene itself. I think it's pretty funny how they're both adults now but Dick still won't let Jason drive (for now, at least).
And I feel like this scene symbolises Jason's inner turmoil which tends to punish himself over the things he's done in the past. But I might be reading too much into this lmao.
Ramming into Clayface with the Batmobile is a pretty cool entrance made by the two oldest Batbros though.
9. Clayface grabs Dick.
Tumblr media
Jason really came to Dick's defense here.
Jason: put my damn brother down, bitch
And Clayface really underestimated Jason's daddy issues, huh.
It's a pretty funny scene though. I don't know why Clayface thought it'd be a good idea to morph into Batman of people.
There isn't much to talk about in this scene but I included it because I think it's amusing.
10. Jason gets to drive.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
See, Jason, this is exactly why Dick never lets you drive.
And the one time he did let Jason drive, he wrecks the Batmobile.
I guess Dick handing the keys over to Jason symbolises letting him take over the mission, too. Since Jason is personally involved with this case now (his mother overdosed from drugs supplied by Wolfgang Blysma, aka the villain who hired Clayface).
who knew he'd end up wrecking their dad's car tho lmao
11. Epic entrance.
Tumblr media
Not much to talk about here, just a super epic entrance by the Batbros.
Also, I consider it canon that Jason grew to be taller than Dick (most fanart also depict Jason as taller than Dick). So I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't integrated into this issue (it's a personal preference, though).
12. Conclusion of the story.
Tumblr media
I like their friendly banter here, it's rather cute.
I'm glad Jason is satisfied with seeing criminals getting justice. After all, there was a time when violence seemed to be the only way out for him. He's learning to control his violence better, and we're all so proud of you.
It's funny how they both agree not to tell Dad that they took his car out for a joyride (and wrecked it).
This issue seems to tie a lot of the current events to past events, back when Jason was Robin. It fits so well and the story is thoroughly wholesome.
What a great story, definitely one of my favourite Dick and Jason team-ups.
Bonus: Good Brother!Dick dialogue.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I personally love the fact that Dick told Jason that he's proud of him, even mentioning that Bruce probably is, too.
They're a pretty troubled family, but they sure do love each other, don't they?
that concludes all i've got for everyone today, see u in the post! don't forget to read the current Nightwing run, it's reallt good!
<- part 1
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timidizzy · 2 days ago
I've thought up a concept I just rlly rlly adore
Talia and Selina have a comfortable relationship with the mother/step-mother dynamic to Damian. They're both wonderful guardians to him and respect each other greatly and genuinely LOVE the connections they each have with him.
But the SECOND the Catwoman costume comes on it's like Talia has a VENDETTA and it's not even family related. It's just "you're nothing but a mindless thief 😒" But back in the normal everyday life they're just back to having a kind relationship as if there was no grudge literally the night before.
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iguana-eyanna · 2 days ago
The Blood Within Us Chapter 9
Tumblr media
Summary: Will the reader do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves when tragedy hits the Wayne family? How far will the truth be tested when she realizes she’s not the only one with secrets of her own?
Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Pregnant Reader
Warning: accident, mentions of miscarriage (does not happen), antagonizing journalists (should it be a warning?), risk of health
The sun crept in the bedroom, making you frown as you flutter your eyes. For a second, you thought you were in the manor, basking in the warmth with your fiance.
But, you were just in your son's apartment.
Jason has been so patient with you, as this was the fifth day of crashing in his space. Even if he insisted that you can stay as long as you need to, your son needs to start living his life.
That's what you thought for all of them. Dick has been stopping by more often to check how you are, even bringing over your personal items. You get texts from Damian, checking how his little sibling is to take your mind off of things. Tim hasn't returned your calls, but you understood he needed some space after he learned of your lineage.
Keeping a secret like that was such a burden, no wonder why he's been losing sleep these past weeks.
Alfred rang you up a few times, apologizing in every call, but you reassured him that he did nothing wrong.
It was someone else who should be apologizing.
Bruce hasn't contacted you in any way. This was typical of him when something bad happens, always staying his distance until he's ready.
