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…orange or apple…

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i was so relieved that i’d gotten my back to back midterm and large assignment days over with that i forgot i still had to get up for an 8am tomorrow

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I missed a chance to buy that blue SACB Oikawa jersey that was sold at an exhibition a few months back…messaged the seller back a few hours too late, for no reason but foolish laziness…(and well, sleeping but I could have messaged her right after why didn’t I think about it!?

I could have had that excellent, rare, pretty, amazing shirt. AARGHGHGHHG

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I just watched the first episode of Bridgerton.



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Not my post being at the top of “delusion positivity”

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Draven: Here, mortals. I know a passage that leads us back to the antechamber. The stoneborn were permitted to use such routes to see to our Master’s demands. The debaucheries I have witnessed…

One, I love this. Poor Draven, I can only imagine the things he’s had to put up with xD

Two, while running Nathria today, my little gremlin self immediately had a fic idea for this.

While going about his duties, Draven witnesses some debaucheries between Denathrius and Renethal. Maybe he gets a little envious (it’s a good thing stoneborn can’t be mined for anima), but mostly he’s just a little sad, because Denathrius really doesn’t treat Renethal very well. 

Renethal is his firstborn, his most devoted. Denathrius crafted him in his image, and really, Renathal is a testament to his ego. Denathrius doesn’t want him, he only adores what Renethal represents: the perfect handiwork of a god.

Renethal, at this point in time, hasn’t started to get his inklings of rebellion. He still worships Denathrius as his god, (rightfully so, he believes) and takes anything Denathrius gives him as the favor of his beloved patron. He will worship at Denathrius; feet in any way his Master desires, and count himself lucky to be his Sire’s chosen. 

But looking from the outside, especially given the hidden things Draven has seen, he just thinks Renethal deserves better. He deserves someone who would treat him as an equal, not watch in cruel satisfaction as he grovels for any scrap of affection or praise. 

He would never dare defy the Master, of course, but even the stoneborn aren’t without emotion. He still cares for Renethal, especially after finding out the details of his relationship with Denathrius. Makes an extra effort to see to his wellbeing. Should anyone notice, he would say that Renethal has always been kind to him (unlike the others, who treat him as an object), and he is merely returning the courtesy. It’s more than that, though. 

And eventually Renethal will come around to his way of thinking….

Then they rebel. 

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Something I swore I wouldn’t do

but did in an effort to fall asleep latst night.. I watched the first episode of Bridgerton. And I liked it.

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the way I thought I caught Lexi🧍🏾‍♀️ @unlocktxt

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I had to do some serious research as to how to best draw this and lemme tell you google got graphic for a hot minute

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tried to buy minecraft for my friend on the other side of the world with no debit card so they could play with us, it was a horrible fail

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my edgy playlist:


also my edgy playlist:

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not harry cheering on tom 😔

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Me, screaming into the parking lot: sure would be a SHAME if someone gave me money for LUNCH since I forgot to get FOOD

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