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admittedly, i’ve never seen dirty dancing, but due to an ask on my main blog i’ve just come into contact with this gif (made by laurens-german on tumblr)

description below

[image ID: a gif of a girl and a boy dancing in a stage. the girl is in a light pink dress, the boy is fully dressed in black. they are holding hands. initially they push their legs to the side, being almost shoulder to shoulder; then they sharply turn back before she gives a few quick twirls, skirt swishing around her like intense waves around her hips. she then suddenly comes to a halt, at which point he gingerly kisses her hand. end ID]

and maybe it’s because of my association of raphael and hand kisses but… cannot stop thinking about raphael and maia doing this. not even on purpose, it’s an improvised moment in maia’s apartment, and that makes it even more fun and special

like raphael mentions that he misses dancing and she turns to him like “i never pegged you for the dancing type” and he laughs, “i grew up dancing. there wasn’t much of a choice. besides, rosa loved it when i twirled her around”, and maia of course goes, “oh, did she?”. and he gives her that self satisfied, but almost coy smile and says, “she did. want me to show you?”, hands ghosting around her hips, and she smiles

and they’re both good dancers so soon they’re pretty into it and just swaying around and raphael gives maia a run for her money just twirling her around and circling around her and giving spins of his own, fast and close and with lots of feet movements, but always holding her steady and making sure she’s keeping up. she feels like she’s flying. and then at one point he does this, halting her quickly and raising her hand to his lips

and maia is caught so off guard she can’t help but burst into delighted, bubbly laughter, and he smiles at her like he’s so proud of himself. and she jumps in his arms and gives him a kiss on the tip of his nose and it’s the sweetest thing

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