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#dan and phil
thinking-emoji · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You vs the girl she told you not to worry about
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danandphilnews · 2 days ago
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Dan’s Instagram Story | September 17, 2021
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It's 2015.
I just got out of school. I am wearing my oversized Twenty Øne Piløts T-shirt today. It's the Blurryface era. I am planing to go as Tyler on Halloween, black body paint included. I wish any of my friends where into the Emo Quartet ™, so I could have a Josh to go with my Tyler.
During the bus ride home, I am listening to That's the Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon while browse 9Gag on my phone. No one understands me. No one is as edgy as me. I wish Hot Topic would ship to my country.
While eating lunch, I watch Supernatural season 11. I hate the darkness storyline but I keep on watching anyway. I am in too deep.
After homework, it's time for fun. I just got my copy of The Amazing Book is Not on Fire. I devour it in an hour.
After I am done reading, I watch Dan and Phil play Five Nights at Freddy's even though I have already seen Markiplier's Let's Play.
Now it's time for bed but first, Fanfiction. I browse AO3. Should I read stay in place (sing a chorus) aka The Forest Fic or Alone on the Water, my favorite Johnlock Fic?
It's 2015. Life is good.
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philsbigduck · 3 hours ago
y’all,,, it’s been one thousand days since dapgames went on hiatus…..
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feelingofcontent · a day ago
DNP Rewatch: Halloween Baking - SPOOKY CUPCAKES
Tumblr media
Date video was published: 10/26/2014 (X)
DNP Main Channel Rewatch: 247
Baking video! They didn’t do a Halloween baking video in 2013, so this is only the second one after Halloween Baking: Brownie Graveyard!
0:06 - “a pentagram on your face with a sharpie” ...okay. They've upped the background decoration a lot since the first one.
0:10 - Phil can’t help but laugh at Dan’s evil cackle. “Glamorous assistant” and the usual slide again.
0:18 - apparently need to do a full-body look to admire Phil’s new t-shirt there. 👀
0:30 - awww, Dan is so pleased. Also, very purposeful and explicit call-out of clothes sharing. (for the first time, maybe?)
Tumblr media
0:37 - what happened during this jump cut? Dan looks so fond. I love that Dan is the one that decorated for it, although Phil posted a photo of the decor.
0:54 - that really is a giant pumpkin. I love Phil watching himself on the screen as he carries it in, lol. And nice spooky background music!
1:05 - continuity error! This was from before Phil brought the giant pumpkin in.
1:14 - Phil is so confident with his “thing of 2014″ lol. Dan is skeptical. They do love red velvet cake though. (Also, Dan could not be any more fond during baking videos, I swear.)
Tumblr media
1:34 - I love this insert so much. “Captain hindsight” is hilarious; wtf is on Phil’s messy face; the amused smile; the giggling; upside-down Dan; etc. 😂
Tumblr media
2:03 - not then many actual times (on video at least)
2:11 - sure, Dan. Phil does look pleased with himself though.
2:20 - the ingredients presentation is always...something, hahaha.
3:12 - I really don’t think buying pre-made icing qualifies as a “debacle” lol.
3:30 - I’m with Phil. This looks like broken dishes waiting to happen. 😨
3:45 - Dan’s blink and expression after “made out of silicone...” Somehow I don’t think his mind was on boob or butt implants... 😳
Tumblr media
3:54 - and there we have the first of never-ending baking video whisk references after that video on Tyler’s channel
4:16 - lol at Dan reading the temperature off of the screen. Dan does not look amused by Phil’s accent but I am.
4:40 - this seems dangerous. They really didn’t have a lot of good surfaces in that kitchen to use when filming.
4:43 - dancing mirroring and the hand-off to Phil
4:53 - well that was a creepy light flicker
Tumblr media
5:00 - that sieve is way too big for that bowl, no wonder it’s a mess
5:15 - what the fuck is happening here with the audio with Dan saying it but Phil mouthing the same thing? So confused.
5:38 - so many recipes that ask for an electric mixer and yet they don’t get one for years
5:52 - baking song! 😊
6:23 - the color looks so good at this point
6:25 - Phil does not like the “chicken fetus” remark
Tumblr media
6:59 - probably a good idea to let Dan pour the batter in
7:20 - oh no the jumper!
