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dangergays replied to your postloudly talking about sex trafficking on the bus as…

i am prob autistic so like i have 0 idea when i am speaking loudly lmk on that bc i realy want to learn to stop yelling itd prob be Good

omg i dont notice either i dont even notice until after we get off and i’m just like “wow, i totally just disclosed my sex trafficking history to like 30 people i go to school with probably.”

i feel very powerful afterwards, to be honest

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dangergays.... 👀

I hate dangergays their icon got me into rick & morty
No but real talk I love needles and how you can always expect them to speak their mind & they don’t excuse or try to defend peoples blatant racism and bigotry
They reblog shit loads of funny posts which is 1000% what I live for tbh
Overall a great blog with an owner who is outspoken but not mean what could be better tho

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According to @dangergays apparently demonizing an ideology that kills trans people and has a bodycount is wrong (:

well, that settles it everyone! apparently terfs aren’t bad! pack up and go home, we gotta let terfs keep talking because dangergays doesn’t care about the fact that it’s an ideology that murders trans people and things making terfs ‘untouchable’ is wrong (:

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