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grumpytrans · a year ago
me vibing to my own playlist that i created, unapologetic:
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flipjack · a year ago
 I need more Jennifer Garner content
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babyanimalgifs · 4 months ago
Caught my dog doing a lil two step at the park like it's nothing
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yesterdaysprint · a year ago
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Daily Mirror, England, January 31, 1923  Image © The British Library Board. All Rights Reserved. 
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thesassyducks · a year ago
The Man Who Danced With The Duck ❤️ [Sound on]
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tiktoks-for-thiccthots · a month ago
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okayysophia · a year ago
Sis did not have to murder them in the middle of the kitchen tho😂😂
Song: Nobody- DJ Neptune ft. Mr. Eazi
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k-eke · a year ago
Song :) 
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