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#danmei novel
marquisoforder · a month ago
In light of the newest yet not unseen before attempt by a person of the English speaking audience of MDZS to rewrite the novel, lemme give my two cents on something that bothers me very much.
One thing I’ll never understand about westerns’ constant attempts to rewrite MDZS because they “find the culture too confusing” is that no one ever says this about western fantasy books like LOTR or ASOIAF. Both works feature “foreign” cultures that has narrative significance and is very much a part of what makes up the fantasy element but you can’t even do any real research on them to understand them better cause they are fictional and fake, meaning they only have so much depth as the author allows them.
However novels like MDZS are built around existing cultural features (i.e: daoism, Chinese poetry and mythos) that has been extensively researched and written upon. You can literally Google anything about cultural features in MDZS and get a decent explanation that will at least allow you to understand the story.
Like you cannot tell me that sword cultivation is any more confusing than whatever Daenerys did to bring back the dragons in A Game of Thrones. Or that demonic cultivation is any more confusing than what Sauron did with his rings. How are fake languages like Valyrian or Dothraki or Elvish less confusing to you than Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the world? But I don’t see people rewriting ASOIAF or LOTR to make it easier to understand?
So what gives? Why is complex and interesting foreign cultural features in fantasy only confusing when it’s not written by a Western author? How would westernizing those elements help you understand the story better when the very foundation is embedded in that culture? But most importantly why is it that your FIRST INSTINCT is cultural erasure and NOT opening yourself to and educating yourself on said culture?
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blacktigersprings · 4 months ago
Tian Guan Ci Fu: save a dirty poor kid from certain death, he grows up to be a hunk who can't get enough of gege (brother)
2ha: save a dirty poor kid from certain death, he grows up to be a hunk who can't get enough of shizun (teacher)
Shapolang: save a dirty poor kid from certain death, he grows up to be a hunk who can't get enough of yifu (adoptive father)
Alas, in the world of danmei the more inappropriate the better! XD
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laurvere · a year ago
Tumblr media
Mo Du/Silent Reading - 默读 PRIEST BL NOVEL
why you should read:
a psychological thriller mystery crime novel with the main romance being between two men? I RATE IT 10/10. priest’s breakdown of the human psyche is especially engrossing to read and when you add in to that the riveting plotline that manages to pull you into a series of intricatly written intertwined criminal cases spanning three generations, it becomes simply astonishing.
the romance is developed at a flawlessly written pace that manages to capture all you could want from a ship: fun dynamics, emotional growth, angst, fluff, horniness (yea believe you’ll get quite a good amount of that), tenderness, conflicts, communication, intimacy; all the while not erasing the presence of the plot brewing underneath it all.
overall perfect amount of romance, suspense, action, humor, to keep your attention pivoted
If I had to put Ao3 tags on this novel it would be the following: M/M; slow burn; love rivals to lovers; sexual tension; plot driven; accidental flirting (to not so accidental); pov alternating; classical literature references; murder mystery; anti-corruption; psychological trauma;
((putting a trigger-warning here!! this novel can get dark due to the nature of it being a psychological mystery/crime novel. it tackles on heavy subjects so tw for subjects involving gore and violence, drugs, murder, suicide, child abuse; the warnings refer to criminal cases solved throughout the story!!))
more reasons to read this:
Fei Du: our flirtatious and eccentric fuerdai (富二代= chinese term for rich second generation) bisexual protagonist (who may also be viewed as pansexual). both charismatic and intelligent; appears to have lived through a very traumatic childhood.
Luo Wenzhou: very much HUSBAND MATERIAL. the leader of the crime investigation unit. confident gay and is as equally shameless as fei du.
Tao Ran: the only straight man with rights
Lang Qiao and Xiao Haiyang, CUTE AND QUIRKY CHARACTERS
Luo Yiguo: luo wenzhou’s fat cat (don’t look at me like that yes the cat is one of the reasons you should read this)
where to read: (completed in english; 180 chapters + 5 extras total)
after reading: meta on fei du’s psyche; MAY I PLEASE RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO READ THIS AFTER FINISHING???? user jackedbylit @ twitter wrote a 7k analysis on fei du’s psyche and it’s just .... SO SO GOOD. (pls bookmark to read it after finishing the novel)
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translations-by-aiimee · 24 days ago
The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 28
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 28 - This Venerable One is A Little Confused
Elder Yuheng broke the rules and was punished. He might as well have sprouted wings. There was no need to wait until the next morning; Almost all the disciples of the sect had heard about it that same night.
