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formula one + text posts [4/?]
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You don't understand my love for this photo. They are glowing, I'm obsessed.
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Dancing With Our Hands Tied
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Champagne Problems Part 7
A/N: Hello! I hope you all enjoy and don't kill me! ❤️ Thank you to my live @haterpenny. Gif credit to @mclarenpodium
✨Previous parts linked here✨
Warnings: Swearing, panic attacks, drinking.
Words: 5.4K
You woke up on Wednesday morning with Daniel fast asleep beside you. Nothing happened the previous night save for a few kisses. By the end of the second Ace Ventura movie you were both struggling to keep your eyes open and you were far too comfortable to move. 
You glanced down at his sleep-tousled curls, a tired smile spreading over his lips as your eyes met. 
“Good morning,” He said groggily, his arm wrapped around your waist pulling you in a bit closer. Not quite ready to let go yet.
“Good morning Danny,” You replied softly. 
“I love when you call me that.” His voice was low and thick with sleep. It was a simple comment but it felt oddly intimate. 
“I don’t think I’ve ever told you.” There was a slight pause as he thought, his brows scrunching. 
“I guess there’s a lot I never told you.” He finally said, forcing a weak smile to his lips. You pursed your lips and couldn’t stop yourself from moving one of the stray curls on his forehead. You snuggled back into his chest, hiding yourself away in him. You would have been content to stay in that moment forever. 
“We should get up.” You muttered against him. 
“No, I think we should stay here.” Daniel responded, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. 
“We have training, we have media appearances,” Your voice trailed off a bit as the long list of responsibilities the two of you had ran through your mind. 
“No, I quit.” He replied simply, making you giggle. You tried your best to sit up, but he pulled you right back into him. You found it difficult to fight him.
“You’re a terrible influence.” You said with a smirk. 
“Thank you.” Daniel’s smile had returned at that. Again, you sat up and again he pulled you back down beside him. You let out a frustrated groan although you weren’t really upset. His face was only a couple inches from yours and you couldn’t help but think about how gorgeous he looked. His eyes staring back into yours like pools of golden honey.
“Once we leave this room… I just don’t know that I’ll ever get to spend this kind of time with you again.” He confessed, doing his best to avoid your gaze. That really let the air out of your sail. 
“I… I’m going to figure things out. I just need a little more time. I know it hasn’t been fair to you, and I’m sorry.” You told him, your fingers running over the astronaut tattoo on his arm. 
“No, I know the kind of pressure you’ve been under. And I should have figured out how I felt sooner. I’m sorry that it took this long.” You shook your head at his words but said nothing. 
“So, the big party’s tonight. Gonna get shitfaced? I’d love an excuse to.” You said, propping yourself up to gaze down at him and doing your best to change the subject. 
“Yeah? On a race weekend?” He asked, brows raised in surprise. 
“Well, it’s Wednesday. So definitely not the weekend.” You told him, a finger poking his chest. His head tilted back and forth in consideration. 
“Alright, fair. So how messy are we getting?” Daniel asked.
“Messy enough to forget about our problems.” You answered. 
“Sounds perfect.” He agreed. You couldn’t help but lean over and press a kiss to his lips. He held you tightly by your waist, milking the kiss for all it was worth. When you pulled away that time, he let you go. 
“Wanna meet for breakfast?” You questioned, peeking down at him as you stretched. You didn’t think there would be anything too scandalous about sharing a meal with your best friend. 
“Yeah, that sounds good.” 
“Alright, I’m going to get a shower.” You told him while rummaging through your dresser for something to put on. 
“Is that a shower for two or…?” Daniel asked, his eyebrows raised in question. You pursed your lips and gave him a look. 
“No? Okay, got it.” He said with a nod, a sort of chuckle leaving his lips. 
“I’ll meet you downstairs in a bit.” You said before disappearing into the bathroom.
You and Daniel shared breakfast and mostly reflected on the start of the new season. You did your best to stick to business, talking about his new merch line, the McLaren updates he was a bit desperate for and some of the reliability issues you and Checo had been experiencing. 
“Doesn’t matter how fast I go if I can’t finish the damn race.” You had told him, earning a chuckle in response. 
When you finished your meal you promised to find him at the party that evening and parted ways. 
You caught up with Marsali and did an ab circuit and some cardio that thoroughly kicked your ass. On your way back to your room you stopped for a few photos and autographs and found yourself stunned at the popularity Drive to Survive had brought the sport in America. In Texas barely two years ago no one had any idea who the hell you were. Now you were stopped every hundred feet or so to be wished well- even by those with the number 44 plastered across their shirts. 
The party started around 7 and you got back to your room around 4:30. You took your second shower of the day before debating on outfits and how you were going to do your hair and makeup. The event was rather unusual for you and you had pretty much no idea what to expect. Likely some soft media questions, some drinks and some music. You chose to go with your team wear but decided to bring a short light dress to change into for when your press responsibilities were over with. Your phone buzzed as you worked on your hair. 
Carlos: I’m going to need a dance with you tonight. 
Your cheeks heated up at the thought. You felt a grin tugging at your lips as you wrote your reply. 
Y/N: The press will be there. You’ll have to keep it PG. 😏
While you would literally never pass up the chance to have Carlos near you, the idea of being so close in front of everyone concerned you. You weren’t looking for attention in that regard. But perhaps a shot or two would help quell those fears. After all- it was a party, right? Who could blame you for cutting loose and having a little fun? 
Carlos: I’ll behave if you will. 
You let out a groan at that. What the hell was he trying to do to you?
Images from your golf date with Carlos flashed through your mind. You remembered how lovely it felt to have him so near you, the way his kiss made your knees go weak. You were excited to see him again. 
Then your eyes glanced over to the bed you had shared with Daniel the previous night, a lump forming in your chest. You hadn’t been in the same place as the two men since the night at the club where this whole mess began and you had no idea what it was going to be like. You pushed the pessimistic thoughts out of your mind and tried to remember that the party was not the most important part of the trip. The first practice session was the next day and you were eager to get out on the track and see for yourself what it was like. You glanced into the mirror and smiled- it seemed you would be doing a lot of it that evening. 
You left the hotel in your team polo and a pair of high-rise black shorts that made your legs look extra long. Paired with some cute Vans, you felt comfortable and ready for whatever festivities the night would hold. 
