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cazzyimagines · 29 days ago
Hey I love your posts 🥰 and if your requests are open can there be a fuck or die situation for Zemo/ f!reader? THANK YOU 😅
What happens in the room, stays in the room
Synopsis: You thought this would be an amusing evening, pretending to be Zemo's partner for the night as the mission required it. But after Selby demannds you and Zemo 'prove' to her you truly were partners, things took a drastic turn
Word count: 7.6k
Author’s note: After seeing this I knew I had to turn this into a fully-fledged one-shot and now just some headcanons. I'd like to thank @rumblelibrary who helped me come up with the idea's for this one-shot and hyped me up while writing it. And I would also like to mention how my friend @handmaiden-of-mischief also has a really good Zemo fuck or die one-shot called Cupid's arrow, I've reread it so many times now, it's AMAZING. Also, some words will have to be censored so this can appear on tags.
Warnings: Dub-con (They both have an attraction towards each other but are forced into it), fingering, vaginal sex
(Please check out my master list to see what I will be writing next and if requests are open or closed)
Cross-posted to ao3 under the same username
Tumblr media
You stepped in line with Bucky, walking down the dull, grey covered corridor, while you fixed your eyes upon the figures in front of you, making sure they didn’t falter, not even for a minute.
“Do you think it was a wise idea to break him out of prison?” you mutter to Bucky who sighs, shaking his head as his eyes fixed upon the very man you were referring to. He was one of the figures ahead, walking beside Sam who really wished he could be somewhere else currently. Zemo. Helmut Zemo. A man you really wished you didn’t have to see again and not because of all the terrible things he had done.
When you had first seen him you couldn’t help but note in your mind how handsome he appeared. It was a shame that at the time he was trying to knock you unconscious. He was apologising about it while he was doing it, ever the gentleman it seems, but you had ended up in the way of his plan. Now he was a free man, without any plan and that meant he got to enjoy himself a lot more.
When he first laid his eyes upon you he instantly recognised you, and nodded his head to you, once again apologising for the circumstances you met the previous time. You couldn’t help but smirk at him, at how polite he was, much to Bucky’s dismay.
“We need him, he knows where we need to go. But once his usefulness has run out, well…” Bucky finally replies, trailing off at the end of his sentence, not needing to finish it as you knew the position Zemo was in. A man wanted by a lot of angry people who would do a lot to make him receive true punishment for his crimes.
“I doubt he’ll willingly go back, he’ll betray us” you confide to Bucky but it seemed in this deserted corridor your voices bounced and Zemo could hear the two of you loud and clear.
“Betrayal is such a harsh word, is it not?” He replies for Bucky in his honeyed voice, “I prefer the notion of simply our goals no longer aligning and we go our own ways”
Zemo speaks with his hands, turning around to face you and Bucky as Sam side-eyes him. His eyes latch onto yours, that sly smile appearing on his face again. You didn’t particularly have a thing for men in uniform, you knew too many police officers who were dicks, but Zemo in the police uniform. Well, that was something you could get used to looking at. The slight stubble he has grown out, due to being in prison gave him that rugged look that sent a shiver down your spine.
“And when you say, go your own way, that means your own way back to prison,” Bucky voice rises as he states that, his face pulling back to glare at Zemo, making Zemo tilt his head in amusement.
“Prison is tremendously boring, you wouldn’t be able to imagine it” Zemo proceeds to pause for dramatic effect, his eyes sparkling in mischief as he raises his finger pretending to have a eureka moment, “Ah my mistake, you can”
After choosing to stick by Steve’s side, both you and Sam were put into prison, even if it was only for a few hours, and Bucky had to face his own personal prison for the last few years. All of which Zemo knew, and chose to tease the lot of you with.
“At least we were in a prison for an admirable reason” you jib at him, causing his lips to twitch.
“Wouldn’t you save revenge, love, is an admirable reason?”
“People lose loved ones all the time, they don’t set off a bomb because of it”
Zemo chuckles, finally breaking eye contact with you to look at the ground. “Well, I suppose I’ve always had an inkling towards dramatic flare”
“Dramatic flare which kills people. How charming” Bucky says bitterly, placing his hand upon your shoulder to force you to look at him, “Don’t engage him doll, it’s what he wants”
“I believe y/n here, can speak for herself”
All eyes snap upon him from using your name, one which hadn’t been mentioned so far in the conversation, and which wasn’t public knowledge.
“How the hell do you know her name?” Sam asks for the lot of you, to which Zemo tilts his head. “I do my research, Sam”
“Oh, and how much did you research about me?” you quickly reply, feeling the playfulness within you spark again. Zemo’s eyes bore into yours deeply, catching onto you and the intensity in which he looked upon you made warmth start to flood you. “Not enough”
“If you don’t shut up, Zemo, I will force you to shut up,” Bucky says darkly, not enjoying the flirty tones Zemo was hitting you with one bit. Placing his hand upon the dip in your back, Bucky guides you away from the prying look of Zemo, now making the two of you walk ahead with Sam and Zemo coming up the rear.
The rest of the walk was in painful silence, till eventually, the corridor leads to a giant garage, full of old and expensive cars.
“So our first move is grand theft auto?” Sam says sarcastically as your eyes widen at the sight of all the cars before you.
“These are mine” Zemo plainly states, walking over to one of the cars to open the boot. “Collected by my family for over generations”
“So you and your family are those car-obsessed people” you joke, walking over to see exactly what Zemo was grabbing but as quickly as he opened the boot of the car, he closed it again. “I believe everyone can appreciate a good car, even you y/n.”
“Well, there are one of two that do take my fancy” you murmur, walking over to stroke the side of one car in question.
“I have spent years hunting people HYDRA recruited to recreate the Serum because once it’s out there, someone can create an army of people, like the avengers”
Out of another car, Zemo pulls out this long coat, with fluffy collars which made you wonder if now was really the time for a wardrobe break. Zemo seemed to think differently as he did indeed disappear to change. He took his time as well, but when he emerged you felt your own heart skip a beat seeing how he was dressed, tight black trousers, leather gloves, the coat fitting nicely around his purple turtleneck. You had to give it to the man, he had style. He’d even shaven his face, favouring the clean-cut appearance, instead of the rough look. Now he had an air of elegance to him as his coat blew out in the breeze, he had money and he was going to make sure everyone knew it. You certainly knew it when your road trip landed you at a private airport where Zemo had a jet already waiting for the three of you.
“Perhaps if the cars do not attract you, the jet might” Zemo murmurs, chuckling as he sees the way your mouth hangs open in surprise, the childish delight.
You were surprised to find out that Zemo was in fact a Baron of what was once Sokovia. Information that you hadn’t been told before but looking over to him, you could see it in the way he strode that he held class, that he was used to power. He had his own personal butler to greet him at the jet, but before entering he waited for you to catch up, and with a sweep of his arm, gestured for you to enter the jet first. Entering, you quickly took your seat and with Zemo following swiftly behind you, he took the seat opposite you to Bucky’s annoyance. Bucky had to sit beside you on the other side with Sam opposite him and for a while, nothing was discussed till Zemo’s butler brought him a glass of champagne, and he ordered one for you as well.
Talk eventually turned to the mission at hand, where Zemo informed them of exactly who this person, Selby, was. In order to be able to find out information about where this serum has come from, you, Sam and Bucky would need to go undercover. For Bucky that was easy, she would be interested in the Winter Soldier, he could play his part well, though you saw from the way his jaw tensed, how he clenched his hands he hated the thought of having to become that person again. Sam had to become someone known as ‘the smiling tiger’. A typical criminal, and although Sam wasn’t particularly happy to be, he could play the role well. And then that left you.
Zemo could barely hold back the sly smile upon his lips as he informed you that the best disguise for you would be to pretend you were his partner. Outrage swiftly came from Bucky and Sam at such a suggestion, Bucky moreso to the point where it looked like he was about to leap out of his seat to punch Zemo in the face but you quickly tried to salvage the situation.
“Zemo knows these people better than us, he’ll know what they will believe and what they won’t believe”
“This is just his way of messing with us, messing with you!” Bucky stressed, his pleading eyes looking upon you, “There’s no reason you can’t become the same role as Sam is”
“Well actually-” Zemo begins but both Bucky and Sam cut him off by shouting ‘shut up’
“Bucky, I’ll be okay. It’s a role, simply that, and it will all be over after a few hours. You should be more worried about yourself having to pretend to be the Winter Soldier”
They still weren’t happy, but what other choice did they have but to accept the situation at hand. Surprisingly Zemo had spare changes of clothes for you and Sam already, as if he had been planning this from the get-go. There was a brief moment where you and Zemo were left alone as Sam had already gone into the bathroom to change while you waited outside it and Bucky was still at the end of the plane. Zemo was handing you the dress he had brought for this special occasion, when his hand grasped your wrist, pulling you closer to him so he could whisper lowly in your ear “Perhaps it’s just a role for now but I intend to make this a more permanent arrangement”
Your eyebrow rises in curiosity and at his own boldness to try and claim that.
“Quite the statement for someone whose known me for less than a day”
“What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic”
“I wouldn’t call it that, perhaps more lust-driven”
Zemo chuckles at being caught up, his eyes lighting up with playfulness as he positions his hands on his belt. “Well, would it be so wrong to admit that? I’ve been locked up for seven years now, and you, darling are delectable”
You tilt your head to look at him, trying to figure out what thoughts were running through those cocoa brown eyes. Zemo follows in suit, tilting his head to mimic you.
“I’m not looking for a relationship, with the position I’m in that couldn’t work, and from the position, you are in, you wouldn’t be able to have one either”
“Well, I’m sure James will be broken-hearted to hear that” Zemo murmurs, sparing a glance over to Bucky.
You sigh, casting your gaze over to Bucky as well who was pretending to look around the jet but his eyes kept twitching to the two of you, curious as to what you were discussing.
“Bucky’s a sweet guy, but he’s not my type”
“Then was is your type darling?” he asks, his eyes now intensely fixing onto you. Catching his drift you cross your arms, giving him a playfully annoyed look.
“Not criminal masterminds”
“You have no idea of how good I can make you feel” he whispers, his accented voice making the hairs on your skin prick up from arousal.
“Ah but I have standards”
Zemo opens his mouth to resort but then the bathroom door opens and Sam looks down at the two of you, confused as to why you were both waiting outside. You hold up the dress in your hand letting him know you had to change, and Zemo, knowing the conversation you two were having was cut short, nodded at you, his eyes holding the intensity still, then he made his way back down the jet to mess with Bucky some more.
The dress Zemo supplied you with, was enough indication for you to know certain desires Zemo held for you. It fitted your form tightly, hardly leaving anything to the imagination. It had a swooping v neck, coming right down to the parting of your breasts, showing off your cleavage to the full effect. The material also clung tightly to the top half of your thighs, so high up that if you moved around too much you felt you would be exposing a lot more of yourself than you meant to. The material itself felt expensive however, it wasn’t like a cheap dress that was scratchy or felt plastic. No this was proper silk, giving the black dress a graceful gleam in the light. The dress made you feel sexy, excited, ready to take on this mission and pretend to be the Baron’s partner for the night.
After a few minutes of preparing your hair and makeup to elude to a femme fetal look, you emerged from the bathroom to find that the jet had landed safely and the rest of the men were waiting outside for you. You couldn’t help the smirk from appearing on your lips as you arrived at the door and started to descend down the stairs. All of the men’s eyes locked onto you and you could feel how their gazes wandered up and down you, undressing you with their eyes.
“Beauty becomes you, my Baroness” Zemo claims as you reach the bottom of the stairs. He steps towards you, holding out his leather-gloved hand for you to take but Bucky quickly steps up to the other side of you.
“Baroness?” he growled, making Zemo chuckle.
“She’s my partner, for this evening James, therefore my Baroness. Do you have a problem with that?”
Bucky opens his mouth to retort angrily but you hold your hand up to him, growing tired of these men’s petty arguments. “Bucky we’ve already been over this, we need to play the parts''
“Not yet” Bucky grumbles, grabbing your hand to pull you away from the Baron for a private chat. Sam stood awkwardly to the side as Zemo paced in boredom, his eyes constantly looking over to where Bucky was hurriedly talking to you about how he didn’t want you to play this role, that he didn’t trust Zemo and he was worried for you. The soldier thought he was subtle about his feelings but in a matter of hours, it was clear to the Baron how he cared for you. It spiked his curiosity and he wanted to play with it, play with Bucky. The little things like this, calling you Baroness, got on Bucky’s nerves, and so Zemo kept wanting to push it. Plus as he had spoken to you earlier, you certainly were attractive, a turn on for him. He considered it a pleasure to have the opportunity to flirt with you, and you weren’t exactly stopping him.
It wasn’t too long till Zemo’s butler appeared with one of his numerous cars, waiting to be driven to Madripoor. Zemo opened up the front seat and waiting for you to get near to him, for him to gesture you to get into it besides the driver seat where he would sit. Inside the car the energy was intense as no one spoke, everyone preparing for tonight events, unsure how it would play out.
Finally, you arrived at your destination and Zemo, playing his role of your partner to perfection, opened the door for you and wrapped his arm around your waist to hold you near as you walked into Madripoor. Bucky was able to put himself into a passive expression, instead, glaring ahead to calm the raging water within him.
Zemo had already explained to you how this mission had to go, and from the way people glared at Zemo, obviously knowing him and not approving of him being there, the plan was going well. As predicted a man came up to Zemo, ordering him to leave, and so Zemo ordered Bucky to attack him.
It was a shock to see Bucky switch back into the role of the Winter Soldier so quickly, something Zemo remarked about to you. It made you feel uneasy seeing Bucky beat that man senseless but it was all a part of the mission, that’s what you had to keep reminding yourself, the mission.
Afterwards, you were invited back to Selby’s area, where instantly Zemo leapt into bargaining with her about Bucky. He walked around Bucky, played with his chin as he sold him to her and eventually they sat down, Selby on one side of the table, and Zemo grabbing you and pulling you along, sat on the other side of the table, pulling you onto his lap.
“Your bird is very pretty Zemo,” Shelby remarks as she stares down at you sitting upon his lap, her lips curling into a cruel smile as her gaze raked all over you. Zemo’s hand which rested upon your thigh patted your leg chuckling at her remark.
“I wouldn’t settle for any less”
“Yet, I can’t help but think she seems familiar like I’ve seen her face before”
You stiffened within Zemo’s lap at her words, fear starting to edge its way into you. It was a risk of this mission, that people would recognise who you were from your affiliation with the Avengers. But the lot of you had hoped with Zemo presenting you as his partner, people wouldn’t spare you a second glance. However, it seems Selby did.
“My bird’s a model, you’ve likely seen her in adverts” Zemo is quick to explain, his mind racing with potential lies he can tell to recover the mission. Selby’s eyes flicker all over your face as if analysing every detail, you tried not to show how nervous you felt, instead, fluttering your eyes seductively, tightening your grip around Zemo’s shoulder.
“Perhaps I have” Selby finally answers, her fingers drumming against her seat and internally both you, Zemo, Bucky and Sam let out a sigh of relief.
“Yet, you don’t seem like much of a couple”
Zemo’s eyebrows cast down in confusion at Selby. You were sitting in his lap, your arms locked around each other. How much more of a couple could you be?
“I beg your pardon?” Zemo asks
“Well these days couples are all over each other, aren’t they? No sense of public decency, you can walk around a corridor to find people with their tongues shoved down each other’s throats, people fucking each other senseless against a wall. Sex is so liberal these days”
Zemo ah’s in realization, nodding his head with Selby’s words. “Well,” he said shrugging his arms, “I’m more of a traditional guy, leaving such intimacy in more, private, areas''
Selby starts to chuckle and Zemo laughs along awkwardly with her making you follow in pursuit until she suddenly says, “Well, I’m not”
Silence broke out in the awkwardness of her words, unsure as to what she was hinting by talking about this. Selby reaches forward to the table in front of her, separating the space between her and you. She picks up her glass of wine and then leaned back in her seat smiling.
“Touch her”
It was Zemo’s turn to stiffen in his seat, his eyes blown wide in shock and his skin pailing as his grasp upon you tightens ever so slightly.
“What” he hissed out, all matter of politeness towards Selby fading. She raised an eyebrow at his tone, swirling the wine within her glass and clicked her tongue.
“Touch her. She’s your partner, after all, I’m sure you’ve felt her up, fingering her all the time. What’s so different now?”
You were blushing at the boldness of her words but feeling the anger picking up within you. You didn’t want to ruin the mission but you weren’t about to let her talk about you as if you had no brain.
“The fact that we are in front of you, of them, of lots of people '' you suddenly argue, pointing towards her, then Bucky and Sam who were standing very still, trying to remain as passive as possible.
“What, never put on a show before?”
“There’s a first for everything”
“We are here to delegate about the Winter Soldier, not for your pleasure” Zemo argues, trying to drive the conversation back to where they originally were but Selby just shakes her head.
“Guards!” She commands and before you knew it, numerous men stood around you holding guns. You couldn’t count how many suddenly appeared, but the fear in you shot up, realising at any moment the lot of you could be killed. One man stood directly behind Zemo and pushed the barrel of the gun into the side of his head making Zemo wines slightly, the cruel coldness of the gun causing him to shudder.
“You seem to believe you have a choice in this matter, Baron, I’m merely trying to ensure that you are not lying to us and that she truly is your partner. If that is the case you two would have no problem touching each other”
Zemo glared harshly at the guards that stood around the two of you. Sam and Bucky stood at the side, knowing if they made one slight movement to help, you and Zemo would be dead in a second. Selby had forced you into a stalemate. Zemo still tried to argue it, pushing back claiming he wouldn’t do such things in front of people even when the guards started pushing the barrel of the gun further into the side of his head.
You, however, couldn’t pull your eyes away from Zemo. It was as if time was almost frozen at that moment as you knew what you would have to do. Suddenly this wasn’t about the mission anymore, it wasn’t just about finding out where the super-soldier serum came from. This was about surviving, living. Zemo was facing death in the face, risking being shot in the head just in an attempt to save your dignity. You watched as he tried to defend you, the panic causing his jaw to clench, his hand shaking slightly but still, he refused.
Taking in one last deep breath, you pull your hand up to the side of his face, making him look at you. His coco eyes cloud in confusion but before he had time to register it you pushed your lips upon him, forcing your top lip over his and your bottom lip between his lips. You sucked slightly at them, trying to encourage Zemo to follow your lead, which he quickly did. His hands quickly grasped at your waist, pulling your body closer to his as you felt his eyelashes flutter against your cheek showing he has closed his eyes. For at least a minute to two held that position, lips pressing against each other, pulling and sucking as you made out. You finally pull back for breath but holding his head still close to yours, you were able to whisper to him without anyone else hearing.
“Touch me, please, or you’ll die and I’m not allowing that to happen”
His head pulled back as Selby clapped her hands, smirking at the two of you. “Now that’s more like it, finally we are starting to see some action here. Now let’s see some more”
Zemo shook his head slightly at you, pleading in his eyes wanting you to reconsider. He didn’t want to defile you like this, use you in front of these people. It was too degrading for you. But you shook your head back, still holding his face in your hand you rub your thumb across his cheekbone, a subtle telling that it was alright.
Slowly Zemo’s hand trailed up from your waist, resting against the side of your chest, his thumb grazing over one of your clothed covered breasts. You positioned yourself till your back was pushed up against his chest, your head leaning on his shoulder, letting him have access to your jawline and neck.
His hand moved further, over till he covered your breast and gave a little squeeze. His mouth moved along your jawline, planting gentle kisses upon it and very quietly, to where even you could hardly hear it, Zemo was whispering ‘sorry’ apologising for what he was doing. He raised his hand to your other breast and started to squeeze them together, pumping them in his hand making you gasp. Hearing you, he pulled his lips away from you, stopping, but you quickly pushed your neck into his lips, urging him to continue. It was only when the gun harshly hit him on the side of the face, causing him to growl, did he go back to kissing your neck, his lips pressing a bit harder on your skin now.
With two fingers, he was able to locate where your n*pples were under the dress, and gently he pulled at them causing you to whine. His breath hitched and you felt in his lap a tent starting to form in his own trouser. However much he hated the circumstances, arousal didn’t seem to care.
“The dress is such a bore, why don’t you slip your hand under it” Selby commanded, taking a sip of her wine as she watched the way Zemo’s hands started to slowly tease you. Gulping Zemo brushed his face into the crook of your neck, pressing an apologetic kiss to your shoulder as his warm hands slipped under the v neckline, finding your breasts, which you weren’t wearing a bra to cover, he grasped them.
You groaned at the feeling of his warm, coarse feeling hands grasping you, the sensation making your n*pples harden under him. Doing as Selby ordered his fingers pinched your nipples, making you whine and squirm in his lap from the slight pain mixed in with pleasure which shot straight to your core.
Zemo continued to play with your breasts and n*pples, pinching them, squeezing them, moving them. But Selby soon grew bored of it.
“Touch her more, lower” she barked and Zemo had to bite down on his lip to not argue back. One hand still resting upon your breast the other pulled back out of your dress and placed itself upon your thigh. Without having to be instructed to, you instantly opened up your legs.
The men surrounding you snickered, making you blush in shame but Zemo moved his lips up to your ear, whispering about how good you were being, how beautiful you were. His hand on your thigh began to stroke your leg, his fingers etching up them. Though you hated the situation, part of you craved to feel his fingers on you, in you, stretching you out. But his hand remain on your leg till Sebly ordered,
“We don’t have all day Zemo. Get on with it”
He shuddered, glancing you in the eyes one more time to check how you were doing. You could see the pity and sadness within his eyes as he looked down at you and it made your heart sink in your chest.
Then his finger pressed into the fabric of your underwear.
You jolted at the contact as his finger twisted on your underwear, pressing over your clit. The fabric rubbed against it stimulated it. The coarseness of it caused you to push your head back into Zemo’s shoulder moaning. Your eyes fluttered closed as arousal creeps in. Upon hearing the way you moaned under him, Zemo pushed his finger even harder into your underwear, rubbing fiercely desperate to hear you moan for his touch again. He could almost forget about the situation, just focusing on trying to make you feel good, trying to make you moan for him again, cum from his fingers. It’s only when Selby talks again Zemo is brought back to reality, to the gun pushing into the back of his neck, to the way Selby watched how his fingers rubbed against your underwear with greed.
“I think the fabric is getting in the way, don’t you?”
With one more apologetic kiss placed on your shoulder, you feel Zemo’s other hand leaving your breast to pull the underwear to the side, exposing you to everyone in the room. All their eyes fixed upon you apart from Bucky and Sam who just stared ahead. Sam desperately tries to shut this out of his mind, pretending he wasn’t there while Bucky was trying to control every ounce of him to not leap over and punch Zemo in the face.
