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#dance with devils

Okay so, here’s the thing.

I just decided I wanted to finish Dance With Devils (been on hiatus for like.. 2 years.) because why not..?

I know Diabolik Lovers and how it was made by Rejet and same goes for Dance With Devils, I was watching these at the same time but finished DL way quicker and actually loved everything, along with its lore.

So, when I started Dance With Devils I…

1.) Noticed a lot of similarities in art style and transitioning.

2.) Saw characters that resembled DL characters (Example: Rem reminded me of Ruki.)

3.) The story actually really reminds me of DL, and it was interesting to see how the MCs basically react the same.

4.) Had a strong urge to compare them.

I’m no expert on Dance With Devils, when it was created, or what exactly is going on. I’m only at the point of Anime before I know I’ll probably really want to know about the CDs (I’m assuming that’s where they came from since DL also originated from it and when I did a Google search, that’s what came up.)

And it usually comes to my attention that no one I know really cares about the comparisons I make ? Which is fine of course, but it’s always been fun to me, like when I found this:


I know someone has probably already done comparisons on these, or you might not like it, which is of course, absolutely okay.

But for the sake of venting and wanting to put my brain at work, I will document it here and hopefully bring together some people who love both these series.

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❝ I’ll bite you to death. ❞

— kyoya hibari

Takashi Kondo roles
[ 01 / 02 ]

↳ Train Heartnet | Black Cat

↳ Kyoya Hibari | Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

↳ Hibiki Lates | Fairy Tail

↳ Suigetsu Hozuki | Naruto

↳ Subaru Sakamaki | Diabolik Lovers

↳ Hayato Hayama | OreGairu

↳ Urie Sogami | Dance With Devils

↳ Avilio Bruno (Angelo Lagusa) | 91 Days

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Here is a list of anime I write for:

-Attack on Titan

-Black Butler

-Blue Exorcist

-Brothers Conflict

-Dance With Devils

-Death Note

-Diabolik Lovers


-My Hero Academia

-Mystic Messanger (even though it isn’t technically an anime)

-Ouran Highschool Host Club

-The Devil is a Part-Timer

-Yuri on Ice!!!

If you are confused, just send me an ask :)

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Looking to get rid of some bromides from tenimyu, toumyu, tousute, bleach, black butler, persona 5, Haikyuu, pedasute, hetamyu, watashi no host chan, Bakumatsu rock, Patalliro, Mankai a3, Aoharu Tetsudou, Heine, Mob psycho, and dance with devils

And also animate cafe coasters of Mankai stage, tenimyu, a3!, Bungou stray dogs (not stage), Touken Ranbu (not stage), Hypmic (stage) and toumyu

The price will be ¥50 per bromide + shipping

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Anime of the day: Dance with Devils and Diabolik Lovers

To be honest I don’t remember which is which and to be blunt it doesn’t really matter. Both these animes are about a seemingly normal girl who ends up surrounded by supernatural boys who all want her for some reason or another. I mean I Googled both these animes, to make sure I didn’t mix them up, but Google wasn’t that helpful and I’m not about to burn time rewatching reverse harem.

There is no shame in liking reverse harem, sometimes it’s nice to look at pretty things. But I’m not about to do that twice, at least not for these guys.

There are plenty

Of shiny fish

In the sea

For me to see

Or not see

Depending on how I’m feeling.

I do remember them not being horrible anime. If you haven’t seen these shiny boys yet, you might want to, but you don’t have to.

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Urie would do the dirty, then leave a rose on your tiddies as a nice surprise for when you wake up

And I feel you my dude. Shiki is a mood right now

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I low key wanna write something ✨spicy✨ for Dance With Devils, but I’m not sure which boi to lewd. Choices are between Shiki and Urie, as best boys (“best” being a questionable word choice, of course).

Send me an ask / reply with your choice! I’ll treat this as a poll and go with the more popular one when I get around to it, which will hopefully be soon!

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2020 Anime Watch Master List: Part 1

This is the first part of my master list for the new (to me) anime I watched in 2020. It was so fun to watch this list grow as the year went on.


Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits (2018) episodes: 26 started: 12-29-19 finished: 1-3-20 rating: 8/10

Dance With Devils (2015) episodes: 12 started: 1-3-29 finished 1-6-29 rating: 5/10 *anime with friends watch entertainment fun rating 8/10

Death Parade (2015) episodes: 12 started: 1-8-20 finished: 1-10-20 rating: 9/10

Scum’s Wish (2017) episodes: 12 started: 1-11-20 finished: 1-14-20 rating: 7/10

Weathering With You (2019) movie watched: 1-15-2020 rating: 10/10

Brothers Conflict (2013) episodes: 12 + 2 OVAs started: 1-15-20 finished: 1-16-20 rating: 6/10 *anime with friends watch entertainment fun rating 8/10

Paradise Kiss (2005) episodes: 12 started: 1-17-20 finished: 1-21-20 rating: 9/10

Mushi-Shi (2005-2006) episodes: 26 started: 1-21-20 finished: 2-9-20 rating: 7/10

Code: Breaker (2012) episodes: 13 started: 2-11-20 finished: 2-24-20 rating: 6/10

Diabolik Lovers (2013) episodes: 12 started: 2-18-20 finished: 2-19-20 rating: 4/10 *anime with friends watch entertainment fun rating 6/10

Antique Bakery (2008) episodes: 12 started: 2-25-20 finished: 2-28-20 rating: 7/10

Beastars (2019) episodes: 12 started: 3-15-20 finished: 3-16-20 rating: 9/10

Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei (2020) episodes: 12 started: 2-14-20 finished: 3-31-20 rating: 7/10

