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When asked by one of the fans during 1 on 1 in cosy con, she said that the toughest scene to shoot was the lake scene at the end. She was so exhausted since she was tied up with hooks and gears which made it strenuous for her to swim back to the shore. But she moved past the exhaustion and did the scene anyway knowing that is exactly how Jamie would feel. To know that her anguish in this scene is more than just her acting gives me immense sadness and utmost respect for her.

I don’t think anyone can argue about the fact that Amelia Eve is one the most outstanding human on this planet.

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what kind of tattoos do you think jamie has in canon? I feel like there’s at least a couple of stick and pokes in there. maybe something more professional from the time between prison til she meets dani… something plant-related? can u picture dani and jamie getting matching ones? jamie getting something for dani after she passes?

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okay i’m on my second watch of thobm and the parallels of jamie and dani vs. peter and rebecca with the words “i see you” are both fascinating and underappreciated

in episode 3 peter says “i see you” to rebecca when talking about what she wants (specifically a law pupilage) and the way that she is going about getting it.

to me him saying those words were the catalyst of rebecca and peter’s relationship. the flowers were nice, of course, and there was an obvious attraction at first sight but i think that peter “knowing” rebecca was what pushed their relationship from remaining as colleagues/professional to what they had in the end.

but i also think that peter was extremely careful with everything he said, from the good parts and the romantic parts, down to the negative, toxic and gaslighting. and — while i think she was the catalyst to his abuse of both power and her, herself — i think he knew exactly what to say to get rebecca to fall for and trust him completely and it started even as early as that moment in ep 3.

and then there’s jamie’s “i only see you” in the final episode.

they already love each other, they’d loved each other for a long time, they’d already dealt with so much and dani had taken viola inside of her but jamie still just sees dani. her poppins.

that whole scene was the most perfect juxtaposition showing dani and jamie vs. peter and rebecca. the emotion and the pure love between them. “i’ll feel everything for the both of us.”

and don’t even get me started on “i’ll love you with every piece of me left.”

and the way that at the end of it all, jamie can sense dani’s hand on her shoulder. dani is with her. dani sees her too, but unlike peter quint she doesn’t drag jamie down with her. she actively tries to seperate jamie from the death that surrounds her.

jamie sees dani and it’s love.

peter sees rebecca and it’s possession.

the differences between dani and jamie vs. peter and rebecca’s love is brilliantly written and so clear. the parallels of each character and the way they interact is honestly amazing storytelling and flora was right, it’s not a ghost story; it’s a love story, but the way that they show the different kinds of love — the pure love, familial love, toxic love — is wonderful and poignant and thought-provoking. 10/10 show 10/10 writing

tl;dr everything about this show has been meticulously written and thought out and it’s fascinating the things you catch when you rewatch

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It had only been a couple weeks, but Dani had noticed it almost immediately after they’d set off — Jamie throwing on a button down over her tank top when they’d get to a rest stop or even just to raid the vending machine at a motel.

Dani had thought of saying something, but she wasn’t sure it was her place to. She was touched that Jamie felt comfortable enough not to cover it up around her, that even on that very first night she’d fallen asleep in her arms knowing she would see it in morning. But she was also well aware that they still hadn’t talked about it directly.

And it seemed Jamie was not keen to change that.

“Sorry, I’ll, uh, I’ll be right back… just, uh… ahhh!”

Dani’s first thought, when she’d realized why Jamie had stopped walking, was to swap her T-shirt for Jamie’s tank, not her style exactly, but she couldn’t have cared less as long as Jamie was comfortable. They were coming up on the town center now, though, and there was nowhere for them to change covertly. And if Jamie felt self-conscious now, Dani imagined stripping on the sidewalk wouldn’t help.

But she was not going to let Jamie walk half a mile back to their room alone. And though she could insist on joining her, she knew that would fluster Jamie, too, in her current frame of mind. So that left only one option.