You push that thought aside as you get up from the bed, wanting to satisfy your hunger. You then start working on breakfast quietly as Jason was still sleeping on the couch.
With the groceries you got this week, you start making Jason's favorite breakfast you used to make when he was a kid: banana pecan pancakes.
The waft of the scent stirs Jason in his sleep as he shoots his head up to the kitchen.
"Is that what I think it is?" He asks.
You smile at him as you start placing the pancakes on the table.
"Your favorite! You better come over here before I eat them all." You joke.
He smiles brightly as he jumps from his lying position and runs fast into the kitchen. He gives you a side hug as he steals the first plate in your hand. You both laugh at his antics as you both made your way to sit at the small dining table.
"Where did Dick go? I almost made blueberry pancakes but his things were gone." You ask Jason as you took a bite of your food.
He gulps down his food to reply. "Said he was taking a jog around the block. But he says he can meet you for lunch at your work." You nod your head as you gulp down a glass of water.
"Speaking of work, I need to grab my phone. I lost it sometime last night. One of my designers sent some sketches to my email awhile ago and I need to view them quickly." Jason stops what he's doing and appears guilty.
"I haven't seen it." he says, clearly lying.
You give him a stern look, so you get up to search it yourself. Jason is hot at your tail till you see it hidden under scraps of discarded books on the small coffee table.
You turn to your son with your phone in your hand.
"Why did you hide my phone, Jay?" you ask.
He scratches the back of his neck, but he gives a defeated sigh.
"Some dumb blog has been writing about you and Bruce, and it's not really pretty. I didn't want it to upset you." He says.
You exhale as every time Bruce's name was called out, your heart broke a little.
"Let me be the judge of that, but you're right. I don't need some gossip site to tear me down than the mess I already am.
"You're not a mess, ma. You're still healing and that takes time. Don't think you owe anyone an apology for what you're feeling" You smile at him as you tussle his hair.
"How did you grow up so much?" you ask. He casually shrugs his shoulders.
"Guess I've been hanging around you and Alfred a lot. Go get ready, I'll get dressed so I could drop you to work."
You smile at him as you turned around to get dressed too. Once you're both prepared, you go down the stairs to where the car was parked.
After you both say goodbye in front of your work, you head towards your office. Work hit you without caution as you attended a meeting to plan for this year's fall and winter line. You begin walking back to your designers and attended international calls. Once your break starts, you head back to your office.
Feeling curious, you use your computer to search about that article Jason was talking about. You felt disgusted how the paparazzi took photos of you without you knowing while you were doing errands. But, that was the price to pay when you were affiliated with Bruce Wayne.
You then hear a knock on the door and see Dick in his jogging gear.
"Hey, mom. Ready for lunch?" he asks brightly.
You smile at him as you get up from your chair. "Soon, but first... I wanted to talk to you about something."
You motion for him to sit on the lounge couch as you head there too.
You give him a serious look before you begin to speak.
"I've been thinking about this a lot and I want you to answer truthfully. Is it true that you want to apply to the police academy?"
He widens his eyes before he looks down for a bit.
"You found my application..." he says, his tone dropping.
You place your hand on his shoulder.
"A blank one. I just want to know what made you consider doing it." He doesn't hear a tone of dismay, so replies back.
“After my parents…” he said hesitantly, not wanting to state those words out of his mouth. You saw him distraught and grabbed his hand, soothing it for support. “I swore that I wouldn’t let that happen to any other kid. If I want justice for others, I want to do it right… So I'm applying for the police academy this fall.”
You stare at him for a bit and held your hand to his face. “I know that it means a lot to you to make your own path, so you have my support Dick. I’m so proud of you and know that your parents are too.” he started tearing up and gave you the biggest hug. He chuckled a bit and released a shaky breath.
“Whew, I don’t know why but I was worried you wouldn’t agree. You don't know how much this means to me.” you shake your head and rub his shoulder. “You’re your own person honey. Not me or your father should decide what you want in life and how to live it.”
Dick had a sad smile just as you mentioned Bruce. “Speaking of dad, do you think he’ll approve?” You give a big sigh as you fiddled with the pillow near you. “I can’t speak for him right now, but I think it's best to talk to him as soon as possible.”