When you got to the track you headed to the Red Bull garage to meet up with Checo and Christian. One of the members of the PR team, Patricia was fluttering about, talking a mile a minute about what to say, topics to avoid and how to behave at a F1 sponsored party. The only F1 events you typically attended were the races, press conferences and the end of the year award ceremony. But a party? With alcohol? And your two favorite people to makeout with? You were just the tiniest bit nervous. 
“So you know,  pretend it’s a press conference. Just smile and don’t have too many Heineken’s. They’re the sponsors so they’re passing them out like candy.” You chuckled until you realized this warning only seemed to be for you, Checo and Christian shooting you a knowing look with raised eyebrows. 
“Wh-what? Why are you looking at me?” You sputtered, mildly offended. 
“Let’s just say I’ve stopped a photo or two from going to the press. And when was the last time you saw Checo drunk?” You opened your mouth to protest but they had a point. 
“Yeah- fine. Bet no one said anything to Kimi,” You grumbled under your breath, arms crossed as though you had just been scolded by your parents. 
Soon the three of you were making your way backstage and you were already overwhelmed by your surroundings. You could hear the crowd on the other side of the stage, but really had no idea what you were in for. Your eyes wandered through the drivers wandering around, all hunching over into one another in an effort to hear over the booming music. Before you could catch sight of Daniel or Carlos, you were being shooed into a line up of sorts. You realized Mattia, Charles and Carlos were in front of you. You poked right between the 55 printed across the back of Carlos’ shirt. His head whipped around and the minute his eyes found yours a big smile was spreading across his cheeks. 
“Oh- hola,” He said, his voice lowering into a bit of a hush as he leaned in towards you. 
“Hey. This is… weird, right?” You asked, unsure of why you had decided to grab his attention in the first place. It just seemed wrong for him to be so near and not have his eyes on yours. 
“Yes, weird. But it should be fun-” Carlos was cut off as he rushed a bit to keep up with his teammate. You listened as the emcees announced the Ferrari team and took a shaky exhale as you were next. 
“Now let’s welcome Sergio Perez and- here comes Trouble- our championship leader!” You had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes just a little bit. You stepped out from behind the curtain and became acutely aware of the way your heart was beating. There had to be thousands and thousands of people below, all watching you with bated breath. You were the picture of perfect composure, a well-practiced smile on your lips as you waved a wave pretty enough to make pageant queens envious. At some points in your career, you truly couldn’t see the difference between racing and pageants. 
Christian stood beside the two of you, looking very much like a proud Papa. 
“How are you feeling to be here in Miami?” They asked you, handing a mic your way. 
“Damp. It’s very humid.” You said, coaxing a laugh from the interviewers. 
“No, we’re thrilled to be here. The city, the food, the people- everything is beautiful.” That earned a cheer from the party-goers. 
“And how are you feeling about your chances of extending your lead?” There was that damned question again. 
“Fingers crossed! We have the team, we have the car, we have the drive. We’re ready to make it happen.” You answered, Christian nodding his agreement over your shoulder. Of course that was the only answer you could give. 
They turned to Checo and he spoke in Spanish- of course the crowd went bananas. You loved seeing him get that kind of response- he was a wonderful teammate and you genuinely celebrated his successes. 
Thankfully after that the three of you were out of the spotlight, with the Mercedes boys stepping up behind you. 
“Fuck that.” You muttered under your breath, so relieved that portion of the evening was over. You never had a problem speaking to the press, but standing in front of a literal sea of people was intimidating in a way that you had not been expecting. Usually you could hide behind your helmet or your car- but being out in the open made you feel exposed. 
You were pulled back to the present at the sound of Daniel’s hearty laugh. His voice echoed through the speakers as he talked about the car’s new updates and his excitement for the race. Then they brought up his helmet and he was doing his Ace Ventura impression and you couldn’t help but smile at his antics. 
You often found yourself envious at the way people couldn’t help but adore Daniel. He fed off of people’s attention and it all seemed so easy and natural for him. You did not have that same kind of comfort in front of the crowds. People doubted your ability, talked down to you and always asked you questions that never seemed relevant to the sport. Questions like ‘How do you balance having a love life and racing?’ or ‘How do you stay in shape to keep up with the other drivers?’. You always did your best to smile through the misogyny and drive the car as best as you could. But Daniel- even when confronted with uncomfortable or just plain rude questions- took it all in stride and won his critics over; it was a part of his magical Ricciardo charm.
You stood as more teammates and principals walked out and more questions were asked and answered. You did your best to look interested, but still you found it difficult to ignore the thunderous way your heart was thumping. Your desperation to be literally anywhere else was growing exponentially with every passing second. After what felt like hours, the formal portion of the evening was coming to an end. You posed for photos and spent a few minutes making small talk before finally being able to make your escape.
You vanished into a private room and slipped into your light dress, hoping it may make breathing in the heat a bit easier. Then you were forcing yourself back out and into the chaos.
You climbed down the little stairs and into the VIP section, hoping to mingle and hide among the crowd. You were brought out of your thoughts when you felt a hand on your arm. 
“Ready for your first drink of the evening?” Daniel asked, a beer outstretched in offering. You had no idea how he’d gotten them so fast. You happily accepted nonetheless. 
“Yes, please.” You took a generous first sip, hoping it would distract you and cool you down a bit. 
“This whole thing… It’s a bit much, don’t you think?” You hollered up at him, hoping your tone sounded more casual than you felt. Dan didn’t seem to be buying it, his brow furrowed as his eyes scanned your features. His hand gently rested on yours. 
“Are you okay?” Daniel asked, leaning in ever-closer in an effort to keep your comments private. You put that same winning smile back on. 
“Yeah- great, I’m great. I just would love a distraction.” You yelled back. 
“Too many eyes,” You added, hoping that would be enough for him to catch your meaning. Almost as if on cue, Kygo began playing and Daniel commandeered your beer, setting both yours and his on the nearest table. 