“Better?” Dani asked into Jamie’s ear, as Jamie stood back up, adjusting to Dani’s weight on her back.

Even from this angle, Dani could see her blushing, but she heard her laugh, albeit a bit awkwardly, after a moment.

“Yeah… Thanks.”


“I know what it’s like, you know?”

Dani had stayed on her back all the way to the restaurant; then stood behind her while they’d waited in line to order, her arms still resting on Jamie’s shoulders. Now, Jamie was sitting against the wall on her side of the booth, legs out in front of her, one elbow on the table, the other on the top edge of the seat.

She looked up, cocking her head as she threw in a fry into her mouth. Dani raised her eyebrows. Jamie’s eyes went wide in recognition a moment later, then her face fall.

“Dani, I’m… I’m so sorry.”

Dani shrugged.

“I’m getting used to it… One kid said I looked like a dog.”

Jamie chocked on the soda she’d just took a sip from. She coughed as she put it back down.


Dani laughed.

“Oh, no, it was - it was sweet… he thought it was cool that I looked like his Australian Shepherd.”

She was smiling but Jamie could see in her eyes, ironically, that it bothered her — just another reminder of…

Dani cleared her throat.

“And you?”

She looked nervous now. Jamie took a deep breath. She’d known this day would come sooner or later. And the fact that Dani had opened up first just to make her feel more comfortable — well, she now had to fight through the lump forming in her throat.

“Kids didn’t think it was ‘cool,’ if that’s what you’re asking.” She laughed dryly, but she pressed as she saw Dani wasn’t. “But, uh… it stopped once I started coverin’ it up. So I kinda just… ”

Dani nodded and reached across the table, took her hand and squeezed it. Jamie smiled.

“Honestly, I wasn’t really plannin’ on showin’ it to you… not so soon anyway, but… ”

Jamie cleared her throat and looked away. Dani smiled at her curiously.

“But what?”

Blushing, she turned back to Dani, scratching the back of her her neck.

“It felt nice… with your arm… ” Practically red now, she cleared her throat again. “So I didn’t move.”

Dani grinned. Jamie sighed.

“You’re, uh… you’re actually the only person who’s ever… ”

Dani’s smile faded until she was gaping. Jamie shook her head as she looked down.

“It’s not… I never… ” She laughed awkwardly. “Too shy to ask, I guess.”

“Jamie… ”

Dani squeezed her hand again, and Jamie looked back up. Dani smiled.

“You’re the only person I’ve ever… ”

Jamie’s eyes widened. Dani laughed.

“You think Eddie let me spoon him?”

Jamie laughed, then just looked at Dani for a few moments, her smile sharpening into a smirk.

“Just raw talent, then, Poppins?”

Now it was Dani’s turn to blush. Jamie squeezed her hand, then ducked under the table and popped up a moment later on Dani’s side. She brought her knees up to her chest, pressing her shins against the table, one shoulder against the booth and the other against Dani.

Dani wrapped an arm around her shoulder, leaned forward and kissed her scar. She heard Jamie stifle a sob as she pulled back a few moments later. For next the minutes, as Dani rubbed her other shoulder, they sat in silence, aside from Jamie’s light sniffling and halting breathing.

“Hey, you wanna head out?”

Jamie nodded, wiping her face.

“We can change in the bathroom if you want.”

Jamie turned around to face her, eyebrow raised.

“Swap, I mean.”

She nodded at Jamie’s tank.

“Oh.” Jamie smiled. “Ya know, I think I’m alright.”

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She’s short but she’s sweet. Please enjoy.

to be loved a whole life long

Rated T, ~2.6k.


What is an anniversary, really, if not merely a ploy to indulge in all of the little pleasures one denies on any other day? Saying, “oh, well, we ought to save it for a special occasion.”

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Wait. I have a bad thought. You know how AE said Jamie clearly comes into money that allows her to step up her wardrobe? 

What…what if that was the money from Dani’s life insurance policy. 

