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#damian wayne
aeligsido · 36 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Batman - All Media Types, Batgirl (Comics), Robin: Son of Batman (Comics) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Cassandra Cain & Damian Wayne, Batfamily Members & Damian Wayne Characters: Damian Wayne, Cassandra Cain, Jim Gordon, Batfamily Members Additional Tags: Adopted Sibling Relationship, Good Older Sibling Cassandra Cain, Protective Cassandra Cain, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Talk about harm done to children, Undercover, Case Fic, kind of, so i now the tags sound angsty and all, but half of this fic is Damian being a little shit, and also complaining about the situation, i love him so much, Self-Esteem Issues, Cassandra Cain is Black Bat, Damian Wayne is Robin, well not in the fic but it's their identities at the moment alright, Jim Gordon is tired of the Wayne's shit, and it shows, someone get him a vacation he needs it Series: Part 2 of Damian Wayne Week 2021 Summary:
"Damian might have made a mistake.
Or, well, the people holding him were the ones who had made the mistake, judging by the way they were yelling at each other."
 OR: Damian goes undercover without authorization and gets taken. Luckily, his big sister is here to save the day.
Day two of the @damianwayneweek for the prompt Undercover! <3
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shamelessbatfamtrash · 42 minutes ago
Chapters: 2/7 Fandom: Batman (Comics) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Damian Wayne, Duke Thomas, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Jon Kent Additional Tags: Damian Wayne & everyone else, DamianWayneWeek2021, Damian Wayne Centric, POV Damian Wayne, Batfamily (DCU) Feels, Batfamily (DCU), a smidgen of canon typical violence, mostly fluff with a little angst, Eventual Family Bonding, Damian Wayne is Robin, Dick Grayson is Batman, Damian Wayne Needs a Hug, Damian Wayne Gets a Hug, good siblings everyone Summary:
This is my entry for Damian Wayne week, all stories are connected. Basically, an excuse for me to send Damian to summer camp and then on a family camping trip lol. There will be shenanigans at the end don't worry lol. Diverges from canon a bit.
Day 2: Undercover​
Damian goes to summer camp, pets a horse, and makes a friend.
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blanddcheadcanons · an hour ago
Damian Wayne loves Scooby Doo
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bernif03 · an hour ago
Nomás para no dejar abandonado esto
Tumblr media
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bambicambi · an hour ago
Marin: *wrinkles her nose* nooooo.
Jason: *sighs*
Marin: noooo!
Jason: Marin-
Marin: *looks over to Damian* he's so old.
Damian: Todd has always been old.
Jason: hey-!
Marin: *gestures to Jason* no, but, like, hes old old.
Jason: I'm 27!
Marin: and I'm 19!
Damian: Jason you're 28.
Jason: 27!
Marin: WE'RE 19!
Jason: you're 18. I'm 27. How do you not know your ages??
Damian: *blinks* ...Marin keeps track-
Marin: I do not! Mother did!
Jason: ...I'm 27, you guys are 18, that's it. Stop fighting.
Damian: old man.
Marin: *groans* augh! He got so old.
Jason: we are NOT going back to this discussion-
Marin: OLD!
Damian: *snorts* Grayson is older.
Marin: AUGH! old people everywhere.
Jason: you little shit-
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srose-foxfire · an hour ago
Fighting My Demon - Damirae Fic
Chapter 3: Hidden Enemy, is posted on my Wattpad page!! Enjoy!
You can read it here
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bambicambi · an hour ago
Ok, so I have an idea and I want to run it by you because I want to make this story as accurate to your original idea as possible. Do you think Marin and Chloe would be friends or do you think they would have a friendly-ish rivalry. Like, I don’t think Marin would hate Chloe as she sees it as just teen drama, but do you think Chloe would see through Marin’s act since she has been around politicians her whole life and would befriend this girl seeing her as a potential ally or a threat?
Oh my gods, I haven't.. really thought it that far, to be honest!
I think Marin would see it as teen drama. Usually I would think of this on a more... serious level, I would say that Marin, like in all undercover situations, would think of this on a more advantage level?
Is it beneficial to her undercover status? Like will the bullying make her blend in more? Are all the other kids being bullied alongside her?
Buts its also like- what is her objective? Like her missions usually consist of befriending targets and then assassinating them once they're in a very close relationship.
