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Little snippet for the next damirae fic <3 Also is there a discord where I can talk to other shippers?

Damian arches an eyebrow at her and her pining expression deflates to a flattened affect. Raven immediately squahes the budding hope planted in her chest and masks her painful confusion with a smile.

“Didn’t think you’d arrive at this time.” She says, feeling her forced smile curling into a teasing one, “Usually you’d be here a little later.”

He frowns. “Is that what this is all for?” Is what he asks. She sits upright and nods.

“Well yes. It’s a fun time for me.” She pats on the spot beside her with a welcoming gaze at him. His face contorts into a mixture of confusion and defiance and Raven’s lips struggle to temper her own giggles. They’ve come so far from when they first met. The air is still tense and awkward, but the empath does her best to meet him halfway. A beat of silence passes. Damian relents in the end, settling down on the gestured spot beside her. The raven flies back down out of the blue and plops right on Damian’s knee with her four red beady eyes twinkling back at his green ones.

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Canon things that we should not let fall into obscurity:

• Dick was an excellent basketball player and played on the school team

• Dick plays both the guitar AND the accordion

• Jason had a pet dog when he was itty bitty. The dog’s name was Sparky

• Tim is a skater. He skateboards and is pretty damn good at it, both as Tim and Robin

• Tim and Bruce both like The Clash. Alfred is Britishly Offended by their music

•Jason loved books as a kid. To support this, Bruce had a mini library built right in his bedroom

•Alfred and Bruce collected first edition books ever since Bruce was a little kid. It’s implied this tradition was also carried on with Bruce and Jason

•Damian steals items from his brothers. He’s stolen a helmet from Jason, escrima sticks from Dick, possibly one of Tim’s bo staffs and I’m 75% sure he’s stolen one of his father’s cowls

•Kon’s name is freaking Konathon Kent

•Tim was a boarding school kid. He spent the first half of his life in boarding schools and didn’t go to a semi normal school until he moved in with Bruce and went to Gotham Academy.

•Tim did not drop out of high school, he was kicked out because his father did not pay the Brentwood boarding school tuition. It’s unclear if Tim ever finished high school or if he just got a GED.

•Cass is teaching herself how to read and gets very frustrated with it, but is stubbornly pushing through. We’re very proud of her

•Duke has a Nest. He has his very own base of operations and it is stellar

•Steph’s father was friends with Edward Nigma. The Riddler spent some time living in Steph’s house with their family. They probably had to share a bathroom. (Imagine that chaos)

•Baby Steph dressed up in a cape and Super shirt and pretended to be Superman

•There are three members of the Dead Robin club: Jason, Damian, and Dick. He was once dead for about five minutes, killed by Lex Luthor before being rescusitated. Cass’s nomination is up in the air as she has died but was not a Robin.

•Only Steph and Tim are members of the Thought Dead But Not Really Robin club

•Duke is the lucky bastard to be part of neither club. He lives in terror of the day he gets a membership

•Damian tried to kill Victor Zsasz. He really thought he succeeded. But Victor survived and no one’s really sure how, and the fact that Damian did his best to kill him is never mentioned again

•Roy Harper’s original vice was heroin addiction due to being undercover. In Rebirth it was retconned into an alcohol addiction.

•Talia. Is. A. Good. Person. And. Morrison. Fucked. Her. Over.

•For a time, it was believed that Lady Shiva was Jason’s birth mother

•It is unclear if Two Face has been disbarred from practicing law or not

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Thank you!!!

And no don’t worry! Its not too complicated! If anything, I went overboard!

Here’s Dami and Maya hanging out in summer outfits since summer is near!!


Reminder that I am open for (Damian-centered) drawing requests (as long if it is not too complicated or batcest) for 6 more days to celebrate getting 600 followers!!

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Part 1     Part 2      Part 3      Part 4

“Welcome home, Daughter.”  

The heat washed over her first.  And then the acrid, sulfuric smell.  Raven didn’t bother to say anything.  They’d played this exchange out many many times, and she was too tired to humor him.  Besides, his over-pleasant tone told her everything she needed to know.  Trigon was still imprisoned, and still trying to wheedle his way out.  

