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#danganronpa v3
onebizarrekai · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is what we’re doing now gamers. this is it
the interest check results were technically meager especially since I only left it open for one day but I am encouraged nonetheless. at least seven people willing to participate is good enough for me
and now we have kagehara weekend november 5th-7th for some reason! (… 2021, by the way.)
is kage fandom spawn that lives in a dumpster? absolutely. this is why we are dedicating an affectionate weekend to him. like the nature of his fickle existence, this event has almost no rules. you don’t even have to follow the prompts. you can literally make whatever you want. make as many things as you want. follow your heart. cause mayhem
(by the way if you draw kage and shuichi together you should tag me)
feel free to reblog! logistics are repeated in text below:
draw or write fic about kagehara as many times as you want amid november 5th, 6th and 7th
following the prompts is optional
POST your work
tag them all as #koogonafridaynight and whatever else is warranted (yes, that is the tag)
scare the neighbors
include other characters as you please
prompt ideas:
nov 5: fiction || reality
nov 6: voice || control
nov 7: silence || fire
slightly less edgy prompt ideas:
nov 5: a song reference
nov 6: fashion/redesign
nov 7: meme hours
whatever variation of kage that you prefer is ok! (idiot evil kage is encouraged but not mandatory.)
@danganronpa-fandom-calendar​​ oh yeah you betcha. let’s freakin go
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milkymilkshake11037 · 2 days ago
random fluffy saiouma headcannons because yes
• neither of them can cook, so they mostly eat fast food and frozen food
• Kokichi puts his cold feet on Shuichi to annoy him; and it works
• when Shuichi is reading, Kokichi will often hit his head on Shuichi’s arm so he’ll give him attention
•Kokichi often forces Shuichi to watch random movies with him, sometimes they’re scary, sometimes they’re sweet, and sometimes they’re…unsavory
•Shuichi will sometimes rant about whatever book he’s reading and Kokichi will just sit there listening, although most of the time he doesn’t understand.
•they both love cuddling
•Kokichi has 100% woken Shuichi up at 2am to ask him for some mcdonald’s
• A L L  O F  T H E  K I S S E S
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popsodax · 2 days ago
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thelemoncoffee · 2 days ago
Funky idea i just had- this is a long one
Saiouma au in a world where everyone has a power, no exceptions.
in this world, the way powers work is they're powered by a special energy that the body produces. it acts different depending on what kind of power the person possess, but just about any power can be categorized into a specific behavior based on how much of it an individual's body can produce.
Some people generate alot of it and so they develop powers designed to release this energy in strong power bursts (fire, electricity, wind, etc). Some produce it alot slower and in order to maintain enough to frequently use it their powers develop to act like light or sound waves, bounching off things and returning with information to the user (mind readng, echo location, etc). then there's a balanced state of energy prodution, people who can produce just the right abount of this energy often end up with more wildcard powers; having too little to despose of in bursts but too much to reuse without having too much in their systems, their bodies often end up using the energy in more creative ways (telekinesis, healing, shapeshifting, other random shit.)
(Now we get to the saiouma bit)
When Shuichi met Kokichi his first day of highschool, he noticed the trickster's powers had the obvious traits of someone with an overabundance of power energy. That morning he picked a fight with Kaito- who had telekinesis- and got to show off his power by practically sending Kaito flying across the classroom with a single punch before he even had the chance to react. He had the abiltiy to charge any hand to hand or melee attacks with excess energy, giving them a serious extra kick.
And it seemed all fine and dandy despite how the power had been showcased to the class, but Shuichi hit a massive snag with Kokichi not much more than a week later. Kokichi was a lair, everyone knew that, but who better to see right through him than Shuichi right? Shuichi had pretty low energy generation, and as such he developed the power of hyper analyzation; he'd send little burst of energy to a target and at the speed of light they came back to him with the littlest of details about the target's pysical condition and body language. So of course Shuichi would be exceptional at breaking down the lair, right?
Shuichi could not read Kokichi. He just couldn't. not only did the trickster not have any tells that somone without his power could catch, but everytime he tried to use his power on him the sent out energy never returned, efectivey making his power weaker faster than overusing his power ever did. He'd never seen anything like that before, and when he tried to search for it online he turned up absoulty nothing- even the most obsucre and rare powers had at least some sort of vauge shitpost about them on tumblr or something. This just didn't make any damn sense.
Despite knowing Kokichi wasn't going to give him any straight answer, he tried to confornt him about it anyways. Upon asking Kokichi had seemed to tense up while claiming he had no clue what he was talking about, Shuichi noting that was the first ever time he'd displayed a tell. however, if the emotion he felt was strong enough to evoke a tell from him of all people; it defiantly meant this was a touchy subject for him, and said touchiness would likely make it harder than normal to get any info out of him.
Through alot of barganing and mind games, Shuichi eventually got it out of Kokichi that he did indeed know what was going on, but he'd made it clear he wasn't going to just give him the explanation. No, Kokichi had to make it a game. Kokichi told Shuichi he'd give him one mind game each day to play, and if he won he'd be rewarded with a hint for the info he wants. Just like Kokichi to make a mind game out of several smaller mindgames. Supposedly this would eventually lead him to solve the mystery behind Kokichi's immunity to his power.