Right now, as far as I can tell, her objective is to stay hidden and not attract any negative attention that would have the Bats attention. Or just to lie now.
Shes in Paris, she's a new kid, and this person, Chloe, is being a dick. Shes used to this. She usually just leaves it be doesn't care for it. Since the person bullying others is almost never the objective.
But... then again... this isn't like a normal mission. She isn't on a mission from the league. She has breathing room. She can do what she wants and she won't have any punishments to go home to if it goes wrong.
So, hell, I'm pretty sure she would see this opportunity as a learning experience and try to see what she can do with Chloe. She's lived with Damian her whole life and saw first hand how much someone's behavior can change depending on who they're with.
So, I'm 80% sure she would try to befriend Chloe as her little passion project and try to help these poor kids who have to deal with her. Show her the right way, shower her with warmth and care... and just be there and try to influence Chloe to do better??? And then again, she's bored and has literally nothing to do while on this mission. Nothing to work up to. Nothing to-?? just-?? Do. So. Chloe is now her privately assigned mission.
Oh, but Chloe knows 100% that something is up with Marin, or well... Marinette. So she's like "this girl is up to SOMETHING... but I don't know what." It's like. She doesn't know. She really doesn't.
Marin is very delicate with her molds, she never cracks, especially on missions. So Chloe little inkling???? that's talent. And Marin is IMPRESSED.... but not enough to do anything with it. If anything, she'll just use it to mess with Chloe and call her on her paranoia. Lmfao, tease her about it.
But thats about it :D
Long story short::::: Marin will befriend Chloe if it's the last thing she does! Chloe let's her be befriended, but she has a small feeling in the back of her head that Marin is DANGEROUS... but, like, she has no proof and Marinette is literal sunshine??? So??? What-???
(Also this has me itching to write more, but this has already been very long- so-)
(This is catered to Doglife11's interpretation of the twin au :D)
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shyestofhearts · 2 hours ago
Could Have Been Me by The Struts is definitely a song Damian jams out to constantly you can't change my mind
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piccochanset · 2 hours ago
Metaphysical moment in N52
I think Metaphysical is not accurate. Just thought it like Raven's power and those wonderful products of idealism(?)
Machine Translation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3 night talk
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- to be continued -
I. have. posted. three times 🤯 hell
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maferisa2007 · 3 hours ago
Damian Wayne week 2021
Damian Wayne Protection squad
Day 1 [A03]
Trigger warning: racism, but it is really small. Just mention.
Working at the Gotham Gazette had always been terrifying and chaotic. But not even in the most violent attacks had anyone been as scared as yesterday evening.
Surprisingly, there were no villains nor explosions this time. It was a family defending one of their members. And as scared as I might have been, it was one of the most beautiful displays of affection I ever saw.
That morning, an extremely hateful article about the youngest Wayne had been published. The author made very racist remarks about the teen and some disgusting jokes. This article could be upsetting even for an adult, however, Damian Wayne is only 13 years old.
The one and only Wayne family appeared at the front desk and demanded a solution to the problem. To say the writer pied his pants is not enough to describe the fear in his face. The Waynes’ anger was only directed toward the writer and the rest of the people in charge of the place and rested civil towards the rest of the employees.
There was a lot of shouting in the place. Richard Grayson was swearing at the top of his lungs, looking ready to punch somebody in the face. He was being retained by Bruce Wayne, who looked just as irate. A very menacing-looking Cassandra Cain was standing by their side, glaring with the veracity of an army. There was also a furious blonde whose identity is unknown, that flipped more than one table. Tim Drake was listing a large number of infractions and laws to the manager. After a lot of glares and screaming the Waynes seemed done and left the place.
Not even an hour later, the writer had been fired, and the gazette publicly apologized. They still got sued by Wayne enterprises, as apparently, the Waynes weren't satisfied.
There are reports of the vigilante red hood visiting the reporter later that night, but they aren't confirmed yet, and I doubt they will. The reason is unspecified, though some people speculate the vigilante was mad about this adult being so disrespectful towards this kid.
If this is not enough to convince people of how much they love each other then probably nothing will. As the Wayne family has proved just once again how big their bond is.