Sometimes she thought she was being paranoid, for coming back to hell every single day.  But then she looked up at the demon that had sired her and realized she probably wasn’t being cautious enough.  Hadn’t Azerath been lesson enough for her?  Weren’t her visions of that other life proof enough?

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Quarantine Shenanigans pt.7

Y/N and Jason doing a TikTok live:

Y/N: Hello everybody, today I’ll be doing my brother Jason’s makeup

Jason: I swear if you do anything weird

Y/N: Relax, you’ll be fine

An hour later

Y/N handing Jason a mirror: And viola!

Jason in Joker makeup: You know, this isn’t such a bad look

The rest of the family looking at the two in complete horror:

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honestly I just instantly block anyone who doesn’t believe dick, jason, tim, cass, and duke are also bruce’s children along with damian…like just say you don’t like adopted kids and we can all just move the fuck on


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The reason Damian likes animals is because they don’t judge him for his past. They don’t care who he’s killed, what he’s killed, or why he’s killed. They don’t care about his motivations or how he spends his free time as long as he treats them well in the present and the future. Even if Damian does snap or get mad at Titus, the dog will give him a chance again and again. Titus might be mad he’s done something wrong and will give Damian a hard time, but he still offers an unconditional love Damian has come to love

The very same love Dick Grayson provides

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So, I’ve been bouncing around some head cannons for a Post-Flashpoint AU that I’ll probably never write, and it’s given me some pretty neat ideas that I’ll probably never flesh out.

  • Due to a fortuitous accident John Constantine was on Azerath when baby Rachael summoned Trigon the first time. Decimation ensues, but John escapes with the kid in tow at the last second.
  • Raven is raised by John and Zatanna, with Boston Brand and Jason Blood playing as cool uncles/ babysitters.
  • Rachael is trained in magic by Zee, and John teaches her how to swindle, cheat, and con her way out of situations where magic isn’t the best option. He also try his best to keep Trigon’s influences at bay.
  • Jason Todd spends five years with the League of Assassins regaining his memories after his dip in the Lazarus Pit. He lives and trains alongside Damian, and the two come to see each other as brothers.
  • Jason fully regains his memory after two years, but sticks around to teach Damian about his father, and secretly undo the League’s brainwashing. The trigger for the full return of his memory was his instinctual refusal to kill.
  • Cassandra Cain is hand picked by Ras al’Ghul to train young Damian. During their time together she befriends Jason.
  • Upon discovering that the League plans to use him and Damian to manipulate Bruce, Jason kidnaps the boy and begins the journey back to Gotham.
  • Cassandra is sent to retrieve them, but Jason convinces her to abandon the League and join him.
  • Jason and Damian maintain a tight relationship even after Jason joins the Outlaws.
  • Damian takes the mantle of Robin for a few years before deciding on a new title.

That’s all I have so far. I’m still sketching designs, but I know Raven is gonna have more of a gothy-street clothes appearance as opposed to the traditional tights. Cass’s design will pretty much remain true to her comic version.

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Scene in the Batcave where most of the family is assembled and has been run absolutely ragged by an Arkham breakout, like 3 hours of sleep over the last 4 days, almost falling asleep on their feet kind of tired. 

Batman strides in, spots that Damian has just got back, and says “Robin, report!”

Dick, Jason, Tim, Steph and Damian all snap to attention and start belting out a summary of who they recaptured and how. One second the cave is filled with everyone talking, then everyone slowly fades out as they realise their mistake. 

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Marinette was tired.

It was a cold dusk in Gotham and she was alone on her usual spot on the rooftop.

With a plate full of cookies, Marinette waited for Jason to show up. They met a few weeks ago and the guy was growing on her, specially because he was her only company in the night.

Much change in 5 years, Audrey Bourgeois offered an internship under her through out America. Not wanting to see Paris for a while, the bluenette accepted it.

She went to New York, then Detroit and, jumping from place to place, ended up in Gotham for half a year.