You hardly had time to consider much else though when the feeling of Zemo’s fingers pushing into you overwhelmed your senses, making your back arch and your head push back against him. You had already become wet from when Zemo was stimulating your clit earlier, so he had no resistance as his fingers pushed into your cunt, slowly stretching you out. You moulded around his two fingers, and it felt as if they might never end as they pushed further into you. Zemo himself was trying to suppress a groan as he felt his fingers being enraptured by your welcoming warmth. He wanted desperately to feel his own cock within the tight warmth of you, but he hoped more that after this Selby would accept that you two were who you said you were and he wouldn’t be forced to do any more.
Wanting to make the best of the situation for you, Zemo moved his thumb up to your clit, twisting on the knub, making your own hips rock into his fingers from the waves of pleasure surging through you. He started to pump his fingers in and out of you. Going gently, but all of that faded away at what you did next.
It had been too long since Zemo had engaged in any type of sexual activity, yet he was able to restrain himself so far. But hearing you moan his name like that, lust-driven, blissful, it flipped a switch in him. He needed to push you off the edge, to hear you call out to him again and again, not Bucky, but his name. At that moment everyone in that goddamn room would know you truly belonged to him.
He started pumping his fingers into you at an alarming rate, making sure to hit that spongy spot within you just right. His thumb sped as fast as it could on your clit. You yelped in surprise but thrust and ground your hips upon his fingers more, completely overwhelmed by the pleasure. His thumb on your clit felt like he was ignighting a fire within your, burning brightly as he continued to rub circles around it, elicitating moans out from you. Your whole skin felt warm and burning as you pressed up against Zemo, willing your ass in his lap making him groan. You cried out as you felt the coil within you tightening all down to the way Zemo’s fingers thrust inside you, prizing open your channel repeatedly. Zemo’s lips attached to your neck, but no longer did he place gentle kisses but instead he nipped at your skin, biting and sucking marks upon you, claiming you. He started to rant to you about how you were his, how you belonged to him, how your cunt belonged to him and all you could do was sob from the pleasure and agree with him.
You couldn’t hold it in much longer, even if you tried, and you certainly weren’t. With a strangled cry you felt the coil snap, and the sensation of your walls bearing down on his fingers, clutching them tightly. You moaned loudly, your mouth stretched open wide as you lost it, pushing back against Zemo who let out his own grunt feeling how tightly you clasped him, how your juices washed all over him. He continued to thrust his fingers into you, letting you ride this out till eventually, you came down from your high and so he slowly pulled his fingers out of you making you whimper. He kissed the side of your head, and quietly whispered to you.
“You were wonderous darling, I apologise for forcing that upon you, but it’s over now”
You opened your eyes again after hearing a slow clapping emerge and you came face to face with Selby who was grinning at you.
“My my, now that was exquisite” she commented, unaware or not caring of the way both you and Zemo glared daggers into her head, wishing you could hit her repeatedly.
“You have no reason to believe she is not who she says she is now” Zemo growls through gritted teeth, his hands which now clutched your legs digging harshly into your skin, evidence of his anger towards her.
Selby’s eyes sparkle with mischief. She bit down on her lip as if contemplating a decision, and then she decided to go ahead with it.
“Well anyone can accept a fingering, partners or not, I’d need a more… intimate, display of affection before I could truly believe you”
Rage swept Zemo up. No longer did he care about this stupid mission. Already he had to degrade himself, degrade you for the sake of it, but that? He wouldn’t do it, he couldn’t. Zemo pushed you off his lap, not harshly but urgently and with the weakness from your knees, still recovering from your orgasm, you collapsed on the floor. Zemo surged forward towards Selby, about to jump over the table to grab her, shouting ‘how dare she suggest that’ but the men moved quickly and grabbed him. They pulled his arms back behind his back, tugging at an uncomfortable position making him groan in pain. They forced him onto his knees before Selby and his head hung down looking at the floor as they pushed the barrel of their guns into his face.
Pain struck you seeing Zemo being forced into this position, tears almost swelling in your eyes. One of the men moved the barrel of the gun under Zemo’s chin, pushing it into his neck and forcing him to look up at Selby before him.
She stood up and glared down at Zemo in disgust. For a second they both stared at each other before she raised her hand and punched Zemo in the face. His face shot to the side from the impact and it made him groan in pain. Selby’s lips curled as she looked down upon him, then turned away from him as if not bothered anymore.
“Shoot him”
One of the men grasped Zemo’s hair, harshly pulling on it to make him look up again. The side of his face was red and quickly bruised from Selby’s impact. One of the men placed their guns to Zemo’s forehead, his hand on the trigger as Zemo whimpered, mentally preparing himself for death.
“No!” you lept forward to where Selby stood and knelt before her, begging.
“We’ll do it! We’ll do it!”
Selby tilted her head at you, grabbing your chin to force you to look up at her. Zemo grunted as he tried to pull his arms out of the tight grip on his back, his wide eyes looking desperately over at you in panic.
“You’re, partner, doesn’t seem so willing” she states, glaring back over to Zemo.
“He will, he will, won’t you darling” you quickly reply, then fixing your gaze upon Zemo. Slowly his eyes move from Selby to yours, and you can see how the anger in them slowly fades into bitter acceptance as he looks upon you. He doesn't speak until the gun under his chin thrusts into his neck more, getting the message across. “If that is what you so wish” he hisses through gritted teeth.
Selby smiles, and with a nod of her head, the men let go of Zemo and pull their guns back. Zemo grimaces, going to hold his wrists winching at the pain of them being held so tightly. He gets up off his knees and steps closer to you, offering his hand out for you to take and stand up but before you could Selby places her hand up.
“I would like to see this, from a good angle” Selby states, making Zemo cringe, “Perhaps you could order the soldier to hold her up”
Selby frames it as a choice, but all of you knew there was no choice in the matter. All your eyes flickered upon Bucky who stood frozen, staring ahead, but deep down you knew the turmoil going on within him.
“Soldier” Zemo commanded in Russian. “Hold her open for me”
Bucky takes a moment to consider all his options. Every part of him was screaming, no, to not do this, he couldn’t do this. But he had no choice, it was that or your death and he couldn’t be the reason you were killed.
Slowly he moves over and gently grasps you. Holding your arms he lifts you to your feet and then, letting go of your arms, his hands trail down your back to your legs, and with a swift motion, his hands grasp the inside of your thighs, lifting you up and spreading your legs obscenely open for Zemo.
Zemo’s eyes fixed on the soaked underwear covering your core, his erection pushing tightly against his trousers. He hated the situation, the way Selby watched but he wanted nothing more than to bury himself within you, you lose himself in you.
You winched at how Bucky’s metal arm dug into your leg, sure to leave bruises, but you felt worse knowing how tormented Bucky must have been feeling. Your eyes however stayed on Zemo and he moved closer and closer to you. His eyes finally left your underwear to latch onto your eyes one last time. Roughly he grabs onto the side of your face and presses his lips to you, craving the feeling of them. He pushed his mouth onto you, moving it against your lips and you could only moan at the feeling, pushing your head back into Bucky.
While his lips remained on yours, his hand quickly moved onto your underwear, grasping it, and with one harsh tug, he ripped it to pieces, exposing your dripping cunt to the fresh air. You whimpered against his lips, feeling the urge to close your legs in embarrassment but Bucky’s hands held tight.
Zemo finally pulled away from your lips to look down at himself. His hands quickly undid his belt and pulled his zipper down till in no time at all he had pulled his cock out and was stroking himself making him shudder.
Your eyes widened at the girth of him, and for a moment you worried about not being able to cope with him inside, but you craved it as well, wanting him to impale you upon it. The way your cunt dripped, sleek falling onto Bucky’s legs, gave you away easily.
Zemo pushed his tip over your folds, coating himself in your juices, feeling the way it started to dribble down his shaft. He pressed his forehead against yours, and with a whisper, you heard him say, ‘I’m sorry’ before thrusting into you.
Your mouth collapsed as an obscene moan ripped from your throat as he breached you. He was gentle, not shoving himself in too fast but the feeling of your walls stretching out for him made him want to push in as fast as possible, and abuse that hole till it became his. As he pushed into you the men around you cheered, some of them palming their own trousers with no shame. Selby clinked her drink with another and watched eagerly as she saw how Zemo slipped into you. You could feel every inch of him press up against your walls, the way his cock slightly curved at the end, the veins which throbbed against your walls, stimulating them, the way he felt thicker and thicker the further he pushed into you.
Finally, he shuddered as he bottomed out, completely wrapped up in your warmth, your wet walls grasping him and urging him for more. He desperately wanted to thrust further into you, but he opened his eyes to look at you, checking how you were coping.
“Helmut, please” you gasped, moving your hand to grasp the back of his head, tugging his hair in your fingers. Zemo’s own eyes closed, pleasure shooting over him as you tugged his hair, used his name. Grasping onto your hips for stability, his fingers digging into your delicate skin. He pulled out till just his tip was still in, then he pushed his way all the way back into you causing you to gasp and squirm from the stimulation.
He set a steady pace, thrusting open your channel again and again repeatedly. His cock thrust directly into that delicate spongy spot within you, making you moan his name.
“Helmut, oh Helmut, there, just there, please”
The more you called his name, the faster Zemo thrust into you, desperate to hear you moan for him more. His lips attached to your neck, sucking hickeys into your skin, pleasure ripping through him as he marked you.
“Sing for me, my darling” he’d groan into your skin, “lose yourself to me, I want to feel you wrap tightly around me, so you know how good I make you feel”
One of his hands left your hip to start rubbing at your clit, further stimulating you till you were practically screaming from the pleasure. Tears leaked out of your eyes from it and Zemo greedily ran his tongue up your cheek, licking them up.
Bucky tensed up seeing how the tears fell from your eyes, believing them to be from another reason. His fingers itched, desperately wanting to grasp Zemo by the throat, to choke him to death. He hated how warm your skin felt in his hands, wanting to be the one thrusting into you, making you moan for him, instead of just allowing this good for nothing criminal to have his way with you instead.
You and Zemo both became so enraptured with each other, with how you two felt that you lost all thought about the men watching you with greed, how Selby snickered as she watched the way Zemo pistoned into you, how Bucky cringed as he heard both of your lewd moans which made his own tent appear in his trousers.
You were dripping with arousal, making Zemo’s thrusts into you easier, quicker. The sound of squelching juices felt so loud to you, and the way Zemo’s hips thrust into yours, clapping sounds adding to the abundance of noises. You started to reach your climax again, your walls grasping onto Zemo’s cock tightly, attempting to pull him in. Your cunt felt like fire as the pleasure swarmmed you, the way Zemo made you feel was like nothing he had experinced before and you craved so much more, even though he was already buried deeply into you, his balls slapping against you. He groaned at the sensation and thrust his hips quicker and twisted his thumb on your clit harsher till you lost it.
You let out a loud, erotic moan, snapping your eyes shut as you came all over him. Your cum went all over him and you jerked and withered in Bucky’s arms. Zemo himself groaned at how tightly you grasped him, how amazing your cum felt shooting all over him, but still, he continued to thrust deep inside of you, erratic as ever making you whimper from the overstimulation.
He whispered into your neck, claiming you were his, that he would never let another person feel you the way he currently is, and his thrusts grew more rapid, and you could feel the way his cock twitched inside of you, pushing in further than you thought was possible. His groans rang out into your ears as you cried from the feeling of him still pushing inside of you even after your release but finally he shoved himself as deeply as he could inside of you one last time, biting down on your neck as he finally released, shooting his load into you.
You panted heavily as you felt his cum coat your insides, filling you up with his seed. Cheers erupted from everyone else as you and Zemo stayed still, sweating and panting against each other.
Selby got up from her seat and walked around the three of you, clapping as her eyes watched how Zemo was still settled within you.
“Well, I can say that was entertaining to watch. Who would have known after so long in prison you’d still have that in you Zemo. But you two have proven you are partners alright. And now let’s discuss the soldier”
Zemo pulled his head back from your neck, moving to place one gentle kiss upon your lips, his hand reaching up to cradle your face. “You were magnificent darling”
You nodded in return, looking into his worn-out eyes. “Thank you” is all you could whisper, even though you didn’t know what you were thanking him for. Slowly he pulled out of you, making you whimper at the emptiness. He pushed himself back into his trousers then helped you get out of Bucky’s grasp.
Realising what he had done to your underwear, he gave you an apologetic look as his load slowly started to slide out of you but you waved him off, still feeling the satisfaction of your two orgasms.
Finally, the mission could resume, this could be completed at last and both you and Zemo could get out of this alive.
Till the sound of a ring tone echoes out from where Sam stood.
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
can i please request headcannons for zemo and a very wholesome/innocent reader 🥺? i’m just craving some zemo fluff rn 😓maybe she tags along with sam and bucky for some reason and he’s never met her before so he’s surprised to find that she’s very sweet and sympathetic and just completely different from sam and bucky. she’s probably fascinated by all his cool stuff and his house and compliments him and asks him questions about himself while sam and bucky are just like... pls stop interacting with him LOL. he probably sneaks her turkish delights and other sweets as a way of showing his gratitude. also, i love your writing!!! i’ve read pretty much all of your stuff and you’re one of my favorite blogs 💕 thank you for doing what you do!
Ahhh I'm glad you like my writing! Sorry it took a bit to get to this but I hope you like it 💞 I fell in love with this concept while writing it, they are just so cute! I put it under the cut because of how long it became
Tumblr media
- Sam and Bucky really didn't want you on the mission if they could help it however it came to a point where they had no other choice. You were Bruce Banners daughter and much like your father you inherited his introvertism. You were quite shy and quiet but similarly to your father, you had intellect far beyond the average person. You were especially adapted with computer and phone software and though Sam and Bucky didn't want to put you in any sort of danger, afraid of you getting hurt and afraid of how your father would react but they needed you on the mission. Bucky though adapting well to modern times still found himself quite clueless when it came to these sought of things and while Sam was good with engineering, he was never trained to hack or track people through the use of phones and computers and therefore you were their only option left.
- You were happy to accompany them, though they were continuously telling you as soon as danger struck to run and hide and let them deal with it. It almost felt like they were your overprotective uncles. You weren't as skilled as any agent but you knew how to at least hold some sort of fight. You assured them though that when it came down to the fighting you would let them take over.
- The first day of the mission was hectic. You'd never really been on a mission like this before and while at the time you were asked you were excited, you were starting to realise just how much running was actually involved. There came a point though when Bucky said that you three needed to go see a man called Zemo. You'd heard of him, but only briefly. So when travelling to see him you quickly did a background check upon the man. Grown up in Sokoiva, a Baron, was a part of a Sokovian kill squad, his whole family killed during the Sokovia attack, attempted to take down the Avengers. You could understand why Sam and Bucky didn't want to rely on the help of this man but as you read into him, reading more about his past life, seeing the pictures people took of his wife and son you feel sympathy for him growing within you. To lose his whole family suddenly, being unable to say goodbye, because of the superheroes. You couldn't imagine the pain he feels and you understood what lead him to do what he did, even if it was wrong.
- When arriving at the prison Bucky insisted he went into the room alone with Zemo but afterwards Sam came to regret that decision when Bucky revealed, he had just helped Zemo escape. The flaps opened and Zemo appeared before you, dressed in the guards uniform. Sam instantly was telling the man he needs to go back while Bucky was trying to convince him otherwise. Both you and Zemo stood awkwardly to the side but on opposite sides. As your eyes flickered to him, he caught your gaze and instantly your face reddened to be caught at staring. You give him a little wave attempting to make things less awkward but then realising how odd that probably was you felt yourself cringing. Zemo chuckled at your little wave, a smile appearing on his lips as he nodded to you.
- Eventually, Bucky convinced Sam and then Zemo was leading the three of you to a collection of cars to take to escape. As you walked along in awkward silence Zemo slowed down his steps in order to walk in time of you. "We haven't had the pleasure to be acquainted yet, one would have thought mutual friends might have introduced us," he says, glancing at Bucky tongue in cheek as Bucky glared at him, "But nevermind, my name is Zemo"
- "Baron Helmut Zemo, I've looked you up" you instantly reply not realising the impression that gave until Zemo commented, "Oh you've, how do they say it, 'googled me' you must have taken quite the interest in me" Instantly your face flushed again as you stutter attempting to backtrack what you had just said, "W-well, only to know-know who I would be working with" He humms but from the sly look he gives you, that cat-like smirk and the slightly closed eyelids you knew he didn't seem to believe you. "Well, I believe it is only fair now that you know so much about me, that I should equally know a lot about you. Why don't we start with your name?"
- "Her name is y/n and that's all you need to know" Sam growls, grabbing your arm to pull you away from Zemo's prying eyes. After being at a safe distance from him Sam starts to lecture you about how dangerous Zemo was and to not become acquainted with him. And especially to not tell him who you were the daughter of, he didn't like the Avengers and knowing Bruces tendency to destroy a lot of towns when he became Hulk, he doubted Zemo liked the Bruce much either. He warned you Zemo was only acting nice to get under their skins, so it would be easier for him to betray you later down on the road but no matter how many times Sam told you this, you had a nagging feeling that how he was portraying Zemo wasn't who he really was.
- When arriving at the airport, Zemo waited to let you on the plane first and then ordered you first serve of food and alcohol to which you quietly mumbled a thank you. He watched you as you pulled out your phone and quickly started typing away at it, your eyes never seeming to leave your phone. That's when it connected in Zemo's mind why you were joining them. "I take it that you will be helping us with the technology side of our mission, I'm sure of which will come in handy. Tell me, where did you learn such skills?" "My Father" you mumble and Zemo tilts his eyebrow, "And who would that be, for I'm sure a genius like that would have a reputation, likely one that I've heard of" "That is on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know" Sam argues back, saving you the awkward way of trying not to answer the question.
- "Sam, I'm only asking the pretty lady here a question. There is no harm in that" You felt yourself swallow and inwardly wanted to crawl away from the situation that was arising, not liking the confrontation of this all and Zemo, seeing this out of the corner of his eye decided to back down to prevent you feeling more uncomfortable, choosing to settle in silence for now.
- Zemo waited patiently for a chance to talk to you without Sam or Bucky's interruptions and finally, the chance arrived at Sharon's party. You stood to the side, unused to situations like this and you couldn't help but focus in on Zemo dancing in the middle of the room. You chuckled at him and almost as if he could hear you, his eyes snapped to you. He instantly moved over to you and you looked away embarrassed. "You don't like parties do you?" he murmurs, looking over at the crowd. "No it's not really my scene", "Hmmm, you prefer somewhere quiet, like a cafe, or maybe a bookshop no?" your eyes lit up at the suggestion and Zemo smiled gently at you as you eagerly nodded at him, "There used to be a beautiful book and cafe shop in Sokovia, I would try to spend at least 3 hours a week in there, it not more. It brought a lot of comfort to me" "I'm truly sorry for all that happened in Sokovia, and what happened to your family. It never should have happened" Zemo's eyes, flickered with sadness as he looked down upon you, surprised to see genuine sympathy within you. "You have no need to apologise y/n" he murmurs
- You knew Zemo was a Baron, you flew in his private jet after all, but really it hit you when you arrived at one of his many houses. You found the design beautiful and inside you were eager to explore it looking for all the cool things which made Zemo chuckle. You kept ranting to him about how amazing it was much to Sam and Bucky's dismay and Zemo seemed almost bashful himself as he accepted the compliments, looking over his home as if seeing it anew as well through your own eyes.
- After his shower, Zemo looked through the cupboards and smiled as he came across Turkish Delights. Taking them in his hand he walks over to where you were sitting on the couch and offered one to you which you happily accepted. In his quiet exchange, both Sam and Bucky side-eyed the two of you, and Bucky even commented about how Edmund in Narnia accepted Turkish Delights and how poorly it ended for him.
- It was later that night again where you had thought everyone had gone to bed and you stayed up late to work through trying to find the flag smashers through social media. You almost jumped out of your skin when you heard something behind you and quickly snapped around to see Zemo holding up his hands to you. "My apologies, I did not mean to scare you." he came over and pulled out a seat beside you, looking at what you were doing. "Your work, it's fascinating." "Oh it's nothing really" you mumble but Zemo shakes his head, "You don't give yourself enough credit, it's genius work. Then again I'd expect nothing less for the daughter of Bruce Banner"
- You froze as the words left his mouth and, with your hand slightly shaking you turn to look at Zemo scared but he offers you a smile. "I took initiative and googled you, it wasn't too hard to find out who you were but do not fear. I have no reason to hate you. Bruce Banner, I consider to be one of the more likeable avengers, and you've proven to me how kind of heart you are" Zemo tells you and holds up another sweet to you.
- You and Zemo talked hours into the night, bonding over what interests you had. Without Sam and Bucky watching over you, you felt a genuine connection to this man and you hoped that he wouldn't betray you like Sam said. Eventually, Zemo insisted you needed sleep and sent you off to bed, after giving you one last Turkish Delight.
- The next day proved just as eventful as the last, and you didn't just mean the moment when you tripped up and fell over in front of Zemo, Sam and Bucky. As suspected the Dora Milaje came for Zemo but at a happenstance, John Walker was also there and naturally got into a fight with them. While everyone was distracted Zemo took this as the perfect opportunity to escape but as he looked around the room he saw your eyes upon him, knowing what he was going to do. But then he surprised you. With everyone distracted he held his hand open to you. "Runaway with me y/n"
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
would you do headcanons for edging Laszlo for a week, in public and at home?
Tumblr media
Warnings: Edging, handjob, blowjob, teasing in public, riding
- Laszlo had snapped at you one evening. You knew the stress of helping people at the institute, and then having to deal with the public who held a distane for Laszlo was hard on him. But you didn't appreciate when he would take it out on you by shutting you out, stropping around moodily and becoming very sarcastic and harsh with his words. As soon as he snapped at you he regretted it. You could tell by the way his eyes widened but there was no turning around from it now.
- He attempted to treat you nicely for the rest of the night, asking how your day was, setting the food out for you, putting it away so you didn't have to do any of the tiresome work, reading to you. You appreciated the gestures and it amused you that Laszlo seemed to believe that was the end of it. When you retired for the night Laszlo was at your side, his lips caressing your neck, asking in his own subtle way if you were okay for doing more. Without speaking you pulled yourself on top of him and then moved back till your face was by his dick. Gently you took him in your mouth as he watched you and as you started to bob your head. The little gasps and slight moans that came from Laszlo's mouth was exciting and your eyes trailed on him as you watched his head fall back onto the pillow, his eyes fluttering as his mouth remained slightly open. He'd whisper to you how perfect you were, how much he loved you between gasps till he got to a point where he couldn't even form words. You could feel he was close from the way he twitched, and before he could have his release you pulled away from him.
