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egopocalypse · 2 months ago
Wilbur gave Phil such a distorted view of what happened during Pogtopia because he didn’t want Phil to worry, because he was saving face.
Phil has no idea Schlatt was President. He has no idea Wilbur got exiled. He has no idea about the Festival. Phil thinks the Festival is when he showed up. Phil has no idea Tubbo died at the Festival. He has no idea Techno executed Tubbo.
The only thing he knows is that he showed up and Wilbur blew up everything. All he knows is that he showed up and Wilbur begged him to kill him.
Phil has so little knowledge of what happened that he genuinely believed Wilbur won the election, ceded power to Tubbo, and then made Pogtopia because he liked creating nations.
No wonder he blamed Tubbo during Doomsday. He has no idea what the truth is.
Did he know that Wilbur was on his last life? He didn’t even know Tubbo lost a life, let alone two. Does he even know Tommy was on his last life when Dream killed him in the prison? Does he even know how much the original L’Manbergians sacrificed just so their country could exist?
Does he know just how much they had to fight just to keep it alive, and how they finally broke when he helped blow their country to bedrock?
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st-hedge · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Commission for @cillanoodle 😭 thank u for enabling me to draw Ganon and Link lookin so damn pretty
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noodles-and-tea · 3 months ago
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I felt like this needed to be said
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