So the game began. each day at lunch Shuichi would go to hang out with Kokichi at his prefered lunch spot, the roof, and would spend the whole period going back and forth with him till he either solved it or ran out of time as the end of lunch bell rang his defeat. Over time he ended up getting a few random peices of information that to his dismay- despite knowing he should have seen it coming- were crytpic and practically riddles of their own. he wrote the few he'd gotten down to decode later, but the more this went on the more he noticed how desperate Kokichi seemed to keep him away from the truth. Shuichi wondered for a moment if Kokichi might have even been scared of whatever this truth was.
During this, Shuichi started to find himself simply enjoying Kokichi's company, sometimes forgetting what he was there for. he was such an interesting guy, how could he not warm up to the playful yet crytpic behavior he paraded around. sometimes Shuichi ended up not even bothering with the mind game, opting to just talk with Kokichi and enjoy his presence. This avoidance of the game on his own part became more frequent after how desperatly Kokichi was trying to hide the truth started to sink in. He didn't want to make him upset, he just wanted to understsand what was going on, so of course he started to ease up on pushing the deal they made when Kokichi desplayed distress.
With more of his time with the trickster becoming causal instead of compettitve, Shuichi's enjoyment of Kokichi's company began to bloom into a crush. The more he fell for Kokichi however, the less he wanted to push the mind games, which at first sounded like a good thing to him- not forcing the guy he now loved to admit to something he was clearly scared of. But to his surpise Kokichi actually called him out on neglecting the deal one day, sounding almost upset he wasn't trying anymore.
While careful to avoid the part where he fell face first into love with him, Shuichi explained that he stopped cause he thought it was stressing Kokichi out. This got a whole dramatic act out of Kokichi where he declared Shuichi was so mean for leading him on, making him think someone actually cared about his "poor pittiful curse" and how woe is he, he can't directly explain it lest he explodes into a million peices and dies for a third time.
Shuichi couldn't help but laugh at the theatrics, promising he'll get back to their game now he's been comforted by the declaration of desire to open up. It still wasn't a daily thing like it had started out as, as Shuichi did want to spend time just relaxing with Kokichi, but it was much more frequent than it had been.
Eventually Shuichi finally figures out what's going on with Kokichi; from the looks of it he had a power defect that no one really believed was real. It wasn't like scientists hadn't prove it could happen, but because it was so uncommon people treated it as a myth. What was it exactly? Kokichi couldn't produce his own power energy, and as results if anyone tried to use their power on him his body would absorb it to fule his own power, efectivly rendering their power mostly useless against him (he could still get hurt, but nowhere near as bad as his body absorbs most of the blow's energy) . It created a circumstance where if someone wanted to fight him they'd be forced to use their fists or a phsyical weapon to deal any good damage without giving him amunition.
When he confronted Kokichi about it, he seemed pretty bittersweet about the reveal, asking him almost inaudibly if he was okay with him bring like that. Shuichi felt heart broken by that question, it made it sound like Kokichi had some bad results from revealing his defect to others. He sat down next to the trickster and comforted him asking to elaborate on why he wouldn't be okay with him. Turns out Kokichi had alot on his chest about this and after being hugged so reassuringly by Shuichi, he broke down sobbing in his arms. Through the sobs he confessed he hadn't always hidden the defect, and actually was quite open about it when he was young.
The reason he stopped and began to hide it was because of the relentless bullying he went through; some kids growing up ran away from him screaming about how he was out to steal their powers, and the more agressive kids would gang up and actively force their own energy onto him till he couldn't take any more in and their poweres would actually start to have normal effects on him. He stopped telling people when he moved schools halfway through middleschool, and the pain stopped. If he wanted to have his power charged up he had to descretly make physical contact with others in careful intakes so he wouldn't start to feel sick thanks to the PTSD the bullying had given him in regards to taking in larger doses of energy.
Shuichi himself felt sick at the thought of how awful it must have felt to have gone through that, holding Kokichi a bit tighter snd letting him calm down in his embrase. Once he'd calmed down enough, Shuichi asked him one more question, that being "if you're so scared of telling people because of that- why did you push me to figure it out?". to that, Kokichi shakily admited he trusted Shuichi, as he was the most understanding person he ever met- and while he still was worried about it, he was willing to take the risk for his beloved.
Shuichi didn't admit his love for Kokichi until months after that, but his love still shined through when Kokichi needed it most- helping him when his energy started to freak him out, or helping him not get caught by others- and to that Kokichi apreciated it greatly, almost overexcitedly suggesting they tried dating upon Shuichi's confession
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backupyouhoe · 2 days ago
Love it when the girl who has a crush on your boyfriend chucks a shoe at your face while trick or treating
Tumblr media
Bonus sketch:
Tumblr media
Also they went to Kaede's house and Maki just happened to be there lol
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ronpatrash · a day ago
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more anniversary outfit art!!
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drawingstreak · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Happy late birthday to @reddowind’s oldest Oumeno fankid, Kichi!
Been a while since I drew the kids. I miss them
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deadhusbandisland · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cosplayed as the creepy boy for MCM expo~ this will probably be my last DR related cosplay but I had lots of fun and it was nice to meet fans of the series to chat with <3 
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dangitroomba-hcs · 14 hours ago
During winter, Gonta wraps Himiko, Kaede and Ryoma into his coat to protect them from the cold
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