- You smirked to yourself as you pulled yourself back up to the pillow and settled down to sleep. Laszlo was frozen in shock for what you did for a moment, then moved onto his side to whine at you for what you did. He tried to ask you to continue but you refused, and you made sure to tell him if he tried to relieve himself it wouldn't turn out well for him.
- You were able to have a peaceful sleep whereas Laszlo was awake for most of the night, needing the urge to release but unable to do anything about it, therefore, leaving him restless. In the morning a similar thing happens, Laszlo sighed in relief as he felt your hand wrap around him, hoping to end this torment that had kept him up all night. Very quickly he became a moaning mess underneath you but once again you pulled away, telling him he needed to prepare himself for the day. He whined at you, trying to convince you to join him back in bed but to no avail so he begrudgingly had to get up.
- His day was torment, when conducting interviews he had to be careful to hold his hands over his crotch to cover the clear erection upon him. His mind would constantly drift off and be distracted from what people were saying. You were not helping either with being equally distracting such as purposely dropping something on the floor and bending over to pick it up in front of him. He would glare at you knowing what you were doing on purpose. During times of the day, he would try and get you alone, trying to convince you to let him have his relief but you always refused, this was his punishment for snapping at you.
- And thus this continued for the whole week. Every night and morning you would tease him, bringing him to the edge of release but then letting go before he could ever achieve it and it had him getting on his knees and begging you to relieve him. Tears would fall from his eyes in a desperate plea. He never would have thought he'd reach the stage of that, always viewing himself as a man of a higher standing, who would never resort to pleading but when it came to you and what you were doing to him, at this point he would do anything.
- You enjoyed teasing him a bit too much in public, resting your hand on the inside of his thigh as you ate together at a restaurant, letting your fingers gently ghost against his crotch but pulling them away just as quickly. Whispering dirty things into his ears as you walked past him, revelling in the blush it brought to his cheeks. Giving him hickeys upon his shoulder which he would then desperately attempt to cover up so John wouldn't comment on them.
- By the time a week was up Laszlo was a mess. He needed you like the earth needs the sun like humans need air. Every moment he was practically on you, begging for release. He half believed at this point you could simply kiss him and that would be enough for him to lose it. His dick throbbed for you, the tip a deep purple colour and pre-cum already leaking. You felt pity for him in the end, and while you enjoyed seeing how desperate he was for you, you were more hyped to see how he would react when you finally gave him the release he craved.
- And oh was his reaction magnificent. He made no attempt to hide his pleasure, his loud moans as you rode him to oblivion. His hand desperately gripped onto you for some guidance as you relentless moved on top of him. He didn't take him long to finish, after being edged for so long, but you didn't stop there though. Oh no. Seeming as he was so desperate for this you were going to keep riding him till he couldn't cope anymore. Tears sprung from his eyes from the overstimulation, he could utter no words as his mouth was raw from moaning, his chest heaved heavily as he panted for breath, coming again and again.
- By the time you were finally done he was exhausted and dazed out, but as you settled into bed beside him, he clung to you desperately, whispering thank you to you over and over as he cuddled into you.
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cazzyimagines · 23 days ago
I see you shiver with antic...pation
Based upon my Laszlo edging headcanon which you can read here
Synopsis: Due to stress from work, Laszlo snapped at you one evening and though he tried to apologise afterwards, he had just taken a one-way ticket into edging hell.
Word count: 10k
Author’s note: Welp, this might of gotten out of hand 😅 this is my longest one-shot yet so I hope you guys enjoy the read! I feel bad in a way for everything I've put Laszlo through, but at the same time, I love it. Also you may have to suspend some of your knowledge about erections and such 😅 Now that I am back from holiday I'll be getting around to all the headcanon requests I still have in my inbox! I also have another authors note at the end which you'll want to read.
Warnings: Edging, exhibition, finger sucking, handjobs, blowjobs, overstimulation, begging, vaginal sex, f!reader, sub!Laszlo, John attempts to make a joke, brief mention of child abuse
Laszlo kreizler masterlist
Sub!Daniel characters masterlist
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Cross-posted to ao3 under the same username
Tumblr media
There was a pounding within his head, unceasingly thumping against his skull, wracking any thoughts of his to and fro in quick succession before he could grasp one and observe it. The pounding was distant but near, a familiarity but an annoyance. He needed it to stop. Yes. It had to stop, he needed to think. Thinking was all he could do now. The pounding became a voice, a consistent voice that continued to pull him away from what he needed to focus on.
“I need peace and patience, if you cannot provide that to me you might as well leave” Laszlo snapped, his hands which were covered in white chalk dust threw said chalk to the floor, gaining some gratification in hearing the way it broke into little pieces, much like his own temperament.
Your head snapped to look at him, the muscles in your neck twinging at the sudden movement. Heat flushed through your body and the sharpness from your nails dug into your hands as they instinctively curled in on themselves due to Laszlo’s sudden gruff words. You had been discussing with him the news of John’s first child expecting to be born in the upcoming months. John was having a palavar attempting to decide upon a name for his child, and as Laszlo considered himself John’s best friend, you assumed he would have wanted to weigh in his own fourth pence of what he thinks John should name his child.
But Laszlo was aggravated and your meaninglessly chitter-chatter had no relevance to him at this current moment. Earlier, before noon, one of the parents of a child at the institute had stormed in demanding Laszlo give him his son back. Laszlo had withheld the child from being permitted to go back to him, after one interview where the child admitted to his father regularly hitting him with his belt. Laszlo had already come to this conclusion in the way the child often flinched when Laszlo drew too near to him, or when Laszlo’s tone would rise higher than usual and this all lead him to believe that not only were his parents physically abusing the child but that the parents were using their children to pickpocket, con other people, putting them in dangerous situations. Laszlo couldn’t allow the child to go back with the parents at any cost as he feared for their safety. The parent caused quite the ruckus, hitting Laszlo in the face before Cryus could intervene, making people on the streets curious as to what was going on. As Laszlo was leaving for the night he was swarmed with reporters asking if it was true that he kidnapped children.
He hadn’t told you about any of this yet, though he knew it was a matter of time before you saw the newspapers yourself. In all proper manner, he should tell you before you found out that way. But he didn’t want to worry you about the children, for he knew how much you cared about them, and he didn’t want you to worry about him after he was hit. He didn’t want to see your pity.
The stress of it all made him tense, and he wasn’t listening to what you were saying as he pondered over how he could help the child, writing up potential solutions on his board yet he was vaguely aware of you chit chattering away in the background, slowly growing on his nerves more and more until he snapped.
His eyes widened and he felt coldness creep up his skin as soon as the words left his mouth, knowing he shouldn’t have just said what he did. His head quickly spun to you, the apology right on the tip of his tongue till he saw your fading figure leaving the room, echoing footsteps slowly getting quieter and quieter the further you moved away.
Internally he cursed at himself, bile rising in his mouth from his own resentment towards his words. He shouldn’t have treated you in that way, it was unjust especially when you were not aware of the pressure upon him, and even that pressure was no excuse for treating you rudely.
Laszlo glanced at his board, then back to where you left the room, his mind debating what to do next. The situation about the boy required attention, he needed to figure out how he would go about ensuring the boy’s safety, while at the same time he didn’t want to leave things unresolved with you, he knew he needed to apologise and the more time he left in between the incident, the worse it became.
Gathering his resolve, Laszlo promptly hurried off to find where you were, to apologise and make it up to you for the rest of your evening. He found you in the library, picking out your favourite book to read. Gently he walked over to you, without saying a word. You watched him with a stern gaze but didn’t stop his hand briefly touching yours, taking the book from you. You turned around and sat down on one of the armchairs, crossing your legs and tapping your fingers upon the armrest as you observed Laszlo choosing to be seated in the chair beside yours. He picked up his reading glasses off the side table, placing them upon himself, where they slightly slipped down upon his nose as he leaned forward to look at the book being held in his deformed hand. His fingers graced through the pages till he found your bookmark, and in clearing his throat, he started reading out loud to you.
He knew you always enjoyed him reading to you. You’d sigh in happiness as you heard the way his sweet accent caressed the words, drawing them out in a husky breath as he read quietly. Secretly it thrilled Laszlo that his voice drew such a reaction out of you, and often he would use his voice in times like this to his advantage. It was moments like these where he knew apologises could only go so far, but little acts of gratitude, are what mattered more to you.
Your heart did simmer hearing the way Laszlo reading to you. You still hadn’t entirely forgiven him for the way he snapped at you earlier, but seeing him attempt to patch things up certainly did warm your heart, and he didn’t stop there.
When dinner time came Laszlo insisted on gathering all of the food and setting out the table himself, something he found particularly hard doing because of his arm yet every time you tried to help him, he insisted he could cope and that you should relax. He gathered all your food onto your plate, knowing just the right amount of what you would eat, and then throughout the dinner, he made polite conversation, asking about how your day was, asking about what you were saying earlier and as you predicted weighing in his own opinion on what John would name his child.
After dinner, you would usually clean up the dishes, but once again Laszlo insisted he would attend to that duty and that you should relax in the main room. He had quite the struggle attempting to carry all the plates and cutlery with one hand, and as he was washing, one of the wet plates slipped out of his hand and smashed on the floor. You were none the wiser, not hearing the way it shattered but Laszlo cursed under his breath and quickly gathered a broom to sweep the evidence away so you would never know.
By the time you two were ready to retire for the night, Laszlo was certain he had won over your forgiveness and felt quite pleased with himself.
This day had been extremely stressful to him, and his face still bore the aching pain, from his tender cheek to his stiff jaw, after being hit earlier in the day. So now he craved some relief, a way to relax from the hard day before he fell asleep. You were turned on your side, your back to him adjusting yourself for sleep when you felt an arm wrap around your waist, pulling your backside to slot into the front side of himself. His warm breath rolled down your neck as he held his face beside you and tenderly he started placing a trail of kisses, from right under your ear to your shoulder. The scruff of his beard scratched your skin lightly but the warmth from his lips soothed it like a healing touch from a saint.
You knew this was Laszlo’s own subtle way of asking you for making love. For a man who so often argued in court for people, someone who interviewed numerous patients and dealt with confrontations continuously throughout the day, when coming to confront his own emotions and desires he found himself lacking in words. It was there why he related in showing you how he felt, rather than attempting and failing to express it through words.
His grasp on your waist grew tighter and his kisses pressed deeper into you, urging for an answer. One which you gave. You twisted around in the bed till you were facing him, his face only inches away from yours. His pupils were blown and his eyes flickered from your own, down to your lips. He smacked his lips together slightly, wetting them ready to attach himself to your lips, to attack you passionately but you moved back, grasping the bedsheets and pulling them off his body.
Laszlo adorned his striped pyjamas, but it was as clear as day how aroused he was. The thin fabric stretched by his crotch, showing his desire pushing up against it, his erection as clear as day. Laszlo’s cheeks grew red and he muttered awkwardly about hormones and how natural it was, clearly feeling the embarrassment at how erect he had become.
You smirked at his plight, enjoying the way his cheeks burned a bright red in shame. You pulled your body over him, making him surprised as he glanced up wide-eyed at you, but he shuddered more when your fingers worked at the buttons of his pyjamas shirt, urgently pulling it open exposing his bare chest for your to run your fingers down seductively leaving red trail marks. Instantly he raised his hand in an attempt to rid you of your nightdress but your hand grasped his wrist before he could make any progress, and you pushed it into the bed telling him indirectly not to move it.
His breath got caught in this throat as he watched the way you slinked down his body, your head moving down till it was at his crotch, inches away from his burning erection. Hopping your fingers through the material you tugged it down, freeing his cock from its confinements and watching it as it instantly shot upwards, pointing up tall and proud. Laszlo was finally able to let out a shaky breath feeling the material no longer trapping him, the heat of your breath fanning over his cock, arousing him even more.
Any stress, any thoughts, instantly disappeared from Laszlo’s mind when he felt your lips wrap around his tip. You encaptured him in warmth and instantly by natural reaction his hips buckled, desperate to push further into your mouth, wanting to feel the wetness of your throat surround his throbbing cock. Gradually you started bobbing your head up and down upon him, using your hand to rub the end which you couldn’t reach yet. You would run your tongue along the underside of his cock, trailing the throbbing vein which stuck out. Occasionally you would pull yourself off him, the saliva from your lip still attacked to his cock creating a wet trial between the two of you. You would run your tongue along his sensitive tip, twisting it upon his slit, wiggling it making Laszlo yelp and cry from the stinging pain but mostly the alarming pleasure it caused. In doing that Laszlo became a moaning mess beneath you. His deep voice rumbled as he groaned from the feeling of your tongue working wonders all over him. At first, he tried to watch you, watch the way your lips curved over his cock, taking him all in but soon he didn’t have the energy to hold his head up and collapsed into the softness of the pillow as his eyes fluttered shut, completely overwhelmed by the pleasure you were bestowing upon him.
You grew excited hearing the way his voice would occasionally gasp when you wriggled your tongue upon his tip or the way he’d groan so loudly you felt the rest of the household would hear him when you attempted to take in the whole of him. Feeling his cock hitting the back of your throat was cataclysmic for Laszlo, and he started chanting to you in broken English, his mind only able to form a few words which he would use to say how perfect you were, how much he loved and adored you.
You could tell when he started to grow closer to his climax. His gasping was rapid, his hips started thrusting more into your throat making you gag, his cock twitched within you as if it had a mind of its own, preparing to shoot his load down your throat. And just as he was almost there, almost ready to feel it all pour out of him, you pulled away.
Laszlo gasped as the coldness swarmed his once warm dick. He cried out, his voice bouncing off the walls as the need to release pained him. He was right there, right at the edge and all he needed was one little touch, just something and he would be thrown into the fits of pleasure. But instead, you pulled yourself back up to your bed and pulled the bedsheet over yourself, wishing him a good night. He was frozen in shock by your actions, hardly believing you would torment him like this. But he realised this was all payback for how he had treated your earlier, and that his attempts to make it up to you still hadn’t saved him punishment from you.
Still utterly in need of friction, craving that release as he felt like the way his load was held with him, making his dick increasingly hard as his cum was within his tract, ready to leave at any moment. He pushed himself onto his side and tried to wrap his arm back around your waist, pulling you in, asking you to continue but you shrugged his arm off. Telling him no, and that you were going to sleep. Fright caught him, fearing he wouldn’t experience his release at all that night and he tired pleading with you again.
“Y/n, please, I want you,” he said in a broken whisper but you shushed him.
“I told you, Laszlo, I’m tired, I’m going to bed”
He rolled back on his front, sighing in discomfort, feeling the way his dick pressed up tightly into the bed sheets above him. Knowing you weren’t going to offer any help. Laszlo raised his hand to grasp himself in a last desperate attempt to relieve himself but sensing what he was doing you suddenly reprimanded him by saying,
“If you touch yourself, Laszlo, what I am doing now is nothing compared to what I will do to you”
The threat was enough for Laszlo to put his hand back down. He knew just how ‘creative’ you could get with punishments and ultimately he decided his best course of action was to let his erection go down on its own, no matter how painful it might become.
And painful it was.
You had a lovely nights rest, sleeping for the next eight hours in complete bliss, full of lovely dreams but Laszlo was another story. He was awake most of the night. His eyes were sore and he felt like sleep would grasp him at any moment but his dick throbbed with need, desperately hoping for something and it tormented him that he couldn’t do anything about it. From this need, he was left in a state of awakeness, unable to fully fall asleep as the pain of not finishing struck him again and again in slow waves. Laszlo ended up finding himself in the position of where his top pillow now no longer rested his head, but instead settled between his thighs, with his cock pushed tightly into the softness of it. He rutted into the pillow a few times, carefully as not to wake you but still with harshness as he tried his best to dull the aching within his cock. The pillow stimulated him, but the feeling of it was still not enough for him to reach his climax and in the end, Laszlo came to the conclusion the pillow was making the situation worse, rather than helping, and yet he couldn’t let go or stop his hips from humping it.
In the morning you naturally awoke, feeling fully rested and fresh for today’s work. Remembering the state you left Laszlo in, you pushed your body to the side to observe him, just to find his wounded eyes already upon you. His once-bright brown eyes were now dark with pain, and he had deep eye bags. His eyes looked imploringly at you from his tear-stained pillow which worn hands clung to desperately.
“Y/n” he whispered, his morning voice deep and distressed. His dark, weary eyes flickered with a glimmer of new hope, however, seeing how you were now awake. He hoped that you would take pity upon him, seeing just how tormented his night had been.
He sighed in relief when you appearing did take pity upon him as you leaned forward, wrapping your hand around his cock. Pre-cum coated his tip, aroused from the way he had been humping the pillow but now it allowed for you to swiftly rub your palm up and down his cock with quick motions, not feeling any skin upon skin resistance. His cock was already hard in your hand, and as you started to pump him, you could feel the clear outline of the veins that ran along his shaft throb against your skin. Laszlo was like putty to be played with and as soon as your hand started moving faster on him he was gasping and groaning, the sensations of last night crashing back over him as he grew so increasingly closer again. His hips thrust into your hand in desperation and he could feel his climax appearing any second. All he needed was one more pump, one more.
But you let go of him, placing your hands upon the bedsheets to thrust your body out of bed and gathering your clothes to be changed into in for the day head.
Laszlo whimpered and collapsed headfirst into the bed, his head bouncing upon the buoyancy of his pillow as once again his oncoming orgasm was ripped away from him. He felt like sobbing, a harrowing feeling carving within his chest but he refrained himself from doing so, still trying to hold onto whatever sense of dignity he might have left within him. But oh how that dignity would soon slip away.
With you leaving the bed Laszlo was forced to start his own morning ritual and prepare for the day while ignoring the obvious strain upon himself. His dick was still rock hard and achingly sore, his tip dripping out pre-cum in the hope for sensation, a sensation he now had come to released he likely wouldn’t feel anytime soon. He hissed through his teeth as he attempted to shove himself into his slacks for today, grimacing at the obvious tent that struck out. He wanted to hate you for all the desperation you were causing him, to argue with you and make you feel sorry for what you were doing to him but he couldn’t find it within him. Not when he felt like he deserved it from the way he treated you, plus perhaps even a part of him, a very deep down part of him enjoyed it as well.
Laszlo made sure to put his extra long black coat on this morning, pulling it tightly around himself, hoping it would be enough to conceal what poked out of his slacks from the prying eyes of the public. Though every time he felt Cryus’s eyes upon him, a cold sweat would swarm him, fearing Cryus knew, fearing that Cryus could read him easily. The way Cryus chuckled at something, or the way he looked at Laszlo as if he had a knowing glint in his eye made Laszlo all the more panicked. How could he ever stand to keep his reputation if people knew just how much you could rile him up. If people found out how you could play with him like a rag doll, bringing him to desperation and need for you and only you, he’d never be treated with respect again.
What was worst was today he was having to conduct interviews with families to see if their children should come to stay at the institute. He couldn’t put these interviews off, for some families had travelled far for this, yet it was too warm inside the institute to wear his heavy black coat. In the end, he had resorted to strategically holding his hands over his crotch, or crossing his legs over so no one could see the erection pushing against the material. He hoped by at least a few hours it would go down, for from what he had studied at university and what he knew from his own experiences, a human erection can only last a certain period of time without stimulation before arousal simmered.
You, however, also seemed to be aware of this, for you suddenly dropped by at his institute to deliver some papers you ‘claimed’ you thought he needed but which you both knew that was entirely not the case.
While he was talking to the child and their parents about possible explanations for their behaviour, you just so happened to drop some paper to the ground, right beside Laszlo and so you bend down to pick them up. Instantly Laszlo’s eyes were drawn to your rear, unable to pull them away as his mind was swarmed with images of you bare before him, bent over his desk just a few inches away from him, begging him to enter you. Due to the sudden barrage of images in his mind, his cock hardened again and the stimulation made him groan in frustration, his eyes briefly shutting from the fleeting pleasure that flew over him, and when he was able to open his eyes again, they landed directly upon the parents giving him perplexed looks.
It’s safe to say they didn’t return.
After they had quickly left, you tried to excuse yourself from the room as well, claiming you had somewhere to be, but as your hand rested upon the cold metal doorknob to open it, Laszlo’s hand shot up on the door, preventing it from opening. He pushed himself into your back and you could feel his erection press into you, pushing into the cheek of your rear with greed. His hand left the door to hold your waist tightly, his fingers grasping the clothes that covered the bone of your hip as he pushed his body further into you, letting out a shaky breath.
“Laszlo!” you scorned but he just placed a gentle kiss upon your temple as if that would make up from the desperate way he was acting, “y/n, please, enough with this, I cannot endure this torment any longer”
You pushed his arm off you and spun around on your heel to face Laszlo. Your back was pressed into the door as Laszlo hardly left any space between the two of you as he leaned into you desperately.
“Did you say just the other week that you would not permit any sexual activities within your institute, in fear of one of the children seeing” you reminded him after you had attempted to go down on Laszlo from under his desk while John was in the room, unaware of the situation Laszlo was having to deal with. Laszlo was not happy with you after that and had reprimanded you greatly about how this was a professional children’s institute.
Laszlo bit his lips, remembering his past words and regret seeped into him and his previous level-headedness. His eyes focused back on you greedily, taking in the irresistible way you looked up at him, your chest heaving, parts of your hair coming loose from your do up and the mischievous glint in your eyes. Dam what he had previously said, he needed you over that desk so he could finally gain his release.
“That was before all of this, now I need you, urgently, I can not waste any more time to go back home to our chamber”
Laszlo was going to continue to rant about his desires, about the current images swarming his mind but you simply raised your finger to his lips, pressing it gently upon him, stopping him.
“I would hate for you to break your own rule Laszlo”
He quickly opened his mouth to argue but you talked over him again, “I’ll see you tonight Laszlo”
With that you were able to open the door a small crack due to the space Laszlo had hardly left you but you were able to slip through, leaving Laszlo to mutter to himself in anger. His hand came to stroke his beard in comfort as he paced the room trying to distract himself from his aching erection. Shakingly he dared to lower his hand down to his crotch, grimacing at seeing how his old worn hand shook but he snatched it away. He couldn’t relieve himself, no matter how much he might have wanted to.
Thus started Laszlo’s own personal hell. Every morning you would be on him, your lips trailing all over his body, your hand touching every inch of him till finally, they lowered to giving him hand jobs, pulling him to the brink of pleasure yet pulling away at the last moment, and in the evening you would go down on him, your lips wrapped around him, pushing him as far as you could imagine into your throat just to leave him achingly despondent as you pulled him away as you felt him begin to twitch. He had thought you would only keep this punishment up for a day at the most, knowing how much it hurt him not to seek this release but the longer you continued it, the more distraught and desperate he became.