In the two weeks she’s been in Gotham, she was amazed by the city. Even with the cloudy always winter weather and the high crime rate, Gotham had hidden jewels like the Wayne gardens, dedicated to one of the troubled rogues.

And in the same two weeks she met two nice guys, one named Tim in a coffee shop near her part-time job and Jason, the guy who she saw every night on the roof.

Her sketch book had pages after pages full of design ideas, proofing the great week she had.

Marinette was sketching away the good vibes when the door open revealing a tall guy with a smoke ready to be lit.


“Hey Jay!” Marinette looked up to Jason. “Rough day, I see.”

Jason snort, eyes turning at the remark. He smirk down to the small girl, only the darkness under his eyes showing his exhaustion.

“You guess it.” He patted her head.

A knowing smile plastered itself on Marinette’s face and she reached for the plate next to her. “Perhaps this may help?”

“Heck yeah it will!”

He hugged Marinette and chugged down three cookies at once, having a huge childish smile since the moment he saw the goods.

“How’s your day, Pixie Pop?” Jason, now looking like a squirrel, said.

The bluenette laughed at the sight.

“It was nice. The company finally decided in the next production, so~ now I get to work on the outfits for the play.”

“That’s great news!” Jay pinched her cheek. “Which play is it this time?”

“One of my favorites, Heathers. I’m so excited to start the costumes!” Marinette grabbed her sketch book opening it on her lastest designs. “Look!”

Jason laid his head on top of Marinette’s and the works on display. A proud smile quickly appeared.*

“They look really great already.” He hugged her tight.

“Thanks, Jay.” Smiling widely, she turned around to face him. “So, are you ready for movie night?”

“Sweetie, I was born ready.”


Swinging from building to building, two figures were racing.

Damian was on patrol night with Dick, which meant running from him or being forced to a heart-to-heart.

This past couple weeks Damian felt unsettling and didn’t really understand why.

In the night he lies awake, feeling like he should be doing something.

In his dreams, he finds himself reaching out to something, someone, and wakes up whenever he gets close enough to make out a woman like figure.

In the day, he walks through the house as if searching for something and, of course, his brothers noticed.

Damian was tired and really snappy about it.

Specially now when his most overbearing brother is after him, looking to be helpful and supportive.

After realizing he was off route, Damian stopped on a rooftop nearby.

Dick soon followed, determination painted in his eyes.

“We need to talk.” He sternly said.

“I have nothing to say.”

The older boy frown. “You’ve been on edge this past weeks, what’s going on?”

“Nothing is going on.” Damian kept his face neutral, bottling up the anxiety inside of him.

“Don’t give me that Baby bird. I know you.” He stepped closer and grabbed Damian’s shoulder. “Whatever it is, I’m here for you.”

“Seriously, it’s nothing.”

Dick looked disappointed but still persisted.

A few minutes passed in silence and Damian caves in guilt.

“That’s exactly it, nothing has happened, nothing is going on but,” he bits his lip, searching for a way to describe it, “I feel on edge, like I should be doing something and I don’t know what it is!”

Dick hugs the boy, the frown softening in understanding.

“Don’t worry too much about it, it’s normal to feel that way sometimes.” He pulls away slightly and ruffles his hair.

“Hey!” Damian steps back with a frown, trying to put his hair back to place.

“Maybe you just forgot something, most likely to do your homework.” Dick laughed when Damian scoffed.

“Whatever it is, I’m here for you Baby Bird.” Smiled widely. “How about we finish patrol and race back to the cave?”

“Oh, you’re on.” Damian spoke, feeling at ease after the talk.

Before going back to patrolling the city, something caught his eye.

The most annoying of his brothers was hugging a small girl in the building next to them.

By the looks of it, they were close.

Damian grinned. He’ll have a field trip tomorrow.

Hey there! I saw that a lot of you wanted to see Lila going down and yeah… Not gonna happen for plot proposes. :)

But on a good side, Damian is back again!

Anyway, I was really looking forward to write Jasonette interactions and I look forward for what are your thoughts on this part.

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