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Happy STS! If your main crew was/is from earth, what would their favorite urban legend be?

Being a person with 11 WIPs (actually I think I’m up to 12 now o.o), I don’t exactly have a main crew… but I talk about my rp peeps most, so I’ll do the MCs from Kyle’s Story.

Dana’s would probably be something super spooky. Probably like the Bloody Mary story or something like that.

Kyle’s would probably be like… Slenderman or something. Because he’d go out of his way to kill the Slenderman and save all the children. It’s a way he can be a hero to many kids.

Thank you for asking!

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I realized, upon rereading my DHaF original writing series that I COMPLETELY changed hell between the way it’s written in HD and in DHaF original version.

Like, in DHaF, it’s actually a place of torture. In HD, it’s a party.

Maybe there’ll be a special place in hell for truly horrible people, but for the people that Goddess just… doesn’t want to spend eternity with because they bore her or some other petty reason, it will be more the party scene. And maybe Demonic isn’t aware of the other area because they were never in charge of it.

Maybe it was Dana’s job and so when she left, that part of hell… kinda plunged into chaos… and… alsdkfjaf Idk.

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Hope everyone’s staying safe,

here’s a photo of your rugged swamp creature in her nest.

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Originally posted by twilightly

Marty Mikalski 

  • You steal his chain as a joke and he thinks it’s really cute how you fiddle with it. 
  • He’s really good at cheering you up, but also is a little uncomfortable with a lot of feelings, so, after a little bit, he awkwardly asks if you want to smoke to get your mind off of it. 
  • Date nights can at times be completely comprised of smoking pot, cuddling, watching Tom and Jerry, and eating white cheese Cheez-Its together. White cheese Cheez-Its because he thinks it’s fancier than the regular and he wants to make date night ~special~. 
  • You love listening to him rant about the government spying on everyone. You better because he does it a lot. Side Note: He 100% believes birds are not really birds and that they are cameras spying on everyone. They work for the bourgeoisie, Y/N!

(Let the record show that I am in love with this man)


Originally posted by t-l-o-u

Dana Polk

  • You guys are the cute couple that have a shit ton of stupid inside jokes, which sound lame to everyone else, but, to you guys, they just speak to how close you guys are. 
  • She’s a little bit of a badass and, if anyone tries to creepily hit on you, go to her. She won’t beat anyone up, but she’ll let it be known that you aren’t interested. 
  • I think she waters down her mouthwash. This is not a dating headcanon, but I’m a firm believer in it. She looks the part. 
  • Nose kisses. She likes her nose kissed and she likes kissing your nose. She smiles really big when you do and that shit is adorable. 
  • Hugs you like a lot. Hugs from behind, side hugs, bear hugs, around the waist hugs, just hugging. 

Originally posted by xladymorganx

Holden McCrea

  • He tries to act like your bodyguard when you go out. He notices every creep staring at your ass and he does not like it. He seems pretty confrontational, so fighting the creeps? Sometimes. 
  • You kiss his freckles to calm him down and he just  m e l t s. 
  • “And he’s good with his hands!” -Jules, 2012
  • He’s a little bit of a hopeless romantic and will give you his football jacket. He knows it’s cheesy and you do make fun of him for it, but just take it. He will blush if he sees you wearing it. 

Originally posted by odahlia

Jules Louden

  • Low key one of the funniest people you will ever date. She lightens the mood all of the time and you feel like you’re always happy around her. 
  • Tries to cut her own hair sometimes when she doesn’t get enough sleep and is feeling chaotic enough. 
  • Sweetest person ever. You love her, everyone loves her. She makes you want to be a better person. 
  • She hugs around your neck and tries to koala you. It does not matter if you are smaller than her; she will try it at least once. 
  • If you have any shit from your ex’s, she wants to burn it. You guys can make a date out of it. A private bonfire for all of the stuff that will reminds you both of your ex’s, maybe some s’mores? Roasting wienies over the fires of past love. 

Originally posted by scoobydoos

Curt Vaughan

  • He’s probably smarter than you. Can talk you up the wall about sociological perspectives, but won’t rub it in your face because he is not a dick.
  • Never a serious moment with him. Loves to smile and loves to see you smile. 
  • Picks you up a lot and it does not matter how much you weigh or if you are somehow bigger than him, he’s gonna pick you up. 
  • Mutters things to you so that you laugh. Other people can’t hear him so they think you’re crazy, but no it’s just your boyfriend who wants to hear you laugh. 
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