Soon he no longer held back any tears when you released him before his time. The stimulation of being so close for what felt like to him the thousandth time just for it to be pulled away again felt like you were pricking his sensitive tip with a dozen of painstakingly sharp needles. He would burst out sobbing, crying with tears streaming down his ruddy red cheeks due to his need for friction, his need to finally feel some sort of release.
On the third day of his living hell, you had just finished toying with Laszlo, grabbing his crotch and squeezing his cock through his slacks as he attempted to read. He whimpered from the pressure and in surprise, you watched as he crumbled from the chair and onto the floor from the overwhelming need, and then now he crawled over to where you sat and pulled himself upon his knees before you. His hand clutched your knee as you looked down at him, finding yourself shocked by his desperation. His reading glasses slipping down his nose from the sweat that had gathered on his face, to the point where they threatened to fall off his face but he made no move to push them back up again as he looked up at you imploringly.
“Please y/n,” he said in a broken whisper, “Please, I can’t cope anymore, please”
His hand shook as his fingers dug into your knee and his forehead leaned forward to rest upon your kneecap, pleading for you to end this.
You tutted at him, moving to place your hand under his chin, raising his face away from your knees to look you in the eyes. His own were glistened with tears as he whimpered feeling desire shot through him even in this slight piece of contact.
“You are so desperate for me aren’t you Laszlo?”
“Achingly so my love”
“It’s amusing, how the great Alienist is dependent on me to make him feel good” you murmur, running your finger down his neck instantly causing him to swallow. He held no response for your statement however so you continued to talk.
“In the end, it will always come down to this, you may have the intelligence darling, the reputation, but you’ll always end up on your knees for me, needing me to pleasure you. You couldn’t live without me”
“I’ll always need you” he whimpered
“Who do you belong to?”
You tilted your head, letting out a puff of laughter at the way his face was bright red in shame, the way he appeared so shy and anxious yet desperate and lustful. How his hand upon your knee shook with nerves but the pupils in eyes were blown up in desire. You leaned forward, moving your hand from under his chin to instead grasp his soft hair, pulling at it so his head was tugged back. He gurgled at the feeling but it was quickly cut off as your lips sought out his, colliding with him. This kiss was messy but hot, making him moan as the sensation shot straight down to his crotch. Both your lips moved upon each other, opening up to press against each other’s lips but it lead the two of you to often miss your mark, instead brushing your lips upon the whole of his lower face as you tried to find his again. Finally, his bottom lip slotted between yours and your teeth bit lightly down upon it, pulling at his lip making him whimper from the sensations. But as soon as the kiss had started it had ended. You let go of him, getting off your seat and stepping over his hunched over body on the floor. You made a beeline towards the door, leaving it open as you passed through. Not supporting himself on your knee anymore, Laszlo collapsed onto the ground, lying curled up within himself due to lack of energy. His hips twitched as if they had a mind of his own, thrusting into the air in desperation, making him sob from the lack of stimulation.
The next day you and Laszlo took a trip out to one of his favourite restaurants, Delmonicos. Laszlo was excited to see what the cook would surprise him with this evening, as often was the tradition when you two took an outing out to his restaurant. The staff knew you well and Laszlo enjoyed the surprise of new food and often work through many different courses. However, that excitement soon swapped to dread and lustfulness as he saw the way your eyes glimmered with mischief and how your lips pulled into a sly smile. You sat opposite from Laszlo at first and made no adventitious towards him, lulling him into a false sense of security, which he paid for very quickly when he made the mistake of leaving his legs open. You shot your foot forward before he had the chance to close his legs, slotting between them and pressing against his crotch.
Lighty, you pressed down further upon his crotch causing Laslzo to whimper from the pressure placed upon him. He bit his lip in an attempt to push down the noises that came to his throat and he scrunched his eyes closed, trying his best to focus not letting other’s dining in the well-respected restaurant hear him. He knew he should have booked a private room.
Laszlo felt he was succeeding in suppressing his moans from the ever-increasing pressure your foot placed upon him, but then he heard an awkward cough beside him and he finally opened his eyes and looked up to see the waiter looking down at him confused.
Laszlo instantly straightened himself, his cheeks turning bright red that not even his beard could hide as he scrambled for a napkin, placing it brashly over his crotch in an attempt to hide where your foot resided. He thanked the waiter for taking in his order of drinks and then he turned to glare at you, his eyes trying to pierce right through you and remind you exactly where the two of you were. You however were desperately trying to hold back a laugh threatening to rip from his throat at how flustered Laszlo had become at almost being caught.
You eventually removed your foot to grant him some slight mercy but the damage was already done. Laszlo could feel the blood shoot down to his crotch, causing his erection to press up against his slacks again and he growled in frustration, knowing no amount of food would be able to distract him from this. He crossed his legs over, using his left leg to push down the erection as much as he could. To his horror though the situation only grew worse for him when he suddenly heard John Moores grating voice calling to him.
John appeared beside the twins, Marcus and Lucius, smiling down happily at the two of you, remarking at how it was a coincidence all of you meeting at this time but then joking about how perhaps it wasn’t due to how Laszlo seemed to spend all of his time here.
“People often ask me, ‘Where do you find Dr Kreizler, at the institute I assume’ and I always have to inform them instead, ‘if you want to find the man in a good mood, he will always be at Delmonico’s, treat him to a meal and he’ll sing to you about psychology like a canary” John chortled, earning a glare from Laszlo.
Though the twins were a lot more apprehensive, not wanting to disturb the two of you, John seemed to pay this no mind and invited himself to sit down at the table. Allowing space for the twins to also sit down, you scooted your chair over till you were now sat beside Laszlo rather than opposite him.
He flinched when he suddenly felt your hand grab a hold of his thigh, squeezing it as the corners of your mouth rose into a smirk causing Laszlo to gulp. You didn’t move your hand at first, just letting it rest upon his leg as you engaged in a discussion with Marcus while Laszlo kept John and Lucius entertained, but slowly your hand just to trail up his thigh, your fingers digging into the soft material of his slacks as you moved higher up to his protruding erection.
The first order of the dish arrived, soup, and Laszlo licked his lips in anticipation, thrilled to finally start eating but as he picked up his spoon, eagerly bringing it to his lips, you finally moved your hand to grasp his bulge through his slacks.
Laszlo sputtered into the spoon from the sudden contact, his legs twitching in jolts at the pressure and pleasure suddenly flooding him. John and the twins glance over at Laszlo confused by his reaction and Laszlo dabs his spilt soup with his napkin and mutters an apology to everyone claiming he inhaled some of it, which sufficed as a reasonable explanation to everyone who went to focus back on their soup.
With one hand, you ate your soup, while your other hand slowly groped Laszlo, pushing your hand into his crotch to bump against his erection, occasionally squeezing it causing Laszlo to instinctively push his hips forward.
He had to bite down on his lip harshly, almost drawing blood to suppress the groan that threatened to leave him as the pleasure mounted, driving all reasonable thoughts from his mind. By the time the waiters came to take the soup back he had hardly touched it causing everyone else to shoot Laszlo confused glances knowing how much he enjoyed his food.
“You’ve hardly touched your soup!” John remarked in surprise, “And you’ve come down with an awful blush, are you well?”
Laszlo wanted to swear under his breath at John’s loud observations, bringing everyone’s attention back to him which he desperately wanted to avoid. Gulping from feeling your grasp tightening upon him quietly he managed to muster out, “A bit under the weather I’m afraid John, but it’s nothing to concern yourself with”
The second dish arrived and that was when you decided it was time to up the ante, to see just how far you could push Laszlo this evening. As the sound of the plates being placed down made a rattle, none of them heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. But Laszlo certainly did.
A small whine emitted from him as his face scrunched up. The feeling of your warm fingers pressing into his soft flesh, brushing up and down his length did all sorts of wonders to him. Quickly his erection pushed up even further causing Laszlo’s body to stiffen with tension. Once again he thrust his hip a fraction upwards, seeking to feel the friction of your hand moving up and down his cock. Laszlo was mortified you dare do something like this so in public, with your friends on either side of you. If any of them looked under the table, even for a split second, they would see the way his cock was out on show, the way your fingers held him, teasing him, how high his erection was. Any ounce of respect they might have had for Laszlo would instantly leave.
At home he was free to moan, groan, whimper all he needed for you, but here he couldn’t dare do so without regaining attention from him, and you were determined to see how far you could push him to hear those delightful noises escape his mouth unwittingly.
You lightly dragged your nails up and down him, tracing the throbbing vein that stuck out in him. Your thumb grazed over his incredibly sensitive tip, deep purple by this point and oozing with pre-cum that aided you in pumping his shaft easier. His cock twitched within your hand, desperately seeking that friction to release as endless days of teasing.
When you placed your cutlery down to allow the waiters to take your second dish, you put your hand under the table as well. To the rest of the people at the table, it simply looked as if you were resting your hands upon your lap, in reality, your spare hand was now cupping Laszlo’s balls. You fondled them, feeling the way skin soft skin upon them tightened under your fingers, the way Laszlo hissed through his teeth at the contact.
As the next dish arrived, Laszlo buried himself in the food, trying to suppress his moans by filling his mouth with it. He might of seem greedy at the moment in front of his friends but he had decided that was better than them realising his current predicament.
He felt him grow increasingly close, however, and that made him fear for the worst. From this relentless edging, the chance of his release taking less time than usual was significantly higher but you wouldn’t let him cum here, not in front of all his friends. Not in a respected establishment. Laszlo didn’t believe in a god but he was ready to pray that that was the case. Laszlo knew if he orgasmed now he wouldn’t be able to hold back the moan that spurred from him, the ecstasy would be too immense.
Whimpering quietly, his head turned towards you, sending you a pleading look. In his eyes they shone with desperation, wetness starting to consume them as he tried to non verbally beg you to stop, to have mercy upon him.
Mercy came rather quicker than both of you expect however when John accidentally knocked his knife to the ground creating such a loud noise it made the two of you jump out of your skins in sudden surprise.
“Oh silly me!” he claimed, bending over to push his head under the table cloth in an attempt to find where his knife and landed and to pick it up.
Just as Laszlo felt his impending release coming, the feeling his load in his shaft, swelling him up and ready to burst out of him at any moment, quick as lightening you pushed his erection back into his slacks, pulling the zip up before John could observe any miscreants under the table.
While Laszlo ached from his orgasm being ripped away from him once again, he shot you a thankful glance for stopping before John could see what had happened and saved him from relentless teasing and embarrassment from John. Though he knew John wouldn’t be one to spread rumours about him, John certainly would remark about it to him and with the exceedingly loud voice he possessed, any stranger could overhear what he had to say and Laszlo feared what the people who disliked him greatly would make of it.
He should have known it was far from over though. Later that night again you were down upon him, his slacks pulled down to his ankles, your hands grasping his twitching thighs as he was pressed up against his house door. He hardly got a chance to close it before you were upon him, ripping his slacks down. Taking your mouth off his cock you lick your lips and glance back up at him teasing him for having his cock out so open in public.
“You enjoyed it didn’t you” you’d whisper, your hot breath washing over his cock making him whimper, “Being on display like that. You became so erect from it. I think secretly you wanted to get caught”
“No,” Laszlo whispered, trying to deny such claims, his face burning with embarrassment.
“Oh yes you did, you wanted to get caught, shown to the world as the whore you are”
A shiver went through his spine, tears springing to his eyes which he despairingly tried to hold back, but a cry echoed out of him as he felt your warm lips wrap around his tip again, swirling your tongue over it.
But like every night before he was left just on the edge of pleasure, but never getting that release he needed.
The next day he had arranged to meet up with John for a walk, to exercise the brain by teaching John about psychology. He was preparing his outfit for the day, when your hands grasped his shoulders as he felt his back suddenly pressed against the wall, causing a slight yelp of pain and surprise to pass through his mouth.
Laszlo looked at you wide-eyed, seeing how blown your pupils were with lust, but before he could make any remark you dipped your face into the crook of his neck, lighting tugging his skin in your mouth. He cried out at the pain and the bliss of it all, his hand shooting up to grab your hair, not knowing whether to pull you away or hold you close.
You let go of his skin though, instead now placing your lips over the part you just bit and sucking at it, humming to yourself as you saw the instant darkening of his skin, a bruise already forming.
Laszlo’s jaw was slack as he moaned as the feeling of your lips trailing all over his neck leaving wet marks all over him while simultaneously sucking and biting marks onto his neck, covering him so delicately everyone would know exactly who he belonged to. His eyelids fluttered in a daze and his hips buckling as your lips found the paluse in his neck and harshly sucked upon it.
“Y/n” he moaned loudly, his fingers wrapping themselves tighter in your hair to tug at you, making a moan pull from your throat as well as you felt your hair which you had so neatly tied up, come loose from the pins as his hand pulled further.
By the time you were done with him, he was panting heavily, sweat beads upon his forehead, dark marks trailing down his neck and a tent sticking up in his slacks, which seemed now permanently stretched to compensate for the fact he often had an erection.
“You don’t want to keep John waiting!” you teased as you walked away, hearing Laszlo groan at the realisation he was supposed to meet John at any minute though now he was in no state to do so. Ordering Cryus to get the calash ready he quickly ran around his room, attempting to find ways to cover all the bruises on his neck and his erection.
While Laszlo was out you decided to take a walk of yourself to enjoy the park within New York. You loved to observe all the lovely flowers that bloomed during this time of the year and the way the multicoloured birds flew past you, singing their pretty song. While there you encountered a boy selling newspapers, you gave him a shilling and picked up the newspaper, wanting to see what idle gossip was being spread amongst the people today, but a frown was cast upon your face when you started to read exactly what the latest story said.
In the evening Laszlo collapsed through the door exhausted. Every day this edging had been taking a toll on him, as he was brought upon the peak repeatedly it made him an exhausted mess, and in trying to ensure John did not notice the bruises on his neck or the way his slacks stuck out, it tired him immensely.
He dragged his feet through his house, stumbling into the main room, almost collapsing on the floor but he managed to pull himself slightly together and in glancing up spotted you sitting down at the table, clasping your hands in front of you with today’s newspaper beside you.
“Please y/n, no more edging, I can’t cope” he whispered in a broken voice, looking imploringly at you.
“Have you seen the newspapers today Laszlo?” you ask him, and his eyebrows cast down in confusion his lips moving wordlessly for a brief second.
“I have been… otherwise engaged”
“It mentions you in it”
Laszlo’s skin paled as he realised what exactly was written about him in the newspaper. In this whole week’s worth of torment, he had lacked the chance, or rather the courage to tell you why he had snapped at you. He knew he should of for he didn’t want you to find out in this way, but he had been a coward and now it was time to face his comeuppance for repeatedly withholding the truth from you.
“Y/n..” he began to say, taking a hesitantly step towards you but you had already pushed yourself out of your seat and met him in the middle. You looked up at him, with an unreadable expression and Laszlo almost flinched when he felt your hand cup the side of his face, not expecting it.
“The other day, when you snapped at me, it’s because you were worried about that boy, wasn’t it?” you whispered and observed as Laszlo hung his head in shame at the reminder of what he did to you.
“Yes,” he said so quietly even a bat would have struggled to hear it.
You breathe in as you finally understand Laszlo’s predicament, and what you had made him suffer for this whole week because of it.
“It says you were hit”
“The father… he had a mean right hook”
You sigh, almost feeling tears pool in your eyes from sympathy towards Laszlo. Finally, you took a good look upon him as if ultimately observing him for the first time and seeing how tired and worn out he was. Not only had you been putting him under a great amount of tension, but his work had also been eating away at him and he had to nurse his sore jaw back to health.
“Oh, Laszlo” you whispered, wishing he had just told you this sooner.
Laszlo swallowed, feeling guilty for keeping it a secret from you but he became surprised when he felt your gentle lips brush onto his, pulling him into a kiss. The hand that rested on the side of his face moved back to tangle its fingers within his hair, holding his face close to you as you started to push harder into the kiss, moving your lips which Laszlo instantly recoupled. It was needy, desperate, passionate as your bodies pressed into each other.
Your lips hardly left his as you continuously pushed him back till you entered your bedroom. He didn’t notice the change of setting until you finally pulled away from his lips, just to press your hands to his chest and push him onto the bed.
Laszlo flopped down and grasped the duvet of the bed in surprise, looking around briefly at the bed and then back to you who stood before him, smirking at seeing him lying down before you in anticipation. Instantly you crawled onto him, your lips going to nip along his jawline making him gasp softly. Your hands worked at the buttons of his waistcoat, but it was taking too long to undress him.
Grasping the material of his dress shirt in your hand, you ripped it open, tearing it down the middle until it was left in shreds and exposed his chest for you.
Laszlo whined, exclaiming how expensive that was, but you shut him up by shoving your tongue into his opened mouth. You pressed your tongue against him, coxing it to move along with you as you explored every inch of his mouth, determined to feel all of it with your tongue. It made Laszlo hum with approval as he felt the way your tongue felt in his mouth.
Your hands trailed along his chest, running your fingers through the slight amount of body hair that had grown upon him. It felt coarse in your hands but you loved the feeling of it upon your palms. Lightly your fingers tugged upon it, trying not to be too harsh upon him but nevertheless, he moaned into your mouth from it.
You didn’t want to wait around any longer now, and you knew Laszlo couldn’t bear it either. You pulled back from his lips, a trail of saliva linking the two of you for a breath second till it broke. You wanted to laugh at the way his erection poked up so clearly in his slacks, how it had seemed he never stopped having one and his slacks had therefore adjusted to it. Without a seconds hesitation, your hand pulled down the slacks as fast as you could, ripping them off his legs leaving him completely in the nude.
His erection instantly rose, now free of its condiments. The tip was a deep purple and you knew how aching it must be. Already pre-cum smeared the tip, leaking out of Laszlo in excitement. The vein upon him you could see eagerly throbbing in anticipation, desperate for you. You found his cock so pretty, and you just wanted to pepper it in kisses, but now was not the time. He needed to be inside of you at last, and who were you to deny him.
Quickly you rid yourself of your own restricting clothes, and Laszlo watched with pure admiration towards you as your body was exposed to him. He particularly whined as you finally revealed your chest and his mouth was salivating at the thought of taking them in his mouth.
You clambered onto his hips and positioned yourself above him. You took his cock in one hand, making sure he aligned with your cunt, and Laszlo’s hands reached to grab your thighs, stabilizing yourself and for his own sake to have something to cling to.
Taking in one last deep breath, you pushed your hips onto him with a quick thrust downwards, sliding his cock into you.
Laszlo’s head hit the pillow as a loud moan echoed out of him, the hands grasping your thighs tightened, surely leaving bruises for the morning. The feeling of your wet, velvet walls taking him in, opening up for him and surrounding him in heat was orgasmic, and he did almost cum at that very moment. He felt like crying from the swarm of pleasure washing over him, after all these times of handjobs and blowjobs, finally to be buried inside of you was blissful. Instantly his hips tried to push up, attempting to shove himself further into you.
Placing your hands upon your chest, you lift your hips up just to slam them back down onto his hips. A broken sob echoed out of Laszlo from the friction, and already you were panting from the feeling of how Laszlo’s wide girth opened you up, pushing into that spongy spot inside of you that sent electric waves of pleasure crashing through you.
You started to move your hips faster and faster upon him, the sound of clapping mixed with loud moaning from the two of you likely could be heard from anyone in the house. Laszlo rocked his hips in time with you, feeling the need to plunder into you.
“I’m-I’m close” he managed to tell you between gasps.
You looked down upon him and your heart fluttered at the way his cheeks, even coved by his beard, were bright red. His eyes were half open and completely glazed in lust, his lips were puffy from the way you ravaged them earlier but they looked so beautiful now as they hung open from the way he was continuously gasping after every thrust into you.
Your hands left his chest to grasp his shoulders and you coxed him up till his chest was pushed against yours and his hands instantly moved to grasp your back. His stronger hand was placed between your shoulder blades while his other hand was able to rest on the dip of your back. From this position, it was easier for him to thrust into you, and so he did with quick, harsh thrusts that were accompanied by deep grunts. His lips moved from your ears as he bent down slightly to press kisses to your chest. But from all this edging it didn’t take him any time at all to reach his climax and for a second, for a split second, he feared you would rip it away again, that he would be left unsatisfied and aching in torment.
And then he came.
He let out such a lewd moan that if he had more of his wits about him, he would have been deeply blushing at. But instead, his head flew back and you had to grasp his back to ensure he wouldn’t fall back onto the bed. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head as the most powerful orgasm he’s ever had washed through him. His legs shook from the stimulation making his whole body convulse, his fingers dug into your back, leaving crescent-shaped marks upon him. You were a moaning mess yourself, feeling the way his seed splattered against your walls, coating them in an oozing warmth. Laszlo continued to cry out from the pleasure as he slowly thrust in time with him pumping, excessive amounts of cum flowing out of him from all the times he had been worked up.
Finally, after what you swore must have been a good few minutes, his thrusts slowed as the final dribble of cum flowed out of him and his head went slack against your shoulder. His body shuddered in timing with his pants as he gasped for breath, feeling like he had just run for his life. His heartbeat steadily against his chest, and from the way you two were so close to each other, it felt as if his heartbeat was one with your own.
He rested there, just enjoying being surrounded by your heart until suddenly you started moving your hips upon him again.
His face shot up to yours in surprise, instantly gasping, “Y/n” but you just smirked.
“After all this time Laszlo,” you started to say, stroking his face, “Would you expect me to let you get away with one orgasm? I haven’t even had my own yet”
And with that, you lifted your hips and slammed back down onto him.
Laszlo cried out, tears springing to his eyes from the sudden overstimulation. His tip hurt, ached as it was pushed up against your walls, but his body betrayed him as you felt him hardening within you again.
You pushed Laszlo back down onto the bed again, and gently you grasped his wrists. With his stronger hand, you pulled it up to his head and held it down there, while with his deformed hand you brought it up to your face, and wrapped your lips around his fingers, sucking them gently.
He bit down on his lip, nearly drawing blood as he watched as you did that, making his heart flutter even more from the love for you that overwhelmed him.
As you thrust down upon him, you let go of his hands to push your body down and press your breasts upon his face, instantly he sort for your nipples and wrapped his lips around one, running his tongue along them and sucking.
He adored your breasts and the way your nipples harden under his touches. Sucking upon you brought him comfort and peace but he had to let go as he suddenly felt once again another orgasm pulling close to him.
Tears streamed from his eyes as he started chanting your name between broken sobs, his hips thrusting up on their own once again seeking his orgasm, and shuddering, you felt him twitch and throb within you as he released his seed again. Less this time but still powerful that you felt it pool into you, making you feel full with his already laid load in you.