“Come on,” He said, outstretching his hand towards you. Normally you would be extra cautious about dancing with Daniel in public, but some drivers were dancing with their friends and guests so it didn’t seem like it would raise too many eyebrows. Every one knew how close the pair of you were, and as long as you didn’t let things get too intimate you thought it would be fine. Plus, Daniel wasn’t trying to seduce you this time- he was trying to make you laugh. Daniel busted out his most embarrassing moves- almost like he was in Pulp Fiction. You were giggling and just doing your best to keep up as Dan took your hand and spun you. It wasn’t at all pretty- you stumbled over yourself a little as he maneuvered you into a dip. You almost toppled over, but somehow he kept you on your feet. The pair of you had your heads thrown back in laughter as you broke apart, the light from a flashing camera catching your attention. The photographer nodded their thanks before moving on to photograph Toto and Lewis who seemed to be talking over drinks. Just as you went to speak you felt a finger tap your shoulder. You turned away from Daniel and there stood Carlos. He had a smile on his lips- but it was different from the one that you were familiar with. 
“You don’t mind if I cut in, do you Daniel?” You could barely hear the exchange. For the first time you saw Daniel’s calm exterior crack just the slightest. His usual big grin fell for just a moment before he put it back on. You glanced between the two men, unsure of what to say or if you should speak at all. 
“Of course not.” Dan glanced at you, as if to see your reaction. You did your best to avoid his gaze and smiled weakly. You barely registered a nod from Dan and then he was grabbing his beer and disappearing back into the crowd. You felt a pang of guilt but you had been nothing but honest with him and Carlos was already slipping his arms around you. You were swaying to the music but you didn’t feel much like dancing. It seemed like everywhere you turned there were expectant eyes anxiously watching your every move, asking questions you couldn’t answer. You didn’t know if you would be the next world champion, you didn’t know which man you wanted to be with.
You dropped Carlos’ hands and took an abrupt step back. Immediately a look of concern flashed over his features. 
“Are you okay?” He questioned, his brows pressed together in confusion. 
“Yeah- I, I just need a minute.” You backed away, quickly looking around for an escape route. You dodged past Lando who shot you a look, and almost ran straight into Toto Wolff. You tried to feign a smile before apologizing to the wall-of-a-man, and then you were back on the run. You made it backstage, but there was still far too much activity going on for your liking. You wandered a bit until you found yourself alone and you slumped back against a wall and slid down to a sitting position. Your chest heaved as you did your best to breathe, your shaky hands coming up to put your hair behind your ears. You dropped your head, tears streaming down your cheeks with abandon. Everyone was so busy partying, they didn’t seem to notice your absence. You just couldn’t hold it in, your body ached and you tried to focus on getting your breathing back under control. You were so out of it, you didn’t even realize someone had followed you. 
“Hey- it’s okay, everything’s fine.” The voice startled you and you looked up through glassy eyes to see Lewis Hamilton. Normally you would be embarrassed- mortified even, for him to see you in such a state but for some reason you couldn’t bring yourself to care. He sat beside you, his elbows resting on his knees, worried eyes watching yours. 
“Just breathe, yeah? Come on, in 1, 2, 3, 4. Hold, 1, 2, 3, 4. Out, 1, 2, 3, 4.” He said in a calm and even voice, joining you in the breathing exercise. You nodded and did as he instructed. Something about the way he spoke and hearing his breathing line up with yours really did have a calming effect.
“Good, again.” He told you, holding your gaze as you saw his chest fill with air once more. The two of you sat like that for at least five minutes before you found yourself capable of speaking. You wiped your bleary eyes and forced a smile. 
“Thank you. I- I don’t know what happened.” You said finally finding it in yourself to meet his eyes. 
“I’m embarrassed,” You muttered, hiding behind a slight chuckle. 
“No, come on. This stays between us. I know exactly how you feel.” Lewis placed his hand on your shoulder as he spoke. Usually the two of you had short, polite exchanges, but you never expected for him to see you in such a vulnerable position. 
“I’m a mess.” You groaned. 
“No, you’ve got a lot going on. Working for the championship… it’s not easy. Even with the right team and the right car. I know what it’s like to feel alone here.” You chewed at the side of your lip as you considered how much you and Lewis really did have in common. You watched as he stood. 
He offered you his hand and helped you to your feet. 
“You’re not alone. We’re competitors, but we can be friends too.” He told you. You were touched by his sincerity. 
“I would like that.” You agreed. He extended you his hand, but you pulled him into a friendly hug. Once you released one another, you weren’t quite sure what to say. 
“Do you want to go back to the party?” Lewis asked, his thumb pointed back towards nthe chaos where you now heard- was that Joe fucking Jonas?
“Yeah, yeah I think so. Thanks again, really.” You told him sincerely. 
The two of you emerged back into the crowd and went your separate ways, a nod in each other’s direction. You grabbed yourself another beer and focused on enjoying the music. You kept your eyes away from Carlos and Dan’s, eager to focus on yourself and having a good time. Instead you found Seb, huddled over with Mick in the corner. He had on his Miami 2060 First GP Underwater tee on, and you couldn’t help but smile at just how ‘Seb’ the message was. You pointed your finger over at him, and beckoned him over, a big goofy smile on his features. He gave in and set his drink down and made his way over to you. If you thought Dan’s dance moves were bad, Seb’s were way worse. It was exactly what you needed to distract yourself. After a minute you went and grabbed Mick and forced him to join in, an embarrassed blush settling over his cheeks. The two of you had overlapped a bit already in your racing careers and you were thrilled when he got the call to F1. He and Seb were like your weird little work family and you were more than happy to make a fool out of yourself with them beside you. 
Between songs you went to grab a drink and found Daniel there, likely on his fourth beer or so with his elbows leaned back on the bar and he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of you.
“You should come join us.” You said, nudging your elbow towards your two favorite German dorks dancing disjointedly only a couple yards away. 
“The life of the party.” He said with a smirk. 
“I was thinking I might head out.” Dan told you and your smile fell a little. 
“Yeah, okay. I probably won't last much longer either.” You replied casually. 
“You know I’m here for you, right?” He asked suddenly, catching you a bit by surprise.
“Y-yeah, of course I know that.” You replied with a faltering smile, taken aback by his sudden sincerity.
“Well, I hope you have a good night.” He told you simply and you nodded.
“Yeah- you too, Danny.” You grabbed your drink and headed back to dancing. Mick and Seb did a great job of making you forget about the panic that had so recently been flowing through your veins. Especially because Mick was a lightweight and a very goofy drunk. 
The three of you hung out for about another hour before you decided to call it a night. You were exhausted, physically and emotionally. You wished Seb and Mick a goodnight and thanked them for being your distractions and watched as Seb guided a very wobbly Mick into the backseat of a car. 
