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#danganronpa kokichi

Maybe ‘cause of today’s… political significance, I did a quick ink and Copic marker drawing of Kokichi Oma, A.K.A. the “Ultimate Supreme Leader,” from Danganronpa V3 – or as I like to call him: the Human Trolley Problem.

Kokichi’s gotta be one of the best characters I’ve ever encountered in a story, so much so that I’m putting myself through a second let’s play of the game just so I can analyze this confounding little brat. Is Kokichi a monster manipulating others in order to win a cruel game? Or is he taking on the burden of sin in order to save as many people as possible? Is Kokichi just a bored trickster stirring up shit for fun? Or is he a next-level genius pulling everyone’s strings in order to achieve a greater goal? If Kokichi’s a compulsive liar, then how do you know if he’s lying or simply lying about lying? He’s the kind of character that forces you to say, “I get why you did this… and I hate it.” He’s also the kind of character who causes uncontrollable screaming matches in YouTube comments sections because people either love him or hate him – see him as a hero or a villain – and both sides feel very passionately about it. For me, Kokichi is simply too complex, hilarious, disturbing, perplexing, and thought-provoking not to love.

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schoolwork: stressful ❌ makes me feel sad ❌ does not have purple hair ❌

kokichi ouma: awesome ✅ makes me happy ✅ has purple hair ✅

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Kokichi Ouma! The Ultimate Supreme Leader! (of a bunch of clowns)

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This took quite a bit of time due to it being a four person request, but it is here~ I hope you enjoy, dearest reader.

Kokichi, Maki, Chiaki, and Gundham x Reader first date headcanons

A date, time solely dedicated to the two of you. Now the question is, what exactly to do with it?

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DRV3 boys and Souda with their Fem!self conscious S/O being naked in front of them for the first time

↬ Shuichi Saihara

• He will really get nervous when he sees you naked.
• But then he sees that you are uncomfortable
• And it tells you that if you are not comfortable, you can dress
• But then he realizes it’s more than just feeling uncomfortable
• When he realizes what it is, he puts his nerves aside to hug you and kiss your face
• Caress your whole body with a smile while looking at you
• And tells you all the things that he likes about you
• He assures you that you are beautiful as you are and that if you need help he will always be there for you
• But bitch….look at you, you’re beautiful

↬ Kiibo

• He is very nervous to see you naked
• He will probably overheat and need to restart.
• But then he murmurs a “p-precious” to you
• And he realizes that you are uncomfortable
• And he asks you what happens
• And you answer
• And he doesn’t understand
• But after a search of his system, he understands
• And he tries to make you feel like the most beautiful person on the planet, because you really are.
• He makes sure to make you feel more comfortable with your body over time.

↬ Kaito Momota

• He is not nervous at all, he wanted to see you naked for a long time
• I see him as that son of a bitch who will tell you “damn, baby, how beautiful you look”
• But then he realizes that you are uncomfortable
• He automatically thinks it’s because of the compliment
• But you deny him and tell him what happens
• And he just sighs to hug you
• He doesn’t want you to feel bad about your body
• The truth is he is the type of person who will help you in many ways, physically and emotionally.
• He will remind you every day how beautiful you are, leaving you letters or notes in the morning when you go to work or something.
• And he also invites you to train with him, so that you also feel that you made an effort to feel more beautiful than you already are.
• I love Kaito, bro

↬ Kokichi Ouma

• Kokichi will spout sexual jokes and double meaning things probably
• Like Kaito, he make a comment like “Wow S/O, you’re really beautiful…Or maybe that was a lie”
• After that he notices your change of mood
• And he gets a little confused, he expected another reaction, no that
• He asks you what happens
• And you explain everything
• And he feels very bad about his words
• He will make sure that at the end of the day you feel beautiful
• And when he want something, he get it

↬ Korekiyo Shinguji

• Once Korekiyo sees you naked, he makes a poem about how beautiful your body is
• You are literally there naked and he is in bed writing
• He notices that something is wrong with you, and asks politely
• You explain everything to him and he … he doesn’t understand
• You … you feel insecure about yourself … you
• It takes a while to figure it out, but it finally does
• He goes and hugs you while explaining how wonderful your body is and why you shouldn’t feel insecure about him.
• He literally promises you that you are beautiful and that every day he reminds you how beautiful you are

↬ Ryoma Hoshi

• When he sees you naked he really won’t do anything
• He will look at you, smile and look at his cell phone again
• Although he realizes how uncomfortable you are, he approaches you and asks you what happens
• You just explain to him and he doesn’t understand.
• But it doesn’t matter, you feel bad and he has to fix it
• The truth is not very affectionate so he will help you with everything he can
• He is not good with words either but he will do his best for you
• He will remind you how beautiful you are, every day

↬ Rantaro Amami

• He will also drop a comment
• But not like Kokichi and Kaito
• He will say “wow baby, you are beautiful”
• And he realizes how nervous you are
• So he go and apologize for the comment
• But you deny that it was that and explain everything
• He understands everything, and hugs you to kiss your forehead
• He explains to you all the parts that he loves about you (the whole body), and why he loves them, besides that while he talks he kisses them
• He promises that he will make you feel beautiful

↬ Kazuichi Souda

• He will probably say something when he sees you naked
• He say “shit baby, you’re so damn pretty”
• And he notices that you got uncomfortable
• So he will kneel in front of you to apologize for the comment
• But you deny everything while you kneel in front of him, and explain everything
• He feels very bad and understands you perfectly
• He’s bullied all his life, so he knows what it’s like to feel insecure.
• He will hug you and cry on your shoulder probably for both of you
• And he promises that the two of you will get out of it together
• I am crying, help

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Please click here to read!

WARNING: This story deals with the topics of death. It’s lighthearted and has no gore, but may not be for everyone.

Rating: Teen and up
Relationships: Saihara Shuichi/Ouma Kokichi
Characters: Saihara Shuichi, Ouma Kokichi, Momota Kaito

Summary: Kokichi Ouma is a reaper, a spirit destined to help other spirits move on to their afterlife before being reborn. It’s a difficult job but he does his best, making sure everyone is at peace and moves on with no regrets or unfinished business. When he meets Shuichi Saihara, a spirit with no memory of how he died and has still yet to pass on, Kokichi makes it his mission to help the spirit anyway he can.

This story was based on the Stellamap Cafe merch of the V3 cast for the Danganronpa 10th anniversary! I highly reccomend you check the merch designs out because they are so cute! I have a few possible ideas for where this au could go but for now I just wanted to do a small one shot about it.

As I do with all my works, I want to thank my beta reader @bowsersrighthandwoman for helping me with beta reading this story!

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A w.i.p. I’m doing on the side.

Alsooo uhh I have a Twitter now it’s @karrokake

You’ll find more of my doodle/ w.i.p.s and stuff earlier

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kokichi ouma’s hair is so cool can we all agree on that

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The feeling when you have none of your long sleeve shirts left and you’re forced to go out and let everyone see your prosthetic arm you’ve never told anyone about:


Drawing kokichi’s hair doodles will never not be fun

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i love people who draw kokichi ouma fanart you all are SO COOL

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