By now Laszlo was completely spent, his sweat sticky body pressing into the bedsheets, his breath shallow as he tried to recover from it but still you moved your hips upon him.
“Please” he cried out “I- I-I can’t come again. It hurts too much” he sobbed but you sushed him.
“I know you can darling, you be my good boy and treat me okay”
He whimpered in response, feeling pins and needles attacking his tip but still down to your command he thrust his hips lightly into you again.
His body was flushed and trembling in your grasp, broken moans coming from his raw throat but still you rode him, harshly and tightly till you felt your own throes of an orgasm crash down upon you.
As Laszlo felt your cunt grasp him tightly, pulling him in and fluttering around him, it brought him to one last brink. He cried out so loudly the whole street probably heard. It was pain mixed with pleasure as he came. His eyes scrunched up tightly and his mouth was open agaite as he cried, and pushed out the last bits of cum from his poor, throbbing cock.
He finally went limp and you collapsed upon his chest, too exhausted to do anything else. Neither of you moved, instead panting loudly as you tried to steady your breath. Eventually his arms wrapped around you again, and he placed gentle kisses all upon your face,
“Thank you” he croaked and you shot him a confused glance.
“Just- thank you”
A/N: Tomorrow (Sunday 11th) I will be starting my 900 followers celebration in which I will be writing drabble for any requests I get in. I'll be releasing more detail in the morning (bst time) about it, which Daniel characters I will be writing for and one surprise non-Daniel character I will be including in the list 😌 so keep a watch out for that if you would like to send any requests in
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
Headcanons for reactions of Zemo being with a reader that has stretch marks (legs or stomach,... because of weak tissue😂) and maybe is self conscious about them when he can see them (in different angles))? :)
As someone who has stretch marks, I've been looking forward to writing this as soon as it came into my ask box.
Tumblr media
- When Zemo first got to know you always wore trousers, leggings, anything that covered your legs and he didn't think twice about it. After all in the line of work, you were in being able to move quickly and easily was essential.
- But truly the main reason you wore them, even when you were in hot places was that on your knees and thighs you had stretch marks. They were dark and you felt that if people looked at you they would be able to see the marks a mile off. You felt ashamed of them though there was no reason to. You didn't know why they had appeared, and you hated that you had them, unlike your peers. You wanted to go back to the time before you had them but now they were stuck on you, they might fade in colour but the scars would remain.
- That's why even when you and Zemo finally started to date, you still were very cautious about letting him see them which meant certain activities were off the table for now. After all, if you found them ugly then surely Zemo would find them ugly as well. You didn't want to see how bad his reaction might be to them and you were ashamed for him to see such things.
- Zemo was a gentleman and understood that you didn't want to be rushed into things and so he never pushed you. He would wait for you.
- There came the time when he would eventually see them. You knew this but it came sooner than you would have liked. On one mission you were on with him you were shot in the leg. You were unable to get to a hospital so Zemo ran to grab everything he needed to help the wound and unfortunately that meant for you that you needed to take your trousers off so he would be able to treat you.
- You didn't like seeing them appear as you tug off your trousers and as Zemo sits down to wrap up your leg, you have to look away from him, not wanting to see his face as he looks at them. If Zemo notices them, he doesn't say. Instead, he reassures you about the wound and kindly treats you.
- After he had bandaged you go to pull the trousers over your leg, at least to cover up the scars but Zemo's hand reaches out to grasp your wrist, stopping you. Finally, you turn to look him in the eyes and you could tell by the way his eyes bore into yours that he had finally realised.
- You both don't say anything for a moment, you stare into the eyes of each other till eventually, Zemo's hand reaches over to your leg, tracing the scars upon them lightly. "They are beautiful" he murmurs and at that point, you almost broke down into tears.
- You still hated your stretch marks and though slowly in time you grew more confident in being able to wear shorts you still hated the way they looked and how Zemo could see them but every time he would reassure you that he loved you and that he didn't see them as ugly.
- One night he took off his own top and showed you the scars he got over the years, ones that he felt self-conscious about as well but he felt enough comfort from you to be able to show them to you.
- When you two first decide to sleep together Zemo spent at least ten minutes covering them in kisses, muttering praises against your leg and thigh about how you were more radiant than venus herself, that even the moon in all her glory couldn't compare to the beauty of you.
TAGS: @shrekboobies @arianalilyblack @wonderwoman292 @justreadingficsdontmindme @thehuiabird @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @zemosimp420 @kadeuuijib @multiyfandomgirl40 @unbeatablecurlgirl @there-goes-thefighter @lieutenantn @neoarchipelago @cable-kenobi @edencherries @faustlyaccused @julyvegan @prestigious-tea @hannahbal-the-fannibal @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @competitivepomegranate @welcometothemxdhouse @flutterskies @rumblelibrary @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @sky-writes-stuff @barneswidow @checkurwindow @babayaga67 @spookycereal-s @hb8301 @mylifeispainandiloveit
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
Synopsis: Zemo wanted to try something new, a concept he had heard of, pegging, and you were certainly happy to give it a try. (Essentially a Zemo pegging fic guys)
Word count: 4k
Author’s note: This was requested by @julyvegan so I hope you enjoy this! I certainly had a fun time writing it.
Warnings: Pegging, fingering, sucking on a finger, talk and use of a strap on, looking at an online s*x shop, handjob, sub!Zemo
(Please check out my master list to see what I will be writing next and if requests are open or closed)
Cross-posted to ao3 under the same username
Tumblr media
The sound of the keys on a laptop ring out as you and Zemo lay down beside each other on the bed, your eyes solely resting upon the laptop before you. Hitting enter, you moved your hand slightly to hover the mouse over the link to the online shop.
“You can back out anytime you want to Helmut,” you tell him, finally switching your gaze to his. He bit the edge of his lip in consideration before looking over to shaking his head. “No my darling, I meant it when I said it then, and I mean it when I say it now. I want to try this.”
“Are you okay with it?” he then asks, panicking for a second thinking you were having second thoughts but from the smirk upon your lips at his question, he relaxed again.
“Absolutely” you murmur, leaning in to brush your lips upon his lips, pulling his bottom lip as you pushed into him more fiercely. You felt his groan vibrate against your mouth and his hand instantly reaching up to tangle into your hair, clutching it tightly to hold you closer to him. If you hadn’t reached your hand up to subsequently push yourself away, you had no doubt that your afternoon would have gone a different way, but you were eager to do this online shopping with Zemo. Reaching back over to the laptop you press a button and start to load up the website.
After searching through it you finally found the right page and started loading up the strap on’s. Both of your eyes widened as you took in all of the options that were before you, the pages loading seemed ever-increasing
“How about that one?” you ask, moving to hover the mouse over one of the recommended beginner ones. But Zemo shook his head.
“Too small”
“Well that’s because it’s a beginner Helmut, and you are a beginner to this sort of thing”
“It’s still too small, I want the full experience”
You roll your eyes at Zemo’s stubbornness and continue to scroll down the page.
“This one?” you ask pointing out another one and Zemo tilted his head in consideration for a moment then shook his head. “I don’t like the colour”
“I don’t think the colour really matters Helmut, it’s not like you’ll be seeing much of it”
“I want a nice colour, not neon green”
This exchange happened for a few more minutes with you pointing out potential strap on’s for him to try and Zemo finding reasons as to why he didn’t like them. You were on the verge of giving up believing you wouldn’t find one Zemo would be completely satisfied with, he was too much of a perfectionist but then Zemo’s hand landed on your arm stilling you from scrolling further, and with his other hand he pointed to one particular strap on, on the screen.
“That one” he demanded.
It was of average size, not as small as the first one you had pointed out but not the largest one you had seen on the website either. But the thing that stuck out the most and made you want to laugh because of course, of the ones Zemo would go for, it would be that, was the fact that it was purple.
The wait for it was excruciating. Both you and Zemo were anxious to try it out and every day it had you two running to see if there would be a parcel to arrive but alas no luck. Zemo would grumble about how he was a Baron and these things should be arriving quickly, you would check him in on his privilege.
It was around three weeks later when the package would finally arrive and it just so happened to be one of the days when Zemo was out on a mission. Excited you rushed to the bedroom to try it on imagining just how tonight would go. Tying it on, it made you feel a sense of empowerment, feeling a dynamic shift within yourself as a smile broke out on your face and glee seeing the strap on before you. You imagined this feeling of pride and power was what Zemo often felt standing before you when you two usually made love but now you were already beginning to feel addicted to this and you couldn’t wait to see Zemo before you on the bed tonight.
You had to put it away though, carefully putting it back into a draw and then you searched through the room for the lube you frequently used and placed it beside it and shut the drawer.
It was late in the evening where you lounged out upon the sofa in your living room, watching some nature documentary when you heard the keys jingle within the door and Zemo walked through. As usual, Zemo wore his working clothes, tight black trousers, purple turtle neck which over the top he wore a long dark coat with fur collar, upon his hands were leather gloves with a smear of blood, evidence as to what his mission involved.
“Good evening my Baroness” he purrs as his eyes latch onto yours and he makes a move to walk over to you, sitting down beside you to place his hands upon your thigh, rubbing your leg tenderly.
You lean forward and Zemo follows, believing you were to grant him a kiss but instead you leaned your head to the side, your lips only an inch away from his ear as your hand sneaks down his back, resting against his ass which you squeeze.
“Guess what arrived today Darling”
Zemo’s head shot up, his eyes sparkling with a newfound vigour and at just the thought of it, he felt his trousers growing tighter. His breathing became more rapid as you placed a kiss on the side of his jaw, just below his ear and you let your teeth graze that sensitive part making him shiver.
“Please” he whispered, the man who so often seemed to find any words to tease you, was now rendered wordless apart from a plea, by you, and only you.
Taking his gloved hand, you lead Zemo up the staircase and as you reach the door, you turn to switch Zemo before you, placing your hands on his chest and pushing him through the door.
He stood before you and watched as you took his hand and pulled it up to your lips. With your teeth, you grasp the top of the glove, careful to avoid the blood, and slowly tug it off his hand and chucking it to the floor. He swallows as you repeat the same with his other hand, and he can’t hold back from grasping your hips and pulling you into him as his lips crash onto yours. His eyes flutter as he moves his lips upon you, a groan rumbling from within his throat.
Your hands trail down his turtle neck and then with urgency you tug at his coat, sliding it off his arms while his lips never leave yours. When you finally tried to pull your lips away from him he only pushed harder onto you, attempting to capture them again but you grasp his chin, forcing him to look at you.
“Tonight you are doing what I say Helmut,” you tell him and frown seeing the sparkle of mischief within his eyes but he nods his head towards you. “I render my power over to you my dear”
You pull at his turtleneck and with his help you were able to lift it over his head. You lightly trail your nails down his chest, not too harshly but enough to leave a trail of red marks upon him. His skin prickles with goosebumps as his eyes follow how your hand trail closer and closer to his trousers. He felt the anticipation within him growing but as if you could feel it yourself, you pulled away from him making him almost whimper for you, but he manages to catch himself.
He tilts his head in confusion as he looks upon you while you smirk and cross your arms. Seeing Zemo standing before you, bare-chested with nail marks upon his skin, his hair falling loose upon his forehead, his pupils blown up in lust and with only his trousers left on, it made you feel your own cunt flutter and swarm with warmth.
“Strip for me” you command him, straightening your back to signify the power you held over him. He in turn smirked at you but being obedient his hands trail down to belt on his trousers and yanks it off, then he grabs the zipper on his trousers and quickly tugs it down. Hooking his hands into his waistband be pulls down his own trousers and boxers and carefully pulls them off his legs leaving him completely nude before you.
“Get onto the bed”
“Don’t you want me to help you with your own clothes” Zemo replies, ignoring your command to instead walk towards you again, attempting to move his hips and to push his erection into you.
“Helmut” you warned, “On the bed”
He huffed but pulled himself away from you, moving to lie down upon the bed and wait anxiously for you. You helped yourself removing your clothes, to which Zemo started lamenting about your beauty ‘even venus would be jealous’ in attempts to swoon you over so he could kiss you again but you ignored him to move over to the draw to fetch the lube. You left the strap on in the draw, for now, knowing Zemo needed to be prepared beforehand before he attempted that.
His body was covered in a light sweat as he watched you settle on the end of the bed, lube in hand. In the weeks commencing as you waited for the strap on to arrive, you and Zemo had discussed safe words and now you reminded him of the word he chose in case he needed to use it.
You chuckled as you saw how his cock grew harder as he watched you before him, lightly he grasped the sheets of the bed, breathing in and now steadily as he prepared himself for the intrusion. Seeing now nervous, though aroused, Zemo was becoming, you leaned over him and pulled him into a gentle kiss, your hand resting upon his jaw as you hold him. He sighed happily feeling your lips upon him as in instinct he raises his hand to place between your shoulder blades on your back, but at the touch, you pull back.
“Are you ever going to start?” Zemo teases, the corners of his lips curling and you roll your eyes at him but you know his quips were attempts at calming himself. Finally, you take the lube and coat your fingers in it. You move back down the bed, and grasping at his left leg you place it over your shoulder. You place a kiss upon the thigh beside your face as you raise your finger to Zemo’s outer rim. With one last glance, you look to Zemo who nods his head at you.
The breath gets caught within his throat when he finally feels your finger breaching inside of him slowly, going up to the first knuckle. He let out a groan, closing his eyes to get used to the feeling of something being inside of him. He felt the slight singing burn at being stretched, even from the small size of your finger the sensation of the warmth of your finger pressing into him was making him feel dizzy with excitement. Already he clasped your finger tightly, and although it was coated in lube you till had to ply a little bit of force to move further into him. He was warm and you were desperately wanting to do more to him as you watch the way he tries to steady his breath, the excitement pulsing through the two of you. Slowly you ease your finger to the second knuckle, the lube now allowing a swifter entry for you to slide it in. His breathing picked up again as you finally slid your whole finger into him causing him to bite onto his bottom lip.
He was clenching your finger tightly, and from the way, his hands clung to the sheet you could tell this was a lot for him and you worried that he might not be able to cope with the strap on but he started urging you to continue.
“This is nothing” he would mutter though from the way his cheeks were burning with a blush you knew the man was all talk.
Slowly you started to pump your finger in and out, picking up speed as you see the way he finally lets go of his bottom lip as a groan emerges from him. The heel of his foot digs into your shoulder as you pick up speed and before he can control it, he lets out a gasp as you move to prod another finger to his entrance. Squeezing it in, Zemo mewled feeling himself being stretched out by you. His lust-driven eyes fix onto you as he wiggles his hips craving more. His cock twitched in arousal, pushing up against him and slowly the tip was starting to turn that beautiful red colour you so loved.
You continue to thrust two fingers in and out of him and his moans quickened as he shut his eyes again feeling the pleasure creep over him, but as you notice his eyes closing with your other hand you slap his thigh causing them to shoot open. “I want you to watch this Helmut. I want you to watch as you completely collapse and lose all sense because of my fingers inside of you”
“Scheiße y/n” he groaned but forced himself to keep his eyes open as he watched you delve into him.
After a few more minutes you pushed your third finger in, stretching him out even more. He moaned loudly feeling the warmth of your fingers thrust in and out of him quickly, stretching him out further. He wanted to roll his head back and lose himself in the feeling but as you wished, he continued to watch you, watch how your fingers swiftly moved in and out of him. It was an odd thing, attempting to describe how it felt to feel your fingers move inside of him and at the same time watching you do it. He liked to watch it when he thrust into you, seeing how he connected to you, but now being the one being thrust into was a new experience. Watching the way he opened up to you, almost greedily, enraptured him while at the same time making him extremely bashful. Especially of the lude sounds that emerged from his mouth and from the wetness the lube provided.
As your fingers continued to push in you grazed upon his prostate and instantly Zemo’s back arched with the sudden surge of pleasure radiating through him. Zemo cried out from the surge, unwittingly shoving his head back into the pillow against your instruction but at this point, you didn’t mind as you were fascinated and eager to make Zemo feel so good again. You curled your fingers inside of him, finding that spot within him and started to thrust your fingers into that spot repeatedly.
Zemo cried out again from the ecstasy that rained down upon him. A few tears fell from his eyes as the pleasure overcame him. “Gott, Meiner Baroness” he whispered between gasps, unable to find any words in his mind now to quip at you.
Zemo was a moaning mess under you. The feeling of your fingers grazing that spot within him was earth-shattering and he felt his pull to release grow closer and closer. He called out your name as he finally felt himself come, shooting over his chest and dribbling down the side.
You slowly stopped moving your fingers as Zemo recovered from his orgasm, breathing heavily from this experience he had never felt before. He whimpered as he felt you remove your fingers from his entrance and with half-closed eyes, he observed you as you got up again and finally reached for the strap on in the draw. Though he had just come he felt excitement course through his veins as you finally turned around with the strap on, on.
“Finally, the main event” he managed to whisper from his raw voice. His body was covered in sweat now, starting to soak into the sheets and his hair was a mess, sticking out in places and parts falling over his forehead but his eyes gleamed with excitement.
He admired your beauty, how exquisite you looked and now with the strap on he felt powerless under you, and he loved it. Without even thinking about it, he was holding his legs spread for you, anticipating the feeling of being filled again by you.
You knelt on the end of the bed and pulled both Zemo’s legs onto your shoulders so his hips were raised and his entrance perfectly in line for you. He was a sight with his top half pressed into the bed and his bottom half lifted up for you and it made you want to treasure this moment within your mind.
Grabbing the lube, you made sure to coat the strap on and smear it over his own entrance to lessen the pain on entry. Feeling the coldness of the lube upon his slightly sore entrance from being stretched before, he hissed and so you glanced down at him to make sure he was okay and he eagerly nodded at you.
“Please darling, I need this, god I need it”
With one hand you grasped Zemo’s hips to steady him, your fingers digging into the delicate skin which you knew would leave a mark, and with the other, you held the strap on and positioned it at his entrance.
Even though your fingers had stretched him out, the toy was a lot thicker and certainly longer lengthwise so when you pushed it against his rim, he held onto the sheets tightly and groaned feeling the tip slide into him. He hadn’t been prepared for the thickness of it, and in his mind cursed at his past self for being greedy and wanting to show off with buying it, even if it was a nice colour. He felt the burning of being stretched, his once tight channel slowly being prised opened as you inched further and further into him. Gradually you pushed your hips forward, edging into him until the whole toy was filled inside of him and your hips brushed against his.
The feeling of being full was something Zemo found hard to describe. The toy pushed into him further than he thought anything could, and the feeling of being stretching, feeling himself pulse against it was indescribable, but he loved it. Seeing your hips attached to his, feeling this connection to him was incredible and he started begging, whining for you to move.
Grasping ahold of both his hips now to better position yourself. Slowly you pull out of Zemo till only the tip was in him, and then you thrust back in making Zemo moan loudly, already attempting to push his hips back onto you, grinding into you.
“Gott, mine Liebling” he groaned as he felt himself being split open by you again. His grasp on the sheets tightened as you started to slowly move your hips back and forth, the strap on pulling nearly out then plunging back into him repeatedly.
“Scheiße, y/n, please, Gott, guh” Zemo moaned out as slowly all thoughts of his drifted away, overcome with pleasure at the feeling of being thrust into. He tried to moan out words but they were caught between gasps of his.
His cheeks reddened and the sound of slapping, hips meeting hips along with his groans echoed through the room. He pushed his head back into the pillows of the bed and tried to bite his lip, worried about how loud he was moaning, equally embarrassed by it but when you saw your hand left his hip to push your finger into his mouth for him to suck on, preventing him on biting down too harshly upon his lip.
His cock was already hardening again, arousal pulling at him and on instinct, he thrust his hips in need of friction but that just slammed him into your hips more, making the strap on hit him in that perfect spot.
Once again his back arched and he gurgled overwhelmed by the pleasure coursing through his veins. As you removed your fingers he called out your name, his eyes closing as he was overcome with the feeling of being thrust into. His own body heaved up and down as you pushed into him. He lacked control of it but enjoyed the feeling of being moved upon the sheets by you. Slowly his grip on the sheets loosened as his mind became a haze of pleasure.
Suddenly you got the urge to change and before Zemo could really comprehend it, you slipped the strap on out of him. He whined at the sudden loss of pleasure and the feeling of his channel being shockingly empty, his entrance clenching around nothing but then yelped in surprise as with your grasp on his hips, you flipped him over and pulled his knees up so his head was buried in the pillows and his ass thrust up before you.
Quickly, making sure he was okay, you pushed the strap on back into him making Zemo let out an erotic moan at the feeling of being pushed into even deeper from that angle. You loved this new position, being privy to all of the freckles upon his back which you wanted to trace with your fingers, being able to enter him easier and see yourself entering him easier. He groaned into the pillow as he felt you move within him, and pushed into that delicate spot, causing his erection to rise.
Noticing this, you reach your hand down to grasp onto him. Feeling your hands wrap around him, instantly his hips buckle into you, seeking that friction. Your hand held on tightly to him as you felt him throbbing, eager to feel you move his hand and he moaned so delicately from where his face was buried in the pillows. In time with your thrusting, you started to pump him, and you leaned onto his back and pressing kisses upon his shoulder repeatedly.
Zemo whined and moaned at the feeling of this extra pleasure. You played with him so well, his legs felt like jelly and that he might collapse any moment in exhaustion from the pleasure coursing through him. His thighs twitched as you picked up your pace and he started thrusting himself back into you in a carnal desire. Once again between moans, he was calling your name, but it was muffled from the pillows so with your free hand you grasp onto his hair and pull his face upwards, away from the pillow.
His cheeks were flushed now and his mouth pulled into a permanent gasp as he drew near and nearer to his climax. His chest heaved from his heavy panting and he started to squirm underneath you as his pleasure increased tenfold.
“Scheiße y/n, I’m going to - I’m going”
He could barely finish that sentence as he came in your hand, his whole body writhing from the pleasure as his brain became a haze. You felt him cum shoot onto the bed and dribble on your hand that held him tightly. He couldn’t hold himself up anymore and collapsed onto the bed making you almost tumble onto him. You stopped thrusting to grant him some peace and slowly pulled out of him.
He laid on the bed, trying to steady his breathing and rushing heart as you took the strap on off, and gathered up wet towels to clean him down. For once he let you take care of him. Completely exhausted to do anything thing else, but as you came up near him, he took a hold of your wrist and pulled you closer to him. Kissing you gently.
“You, my Baroness, are perfect”
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
Dude you can treat it as a request or not. I just need to get this out. Imagine Karli threatening Zemo because she knows about you. And Zemo would go all overprotective™️
I loved this concept so much I had to turn it into a headcanon request!
