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#daniel ricciardo
dizzyduck44 · 14 hours ago
Is this just me (could be an unpopular opinion) or is the never ending drama Lewis, Max, Mercedes and Red Bull constantly cause now having a detrimental effect on the other drivers?
They are taking up so much of the steward’s, FIA’s, and media’s time with their antics that today it’s become clear that other drivers and teams are struggling to be seen/heard.
It’s almost now feels like as soon as something happens between them the stewards clear everything to deal with that before they start screaming at Massi.
McLaren aren’t the type to appeal but firstly if the proof comes out that they were in fact trying to contact Massi to clarify Lando’s starting position at the restart and weren’t told till it was too late because the FIA were too busy trying to negotiate where Lewis and Max started (completely unfairly to Esteban) that is disgusting.
Secondly as Lando correctly pointed out, if the late red flag (come on it’s been a red flag every other incident at that corner) had allowed Max to win the race having effectively had a free pit stop then Mercedes would be up in arms. But no, because it was Lando and Charles and Seb it screwed over, well it’s tough luck that’s the rule kids.
So much stuff going on under VSCs and flags today that wasn’t even noted because it wasn’t the top two.
Gio had his best finish of the year in his penultimate F1 race, not a whisper of it afterwards. I found out much later Esteban’s efforts today have effectively given Alpine 5th. Nada. Other drivers are important.
Anyone know if Mick, George and Nikita are ok? We’re we ever told that? (I know we saw Sergio).
This has to stop. It feels like the kid who would pitch a fit in class for attention and disrupt everyone else because the teacher had to deal with them instead. Yes you may be fighting for the championship, but other teams are fighting just as hard for their own share of the pie and best finishing positions.
If Massi isn’t strong enough to stand up to them, get someone in who is. Sort this out before next year, because reviewing incidents and handing out penalties after the race is pointless.
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pedroacostas · 23 hours ago
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ricciardoluv · 17 hours ago
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iguessricciardo · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
daniel ricciardo - saudi arabian grand prix post race interview
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ricciardoe · 17 hours ago
menace to society this man
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brilliantskies · 16 hours ago
“I was happy with the race. Cutting it in three was hard. Your adrenaline is up and down. Physically from a mental energy point of view it is more fatiguing. Right now I just feel sleepy. Maybe it is also because it is like 11pm right now. Anyway, it was fun, I am happy.” Daniel dances during fireworks and then talks to Ziggo Sport F1 after the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix
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ricciardoe · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DANIEL RICCIARDO post race interview | saudi arabia 2021
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f1mvln · 19 hours ago
Let’s be honest the best part of this season has been the FIA radios between the teams and Michael masi someone needs to make a compilation of the best ones 🤣
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theawesomedashing · 16 hours ago
Journalist : What do you like the most about Max?
Daniel : His love for the sport. His honesty. His attitude. His raw talent. His passion. His hard work.
Journalist : OK. Thank you Dan-
Daniel : His mole above his lip. His smile. His smell. His eyes. His hair. His laugh. His ass. His di-
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countingstars-17 · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
of course he has to dance during the fireworks display
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spookyfreakturtlefire · 19 hours ago
This race is an absolute shit show. They’re about to run out of safety cars soon lmao. I’m loving it.
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Tumblr media
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