He sees his mother’s distress, seeing how their separation has taken a toll on her health. "You read those articles, didn't you?"
You take a deep breath as you look at your computer.
"It just makes me sick. Wish I could get away from the press."
Dick turns to you and tries to brighten the mood “Why don’t we go for lunch? I think your favorite cafe is open if I'm not mistaken.” he said gleefully. You turned around to face him and gave the warmest smile.
“I would love that. Just head down to the exit while I close the office. It shouldn’t take me more than ten minutes to meet you there.” He gives you a nod as he helps you get up from the couch, kissing your temple.
As five minutes pass, you reach down to the bottom drawer of your desk, trying to find your wallet. You hear the door swing open, but only thinking it was Dick. “Honey, I think I misplaced my wallet. Do you mind turning off the monitor while I-” You face up not facing your son, but someone you have least expected to see. “Bruce.”
You couldn’t fathom that he was here with you in the same room existing at the same time. He shaved his beard and cut his hair, looking like the last time you saw him at the gala. Bruce begins to stammer. “I… uh… went for a drive after my meeting. Somehow I came here, I wanted to check on you.”
You look down and rub your protruding belly, a habit you started to do for quite some time. “I’m fine… I was going to lunch with Dick down the block.” you said quickly, now finding your wallet and leaving quickly with Bruce behind you. “Please, I want to make this-” he said, trying to gently grab your hand, but you resent his touch.
“What Bruce, make it right?! Like these past few days never existed after telling me our whole relationship was based on a lie?"
You were thankful enough that the whole office space was empty so no one could hear your argument.
"We need to resolve this, paparazzi have been banging on my door and I'm afraid they'll come to you next."
You scoff as you stare at him, fuming. "Don't you think I know?"
You see him stare at your side.
"There are pictures of you without your ring." he says in a whisper
You look down at your left hand, realizing. "My hand has been swelling since the pregnancy started. I never had the time to get it resized. But, maybe it's a good thing I'm not wearing it now."
Bruce doesn't break eye contact with you.
"What are you insinuating?" He asks.
You stay silent for a moment, trying to find an answer. "Maybe we don't each other too well to get married." you said, looking away.
"You promised me that the lies will stop, but you’re still keeping secrets… it’s too much for me to even fathom to forgive you right now.”
You distance yourself between him, leaning on a nearer desk for support “Sometimes you make me feel like I can’t breathe…” you said as you gasped lightly, still trembling from the tears streaming down your face.
Bruce looks down in shame. He closes up to you, wanting to hold you in his arms like he did when he returned home, but you wouldn't allow it.
Was this the moment that he lost you?
Both of you shoot up and see Dick out of breath.
"The paps are here... we need to go now." Dick ordered as he grabbed your hand to the exit. Bruce took no hesitation and pursued behind to ensure your safety. Once you exit, flashing cameras and microphones blind your view as you try to get to your car.
Dick lost his grip on you, as he fared off in the crowd. You feel Bruce's hand placed on the small spot on your back, trying not to lose you.
“Bruce, I can’t…. Breathe…” you said as loud as you could, but the reporters shout obnoxious questions, ordering you to answer. Bruce tries to stay close to you, but the swarm of people overpowered.
You don't know how, but the overcrowding must have lost your balance, making your body collapsed on the floor very abrupt. You groan in pain as your hands quickly go to your stomach.
Bruce screams out your name, holding your body. He glares at all of the prying eyes around him, shouting around to move away or else. Once every cleared a path, Dick sees you in Bruce’s arms as he tries to soothe your sudden cries. “Mom! What happened?” he said running, kneeling to see what happened. Bruce quickly looks up to Dick.
“She fell, she must have impacted on her abdomen. Start the car, we need to go to the hospital.” No time was wasted as Bruce handed his son his keys. Dick sees the car not too far from here and starts the ignition while Bruce was behind carrying you safely and sat in the back of the passenger seat, your body never leaving his arms.
Dick drives like there's no tomorrow as you cried in chest.
"The baby... I can't lose..."
"You're going to be alright." Bruce whispered repeatedly in your ear, silently praying for any God to make sure you and the baby were alright.