Tumblr media
- Zemo constantly worried about you. He was worried about what might become of you because of who he was. Zemo first met you after his family was killed but before he took on the Avengers. He never thought he would move on from his wife but you shook his world and he fell fast. He adored everything about you and lived to see how happy you were with him. But he still had to complete his revenge, to avenger his country and his family and you understood this, you supported him through this.
- His plan did not go the way he wanted it though. He succeeded in taking down the avengers but at a price of being locked away inside while you were left outside. He came up with a backup plan in case of this emergency however for he was a practical and thorough planner. His Butler took you away to a private location where you would stay away from any harm. In his business, Zemo had made quite a few enemies who would stop at nothing to get revenge upon him and you were the perfect ammunition. He wouldn't even allow you to come to visit him, worried people may be able to trace you back to the location and harm you. The guilt of losing his first family already ate at Zemo, losing you would wreck him. Instead of visiting him, Zemo got his butler to deliver letters between the two of you. It wasn't an interaction that provided a lot of attention you needed but you loved being able to read over everything he put. Often you would trace your fingers along the letters, imagining him sitting there writing out these letters for you.
- Zemo choose not to tell you when Bucky broke him out of prison. He knew there was no way he could walk out of this a free man, either he was killed or he went back to prison. No, there was no need to get your hopes up just for them to be dashed again. Plus this was a dangerous mission and he didn't want you involved if he could help it.
- Unfortunately for him, things did not go to plan. There he was having shot Karli and about to destroy the super-soldier serum when she said one thing that made him freeze in his tracks. She said your name. To taunt him more she told him the address he had been keeping you at, at the very moment he chooses to destroy the serum her men will be on their way to kill you.
- Zemo found himself in a cease-fire. On one hand, he could destroy the serum and he closer to finish his mission which has been going on longer than he has known you, the mission that's become his soul purpose and on the other hand he had the opportunity to protect you, ensure the person he loved more dearly than anything was safe but at the cost of avenging his previous family. For a moment both Zemo and Karil looked at each other, caught in a freeze-frame while the cogs within Zemo's mind ticks on what he needs to do.
- In the end, though the answer was clear. He'd have more chances to eliminate the super soldiers and get rid of a serum. He couldn't replace your life. He moved away from the super-soldier serum, holding his hands up in surrender and Karli leaps forward to grab them, but that's when Zemo moved.
- Rage filled him at the thought of Karli even daring to threaten you. It was as if he saw red. In his built-up adrenalin, rage and worry for you, he launched himself at Karli, punching her in the face. He could have shot her but he wouldn't have found it nearly as satisfying, no he needed to feel the skin on skin contact of it, to know he's protecting you by hitting her. Zemo didn't know how long he was on Karli hitting her till he felt arms wrap around him and dragged him off, all he knew was the blood on his hand. Thinking back he was surprised at himself for being able to take down a super soldier but one must never underestimate the rage of Zemo.
- Though Bucky and Sam tried to keep an eye on him he managed to slip away, and there was only one place he had a mind to go. Already he was on his private jet, heading off to where you lived to make sure Karli's people were not with you already. Anxiety picked at him till he was at your door, knocking and his heart nearly burst out of his chest when the door moved, but there you were, shocked to see him before you. He opened his arms and you found your natural home within them, hugging him just as tightly as he hugged you, He buried his head within your hair and closed his eyes, feeling tears leak out of them from how worried he had been to almost losing you, and how happy was to finally feel you within his arms again.
TAGS: @shrekboobies @arianalilyblack @wonderwoman292 @justreadingficsdontmindme @thehuiabird @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @zemosimp420 @kadeuuijib @multiyfandomgirl40 @unbeatablecurlgirl @there-goes-thefighter @lieutenantn @neoarchipelago @cable-kenobi @edencherries @faustlyaccused @julyvegan @prestigious-tea @hannahbal-the-fannibal @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @competitivepomegranate @welcometothemxdhouse @flutterskies @rumblelibrary @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @sky-writes-stuff @mywinterivy @barneswidow @checkurwindow @babayaga67 @spookycereal-s @hb8301 @mylifeispainandiloveit @zemo-is-my-muse
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cazzyimagines · 22 days ago
ayo the break up sex prompt w zemo tho 👀
I feel you 👀
Might have gone a bit overboard for my first prompt, and made it also quite angsty but here we are 😅 I hope you enjoy it.
You could feel the sob getting caught within your throat, trying to push its way out of you, to let it be heard, to let your pain and anguish be felt by him. You bit your lip though, suppressing any voice, any sign of weakness and sadness to appear from you.
Zemo stood in front of you, suitcase in hand, his jaw stiffened as he himself was trying to hold back the slightest form of sorrow, for he knew where it would lead the two of you. His fingers flexed upon the strap of his suitcase, the tendon in his arm pushing against his skin as he tensed, ready to say his final words.
This was it.
There was no going back.
After Sokovia he had been a broken man, left completely and utterly alone with everything meaningful in his life ripped away from him. He was an empty shell, moving through life without anything going for him. That was until you found him. Like a match struck suddenly there was a flicker of light within him again, some warmth to burn inside of him and shelter him from the blistery cold winds of his depression. You were there to build the man up again, to save him from drowning. You were his hero, and who didn't fall in love with their hero?
But Zemo wasn't the heroine. He was the antagonist.
Love was bittersweet, a fleeting feeling and the stronger he grew again, the stronger his lust for revenge grew. With you unknowingly helping, he found his purpose again. To make the avengers pay for what they did to him, and his family.
But he knew he couldn't involve you in this. And so he was leaving.
He'd already broken up with you, sitting you down one night and telling you things just weren't working out anymore for he couldn't tell you the true meaning. Now it was his time to leave.
Swallowing down all the other words he wanted to say, everything that ached in his chest, he instead nodded his heart towards you.
"Thank you" he started, "For giving me a place to heal and recover. I'll always be indebted to you"
You didn't speak a word, your eyes instead continuing to stare deep into him.
"I suppose there's nothing else to say"
He faltered for a minute, then with his other arm, he held his hand out for you to shake.
Your eyes finally left his, to glance down at his hand before you, waiting for you to grasp him one last time, one last skin on skin contact. But you refused.
You drew your eyes up to him again, shaking your head as finally tears spilt from you, flowing down your cheeks and Zemo's eyes widened with remorse.
"Helmut" you crocked, "Please, why are you doing this"
Finally, he drew his hand back, his palm scrunching up as if the lack of contact caused him pain.
"Y/n... we've been over this"
"No! You're not telling me the truth Helmut, please, tell me why. Is it something to do with me? Did I upset you? Am I not good enough?" you paused for a second, then took one step forward into Zemo's comfort zone.
"Am I not as good as your wife?"
With those words, something snapped within him.
Instantly he leapt forward, letting go of his suitcase, his hand grasping the back of your head, tangling in your hair while his other hand pressed against your rear as you were shoved up against the wall. His lips found yours and pressed against you harshly. There was no room for breathing, for words, just body pressed against body, lips roaming each other. He lifted you up with his hand, and instantly you wrapped your legs around his waist, securing you there. Your hand grasped onto his back, digging your nails through the fabric making him growl from the slight stinging pain.
He pulled you away from the wall, holding you tightly to his body he matched to your bedroom and tossed you down upon the bed.
He breathed heavily as he looked down at how you were lying down before him, his cheeks had a slight pink tinge and his hair has fallen down from their previously held position so that they dangled upon his forehead.
His fingers grabbed the end of the jumper he wore and quickly pulled it over his head, exposing his toned abdomen. He stood there for a moment, just a moment, then climbed onto the bed, hovering on top of you, his face inches from yours.
In the past he took his time with you, wanting you to feel every ounce of pleasure he could bestow upon you but now he had a deadline, he didn't have the time.
His hands grasped your shirt and tore it open, making you gasp. Instantly his lips found your chest, pressing kisses upon it as his fingers snaked around your back and swiftly undid the hooks on your bra. He yanked it off and placed a soft kiss upon each breast before then trailing his kisses down your stomach.
He reached where your trousers were, and quickly tugged them down your legs, leaving you only in your panties.
Hooking his teeth on the material, sensually he pulled them off you, leaving you completely bare before him.
He stood back up, tumbling with the belt on his trousers, ripping it off and shoving them down.
You smiled at seeing him bare before you again, worried that you might have never seen this slight again. You shivered when you felt his warm hands grasp your thighs and pushed them open, holding you open for him.
He pushed his face into your cunt, his nose pressing against your clit as he flicks his tongue along your slit, lapping up the juices that already was making you wet.
You groaned and tried to gride your hips down, pushing him further into you but once again he drew back.
He grasped his cock with one hand, and he knew he should use a condom but at this moment he wasn't thinking, all he needed was to be inside you one last time, you feel your warm walls grasp him one last time.
He pulled himself back over you, pressing his lips back onto you so that you could taste yourself upon him. He positioned himself over your entrance, and with one quick thrust forward he breached you, pushing into your pulsing walls.
He let out a groan, overcome by the way you feel and so he hovered, not moving as he tried to savour this feeling again. You whined though, feeling the way he pulsed within you and craving him more.
Placing one hand upon your waist and another to cradle your head, he started to thrust into you, angering his hips to hit that spongy spot inside you that made you melt. He grunted every time he thrust, feeling the primal urge inside of him to ruin you, but he restrained himself.
You called out his name, crying out in pleasure as he thrust into you. Your hips buckled and ground down onto him, pushing him as far in as you could manage.
He knew you, he knew everything you liked and it wasn't long before you were pulled to the edge of your orgasm. That hot coil burning within you, threatening to snap. His thrusts grew more erratic and he felt himself getting close, but desperate for you to have your release first.
And so you did. You shook, crying out as your legs twitched and your wetness came all over him. With your walls grasping him tightly, making his own moan rise from within his chest, he released inside of you. His seed pushing far into you, coating your walls.
You laid there, completely worn out but in bliss as he slowly pulled out of you. He fetched a towel and helped clean you up, whispering praises at you which you barely heard.
Finally, as you drifted to sleep, you felt a gentle kiss being placed upon your forehead and a very faint murmur of goodbye.
When you awoke the next day, your bed was cold, your house was empty. Any presence of Zemo had vanished as if he had never been there at all. You curled your legs into your chest, realising you never got to tell him you loved him, that you never got to wish him goodbye. You curled in on yourself and cried.
Zemo stood at the airport, once again his suitcase in hand. He glanced down at his phone, a picture of you, of your warm smile, staring back at him. One tear ran down his cheek, as he pressed the bin button, and your picture was gone forever. The warmth candle within him was blown out, leaving him back in the blistering cold.
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
I was actually thinking about Laszlo and Y/N's wedding night, either also their first time or not. If you feel like it, I'd like to read it!
Oooo I like this!
Tumblr media
Warnings: Smut, f!reader, eating out, vaginal sex
Headcanons below the cut
- Then tension between the two of you had been immense. You both were secretly counting down the days in your head till the day came. Your wedding. You both were ecstatic for it of course. You two had been steadily courting for a few months now and when Laszlo finally popped the question you couldn't be happier. Marrying the man you loved, your best friend, the one person who had always been there for you.
- The excitement came from the thought of finally being able to unify yourself in marriage, confess how you would always love one another, never leave or fall out of love. You felt giddy imagining standing at the altar beside Laszlo, watching him say 'I do' but you would have to admit that wasn't the only thing that made you feel giddy about that day, or that night as you should say more precisely.
- You and Laszlo shot each other glances, occasionally your hand would rest longer upon his shoulder making him swallow nervously. Or he would lean to press a kiss upon your temple and his warm lips would linger there. Not wanting to pull away. It was the little things that showed the deeper feelings, desires you and Laszlo had not dared to confess to one and another. Such things were taboo to talk about, even for an Alienist. Yet the thought of finally being his, of him on top of you, the passion and lust within his eyes as he made you feel good. You craved it more than anything.
- But it made you so anxious as well. You had never done something like this before, you had hardly explored yourself knowing how disapproving people viewed it. You and Laszlo had saved yourself for marriage, for your honeymoon and you were growing increasingly worried about somehow messing up, not knowing what to do, doing something wrong or just embarrassing yourself in general.
- But little did you know Laszlo felt the same way. In times when he was separate from you, he would be flicking over his books, attempting to read all he could find for how to pleasure a woman, what he should do and what he should not do, what women expect in the bedroom. He grew more and more anxious about it, worried he'd disappoint you, or not satisfy you enough. He'd become so desperate he would even go to John for help, as he knew John had lots of experience with women. John would laugh, and then proceeded to tease Laszlo about it at first, that he had to go to John for questions and Laszlo would become deeply bashful and then lash back out at John for the particular company he chooses. But in the end, John's kind heart wins out and he does in form Laszlo all that he knew
- The wedding itself was bliss. Both you and Laszlo never felt happier and it brought you both immense happiness being surrounded by your closest friend and family who were they to celebrate you and wish you both happiness for the future. Looking into Laszlo's eye and saying 'I do' was there anything more perfect than that?
- You two finally arrived back at Laszlo's home after the long day of celebration. For tonight both Cryus and Stevie were staying over at John's house, to give you two some space they told you. Both you and Laszlo were flustered when they said that but thanked them nonetheless. Arriving at the house. Laszlo started fidgeting, rolling on the balls of his feet debating what to say. Finally, he'd offer to show you up to his bedroom which you accepted.
- Once there he would ask if you wanted him to leave to potentially get changed into something more comfortable for you, or if you just needed some space but you would stop him. Stepping closer to him, he'd become more flustered, almost avoiding your gaze due to how the thought of all this was making him feel, making him erect. His breath would hitch as you finally bring your hand up to his face and gently your lips would touch his.
- His arm instantly wrapped around your waist. Pulling you closer to him. His lips pulled back slightly, just to push themselves back onto you more desperate. Without even thinking about it the two of you backed up to the bed, and only when your legs hit the back of it and you jolted did you realise. Laszlo pulled back slightly, his cheeks a red gleam and his hand shaking slightly with nerves. He asks you if this is truly what you want and although you felt nervous yourself you whisper to him that it is.
- Slowly he pushes you onto the bed till you and lying down and he hovers about you at the foot of the bed. Carefully he tugs the shoes off your feet, and then with his hand, he pushes the wedding dress up your leg. You let out a shudder as you feel his warm breath upon your legs. Gently he places his lips upon your legs and trails kisses up them, his hand caresses the leg he wasn't kissing at that moment. You push your head back into the pillow at the feeling of his warm lips upon your legs but when he reaches halfway up your thigh he pulls back.
- Though hesitant, he leans forward a bit more and places a kiss upon your collar bone while his hand curls around your back to fumble with the clasps on your dress. Your hand tangles in his hair, stroking up but also holding his face close to your skin as he places delicate kisses upon you. It was a struggle for Laszlo though to attempt to take your dress off with one hand and he started swearing in Hungarian under his breath and became more distressed. Realising his plight, you lean up to access your back and help him with the clasps till finally they were undone and you were able to slip the main part of the wedding dress off leaving you in just a corset and underdress. Blushing in embarrassment, Laszlo thanks you for helping him with it, and then placing a kiss on your cheek he works on the corset and is able to pull it off.
- His eyes widen at the sight of your breasts coming loose, and without even thinking about it a slight moan comes from his mouth as he feels more aroused seeing it making both of you blush. You start to tug at his clothes, whispering how you wanted to see all of him as well, and though Laszlo felt very self-conscious he proceeded to tug at his clothes to pull them off. With every second that it took for him to pull his clothes off, he grew more embarrassed at suddenly halting this passionate exchange. When finally exposing his arm he looked you in the eyes, making sure you were still happy and sensing how he felt, you landed forward to place kisses upon his arm making him shudder.
- When he got to his trousers, once again he hesitated for a moment, nervous for you would be the first person to ever see him like this, but looking in your warm eyes he trusted you and finally he pulled off his slacks leaving his completely nude. You pulled him into another passionate kiss which he sighed happily into and his hands skirted you your underskirt till you had to break away from the kiss to pull it over you, now leaving you naked.
- You leaned back on the bed, unsure what Laszlo was planning to do from here, but he sunk back further down the bed, pressing kisses back on your legs. Back in his mind, he tried to remember all the books he read about this, all that John had told him and gathering his courage he moves his way up to your core. It felt nice feeling Laszlo's beard brush against your skin, but you gasped when you suddenly felt his hot breath upon your core and when you suddenly felt his tongue flicker onto that one sensitive spot on you, your whole world was rocked.
- Determined to deliver mounds of pleasure to you, Laszlo's tongue danced all over your core, flicking and twisting upon your clit, licking up your strip, even pushing into you. It made him overjoyed hearing the moans coming from you, which he was causing. He started thrusting his tongue in and out of you, his bread scratching your sensitive core and making you rock your hips upon him. Your gasping picked up till finally, barely able to alert him, you came all over his face. He lapped it up like a good boy, and finally, when he pulled back you were blushing like mad seeing it all caught in his beard but Laszlo smiled at you, leaning towards your ear and whispering 'divine
- He swallowed anxiously though, knowing now what was to come. He pressed a kiss upon your lips again as he lined himself up with you, and slowly, for yours and his sake, he pushed into you. Both of you gasped at the feeling of it, how he slid into you, how warm you were, how large he was. Your foreheads leaned together as you both grew used to the feeling. He's whisper to you, asking if you were okay and when you nodded, slowly he would pull out of you to thrust back into you again.
- He set a slow pace, not wanting to hurt you or be too rough, but he treasured the feeling of what it felt like to be inside you. It was a feeling he'd never want to leave him. It was intoxicating for him, addictive, and his head would rest on the crook of your neck, kissing it as he paced his thrusts. You weren't sure what to do with your hands and so you tangled them in his hair, occasionally pulling at it gently.
- Slowly his thrusts became more erratic as your own moaning picked up, and eventually, he pushes into you, the furthest he could go as he moans at his own release, which was quickly followed by yours. For the next few moments, you just held each other, treasuring the feeling and the deeper connection the two of you both had. Eventually, he pulls out and scrambles to find a cloth to help clean you up. Finally after that the two of your settle into bed, the first night of a married couple. Gently he places another kiss upon your lips, tucking a loose bit of hair behind your ear.
- "You mean the world to me, my darling" he whispers to you as he wraps his good arm around you and pulls you into his warm body. Slowly the two of you drifted off to sleep within each other's embrace, finding comfort in each other which you had never experienced before.
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cazzyimagines · 20 days ago
Congrats on 900 followers! Your work is amazing and you really deserve it!!
Could I request a drabble with Zemo where reader wakes up at like 4 am and goes to the kitchen but sees Zemo and they hang out for a bit and end up admitting feelings. You could use prompt 50 of the fluff ideas if you want. Thank you so much :D))
Thank you so much! 😊💞
You yawed, holding your hand over your mouth as you resigned yourself to the fact that you weren't going to get much sleep tonight. Glancing at the curtains you could tell it was still deep into the night so you decided instead of just lying in the bed and letting extensional thoughts come to you, instead you shall get up and head to the kitchen, make yourself a snack to make you energized for the day.
As you walked down the corridors and pushed open your door, you freeze as you saw a figure sitting at the table already. His head quickly turned around to glance at you. It was Zemo, still wearing his bathrobe which exposed part of his chest, his hair now mainly dry but still hadn't been pushed back into its place, he held a silver spoon in his hand which he has been eating a yoghurt with.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you" you mutter, already starting to close the door but Zemo shakes his head at you.
"It's okay, I couldn't sleep anyway so I came here, and I presume it is the same with you"
You nod your head and Zemo tilts his head in understanding.
"Please, take a seat. Would you like some yoghurt?"
"Yes please"
Zemo gets up from his seat to walk over to the fridge and pull out a strawberry yoghurt for you. You pulled out the seat beside his to sit down and thank him.
For the first few minutes both of you sit in silence, eating the yoghurt but the silence wasn't awkward, rather accepting and peaceful. Eventually, when you had both finished eating, Zemo twisted in his seat to talk to you.
"If you don't mind me asking, is there any particular reason you can't get to sleep?"
You bite the side of your lip in thought, debating if you should tell Zemo but in the end, you decided, what the hell.
"It's... well, it's everything. It's so stressful trying to always do the right thing, trying to save everyone and even with this mission I'm wondering. Am I doing the correct thing? These people have all the reason to be angry"
Zemo listens to you intently, letting you finish talking before he starts to speak.
"Whether or not these people have an admirable cause, they still kill. They still pull apart families, hurting many. Super soldiers especially shouldn't be allowed to exist. They bring ruin with them. You are not at fault for trying to stop them."
You nod, taking in his words, and in truth making you feel a bit better about the situation.
"I would ask what is keeping up, but I think I already know" you finally whisper, your eyes focusing upon the necklace on his chest.
Zemo smiles bitterly, picking up the necklace in his hand, twisting it around. It was a simple chain, and at the end, it held one letter, 'C'
"Not a day goes by where I don't think about my family. When I first held my son, it was like I had finally found something to be proud of. My destiny to help him grow up into a kind, brilliant, strong man. I failed him."
"You had no control in the matter Zemo. You shouldn't blame yourself"
Zemo looks away from you, his eyes focused intently upon the wall as he swallowed, his mind a flood with thoughts and memories that twisted a knife within his heart.
"I wasn't always the nicest person, the easiest person to get along with, but when I met my wife, that changed. I became a different person. She made me a better person. When she was killed, I worried I would slip back into that dark person I was before, and I almost did, I was worried I'd never feel that healing feeling of love again."
He sighs, and then finally turns his head back to yours.
"But I have"
"I am not asking for you to return those feelings, if they are not what you feel, but I would of regretted not informing you of my own feelings if something were to happen to either of us"
You were frozen in shock, and Zemo took that as a sign of you not returning his feelings and so he twisted in his seat, starting to move away when you grasped his hand to stop him.
"I really shouldn't feel this way and Sam and Bucky would kill me if they knew, but I care for you to Zemo"
Zemo's eyes lit up with a gleam you had never seen before, and with you holding his hand, slowly he moved closer to you, until you finally sealed the gap and placed your lips upon his.
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cazzyimagines · 19 days ago
Niki & his lover were engaged when he had his accident, either the date wasn’t set or it was postponed for his recovery, but now he’s worried they’re doing it under duress now, so he quietly brings up one night like ‘hey, if you changed your mind, I get it’ but they’re having none of it, like ‘I still wanna marry you, so it you still wanna marry me, that’s what we’re doing’. (Bonus if he was really proud of the engagement before & after the accident the media was questioning their relationship.) possibly steamy ending thank you! xxx
Niki wasn't a sentimental guy. Rarely would he show his own true emotions. He plastered stuff on for interviews, maybe gave a smile to two but more the most part to the press and most people who knew him, he seemed like an uncaring bastard.
