ariespetal · 2 days ago
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I can finally share my full piece for @izuruzine :D
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riddledem0n · 2 days ago
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quilbe · 2 days ago
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he was forced to solve his middle-school girlfriend's murder trial at 17
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nano-delta · 2 days ago
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i barely know anything about dr2 and know nothing about dr3
anyways, what if they were siblings
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wench-but-dangan · 2 days ago
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based off this post. help girl I can’t stop saying stupid shit in the nagito voice
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hefestesse · 3 days ago
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troloyunu · a day ago
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Irumatsu my pink girls <333
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donnyssupper · a day ago
The Golden Siren
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Felt like drawing kiyotaka as the golden siren from jibaro, why? Idk either
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edgy-senju · a day ago
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A Wolf in Sheep's clothing is more than a warning
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redactedhaunt · 2 days ago
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get this weird looking dog off my lawn
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karugoround · 14 hours ago
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catboymoments · a day ago
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Ugh my head and tummy hurt but here’s some side b doodles
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tenko: I pray to the gods you're uncomfortable, miserable even
angie: why ? is it because you want to take care of me and nurse me back to health ? to show me love and tenderness ? it's ok. I know
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mabtis · 2 days ago
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she's FINISHED!!!! sayaka ceramic sculpture :-)
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meetcather · 2 days ago
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when the stupid reserve course student turns out to be your minecraft bf (continuation to my last post)
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nagitosdiscordkitten · 2 days ago
thank you so much for the pervy!Rantaro headcannons ! Can i please suggest headcannons of Rantaro and Nagito (separately please) as a very clingy and needy boyfriend ?
Have a good day!! <3
Rantaro & Nagito (separate) as clingy boyfriends
Fluff / gn!reader
Cuddling, clingy boyfriends, established relationship, love love love
# Nagito Komaeda
very very clingy boyfriend once he got used to your guys relationship
He doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s very clingy. Nagito‘s proud that he found the love of his life
Can’t last 10 minutes without you
So so cuddly, like he cuddles you all day long if you don’t have to leave, he’s just touch starved and a human koala
Nagito hates to be separated with you, it’s just so painful to know he can’t see you for a few seconds
Always wants your attention but hates to „waste your time with scum like him“
Please let him know he isn’t trash and you love to spent time with him :(
Later into the relationship, komaeda isn’t even able not to have at least a hand on you
^ walking in public ? He holds your hand or lays his arm around your waist. Sleeping ? The mf sleeps between your thighs with his head resting on your tummy or chest
If you go out without nagi, people might think he’s sick or he‘s out of town
Ko loves to lay in bed and cuddle you, he‘d love to spent the rest of his life like this
Hugs. HUGS! Nagito loves them so much
Kisses! Kisses kisses kisses ! There isn’t an hour he doesn’t kiss you and if you kiss him, he just melts and snuggles up to you
The fluffy haired boy loves you so incredible much and he isn’t afraid nor embarrassed to show this to everyone
# Rantaro Amami
ranta is a really chilled guy and he loves his s/o, why not being around them 24/7 ? He’s used to be around his siblings
Always and I mean always has one arm on your back or waist
Need to do paper work alone ? Nah, he‘ll place you on his lap and you can work through your papers while he cuddles you on his lap
Amami will plop down onto you if you lay on your tummy, there isn’t even a way you can escape his strong warm arms
He‘d cancel any adventure or meeting with friends just for you and cuddles 
Hugs. From. The. Back. He loves to do that and nuzzle his head in your neck
On lazy days, you aren’t even able to leave the bed because rantaro won’t let you go, you’re trapped between his arms
Piggyback rides ! He loves to carry you around if you don’t feel like walking
In general, rantaro isn’t as clingy as Nagito, but they both love you to death and back
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thas-kinda-wild · a day ago
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I went down like a ragdoll as you would, child
If you know the lyrics you're automatically extremely cool
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sobashuu · a day ago
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Escape to the skies 🌅💜
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monikamarkovova · 23 hours ago
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wolfman is the only one i can think of hes one of the few thats left when will he leave my brain when wil
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