"Where's Ma?" Jason screamed in the waiting room as he heard about your episode from 2 hours ago. He would have arrived sooner if he wasn't working on a solo project. Dick got up from his seat and went up to his younger brother. "She's stable for now. Doctor's did an emergency scan on her, the baby is alright for now. Her room is five doors down on the left, Bruce is watching her." Jason shook his head in disbelief.
"Everything was fine this morning...." Dick looked down "Mom may have a rough few months carrying the baby to full term. Bruce came out when she began to sleep and explained everything."
Jason glanced at the direction where her room was and muttered under his breath "What an expert he is.” Before he could take one step, Dick held his shoulder and forced Jason to look at him. "I know you're mad at him, we all are after what he did to her. But right now is not the time to be angry. He’s a mess ever since he’s been by her side, I think that’s punishment enough" Jason clenched his jaw, but nodded in agreement to his older brother and made his way.
Jason took a deep breath and slowly opened the door to the hospital room. He saw Bruce holding her hand tightly in his sitting figure as they were both asleep. He felt almost content by his adoptive father’s action.
When he was about to leave, a voice whispered out loud, "Could you get the blanket near the end of the bed? She's getting a bit cold." He recognized it as his father's and turned around and saw him half awake. Jason walked quietly to the bed and quietly tucked his mother like how she did for him many years ago. Jason takes a seat on the opposite side of Bruce, facing his mom.
“Alfred was running errands when I called, he picked up Tim and Damian back at the manor to see your mother when she wakes up. She needs her rest after today.” Jason finally exhaled in relief.
Jason took the seat opposite to Bruce, staring at his mother in disbelief. The room was silent, the only noise that was made was the heart monitor. Jason looked up to him, wanting to yell or cuss him out for destroying the few people in his life to care for him. Bruce slowly turned his gaze to you as your breathing was silently blissful.
"I know you been to Blüdhaven these past nights when you're off patrol." Jason said lowly, not wanting to disrupt the calm silence.
Jay looks up to Bruce who's eyes never left you. "Why didn't you just go to her?"
Bruce takes a moment to answer. "I don't know." Bruce whispers under his breath.
Jason then gets up and looks back again to his parents.
"If you loved her, you should have stayed. None of this would have happened." Jason stated as he left the room.
All of the boys including Alfred were in the waiting room, waiting for you to wake up. Bruce who was staring sadly at your sleeping figure.
“I never got to apologize.” Bruce started as he spoke out loud to you.
“Not for this past week, but for these ten years...” His eyes start to water, regretting all the hurt he caused you. “-wanting to be with you for intel, not telling you sooner of what I do, sending Dick away without your consent, losing Jason, straining your love with Tim, you getting mad that I had Damian while we were still together, all of it."
He inches his chair closer to you "Most of all, I allowed myself to slowly let you go. I thought that the best thing to keep everyone safe was if I left but I was wrong: Alfred, the boys, you, our baby-” he places his palm on your abdomen
“You are the source of my happiness, the light in the most darkest part of my life; I can’t go on if I was the source of your pain. I promise you, no more hiding anything.” He collapses to your side, burying his face on the mattress. He feels a hand slowly reaching out to him and sees you awake.
You don't get a word out as Bruce launched into your arms, sobbing in your hair. He feels you soothing his back as you cry as well.
He lets go and moves the hair out of your eyes.
"You meant all of those things?" You ask as Bruce starts to wipe away your tears with his thumb.
"Every word." he whispers back.
You hear the door opening and see your family flooding in the room.
"Mom!" Tim screamed out as he speeds up to your bed, hugging you tightly. Your tears return again, but happy ones as you reunite with all of your sons.
Damian then walks to your side opposite of Tim, sitting on your bed.
"How's the baby?" he asks sincerely.
Tim lets go of you as you sit properly in your bed.
"When they did the scan earlier, the baby is fine. They said they'll stop by once I woke up."
You can hear the relief in the room as everyone calmed down.
"You know, you can press charges to all of those paps." Dick said, crossing his arms across your chest.
