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#daniel ricciardo

George : That’s a nice rock

Daniel : thanks, Max gave it to me

Max : I threw it at you!

Daniel : he’s really sweet

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i’ve said before how mclaren 2021 won’t be that fun because daniel and lando won’t get along as well as lando and carlos did (even if they play it up for pr purposes), but actually you’ve changed my mind. mclaren 2021 WILL be fun BECAUSE lando is gonna be a petty little bitch and their relationship will be super tense and so entertaining

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I miss drawing Maxiel stuff, I already have some sketched ideas in my folder, hope to be able to finish them soon 💞
Hope that you will enjoy them!

(last strip is inspired by @fearth3honeybadger ‘s fic 🥰 )

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I know the answer wasn’t I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston, but I really cannot imagine it to be beneath Daniel to sing it in the shower.

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I licked it so it’s mine: a vampire au

daniel, hebrew origin, ‘god is my judge’: vampire dan is a dick, but not really. he has too much money for his own good but doesn’t like to sit still because his blood craving is distracting. so he runs an excessive number of businesses. and now he owns most of monaco. hes the local lothario and likes to turn feeding into a game of romance just because it makes him feel something other than the desperate desire for blood. he has very specific processes and thinks everything through because he likes perfection and hates making mistakes. he loves mind games but doesn’t like to kill. he cares about nothing but going /fast/ and makes everything a competition. also, he’s obnoxiously bisexual and flirts with lando just to wind him up.

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Daniel Ricciardo in Argentina is something so personal to me, what do I need to do to make him come back?

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I saw this and i wanna do it too,


Sir Lewis Hamilton - yes to 2016 lewis but now no sorry sir (is this treason?)

Valtteri Bottas - I feel like I’d go to but then I’d back out

Max Verstappen - a hundred percent yes, i feel like im one of the few who loves him, he could be rude and id find it sexy

Sergio Perez - lmao no

Charles leclerc - yes to both him and his brother (at different times of course)

Carlos Sainz - no hes too hairy

Pierre Gasly - yes especially after italy

Yuki Tsunoda - no id feel evil, but hes definitely very cute like a button

Sebastian Vettle - i feel like id be stupid to say no, itd be very cozy and intimate what a gentleman

Lance Stroll - yes, as long as he doesnt talk to much

Kimi Raikkonen - maybe when he was younger but now no lmao

Antonio Giovinazzi - not for me

Esteban Ocon - no hed be too awkward

Fernando Alonso - sure why not

Mick Schumacher - YES i dont need to say anything else

Daniel Ricciardo - yes hes very sexy, lets not forget that accent

Lando Norris - no hes also to awkward for me

George Russel - maybe once but he’s not my type

Nicholas Latifi - definitely not sorry babes

(Btw this is just a joke dont take it seriously babes)

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