Two hundred strikes; if he were replaced by any other ordinary person, they would probably be beaten to death. Even a cultivator isn't indestructible.
Xue Meng jumped up after learning about it: "What?! Master went to the Court of Discipline?"
"Young Master, go and talk to the Lord. He's already injured. How could he stand two hundred strikes?"
Xue Meng was going crazy: "My father? I can't. My father is still at the Snow Palace and hasn't returned yet. A carrier pigeon wouldn't even get there for another day. Why didn't you guys stop Shizun?"
Mo Ran and Shi Mei glanced at each other.
Stop Chu Wanning?
Who in this world could stop him?
"That's out of the question. I'm going to find him right now." Xue Meng roared and ran towards the Court of Discipline. Before he entered the courtyard, he saw a group of Elder Jielu's disciples blocking the entrance of the main hall, whispering about something.
"What are you standing there for? Move! Get out of my way!"
"Young Master!"
"Ah, the young master is here."
"Make way, the young master is here."
The disciples quickly separated and gave way to Xue Meng. The gate of the Qingtian Temple was open, and Chu Wanning was kneeling silently, his posture straight, his eyes closed. Elder Jielu, with an iron rod in hand, was reciting the laws of Life-Death Peak. Every time he finished reciting one, the iron rod slammed against Chu Wanning's back.
"The ninety-first law of this sect: do not indiscriminately hurt the innocent, and do not use cultivation against a mortal. Under this rod, do you have any objections?"
"The ninety-second law of this sect; do not act arbitrarily, do not act selfishly. Under this rod, do you have any objections?"
Elder Jielu didn't dare hold back and had to execute the punishment as he would with any other disciple. After more than ninety sticks came down, Chu Wanning's white robes were stained with blood.
Xue Meng respected Chu Wanning the most. When he saw this, his eyes went bloodshot, and he shouted: "Shizun!"
Chu Wanning ignored him. His eyes were still closed and he frowned slightly.
Elder Jielu glanced at the door and muttered: "Elder Yuheng, the young master is here."
"I'm not deaf, I heard him." Blood dripped out of the corners of Chu Wanning's mouth, but he didn't raise his eyes. "He's a noisy child, don't worry about it."
Elder Jielu sighed. ". . .Yuheng, why are you doing this?"
"Who is the one that is always punishing my disciples for being disobedient?" Chu Wanning said indifferently. "If I'm not punished today according to the law, how will I be able to face my disciples in the future?"
". . ."
"Carry on."
"Hah. . ." Elder Jielu looked at his pale, slender neck protruding from the edge of the wide collar that hung gently like thin smoke and asked: "Then can I at least make them lighter?"
". . . This is nothing more than deception." Chu Wanning said. "Don't worry. It's only two hundred strikes, I can bear it."
"Elder Yuheng. . ."
"Jielu, if you don't have anything more to say, carry on."
The iron rod finally fell again.
Xue Meng's voice was frantic: "Elder Jielu! Are you not going to fucking stop? Do you know the situation you've put me in? That's my shizun you're beating!!! My shizun!!!"
Elder Jielu had no choice but to bite his tongue and pretend he didn't hear him.
Xue Meng was about to explode: "Can't you hear me, old man? I'm ordering you to stop! You - If you dare hit him again, I'll, I'll, I'll—"
He thought for a while and couldn’t come up with anything to say. After all, he was only a fifteen-year-old boy. Regardless of the fact that he was "the proud boy of heaven," his strength and qualifications are far less than those of the elders. He could only blush and throw out an outrageous claim --
"I'll tell my father!!!"
Elder Jielu: ". . ."
Chu Wanning let out an almost inaudible sigh.
Ninety-seven strikes. Ninety-eight strikes. Ninety-nine strikes. One hundred sticks. . .
His clothes were torn and blood was glaringly seeping out.
Xue Meng couldn't hold back anymore. His eyes were red with anxiety, and he was about to recklessly rush in, but Chu Wanning suddenly opened his eyes. He waved his hand and a barrier instantly lowered, blocking the entrance. Xue Meng bounced back a few steps, almost falling to the ground.
Chu Wanning coughed up blood. He shifted his glare, narrowing his fierce phoenix eyes.
"Disgraceful! Leave!"
Chu Wanning sternly said: "Since when can the Young Master of Life-Death Peak order an Elder to bend the law for his own personal gain? Leave now!"