You laughed and shook your head before you wandered over to the entrance where you planned to meet with Marsali for a ride back home. 
While waiting for her you heard your name in Carlos’ low voice. 
“Are you okay? You kind of disappeared earlier.” You bit at your lip and glanced towards the ground. 
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just had a rough minute there.” You explained. He nodded knowingly. 
“Alright, well how about a nightcap?” He asked sweetly just as your trainer pulled up in the Honda that had been deemed yours for the weekend. You considered his invitation for a moment before deciding you weren’t up for it. 
“Sorry, I’m ready to call it a night. Maybe later this weekend though?” You offered, hoping that wouldn’t discourage him. 
You bid him goodnight with a hand patting his shoulder gently, and then you were climbing into the car and heading back to the hotel.
The rest of the weekend went by fairly quickly- you had at least a dozen public appearances to make and had no time to yourself, which you were pretty grateful for. Your busy schedule kept you out of your head and helped you focus more on the race ahead. You hadn’t been given a chance to reschedule with Carlos, though you had bumped into him once or twice around the paddock. 
Before you knew it, it was Sunday afternoon and you were stretching in your race suit in your driver’s room. Marsali was doing her best to hype you up, making jokes and playing your favorite playlist to get you in the right mindset. 
Soon it was time- you climbed into the cockpit and tugged your helmet on. You thought about your encounter with Lewis back at the party. 
In, 1, 2, 3, 4. Hold 1, 2, 3, 4. Out 1, 2, 3, 4. Even though having a panic attack in a public place was an absolute nightmare, you were almost grateful it had happened. It gave you a peek at a much different Lewis than you were used to. You were two different generations of drivers, so you had never gotten the opportunity to be particularly close. It wouldn’t make him less intimidating in your rear view mirror, but it reminded you that you weren’t alone. The two of you knew what it was like to be an underdog, maybe more so than the other drivers on the grid. 
“Alright, Y/N. Just go out there and do what we all know you can.” Christian’s voice came in over the radio. 
“Got it.” You answered simply, determined to keep your cool. You flipped your visor down and rolled out onto the track, taking pole position and coming to a stop. You had managed to outqualify Hamilton as Mercedes struggled with a mechanical issue and a poorly timed yellow flag in quali. Leclerc had snagged P3 followed by Sainz, Perez, Norris and Ricciardo. 
You led the pack during the warm up lap, weaving back and forth on your soft tyres as the other 19 drivers did the same. You slowed your pace as you hit the grid, hoping to let Albon and Latifi catch up a bit before you took your spot. 
Finally you were all in position, eagerly watching the red lights blink, blink, blink before going out. You were roaring away from the start, doing your best to keep your eyes locked ahead instead of on any possible first- lap carnage that may happen behind you. You hardly ever made it through a first lap without a yellow flag, and this race wasn’t an exception. After flying down the rather long straight and taking the turn easily enough yourself, you heard your engineer through your headset. 
“Big crash, yellow flag. Yellow flag.”  You glanced in your mirror to try and figure out who it was, but all you could really see was debris. You slowed your speed before taking another peek behind you. You still saw Hamilton, Leclerc, Perez and some papaya- though you couldn’t be sure who. 
“What happened? Who is it?” You asked, feeling yourself tense. The radio stayed quiet. 
“Hey- who is it?” You repeated, letting your annoyance shine through. 
“Ricciardo- Ricciardo and Sainz.” Your stomach dropped. 
“Are they okay? Are they out- what happened?” You asked as calmly as you could- you knew your radio would be available for people to listen to after the race and you wanted to keep your composure- even if it was a lie. 
“I will keep you updated.” Well what the fuck did that mean? 
“Are they out?” You asked again, louder. As if perhaps he hadn’t heard you correctly the first time. 
“They are getting out.” You sighed your relief at that. Your team was well aware of how close you and Daniel were and any time he was in an incident they did their best to shield you from it so you could focus on yourself.
“Are they going to red flag it?” You asked, doing your best to keep your head down and follow the Aston Martin in front of you. If there was a red flag you could maybe sneak away for a moment and go check on them. 
“Negative. Mostly large debris and they’re removing the cars now.” You clenched your jaw. You wanted to know what the hell happened. You wanted to see for yourself that they were both okay.
Usually you loved hiding away in your car. You used it as a sort of escape from reality. It was a place in which you could be completely selfish in the pursuit of victory- push yourself to be the absolute best that you could be. But at that moment it felt like a prison. You were confined to it for the next hour and fifty minutes. 
“They’re both headed to the medical tent.” Fuck. You didn’t reply for fear of what your voice may sound like. 
Soon you were nearing the accident space, your car slowing to nearly a crawl to avoid the bits of wings and side pods littering the pavement. The wreck did look big- and it was into a concrete wall rather than the many well-cushioned spots along the track. The longer you followed the Aston the more you tortured yourself wondering about what had happened and if they truly were okay. Finally after passing the scene another two times, you were given the green light for the race to continue. 
“Alright- let’s stay focused.” You knew Christian meant well but you wanted to tell him to fuck off. 
“Ricciardo and Sainz are back in their garages. No serious injuries.” You were grateful to hear that, but until you had your eyes on them you couldn’t let yourself relax. 
It took literally all of your experience and training to get you through the rest of that race. Every time you saw Hamilton crawling up your side you reminded yourself to breathe. You successfully held him off and extended the gap between you to about three seconds where you held a comfortable lead until you crossed the finish line. 
That victory- you didn’t feel like celebrating. Every lap felt like an eternity and all you wanted to do was finish the race as quickly as you could. You weren't even that concerned about winning- you just didn’t want to let your team down. 
You pulled into your designated spot and quickly removed your steering wheel and unhooked your helmet from the HANS device. You still felt full of adrenaline and you hopped out of the car, handing your wheel off to the nearest engineer. 
“Y/N, you need to speak to the media and then get ready for the podium.” 
“I’ll take the fine.” You said absently as you passed Patricia and headed towards the garages. 
As you trotted off towards the garages, it hit you. 
You knew exactly who you wanted to be with. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
daniel with some important™ words to max in the post-race media pen | spanish gp, 2022 [x, x]
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🫧 dando giggles 🪸
dedicated to my favourite @formulaonedirection 🫶
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Daniel: Allow me to set you gay.
Lando: Don't you mean "set you straight?"
Daniel: Child, I know what I said.
