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#dani phantom
minty-bunni · 16 hours ago
Jazz going downstairs in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and seeing two sets of glowing green eyes staring at her.
She turns on the lights and finds Danny and Elle trying to see who can fit the most pizza rolls into their mouths.
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lollipopfog · a day ago
Tumblr media
little artstyle experiment! ive recently not really had enough time to create much art, so i thought i would experiment with a faster artstyle, and im enjoying it so far!
[ID in alt text]
timelapse under the cut (warning for slight flashing, i cut out most of the flashing but it is still a very sped up video)
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mistical52 · a day ago
Danny Phantom Family Road Trip
So I'm on holiday with my family (we're being safe) and it got me thinking about what it would be like for all of the Fenton's to be on a holiday together.
I mentioned this on the discord and @lucifer-is-a-bag-of-dicks and I brainstormed this chaotic mess. Also, Lula's sister hulled so much weight with god-tier with dialogue, honestly, it's fantastic.
On this fun family trip, we have everyone.
Jack, Maddie, Danny, Jazz, Dani (Ellie), Dan, Aunt Alica, Flynn, and Vlad.
The Fenton's are all travelling in the Fenton RV and the seating configuration is like a maxi-taxi.
So driver and passenger.
Three backwards facing seats,
Three forward-facing seats looking at the backwards seats.
And three seats at the back. However, since there are only nine people on this trip two of the seats in the last row are put down to make room for the luggage. Meaning there's one lonesome seat at the back.
Jack and Maddie take turns driving, and Aunt Alica puts her hat in the ring for that too. But Jack drives first. So the main seating configuration is. Jack (driver), Ellie (passenger), she wants to see the sights.
Danny, Maddie and Dan are in the backwards-facing seats with Maddie in the middle. As soon as it's known that Maddie isn't sitting in the passenger seat both Danny and Dan simultaneously say, "I'm sitting next to mom," then glare at each other for it. But then reluctantly agree to it when they both realise that the other is stopping Vlad from sitting next to Maddie.
Next in the front-facing seats, we have Jazz, Flynn and Aunt Alica. Aunt Alica insisted on sitting next to Flynn (partially for Flynn, partially for her sister so she could keep Vlad further away from Maddie).
Finally, in the lonely seat in the back, we have Vlad, in Lula's words, being a sad little meow meow. Vlad is trying desperately to make eye contact with Maddie during this trip. It's important to note that Alica keeps moving her hair to keep getting in the way of Vlad's sightline of Maddie, while opening up for Dan's glorious death stare. Alica is in front of Vlad and Dan is in front of her, and somehow they unknowingly (on Dan's part, Aunt Alica can clearly see the death stare directed at Vlad) work together to reduce Vlad's interactions with Maddie.
On the next driving shift, Maddie is the driver and Vlad manages to sneak into the passenger seat, and Alica declares that she wants to take the next driving shift.
Dan sits in the front-facing seat behind the passenger and Vlad can feel his unblinking gaze. Dan is giving a death stare through the review mirror.
Danny and Dan have one thing in common, and that's the desire to stare Vlad down. It's the only mutual ground they have.
"Shit's tense but at least we both hate Vlad," as Lula said.
Danny 🤝 Dan Hating Vlad
Flynn meanwhile is glad to be home and with his family, but Dan, a full ghost, feels more familiar to be around. Flynn and Dan are a bit awkward a first because socialising??? With other beings?? Positively???
But they start to hang out more, partially because they're both the older 'kids'. They probably become friends by the end of the trip. And it's good because they both need friends. Big bro energy!!
Jazz joins them whenever she wants to because they're adults but they're closer to her age. Together they are the BIG SIB SQUAD!!
Danny and Ellie are cool just chilling with each other, but they would be annoying little shits, especially to Jazz, who's still a kid and not an adult like Flynn and Dan.
The baby sibs would annoy the shit out of all of the big sibs, less so for Flynn, at least at the start. They don't want to scare him off.
But then they pull a prank on Dan and get Flynn in on it, after all, Flynn knows how to sneak around ghosts after living in the ghost zone for years.
All of the kids team up for an epic prank on Vlad and to ensure that none of them gets caught. Vlad is sure it's at least Danny and Ellie, but he has no proof, and he only slightly thinks it might have been all of them.