Xue Meng stared at him. His eyes widened and it looked like little beads of water appeared in them.
Next to him, Mo Ran stroked his chin, and the corner of his mouth was still playfully curled upwards: "Oh, that's not good. Little phoenix is going to cry."
Hearing these words, Xue Meng harshly turned his head and fiercely glared at Mo Ran. His watery eyes were red, but he kept any tears from rolling down.
He had no more objections and no more talk back.
He climbed up from the ground with a single movement. He lowered his head, grit his teeth and wiped the dust off his body. Then he knelt down facing the Qingtian Temple: "Shizun, I know my mistake."
Chu Wanning was still being tortured by an iron rod. His straight posture never wavered, but his face was pale, and his forehead was coated with a fine layer of cold sweat.
Xue Meng stubbornly said: "But I'm not leaving. I'll accompany Shizun."
He said while kneeling.
Mo Ran rolled his eyes towards the sky. Xue Meng, courtesy name Xue Ziming, the proud son of heaven, was only ever humble in front of Chu Wanning. In front of others, he was a phoenix, and in front of their shizun, he became a quail. If he wasn't positive that Xue Meng didn't like men, Mo Ran would start to suspect that this guy was probably in love with Chu Wanning, so much so that he would throw himself in front of death itself for him. If Shizun slapped his left cheek, then this little bitchy quail would humbly slap his right cheek.
Real convincing.
Like an obedient little puppy.
Although he despised him in his heart, he couldn't understand why he was feeling somewhat upset. Mo Ran looked at Xue Meng. The more he looked at him, the more uncomfortable he got and he felt that he could not let him show his loyalty alone.
Chu Wanning already didn't like him. If Xue Meng made such a fuss, does that mean Chu Wanning wouldn't be as harsh with him in the future?
So he simply went over and knelt beside Xue Meng.
"I'll also accompany Shizun."
Of course, Shi Mei also knelt down, and the three disciples all knelt and waited outside. When disciples under the other elders heard the circulating rumours, they all hurried to the Court of Discipline to watch the excitement.
"Oh my god, why is it Elder Yuheng. . ."
"I heard he went into a rage and beat a civilian."
"Ah! He's that cruel?"
"Shhh, keep your voice down. If Elder Yuheng hears you, he won't hesitate to whip you!"
Others: "Why is the young master kneeling?"
"Young Master Mo is also kneeling. . ."
Mo Ran was handsome and he had a way with words. He didn't know how many female cultivators he'd earned goodwill with over the years, but right now, there were several people who couldn't help but feel pity for him and whisper: "I feel so sorry for Young Master Mo. What should I do? Should we intervene?"
"We shouldn't concern ourselves with their shizun - disciple issues. Do it if you dare, I'm not that brave. Do you remember the senior sister who was whipped hundreds of times by Elder Yuheng..."
". . ."
The two hundred strikes were completed.
The barrier was finally removed.
Xue Meng quickly got up from the ground. He ran into Qingtian Temple and approached the scene. Seeing Chu Wanning's appearance, he cried out. He turned his head and grabbed Elder Jielu's collar. "You're dead, old man! Couldn't you have hit him a little lighter!!!"
"Xue Ziming." Chu Wanning closed his eyes, his blood-stained lips moving, and his hoarse voice carried a hidden deterrent.
". . ."
Xue Meng's knuckles creaked. He violently pushed Elder Jielu away, letting him go. This was when Mo Ran came in. He was still smiling, thinking that Elder Jielu must have taken into account Chu Wanning's status and wouldn't deal heavy blows. But looking down at Chu Wanning's injury, the smile on his face suddenly fell.
Didn't Chu Wanning tell Elder Jielu that he had a shoulder injury?!
The two hundred strikes had all more or less slashed across the older wound on his shoulder.
New wounds overlapped old wounds.
Chu Wanning, you. . .
Are you insane?!
His pupils shrank sharply, and a strong resentment surged into his heart.
Mo Ran didn't know what he was resenting, or what he was so annoyed about. He only knew that he felt a blazing fire in his gut, torching through all his organs. He was used to torturing Chu Wanning to death himself, crushing his self-esteem and tarnishing his purity. Mo Ran couldn't stand seeing injuries on Chu Wanning that were made by someone else!
He could move on from his past memories because Mo Ran subconsciously felt that this person was his. This person, whether dead or alive, hated or hated, was all.