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Tumblr media
his beauty is actually INSANE…
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Dog Days - Max Verstappen x Reader - Part Ten
Read Part Nine here
Tumblr media
Max Verstappen x female!reader
Word Count: 3K Warnings: Fluff, Swearing, Christian Horner, Jos Verstappen
Summary:  Every moment Max spent with you was hell and he thought the same, so when a dog is rescued from the track and both of you want to keep it, the pair of you would have to stomach one another. Whoever the dog runs to at the end of the season gets to keep him and maybe a stray dog won’t be the only thing coming home with you when the season is over.
Max had gotten dressed and the pair of you had been given the okay to leave the hospital. You sat in his car, Max trying to think about his words before he spoke. He didn’t want to ruin this again, he couldn’t lose you. His mind was racing faster now than it was before any race he’d ever taken part in whilst you sat in complete silence waiting for him to talk. He looked over at you before taking one last breath. 
“Daniel has always known that I thought you were attractive and the only way I could get your attention was to tease you -”
“Sorry,” You interrupted. “You basically bullied me at work for years on end because you wanted my attention?” You shot him a look. 
“I thought you said you were going to listen?” He hit back, raising his brows as he spoke. 
“I am listening -”
“Clearly not because you interrupted me -”
“Because of what you said!”
“Please let me finish.” It was his turn to give you a look.
“Go on then.” You leant back in the seat, holding your hand out as a gesture to continue.
“You hated when I flirted with you so I thought the only reason you’d know and pay attention to me was if I started to annoy you and tease you to the point where you snapped at me -”
“You could have just been nice -”
“Let me finish.” He stared at you as he raised his voice before continuing. “I wanted just to be nice but it always came across like I was flirting with you and I know you are there to do your job. I know you looked at me like some egotistical cunt that sleeps with models and wins races.”
“Last part was very humble of you.” You smirked but he only glared. “The humble Verstappen gene.” You teased him further.
Max fought with himself about the next part, debating if he should in fact tell you that he found himself falling for you as his teasing throughout your time and Red Bull commenced but he backed down from it, going back to the night Daniel dared him to kiss you. 
“y/n I like you and Daniel knew that, he told me I should just go for it and kiss you. He then dared me to do it but I promise you that I never kissed you because of some dare. I wouldn’t do that to you.” His eyes weren’t lying to you. Max shifted in his seat to look at you better. “Do you really think I would take you to Paris, let you stay at mine, get that pissed off when Lando said you were planning on leaving all because of some dare?”
You broke your gaze from him, looking out to the car park. You took a breath before looking back at him. “I don’t know… yes I guess…” You hesitated to tell your side of the story. “You’re Max fucking Verstappen why would you be interested in me?”
“Not all of us cunts that go for models and rich women.” He offered a smile. 
A teasing smile spread across your lips. “You trying to say I couldn’t model or be rich?” 
His eyes widened. “What? No that’s not what I’m saying!” You let out an amused laugh at his panicked state. “I’m not saying that at all, I definitely think you could model -”
“I’m only teasing you.” You winked before switching the engine on. “Thank you, Max.” 
“Not sure why you’re thanking me for, think I should be thanking you.” He relaxed slightly. “Wait is my dad here?” He looked behind him almost as if he expected his dad to be lying on the backseats. 
“No why would your dad be here?” You started to drive. 
“You have my car.”
“Well spotted.”
“My dad had the keys.”
“You ever thought of going into the police force?” 
“Shut up.” He rolled his eyes. “My dad wouldn’t give you the keys.”
“I’m fully aware of that Max.”
“How did you get my keys?”
“I stole them.”
“You stole them?!” 
“You’d be right Sherlock Holmes I did in fact steal them.”
“How did you do that?”
“With some help, all I had to do is know what pocket they were in, accidentally bump into him and the rest is history.” You flashed him a smile before turning back to the road. 
“He’s going to kill you when he finds out.” 
“You won’t let him.”
He broke into a smile at your words. He moved his hand over to your thigh are you drove, his thumb moving back and forth before speaking. “You’re right about that.”
The pair of you drove in silence, the only sound that could be heard was the low hum of the radio. Max kept his eyes glued on the scene around him as he spoke the silence. “Who won?”
“Lewis, I checked whilst you were talking to the nurse.”
“Did he get a penalty for what he did?”
“Ten seconds.”
“Ten seconds?” Max snapped his head around to look at you as his voice raised. “Is that it?” 
“Yep -”
“He could have killed me!” 
“I know Max, just shows how far safety has come since -”
Max cut you off, not caring that you were halfway through a sentence. “And he still won?” 
“He did -”
“That’s fucked.” He sulked. 
“Christian had a few things to say, I heard him scream when I left.”
“You came straight here?” His face softened. 
“Max you didn’t say anything for what felt like years, they said they were taking you straight to the hospital,” You paused. “I thought you were seriously hurt.”
“Can’t get rid of me that easy.” He winked. 
“No I am aware.” 
“Where’s Vettel?”
“Christian took him although I don’t expect him to have any playdates with Roscoe any time soon.”
“I don’t want my dog near him -”
“Your dog?”
“Our dog.”
“Oh, so it’s ours now?” You gave him a fleeting smile. 
“It’s always been ours…” He whispered but you didn’t hear. 
“You know we’re going to have to decide soon.” 
Max frowned. “On what?”
“Christ you did hit your head hard.” You teased but that only made him roll his eyes. “The dog Max, who gets to keep him.”
Max’s heart sunk. He really didn’t want this to end. He honestly thought that because of your reaction you’d actually want something with him, you said you liked him right? When Vettel came along it was the perfect excuse to have you round his, the perfect excuse to have you all to himself. No Charles, Lewis, Lando or Daniel around to distract you from him. Everything was falling into place for him well until Daniel mentioned that your first kiss was a dare but that was behind you both. 
When that photo went around and Christian saw it as the perfect opportunity to use Vettel along with the kiss you and max shared to his advantage Max thought that was it. You’d actually fall for him, the lines between the fake and real relationship would blur and he’d ask you to be his. In Max’s ideal world you would say yes and you’d come and live with him, Vettel by your side along with the cats but now he was struggling to see where your fake relationship ended and the real one began. 
Max just ask her. 
