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Aw, this is such a cute idea! 🥰


Aoi is honestly kind of astonished when you admit that you don’t like donuts.

She will go into a whole tirade on why they’re the best food ever made, but if you insist that you just don’t like them, she won’t hold it against you.

She’ll ask what you don’t like about them and only make you try some every now and then if she genuinely thinks you might like it.

When she buys donuts, she even finds things that are similar but not quite the same for you to try.

She still picks up a backup snack for you though just in case you don’t like it.

Though she doesn’t get how someone could just not like donuts, she’s very understanding about it.

Sometimes, she even tries to make other kinds of desserts for you.

She struggles a lot with it, and you usually end up helping her, but in the end, it’s actually pretty good.

Even if it wasn’t, you’d still eat it though. She took the time to make it for you, after all.

Overall, Aoi is very sweet and considerate about what you like. She still pushes you to try new things, and you actually end up finding stuff that you really enjoy.

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random dr headcannons i have

yasahiro loves sublime LOL

when kazuichi, nagito and fuyuhiko hang out, kaz is the only one who drives bc nagito crashes everytime and fuyuhiko still has to use a booster seat

ibukis old band is sayakas band

mikan actually didnt get her mind erased and was given her memories back at the beginning from junko

chihiro and mondo watch anime together

makoto askes to play some card games with celeste, they play go fish

teruteru ate junkos ass LOL

kazuichi listens to 3oh!3

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“It deserves it’s own tool of measurement!”

A lazy Taka doodle I did in class

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Sure thing!

Yasuhiro Hagakure (Teruteru’s):

  • Hiro grew up with just his mom, but he didn’t mind.
  • It was just the two of them at her medical pitstop sort of place.
  • He’d do anything to keep his mom safe.

Teruteru Hanamura (Ibuki’s):

  • He had loved his family, but he’d decided to leave.
  • He would always love singing, though.
  • Just didn’t want to kill people with it.

Ibuki Mioda (Kazuichi’s):

  • She never wanted to just stay in one place forever.
  • So she only partially regretted leaving.
  • She loved seeing the world even more.

Kazuichi Souda (Kaito’s):

  • He’d never known about his lineage.
  • Though it explained a bit…
  • Maybe he’d learn more of it one day.

Kaito Momota (Hiro’s):

  • He’d known Leon for as long as he could remember.
  • Leon was one of his best sidekicks!
  • All of the adventures they’d been on had been legendary.
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Souda: yesterday I fell asleep too late, but I won’t say anything because I don’t want a scolding

*Fuyuhiko arrives*

Fuyuhiko: hey bro!

Souda: yesterday I fell asleep late

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i just realized i never did an introduction so here it is !!


hi my name is ava !! my pronouns are they/she !!

i write (i’m not very good at it HSAKSH), i can make edits, i can make icons/headers, and i like drawing too !! i also always have matchups open

my requests are always open

other accounts:

@/heyemoboy420 on pinterest


- danganronpa

- haikyuu!!

- the disastorous life of saiki k

- hunter x hunter

- kuroko no basket

- monthly girls nozaki-kun

- ouran high school host club

- toilet bound hanako-kun

- my hero academia

- death note


- matchups

- imagines

- headcanons

- edits

- icons/headers

- drawing ideas


my zodiac sign is virgo, my mtbi type is isfp, my sexuality is unlabeled, my favorite animal is cats, i have no idea how to talk about myself akdhlabd, i spend a lot of my time listening to music, kin list: gon freeccs, akechi touma, ryuk PLS IDK AJSHA, kokichi ouma, bokuto koutarou, yuzuru nishimaya, uh that’s it i think idk i have bad memory, my favorite foods are california rolls and mozzarella sticks and my favorite things to drink are raspberry iced tea and grape soda, i have three other siblings, i THINK ik what mods are i recently learned (yk like how you see like pictures of the character then - mod [characters name]) yeah so um i’m mod chihiro 🤨 ?? idrk what mods are so um if i have the wrong idea of a mod please tell me i dont wanna look dumb asf HSKSHEJ


- mod chihiro (╯✧▽✧)╯

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Requested by: No one

Request Staus: Requests are open!

DNI: TERF/racist/homophobe/transphobe/p*dos/NSFW/k*nk blog/p*rn blog

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💕Trying out wallpapers for the first time💕

Size: 720x1280

DNI: TERF/racist/homophobe/transphobe/p*dos/NSFW/k*nk blog/p*rn blog

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