During this trip, Jazz has taken it on herself to update Flynn and Ellie's knowledge of the world. And during this Danny and Dan say dumb untrue shit like, "You forgot about the sinkhole that ate the Eiffel Tower," and "What about the alien invasion last year?"
And Jazz gets exasperated, "THOSE THINGS DID NOT HAPPEN!"
And Dan counters, "How do you know they didn't happen in my timeline?"
And sometimes Danny and Dan say the same wild thing at the same time, with almost the exact same wording.
"There was a dinosaur resurrected with DNA found in a mosquito," - Danny
"Don't forget the dinosaur resurrected with DNA found in a Mosquito," - Dan
And they end in sync.
When they do it, it pisses them both off to no end.
But Danny and Dan saying the exact same thing really throws off Flynn who thinks that it probably happened.
(Thank Lula's sister for this next part 😊)
During the trip, they try to pass time with games, so Maddie goes, "How about we play I Spy? Dan, what do you spy?"
Dan staring directly at Vlad, "A little bitch."
Danny wants to guess so bad, but can't say it in front of his parents. But he's dying from Dan's comment.
But Flynn the newbie to the situation and to this 'game' goes, "Vlad?"
Flynn has seen where Dan has been looking this whole time and just, genuinely thinks this is how the game is played. Socially oblivious Flynn Walker.
Dan turns to Flynn and goes, "Yes, you're right."
Maddie smiles but schools it quickly. Jack, is also a bit amused. But together Maddie and Jack start to scold their 24-year-old murderous ghost son. All while Ellie is giggling, Jazz is trying to hide her smile behind her book and Flynn is smiling. Aunt Alica is greatly amused, but has a resting bitch face so only Flynn and Maddie can tell that.
Through breathless laughs, Danny says, "You got it right Flynn so it's your go."
And Flynn now very confident with this incorrect idea of how this game works, stares down Jazz and goes, "I spy a nerd."
"Jazz!" says Ellie joining in. She also has a very confident and incorrect idea of how the game is played.
“Yes,” says Flynn.
Everyone gives a little chuckle and Jazz goes, "Ok your go Ellie,"
Ellie turns and stares Danny down, "I spy a prototype"
Seeing his chance to make a snide comment at Danny, Vlad goes, with fake innocence, "Is it, Daniel?"
Ellie confirms it is.
Then Vlad goes, "I spy utter perfection," as he looks at Maddie.
At the same time, three people speak,
"ME!" says Jack.
While simultaneously Ellie and Flynn go, "That's not how the game is played!"
Then Danny and Dan go, "Yeah Vlad that's not how you play the game," like the little shits they are.
Jack then goes, "Does this mean I'm not perfection?"
"Yes," says Vlad quietly.
Nobody liked that, but only the halfa's the ghost, and Flynn heard it.
At this point, they start all arguing about the rules of the game and the whole thing is completely unsalvageable.
Then Jack teaches Ellie the 'bottles of beer on the wall' song. There is much regret and torment in the RV after that.
Jazz takes this as an opportunity to teach Ellie the numbers over 20 that she doesn't know.
Dan immediately says that he'll fly and meet them there.
Maddie turns on the ghost shield and gives Dan a deep stare which shows she knows the horrors of this song, "If I suffer, so will you."
Aunt Alica is just enjoying the shit show and vibing. She lives off the grid where she has to entertain herself with her fellow rednecks. Incessant drunken singing is practically her every Saturday night.
Flynn is just disassociating.
Vlad hates this.
Danny joins in with the song, this was his whole jam when he was the youngest. He's having a great time.
Danny loves how it's tormenting Vlad and purposefully messes up the song, in the single digits.
"Damn it Danny you messed it up! Now I have to start over again," says Ellie.
"Oh no it's okay I remember where we're up to-" starts Jazz.
"No Jazz she has to start over it's the law," says Danny before then turning to Vlad with the biggest shit eating grin.
Maddie and Dan continue to die. However, Vlad is dying more. Not even Jack killed him this much.
We also get a beach episode, because why not.
Flynn and Ellie would be so weirded out by the ocean.
Aunt Alica, goes, well I haven't been to the beach in a while and proceeds to show everyone how buff she is. The only people who can compete with her is Dan and Jack.
Vlad's skinny arse is also outclassed by Maddie too.
Jazz would be insisting that everyone be sun safe.
Dan comes out from the change room in a sun shirt and board shorts.