Certainly not imagining that conversation. Nope. Not Dani insisting on a good policy because she wants Jamie to have everything she needs to start a new life when Dani is gone. 

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I’m very much not over the lake scene nor am I over Jamie being alone again so I give to you a poem I wrote. Im also very new to tumblr and sharing my work so please go easy on me! I’m also on Instagram - @ novus.actus_writing

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it’s the way jamie made sure to tell the kids the story of bly manor after she saw how sad dani got when she found out they didn’t remember her

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jamie moved on with the leafling because she is a collector of experiences (and i’m sure even because she couldn’t handle anymore the pain to open and close it alone, feeling heavy because all of the memories of that place and answering when the customers asked her about dani, and i can image how sad it was for her to close that store, who was not just a store for her it was their place) but i sure can’t move on to think about all of this

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“Sometimes,” Jamie says softly, “I really feel like I was born in the wrong time.”

Dani’s smile is unusually serene. “Yeah, but… we still met anyway, didn’t we?”

(Or: Jamie buys an old house, expecting it to be just a routine renovate-and-sell. She doesn’t plan on falling in love with a ghost along the way.)

read on ao3

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Ch. 12 on ao3

 It took Dani approximately three minutes.

 The small town of Troyes, located just a little Southeast of Paris, was still covered in darkness as Dani began to stir. Before the sun could peek through the curtains, she padded her way to the bathroom, her eyes still half-lidded with sleep. As was her habit in the rare event that she woke up before Jamie, she simply returned to bed, sidling up behind the gardener and pulling them close together. She adjusted her arm beneath Jamie’s pillow and let her head rest against it, closing her eyes once more.

 Then, at last, she realized what day it was.

 The au pair’s eyes flew open - wide as saucers - and she clutched Jamie with a jolt.

 “Mmph?” Jamie asked. “Poppins? All right?”

 Her heart hammered against her ribs and she forced herself to take even breaths. “Jay…”

 The gardener shifted and turned so she could face the au pair - though her eyes remained closed - and Dani was struck anew. This beautiful, complex, miracle of a woman had said ‘yes’ all those months ago.

 And today, she would…

 “Jamie,” she said in not more than a whisper. She reached for a brown curl, tucking it behind the gardener’s ear in awed reverence. “Jamie, baby,” she called her from sleep softly.


 She stroked Jamie’s shoulder, tracing a trail that left goosebumps. She picked up the hand that followed the arm and brought it to her lips, kissing Jamie’s garden-tough knuckles before turning them over to kiss the muscle of her thumb tenderly. “We’re getting married today.”

 Dani watched as a slow smile crept across Jamie’s features until she was wearing that smirk that usually made the au pair’s knees feel weak and her stomach flip. It was quiet in the room, so the only sound was her own sharp intake of a breath that she stilled by biting her lip.

 Her eyes still closed, Jamie asked, “Are we now?”

 Dani nodded though the gardener couldn’t see it. She pressed forward to lay a gentle kiss on the other’s lips, unable to wait any longer. To her relief, Jamie pulled her in, dragging the au pair to lay on top of her as their kiss deepened. Dani’s head was a pleasant fog as Jamie’s hands traveled to rest on her hips and pull her weight down while thrusting up to meet them.

 The morning air was chilled, but the heat they were currently building became too much for Dani. She tossed the blankets and the sheets off of them. When Jamie made a soft noise of protest, she grinned on her lips. “I’ll make you warm.” She pressed her length against Jamie, sliding against her. Jamie was so soft, so smooth. She reached to weave their fingers together and raised their arms toward the head of the bed as she rocked into the gardener, effectively pinning the all-too-willing gardener down.

 The pleasant tension between Dani’s legs climbed until she at last brought one of Jamie’s hands to her center. The gardener moaned her approval into Dani’s mouth and began a practiced rhythm. Even now, Dani still found herself wondering how the gardener could do this to her - touch her like she knew Dani better than the au pair knew herself.