ID: Invaded (2020) episodes: 13 started: 3-17-20 finished: 3-31-20 rating: 8/10 *the soundtrack for this anime is fantastic 10/10

Somali and the Forest Spirit (2020) episodes: 12 started: 1-22-20 finished: 4-28-20 rating: 8/10

Tada Never Falls In Love (2018) episodes: 13 started: 4-21-20 finished: 4-23-20 rating: 9/10

Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2014) episodes: 12 started: 4-29-20 finished: 4-30-20 rating: 7.5/10

Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) (2014) episodes: 12 plus ova started 5-12-20 finished: 5-14-20 rating: 9/10

Chihayafuru (2011-2012) season 1 episodes: 25 started: 5-7-20 finished 5-9-20 rating: 9/10

One Week Friends (2014) episodes: 12 started: 5-14-20 finished: 5-15-20 rating: 8/10

Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You (2009-2011) seasons 1-2 episodes: 38 started: 5-18-20 finished: 5-26-20 rating: 9/10

Strawberry Marshmallow (2005) episodes: 12 stareted: 5-27-20 finished: 5-29-20 rating: 6/10

Anonymous Noise (2017) episodes: 12 started: 6-1-20 finished: 6-3-20 rating: 7/10 *the soundtrack in this is great! 9/10

3D Kanojo: Real Girl (2018) episodes: started: 6-3-20 finished: 6-5-20 rating: 7/10

Garden of Words (2013) movie watched: 6-8-2020 rating: 8/10

Chihayafuru (2013) episodes: 25 started: 6-9-20 finished: 6-16-20 rating: 8.5/10

Click here to see Part 2

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Ah the weekend, your favourite two days because there was no school, and you were free to do whatever you liked. You’d made sure to do all your homework after school on Friday because you hated working on weekends. You’d planned out a fun and relaxing weekend with your boyfriend Rem Kaginuki, head of the school council and all-around hottie, making every student jealous of you but you didn’t care.

Yes, you knew he was a devil, as being a lesser demon yourself the two of you surprisingly fit together like peas in a pod despite class difference and ranking on the food chain. Everyone was against you two in the beginning, but you soon won over the other council members who liked how you were able to calm Rem down when he got mad.

You’d made sure to double-check with Rem and the council that he had no plans this weekend, and as far as you were aware he was all yours for the weekend. You’d been perfecting your cooking skills and had put together a nice picnic since the weather was nice, and then in the evening the two of you would cuddle and watch films, mostly your picks because Rem liked seeing you happy.

However as you watch the clock your happiness slowly fades to hurt, because Rem was half an hour late and hadn’t the decency to even text or call you explaining himself. You pick up your phone and dial his number, he picks up on the third ring.

‘Sorry y/n I can’t talk right now,’ he says, sounding stressed.

You pout, ‘ok I’ll keep it quick, where are you? You were supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.’

Rem sighs loudly, ‘we have a lead on the grimoire.’

‘You promised that I’d get to have you all weekend. Why can’t the other council members go?’ you reply rather bluntly.

‘Because it’s my job, and it’s important y/n,’ he snaps.

You gulp, ‘and I’m not?’ you hang up without another word.

All Rem cared about was the grimoire nowadays, you weren’t important to him anymore.


The lead on the grimoire had been false, we were none the closer to finding its whereabouts, and all day I’d had y/n on my mind and how our call ended. They were right, I could have sent the other council members because we weren’t even sure the lead was strong, but I liked to be in control at all times. I knew I’d messed up when I called it more important that y/n, why did they continue to put up with me?

I sneak into y/n’s house, they needed to lock their windows and walk through the kitchen hearing the TV on in the other room. I stop by the kitchen table and a wave of guilt washes over me seeing a picnic basket and blanket y/n had a whole day planned for us and I didn’t have the decency to tell them I wouldn’t be coming.

Walking into the lounge I find y/n asleep on the sofa, a blanket hanging half on their body and half on the floor. On the coffee table were a bunch of films, and I realised they were films y/n had been talking about all week and I said I’d watch them.

y/n was a level demon, lower than me on all levels, but they wormed their way into my life and my life would be a lot more boring and plain without them. I pick up the blanket and place it over them, a small smile graces y/n’s lips as they snuggle into the warmth. I didn’t want to wake them, so I’d have to find another way to apologise to them.

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Is the audience expected to be as naive than Ritsuka? Because I knew it would happen the moment she chosen to follow him. Really every situation is Always started by Ritsuka being naive, what a waste of potential her character is

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Ritsuka is a character that DWD didn’t allow to shine and that’s a fact. The only way they made her interact with the love interest is through her being kidnapped or following them naively even though she got trapped before. After the 3nd time you get bored to see her leave security to put herself in danger again.

That would have been different if she was given agency by allowing her to have means to defend herself. Lindo and Azuna just telling her to not move got stupid from them too because this solution obviously doesn’t work and even if she stay still she may be kidnapped.

If they aren’t there and someone come, what do they expect her to do?

As a result Ritsuka is just yanked around (the opening ironically depict it very well) and can only yell that she doesn’t want it. Her trying to find the truth become stupid because she was in danger but still insist despite that it could be deadly.

Give Ritsuka a way to fight back (and she doesn’t even need to be super OP either if you absolutely want her to be rescued! Her needing to handle her new power is a valid reason for not being good at it at first) and the anime is immediately less frustrating to watch and we could have had cool scene with someone like Ritsuka.

What a wasted potential but alas it seem to be sadly recurrent in this kind of anime

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