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Biting back a giggle, she picked up her laptop and sank onto her sofa beside him. She spared him a glance and fought another giggle that threatened to escape. With a touch of the button, the screen lit up and the system began its routine process of booting up. 

“You’re really excited. I don’t think I’ve seen your aura shift colors so quickly." 

His knee whispered against hers, sending a gentle zap through her system. 

The way his face blanched, he felt something a bit more intense, placing some distance between them so it wouldn’t happen again. A mumbled apology followed.

She waved it away, rather happy to see so much life flowing through his translucent form. 

"Now, I must warn you I don’t know how much Juleka posts online. She was fairly private if I recall from our school days. I don’t want you to get your hopes up too high,” she whispered, typing in her password to unlock her laptop. 

“It’s already too late. My hopes are up." 

Another glance at the colorful array that was his aura had her nodding. "Yeah, I can see that." 

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Sanders Sides: Patton, Logan
Blurb: Patton’s never had a father figure to bring to his ballet class for Valentine’s Day like all the other kids before. But this year…he might.
Fic Type: Hurt/Comfort, General, Human!AU, Child!Patton
Warnings: Neglectful Parent mention 

Patton hovered in the doorway of his Dad’s study, biting his lip as he ran his thumbs over the paper in his hands. An invitation from his ballet teacher to the fathers of her students, inviting them to a daddy-daughter -or in his case, son’s- Valentine’s dance lesson.

It was nothing to be nervous or ashamed about. Even if his Dad didn’t understand Patton’s love for ballet, Logan hadn’t discouraged him from taking his lessons. Hadn’t even complained when he needed to take him to dance class three times a week, doing his best to keep Patton’s routine normal. 

As normal as it could be after his mom had shoved a suitcase in his hands, driven him to his Dad’s doorstep, and abandoned him there two months ago stating that Patton was now Logan’s responsibility before she vanished, haring off to Vegas to ‘make it big.’

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Dance With Me by Kelly Clarkson
It’s 4 AM and the room won’t stop. My heart is pounding, how your body rocks, your body rocks. My lips, they quiver on your skin. Let’s take this dance and just breathe you in, breathe you in. And when the music starts and the lights go down we will all be found. No one’s fighting anyone, we’re all dancing on the ground. C'mon and dance with me. C'mon and dance with me. Feel the music like a lover’s kiss. Feel the rhythm like a warm embrace. C'mon and dance with me. C'mon and dance with me. C'mon and dance with me. I’m wide awake, yeah.
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