 She traced a light but sure touch down Jamie’s throat, along her collar, one of her breasts and her ribs, before she finally wove it between Jamie’s legs to match the gardener’s rhythm. Jamie split their kiss to throw her head back on the pillow, arching into Dani. At the sight, Dani forgot what it was to be anything but right here and right now with Jamie, and she thought that was perfect. She could never want anything else. Her lips found purchase on Jamie’s raised chest, and she grazed them across soft skin until they found a pink tip to take in. Gently, between her teeth, she pulled a nipple and sealed her lips around it to tease it with her tongue and suck. This caused Jamie to curse which didn’t at all help to slow Dani’s inevitable climb. She could feel Jamie getting closer and closer to the edge as well. When Jamie gripped the hair at the nape of Dani’s neck and said her name in a devout whisper, the au pair leaned forward to take an earlobe between her lips and then whispered “Come for me.”

 As if a switch had been flipped, Jamie’s body collapsed and convulsed. Her grip on the au pair’s hair tightened and when Dani heard her name escape Jamie’s perfect lips in a cry of ecstasy, she came undone herself. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her as she begged Jamie not to stop. All the while, she felt Jamie grinding against her hand as her own waves crashed down upon her.

 The au pair found her lover’s lips and let their tongues tangle themselves together as they each rode the other’s hand through aftershocks. At last, she fell to the bed next to Jamie, wrapping a leg around one of the gardener’s and letting her arm encircle Jamie’s waist as she laid her head on the gardener’s chest.

 The gardener traced a finger up and down Dani’s spine, making her shiver. She kissed Dani’s shoulder in sympathy before pulling the covers back over them. “That’s one hell of a way to start a wedding day,” she said with a soft laugh.

 “Yeah,” Dani managed. “I’ll say.”


 “Wow…James, you’re gorgeous.”

 “Clean up well enough when I have to,” Jamie said with a chuckle. “Hand me that, will you?”

 Owen handed Jamie an elegant, gold-leaf bridal comb - the finishing touch - that had been sitting on the bed in a hotel room about a block away from the cathedral. Dani and she had decided to part for a few hours to make themselves ready, leaving some things to surprise for each other.

 Owen still stood back, eyes wide and mouth gaping for a moment.

 “You all right, mate?”

 He shook his head. “Did I mention you’re gorgeous?” he said with an aghast laugh. “Poor Dani’s not going to know what to do with herself.”

 With a roll of her eyes, Jamie tapped his shoulder with a playful punch. “Easy, Sharma.”

 Owen grinned. “Price of being a bride, I’m afraid. People get to tell you how beautiful you look. Anyway, you ready for this?” he asked. He sat on the bed and patted the spot next to him.

 Jamie nodded and sat beside him as her gaze became glazed in thought. In truth, a part of her couldn’t believe that she was here- that Dani was about to promise she’d spend her life with her. “‘Course I’m ready. Feel a bit legless, if I’m honest.”

 “Already been in the drink?”

 “No, mate,” she sighed out a laugh. “Just really fucking happy.”

“Ah,” he said with a teasing tone. “So you’re drunk in love.”

 Jamie couldn’t even be annoyed at his lame attempt at a joke. “Guess so. Right, on to a little business. Flowers?”


 “Seriously, flowers?”

 “Seriously, check. Moonflowers in the bouquets and all.”

 “Everything good at the restaurant?”


 “Dani’s mom? Judy?”

 “Check. Check. They were with Dani earlier, but Hannah’s with her now.”

 “Good. The gremlins?”

 “Henry’s got them squared away.”


 “Hannah’s got him squared away.”

 “The rings?”

 Owen tapped his breast pocket. “Got Dani’s here. Hannah has yours. We’ll keep them safe until Miles is about to walk down the aisle.”

 “The priest?”

 “He’s ready.”


 “Fine. Everything is fine, Jamie. Aisle be damned if anything goes wrong today.”

