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#dancing with kuvira
kuviras-btch23 days ago
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[Image ID: A digital drawing of Kuvira from the Legend of Korra. She is pictured from hips up and she is reaching her hand towards the viewer. She has a smirk on her face and has her eyes on the viewer. Kuvira is wearing a plain green outfit and a necklace from Zaofu with a stone attached to it. She has her hair braided and resting on her other shoulder. She can be seen holding three blue flowers. Her eyes are highlighted with green color, making them appear as if they were glowing. /END ID.]
Listen, I took like six hours with this in total and I gave up with the hand right away, so please don鈥檛 look at it :)
Please do not repost or remove my water mark, reblogging is fine <3
Under the cut is a timelapse video of this drawing and a close up of her face :)
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and yes ew I used a 3D model for the pose, how disgusting of me 馃檮
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mashersan8 months ago
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May I have the next dance?
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kuvira-protege2 years ago
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Remember the long braid, which Kuvira had in Book 3 ?
Here is a quick drawing of our Dancing Queen.
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kuviras-btch26 days ago
the urge to finish dancing with kuvira so that I can star writing the sequel is HIGH
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kuviras-btcha month ago
anyway I might continue writing dancing with kuvira
chapters 25 and 26 coming later today :) (it's 5pm for me, so I have plenty of time!)
I'm starting my summer studies tomorrow so that's why I'm writing so much!
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kuviras-btch26 days ago
Chapters 25 and 26 of聽鈥淒ancing With Kuvira鈥
Yay, double update again! Sorry it took so long to post these two chapters, I鈥檝e been busy with school stuff (even tho I鈥檓 on a summer break...)聽
In the mean time, if you ever get bored or need something to listen to, here is a playlist for this fic :)
Chapter 25:
Chapter 26:
Y/n has been observing Kuvira for years and she has come to the conclusion that Kuvira doesn't really have any friends besides the Beifong family. She can also see that the tall, gorgeous woman is lonely.
There is a reason why Y/n never got to talk with Kuvira. She has assured herself that Kuvira won't like her and her words will just scare her away. But Kuvira gets promoted and they won't be training together after the year changes. Since Y/n has an unsure future, she decides that this is the time to risk it all, before she runs out of time.
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