He originally didn't care about Chu Wanning being punished because he thought that, since Chu Wanning was an elder, the two hundred strikes would hardly be considered a severe punishment.
At the very least, they would avoid the fresh wound on his shoulder.
But Chu Wanning didn't say anything! He didn't even mention it! What was this lunatic so stubborn? Why did he put up with this? What point did he so stupidly and stubbornly need to prove?!?
His mind was in turmoil. Mo Ran raised his hand to help him, but Xue Meng was already one step ahead of him. He took Chu Wanning in his arms and helped him up.
". . ." Mo Ran's hand hung in the air, and after a while, he slowly lowered it again.
He watched Xue Meng help Chu Wanning walk away, not knowing the feeling that was stirring in his heart.
He wanted to catch up with them, but he wasn't willing to move.
What happened in his past life was all in the past.
Nowadays, Chu Wanning was just his shizun.
Any chaotic, hateful, or intimate entanglement hadn't happened between them yet.
He shouldn't have such thoughts. Whether Chu Wanning was beaten by someone, supported by someone, loved someone, or was even killed by someone, it had nothing to do with him.
Shi Mei came to him: "Come on, let's join the young master and go take a look."
"I'm not going. It's enough having Xue Meng there. I wouldn't help much. Any more people would just create chaos." Mo Ran's face remained unchanged, but his heart was a bit confused.
He really didn't understand what he was feeling right now. What was this feeling called?
Was it hatred?
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chufeifei · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“To be staring into those dark eyes at such close distance, Xie Lian instantly froze.”
TGCF ch.95
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megumis-eyelashes · 9 months ago
I never had such an EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY experience like with Gu Yun.
Me: omg he is the is The Marquis of Order, surely he is going to be a serious and aloof character, very strinct and commanding.
Also Gu Yun:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lenguyn0120 · 5 months ago
"Đáng giá hay không, trong lòng mỗi người tự biết. Oan có đầu nợ có chủ, liên lụy đến người vô tội, không đáng để khen hay. Có một số người, một số việc, nếu có thể cứu mà không cứu, có thể làm mà không làm, cả đời đều sẽ có tâm ma, còn người khác có biết hay không, đó là chuyện của người khác." - Chương 5
[Không bàn chuyện người, không bàn chuyện đời, không bàn chuyện phim, chỉ bàn chuyện mình. Chỉ là sống trên đời này không thể dựa vào ai cả, chỉ có dựa vào chính mình. Dù bất kỳ ai đã hy sinh cho bạn những gì, thì đến lúc nào đó, không phải lúc này thì cũng là lúc khác, sẽ tiện miệng kể ra, dù không phải dạng kể công, đòi bạn báo đáp gì nhưng đó cũng sẽ là một dạng áp lực không thể thở nổi, vì vậy, dù ít dù nhiều, sau một trận ốm này, mình lại càng không dám than thở kể lể với một ai, một đồng người cho mình, dù đối với họ không đáng gì nhưng đối với mình đó lại là một ân huệ vô hình mà cả đời đều muốn báo đáp lại. Do đó, mà từ giờ đây, dù đau ốm nghèo đói khổ sở cũng chỉ có thể một mình chịu đựng, cố gắng vượt qua, bởi lẽ không một ai có thể cho bạn cảm giác an toàn, ngoại trừ chính bản thân. - "Đó không phải là thứ người khác có thể đem lại được, nếu lúc nào nó cũng có thể bị tước mất, thì sao còn gọi là cảm giác an toàn." - Chương 6.] .
"Thẩm Kiều hành xử thiện ý, nhưng từ xưa tới nay cũng chưa từng suy nghĩ cần người khác cũng phải dùng tâm tư thiện chí mà hồi đáp lại nguyên vẹn, bởi vì với hắn, không cần người đó có đáp lại hay không, cũng đều không ảnh hưởng đến con đường của hắn. Hắn cảm thấy nên làm như vậy, thì cứ làm, người khác có hiểu có lý giải hay không, có biết có thấy hay không, chế giễu hay cười nhạo, đều không có quan hệ gì với hắn." - Chương 46.