“Oh…” He trailed off, ignoring every voice in his head that told him to ask you the truth about how you felt towards him. Did you just like him or did you want him? Had the pair of you come to a civil agreement to get along or was it more? “Yeah well umm… we’ve still got to work out how we’re going to do that and we’ve still got time left.”
“We do and you need to win a few more races.” You winked. He broke a smile at your actions before speaking.
“Let’s hope my luck doesn’t run out.”
Max’s so-called ‘luck’ didn’t last very long. The next race was the Hungarian GP. Lando and Valtteri had an incident which took out both Red Bull cars and a few other drivers resulting in Max coming in 9th. Not a position he needed to be in. 
Without thinking or seeing the incident back he ran up to Landon, pulled him aside and started to yell. Max accused him of taking him out because of what had happened between you and Max despite Lando helping Max clear his name. Thankfully Christian pulled the two of them apart before you could see. But thankfully Max’s luck came back to him in Belgian. He won, beating Lewis and gaining the points he needed. 
Your smile never faded seeing him on the podium, he needed that confidence back especially as the next race was his home race, the Dutch GP. 
Max and you had arrived at the hotel and before you could unpack your bags he already had a grip on you and was dragging you and Vettel out of the door and to the streets of his home. He drove you and Vettel out to what looked like a hiking spot or park. A smile stood brightly on Max’s face as he got out of the car, running around to your door before you could open it. He opened your door for you, the first of many you secretly hoped, thanking him you stepped out alongside him as he opened the door for the dog. 
You looked out to the green space before you. A large lake was surrounded by dancing trees that were swaying in the wind. The sun weaved through the trees, creating their own dance in the wind. 
“Where are we?” You asked as Max attached Vettel to the lead. 
“This is where I used to come and run, anytime I was feeling stressed. I always came here and I wanted to share it with you.” 
Your heart warmed at his words as he locked the car. Max held his hand out for you to take, holding Vettel in the other. He held his breath as he waited for you to hold it but you only smiled at him as you took his hand into yours. The pair of you walked towards the forest hand in hand as Vettel tried to sniff everything in sight. 
“It’s beautiful here Max.” You leant into his side as you walked beside him. “I can see why you come here.” 
He let out a little laugh. “I always came here if things got too much at home.” His face dropped slightly at the memories. 
“You don’t have to tell me you know -”
“No I know.” He replied. “But I feel like you deserve to know.”
“You don’t owe me anything.” You looked out to the lake through the trees. “If anything I owe you something like a lot, you got me a pay rise, let me stay at yours -”
“You deserve it.” He cut you off with his words as he and you reached a clearing. “Dad has always been hard on me, I guess he just wanted me to do well.” He sat down, holding his hand out to help you sit if you needed it. “I guess I thought it was all normal until I spoke about it publicly. Everyone pointed out how bad it was but I don’t talk about it much now. It’s not like I can cut him out of my life now, technically I owe him everything.”
“You don’t Max.” You turned your head away from the view to look at him. “You owe it to yourself to do what you think is best. You were the one who worked your way up to where you are now, only you could get yourself to where you are now.”
He turned to look at you, his face full of affection. “You really think that?” 
You took his hand back into yours. “Of course I do.” Your thumb dragged across his skin, your eyes flickering to his lips. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Max.” You smirked. “Although you would, you did about the dare -”
“Fuck sake.” He let out a small laugh. “I didn’t lie -”
“Just bent the truth.”
“Exactly!” His smile dropped. “Wait -”
You laughed at his response before leaning yourself onto him. Max wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him. “What about you?” He carried the conversation on. “Were any of your family into Formula 1?”
“My parents were. My dad loved Michael Schumacher, you could probably guess his reaction to us allegedly dating -”
“They know?” 
“They don’t know it’s fake. My dad was just annoyed that I went for you rather than Mick.” Max let out a small light laugh at your words. “I always knew I wanted to have a job in F1 and well, I couldn’t be a driver -”
“Why not?”
“Because my parents weren’t rich enough.” You looked up at him as you continued. “I always enjoyed creating content so when social media took off and it became clear I could do that as a job well, I went for it. My parents supported me and well, here I am.” 
“They seem nice.”
“They are.” You smiled. “I’m lucky to have them.” 
“Have they ever been to a race?”
“No.” You shifted slightly. “It costs a fortune to go but now someone decided to give me a pay rise it means I can finally take them. I’m tempted to fly them out for the last race of the season, maybe they’ll see you become champion of the world.” You winked at him, your actions making the heat rise in his cheeks. 
“Would you let me meet them?” 
“Well they think we’re dating so I presume they’d want to meet their son in law.” 
Those words drove him crazy. 
Son in law. 
That’s what he wanted. He didn’t want that to be fake, he wanted your parents to meet him and fall in love with how he treats their daughter. He wanted them to accept him into your family and trust him enough to be with you for as long as time as allowed you to be. 
“You might break their hearts when this is all over.” He hated himself for saying that. 
“Do you want this to be over?”
“Fuck no.” He whispered, his face leaning closer to you. “I don’t.” 
Took you long enough to tell her Max. 
“Do you?” His lips were ghosting over yours.
“No Max… I want to celebrate you becoming the World Champion by your side.” 
“That’s all I need.” Max moved his hands to cup your jaw, forgetting that Vettel’s lead was in his left hand. Max dipped his head down and connected his lips to yours. He didn’t care about taking anything slow. His tongue swiped along your bottom lip as the pair of you moved in sync, his right hand went down to your neck, wrapping around and squeezing slightly so you moaned. Max took the opportunity to take your bottom lip in his teeth before moving his hands down to your hips. 
“Come sit on my lap.” He whispered. 
“Max we’re in public -” Max didn’t care, he grabbed your hips and pulled you onto his lap, straddling him as he spoke again. 
“I don’t care, I want you.”
You wanted him, maybe not out in the middle of a forest but evidently, Max didn’t care where you were. What Max also seemed to have forgotten is that Vettel was around and that dog had not forgotten how he made you cry and spend the night with Lewis Hamilton. Vettel stood at the side of you and Max before barking as loud as his lungs could. 
The sudden noise made both you and Max pull back, looking at the white dog that had interrupted you. You couldn’t help but grin as you caught sight of Max’s expression. Max looked as if all he wanted to do was take that dog back to where you all found him but deep down he also knew that without him the pair of you wouldn’t be where you are now.