-the Gotham blog
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hopeblossom50 · 3 hours ago
6, 7, 13, 21 (Stephanie), 24 for the Batman asks
6. Top 5 Batfamily Members
Stephanie Brown
Cassandra Cain
Dick Grayson
Duke Thomas
Alfred Pennyworth
7. Top 5 Villians
Court of Owls
Mister Freeze
Ras al Ghul
13. Character that needs to die
The Joker. Not permanently but holy shit DC has overused him so much in the past few years and not used any other villians. Hes not intersting and not effective as a character anymore. Kill him or give him a break.
Do what Batman Beyond did and focus on other villians or newer ones and bring him back. Dont talk about him until then. Make one or two hints to his existence. Thats it.
The Joker can be a very interesting and scary character but hes just so overused that im burnt out and dont care anymore.
21. Headcanon you wish were true for Stephanie Brown?
Stephanie Brown got a longer run as Robin and Bruce treated her with respect and care like he did the others.
DC didnt shove her in a fridge for Tims development.
That she didnt die but willing gave up the Robin mantle to Damian because she saw he needed it more. As Cass gave Batgirl for Stpehanie because she needed it
Dick asked her to Batgirl after she gave up Robin.
She was still Batgirl when Duke was introduced and he was Robin to her Batgirl
If we acknowledge the whole Ric Grayson thing, Steph became Nightwing to protect Bludhaven because she knew Dick wouldnt want it to be left without protection
Everytime she sees her dad whether either are costumed or not, she calls him a bitch and punches him
24. 5 things i love about the world of Batman
Found Family
The idea that nobody is beyond redemption
Bruce loses his family to a violent crime when hes 8 and grows up wanting to help people who are victims and the criminals. He just wants to help people (even if his methods are strange)
Their are a variety of different heroes and vigilantes in Gotham, all with differenr ideas of whats right and wrong and methods of stopping crime, but they are all doing what they believe is the right thing to do.
The fact that Gotham has a police department when the vigilante man in a bat costume with high tech toys does their jobs better but not legally
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teeeentitaaans · 3 hours ago
Damian and Jon are very competitive and join a lot of compositions. Super smash bros tournaments, lego and sandcastle building, cosplay competitions the works. Its nice at first because they are bonding and usually make a friend or two their age along the way but they go in hard. They don't believe in half ass work especially if they are the youngest people in the event. This causes many all nighters and arguments
Oh my god I love this!! It's so cute!!!
I can already see the arguments with their parents :')
'No, father, I can't go to sleep! Me and Jon started this videogame at the same time and I must finish it before him!'
'Dad, if I don't beat Damian in this reading challenge, I'm going to cry so hard my eyes will fall out!'
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teeeentitaaans · 3 hours ago
Following off the last protective Tim and Damien one Bernard and Jon finally set up a double date so they can actually have a normalish date even if their dates brother is glaring at them the entire time
- ☆ (it's me from shy I really like your stuff too its really good)
Hi person from Shy!! I like your idea it's really cute!! 🥺
Bernard has the great idea if carpooling together, and that's where things go south
They end up hitting a nail, and they have to pull over and change the tire
Lo and Behold, they do have a spare tire, and two people who can change it!
Its Bernard and Damian!
Bernard fears for his life when he watches Damian throw the flat tire four feet into the air
It takes the two of them fourty minutes to change the tire, mainly because Damian will pause every now and then just to threaten Bernard
Fourty minutes of Tim and Jon being alone in the car together
Tim glares at him the entire time
'So... Read any good books lately?'
He glares harder
Jon gives up on conversation quickly
When Bernard and Damian get back into the car, Bernard is pale and Damian just looks mad
'Damian, did you use your knife?'
'No. Shut up.'
They end up being late to their dinner reservations, so they have to wait an extra twenty minutes to get in
No one speaks for those twenty minutes
Eventually they get a table, and it Jon and Bernard are desperately trying to make conversation
'So... Jon right? Do you... Do you have any pets?'
Jon rattles off about living on a farm, and all the pets he has because of it, and Damian has his arms crossed the entire time
'So, how'd you and Tim meet?'
Bernard rattles on about that and Tim is angrily slouching in his seat
Eventually, their food comes, and it goes quiet again
Jon excuses himself, saying he has to use the bathroom, and Tim follows shortly after
Bernard is suspicious
But Bernard doesn't have time to think about how suspicious it is because Damian stabs the table
'I could kill you if I wanted to. Don't make me want to.'