7:38 - the fact that they just left the empty cupcake wrapper in there. why.
8:00 - this might be more creepy than the usual paper masks. Phil goes to let go as Dan grabs it but then...doesn’t
Tumblr media
8:06 - that is valid, Dan. Having to turn on the song that’s stuck in your head. Dan’s dancing is...intense if nothing else.
8:40 - I hate silicone baking trays for this exact wobbly reason.
8:45 - Phil is so disappointed with the color
9:00 - comforting shoulder pats. Also their cupcakes sunk in the centers so much.
9:08 - Phil is very excited about the decorating choices. Of course he’s opened something!
Tumblr media
9:50 - you can tell when they’re impressed with a pun one of them came up with on the spot, lol
10:18 - not the fact Dan was expecting but he is amused anyway
10:27 - what will become a common theme for Dan decorating Halloween things
10:52 - their decorating may not be great but they do go all-in with it
11:24 - their lights are doing weird shit during this 😨
Tumblr media
11:33 - Phil spots the loose candy and completely ignores everything else to eat it, lol
11:56 - I love the showing-off of the final product as if its Bake-Off
12:10 - now Dan has frosting on his face around his eye too somehow 😂
Tumblr media
12:29 - lmao at Phil telling him “no” while Phil’s face is also covered in frosting
12:44 - I am disturbed by Dan’s eating of this cupcake during the endscreen
12:45 - “wait, promote me” as if Phil wouldn’t, hahaha
13:00 - even they can’t believe the last one was two years ago!
Any baking video is great. There are too many fond looks from Dan in this one to count. I love that even when their recipes don’t turn out well/as planned, they still seem to have a great time filming the baking videos.
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buildroses · 9 hours ago
seeing all the new deltarune content and knowing we’ll never get a dnpgames sequel to the undertale let’s play is a special kind of pain
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dnpuncles · a day ago
mental health level: rewatching dapg undertale and feeling like i’m 15 again
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vaguelysleepy · 5 months ago
as much as I hate the term “tumblr veteran,” I am one, so I made a uquiz about it. let me assign you an OTP. I’m so sorry.
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feelingofcontent · 2 days ago
DNP Rewatch: Tour Of My Brain | AmazingPhil
Tumblr media
Date video was published: 10/17/2014 (X)
DNP Main Channel Rewatch: 246
Ah, I know I love this video!
0:00 - did he...change the color of his shirt in editing? Or otherwise we never see this shirt again. Also love that he is wearing the “party Phil”/”serious business” glasses.
Tumblr media
0:01 - okay the mouth moving is a bit horrifying
0:07 - the art style is very Phil with all the colors and random squiggles
0:13 - that blowup dinosaur getting a lot of use in both DNP’s videos
Tumblr media
0:15 - concentrating very hard on not actually hitting his head to hard on that glass door
0:25 - fire and petrol 👀
0:46 - animal facts of course
1:04 - “quite creative” might be an understatement.
1:09 - film script ideas!
1:23 - did not need to know that.
1:29 - lol at the horse drawing
Tumblr media
1:46 - “I’m a brilliant secret keeper” Phil has always seemed to be proud of that fact about himself.
1:51 - “Dan actually has three...” 😳 I do like that the he says a lot of people tell him secrets but the (even fake, funny) example he uses is of Dan trusting him with a secret.
2:01 - well if that isn’t a little too on the nose for him keeping everything surface-level at this point
2:05 - it’s an anxiety spiral. He’s so open about his anxiety now, that it’s strange to see him not even use that word here.
2:23 - “mainly to live a long and happy life” awww 🥺
2:26 - Japan!
2:34 - Titanic is always his go-to example for something that made him cry
2:41 - DNP both really really do care about food
Tumblr media
2:53 - there is a very quiet “shit” in the background of the audio here
3:02 - you might not see actual Phil on a dancing show but you can read that in one of my all-time favorite fics by @natigail​
3:14 - little smiley face on his thumb 😊
SO MUCH editing must have gone into this. And it was such a creative idea to think of doing in the first place. I’m still so impressed with this one.
DNP hosted the Teen Awards (1, 2, 3, 4) a couple of days after this (on October 19, actually). This is the show when Dan hugged Nick Jonas.
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