“I’m gonna kill that fucking dog -”
“MAX!” You hit his arm lightly. “Don’t say that!” You turned in his lap, now you had your back towards him. “C’mere boy.” You opened your arms for Vettel to climb into. The dog gladly took up your offer, resting his head on your shoulder, looking back at Max with a sly look which only made him narrow his gaze at the animal.
You leant back into Max, falling in between his legs allowing Vettel to sit down and get comfortable on your lap. You took out your phone, holding it up to get a photo of the three of you. The sun lit the portrait as you smiled. “It’s like a family portrait.”
“Can you send that to me?” Max asked. 
“Sure.” You didn’t think anything of it, sending him that photo as you turned your attention back to the dog. What you didn’t know is that Max sent the photo to his Personal Assistant and asked her to print the photo off as a small polaroid because he wanted you with him all the time. 
He wanted a photo of the three of you in his helmet whilst he raced so you were always close to him, even on the track. 
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the duo i didn't think i needed in my life
McLaren Unboxed | Under the Weather | #SpanishGP
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Max in this video is out of this world! So beautiful! 🥰❤️
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missing her (Cyril loudly being in love with Daniel)
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All We'll Ever Be - Part 2
Request: Yes
hi could i request something where the girl is an f1 driver and she has a platonic relationship w the boys. she's from a costal caribbean island and she invites them to her home to spend like a week with her and some of her hometown friends and it's like laughter all around and like doing silly little beach stuff and like carlos starts to see the girl in another light when they're on the beach and the other drivers start to notice and tease him abt it and like very cutesy like sunset vibes all around lol
A Part two was requested.
Carlos Sainz Jr x Reader
Summary: Carlos Sainz discovering all him and the woman he loves will ever be.
Warning: Swearing, fluff, making out, mentions of sex.
Word Count: 2312 words
Authors note: So here is the requested part 2 of this story and there is a significantly happier ending to this one :D I hope you all enjoy and I can't wait to hear what you think :)
All We'll Ever Be (Part 1)
“Knock knock” you gently rapped on the bedroom door of Carlos and Lando, only popping your head round the door after hearing Carlos say you could open the door, “sorry, I just need to get some pyjamas, can’t exactly sleep how I normally do being on the couch” you offered up explanation for your intrusion of his makeshift bedroom.
Carlos wanted to respond, but found himself unable, absolutely blindsided by the thoughts of how you normally went to bed, his mind coming up with much more scandalous scenarios than he should be thinking of when picturing his best friend.
Or should he be calling you the woman he loves, since that’s probably more accurate now.
He couldn’t decide if he was happy or upset at the realisation of how he felt about you, but he could at least reason now that he knew, he could get over you, because there was no way he would be stuck loving his best friend forever, right?
Finally, pulling himself out of the thoughts of you, he motioned for you to come in, putting his phone down and slightly shifting himself up into a more seated position as you slipped into the room and closing the door behind you, secretly hoping to get some much needed one on one time with the man you loved.
You really should be calling him your best friend, but since you realised how you felt about him, ‘the man you loved’ was all you could bring yourself to call him.
You had so hoped the realisation of how you felt about him would aid you in getting over him, but then you’d see him again and he’d make you laugh and then you knew that you were probably destined to live with the curse of loving your best friend forever.
“How come you’re hiding out in here? I feel like I haven’t seen you all holiday and you’re only here for two more days” you began, trying to keep the tone of the conversation light while digging through your wardrobe for something to sleep in. It would be wrong to pick something too revealing right? No, you can’t do that. Standard strappy top and sleep shorts, nothing attractive, this is our best friend remember.
But here he was, shirtless, in this heat and this was just cruel of him.
Jesus Y/n, stop objectifying your best friend.
‘Well truthfully, I really am trying to avoid you because the more I spend time with you the more I realise how in love with you I am and I’m not sure how long I can keep it to myself and I really don’t want to ruin the friendship but you are making it very, very difficult to keep my cool, especially if you’re going to be wearing that strappy top and tiny shorts to sleep in’ is what Carlos wanted to say.
But instead, he settled with a half-truth, “I just needed some time away from the boys, they can be a handful”.
“Oh, did you want me to go” you suddenly felt like you had intruded, beginning to move to the door.
“No, you I could never get tired of” Carlos scolded himself for being slightly too forward but seeing the blush creep up on your cheeks might have been worth the risk completely.
“Oh, well, in that case” and next minute you were jumping on the bed, ready to soak up some quality time with the Spaniard, “speaking of the boys, where are they?”
 “I honestly don’t even want to think about it” Carlos dipped his head back, chiding himself for what he was about to offer, “do you want me to step out so you can get changed? That way you can be comfortable too.” Too ballsy, shouldn’t have said that.
“Oh shame, I think it should be fine if you just close your eyes” holy shit, there was no way you just suggested getting changed in front of him.
“Yeah, I mean, only if you’re comfortable with it” and with that he immediately closed his eyes, praying he didn’t get a boner.
He felt the bed move as you climbed off, suddenly his hearing increasing ten-fold as he heard the tell-tale sound of you removing your shirt and pants, and holy shit were you standing here in the same room as him wearing nothing but your underwear?
No Carlos. This isn’t right. Sing your national anthem. Count to 10 in every language you know. Shit, how does your national anthem go? Anything to not think about how badly he wanted to hear you taking those shorts off again.
“Done” your voice chimed through his thoughts and he felt the bed dipping next to him as you climbed back on and good god you might as well still be wearing nothing but your underwear. How were you this beautiful.  
An awkward tenson filled the room as you lay next to each other, suddenly both of you feeling all too hot and pretty sure every single topic of conversation you had ever known was out the window of your little brains.
“Oh!” you startled Carlos with the sudden break of silence, him doing everything physically possible to avoid looking at you, “what was that shitty movie Lando watched again? Do you maybe want to put it on and we can laugh at how embarrassing the characters are?” you began grabbing your laptop that you kept next to your bed.
“Oh, I, uh, don’t remember the name, just that these two are best friends and they guy is in love with the girl and she doesn’t feel the same so he just settles with being her friend” he gave a brief description of his current and exact situation, feeling like it was the exact movie you two would watch and laugh at the characters for making such poor choices and just being all round too embarrassing.
“What a fucking coward” you were a hypocrite because this was exactly what you were doing. You were a fucking coward.
Maybe you should just tell him.