 “Damn right, you will be,” Jamie laughed.

 “Well,” he said, pushing off the bed. “I better go get Hannah so that she can escort you down the aisle to wedded bliss. I’ll be needing to find Dani, but I wanted to check in first.”

 Jamie felt her heart squeeze with fondness for the man. “Thanks, Owen. Really.”

 Owen grinned at her. “Do I get a hug?”

 She narrowed her eyes, but nodded. “You’ve earned it, I reckon.”

 They held each other, squeezing tight in a silent testament of how much they meant to each other. Before stepping back, Owen placed a light kiss atop Jamie’s head. “Love you, James. Marry the heck out of that woman.”

 “Plan to,” Jamie grinned.


 “Breathe, Dani.”

 Dani tried for a subtle nod, not wanting to move too much as Hannah finished helping her with some make-up. “Right. Sorry.”

 “Nothing to be sorry for, dear. I just don’t want to have to see Owen carry you down the aisle,” Hannah said with a soft chuckle. “There.” She dotted one last bit of powder on Dani’s cheek. “How’s that?”

 “Perfect. Thank you, Hannah.”

 “‘Course, dear. Now, I have been asked to purvey a request. If you are not in the mood, we can carry on as planned, but if you’re feeling indulgent, there are a few Wingraves that want to see you before the big event.”

 A bright smile spread across Dani’s features. “They’re here?”

 “Waiting in their room, yes.”

 “I’d love to see them,” Dani said, and she meant it. The children had a calming effect on her. With other adults, she often found herself saying or doing the wrong thing, but with children - particularly children she was close to - she was more sure of herself.

 Hannah texted Henry and two minutes later there was a soft rapping on the door.

 “Come in!” Dani called.

 The door opened, revealing Henry smiling. “Miss Clayton, we’ve come to give our best wishes.”

 Flora and Miles sped past him to meet Dani’s outstretched arms.

 “Oof!” Dani said upon impact. “Oh my goodness,” she said, drawing back so she could see them better. “Look at you! You both look so sophisticated and dashing !” She said the last bit with an oafish accent, making the children giggle.

 “You look wonderful, Ms. Clayton,” Miles said as Dani straightened his little bow tie that matched his suspenders.

 “Yes, perfectly wonderful!” Flora agreed. “Are you excited? I’m terribly excited.”

 “I’m terribly excited, too,” Dani agreed. “Can I tell you a secret, though? I can’t wait to see Jamie.”

 “That’s not a secret,”  Flora said all too seriously, making Dani grin all the more. “I’m sure she can’t wait to see you either. You do look so lovely.”

 “Thank you,” Dani said, “and thank you for coming to see me.”

 “Yes, well, children, we’ve wished Ms. Clayton well. Now we best be off to the church,” Henry said, beckoning them to the door.

 Dani walked them forward, and Henry stood still, his eyes scanning Dani as if he wanted to say something. He reached out to place a hand on her shoulder, “Good luck, Miss Clayton. Though, you and Jamie are just so god damned lucky already, aren’t you? You’ve found each other: each other’s better halves, through and through. You deserve every happiness. ”

 “Thanks,” she said again and hugged him. “I’ll see you all there.”

 Dani felt a tightening in her chest at the sight of the three of them leaving. So very soon, she would no longer get to see them every day. She wouldn’t see Flora’s curiosity blooming or Mile’s becoming more and more like his uncle. With whom would she debate politics and philosophy without Henry over breakfast? She shook her head, feeling a bit dramatic. After all, they could still call and video conference and visit. True, they were all growing past the need for each other, but that was okay. It was more than okay. It was wonderful.

 Hannah seemed to sense the bittersweet scintilla in the air. She wrapped Dani’s shoulders in her arms in a sideways hug. “Right, what say we go get you married?”

Thanks so much for reading! Reblogs super appreciated!

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i love you with every piece of me left

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