Bernard, even more terrified then when Damian threw the tire
'I won't hurt your brother, I swear'
Damian glares at him, just a little longer, before he pulls the knife out if the table
'Do you want to see a picture of my cat?'
While Damian and Bernard bond over cat photos, Jon gets murdered in a bathroom
He just wanted to wash his hands, but no, his boyfriends brother had to out a knife to his neck
'I don't know what your intentions are, but rest assured, I have kryptonite, and I'm not afraid to use it. I won't kill you, but I'll make you wish I did.'
Jon wonders how he ever thought Damian was the crazy one in his family
'Yes sir.'
Tim nods his head, and pulls the kinife off Jon's neck, and starts washing his hands beside him
'Oh, and I read 'The Fault In Our Stars' yesterday. It was really good.'
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piccochanset · 3 hours ago
Sharp-tongued guys in N52
This is a handling: a small analysis I posted on a Chinese app
maybe one day I will write it by English but now just some machine translation.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- to be continued -
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piccochanset · 3 hours ago
Body contact in N52
This is a handling: a small analysis I posted on a Chinese app
maybe one day I will write it by English but now just some machine translation.
(wow this Layout Designer👀)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- to be continued -
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silverpriince · 3 hours ago
Damian: I have killed men, I have went to hell and back on a bat-demon, I am not cute.
Jon: yeah you're right... you're a adorable.
Damian: *Flustered dami noises*
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zombiesbecrazy · 3 hours ago
You're drabbles are amazing! Could I ask for ✈: reaching out for someone [bonus points if they mumble! their! name!] with Tim and Damian?
Tim was surprised when he walked in on Damian in the living room, sitting in the dark on the loveseat in absolute stillness and staring at the blank TV screen. It was just after noon and he had expected Damian to be holed up in his room, waiting for the call from the vet. Titus had been taken in for a procedure to fix an indolent ulcer on his eye – relatively minor but stubborn and refusing to heal – and they were expecting to hear how it went around two before being able to pick him up later.
“Hey.” Damian’s head snapped up at the sound, but then his eyes drifted back to the black screen on the wall. Tim hesitated for a second before sitting down on the opposite end of the sofa, one leg curled up beneath him and angled towards Damian. “He’ll be okay. I know you are nervous, but Titus will be fine.”
“I’m not nervous, Drake,” spat Damian, sharp but lacking his normal venom that tended to coat everything when he was talking to Tim. He took several slow breaths before shrugging in attempt to appear calmer than he was. “I’m concerned.”
It took a lot of effort, but Tim refrained from rolling his eyes at that claim, because if Damian wasn’t nervous, then Tim was an albatross. “Alright. Why are you concerned?” Damian said nothing, but clenched his jaw tight enough that Tim swore he could hear his teeth grind. “It’s a standard procedure and I know that you wouldn’t have trusted the vet if you didn’t approve of their skills.” He knew for a fact that before agreeing to the surgery that Damian had hacked his way into the vet clinic records and researched the outcomes of this procedure for all of the vet’s patients in the past five years. He had declared the vet ‘more than adequate’ which was very high praise coming from Damian regarding any professional in any field.
“He’s going to wake up alone and the medication will make him groggy. He’ll be scared and confused without me there. I want to be able to comfort him.” There was a deep sigh before he continued. “Or what if something goes wrong and he doesn’t wake up? After I was the one who left him there? He’s in excellent health but he’s not exactly young anymore.” Damian looked down at him hands clasped in his lap. “Anything can happen.”
Tim frowned, not quite knowing what to say. Nothing came to mind other than general calming and assuring words, but that wasn’t going to be useful when all they were doing was playing to waiting game. This wasn’t even like when someone was hurt down in the cave because then you could sit by their side and watch the recovery process, like they had all done countless times before. It was stressful, but at least they were there, for either the good or the bad.
Damian was helpless, which is one of the things that he always tried to cover up the most. This must be driving him mad. He knew that he wasn’t Damian’s favourite person – far from it – but he was all that was currently available.
What would Dick do?
Tim opened his arms and Damian hesitated before leaning sideways into him, head falling to Tim’s shoulder and he just let himself be held as Tim squeezed him lightly.
“Timothy,” mumbled Damian minutes later, quiet enough that if he hadn’t been in Tim’s arms, he wouldn’t have been heard. “What if he doesn’t wake up?”
“Then I’ll be here for you.”
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