[Con người có thể chia làm thiện và ác, nhưng cũng có những người không thể nào dùng một ranh giới rõ ràng để phân loại họ về phía bên nào. Một Thẩm Kiều này, trong tâm luôn mang theo một tia thiện ý, dùng tấm lòng thiện lương đối đãi với tất cả mọi người, dù có thể không nhận lại được hồi đáp tương tự, có khi còn bị tính kế làm hại, nhưng đạo tâm này chưa một lần bị tổn hại. Chúng ta vẫn luôn để ý cái nhìn của thế nhân, nhưng mình thật sự cảm phục Thẩm đạo trưởng, dùng thiện ý để đối nhân xử thế nhưng chưa từng mềm lòng đối với người làm chuyện ác, đã làm chuyện ác tất phải trả giá.] .
"Hắn nguyện ý đối với người ta dùng thiện ý trả giá, cũng chưa từng để ý chính mình có được bao nhiêu, mất đi bao nhiêu. Nhưng khi người ta cũng đồng dạng dùng thiện ý hồi đáp, thậm chí vì hắn mà chết, hắn lại cảm thấy chính mình không thể hồi báo được mà khó chịu hơn." - Chương 50.
[Thiên đạo này, trời đất này, thế gian này - "Đạo trong lòng, dù có ngàn vạn người, ta vẫn tới." - Chương 84. Không kể người khác nghĩ gì, không nguyện người khác hồi đáp, chỉ cần không hổ thẹn với lòng, đạo tâm vẫn giữ, vẫn là đủ rồi. Mỗi lần nói chữ "đủ rồi" là mình nghĩ bản thân gần tới với cảnh giới cao nhất của Phật rồi. Mấy ai biết như thế nào là đủ rồi, mấy ai thỏa mãn với chừng đó của bản thân, chỉ khi nào không cầu không dục không hy vọng, tự bản thân có thể thấy đủ rồi, không quan ngại người đời, đó mới là đủ rồi.] . Thật sự thật sự thật sự phải nói rất thích rất thích rất thích Thẩm Kiều, truyện dài nhưng không ngán, có những thứ trên đời này đều hiểu, đều biết nhưng để thực hiện được thì rất khó. Thẩm Kiều nói được làm được, cầm lên được buông xuống được, mặc kệ thiên hạ đàm tiếu, chuyện mình mình làm, chuyện người kệ người. Yến Vô Sư cũng vậy, ngông cuồng tự đại vô sỉ, cũng chuyện mình mình làm, thiên hạ mặc kệ. Chỉ là tam quan của mỗi người mỗi khác, đối với Thẩm Kiều là nhân chi sơ tính bản thiện, nhưng với Yến Vô Sư lại là nhân chi sơ tính bản ác, như thế nào cũng được, quan điểm của mỗi người tự mỗi người rồi sẽ có tính toán của riêng mình. - Thị phi thị phi, hữu nhĩ cộng phi, biệt vô tại ý.
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gottabemelody · 6 months ago
i have these random snippets from modu that i saved because of reasons and basically this is me trying to tease you into reading modu lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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depressingsoup · 27 days ago
In love with them- I preordered the first volume of the English translation today 🥲 so excited
Credit to @/akutiburida on TikTok for the edit
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amethystroselily · a month ago
I started reading Thousand Autumns, and like, what were they planning to do if after they opened with Shen Qiao’s fake past, he was just like, ‘no I’m not’? Kill him? Probably.
Also, I’m pretty sure Yu Shengyan is not part of the main couple, and therefore not the protagonist, but he sure has been the POV character for the first four chapters, so??? (It would actually be hilarious if the entire story was from just some guy’s POV) (but maybe he is the protagonist and I’m just delusional)
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translations-by-aiimee · a month ago
The Husky and His White Cat Shizun - Chapter 24
Original Title:  二哈和他的白猫师尊
Genres: Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Yaoi
This translation is based on multiple MTLs and my own limited knowledge of Chinese characters. If I have made any egregious mistakes, please let me know.
Chapter Index
Chapter 24 - This Venerable One is at War with Him
For a while, no one spoke in the hall. The only sound that could be heard was the choked sobs of Mr. Chen.
Shi Mei lowered his head and covered his cheek. Then he raised his head to look at Chu Wanning, his eyes full of earnestness: "Shizun, don't fight anymore. If you continue to fight like this, it will reach Life-Death Peak. . ."
Mo Ran was even more frightened. Although he was an asshole, he was infatuated with Shi Mei. When he was born again in this life, he secretly vowed to hold him in his arms and protect them. But it hadn't even been a few days and Shi Mei had been injured by the willow vine. What the hell is this!
He didn't care about going to settle things with Chu Wanning. He hurried to Shi Mei's side to check the wound on his face.
