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#dan levy

i’m kinda confused by the wording of this ask but what i got from it is dan is handsome and beautiful and i agree very much with that. 

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“The thing that you’ve done, which I think is so incredible is that you’ve introduced audiences to this character who just so happens to be who he is,” Beatriz said about Levy’s “Schitt’s Creek” character. “That is the way to create change, social change, empathy in people. It’s so incredible.”  

-Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn 99) talking to Dan Levy, on the Kelly Clarkson Show.


Dan Levy can create positive change for the LGBTQ community through Schitt’s Creek.  Black showrunners can do the same for their communities, if we seek out and watch their shows.  But we have to watch the shows, so that the networks (and advertisers) know that we will watch them.   Find shows written, produced, acted, directed and designed by black people and watch them.  

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oh that podcast!! yeah, i mean, he kept them so they’re his rings hahah i love that he wanted that piece of david which was such a part of him. 

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the parallel between the last line stevie sings in the cabaret being “maybe this time i’ll win” and “because i want those people to know i’m not a joke. and that i’ve won” “david, look at this place. you’ve won.” absolutely kills me

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