So when announcing his engagement, it took the world by shock. What person could stand being around Niki? Especially enough to marry him. Was this for press goals perhaps? Money? For surely Niki was not the sort of romantic person to woe someone.
Yet they didn't know him the way that you do.
Yes, he had his moments of being an asshole. He could seem cold and uncaring at times. By behind closed doors. When the rest of the world was locked away and it was just the two of you, it was like his cold heart thawed. He became what you could almost call a softie. He'd be all over you, placing gentle kisses upon your temple, wrapping his arms around you and just holding you. With you, he was finally able to open up and be vulnerable.
No matter what people said about your engagement, it was one of the happiest days of his life. The thought of finally being able to call you his, it excited him immensely. Already he had thought out a perfect plan of how the wedding would go, and now his goal was to win the championship and wed you as the winner he was.
Almost losing his life was not a part of that plan.
Spending weeks in hospital was not a part of that plan.
Being horrifically scared for life was not a part of that plan.
He postponed the wedding. Deciding it was for the best. He claimed it was so he had more time to recover, more surgeries to help his face and so you had reluctantly agreed to it, but he hadn't been honest to you for why he postponed it. He was giving you a chance to leave before you were tied down to him. He was giving you a chance to go and find someone else more attractive and be happy.
Now at night the two of you laid in bed. You were curled up by his side, lightly snoring while he sat up, trying to not focus upon the stinging pain that was on his face. At nights it still seemed to be worse. From where he sat he could see his face in the mirror. The hideous flesh of different colours, masked upon him making him look like a dried up walnut. He grimaced and looked away from it, turning to you instead.
You were so beautiful. Radiant. He already knew from the start before his accident you were insanely more attractive than him. People didn't nickname him the rat for nothing. But he at least had some confidence in his appearance. That had been all diminished by now.
After the accident, the press had hounded the two of you even more. It was borderline harassment how they were constantly asking about your engagement, if it was still on, what you thought of his appearance, had the two of you slept together since the accident.
The reason he had been so hesitant to not let people know you were dating was for that exact reason. He didn't want the press to bother you, to make it so that the only important thing about you was that you were his girlfriend. But it seems with the profession he lived, he couldn't avoid it.
All these thoughts weighed down heavily upon him until he had a burning question in his mind he had to ask you, for he couldn't get to sleep otherwise.
As he nudged you awake, you looked over at his face confused.
"If... if you've changed your mind about our engagement, if you would like to see someone else, well, I wouldn't mind... I mean, I'd understand. You wouldn't want to be seen with someone like me"
"Oh, Niki" you sighed, sitting up to take in the worn-out and tortured man. Gently you grasped his hand and brought it to your own lips to kiss.
"I didn't choose to marry you for your looks. I chose to marry you for who you are, so as long as that personality and attitude of yours hasn't changed since the accident, then I still want to marry you, for I love you, and I hope you still want to marry me"
Niki's heart pounded in his chest from your words, and if he was a man more in touch with his emotions, he might of cried. But instead, he offered you a shy smile.
"I don't deserve you, my love"
You chuckled, and in holding Niki's hand you tugged the man closer to you so that his face was beside yours.
"Well perhaps you can show me then your plea to be deserving of me"
The shy smile of his, turned into a sly smirk as he slowly pulled the bedsheets of you, and slunk down the bed till he pushed your legs aside and slotted himself between them. As Niki dived his tongue into you, determined to bring you to pleasure, again and again, his worries melted away into bliss and you became ever thankful you met a man like him.
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cazzyimagines · 20 days ago
hi! first of all, congrats on 900!! that’s an amazing achievement!! so happy for you
can i request some soft like morning sex with laszlo? i just,,, Him ™
Tumblr media
Him 🥺
Thank you for the request 😊💜
Tumblr media
A beam of sunlight grazed the top of their faces, bathing them in warmth to fulfil their moods for the rest of the day. A groan rumbled out of Laszlo's throat as the sun pulled him out of his slumber.
Slowly his eyes blinked open, and instantly his eyes drifted over to your form which laid out, your arms and limbs draped over the bed, taking up most of the space. You were still asleep, softly snoring. A piece of hair trailed down your forehead and every time you breathed out it lifted up in the air for a bit before falling back down onto your face again.
Laszlo loved the way the sun made your skin shine, how gentle you looked as you rested as if an angle.
Though usually, he didn't like being awoken early, being given the opportunity to witness you like this was worth it. He felt like he could waste away hours watching your peaceful form gently sleep.
Slowly, he reached out his hand to push that one part of hair away from your face, and as his fingers brushed your skin, your eyes fluttered open.
Both your eyes held each other's gaze, just taking each other's own appearance in until a gentle smile graced Laszlo's face.
"Good morning dear" he whispered
You smiled back, raising your hand to cup the side of his face, feeling the soft beard press up against your palm.
"Good morning Laszlo, did you rest well?"
"Spledndly dear, yourself?"
"Never better"
Laszlo raised his hand up to your hand upon his face, and rested his hand against yours for a few seconds, enjoying the little bits of comfort. And then slowly he pulled your hand away, instead bringing it up to his lips.
Delicately he pressed a kiss to every finger, then to the back of your hand, and then his warm lips started to trail up your arm, eliciting a giggle to come out of you. As you felt his lips leave a trail of kisses upon your arm, his beard lightly scratching your skin making you sigh in contentment, the sun now not the only thing warming you up.
As his kisses reached the top of your arm, he moved his body to push you onto your back, while he leaned over you, so your faces were only inches apart. He placed a kiss upon your forehead, then onto your nose, and then finally a lingering kiss upon your lips.
"Venus herself would weep in awe of your beauty"
Laszlo had to use his knees which pressed either side of your legs in order to support himself as he leaned over you, and his hand trailed the nightdress you wore and slowly started to slip it down your shoulder.
"What's made you so lustful this morning my love?" you whisper.
"Being able to look at my beautiful wife" he whispered back, his lips now moving further down as he pushed the night chest off you, revealing your chest to him. He groaned happily, pressing his face into your chest, wanting to be surrounded by their warmth.
His hand ghosts lower down you, now successfully pulling your nightdress completely off, leaving you bare before him. Before he got a chance to do much else, however, you pushed at his shoulders, rolling over so he was pressed upon his back with you straddling his waist.
He left out a huff as he was pushed back onto the bed, but his eyes shone happily as he watched you above him. Your hands neatly worked on the buttons of his striped shirt, quickly pulling them off and exposing his chest to you, which you eagerly ran your hands along.
After the shirt, you quickly lifted yourself off him to work on his bottoms until those were both off leaving the two of you naked before each other. You positioned yourself back onto his waist, and slowly pushed yourself onto him.
His head pushed back into the pillow in bliss, his eyes fluttering shut as he felt the way your walls clasped him. His deformed arm was able to be lifted slightly and placed upon your thigh so even with that arm he was able to feel you as you started moving upon him, riding Laszlo.
Leaning forward, you positioned it so your chest hung above Laszlo, and instantly his lips sought your chest and nipples, placing gentle kisses upon them and running his tongue along as he gently rocked his hips in time meeting yours.
You raked your hand through his soft hair, stroking him as you felt the way he twitched and throbbed within you, slowly bringing the two of you to your brinks.
His eyes gazed up to you again, watching the way the sunlight streaked your skin as you bouched upon him, looking stunning as you quivered from the pleasure swarming you, and his heart beated quickly from the overwhelming love flowing through him.
As he grew closer, his thrusts picked up speed as his good arm trailed over to you, finding your clit to twist his fingers upon, determined for you to reach your pleasure first. Which you did.
He groaned feeling the way your walls clenched him tightly as you came, moaning his name loudly and that was enough to bring him to his own brink and release inside of you.
Slowly you and Laszlo's hips slowed down as you came down from your highs, and you fell down upon Laszlo, resting against his chest as he brought his arm around you to hold you close and place kisses upon the top of your head.
"You were remarkable dear, a goddess" he whispered to you, meaning every word.
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cazzyimagines · 20 days ago
I hope it's okay that I send another idea for you celebrations in :)
Maybe you could write domLaszlo smut? I hope it works. But something reacted in me when in your edging fic Laszlo closed the door on/behind reader and was so close.
Thank you for considering and also for writing everything so well :)
Dom!Laszlo is certainly 👀🥵
If you want to read the edging fic mention, click the link here
You felt chrestfallen.
Laszlo stood beside his defendant, trying to force the juries to reconsider their thoughts, that this man needed help, help which he could provide and shouldn't be given the death sentence. That this man didn't understand what he had done wrong and Laszlo thought it as clear as day and that it didn't warrant a death sentence. But unfortunately, he lost, Laszlo lost the case.
You were heartbroken for the defendant, yes, but you were heartbroken for Laszlo as well. You knew how losing the case would rest heavily upon his soul, how angry and upset he will become of himself.
On the ride home in the clash, the tension was thick. You both didn't say a word, you just awkwardly sat looking out of the windows till Cryus finally brought you home.
Within the house you started to prepare Laszlo's dinner while he paced around in the kitchen angrily, muttering making you unsure if he was talking to you, or talking to himself.
Occasionally he would run his hand through his hair, or pick up a piece of carrot and chuck it to the floor in anger, trying to relieve some tension.
After the third time, you really had to say something before he worked his way through the whole of your carrot supplies.
"Really Laszlo," you began, "I know the court case was hard on you today, but this isn't the first time you've lost. And compared to all the cases you have won well..."
Laszlo's head snapped to you, his nose flaring, his eyes glimmering with anger.
"But it is still a life lost, because of me" he hissed "If I had done better, that man could have been free"
You take a step closer, placing your hand upon the side of his face in an attempt to calm him, "They were already decided upon his fate before you arrived Laszlo, there was nothing more you could have done"
His hand rose before you could blink and grasped your wrist, pulling your hand away from his face to hold it tightly within his grasp.
"There is always more I could have done. But father was right, I was always just an imposter"
You opened your mouth again to speak but suddenly Laszlo pulled you forward by your wrist so that your body was pushed against his, his lips instantly pressing against your mouth hard, capturing any words you were going to say.
His tongue pressed against your lips, forcing its way into your mouth before you had a chance to open your lips eagerly. The hand that clutched your wrist, let go and instead found its way to the back of your neck, holding you still against his ravaging lips. They moved all over your lips, attempting to feel every part of you as his tongue eagerly danced within your mouth, his beard scratched lightly at your skin as he positioned his face at a better angle to fully taste you.
He started to step forward, causing your body to have to back up as his arm wouldn't let go of you until your back hit the table. Without even having to think about it, you hoisted yourself up onto the table, wrapping your legs around his body to still hold him close.
Eventually, he had to pull back from breath and so he glared down upon you, desire growing within him as he watched the way your chest rise and fell before him, the red gleam on your cheeks and innocent doe eyes.
"I'm a fake, tell me I am y/n" he whispered as he brought his lips down onto your neck, and nipped at the skin there causing you to gasp. When you didn't supply him with an answer though he bit down harder, certainly leaving a mark, "tell me it y/n" he growled
"You're a fake Laszlo" you breathed out, trying to appease the man.
It worked, urging him on further as his hand reached up to your dress and ripped apart the fabric. A break got caught in your throat feeling his bear, course hands upon your delicate skin, kneading them with reckless abandonment.
He played with you, muttering things in Hungarian and german under his breath as he sent pleasure coursing through you. Eventually, though his hand went to the end of your dress, yanking it up to your hips, exposing your already wet cunt to him, making him hum in approval.
Without so much as a warning, he pressed two fingers inside of your warm cunt, instantly curling them making you cry out in pleasure and grab onto his shoulders tightly.
He started thrusting his fingers in and out of you at a rapid pace, angling them directly into that sweet spot within you, making your legs quiver from the pleasure.
"Tell me, how does it feel, to be at the mercy of an imposter, a man who is worth nothing" he growled into your ear as you tried to get the words to wanted to say out between your moans.
"It feels perfect, god it's perfect Laszlo"
At your words he moved his thumb to press against your clit, rocking against it and in a matter of moments you were cumming around his fingers.
After letting you ride your orgasm out, he removed his fingers and pulled down his slacks. You were barely recovering from your orgasm when you felt his tip press up against your entrance. Instantly your back straightened, clutching onto Laszlo desperately as he quickly pushed his way into you, prising you open.
Finally pushing himself all the way in, he groaned into your shoulder, enjoying the feeling of being completely surrounded by your warmth. He still had anger held within him though and he needed to dispel it.
He pulled his hips back, so that the tip was just within, then harshly pushed back into you making you cry out. His hips continued to thrust into you again with as much speed as he could muster, making your moans echo through the room from the fast-paced way his tip pressed against your sweet spot.
You were withering in his gasp, a hot melting mess as he continued to talk to you.
"Being ravaged, penetrated by an imposter, is that who you really are? Are your standards that low you'd take in someone like me" he'd groan, feeling his impending release.
His hand grasped your thigh as he looked down to watch the way he thrust into you, how you took him so easily.
"L-Laszlo I'm, I'm so close" you managed to gasp out, feeling the coil within your core burning.
His fingers on your thigh dug in tighter in anticipation.
"Cum then, cum for your imposter"
You let out such a loud, lewd moan as you felt yourself cum undone around him, and the sensation of your walls clenching and fluttering around him was too much, with a loud groan into your neck Laszlo came as well.
Slowly his thrusts stilled, though he didn't pull out of you. Instead, he heaved, trying to steady his breath and pounding heart.
You could barely focus upon anything, your two orgasms leaving you in a daze so that you hardly felt the way Laszlo placed a gentle kiss upon the side of your face and whispered a 'thank you'
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
Hey! 🖤
If you are taking requests, what about headcanons about Laszlo dating an insecure reader that sometimes doesn't think they deserve him because they think they're not smart enough... not like I'm projecting or something 😅
Thank you for your time and I love your writing! ✨✨✨
Tumblr media
I feel you on this 😅
- John didn't want you involved in the case of the murdered boys, because after all, he thought that something like that would be too horrific for his younger sister to see and although you did find it all terribly ghastly you wanted to help as much as you could, and rather you quite enjoyed spending company with one of John's closest friends Dr. Laszlo Kreizler.
- You were always John's youngest sister, whenever he brought his friends from Harvard around for dinner and drinks he would simply mention you in passing as you watched them come in. "Ah yes this is my younger sister y/n Moore, bare her no mind, I believe the drinks are this way" and you adored your brother even if at times he seemed embarrassed by you, so you would try and get involved in their nights together but he would hurry you away. "This is no place for a young girl like you" he would tell you, pushing you out of the door which you found dreadfully unfair as you were only a few years younger than him.
- Laszlo caught your interest pretty quickly. He was the most introverted out of all of John's friends, usually standing at the side and just observing the door. But his quiet persona caught your interest. You tried to talk to him in the times John wasn't around to push you away and he was polite to you. He wasn't like John's other friends who treated you like a child, he spoke to you as if you were an adult on the same grounds at him. The conversation could be awkward, both of you not really sure what to say, but you enjoyed seeing him scramble for words, things to say to you.
- After John moved out you saw less and less of him, and you hardly saw Laszlo anymore which upset you deeply. Over the years you became a lady and was soon expected to court and marry. Already you were past the time most people married and people were starting to ask questions. Your family were trying to convince you to marry, including John but how could you ever marry when your heart already belonged to the Alienist. Your life had been relatevily easy, you never went to university like your brother as that was not what women did, instead you spent your days learning hobbies, going shopping with your friends, attending social events. The norms.
- You weren't really sure how you ended up involved in the murdered boys investigation, you suppose as you found out John was involved that was your ticket to involve yourself as well no matter how much it displeased him. Really you cared for all the boys and you wanted to capture this murderer, but you knew the real reason for helping was to be able to see Laszlo again after all these years.
- But you knew you weren't any help. How could you? You were simply a higher class woman with no skills within any of these areas, simply getting involved because she could. You were convinced any day now Laszlo would ask you not to help out anymore as you had no purpose. But he didn't. He allowed you to stay around even with John's complaining. He would often ask you questions that were bugging him, wanting to hear your opinion. Soon when he found John a bore he asked you to accompany him to dinner, or to the Opera, or even to the park to think. Eyebrows might have been raised at such requests, how much time you were spending together without courting but you didn't mind for you were over the moon at being able to spend all this time with him without your brother.
- Soon it was like you were spending every moment with him, to the point where even John was noticing and making remarks which you and Laszlo brushed off. But one evening this was all confronted. It was late at the institute, you and Laszlo had chosen to stay behind to go over some of the new information while John and Sara had left. To help you and Laszlo had a drink of wine, which lead to two drinks, which then lead to three. Soon enough you two were sitting in the chairs in his office, laughing and joking around.
- You were so happy, and as you looked upon him, seeing how bright his eyes were, how his cheeks were tinged red, you knew if you didn't say something now you would come to regret it. And so there in his office, late in the night and slightly drunk, you confess the love for him that you have kept within yourself for years, the love that you have every time he is near and how much you wish you could be Mrs. Kreizler instead of Miss. Moore.
- Laszlo paled and stumbled with his words. At first, you worried it might have been a mistake and hastily you move to leave the room embarrassed and ashamed. But Laszlo was quick to stop you, pulling you back towards him. From his lips tumbles the words about how he shouldn't, how you are John's little sister, how John would kill him. But then his lips meet yours and everything felt right. Everything was how it should have been.
- John got a dreadful shock the next day seeing you and Laszlo arm in arm. He almost collapsed on the spot if Sara hadn't caught him. He had to sit down with the both of you and talk about how the hell this had happened, what this meant for the future, accepting the fact that Laszlo was now to become his brother-in-law. But eventually, he admitted he was happy for both of you.
- Everything was perfect, the case was solved, you and Laszlo were happily married, it was everything you had ever dare dream about and yet you still felt out of place. Laszlo was a brilliant mind, you were amazed day after day by all the knowledge he had, how he was able to help your patients. Usually, when people met Laszlo they assumed his significant other would have the same brains as him, yet you didn't. You were just like every other upper-class woman.
- It's not as if you didn't try. While Laszlo was out you would go into his office and pick out a book, trying to read it in the hope of improving your knowledge but it didn't work. Nothing stuck in. You felt the room feeling worse than when you entered. You would often stare into the mirror trying to figure out why Laszlo decided to marry you because it obviously wasn't for your intelligence. Was it for your looks? Perhaps he felt pity that you confessed your love that he courted you as he would have felt bad otherwise, or could the worst situation be true and that it was because you were John's sister?
- Laszlo came home early one night and found you crying because of it. You hadn't meant for him to see you but you didn't even know he was there until he came into the room. He held you in his arm for a minute, rubbing your back and letting you cry into his chest so you can let it all out. Eventually, when your tears dried up gently he moved his arm to hold your head up, making you look at him. "You don't give yourself enough credit mine Liebling, I always value your opinion and deductions and you are skilled in ways you don't even realise. Intelligence isn't dependent on academic success."
- He knew. Of course, a brilliant mind of Laszlo knew what was wrong without you even needing to say a word. "I just feel like I don't deserve you Laszlo" you whisper and his eyes soften, "I often feel the same way y/n" he murmurs, "I feel like you deserve better, a man who can hold you with both his arms, who can offer you a life where people won't look down at you for marrying a social outcast. A man who can give you so much more than I can. And every day I wake up beside you and I wonder what a truly lucky man I've become"
- Even throughout all of the doubts the both of you had, each of you knew how much you loved each other and with that, it was enough to cast aside any insecurities and doubts the two of you might have had.
TAGS: @shrekboobies @arianalilyblack @wonderwoman292 @justreadingficsdontmindme @thehuiabird @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @zemosimp420 @kadeuuijib @lieutenantn @neoarchipelago @cable-kenobi @edencherries @faustlyaccused @julyvegan @prestigious-tea @hannahbal-the-fannibal @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @competitivepomegranate @welcometothemxdhouse @flutterskies @rumblelibrary @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @sky-writes-stuff @rhinestxn-e @davianos-blog @mywinterivy @xxlumos @cathana2264 @ajokeformur-ray @nev3rfound @unbeatablecurlgirl
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
hii! i saw your requests for headcanons are open, if you’re comfortable with it what do you think Laszlo would be like with a reader that has a manipulative and abusive mother?
Tumblr media
Warnings: Manipulation, physical abuse
- You were an enigma to Dr. Kreizler. A being shrouded in mystery who he despairingly wanted to untangle, to lay out what made you, before him and place all the pieces back together like a game. You were one of his patients and while he was used to patients not being open to him first, he could usually observe what the issue was for them, simply by the way they acted, the way they portrayed themselves.
- Yet you were a tabula rasa. A blank slate. He could neither observe you nor make assumptions about you because he'd have no proof. He asked you a copious amount of questions, attempting to figure you out but every answer in return was lacklustre. You gave away nothing to him, barely answering his questions with more than five words. And it annoyed him. Oh yes. But it also thrilled him.
- He denied ever seeing this mystery as a game, but he could not deny the rush of excitement he felt when he thought he was beginning to figure you out. The endless hours he spent in his office pouring over books attempting to see if they gave any inclination about what could be the problem. He found it gripping.
- You had submitted yourself to him as a patient, and he agreed to take you on, but once he started interviewing you, it's like you choose to drawback. Afraid of him. He tried to show you he meant you no harm, physically or mentally and he believed you were starting to come around but the process was slow.
- However, Laszlo's thrill of the hunt could come to an end quicker than he expected one sorry afternoon. He had invited you out to the opera for the evening, knowing John would not want to attend for the third time this month, plus he believed it might have had a good impact on you. Seeing him outside of a professional setting might make you feel more open to him. He knew you originally came from an upper-class position in life and would appreciate the opera as much as him.
- You were hesitant to attend but after some persuasion, you appeared at the hall on Laszlo's arm. He guided you into his box and initiated you in a polite conversation until the Opera started. He was right in understanding you would enjoy it. While you were focused on the stage before you, often his eyes sneaked over to yours, observing how happy you finally seemed to be able to watch it. He found himself overcome with happiness for finally figuring out a way to make you happy.
- Happiness was short-lived, however. During the intermission Laszlo took you out of the box to fetch some drinks and intermingle with the crowd and that was where everything kicked off.
- "Y/n! Oh my darling, I've missed you so much. Where have you been? You must have been cohorst into running away like that. Never mind darling, mothers, here now to take you home"
- Your face turned pale as the shrill voice called out to you, dread filling your soul. Instantly you let go of Laszlo's arm in an attempt to hurry through the crowds to get away but a harsh grip takes hold of your wrist, roughly pulling you back.
- "Darling, where are you going?"