Shi Mei said softly, "I won't get in the way. . ."
"Let me see."
"It's alright."
Even though he resisted, Mo Ran still pulled down the hand covering the wound.
His eyes suddenly closed.
A deep bloody scar hideously stretched across his face. The flesh was flayed and blood kept oozing out, flowing down his neck. . .
Mo Ran's eyes burned red. He bit his lip and stared at it for a long time. He abruptly turned his head and yelled at Chu Wanning: "Are you satisfied now?"
Chu Wanning's face was sullen. He didn't say anything, didn't apologize, didn't step forward, and stayed frozen in place, still holding Tianwen, lifeless without any spiritual power, in his hand.
". . ."
Mo Ran's chest seemed to be filled with a myriad of dancing spirits and demons.
Who could stand having a beloved, who died once in a previous life, repeatedly suffer such aggravation and torture?
He and Chu Wanning just stared at each other; neither gave in, neither conceded. It felt like blood vessels were bursting in Mo Ran's eyes. He had hated Chu Wanning with such intensity for so many years. He and the man in front of him were always at odds!
When he had first entered the sect, whenever he did something wrong, Chu Wanning just beat him. Later, Shi Mei was injured. Chu Wanning only had three disciples in his life, but he had stood idly by and insisted on not saving one of them. Later, when Shi Mei died and Life-Death Peak was destroyed, he, Mo Weiyu, had become the emperor of the cultivation world, who wouldn't obey him? Only Chu Wanning was working against him, ruining his great campaign and poking at his conscience - constantly reminding him that the Immortal Emperor, no matter how powerful he was, was nothing more than a heartless and rebellious madman.
Chu Wanning.
Chu Wanning...
Before this life and after his death, it's always been him!
Both of them were still wearing matching auspicious clothes. The red shirts faced each other, standing at a distance. There seemed to be an unfilled gap between them.
Eventually, Chu Wanning finally recalled Tianwen.
Mr. Chen heaved a sigh of relief and knelt in front of Shi Mei. "Thank Buddha, thank Buddha. This immortal cultivator is a living buddha who ends all suffering. Thank you for saving my family. Thank you, cultivator, thank you."
It was always like this.
He dealt with the problem but he drew the willow vine every time. Chu Wanning cleanly did what he was commissioned to do and broke the strict sect rules in the process. In the end, the 'Buddha' was someone else and he was a villain.
It had always been like this.
He had a bad temper, he admitted it.
He had no regrets either.
Only the willow vine had missed its target and he hit his disciple. He finally felt some semblance of guilt, but he had no real dignity and was reluctant to say anything about it. He left on his own and moved towards the Chen family's youngest daughter.
When the little girl saw him, she unconsciously took a few steps back in fright, shivering.
Out of every surviving member of the Chen family, she was the only good one left. Chu Wanning spoke in a slightly slower tone: "Your mother has been possessed by a malevolent ghost and has lost more than 20 years of her life. If she still doesn't want to repent and still has evil intentions in her heart, she'll die in the near future. After she wakes up, tell her to personally set up a red mahogany spiritual tablet for Miss Luo. Miss Luo's identity needs to be acknowledged on the tablet. Luo Xianxian is Chen Bohuan's legitimate wife. You have been hiding the truth for years. The truth needs to be known. This will fulfill her life's wish."
After a pause, he kept going:
"In addition, your whole family will kneel down three times a day, three bows from the knees and nine full kowtows, and recite the 'Send Off Incantation'. Only then will you be able to satisfy Miss Luo and drive away the ghost plaguing your family. This incantation must be recited for ten years without stopping. If you stop halfway through, Miss Luo will come back to seek revenge."
The little girl trembled: ". . . Understood. Many thanks, Dao Master. . ."
Chu Wanning turned his head again, his eyes as sharp as a snow-covered dagger. His gaze swept across the youngest Chen son and Mr. Chen and said sharply: "After Chen Yao wakes up, you both need to tell her everything you've been hiding. Whether you get to stay or go is up to her. If you try to hide anything, I'll cut your tongues out!"
The two of them who were originally rebellious individuals, who wouldn't have dared to agree to this, repeatedly bowed as a promise.
"As for the Hundred Butterfly Fragrance Powder, Luo Shusheng prepared it with his own hands yet you brazenly claim that you made it. You know what to do. I don't need to spell it out for you." Chu Wanning brushed his sleeve aside.