You and Bruce share a glance. "I'm not wanting to mix myself in that drama at this moment. The baby is healthy, that's all I care about right now." you replied.
Bruce already looks like he's going to handle that situation in his personal time, but he stands closer to your bed for your support.
A nurse steps into the room and sees how filled it is.
"I guess this is a family affair." she joked as she went up to you.
"How we feeling, mom?" the nurse asks as she preps up the sonogram.
"A lot better now, I don't feel any pain." you reply.
The nurse takes out the gel and starts placing it on your belly.
"Good! Don't be alarmed that a bruise may form around the abdomen." she reminds you as she starts taking the wand and moves it around your belly.
When the scan lights up, everyone stares in disbelief at the growing baby.
You suddenly feel Bruce's hand into yours as he stares at his child on the screen. His breathing got hitched from how big they're getting from the last sonogram picture that was given to him.
"The placenta isn't ruptured, but we would like to have you stay overnight in case something were to happen. On the other hand, it seems that the baby isn't shy today. Would you like to know the gender?" she asks.
You gasp as you brightly look at Bruce.
"I'm ready if you are." you ask, smiling. He nods his head yes and you turn to your nurse.
"Congratulations, you're having a baby girl." she announced.
All of the boys cheered out, taking out their phones.
"I told you it was a girl." Dick said to Tim as he looked annoyed.
"Wait, did you all took bets?" you turn to your children who paused in front of you.
"We're not the only ones who took bets." Jason said, seeing Roy Harper venmo him on his phone.
"I don't even want to know how much you all lost." Bruce said seriously, making them all laugh out loud.
The nurse takes the wand away and looks at the full room. "Okay, all of you need to leave to give mom some rest. Only one person can stay overnight." The nurse said, turning off the machine.
Bruce looks down at you, possibly pleading with his eyes to allow him to stay.
You nod your head slowly and agree. The boys said their farewells to you as well as Alfred who pressed a kiss to your head.
The nurse told Bruce that the nearby couch was a makeshift bed as she did her last task.
Once you were alone, you and Bruce stay in silence.
"I heard from the conversation you had with Jason, that you went to Blüdhaven?" you ask out loud.
Bruce takes a seat at the foot of your bed, staring at you.
"I had a feeling that you would stay with one of the kids, so I sought out Jay's place. I didn't see you, but I knew you were there."
You look at your hands on your lap, picking on a cuticle.
"You're still Batman..." you whispered to yourself, feeling your throat close up.
"I know how the cowl makes you feel, but if you say that-" You cut Bruce off, looking at him with a look.
"Batman isn't the problem, it's you keeping secrets from your family. I know that had my secret about my father, but it was because he was barely in my life. All he did was give my mother a bank account under my name and never looked back. After you left, I realized I needed someone to take out my demons and went to Arkham. I needed to breathe and it was the only place to do so."
Bruce ponders from your words. "What if I told you there's a place for you to do so?"
He scoots closer to your sitting figure. "The place I stayed for the past months, it's a small cabin my father bought before I was born. We can go there. Any questions you want from me, I'll answer them."
"Any questions?" you ask skeptically.
Bruce takes his hand into yours again. "Any, don't feel like you have to pull back. Day or night, I'll answer truthfully."
"Okay, after I'm discharged, we'll head out there." you reply.
You see Bruce bright up a bit as he kisses your knuckles.
"Thank you." he says softly
You give him a smile, suddenly yawning.
"Go to sleep, I'll step out for a moment to call Alfred to make arrangements for our trip."
You nod as you begin to lie on your side, as you see Bruce walking away as he took his phone out.
You trust that he's going to make everything up to you.
"Dent, you have a call." a nurse says through the cell.
Two Face flips his coin, muttering to himself to either answer or decline the call.
He calls out tales to answer, and sees the metal land on tales.
He gets up and walks with the nurse in tow to the telephone.
His hands pick up the phone and places it on the side of his ear that wasn't scarred.
"Who is this?" Harvey asks a bit roughly.
"Mr. Dent, this is Bruce Wayne."
Harvey is off guard, but recollects himself.
"What do you want? I don't need to be a charity case for whatever you're scheming." Harvey bites back.