- "Get off me!" you instantly shouted attempting to tug your arm away from her but for an old lady, her grasp held tight. Laszlo was instantly beside you though, confused, but glared at the woman as he noticed the harsh grip she had on you. "Madam, let go of her arm"
- The woman's ice-cold eyes finally grace onto Laszlo's and they narrow at him. "Who are you? Were you the one who took my child away from me!? I'm friends with the commissioner you know, I could have you thrown away for less"
- "You have no possession over your adult child, if she chooses to leave you that is of her own free will and you will not have any other choice but to accept" Laszlo seethed "Now let go of her"
- "She belongs to me!" the woman roared and the Laszlo observed the way you flinched at the sound and it was as if a switch in his mind was flicked. Finally, the last place in the puzzle he was playing had fitted in to reveal the whole picture. The piece he had been missing. The mother. In just a matter of moments, Laszlo could see how manipulative the woman was, trying to twist everything into showing her within a good light, from the way she held you and the way you flinched it was apparent abuse, much like his own father, took place within the household. Anger flooded over him for what the mother had put you through, for all the people around you who we're pretending to ignore this escapade, for not realising sooner what the problem was.
- "Laszlo, is there currently a problem?" Laszlo spun around and saw Commissioner Theodore standing behind him having noticed the fiasco happening. Briefly glancing at the mother she seems to make no remark at him being here and Laszlo deducts she had been lying through her teeth about knowing the commissioner.
- "Yes, rather Commissioner, this lady here claims to know you, and is attempting to abduct this woman here" Laszlo didn't try to hide the smile that appeared on his lips as the woman's mouth opened in shock, realising she had been caught lying.
- "I know no such woman" Theodore resorts, cautiously looking at the woman. "You'll pay for this" the woman turns to hiss to you and glares at Laszlo before storming off to try and regain even an ounce of dignity that she had left.
- Shakingly Laszlo took your arm within his again and lead you out of the Opera, knowing you wouldn't want to stay longer. He enters the calash with you, intending to take you home but within the calash, you finally break down and tell Laszlo all about the problems your mother had caused you, all she had made you feel and how worried you were about what Laszlo would have thought which was why you had never told him, and in return, Laszlo admitted to you his own dark past with his mother, and together within the privacy of the calash, both of your secrets were shown and no longer was an author of mystery surrounding the two of you.
TAGS: @shrekboobies @arianalilyblack @wonderwoman292 @justreadingficsdontmindme @thehuiabird @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @zemosimp420 @lieutenantn @neoarchipelago @cable-kenobi @edencherries @faustlyaccused @julyvegan @prestigious-tea @hannahbal-the-fannibal @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @competitivepomegranate @welcometothemxdhouse @flutterskies @rumblelibrary @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @sky-writes-stuff @rhinestxn-e @davianos-blog @everythingbeginsineternity-blog @mywinterivy @xxlumos @cathana2264 @ajokeformur-ray @nev3rfound @unbeatablecurlgirl
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
So sorry if your not taking requests but what would laszlo be like with a protective/aggressive s/o
Tumblr media
I'm combining this request with another request from Anon about Laszlo reacting to a jealous reader
- Laszlo would quickly realise the aggressive and protective nature of his s/o. He would observe it when any clients came in who were female when Karen came to visit him. Even when Sara came over you always had to stay in the room the whole time. You often used passive aggression with them. Stare them down, constantly mention how much of a loving relationship you were in with Laszlo, making it painfully obvious what you were trying to get at.
- It could make Laszlo very flustered. He never thought he would find someone who would love him for who he was, let alone having someone so in love and possessive over him. He would feel deeply honoured by it and he would feel special to ever receive such type of love.
- He would however try to analyse you. He'd believe there was something in your past that caused this out of you and he wanted to know what. He also understood that this possessiveness and almost aggressiveness could lead to undesirable situations and therefore he aimed to see if he could try and solve this, or at least reduce it.
- It would prove challenging though with you not wanting to admit to Laszlo that you were possessive of him. You would be adamant that you weren't and if you weren't going to accept it then there was nothing he could really do at this stage to help you and it frustrated him.
- Things came ahead one day though while you and Laszlo were having to visit a bar to interview certain suspects for a crime. It was a lower working-class bar, full of men looking for a fun time and women willing to give it to them. It wasn't the usual place you and Laszlo went to but you didn't judge it.
- You had to step outside for a moment, to collect yourself and get some fresh air from all the smoke that was within. Laszlo remained trying to get some answers from the barman when another woman approached him, instantly wrapping her arm around his shoulder, giving him that smouldering look.
- Laszlo's cheeks blushed in embarrassment, informing her that he was happily married and wasn't looking for anything and attempted to push her arm off him but she held on tight, now running her finger up his chest in an attempt to seduce him.
- Again Laszlo gently tried to push her off him, feeling extremely uncomfortable by her advances yet she would not give in. Just as the panic within him was starting to rise there was a sudden flash of movements and the woman's grasp on him disappeared as she was pushed to the floor.
- You stood above her, fists raised as you snarled at her, your eyes burning into her in anger for even laying a finger on your husband. You shouted at her to never go near him again, and then told the rest of the pub so everyone knew you were together and you wouldn't let them near him without a fight.
- A lot of men would have been embarrassed by this but not Laszlo. He was completely in awe. He was so thankful you managed to get that woman away from him but he also loved seeing how aggressive and possessive you got again, clearly showing the burning love you had for him, one he didn't even have towards himself.
- He'd quickly lead you out of the pub in case anything else happened but when you arrived back home he was all over you, showering you in kisses as he mumbled against your skin just how much he loved you and how he never wanted you to ever change.
TAGS: @shrekboobies @arianalilyblack @wonderwoman292 @justreadingficsdontmindme @thehuiabird @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @zemosimp420 @kadeuuijib @lieutenantn @neoarchipelago @cable-kenobi @edencherries @faustlyaccused @julyvegan @prestigious-tea @hannahbal-the-fannibal @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @competitivepomegranate @welcometothemxdhouse @flutterskies @rumblelibrary @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @mywinterivy @xxlumos @cathana2264 @ajokeformur-ray @nev3rfound
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cazzyimagines · 22 days ago
I need to see Ernst Schmidt throw a jealousy fit, it can end fluff or smut, but I just want all his anger being directed to reader
Tumblr media
It's a good day to be an Ernst fan huh
It was common knowledge that Ernst and Volkov didn't get along. Every day they were at each other's throats for the silliest of reasons. Volkov claimed it was Ernst's fault they hadn't been able to get the ship to work yet, and Ernst, being the short-tempered man that he was, would try to shut him up by plumming his face in.
Every day the team were having to break the two of them apart, and it would be your duty to take him away and calm him down. You were the only member of the crew he would listen to during that time, and the way your voice spoke to him, how gentle you were, it calmed his nerves, enough to promise not to attack Volkov the next time he saw him.
But today strikes the first difference.
You and Volkov were on your own, working on repairing some panelling. You were handing him a screwdriver while he was fixing up the wires in the panel and he made a suggestive remark about it. You chuckled, knowing it was just his humour and joked back to him equally. This started off a sort of flirty banter between the two of you. It was harmless and you both knew that nothing would come of this, yes you were dating Ernst but it was simply a joke nothing more, so why not have a bit of fun?
What the two of you were unaware about though, was that the intercom was on in your room, and a certain German man had been working on fixing the recording function and heard every word the two of you said.
He knew the two of you weren't dating, and therefore he had no reason to be jealous. But he was.
How could you betray his trust, flirt with the one man that hated his guts? He thought the relationship the two of you had actually meant something, but now it was clear to see you treated it the same way you would treat a piece of mud.
Feeling the rage swarm him, without finishing his work he charged down to the station you were on. He flung the door open, letting it crash against the wall. Both you and Volkov jumped, staring wide-eyed at the man.
"What the hell" Volkov growled, getting off his ladder to storm towards Ernst, yet before he had a chance to defend himself Ernst was on top of him, shoving him to the ground and repeatedly punching him in the face, not caring about the blood that started to splatter his hands.
Eventually, the rest of the crew pulled him off Volkov, pushing him to the other side of the room where they looked at you to help calm him. Gently you stepped forward to take his hand and guide him out of the room but as you spoke his name, his dark eyes fixed upon you, rage as clear as day within them and it made you halt in your tracks in sudden fear.
This time it was Ernst who grasped your wrist, so tightly it would bruise. He pulled you out of the room harshly. He pulled you along the corridors, his pace not slowly for a moment. You called out to him, asking where he was leading you but he did answer.
Finally, he reached a spot where he knew the two of you wouldn't be interrupted. Pulling you in, he slammed the door, the proceeded to slam you on the door.
"What the fuck were you doing" he growled as his hands clasped your suit tightly, his body pressed up against yours.
"I, I don't know what you mean"
His fists tightened on your clothes, and he spat onto the floor, trying to bring his anger across to you.
"I heard all the flitch you two were saying through the intercom. Every. Single. Word"
You whimpered before him, guilt swarming you as you finally saw behind all the anger in his eyes, was a deep sorrowing pain.
"Ernst, it was just a joke!" you tried to claim, making him laugh bitterly at you, letting you go.
"Haha, some joke there. Flirting with another man, that's so funny" he replied sarcastically, pacing the room to try and alleviate his anger.
"I swear I won't do it again" you claim, despite your mind telling you not to, you take another step towards him.
He breathed in heavily, trying to regain some composure, but ultimately losing.
"No, you won't" he hissed, taking a step towards you, "Because, after tonight, everyone on this goddam ship will know you belong to me. None of them will dare say anything like that to you again"
Unknowingly to you, Ernst still had one of the microphones connecting to everyone's earpieces in his pocket, and without you noticing, he flicked the switch on.
He pushed you back against the wall, his lips pressing onto you and you instantly responded. With one hand you grasped ahold of his uniform while with the other you buried it into his hair, tugging at it as he pushed his tongue into your mouth.
It was hot, heavy, messy but passionate and you felt yourself just melting into it. While still holding you, his hands digging into the skin on your waist, he pulled you away from the door and over to a table. Finally, when you bumped against it, he pulled his lips away from you.
With his hands, he grasped your uniform and tore it as if it were paper. You gasped at the sensation, goosebumps raking up your arms making you shudder.
His hands palmed your breasts, giving them a harsh squeeze that caused you to moan loudly, and Ernst smirked knowing how everyone else would be hearing it.
Holding your hips tightly, he quickly flipped you over and tore off the rest of your hanging uniform, making your bare skin touch the cold metal of the table.
"Ernst" you whined, pushing your hips back against the bludge you felt in his pants, craving to feel him inside of you.
"So needy for me" he muttered, running his fingers down your back slowly, "you're really just a slut, aren't you"
"Yes!" you groaned, pushing your head onto the table, "Please God, I need you Ernst"
He pulled his belt off, then gathered up your wrists. You whined as he tied them around your arms, securing your hands together and then tying the end part to a handlebar on the wall, securing you so you couldn't move.
"Fine then, if that's what a slut like you needs, I'll have you calling out my name so that everyone can hear just who you truly belong to"
With that he quickly unfastened his own uniform, holding his dick in one hand. He didn't even need to prepare you, for you had already come wet from anticipation, and so with placing one hand your back stilling you, in one swift motion, he thrust into you.
He groaned at the sensation of your warm walls instantly grasping him, pulling him in. He could almost forgive you due to the bliss you were causing him, but he knew he had to teach you a lesson if you weren't to flirt with anyone else again.
He raised his hand and brought it down upon your ass, slapping it harshly, making you cry out at the sudden pain. As he started to thrust fastly into you, he continued to spank you, making you cry out from the overwhelming pleasure and pain that raked through you.
You bit your lip in an attempt to stop all the noises leaving you, but when he noticed his hand snaked up to your throat, lingering there as a warning.
"I wouldn't do that if I was you, Schatz. You know just how much I love to hear those little lewd noises you make"
As you let go of your lip, he determinedly thrust as far as he could into you, hitting your cervix. You cried out his name, the only word in your mind anymore and he smirked, knowing finally you were his and his alone.
He continued to pound away, and when your orgasm ripped through you, he still thrust through it, leaving you a whimpering, twitching mess on the table as he used you.
And you loved every second of it where he made you his.
Cazzy's 900 celebration
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cazzyimagines · 20 days ago
12 from fluff for Niki please xx
Tumblr media
Of course, thanks for the ask!
The circumstance in how the two of you met was certainly interesting. You were a new hire on James Hunt's team, a risky move getting a woman in for people were still tetchy about it, but James considered himself a feminist and perhaps the playboy side of him enjoyed the prospect of having more women around while he was at his job.
It had been a party in which you made a mistake which had changed your life for what you would argue, for the better.
You were awkwardly standing to the side of the party, unsure of firstly why you were there, and secondly how you should behave. Partying wasn't really your scene and as the minutes ticked by you grew more and more uncomfortable till the room felt suffocating. Holding your glass of champagne you turned around to leave and walked right into a man spilling your drink all over him.
You stared up in shock at the man who clenched his jaw in anger, ready to shout at you for your clumsiness yet when his scorching eyes finally drew up to yours, it was as if he became frozen.
Instantly you were scrambling to grab your handkerchief and dab at his expensive jacket in some attempt to save it although it was clear it was already very stained. Apologies thumbed out of your mouth but they seemed to all stem together into one uncompressible stream.
Niki finally started to gather his thoughts and opened his mouth to say something but then your bosses appeared and grabbing your shoulders and pulled you away as they apologised to Nki and offered to give him money to pay for the ruined jacket while you were pulled to a separate room and was subsequently yelled out for the next half an hour about how clumsy you had been.
Afterwards, you were in no mood to stay at the party so holding back tears you made your way to the exit, going to see if you could find a taxi to take you home when you heard a voice shouting at you.
Looking over, your eyes widened to see the man you had chucked your drink over, Niki Lauda.
"You need a ride?"
You tried to avoid it, not wanting him to feel sympathy for you but somehow you ended up in his car all the same.
At first, the conversation was awkward, with neither of you saying anything but slowly he tried to cox you out of your comfort, asking you lots of questions. When he found out you were an engineer on James team that spurred him on even more to ask you more questions and slowly you started opening up to him, realising he wasn't mad at you but was genuinely interested.
Soon before you knew it you were talking for hours as he drove around the countryside, listening to what you were saying. You were explaining all the advancements you were making on the engine when he said,
"Can you say that again?"
"Were you not listening?" you ask, your heart sinking
"No I was, I just like hearing your voice"
And with that smooth line, he flashed you a smile as his hands grabbed the steering wheel and you felt your heart-melting.
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cazzyimagines · a month ago
can you do Laszlo Kreizler x Reader
They bump into each other, talks a lots and best of all the love of first sight
Tumblr media
- It was a busy day on the streets of New York. Cart and horses were busying down the road, stalls were out with local merchants trying to sell their products, people of all social ranking were pushing past on the streets, jostling each other to get through and on this day two people of different rankings but strikings similarities were destined to meet, their lives intertwining and shaking the lines of all the lives around them.
- You clutched the papers that you had managed to take from the library, closely to yourself. Papers on different psychological researches you were ready to pour yourself over that night. You were smaller than most of the people on the street and so you had a difficult time seeing in front of you, being able to make your way down, and why by the time you realised you were walking straight into a man, it was too late.
- Laszlo had decided to walk back to the institute today rather than take the horse and cart but when he saw the streets he regretted it. Nevertheless, he tried to work his way through the crowds, conscious of his arm, trying not to let someone barge into it. So conscious of it he didn't really look where he was walking forward at that point, maybe that's how he walked into her.
- In the end, it didn't matter who bumped into who, who caused the accident, as in the end the two of you never viewed it as an accident, rather a merical. Due to both being caught by surprise, you both fell down to the floor. Your papers scattering among the feet of others while Laszlo attempted to pick himself off the floor with only his good arm.
- You started profusely apologising to him, embarrassed to have even come in contact with a man of his higher standing. On your knees you attempted to pick up all the papers that had scattered on the floor worried about not being able to return them all to the library, already their condition was worsening from being on the ground. Laszlo while angry at first, felt his rage simmer as he looked upon you. The way your hair had started to come loose, blowing in the breeze, the tint of crimson upon your cheeks, the gentle lips and honeyed voice that rose from you and most of all, the way you clutched the papers of Freud close to your chest. It was impertinent for Laszlo to do so, but he couldn't help but stare.
- You didn't even dare look up at the man, already embarrassed by the situation, but when you notice a hand clutching some of the papers, offering them to you, you finally look up at him. He had his own rosy tint to his cheeks, his well-kept beard hardly being able to cover it up, he had a gentle smile cast upon his lips as he offered the papers back to you, and you can't help but smile and look away blushing more as you feel the butterflies flutter within you as you kindly took the papers out of his hand.
- Together in silence you were able to gather the rest of the papers and he eventually offered you his hand to help you stand up. Just from the slight contact between the two of you, it felt electrifying and the both of you heated up because of it.
- In the only way he knew how Laszlo initiated a conversation from asking about the papers, what your thoughts were on them. At first, you were embarrassed to speak, anxious he would find your thoughts tedious, as so many men did when women tried to speak of these things but Laszlo listened intently, taking in everything you said to understand you as a person and asking you more questions about what you said.
- Eventually, you both decided the busy streets were not the place to conduct such a conversation and so Laszlo invites you into a restaurant he knew nearby. You feared it would be too fancy for you, too expensive but Laszlo insisted you would look sublime within the restaurant and he intended to pay for everything. You felt rude for letting him pay for everything but at the same time, this handsome stranger fascinated you that you couldn't pass up this opportunity.
- The food there you ate was exquisite, better than anything you had eaten before and Laszlo loved watching your reaction to eating all the food, things he almost found dull you acted as if they were the food of the gods, and in a way they were. He was more interested in learning more about you through and throughout the dinner and after he asked you a bombardment for questions about yourself, but you weren't going to let yourself be the only one talking and so you resorted with your own questions about him. He would blush at the attention but nonetheless, he would answer you back.
- It came to the point where night had fallen and the two of you were ushered out of the building so the staff could pack up. Laszlo offered you his good arm, one which you gladly took, feeling the giddiness rise within you. He insisted on walking you back to your house and although the cold wind brushed up against the two of you, both of you felt exceedingly warm.
- As you arrived at your house, Laszlo nodded, tipping his hat to you in respect and offered you a business card to the address of his institute. He insisted that you should come over any time for he had an audience of psychology resources he would be happy to lend you anytime to further your studies.
- And you took him up on his word, again and again, and again. Soon anyone who knew Laszlo would also know you, for you two seem inseparable. So it was no surprise to people when Laszlo eventually got the nerves, thanks to John, to ask you to court, and you accepted readily making him the happiest man in the world.
TAGS: @shrekboobies @arianalilyblack @wonderwoman292 @justreadingficsdontmindme @thehuiabird @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @zemosimp420 @kadeuuijib @lieutenantn @neoarchipelago @cable-kenobi @edencherries @faustlyaccused @julyvegan @prestigious-tea @hannahbal-the-fannibal @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @competitivepomegranate @welcometothemxdhouse @flutterskies @rumblelibrary @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @sky-writes-stuff @mywinterivy @xxlumos @cathana2264 @ajokeformur-ray @nev3rfound @unbeatablecurlgirl
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cazzyimagines · 22 days ago
Can you do a prompt for Laszlo and reader being caught while doing something naughty (Sex, Blowjob, handjob, making out, whatever) :)
Or the same for Loki
I like to imagine their reaction :D
I'll write up Laszlo first and then Loki in the next post 😊💕
Your finger trailed down the softness of his beard, to then follow along his jawline and finally upon his chin, forcing his head to tilt towards you, where his eyes clearly bore into yours in exasperation.
"We can't" Laszlo muttered, looking into your pleading eyes.
"But-" you begin but he cuts you off, "I'm the headmaster of this institute, a children's institute y/n, I cannot be seen to- I can't permit any sexual activities to happen here, including my own"
He carefully took your hand from under his chin, and brought it up to his lips, placing a gentle kiss upon them, and then turning back to your face and shooting you an apologetic smile.
But you weren't going to give up that easily.
With his hand still holding yours, you stood up from your seat beside him, and instantly choose to sit down on his lap instead, so that you were facing him.
"Y/n!" he hissed, his cheeks reddening instantly. His eyes instantly skirt to the door behind you, which while was firmly shut, made him worried a child might wander through any moment.
"I need you!" you whined, grounding down your hips upon him causing him to shudder.
"We really shouldn't" he argued, his confidence in his words however quickly slipping.
You leaned forward, your warm breath blowing over his ear as you spoke in a low voice, "If we're quiet, they'll never know, and I really, really, need to feel you in me"
Laszlo's hand had moved down to grasp your hip, steadying them upon him as you both felt his erection press up against his slacks. He let in a deep breath trying to steady himself, but all resolve was lost when you undid the first few buttons of your dress, exposing your chest to him.
Laszlo pulled you off his lap, his hand still wrapped around your waist as he quickly pushed you over to the sofa in the office. He let go of you, to let you lie down upon the sofa and then he crawled over on top of you. His hand pulled at your dress, tugging it down further so he could have better access to your breasts. He pressed kisses upon them, determined to cover them as much as he could.
You moaned in delight, your hand raising to tangle in his hair, tugging lightly which pulled his own moan out of him. As he rested his head in your chest, he pushed his hand further down, grasping ahold of the bottom of your dress to yank it up to your hips.
Not wanting to waste any time, he pulled back from you to push his own slacks down, letting his cock bounce up. Grasping it in his hand, he leaned back down, placing a gentle kiss upon your lips as he slowly pushed into you.
You both gasped at the feeling, you from the way he stretched you out and him from the way your warmth surrounded him. Slowly inch by inch he continued to push into you until he was fully seated inside of you. He stayed like that for a moment, enjoying the feeling of you.
Eventually though, with slow and calculated movements, he began to thrust into you. His lips found your breasts again, sucking on them, rolling your nipples with his tongue making you begin quietly moaning his name.
So this continued, both of you so enraptured with each other you didn't hear the sound of quiet talking and footsteps coming closer and closer to the door until it suddenly burst open.
"Laszlo you won't begin to understand what Theo-good god!"
Both your heads snapped to the doorway where John stood, his face quickly turning bright red as Sara stood closely behind him, instantly looking away from the two of you.
"Christ, John!" Laszlo exclaimed, attempting to use his body to cover your exposed body, and praying John didn't see anything of him.
John froze for a second, unable to process everything he just saw, and knowing however much he might want to, that image would never leave his mind. Eventually, Sara grasped the door handle and closed it, giving the two of you privacy again.
Both your gazes turned to each other groaning in annoyance at John's lack of manners, but at your eyes locked onto each other, you both could help but let out a chuckle, which stood turned into unstoppable laughter as you remember the horrified look upon John's face.
It was safe to say John always knocked before entering Laszlo's office now.
Cazzy's 900 celebration
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