"Jazz, why am I wearing this?" Dan gestures to the sun shirt.
"So you don’t get sunburnt of course," responds Jazz.
Dan looks Jazz dead in the eyes, "Jazz, I'm literally dead."
For the sleeping arrangements, everyone's in tents. The kids get split up into 'boys' and 'girls'.
Vlad brings his own luxury tent and invites Maddie to stay with him, but Aunt Alica declares that she wants to bunk with her sister. So Vlad ends up with Jack, the loud snorer. And he can't murder Jack in his sleep because everyone (at least the kids) would know it was him.
I also have art to go with this. Link.
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grimgrinningghoul · 2 days ago
Ask Game: thots on Danielle?
Oooh alrighty let's see Favorite thing about them: I'm a sucker for clone/artificial genetic copy stories and the potential that comes with them, Dani being the latter 'cause she's clearly not identical.
Least Favorite thing about them: She's, ah- not all that interesting. I feel like the concept was wasted 'cause she felt like an excuse to implement "Danny Phantom... but GIRL" with everything else being a means to that end. She felt really bare-minimum in terms of making an imperfect clone character.
Fanon Pet Peeve: I guess a similar deal? Most people seem to really like Dani, so they give her very similar treatment and characterization to canon. There are exceptions, but a lotta the time she just doesn’t feel like a character that can exist without Danny there to pick up the slack.
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the-stove-is-on-fire · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The age difference between Danny and Danielle in canon always confused me. Making them Chaos Twins is obviously superior. (/lh)
Bonus: Dash: “Why are your eyebrows-” Dani: “Juvie.”
(For my non native english speakers: Juvie/Juvy = Juvenile hall, Juvenile detention center, literal baby jail.)
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notsotinyblob · a month ago
Tumblr media
haven’t drawn them since middle school, feels good to be back
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ecto-stone · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is Denny the Phantom and this is Danno the Phantom and this is Davito da Phantom. And this is Dani the Phantom. She come out a little wrong, but she is so cute. I just can’t.
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what if Danielle is just wandering around Amity Park in human form with Valerie, and Maddie or Jack happens to see her and they just do a hard double take like
who the fuck is this child
why the fuck does she look like Danny
why the fuck does she look exactly like Danny
like imagine that she's a little older and about Danny's height and they think it's Danny dressed as a girl and that is just, SUPER confusing and they go home and sit Danny down like 'sweetie if you want to start presenting as a girl again we will support you' and he's just like ????????????
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krossan · a month ago
Tumblr media
now it’s Dan’s turn... but umm.. yeah. I think Ellie just realized something...
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forgetful-nerd · a month ago
I’m the oldest child: I make the rules
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m the middle child: I’m the reason the rules exist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m the youngest child: the rules don’t apply to me.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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minty-bunni · 2 days ago
Idk who started/came up with the idea of water core Elle, but I do have to say that I love them.
Similar to Danny, but different enough to make her more of her own person. Plus, water is melted ice and Elle was very melty at first. Anyone have any fic recs for water core Elle/Dani?
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areaz0 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Eyyy it’s Danny little cousin Dani!
Tumblr media
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autisticsupervillain · 4 months ago
Concept: Danny is taken out of commission for a while thanks to a family vacation and asks Dani to cover for him. Everyone, including Danny's enemies, assume that Phantom is a trans girl now.
"I see you've upgraded your gender, ghost child. While I support your new identity, it will not save you from my plans! I, TECHNUS, SHALL RULE!!"
Danny, meanwhile, thinks this is hilarious because he is trans, just in the other direction. When he comes back home, everyone assumes Phantom is gender fluid because of them "switching" between their genders. Danny doesn't complain because it means he and Dani can tag in and out when convenient.
Valerie just finds this misunderstanding hilarious and Vlad has to keep lying through his teeth about supporting this new LBBTQA icon to keep up his poll numbers, even as he knows what's really going on.
Someone even sees both Danny and Dani fighting Plasmius at one point... and assumes Phantom can duplicate now. Much to Vlad's exasperation. Plasmius gets a reputation as a bigot for trying to prove Danny and Dani are different people, to the point of Skulker and Fright Knight staging an intervention.
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letswonderspirit · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some more redesigns! I think she needed it, her old design was pretty wack! I couldn’t find a way to draw her hat in with the ponytail, it didn’t seem to fit the look.
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floq · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this girl deserves nothing but love
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