"It's about your daughter, Mr. Dent." Bruce said, looking at the small window that connected to your room.
The half scarred man forgets to breathe for a moment. "So you know... what happened?"
"There was an accident, her and the baby are fine now. I'm going to take her away from the city for a bit, help her breathe."
Harvey chuckles to himself. "You come back from the dead just to be her shining knight. Is that why you're calling, to tell me that all she needs is you?"
Bruce hesitates for a second. "I know you care for her, sir. She hasn't explained the entirety of her upbringing yet, but I know you're the only living family she has left. That's why I was wondering if I could have your permission to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. I know I asked her prior, but I wanted to do it right this time."
The nurse behind hims signals that he only has a few minutes left of his call.
"I have no right to give you permission. I was barely in her life, she's the only one to give you an answer. But... take care of her. Do what I couldn't."
Bruce sees you sleeping through the window, admiring your soft features.
"I promise, sir."
Harvey sniffs, trying to ignore the sting in his eyes.
"You're one hell of a kid, Wayne, Just like your father. Worked with him prior before you were born, smart man and cared about everyone. He'll be proud."
Bruce didn't have time to register what he just said as the line goes silent. He must have run out of time or chose those to be his last parting words.
All he could do was look up to the ceiling, hoping that his late father is proud of him.
But some part of him thought he had a long way to go.
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unluckyfairy13 · a day ago
Hint, hint at what’s to come.Twitter find news.🐦
Tumblr media
Guess Damian will be traveling once more in a group of friends. 😌 I want them to meet Damian’s other friends like Maya. And I definitely want to see their reaction to Goliath. Plus looks 👀 like Bruce will be coming soon.
Tumblr media
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coffee-latte-sprite · 9 hours ago
Damian al Ghul and The Annoying Reporter
Chapter 3
Agedup!Damian al Ghul x fem!reader
Warnings: violence
WC: 1,300
Wanting to make a name for herself, Y/N does the unthinkable and tries to interview the heir to the League of Assassins. Although, it doesn’t go as planned. How will she be able to salvage this, especially when Damian Al Ghul doesn’t like strangers.
Tumblr media
Her heart beats wickedly as the katana is forced further onto her skin. She tries to speak but is afraid the blade will cut through.
“I said, who are you?” The voice asked again with more power.
“I-uh,” her mind is blank with fear as the sword is the only thing on her mind.
The sword holder raises a brow at the woman. He couldn’t make out her face since she was facing away, but he is startled by the lack of fight in her.
Usually, when he has someone beneath his sword, they whirl around and fight, but this woman is shaking and unable to talk.
“Uh, you know,” she licks her lips as she tries to think, “if you want to like-you know-kill me, could you possibly do if after I print these pictures?” She asks softly as her grip tightens around her camera as another part of the building below explodes with fire.
The woman almost groans at the sight. That would be such an amazing picture.
The sliver metal digs deeper drawing a small line of blood, “Are you mocking me, woman?”
“No, sounds like you are doing it to yourself.” She antagonizes finding the “fight” in her.
“Oh, you’re dead!” He said as he pushes deeper, as a scream erupted from the woman.
Suddenly, the pressure of a sword leaves and clatters to the ground as the man who was above her, groans as his body slams to the ground.
She doesn’t have to be asked twice. She gets up, presses her finger down onto her camera’s button to take pictures, and runs as it is still pointed to the League’s home base.
She knew the pictures would not be the best quality, but it is better than nothing.
She doesn’t spare a glance behind as she runs, but unfortunately, she hears the gasps of someone running behind her.
“Ah! Leave me alone!” She says as she glances behind her to see the man, but instead, a big black dog.
As confusion wrapped around her, she lost track of her surroundings and ended up tripping over her feet.
She let out a yelp as she put her hands out in front of her, but she forgot about her camera. She tried to maneuver so that she’ll take the blunt of the force, but luck was not on her side.
She watched as the lens made an uneasy crunch and the rest of the camera crumbled to pieces before her eyes.
She screamed as the camera was in broken chunks, “NO! No, no, no, no, no!” She was a hysterical mess as she looked at her prized possession of her camera.