"W-We'll go to the shop to fix this, to clarify things. We'll tell everyone that this powder was Mr. Luo's. . . Mr. Luo's. . ."
After everything was arranged, Chu Wanning asked Mo Ran to help Chen Yao back to her room. I'll cleanse the poison from her body.
Although Mo Ran held hatred in his heart, he knew that being so young meant that he should offer his shizun more respect than disobedience, so he stayed quiet. He shook Shi Mei's hand and whispered: "Go treat your face and stop the bleeding. I'll help her to the room."
The Chen family’s eldest son’s bedroom still had a large red 'double happiness' banner. He was pretty sure that the accident happened so fast and hard that he had been too occupied and forgot to take it down. Chen Bohuan had become dust at this point, so it was extremely ironic to look at it like this.
In this absurd situation, Chen Yao had eventually become the victim of greed. What would she do once she woke up?
Her body was not as resilient as Shi Mei's. After all, she was an ordinary person. Chu Wanning silently cleanse her body and fed her a pill. During the process, Mo Ran was at his side to provide towels and water. The two didn't speak, nor did they look at each other.
When leaving, Chu Wanning inadvertently glanced at the wall. His eyes shifted away, but he suddenly realized something, and turned back, staring at the words hanging on the wall.
It was a few lines of regular script in ink that shouldn't have been written that long ago. The ink should not have yellowed yet.
The writing was --
Soft rosy hands, yellow sealed wine, the city brimmed with the colours of spring as willows lined the palace walls.
East wind devastates, happiness wears thin. A cupful of melancholy, several years of separation. Wrong wrong wrong!
Spring remains the same, but her frame grew thin, tears washed away the rouge and dampened her silk handkerchief.
The peach blossoms are falling, by the empty waterside pavilion. Our oath to each other still remains, yet I can no longer profess my love. Don’t don’t don’t!
Chu Wanning's heart suddenly skipped a beat. The regular script was neat and correct, and the three characters spelling Chen Bohuan were very eye-catching.
The son of Chen, who was forced to marry the daughter of the Yao family, had an unspeakable sadness in his heart. In the last days of his life, he could only stand by the window, with an ink and brush, transcribing the first part of "Phoenix Hairpin"??
Never wanting to stay in Chen home anymore, he endured the sharp pain from the wound on his shoulder and turned to leave.
Chu Wanning and Shi Mei were both injured and weren't able to travel back to Life-Death Peak on foot. Chu Wanning especially didn't like flying with swords, so they went into town to find an inn to rest. It also gave them a chance to see the aftermath of the Master of Ceremonies Ghost's ritual the next day.
Although those ghostly corpses were obliterated into dust by Chu Wanning's "Wind", only the bodies controlled by the Master of Ceremonies Ghost were destroyed. The souls were left alone. They would stay a few more days to make sure there were no residual effects.
Chu Wanning walked silently in front and the two disciples followed behind.
A thought popped up in Shi Mei's mind and he asked: "A-Ran, the clothes you and Shizun are wearing. . . they're. . . what's going on?"
Mo Ran froze. He suddenly remembered that he and Chu Wanning were still wearing auspicious wedding outfits. For fear of Shi Mei misunderstanding, they had to take them off.
"They're. . . from the illusion that happened earlier. Don't think too much about it, I. . ."
Halfway through the conversation, he took another look and discovered that, because Shi Mei had also participated in the Master of Ceremonies Ghost's wedding ceremony, he was also wearing one. However, its style was different from theirs. In addition to the wear and tear of the tattered outfit, it was hard to make out what its original design was supposed to be.
But nonetheless, it was also an auspicious outfit.
Standing side by side with Shi Mei right now, he could almost imagine holding his hand, celebrating in the Master of Ceremonies Ghost's illusion and drinking a cup of ceremonial tea together.
Because of that thought, he just couldn't bring himself to take off the outfit. He just stared at Shi Mei blankly.
Shi Mei asked with a gentle smile: "What's the matter? You trailed off."
Mo Ran muttered: ". . . Nothing."
Chu Wanning was in front of them, a few steps ahead. He didn't know how much of their conversation he heard, but he suddenly stopped and turned around.
The sun had started to rise. After a night of ups and downs, the twilight faded away. and the first ray of dawn emerged from the horizon. The bright red sun rose like a broken and bleeding heart, struggling out of the abyss of the dark night, with a glorious, splendid touch.
