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#damn good idea right?

        ooc: Through all his resets, failures, and successes— Henry has develop a little bit of separation anxiety from being away from either Ellie or Charles for too long. It isn’t too noticeable as he can usually hide it, but there are times where his hands will shake uncontrollably from discomfort. 

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time to share m o r e things because I do suppose you guys who like this AU would like to know:

- Lace do be here, and she does of course come here from Pharloom when Hornet (most likely) leads all these weavers to Hallownest. Lace doesn’t really know what to do with her life so she just spends her time casually doing whatever Lace does. She meets the void siblings and chaos ensues.
not really though its more like they are curious of her and she too is curious of them.

- Perhaps other characters from Pharloom come here too? All I’m thinking of rn is Lace just being here. Idk.

 - Hornet occasionally helps Quirrel out in the archives, and when Ghost is not wandering around with Grimmchild, they help too. Ghost honestly does whatever the hell they want and goes wherever they want to go. You go lil buddy.

 - Whenever Hornet basically gets kidnapped mostly everyone is goddamn pissed off. Ghost may be losing their shit but trying to keep cool, Hollow is just silently an g r y— yeah. PK gets mad too because he does not like hearing her name, because it just makes him think of if he could of saved her from being kidnapped.  But it’s a good thing when she comes back since she gets tackle hugged by her siblings. PK is somewhat hesitant, but he just– gives her a nice hug. Yes, a nice one. He’s trying to dad. But he is of course relieved to see her.

- Radi and probably Hollow have seen each other, and Hollow just stares at her and shes doing a big “wtf.” because this is the poor child she tortured. Radi says no and she gets the hell out of there, leaving a surprised and confused Hollow I suppose. They’re just wondering why tf is this moth bitch here and if shes actually the Radiance- which she is. I don’t want her to be an outright bad character but shes mostly not the happiest all the time, Ghost and Grimmchild just sorta ‘mess’ with her often. They’re just trying to hang out with you smh.

- PK is often carried by WL because she wants to and hasn’t seen him in such a while, and he lets her. Either way no matter how.. somewhat embarrassing it is- he loves it.

- On the topic of them, everyone is surprised when they just have another kid.. thats.. of course- not void. PK is afraid that his vessel children will not take it the best, but he is proven wrong as Hollow actively wants to see their new little sister and be a good big sibling. Ghost on the other hand is a bit distant, but of course they and Grimmchild come around and Grimmchild, for the most part, comes and plays with her. In the future, Grimmchild may become a good babysitter lmao.

This is all imma share for now I hope yall done mind these constant posts about my silly lil AU heh.

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