She worked long hours and days to save enough for this camera. She took better care of this camera than herself. She spent more money on her camera than her own self, while her dog took an easy second.
As she grabbed the pieces of her camera, a big paw landed in front of her. She let out a gasp as the Great Dane loomed over her.
“Woah!” She let out as she put her arm in front of her to shield herself from the animal.
It lets out a huff as its snout came to her forehead. His nose bumped against her hair and pushed her back.
“What?” She asked as the big dog continued his actions. She began to stand up as the dog began to push her further back, “wait!” she yelled as she ran around the dog and searched through the broken fragments of her camera.
SD card. SD card.
She chanted in her head as she looked for the card. She was not going to let her camera die in vain.
She let out a sigh as the little blue card was safely in her hold and stood back up.
As she turned back to the dog, in front of the Dane was a large man who wore a scowl, a sword, and a long green robe.
“AH!” She let out as her leg came up and kicked him directly in the kneecap.
The man let out a string of cruses as he fell to one knee, but the woman wasn’t done.
As he was now down, she brought up her knee to his face and clocked him right in the nose.
“Get out of my way,” Damian said to the woman who stood in front of him.
Her arms were held out wide to stop him, and he was growing more and more agitated.
“No,” she said as she stood her ground.
Damian could easily slice her neck and leave her here to rot, but his loyal -not loyal anymore- companion of a dog, stopped him from killing her, unfortunately.
Titus plopped down by her feet and looked up at him as well.
“Just because the dog doesn’t allow me to kill you, doesn’t mean that he dictates if you can accompany me.” He said as his eye twitched.
Titus barked.
“Hear that? He said I can come.” Y/N said as she let a cocky smile grace her lips. Damian has never been more eager to kill someone.
Damian looked down at his dog. Irritation growing within a mere second. “Keep this up, and you and Alfred are going to be very comfy.” He pointed to Titus.
Y/N raised a brow, “you named your cat. . . Alfred?”
Damian’s eyes rose back to hers, “Yes, do you have a problem with that?”
A beat passed, “Well, yeah. Who name’s their cat Alfred?”
“Yes, just like who names their daughter Y/N?” He fires back.
A gasp escapes her as Damian feels a sense of pride as he hurt her ego.
“You want your other kneecap broken?” She challenged as she stepped forward toward Damian.
Damian matched her steps, “Do you want a sword through you?”
They fell into a standstill as they stood outside the safehouse deep within the mountains.
After Y/N hit Damian’s kneecap, she grabbed his sword and tried to kill him, but her tactics were weak as Damian overthrew her in an instant.
Titus was the one who broke up the fight, again, seeing the journalist as an ally. To the misfortune of Damian who wanted nothing more than to slide his katana through her.
Seeing that the woman was not worth his time, he continued on his original journey of getting his pets to the safe house he built specifically for them.
Bat cow and Alfred took the opportunity to make themselves comfortable in the house, while Titus was refusing to move from his spot on the outside.
That is why they are currently standing outside the building with two of the most stubborn beings in the world.
After Y/N found out who Damian was, she was determined to get every piece of information out of him as possible for her “exclusive story," starting with his journey of vengeance against Slade.
Damian stepped back, “TT, I will not waste my time with you, out of my way.” He states as he looms back to his terrifying stature.
Y/N is not at all affected by this, “Well, you are a waste of time, but I’m paid to waste my time with you, so let’s go.” She said as put her arms over her chest. Titus stands up, ready to go with them.
“No, neither of you are coming!” Damian stressed as the journalist and his dog looked at him, with no wavering determination.
They turn around and walk into the mountain tops.
“Come back here!” He yells.
They don’t.
He groans, “I won’t tell you twice!”
“Because apparently, I have to tell you everything twice,” Y/N yells back as her strides don’t stop.
Damian huffs, as his eyes, twitch again.
This is not going to be fun, but he pulls his feet alongside theirs.
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oifaaa · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Congrates to Timothy Drake for coming out as queer and for finally figuring out a way to stop Damian from bulling him because Damian Wayne may be many things but he is not a homophobe
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Tumblr media
Inspired by this post
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