Rip the band aid off and get it done and live with the consequences of never being his friend again but at least that way you wouldn’t be lying to him anymore and maybe you’d actually be able to finally get over him.
“Listen, where are they?”
“I don’t know but while they are gone we need to discuss this quickly”
“Guess we found the boys” you and Carlos laughed as you heard them through the wall, curious as to what they so desperately needed to discuss quickly.
“Okay, so we all agree something needs to be done about this?”
“Obviously, he’s literally avoiding her”
‘Are they talking about Carlos? Why was he avoiding you?’ confusion spread across your face.
‘Oh god. Oh no, they were about to ruin fucking everything’ Carlos froze, knowing exactly what this conversation was about and they had no idea you both could hear them.
“Maybe we should give them their privacy” Carlos was not above begging in order to get himself out of this situation.
“No, I think I wanna hear what they have to say” you whispered, hoping they wouldn’t be able to hear you.
“But he is right you know; we can’t just force him to tell her how he feels about her”
“Do you honestly think she doesn’t feel the same?”
“They are literally pathetic”
“Maybe we should try the whole rom-com, everyone can see that the two characters are in love except them chat with her”
“Lando, has this been the only idea you have ever come up because I kind of feel like you keep circling back to it”
“Even Carlos used it on her!”
“Shhhhhhh! We don’t want them to hear you tit”
“But maybe it isn’t a bad idea, changing tactics and getting her to confess how she feels instead”
“Since Carlos is a fucking coward”
‘Wait, are they talking about y/n? And how she feels about me?’ it was Carlos’s turn to be confused.
‘Oh my fucking god. How did they know?’ and now it was your turn to be mortified.
“You’re right, maybe we should give them their privacy” the begging tone Carlos had previously spored now mimicked in your own voice.
“No, now I think I wanna stay and hear what they have to say” Carlos leaned in closer to wall, not wanting to miss a single word, because if it was true, then he was going for it, tonight.
“Okay, so we try her then, we only have two days to get either of them to confess”
“Before I just do it fucking for them”
“Okay, but what is the plan to get her to tell him then?”
“I would like to take us back to the rom-com idea”
“Oh my god, shut the fuck up”
The length of silence would almost be comical if they weren’t exposing you and Carlos’s deepest secrets.
“Okay, so we’re doing the rom-com idea”
“Whose going to talk to her”
“I’ll do it”
“No Daniel, you’ll just end up flirting with her”
“Max you’re out of the question”
“What’s wrong with me?”
Another beat of silence as you assume Max was receiving the most obvious stares they boys could muster.
“Okay, yes fine, not me.”
“I could do it”
“Pierre isn’t a bad choice”
“Yeah, you’re all romantic and shit and she could cry on your shoulder and what not when she finally admits that she’s just as in love with him as he is with her”
He’s in love with me?
She’s in love with me?
“So my walls are really thin” you whispered out, blocking out the conversation happening in the room over.
“They are really thin” neither of you wanting to start this conversation first, knowing it was about to change everything.
Now it was your guys turn for awkward silence to fill the air. Neither of you quite sure what to do, the truth feeling thicker hanging in the air than your secrets ever did.
“If I kissed you right now, is that something you would want?” Carlos asked, eyes straight ahead, not looking at you once, too scared of what he might see, and too scared he might not be able to control himself if he did.
“It would be something I wanted” your actions copied his own, never looking at him.
“Okay, and if I said you were the last woman I ever wanted to kiss again?” Carlos snuck a look at you, watching the small smile creeping up on your face.
“I’d say I want you to be the last man I ever kiss again” watching as a smile spread across his own face.
“1. 2. 3” and with that Carlos place a hand on the nape of your neck and kissed you gently, feeling your own hands come into contact with his own body, one curling around his own neck and the other landing on his chest.
And there it was again.
The calm.
Finally you each pulled away, thankful for your eavesdropping and nosy friends.
And in the silence your confessions were loud.
I love you.
I love you.
I have always loved you.
I will always love you.
Next minute, Carlos was pulling you back into him, kissing you with significantly more vigour, you deepening the kiss yourself, pulling yourself closer and closer into him, wanting to feel him against you fully. Finally.
And with that Carlos’s hand wrapped around your waist and pulled you onto him fully, so you are sitting on his lap. Never breaking the kiss you two were finally sharing. The one you had both been waiting for.
This unfortunately had allowed neither of you to hear the rest of the boys ending their own conversation and heading to their separate rooms, and you had definitely missed the bedroom door opening, too lost in each other.
“What the fuck!” that you didn’t miss though.
You spun around to a wide eyed Lando, all three of you shocked into silence.
“I’m going to need you to take the couch tonight Lando” was all Carlos could think to say, accompanied by a cheeky grin.
“What’s going on?” you heard Max shout.
“Everything all right mate?” Charles own concerned voice filtered through the wall as well.
“THEY”RE FUCKING” Lando shouted at the top of his lungs.
“Oh my god! We are not fucking!” Carlos was quick to correct him and put all the other boys at ease.
“Walls are too thin for that sugs” you threw a wink at Lando, who was quick to run out of the room, but not before throwing you both a thumbs up, genuinely happy that you had both finally made a move, as much as it may have scarred him.
“So, where were we?” Carlos was already guiding your lips back to his.
“I think you were telling me about that really shitty rom-com” you giggled against his lips.
“And all you’ll ever be is two people in love for the rest of eternity, we’re all so happy for you, but please, we really don’t want to hear you two actually getting on” Max being the only one brave enough to request for a decent nights sleep.
“We love PG-13 Rom-com” Pierre shouted.
“Except Daniel, who doesn’t mind a little action, but only if it’s from Max” Charles added on, creating a house full of laughs, only growing louder when you all heard a distinct sound of someone landing on the floor and an “ouch” from Max.
“Good night and love you all” you finally shouted once the laughter had died down, receiving a chorus of goodnights and I love you’s back.
“And I love you” Carlos whispered into your ear, “and this is all I will ever be, in love with you”
“All we’ll ever be” you corrected him.
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Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo modelling the new Monaco McLaren merch collection
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i like his style 💫
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And your ship may be coming in You're weak, but not giving in And you'll fight it, you'll go out fighting all of them
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Daniel: I say we leave before Max gets all worked up and starts calling everybody 'bitch.'
Max: What are you talking about, bitch?
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this was THE charity football game 😮‍💨
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dewis crumbs
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via pierregasly on instagram
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