Chu Wanning stood against the light, standing at the end of the long night that was getting more and more translucent, standing in the light of the first rays of sunlight painting the sky.
He was facing to his side, his clothes looked as dark as blood. The sun painted a faint golden edge on the side of his face, making it difficult to see his expression.
Suddenly, with a strong surge of spiritual power, the auspicious outfit was torn to shreds by a powerful force.
The fine red fabric, like the red petals of a begonia flower, blowing in the wind, scattering in all directions.
The outfit fell away, revealing the white robe underneath. It fluttered in the wind along with his long black hair.
Fresh blood on his shoulder.
Fragments of cloth flying in the wind.
The splotches of blood that he had obtained trying to protect Mo Ran were especially prominent and vibrant on the white robe.
Chu Wanning sneered rather mockingly: "Mo Weiyu, what's there to misunderstand between us?"
When he got angry, he would call Mo Ran 'Mo Weiyu'. He stayed cold and polite, no bite to his words.
Mo Ran choked, preventing him from making any kind of comeback.
Chu Wanning smiled and walked away.
At this time, there was no one around. He walked up ahead by himself, as if the vast world was small and he was its only inhabitant.
His mocking face was angry and bitter. As soon as he arrived at the inn and closed the door, he couldn't help but tense up.
Chu Wanning grit his teeth, with a painful look on his face, and raised his hand to touch his shoulder.
The Master of Ceremonies Ghost's claws were an extension of an immortal being's body. Because of that, they were almost as powerful as the heavens itself. They were extremely powerful weapons. His entire shoulder was torn and scrapped down to the bone. But, because of his rush to eradicate the evil spirit, he didn't deal with it in time. Now the wound was infected and had started to fester. The pain was unbearable.
Standing in his room, he calmed his breathing. Chu Wanning wanted to take of his robe, but the blood on his shoulder had already started clotting. His clothes and his flesh were stuck together, every tug causing severe pain.
Mo Ran was in the room next door. The inn wasn't very soundproof. He didn't want anyone to hear him, so he bit his lip and viciously tore the bloody cloth off his shoulder!
"Ah. . .!!"
After a muffled grunt, Chu Waning slowly loosened his lips. His lips and teeth were painted in blood. He panted. His face was drained of blood, a cold sweat breaking out all over.
Dropping his long and thick eyelashes, he trembled slightly and glanced at his injuries.
It wasn't too bad.
He could handle this. . .
He supported himself on a table and slowly sat down. With some clean water and the handkerchief that Shi Mei had brought, he pushed through the pain and used his uninjured hand to slowly clean the wound.
He used a sharp knife to cut off the festering skin.
Then he applied the wound medicine made by Madam Wang.
And then, slowly and with difficulty, wrapped himself in gauze.
He wasn't used to showing weakness in front of others. He had experienced this kind of pain many times, and every time he had survived it alone.
If an beast was injured, it would hide itself and lick its wound. Sometimes he felt like those animals. In the future, he would probably always be alone.
He knew he wasn't likeable so he didn't want to pitifully ask anyone for help. He had his own inexplicable paranoid obsession with his dignity.
When he took off his clothes, a pouch fell to the ground.
An acacia tree was embroidered on it in red silk. He moved his painful and trembling fingertips and slowly opened it. Inside was two pieces of entangled blue silk.
His and Mo Ran's.
Chu Wanning was at a loss for a while. He wanted to hold the pouch over the candle flame and burn it along with the ridiculous knot of hair. But in the end, he couldn't do it.
Binding hair as husband and wife, the love between them is clear.
The pitched laughter of the golden boy and girl seemed to ring again in his ears.
He knew the deep throbbing sensation he felt in his heart and he hated himself even more. He held the soft pouch tightly in his hand and slowly closed his eyes.
He couldn't accept the thoughts of Mo Ran he had always had in his heart. He wanted nothing more than to be able to dig out his heart, and slice out those nasty thoughts. Cut them out then throw it away.
What was wrong with him?
Is Mo Weiyu really the one he should be concerned about? What kind of shizun was he? He really was worse than an animal!
Knock knock knock.
There was suddenly a knock on the door and Chu Wanning, who had been chastising himself, was startled. He quickly raised his eyes and swiftly put the pouch into his wide sleeve. He put on a not-so-convincing composed expression.
"Who is it?"
". . . Shizun, it's me." Mo Ran's voice sounded outside, making Chu Wanning's heart beat a little faster. "Open the door."
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